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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Casey's Commentary: Live Round-by-Round Coverage, UFC 73 'Stacked'

Hello all and welcome to our live coverage of UFC 73 'Stacked'. The full report will start at 10:00 PM ET.

CARE/Other Vuz, Vuz, Vuz, Jabroni Roundtable Preview - UFC 73 'Stacked'

All the good stuff is behind the cut, refresh your browser for the latest.

After the dark fights ended, here was the standings for the CARE/Jabroni Preview.
  1. Casey, Art, Ric and Wade: 4-0
  2. Scott: 3-1
  3. Euan and Mark Danger: 2-2

The opener contains the men in the 3 top matches talking smack. People are threatening to make other people lose.

Mike Goldberg calls this the most stacked sport in Mixed Martial Arts and he actually said combat sports. Ooook, Mikey.

Joe Rogan has no idea who will win tonight. I'd make a joke about not looking at the format sheet but that's more of a WWE and TNA deal.

The talking heads run down the rest of the fight card. In the case of UFC it doesn't bother me because most people don't know the undercard...It is a pain when WWE and TNA remind us of what we've paid for already.

Heavyweight Bout:
"The Texas Crazy Horse" Heath Herring: 29, 6'4, 259, 27-12-1 (+600)
"Minautoro" Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: 31, 6'1, 240.5, 29-4-1, (-1000)
Referee: Yves Lavigne

R1: Nogueira takes Herring down pretty quickly, right after Rogan said how confident Herring appeared. Nog has side control and Herring is going for the left leg hoping to pull to half guard. He keeps working and instead gets to his feet to a crowd pop.
Heath hits a nice high-kick. They continue to exchange on the feet. Crowd is booing, and that's a little unfair. Nog hits a right then a straight punch which knocks Herring back but not down. Herring's nose is bloody but he hits a body kick.
Herring tries a high-kick again but Nog has none of it. Knee from Nog and he's winning the standup and thus the round. Herring just clobbers Nogueira with a huge headkick and he's got Nogueira in big big trouble. Herring didn't really try to finish.

Scoring: It was Nogueira's round until the head kick hak it became Herring's round. Suddenly, I'm regretting some of the things I said to Art. 10-9 Herring

R2: I don't know why Herring isn't pressing harder for the finish. He's just hitting some legkicks and the crowd is booing again, these fans are fickle.
Nogueira is recovering and is back in the fight. Herring did nothing in that first minute and I don't get it. Nog takes Herring down and in to side control. Herring just went to the well one too many times with that same kick as Gorilla Monsoon would say.
Herring is able to escape from the full mount that Nogueira had him in and we're back up to a standing position. I want my pizza to get here, Scott and I are hungry. Our friend Duane is in a world of hurt on the floor but he was not put there by either one of us.
Nog is pressing the action and the crowd starts to boo. These fans are impatient, I'll give them that much.
Nogueira takes Herring down near the end of the round.

Scoring: Minautoro took this one 10-9.

R3: Pizza is here. Herring is taken down early in the round and Nogueira gets his back. He looks for a choke but Herring is able to escape. Herring able to eventually work back to his feet believe it or not.
Herring is in need of a big shot. He hits a nice body shot but eats a right in response> Herring again tries the high-kick and again it misses. It remains standing the rest of the round.

Scoring: Giving it to Nog 10-9.

Eddie Bravo gives it 29-28 Nogueira as well.

Winner: Antonio Rodrigo "Minautoro" Nogueira - Unanimous 29-28 decision.

Rogan interviews him and Nogueira says nothing I can understand.

Up Next, Sherk Vs. Franca.

I'll bet Art is pissed at Herring and so is anyone who bet on him.

While Sherk-Franca is next first we get an extended UFC 74 'Respect' promo.

Franca says in order for Sherk to win, he must stop his heart. Then there will be a Hermes Franca tribute show.

Franca comes out to Crazy Train which means he's a great man.

Lightweight Championship Bout:
Hermes Franca: 32, 5'6, 154.5, 18-5-0 (+200)
"The Muscle Shark" Sean Sherk: 33, 5'6, 154.5, 29-2-1 (-260)
Referee: Big John McCarthy

R1: Hermes Franca gets on the ball quickly and hooks a guillotine choke but Sherk is able to escape. The fight is like 30 seconds old at this point.
Sherk is able to pass from Side control to a full mount. Thus far, Sherk has not done a lot with the position which is one he prefers. It goes back in to side control.
Sherk is just moving and pounding and shifting and being all dominant but Franca isn't taking a lot of damage. Franca briefly reverses to the top position but Sherk reverses back

Scoring: Round 1 for Sherk 10-9. Franca started strong but Sherk was strong for longer.

R2: Franca catches Sherk with a big knee starting the round, but again Sherk is able to escape the trouble that was on him after it. He's not liking the early seconds of each round.
Sherk has moved Hermes to the North-South position. This has been a ground battle largely. Hermes gets the top position and tries for another choke but it is very difficult to get a choke on Sherk. The round comes to an end.

Scoring: Hard for me to score as I had to do a little bit of research but I'll go Franca 10-9. Serk did more controlling but Franca did more damage.

R3: Sherk avoids the shoot early which was his trouble the first two rounds but he takes Franca down in to half guard. Sean had Franca in a north-south choke but Franca roles free.
Crowd is starting to boo for lack of action. Sherk is just such a controlling fighter, Franca is able to escape his clutches for a brief moment but is promptly taken back down.
Sherk just controls him the rest of the round which comes to a close. Sherk is in much better condition than Franca.

Scoring: Sherk's round 10-9. He did little, Franca did less.

R4: Franca nails another knee but Sherk takes him right back down. Franca has to be frustrated at this point. Sherk just taking him down at will now. Franca able to escape again and this time when he gets back up he moves away...but this lasts only a moment as you guessed it, Sherk takes him back down, this time in to side control.
Sherk just does what Sherk does to win the round.

