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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Combat-Hooligans.com is here

We'll have a grand-opening on down the road a bit, but we've decided that we're far enough along that we're going to start posting to Combat-Hooligans.com

Change your bookmarks and RSS readers accordingly.

I will have one final post here to close out this era appropriately.

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Final Roundtable Reminder: Great American Bash 2007

click here

don't care about this whatsoever and my picks show.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007


Upcoming SHIMMER Live Events:
- Saturday, October 13th @ Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL (Vols. 14 & 15 Taping)

- Notes concerning SHIMMER DVD releases!
- Sara Del Rey on FIP Radio!
- DP on TSC; Jetta headed to SHIMMER in October!
- SHIMMER on television?
- Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler coverage of SHIMMER!
- Volume 8 DVD now available at ROHwrestling.com!


It's a busy time for SHIMMER as far as our DVD production goes. We are one week away from the release of Volume 9 at www.rohwrestling.com. The Volume 9 DVD features Amazing Kong vs. MsChif, as well as Cheerleader Melissa vs. Sara Del Rey, and will be included in next week's ROH merchandise update.

Volume 10 is currently in production, and should be released just a few weeks after Volume 9 hits. In two weeks, we head to Florida to begin working on Volume 11, which will be a two disc release featuring 20 matches in all, including the entire SHIMMER Title Tournament plus non-tournament bouts as well!

On the retail side of things, Volume 4 hits retail on August 7th. It is already available for pre-order online via Amazon.com and various other assorted retailers. Some of you have noticed that the more recent SHIMMER titles in retail have not been shelved at the actual Best Buy store locations. The situation with Best Buy is that they're scaling back in general on the number of DVD titles that they are shelving (you'll notice that a significantly fewer number of pro wrestling DVDs are being shelved at their stores lately), and unfortunately we're included in their cutbacks.

Best Buy is still carrying all of our retail releases on their web site to order online, so they're still working with us in that respect. There's a chance we could wind up on Best Buy shelves again, but I'm not counting on it. I'm just glad that we got the level of national distribution we did for Volume 1 on Best Buy shelves while we could.

All of the other various retailers that have carried (and shelved) the earlier SHIMMER releases will also be carrying Volume 4. If you've seen the earlier titles on shelves at local retailers, future DVD titles from us will be able to be found there as well.

We're currently preparing the Volume 5 footage for its retail release in the fall. As most of you know, we slightly revise the edit of each title for retail, mainly to eliminate the entrance music that is present on the initial run of each release. I know many of you have disliked the royalty free music that has been placed over the entrances on our early retail releases. As a result, we've made the decision, beginning with Volume 5, to simply start each match with ring announcer Joey Eastman introducing the participants, eliminating entrances entirely. That's one of the benefits of using the "boxing style" introductions in SHIMMER, where the ring announcer doesn't announce who the wrestlers are until both of them have completed their entrance and the music has ceased playing.

We are also adding a new photo gallery feature to the retail versions of our DVDs as well. It's something extra that we can easily add, since we have so many excellent photos to work with after each and every taping.

Again, for those of you who prefer to have copies of the initial run of each release for your collection (with the original entrances intact), we strongly encourage you to pick up each new release as it becomes available through Ring of Honor. Once we sell out of the initial run of each title, we won't be re-issuing it again in that original form. For example, ROH is now selling the retail versions of Vols. 1 through 3 because we've run through the stock of the initial run of those three releases. There's a limited number of copies of the initial run of Vols. 4 through 6 left, so act quickly if you want to have the original version of those releases on your shelf. I expect ROH to switch over to selling the retail version of Vol. 4 within the next two months or so once the stock has run out.

That's the latest, everybody!

Post your reaction in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forums...



SHIMMER Champion "American Angel" Sara Del Rey was interviewed by Mister Saint Laurent on 6/29 in Melbourne, FL for the FIP Radio podcast. The interview is now available for download!


Post your thoughts about FIP Radio in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forums...



Dave Prazak appeared on The Squared Circle podcast this past weekend. The show is now online for listening.

Quite a bit of SHIMMER and ROH material was discussed, including the announcement of a British star JETTA making her SHIMMER debut on October 13th in Berwyn, IL!



Discuss the pros and cons of the concept of SHIMMER with a television show over a The SHIMMER Forums. The discussion is already heating up in the following thread...



SHIMMER is mentioned in the new (Vol. 17) edition of Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler magazine, from the Pro Wrestling Illustrated family. Sara Del Rey is pictured wearing the SHIMMER Championship next to the news about the tournament. Thanks to photographer George Tahinos for submitting the photo for publication.



Tthough initially we had made the decision to not include the 7/1 Inverness, FL show as part of the Volume number DVD series (the plan was to keep it as a separate release, with simply the "Hot Summer Nights" title, as an accompaniment to the Volumes we film in Berwyn, IL), we've reconsidered.

The Inverness show turned out so well live, and translates so very well to tape that it would honestly be a huge mistake to allow this event to potentially go unnoticed or get lost in the shuffle in the long run by not recognizing it as "Volume 13."

The show featured the first ever SHIMMER Title defense, which also wound up being the most lengthy match in company history. It also featured the big Volume 5 rematch between Amazing Kong and Nikki Roxx, as well as the continuation of the Allison Danger/Cindy Rogers feud, and the first SHIMMER meeting between Daizee Haze and MsChif. Thus, this show is very significant in our DVD sequence, and deserves to be considered "Volume 13," rather than just an accompaniment DVD to the rest of the series. Volume 13 it is!

To view screen captures from the Inverness event, as well as post your thoughts, check out the following thread at The SHIMMER Forums...



Congratulations go out to SHIMMER's Nikki Roxx for making her debut for TNA Wrestling on their "Victory Road" pay-per-view on Sunday night. She appeared under the name Roxxi Laveaux. Nikki is a fantastic performer and is truly deserving of the national exposure that this role on TNA's programming will give to her.

Post your thoughts about Nikki in TNA in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forums...



SHIMMER staff photographer Gilda Pasquil took over 700 posed photos at the June 1st & 2nd tapings near Chicago. Some preview photos of her material can be viewed right now at The SHIMMER Forums.

To view samples of these brand new posed photos, visit the following thread...


Thumbnails of all of the photos she took that weekend can be found in her Shutterfly album at...



>From the Newswire at www.rohwrestling.com

SHIMMER action will come to "Death Before Dishonor" weekend including the first SHIMMER Title match in ROH. August 10th in Boston will see a grudge match pitting Lacey vs. Daizee Haze. The winner will wrestle SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey for the belt on August 11th in Philadelphia. See history as the SHIMMER Title is defended for the first time in ROH!!! After what happened last time in Boston between Haze and Lacey this is sure to be a hot match on August 10th. Save 30% on tickets to both shows until tomorrow night at ROHwrestling.com.

Post your thoughts in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forums...



The first eight releases in the SHIMMER DVD series are now available for immediate worldwide shipping at www.rohwrestling.com.

Here's a look at the match listings for each of the Volumes of the SHIMMER DVD series...

