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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Entertainment: Brittney Spears files for divorce

In an OCC exclusive, I've got an actual ficticious (I think it means awesome) quote from Brittney about this situation.

Well, I'm not going to lie, we have been having difficulties pretty much since we tied the knot.

When everyone first told me that Kevin sucks, I thought they meant it in a different way. You know like with the oral sex, well...turns out they were talking about him as a talent and a person.

Anyway, even though we had our difficulties, I thought that we could work it out.

Then I saw him on WWE's Monday Night Raw last night.

Dear lord what a shitty show that turned out to be. I couldn't run the risk of them saying my name on this show again for fear that it might somehow cause me to get infected with like a nasty disease and I could totally be dead right now.

So I had to end the marriage because of that. Besides, why couldn't he have chosen to appear for T&A wrestling? I'm all about the T&A product.

When I told Ms. Spears that it was actually TNA wrestling she said:

Yeah, T&A, that's what I said!


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