Scoring: Sherk 10-9 I'm sensing a pattern here.

R5: Sherk slams Franca down again and easily passes. Franca is bloodied up and taken down.
Franca keeps trying things and they just keep not working. Not much happening and the crowd as booing as time ticks down to the end of the fight and a Sherk victory.

The crowd politely cheers the end of the fight.

Scoring: Sherk's round 10-9. I've got Sherk 49-46 but 50-45 is very possible.

Eddie Bravo gives it 49-46 for Sherk.

Winner: Sean Sherk - Unanimous (50-45, 50-45, 49-46) Decision.

Rogan with Sherk: He says Ric DaLazbian is a cock sucking jew.

Couture now joins the crew and has the nerve to call Tito Ortiz mature.

Light Heavyweight Bout:
"Sugar" Rashad Evans: 27, 5'11, 204, 15-0-0 (+110)
"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz: 32, 6'2, 205.5, 15-5-0 (-140
Referee: Big John McCarthy

R1: Tito takes Rashad down pretty damn quick in the beginning of the round. Rashad gets back to his feet by walking up the cage. Fight is stopped briefly so a mouthpiece can be retrieved and upon the resumption, not much happens for a bit and the crowd isn't happy.
Tito knees Rashad in as Rogan put it, the balls but he's not really phased and the fight is not stopped. Tito tries another takedown but Rashad able to defend.

Scoring: Tito's round 10-9.

R2: Crowd is a bit quiet considering this is a Tito fight. Evans goes for a takedown but Tito is able to escape. Not a lot is really happening right now. Ortiz hits an elbow and Rashad tries to answer with an elbow of his own.
Rashad is taken down again but Rashad isable to counter out. Tito has a guillotine but also got a point taken away for grabbing the fense.

Scoring: Tito won the round but with the point taken away its 9-9 whereas it would've been 10-9. It is 19-18.

R3: Crowd comes alive a bit for Tito in the third. Round is thus far Tito going for takedowns and Rashad trying to make sure Tito doesn't get it.
Tito looks a bit sluggish but Rashad pulling a Herring and not capitalizing. Rashad starts trying a bit but he's only playing for a draw at this point. Rashad gets a late takedown and that might get the draw.

Scoring: Rashad's round 10-9 and that gives us a draw at 28-28.

Winner: Unanimous Draw (28-28)

Rogan interviews Tito and he's dumb enough to ask the fans if they're satisfied with the fight. The booing is not a clue.

Rashad also thinks he won the fight but what would I expect him to say? Rashad wants Tito-Rashad II.

Middleweight Championship Bout:
Nate "The Great" Marquardt: 28, 6'0, 182.5, 28-6-1 (+140)
Anderson "The Spider" Silva: 32, 32, 6'0, 184.5, 18-4-0 (-170)
Referee: Big John McCarthy

R1: Silva starts in the southpaw stance and not a lot going early just trading a few shots back and forth. Silva hits a right and tries a jumping knee. Marquardt takes him down after working for a bit. Anderson working from the bottom, Marquardt tries to pass and Silva ends up in full guard. More of not much happening and McCarthy decides to stand them up which is bad news for Marquardt.
Silva nails a big left and then some body punches. Silva blitzes Marquardt and he knocks him out with a big right.

Dear Anderson:
I'm sorry for doubting you.
Casey Trowbridge
PS. May Sheiky humble me for a million years for this.

Dear Ric:
Fuck you!

Winner: Anderson Silva - TKO 450 R1

Bruce announces we've got one fight to go.

Rogan interviews Silva who says: Casey Trowbridge you will pay for your non-belief.

Lightweight Bout:
"Kid" Alvin Robinson: 24, 5'8, 156, 9-1-0 (+275)
Kenny "KenFlo" Florian: 30, 5'10, 155.5, 8-3-0 (-350)
Referee: Yves Lavigne

R1: The fight starts with them both exchanging judo throws and just a fun back and forth. They end up on the ground with Florian in Robinson's guard. Florian able to pass in to side control. Florian just keeps working and working and finally finishes Alvin Robinson with strikes on the ground late in round 1.

Winner: Kenny Florian - Strikes 4:30 R1

My thoughts on the show: This wasn't Strikeforce by any way shape or form as Ric said in the comment section below. However, one of the better UFC shows of the year for sure, though I think after Strikeforce, Pride 33 comes next then this show, UFC 71, and EXC are all in the mix and Fight Night 10. We haven't seen a dud of an MMA card in quite awhile.

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Anonymous MarkDanger said...

I can't belive that Ric is beating me. And that me and Euan have the same score. I am scared people.

7/07/2007 9:02 PM  
Blogger Ric Gillespie said...

Very good show. I'd go so far as to say I felt it's been the UFC's best of the year. Still no 'Strikeforce,' but I cared about and enjoyed watching every one of these fights.

7/07/2007 11:46 PM  
Blogger Art Shimko said...

god damn you Heath Herring~!!!

7/08/2007 12:36 AM  
Blogger Casey Trowbridge said...

Well, Euan has a rant for Sunday, I've got a quick story that involves me doing a little B&E and judging by Art's comment...he will get to rant at Mr. Heath Herring.

I swear to you when that kick happened I was thinking: "Me and my big dog damn mouth, I'll never hear the end of this from Art."

7/08/2007 1:04 AM  
Blogger Ric Gillespie said...

"I've got a quick story that involves me doing a little B&E..."

Breaking and entering?

7/08/2007 7:59 AM  
Blogger Casey Trowbridge said...

Yes, breaking and entering although actually I did none of the breaking and all of the entering.

7/08/2007 3:14 PM  

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