Item# SH008

1. Lorelei Lee vs. Lexie Fyfe
2. Cindy Rogers vs. Serena Deeb
3. Allison Danger vs. LuFisto
4. Amber O'Neal vs. Josie
5. Nikki Roxx vs. Malia Hosaka
6. Nattie Neidhart vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
7. Daizee Haze vs. Tiana Ringer
8. "The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" Lacey & Rain vs. Cheerleader Melissa & MsChif
9. Sara Del Rey vs. Mercedes Martinez

DVD Bonus Match: Sara Del Rey vs. Lorelei Lee

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Item# SH007

1. Tiana Ringer vs. Lorelei Lee
2. Cindy Rogers vs. Portuguese Princess Ariel
3. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Serena Deeb & Portia Perez
4. Rain vs. MsChif
5. Allison Danger vs. Amber O'Neal
6. Lacey vs. Nikki Roxx
7. Mercedes Martinez vs. LuFisto
8. Nattie Neidhart vs. Sara Del Rey
9. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Daizee Haze

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Item# SH006

1. Amber O'Neal vs. Serena Deeb
2. Lexie Fyfe, Malia Hosaka, & Amazing Kong vs. Ariel, Josie, & Cindy Rogers
3. Lorelei Lee vs. Nikki Roxx
4. Nikita vs. Daizee Haze
5. Rebecca Knox vs. Allison Danger (Pure Wrestling Rules)
6. "The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" Lacey & Rain vs. Sara Del Rey & Mercedes Martinez (Tag Team Challenge Match)
7. Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif (Last Woman Standing Match)

**Bonus Special Attraction Matches- SHIMMER at AAW 10/21/06
8. LuFisto vs. Josie
9. Cheerleader Melissa & Nattie Neidhart vs. "Dangerous Angels" Sara Del Rey & Allison Danger

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Item# SH005

1. Rain vs. Lorelei Lee
2. MsChif vs. Cindy Rogers
3. Amber O'Neal vs. Serena Deeb
4. Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka vs. Ariel & Josie
5. Cheerleader Melissa vs. Allison Danger
6. Amazing Kong vs. Nikki Roxx
7. Lacey vs. Nikita
8. Daizee Haze vs. Rebecca Knox (2 out of 3 Falls)
9. Sara Del Rey vs. Mercedes Martinez (No Time Limit)

DVD Bonus - Daizee Haze vs. Portia Perez

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Item# SH004

1. Nikki Roxx vs. Amber O'Neal
2. Shantelle Taylor vs. Ann Brookstone
3. Malia Hosaka & Lexie Fyfe vs. Cindy Rogers & Lorelei Lee
4. Allison Danger vs. Tiana Ringer
5. Sara Del Rey vs. Rain
6. Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif (Falls Count Anywhere Match)
7. Daizee Haze vs. Rebecca Knox

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Item# SH003

1. Rain vs. Nikki Roxx
2. Cindy Rogers vs. Amber O'Neal vs. Tiana Ringer (Three Way Elimination Match)
3. Lorelei Lee vs. Malia Hosaka
4. Lexie Fyfe vs. MsChif
5. Shantelle Taylor vs. Cheerleader Melissa
6. Allison Danger vs. Rebecca Knox
7. Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Item# SH002

1. Krissy Vaine vs. Cindy Rogers
2. Nikki Roxx vs. Lexie Fyfe
3. Cheerleader Melissa & Tiana Ringer vs. Ariel & Shantelle Taylor
4. Christie Ricci vs. Amber O'Neal
5. Allison Danger vs. Rain
6. MsChif vs. Beth Phoenix
7. Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Rey vs. Lacey vs. Mercedes Martinez (Four Way Elimination Match)

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Item# SH001

1. Shantelle Taylor vs. Tiana Ringer
2. Team Blondage (Krissy Vaine & Amber O'Neal) vs. Cindy Rogers & Nikki Roxx
3. Ariel vs. Rain
4. Lexie Fyfe vs. Christie Ricci
5. Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif
6. Allison Danger vs. Beth Phoenix
7. Sara Del Rey vs. Mercedes Martinez
8. Lacey vs. Daizee Haze

DVD Bonus -
9. Lacey vs. Sara Del Rey (ROH - 11.5.05 Chicago Ridge, IL)

Region 0 DVD. Will play anywhere in the world.

Visit https://www.rohwrestling.com/shoponline.asp?point=products&catid=252 for the SHIMMER section of the ROH online store.


The Sara Del Rey vs. Lacey SHIMMER Title Match from the July 1st SHIMMER "Hot Summer Nights" event in Inverness, FL is the new "Match of the Month" at www.shineonshimmer.com. Be sure to check it out for 60 photos from the bout!


SHIMMER returns to its home base of the Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL on Saturday, October 13th, 2007, to film Volumes 13 & 14 of the SHIMMER DVD series.

Front row reserved tickets for the 10/13 taping went on sale last month, and sold out within two hours of being on sale at www.shimmerwrestling.com. We thank you for your support!

General admission tickets for the taping will be going on sale during the coming weeks. Look for announcements on The SHIMMER Forums for details.

Mark your calendars! SHIMMER returns to the Chicago area on October 13th!


Chicago's Rumble Radio aired a 25 minute audio documentary on SHIMMER at the end of May, titled "A Diamond in the Rough." Featured are interviews with Allison Danger, Lacey, Sara Del Rey, Gabe Sapolsky, Nigel McGuinness, Dave Prazak, and more. It's available to listen to online right now at the link below.


Call the SHIMMER Hotline!
Call the RINGSIDE REPORT Hotline!
Visit the RING OF HONOR web site!
Watch SHIMMER matches online!
Visit the SHIMMER web site!

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CHIKARA - Seven Bouts Confirmed for August 5's "Maximum Overdraft"!

CHIKARA - Seven Bouts Confirmed for August 5's "Maximum Overdraft"!

In just about three weeks, we roll back into the New Alhambra (former ECW Arena) in Philly for a stacked card that will feature ten huge matches - half of which are confirmed today. This one is shaping up to be a wrestling omnibus - female stars, championship duos, Mexican minis, and both CHIKARA's Young Lions Cup and the NWA World Junior Heavyweight title will be contested - and that's just for starters!
Advance tickets are already on sale (just follow the SCHEDULE link for this event) and complete information is available at chikarapro.com - but in the meanwhile, check out the confirmed matches:

CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas F.I.S.T. vs. ROH tag champs The Briscoe Brothers

Champion Mike Quackenbush vs. Challenger Black Tiger

Who will step up and face Chuck Taylor?

Eddie Kingston vs. Ricochet

Daizee Haze vs. Sara Del Rey

La Parkita Original vs. Payaso del Futuro

Jigsaw & Shane Storm & Player Uno & Moscow & Tim Donst
UltraMantis Black & Hydra & Shawn Reed & Justin Reed & Chris Styles

Join the rest of the CHIKARMY and come see us at "Maximum Overdraft", and to keep up to date with all things CHIKARA - visit our website and subscribe to our free, weekly podcast!

"Maximum Overdraft" on Sunday, August 5th, 2007
Live @ The ECW Arena (New Alhambra)
7 Ritner Street
in South Philadelphia, PA!
Doors open at 3:30 pm. Bell time is 4:00 pm.

All seats just $15.00!

Our homebase: www.chikarapro.com
For our free, weekly video podcast : www.chikarapodcast.com
On MySpace! www.myspace.com/chikarapro

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Pro Wrestling Unplugged "Iron & Steel" on July 28 @ 7:30 pm w/ champion 2 Cold Scorpio, Sid Vicious, Gangrel, Joey Matthews, "Pitbull" Gary Wolf, More

Pro Wrestling Unplugged "Iron & Steel" on July 28 @ 7:30 pm w/ champion 2 Cold Scorpio, Sid Vicious, Gangrel, Joey Matthews, "Pitbull" Gary Wolf, Backseat Boyz, Luke Hawx, & More

Pro Wrestling Unplugged presents "Iron & Steel"
Saturday, July 28 - 7:30 pm
New Alhambra Arena, 7 Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA 19148

PWU World Heavyweight Title Match:
champion 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Sid Vicious

Joey Mercury vs. Trent Acid

STEEL CAGE MATCH for PWU Tag Team Titles:
champions All Money Is Legal vs. The SAT

Messiah vs. Adam Flash

Bloodline (Gangrel/Billy Blade) vs. Team P.I.T. ("Complete" Pete Hunter/Aramis) w/ "REAL Pitbull" Gary Wolf

"The New Batman" Johnny Kashmere w/ "B.W."J.K. vs. "The Riddler" John McChesney
(Click here to see what started it)

Also featuring:
PWU Owner Tod Gordon, Luke Hawx, & More

** Joey Mercury Wrestling Seminar **
Saturday, July 28 - 3 pm - $25
To RSVP contact info@prowrestlingunplugged.com

Click Here For PWU's MySpace Event Site

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Funking Conservatory Press Release - TNA's James Storm and Father James Mitchell on !BANG! TV

Funking Conservatory Press Release - TNA's James Storm and Father James Mitchell on !BANG! TV

Italy's Il Marchese (The Mystro) with the Countess of Italy will join TNA's Cowboy James Storm and Father James Mitchell on Support the Troops 18, "Fight for Freedom Sunday July 29th at the Funking Conservatory's !BANG! TV Taping.

In a Tag Team Championship Match, Johnny Magnum and Shane Chung will face James Storm and Blain Rage. Dory Funk Jr. will be in Magnum and Chung's corner. Father James Mitchell will be with James Storm and the Pop Tarts will be in Blain Rage's Corner.

For the International Championship, Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye will face Il Marchese with the Countess of Italy in his corner.

In a Florida Championship Match, Flyin' Ryan "Air" Mitchell with Sandii Skye will face Blain Rage (Champion) with the "Pop Tarts" Lady Kimberly and Miss Vicki in his corner.

In a Women's Three Way Championship Match, Miss Vicki (Champion) will defend against Claudia (The Claw) Reiff and Lady Kimberly.

In a European Championship Match, Elvi$ Sharp (Champion) with the "Pop Tarts" Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly will face Cory Squires with Father James Mitchell. James Storm will be in Miss Vicki's corner. Johnny Magnum will be in The Claw's corner. Blain Rage will be in Lady Kimberly's corner and Father James Mitchell will not be banned from ringside.

Mario Benedetti will be making his debut on !BANG! TV
More matches will be added to the card.

Sandy Downing will be honored with the Funking Conservatory Fighting Heart Award for service to her country.

Ticket prices are $10 purchased in advance and $15 at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm and Showtime is 7:00pm Sunday July 29th.

For advance ticket purchase to !BANG! TV go by Devon Self Storage in Ocala, Florida or you can call 352-895-4658 for training schedules and ticket information.

You may also purchase tickets and get more information on the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School at www.dory-funk.com.

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Gathering of the Juggalos at Cave-In-Rocks, IL

Gathering of the Juggalos at Cave-In-Rocks, IL

Once again the time has come for ICP’s Gathering of the Juggalos. YEAH! This year the throw-down takes place at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, from August 9th through the 12th. The 8th annual, 96-hour long, gigantic campground super bash features gang loads of entertainment. Over 100 music acts will perform, including multi-platinum groups such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mushroom Head, Powerman 5000, Twiztid, Insane Clown Posse, and many more.

Also, the Gathering features countless entertaining shows by comedians, magicians, skateboarders, DJ’s, and of course, several forms of in ring competition featuring as always, Juggalo Championship Wrestling. This year, they’ve got Women’s Exotic Wrestling, Foxy Boxing, and a 3-day, fat ass dose of JCW action. And thanks to ICP’s weekly Internet show entitled Slam TV, JCW’s bizarre characters and unique brand of wrestling action is now hotter than ever before.

The DVD release of Slam TV Episodes 1 through 9 featuring “West Side Wars” comes out nationwide on September 18th. It will be sold everywhere from Best Buy to Hot Topic. In fact, JCW’s DVDs will be the first wrestling DVDs ever sold at the entire Hot Topic chain.

Slam TV’s hardcore wrestling action, (hosted vulgarly and explicitly by ICP), has gained a very large following among Juggalos and other wrestling fans alike. The hot storylines and major feuds all come to a head at this years Gathering on Saturday night, August 11th, at midnight. The big event is billed as “Bloodymania!” Psychopathic Records, Inc. and JCW promise a huge production, with a lot of incredible talent and they vow to bring forth a show that will frizzle and singe your butt hairs.

Aside of the surprises JCW has in store for the show, here are the wrestlers already confirmed to compete live at Bloodymania!

JCW Champion Corporal Robinson … Holy Trent Acid … 2 Tuff Tony … Abdulla The Butcher … Pogo The Clown … Nosowa … Sabu … Southern Tracy Smothers … Bull Pain … Ultimo Dragon … The Great Muta … Brutis Beefcake … Greg “The Hammer” Valentine … Jimmy Jacobs … Justin Credible … 2 Cold Scorpio … Tito Santana … Jorge Santana … Devin Moore … Necro Butcher … Mad Man Pondo … Zach Gowen … The Human Tornado … Doug and Danny: The Bashums … Axl and Ian Rotten … Scott Damore … Samu and Fatu: The Head Shrinkers … Scott “Razor” Hall … Jake “The Snake” Roberts … ICP

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New Bash Match

A cruiserweight Open has been added to tomorrow's PPV featuring: Jamie Noble, Funaki, Shannon Moore, Chavo Guerrero and Jimmy Yang...aka the entire division.

Our roundtable thread is here

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Some Site News

There's a lot of stuff that will be of interest to readers and even I suspect authors of this site which I am putting behind the cut.

Firstly, observant readers will note that the URL to this page is now archives.combat-hooligans.com which is where this page will reside perminently. When the new site is ready to go, this blog will not be updated but it will remain where it is as a reminder of where we've been. Plus, it will also be available should we want to retrieve old posts such as DVD or show reviews for C-H.com

Secondly, Combat-Hooligans.com is on MySpace.com and can be accessed here so check it out and add us as a friend. The page is kind of bland but that will change as time passes.

Third, my status on this particular site. You will not see a lot of posts from me on this blog for the time being. The reason for this is I am directing all creative energy to working on the new site. The fact is that this has sort of renewed my interest in all of this and I want to give it my all. So, if I post to the Times it will likely be to update progress on the new site.
However, I intend to do live coverage of the following shows and of course do all of the required roundtables until the site is ready.

  1. SHOWXC: July 27, 2007
  2. WEC 29: August 5, 2007
  3. TNA Wrestling's 'Hard Justice' 08/12/2007

I believe Euan, the torchured soul that he is will be covering the Great American Bash this Sunday.
As for the frequency of posts from other members of the team, I'll leave it up to them to decide where to focus their attention.

So, when is this all going to launch official? The short answer is it will launch when we're ready.
The fact is, that there's a lot of potential here and while we're all pretty much novices as creating sites, we do have some sources to help us out.
So, when we've got everything how everyone likes it or at least where we can live with it, all new content will be going over there.
Ideally, as I've said I'd like to have it ready by 08/13 but that's a date written in pencil. Once it is launched we will probably still tinker with the look and add features as time passes but I think we're all in agreement we wish to put best-foot-forward when we go live. If you looked at Combat-Hooligans.com a few days ago and look at it now, you'll note it is still in flux and looks quite different. The way it looks now will not be how it looks in a week and that will not be how it looks when it is ready to go.

When content starts going up over there, from me personally you'll get a lot more opinion in edition to the news. In fact, I will make one announcement concerning new content for combat-hooligans right now. The first post I make at Combat-Hooligans when it is ready to go, will be a complete review of the Pride FC 2000 Grand Prix DVD.

There are other things in store for the site that will really put us on the map especially when it comes to audio I believe, but I will not get in to that right now.

If you want to know where to get your news in my absense, I suggest:
as Ric says he's going back to work monday. Yeah, that could last until Tuesday but lets not get tied up in minor details.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Is Vince Russo back in WWE?

Sandman Vs. Carlito in a Singapore Cane on a pole match has been added to the Great American Bash.

Yeah, I couldn't resist.

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WWE Admits World Heavyweight Championship is CURSED!!!

Read the shocking statement here.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Roundtable Reminder: Great American Bash

It is this Sunday and the predictions thread is here

I believe Euan is covering this show, that poor bastard.

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Sherk, Franca fail CSAC drug tests

Sean Sherk tested positive for Mandrolone Metabolite after his July 7 fight with Hermes Franca where he successfully defended his UFC lightweight title. The CSAC has fined him $2,500 and has suspended him for a year. Sherk is expected to appeal the suspension and should he lose, I don't see any way that the UFC keeps the lightweight title on him. If for no other reason than it is not good to have the belt out of commission for 1 entire year.

As for Franca, he tested positive for Drostanolone and is also being fined and suspended $2,500 and 1 year. He issued a statement confessing to the failure and explaining that he took the drug to help heel an ankle injury about 8 weeks prior to his fight with Sherk.

In California the Athletic Commission does not have the power to over-turn an official decision like the Nevada State Athletic Commission does.

All UFC fighters on the Sacramento event were drug tested but not all the results have been made available yet. However, we know that Mark Bocek, Frank Edgar, Jason Gilliam and Chris Lytle have all passed their tests.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RIP: John Kronus

Earlier today, thirty-eight-year-old John Kronus, most famous for being one half of The Eliminators (with Perry Saturn), was found dead in his New Hampshire-based apartment. No cause has been given.

Kronus had been out of the mainstream for years, but was recovering from recent surgery on his knee, and was expecting to take bookings in September.

The last thing I want to do is start unfounded rumors, but I feel I need to point out something. I'd very recently heard from Kronus on several occasions (after not hearing from him in a long time) and had discussed with a colleague how Kronus seemed to not be himself. I have no idea if that feeling played a role in his death, but felt it was significant to mention.

I'll keep you abreast of any new developments.

In the meantime, I'd like to offer condolences to Kronus' family and close friends.

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Announcing: combat-hooligans.com

You may have noticed my lack of posting lately. It is because I've been working on a new project. The project is not yet complete, but it is to the point where I am ready to announce it.

www.combat-hooligans.com the site is a mess and is still under construction but feel free to take a peak at what a mess looks like.

So, the question now becomes why did we do this?

You'll have to click the cut for that answer and a few more.

The reason for the change is quite simple. It is for the purposes of branding ourselves as something. The Old Country Times or Old Country Corner was sort of my project and Euan and Art came aboard. So it was sort of built in my image although really it didn't have an image of its own. Add to that the fact that at a glance it is so vague that you don't really know what it is all about.

Sure, I came up with the name Combat Hooligans but unless they're lying to me, both Art and Euan have given it their approval.

It is a chance for a new start, a fresh start and a redefining of ourselves.

What can you expect on Combat-hooligans.com?

One thing you can expect is more interactivity including an on-site bulleton board which doesn't need registration, as well as the ability to vote in polls. You are also going to get some new featured columns and generally you're going to get more of our take on things, not just the news itself.

We intend to offer more audio content on Combat-Hooligans.com and will work on that as time passes. I should note, that this also includes interviews with names in the wrestling and MMA industry which as of now we've not offered.

So what becomes of the Old Country Times?

When the new site is ready to launch I am going to point this site towards it. You'll be able to see this blog as an archive but it will not be updated, all of the updates will be on the main Combat-Hooligans.com page.

So when will this change go into effect?

It all depends on when Euan Art and I think that the site is cleaned up and ready to go. My personal target deadline is 08/13 which would mark the 1-year anniversary of my personal blogging life, and I can't think of a better time to launch a new venture.

So take your sneak peak at www.Combat-Hooligans.com vote in the poll that is up and let us know what you think.

Anymore feedback can be left in the comments section of this post or Email me directly

More information about site content/official launch will be available in the near future.

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CHIKARA debuts in Connecticut this Saturday with "Showdown in CrisisLand!"

CHIKARA debuts in Connecticut this Saturday with "Showdown in CrisisLand!"

On July 21, CHIKARA rolls into the Knights of Columbus hall in Wallingford, with a stacked card of at least 8 matches! Advance tickets have sold very quickly for this show, and we are working on getting permission to add more seats to the floor, as we are currently very close to a complete advance sell-out (which is so exciting we can't stand it!)
In just a few days, CHIKARA will make its Connecticut debut with "Showdown in CrisisLand!," and all due hyping aside, check out the 7 confirmed matches we're bringing to town:

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sicodelico, Jr.

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Shane Storm vs. ???

Chris Hero vs. Lince Dorado

Los Ice Creams vs. The Olsen Twins

Gran Akuma & Icarus & Maxime Boyer vs. Fire Ant & Soldier Ant & Worker Ant

Eddie Kingston vs. Tim Donst

The Order of the Neo Solar Temple vs. Cheech & Cloudy & Hallowicked

Also joining us for action will be Shayne Hawke, the masked man Player Uno, and the return of Jagged and Shane Matthews - 2.0!
Plus, the CHIKARA debut of Ophidian!
Join the rest of the CHIKARMY and come see us at "Showdown in CrisisLand!", and to keep up to date with all things CHIKARA - visit our website and subscribe to our free, weekly podcast!

"Showdown in CrisisLand!" on Saturday, July 21st, 2007
Live @ Knights of Columbus Hall
279 Quinnipiac Street
in Wallingford, CT!
Doors open at 6:30 pm. Bell time is 7:00 pm.

All seats just $15.00!

Our homebase: www.chikarapro.com
For our free, weekly video podcast : www.chikarapodcast.com
On MySpace! www.myspace.com/chikarapro

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Heavyweight Bout added to UFC 74

Antoni Hardonk Vs. Frank Mir. This bout was supposed to happen at Fight Night 9 back in April but Mir was replaced by Justin McCully who ended up defeating Hardonk.

UFC 74 announced/rumored card:
  1. Heavyweight Championship Bout: Randy Couture Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
  2. Welterweight Bout: Georges St. Pierre Vs. Josh Koscheck
  3. Lightweight Bout: Joe Stevenson Vs. Kurt Pellegrino
  4. Lightweight Bout: Marcus Aurelio Vs. Clay Guida
  5. Light Heavyweight Bout: Renato "Babalu" Sobral Vs. David Heath
  6. Middleweight Bout: Patrick Cote Vs. Kendall Grove
  7. Lightweight Bout: Roger Huerta Vs. Alberto Crane
  8. Middleweight Bout: Travis Lutter Vs. Ryan Jensen
  9. Heavyweight Bout: Antoni Hardonk Vs. Frank Mir

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ACW News: 7/17 Results & 8/4 Information

Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if used, thanks.

On Tuesday July 17, 2007American Combat Wrestling returned to Bourbon Street Night Club 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey, FL. The evening was violent and hardcore with two Combat title tournament matches.

Speaking of the Combat tournament, the evening was opened by the former champion and current ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca. But before he could really express his thoughts, the New Movement hit the stage. David Mercury spoke for the group about his partners in crime having two matches tonight and how they would advance in the tournament. Mosca reminded them who their opponents in the tournament were, namely Sideshow, Dany Only and Ray Beez. Mosca dared Eddie Taurus to give Mercury his number one contenders spot. Taurus agreed and Mercury is now the number one contender. Mosca was so confident he would beat Mercury he is going to let him choose the stipulation.

(1) Nick “I’m Not Gay” Fame defeated Shayne Swift.

Despite working in tag matches in recent weeks, Swift took the fight to Fame and his left arm. Fame got a little upset and kicked Swift in the hamstring but Swift fired back with a series of kicks that sent Fame running to the floor. Swift followed with a plancha and brought Fame back in the ring where Fame fell to the mat with an injured knee. Referee Billy Dalton checked on Fame and when Swift thought it was over, Fame attacked from behind in true gold bricking fashion. Fame tossed Swift’s left shoulder into the middle turnbuckle and he continued the attack with a backbreaker on the arm. Fame did further damage when the duo fought on the floor and Swift’s arm met the bar. Swift fired back with a body block and Whisper in the Wind but Fame leveled him with a clothesline and a shoulderbreaker for two. Fame went for the submission with an overhand wristlock but Swift fought out, only to be punched right in the teeth. Swift countered out of a shoulderbreaker and back up into a DDT but couldn’t follow up. Swift got to his feet but it took three clotheslines to get Fame off his feet. He followed with a series of kicks to Fame’s head but Fame kicked out as he did after the Rocker Dropper. Swift went for another DDT but Fame held on and hit a Northern Lights Bomb and with his feet on the ropes.

(2) Moonshine McCoy defeated Michael Patrick.

The crowd kept calling Patrick an ape and wanted him to shave his back. McCoy tried to do that while raking his nails down Patrick’s back. Patrick bailed to the floor and demanded McCoy play by the rules. Patrick finally came back to the ring but his armbar was countered by McCoy and he backed to a corner for sanctuary. Patrick got a side headlock and punched McCoy; all that did was hurt his fist. But the choking on the ropes slowed McCoy down somewhat. Patrick kept the rulebreaking up with eye rakes and chokes. But when Patrick went up top McCoy fell into the ropes and it cause Patrick to lose his balance and McCoy press slammed him off. McCoy went on the attack but was slowed by a knee to the gut. However the end came for Patrick when McCoy countered a slam into a Slop Drop.

(3) Nooie Lee defeated Suicide.

Having faced each other in other Florida promotions, Lee knew his opponent and jumped Suicide. But it backfired as Suicide took over with a series of high flying moves. Lee put a stop to all that with a belly to back suplex for two. Lee hit a slam and a powerdrive elbow for two and laid in some kicks to Suicide’s prone body. Lee kept Suicide grounded with a neck vise submission but Suicide fought to his feet but got taken back down with an STO for two. Lee hit a leg lariat and took Suicide back to the mat with an abdominal stretch like hold. Suicide got to his feet again but Lee hit a modified Sky High Slam for two. Lee went for another submission with a leg lace but Suicide hit several forearms to get out of the hold but fell right back into a chinlock. Suicide got out of the hold with a jawbreaker but his top rope move was briefly cut off. Lee and Suicide fought on the top but it was Lee who fell back to the mat and Suicide hit a body block. Suicide got to his feet first and took over with a double knee jawbreaker. But it ended for him when he got too close to Lee who got the pin with a chain wrestling move.

(4) ACW Tag Team champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters & Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) defeated ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore & the Flea From The Hind of a Dog.

The champs had no clue how to handle the Dog so they kept Moore in the ring. That didn’t really go great either as Moore came ready to walk out with double gold in his hands. The Dog tagged in and tried to bit Masters hand off. Obviously Masters didn’t like that so he kneed the Dog in the gut and the DIK attack went into full swing for several minutes. The Dog survived this attack and was finally able to tag Moore back in. But despite their best efforts, Moore and the Dog fell to DIK and a double team chokeslam.

(5) In an opening round ACW Combat championship tournament match, Eddie Taurus of the New Movement (w/George Martel) defeated Dany Only.

All Combat matches are HARDCORE and this was right up Only’s alley. Taurus decided to counter this with a power attack, shoving Only to the canvas. But this didn’t work out as Only got a series of quick two counts before Taurus bailed to the floor. Only followed and the fighting was on, in and out of the ring. Taurus went right back to the ring to equalize Only’s brawling with wrestling and some kicks to the middle of Only’s back. Only fought back with right hand punches to the jaw but Taurus hit a leg lariat for one. Martel decided to spice things up so he handed Taurus a trash can but it ended up on Only’s hands and over Taurus’ head. Only kicked the can and it sent Taurus falling to the mat. Taurus fought back with chest chops, forearms and a blatant choke. Only avoided a corner splash and hit Taurus with a Hot Shot followed by a leg drop for two. Only went to the ropes but Martel tripped him up and Only followed to the floor to choke out Martel. Taurus followed with a cooking sheet but missed Only who spewed green mist into Taurus’ eyes. Only tried to open up Taurus’ head with right hand punches above the eye. Taurus fought back with punches of his own but Only smashed his face on the ring apron. Only wedged the garbage can in the corner but his whip was countered into a powerslam. Taurus went up top but missed his double stomp and Only blocked the superkick, hitting a sideslam. But Martel got the referee’s attention and Only got his eyes raked. Taurus hit Only with a chair shot and used the chair’s bottom to choke out Only.

(6) In an opening round ACW Combat championship tournament match, Sideshow defeated Austin Amadeus of the New Movement (w/David Mercury.)

Sideshow went right on the attack with a series of kicks to Amadeus’ upper body which made him bail to the floor for advice from Mercury. But Sideshow was in such a fighting mood he followed them out to the floor and the chairs and punches began to fly. When the action came back to the ring it was Amadeus who was delivering the kicks. When Amadeus got tired, he simply tossed Sideshow out to Mercury for some punishment. Amadeus got the garbage can used in the previous match and set it up in a corner. But first he used some chain wrestling chokes on Sideshow and took the can to Sideshow’s body. But Amadeus got cocky and when he took his eyes off Sideshow, he got hit with a Backiotomy for two. Sideshow put the trash can on Amadeus’ upper body and hit it with a front kick. The action went to the floor where Sideshow used a fan’s crutch on Amadeus’ throat. Amadeus fought back and hit Sideshow with a backbreaker onto the ring apron for two. Amadeus hit Sideshow with kicks and forearms that sent him back to the floor where Mercury was waiting with open arms and closed fists. Amadeus drove Sideshow’s back into a wall but a miscommunication in the ring cost Amadeus the match as Sideshow hit the Double Penetration to advance. Mercury jumped Sideshow after the match but Ralph Mosca hit the ring and then Mercury with punches to the jaw before Mercury bailed to higher ground.

ACW is back at Bourbon Street next Tuesday night with two more opening round Combat tournament matches. The New Movement has established their MySpace account at the following location: www.myspace.com/thegangthatbangs

American Combat Wrestling

Saturday August 4th

Jewish Community Center

9841 Scenic Drive in Port Richey, FL

All proceeds go to the Pasco County PAL

ACW Heavyweight champion “Rough House” Ralph Mosca and “the Marquee” Bruce Santee vs. New Movement members Eddie Taurus and David Mercury

Dim Bala V. Torcher

Sideshow V. Scott Commodity

ACW Tag Team champions Delta Iota Kappa (“Candizzle Dream” Joshua Masters and Sedrick Strong w/Fetish) vs. Nooie Lee and Shayne Swift

ACW Cruiserweight champion Jaison Moore vs. Nick Fame vs. Suicide

Shan Hill vs. Austin Amadeus of the New Movement

Remember ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club and links to video sites. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts.

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Family of Nancy Benoit considering wrongful death suit

who didn't see this coming?
No word on who would be on the receiving endand while I don't think the WWE would be the first or best choice I wouldn't say 100% it isn't going to be the company because it isn't like that would be the stupidest lawsuit ever filed.

A case against them would be pretty damn hard to prove though even if the industry is generally scum and their drug policy a sham with holes big enough for Travis Lutter and Gabe Ruediger to walk through after a trip to the all you can eat buffet.

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Edge requires surgery, will miss 4 months of action.

The surgery is to repair the torn peck he suffered at the Smackdown taping in New Orleans.

In a related note, the WWE is expected to announce a mandatory time off policy tomorrow, and they will announce that Edge will be given the next 4 months off in their new initiative to promote a more healthy work environment. Guys will be given breaks from the road as injuries dictate, unless the injuries are not serious and can be cured with massive painkillers or by a strict formula of steroids.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Smackdown Main Event for Great American Bash

Great Khali Vs. Kane Vs. Batista
Euan is supposedly going to cover this show but his VCR may "break" again.

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Roger Huerta to fight at UFC 74?

According to MMAWeekly's rumors section, a bout for UFC 74 is listed as pitting lightweight Roger Huerta against Alberto Crane.

Crane's profile can be viewed here He has an 8-0-0 record and that includes a victory over EXC fighter Javier Vazquez via split decision at King of the Cage 21 in February 2003.
For Huerta, this would be his forth bout in the UFC this year.

  1. UFC 67: Def. John Halverson
  2. UFC 69: Def. Leonard Garcia
  3. TUF 5 Finale: Def. Doug Evans

Huerta did mention on the Scott Ferrall show prior to UFC 73 that he had been contacted for a possible September bout.

The UFC 74 Card is as follows:
  1. Heavyweight Championship Bout: Randy Couture Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga
  2. Welterweight Bout: Georges St. Pierre Vs. Josh Koscheck
  3. Lightweight Bout: Joe Stevenson Vs. Kurt Pelligrino
  4. Lightweight Bout: Marcus Aurelio Vs. Clay Guida
  5. Middleweight Bout: Patrick Cote Vs. Kendall Grove
  6. Renato "Babalu" Sobral Vs. David Heath
  7. Middleweight Bout: Travis Lutter Vs. Ryan Jensen
  8. Lightweight Bout: Roger Huerta Vs. Alberto Crane

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WWE spoils Smackdown

details here

If you don't wish to know I suggest not clicking that link or watching ECW tonight.

I just hope that...

He gives a victory speech.

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Raw Rating for 7/16


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Alvarez, Prangley Victories Highlight Bodog Fight's American Debut

Alvarez, Prangley Victories Highlight Bodog Fight's American Debut

For Immediate Release
July 16, 2007

Following unforgettable mixed martial arts events in Vancouver, Canada and St. Petersburg, Russia, Bodog Fight finally made its much-anticipated American debut last night in Trenton, New Jersey.

Bodog Fight: Eddie Alvarez vs. Matt Lee proved a hit with the crowd at the Sovereign Bank Arena, with local favorite Eddie Alvarez of nearby Philadelphia improving to 11-1 after scoring a unanimous decision over Boston's Matt Lee, who falls to 9-6-1.

Eddie Alvarez (right) vs. Matt Lee
After losing his Bodog Fight welterweight championship belt last April to Nick "The Goat" Thompson in Russia, Alvarez was keen to get back to his winning ways. Lee was no pushover though, using his reach advantage to tag the former champ several times. But the explosive Alvarez gave more than he took and with Thompson sitting at ringside, Alvarez eventually sent the crowd into raptures by earning a hard fought victory.

"It feels great," said Alvarez following the fight. "It was important to me after the loss to Nick to come back here and win in front of my home fans."

The special event, which is scheduled to air in more than 90 million U.S. homes on ION Television at a later date, also featured a pair of Bodog Fight championship bouts, including a middleweight title fight between South African star Trevor Prangley and MMA legend Yuki Kondo of Japan.

With less than ten seconds left in the second round, Prangley landed a devastating punch that dropped his opponent to the canvas, and though the bell sounded to end the round, during the break ring doctors declared Kondo unable to continue due to a cut.

"It's unbelievable," declared Prangley, after winning the title. "It feels like everything I've worked for has come to this."

The new champion improves to 16-4, while the 31-year-old Pancrase veteran falls to 46-20-6.

After receiving his belt, Prangley was challenged by top middleweight fighter Matt Lindland, who entered the ring to congratulate the new champion.

"Matt has been wanting the belt for a long time," Prangley responded, "and he's going to have to fight me to get it. It's not going to be easy for him."

The second title fight on the card featured undefeated Kelly Kobold taking on New Jersey's own Tara LaRosa for the Bodog Fight women's 135-pound championship belt. The fight lasted four rounds before LaRosa sunk in an armlock and Kobald was forced to tap out.

LaRosa, who improves to 12-1, was thrilled to win the title in front of her hometown fans, and was even keen on a rematch with the hard-hitting Kobold, who drops to 16-1-1.

"It was a great fight," said LaRosa. "We had a lot of fun. A couple more fights, and she and I will do this again."

Other bouts include:
David Love (16-7-1) def. Eben Oroz (4-2-0) by split decision.
Mark Burch (9-2-1) def. Kazuo (Yoshiki) Takahashi (28-22-3) by KO at 3:45 in RD1.
Chael Sonnen (17-8-1) def. Amar Suloev (23-7-0) by TKO at 3:33 in RD2 . Jorge Masvidal (11-2-0) def. Yves Edwards (31-13-1) by TKO at 2:59 in RD2. Branden Lee Hinkle (13-9-0) def. Roman Zentsov (16-11-0) by unanimous decision.
Blair Tugman (2-0-0) def. Dan Hawley (4-1-0) by unanimous decision
Nick Agallar (18-5-0) def. James "Binky" Jones (3-2-0) by split decision.

For more information, visit www.BodogFight.com.

About Bodog Fight

Since its inception in 2006, Bodog Fight has become one of the heavy-hitters in the world of mixed martial arts. Created by billionaire entertainment mogul and longtime MMA enthusiast, Calvin Ayre, Bodog Fight offers viewers a unique combination of action and allure from exotic locations throughout the world. Bodog Fight can be viewed in more than 90 million homes across the United States on ION Television and around the world on Bodog.TV. Some of Bodog Television's other programs include: a poker lifestyle and reality show, Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker I and II; and a million-dollar indie band search competition, Bodog Battle (BodogBattle.com). For more information, contact Media Relations at 1-866-892-3371, or press@bodog.tv . BODOG is a registered trademark of Bodog Entertainment Group.

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Watch PWU Commission Idol Videos RIGHT HERE; Vote for Round 2

Watch PWU Commission Idol Videos RIGHT HERE; Vote for Round 2

Commissioner Idol Rules:
State the reasons you should be PWU's next Commissioner and send a DVD or VHS to:
PWU Idol
14 Diverty Rd.
Pennington, NJ 08534


E-Mail a Video Link to NateStein@ProWrestlingUnplugged.com or ThePhan11@aol.com


Voting for the next PWU commissioner will take place over the next few months on ProWrestlingUnplugged.com



Joe Green

Soe, Mr. Brady, Dave from ??

Remy Dream

Buffy, Jack From Way Back, Candi, & Curt


PWU Kliq



Joanne (aka BackSeatChickPWU)


Loud Fan

Chris from NJ

CURRENTLY IN THE FINAL ROUND (to be of the Top 10 videos):
* Mike Sanz (video unavailable at present time)



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Smackdown title situation

The world title is cursed. Short story, Edge has a torn peck and will be giving up the belt tonight. The person who receives the belt tonight may want to immediately think of retiring given the elt is cursed.

More behind the cut

It looks as though the new champ will be...Khali. Which I might note, I predicted in an MSN chat with Euan before it got out.

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World Wrestling Entertainment Issues Statement + Benoit Media for 7/17/07


World Wrestling Entertainment Issues Statement
July 17, 2007
STAMFORD, Conn., July 17, 2007 – WWE understands that the toxicology reports for Chris Benoit indicate that he tested positive for testosterone and negative for anabolic steroids. On Mr. Benoit's last drug test in April 2007 administered by Aegis Labs, he tested negative for anabolic steroids and for testosterone. Given the toxicology report of GBI released today, it would appear that Mr. Benoit took testosterone sometime after his April 2007 test and the time he died. WWE understands that his dealings with Dr. Astin are currently being investigated, and WWE has no knowledge of whether Dr. Astin prescribed testosterone for Mr. Benoit at some point after the April 2007 tests.

For over 20 years, the WWE has been demonstrating our concern for the well being of our contracted athletes, instituting drug testing in 1987 leading up to our current Wellness Program which began on February 27, 2006, administered by Dr. David L. Black of Aegis Sciences Corporation – one of the world’s foremost drug testing authorities.

We believe our Wellness Program is at the very least comparable to those of professional sports and is a program that will benefit WWE Superstars for generations to come.

More links:
- W.W.E.’s Testing Is Examined After Benoit Murder-Suicide [New York Times]
- Steroid found in body of dead wrestler Benoit [Reuters]
- Benoit had steroids in system [Sports Illustrated]
- Death match: Many pro wrestlers dying before their time [Palm Beach Post]
- Lance Storm: Enough Already [StormWrestling.com]

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Royce Gracie decides against appeal of failed steroids test

The Fight Network has the details.

The quote from Gracie...

“I did not appeal the decision because I have been in Spain for the last 1 Ѕ [months] on vacation with my family, and for me to appeal, I would have to
get a lawyer, and then get some experts to run tests and then get more experts to argue with their experts, or I can just pay $2500 fine, and sit out for
one year,” Gracie wrote. “Well, I fight once a year anyway and it’s much cheaper to pay $2500 in fine then $10,000 retainer to attorney's alone. As for
my fans, those who believe me, believe me anyway, and those who don’t, does not matter what I do, or what I say, they will not believe anyway.”

The Iron Sheik would call him something that rhymes with jeep clue gun of a twitch if he read this.

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Liddell Vs. Jardine set for UFC 76 in Anaheim

Confirmed by Dana White in the latest Kevin Iole column

Some will question the choice of opponent for Liddell post-Rampage but really there's not a lot of guys who are available to fight at that show that would be a compelling fight. Forrest Griffin might've been a better choice for box office but I can see why UFC wouldn't necessarily want to do that just yet.

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Nate Diaz to fight at FN 11?

That's what Graciefighter.com reports anyway, of course they also claim that the event is taking place in Atlanta. They've made other suspicious claims in the past, so take healthy doses of salt. However, it would not be a bad idea at all to have the last TUF winner fight on the show leading in to the new season.

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Some fights announced for Cage Rage 23

The following bouts have been set for Cage Rage 23:

  1. Light Heavyweight Championship Bout: James Zikic Vs. Vitor Belfort
  2. Welterweight Bout: Mark Weir Vs. Paul Daley
  3. British Heavyweight Title Bout: Mustapha Alturk Vs. Tengiz Tedoradze
  4. Middleweight: Jeremy Bailey Vs. Joe Mac

Note, the Mac-Bailey fight was set for Cage Rage 22 but Mac was injured at the last minute. We will of course be predicting this show, and if Euan's VCR doesn't cause him to break it before hand, we may even have coverage here.

The card takes place on September 22, the same day as UFC 66.

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Roundtable Reminder: The Great American Rip off...oops, I mean Bash

gory details here

I'm not sure the card is final but it will be after tomorrow.

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LIVE SPOILERS from TNA Impact Tapings: Samoa Joe Decides About the Gold.

Please credit Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com if ued, thanks.

These are the 100% complete live spoilers from the TNA IMPACT Tapings. By the end of this evening we will know the fate of World X Division champion & new TNA World Tag Team champion Samoa Joe. Only during the first hour did we see any backstage interviews.

Hour one notes:

Jeremy Borash was sent by Jim Cornette to find World champion Kurt Angle. But he found Angle in a tanning bed and he refused to go see Cornette. Angle also accused Borash of “checking out his package.” Angle felt Samoa Joe was going to surrender the tag titles after was screwed over on Sunday.

(1) XXX (“PrimeTime” Elix Skipper, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels & Senshi) defeated Serotonin (Raven, Havok & Martyr)

That’s right the multi-time former World Tag Team champions reunited last Sunday when Daniels became #1 contender to the World X Division title. XXX wasted no time in their trickery as Skipper went to lockup with Havok and Daniels jumped him from behind. The XXX advantage ended when raven hit Daniels in the back with the Singapore cane. That allowed Serotonin to take over Daniels in their corner of the ring. Martyr had Daniels in a front facelock when Skipper hit a slingshot move that let Daniels free so he could tag in Senshi. The end came for Havok who got hit with a Skipper legdrop, Daniels’ BME and Senshi’s Warrior’s Way.

After the match Frankie “the Future” Kazarian attacked Serotonin and left before he could suffer any real damage. Jeremy Borash came back to Angle’s tanning bed to find Angle tanning his buttocks. He told Angle that Cornette would fine him $10,000 if he didn’t come to the office. Angle got out of the tanning bed to find all of his clothes and two title belts missing. So he left the room in his bikini briefs. Mike Tenay & Don West were addressing the home audience when Team 3D crashed the party. They said they knew the Steiner Brothers were not in the building but were watching at home. Ray said they cost Team 3D their World Tag Team titles and wanted to repay them face to face next week. Devon didn’t like something Tenay said and he choked him as Ray grabbed the timekeeper’s hammer threatening to hit Tenay. Kurt Angle began his search for his clothing and he questioned the TNA locker room. He accused Shark Boy of smiling like it was a joke, so he attacked him. Maybe Angle wasn’t wearing his glasses broke by Serotonin last Sunday or he just didn’t realize Shark wears a mask.

(2) Voodoo Kin Mafia member Kip James (w/BG James & Roxxi Laveaux) defeated Lance Hoyt (w/Christy Hemme).

Both Kip and Hoyt fought a power match in the early moments until Kip sent Hoyt to the floor where he followed and laid in some punches. Hoyt tried to avoid the punches and Laveaux as best he could and the tide turned when Kip focused on Hemme instead of Hoyt. Hoyt attacked and took the match back to the ring. Kip fought back with a Thesz press and avoided a Hoyt boot to hit “the One and Only” to win. After the match Hemme tried to crotch shot Kip but got stopped and Laveaux came in to hit a Styles Clash-like move sending Hemme to the locker room in Hoyt’s arms.

Kurt Angle met with the TNA production crew trying to find his lost items. He told everyone he would count to ten and they could return his stuff. Poor David Sahadi had to endure Angle’s package being near his face as the countdown occurred. A cameraman decided to leave but Angle attacked him thinking he was the thief.

(3) “Instant Classic” Christian Cage & “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/Jacqueline Moore, a six pack of longnecks & Tomko) defeated “War Machine” Rhino & “Wildcat” Chris Harris.

These four men met in singles matches on Sunday night so Jim Cornette decided to let them settle their differences. Harris jumped Cage at the opening bell and went to work with the punches before tagging in Rhino. However Rhino took his focus off Cage for too long and looking for Storm cost him. Cage hit Rhino with a clothesline off the ring apron. Cage & Storm kept Rhino isolated from his corner for several minutes. Harris tried to aid Rhino but it only did harm as Cage kept the referee busy, Storm hit a running boot to the face. Somehow Cage ended up on Storm’s shoulders as Rhino was on the top buckle and Rhino raked Storm’s eyes. Rhino hit Cage with a clothesline and tagged into a fired up Harris. Rhino had Storm set for the GORE but Cage pulled him to the floor. Storm went for the Superkick but Harris blocked it and hit the Catatonic but Tomko pulled referee Rudy Charles to the floor. Harris looked for the referee and Dustin Rhodes hit him in the back with a chair. Storm crawled over and covered Harris to win. After the match the real fun began as Rhino attacked anyone that moved including Moore but Rhino picked her up for a powerslam. He made the mistake of losing sight of Tomko, who kicked Rhino in the face making Moore fall onto Rhino. When you thought things were done Abyss came looking for revenge on Cage. Cage hightailed it but backed into Sting and the baseball bat. Sting tossed Cage into Abyss for some retribution.

A nicely robed Kurt Angle came into the Impact Zone. Angle said he had a sense of humor and enjoyed being ribbed but the joking was over. He even accused the fans of stealing his stuff and putting it on E-Bay. That brought out Samoa Joe who came with his three title belts and Angle’s wardrobe plus the World title belt. Joe decided to make his announcement. He wanted to bury the hatchet with Angle so he gave Angle back his two title belts and clothing. Joe said like Angle he wants to find out who is the best in the world. Joe said at Hard Justice he wanted Angle one more time where the winner takes all the gold. Angle accepted and Joe headbutted him right in the forehead. Joe laid out Angle and then went for a table. But Angle escaped Joe’s clutches and drove Joe into the table, locking the Ankle Lock on Joe. Afterwards Jeremy Borash filmed some stuff for TNA Today.

Hour two notes:

(1) NO DQ match, Sting defeated Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks).

Not too sure what happened between these two to make it a no DQ match. Roode jumped Sting at the bell and the violence began. Sting fought back introducing Roode’s head to the top turnbuckles and followed him to the floor. Ting tossed Roode into the guardrails and the stairs as Brooks objected. Roode fought back but his piledriver but Sting backdropped Roode on the rampway. Brooks kept Sting busy as Roode got a chair and hit Sting in the back. Roode came back into the ring with a top rope clothesline for two as Eric Young came out painted like Sting. Roode ignored Young and hit Sting with a top rope knee for two before locking in a bear hug. Sting tried to escape so Roode backed him to a corner but his chest chops had zero effect. Sting was 100% fired up and took it out on Roode & Brooks. Roode avoided the Stinger Splash and fought off the Scorpion Deathlock, hitting Sting with a spinebuster for two. Brooks gave Roode a chair but Young took it and Sting won via the Scorpion Death Drop.

(2) Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez) defeated Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & “the Future” Chris Sabin).

At the bell the Gun dropkicked Hernandez to the floor so they could double team Homicide for several minutes. The Notorious One fought back and tagged in Hernandez who tossed around the Guns. But the Guns fought back with a series of kicks to the head of Hernandez. LAX double teamed Shelley and sent him to the floor with a hurt back. Sabin escaped the Cop Killer but couldn’t avoid a LAX double team from the top rope.

The LAX celebration was interrupted by Team 3D who told them to hit the bricks; they only wanted the Steiner Brothers in the ring. LAX reluctantly stepped out of the ring as the show went to commercial. 3D egged on the fans waiting for the Steiner’s. The fans made fun of 3D member Devon who owns a smoothie shop in Florida. 3D got their wish and the Steiner Brothers hit the ring. Scott said no one calls out the Steiner’s they do the calling out. Scott said the Latin Nation were his favorite people after his injury during a TNA Event in Puerto Rico. Scott said he was upset he missed Slammiversary due to a trachea injury that nearly killed him. To the shock of everyone in the thank you to the PR medical team that saved him, Scott also thanked the fans for the well wishes he received. Ray said that Scott got injured by a second rate PR wrestler and Team 3D could take him out, even going as far as doubting the actuality of any injury. Scott showed off his scar on the right side of his chest. Ray said that injury was nothing compared to the ones in the ECW locker room. The arguing was not over as the Voodoo Kin Mafia came out to join the former World Tag Team reunion saying they were the best team in wrestling history. Scott said yeah the VKM was on top, on top of a heap of crap a everyone was watching WCW for 84 weeks in a row. Scott said he wasn’t medically cleared for a match but he could kick their asses with no permission needed. During the fighting Devon spit on a LAX flag and that brought out LAX to defend their flags and it looked liked the Steiner’s.

(3) No DQ match, “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated Abyss.

This rivalry goes back to the weekly PPV days in Nashville where they tore down the Asylum even as they held the NWA World Tag Team championships. This was probably the bloodiest match in their rivalry. Styles hit a slingshot shoulder tackle and we were off and brawling. Abyss fought back with a running butt to the face in the corner. Abyss went to press slam Styles too the fans but Styles slid off only to be see Styles go over the ropes to the floor. Styles hit Abyss in the head wit ha chair and climbed into the fans, hitting a sort of springboard forearm from the seats. Abyss went back to the ring as Abyss tossed a chair in for some fun as he put the chair in between the buckles. Styles countered out of Shock Treatment but even after moves couldn’t avoid the chair in the corner. Abyss hit Shock Treatment for two and signaled for Doomsday. But Styles countered out of the Black Hole Slam and hit the Pele’. Styles went for a springboard move but Abyss caught him and hit the chokeslam for two as Tomko came out to ringside. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam but Tomko broke up the pin. But the lights went down and up with Sting in the ring attacking Tomko. Abyss went under the ring and when he went for the bag of goodies he was dragged under ring. This left Sting alone to be attacked by Styles, Tomko and Robert Roode who joined the festivities. Abyss finally came out from under the ring a bloody mess. Christian Cage and his black shirt security appeared on the rampway and Cage grabbed the bag of broken glass, spreading it in the ring. But instead of Abyss, Tomko chokeslammed Sting into the glass. Styles got another bag from under the ring and it was thumb tacks spread on top of the glass. Tomko hit Abyss with the double chokeslam and Styles won via pinfall. Jeremy Borash came out to film more TNA Today stuff talking to Styles, Cage, Tomko and Roode. The TNA medical trainer had to come out and check on Sting & Abyss before he would let them go to the locker room for treatment.

Matches filmed for TNA Xplosion and TNA Today on the internet:

(1) Jerry Lynn defeated Basham via countout.

(2) Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & “the Future” Chris Sabin) defeated “the Guru” Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams when Sabin countered out of the Canadian Destroyer, allowing Shelley to hit a top rope boot to Williams’ head setting up the Cradle Shock.

(3) “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal & “Showtime” Eric Young defeated Serotonin members Havok & Martyr when Young hit both men with a DVD and Lethal hit his Macho Man elbow drop.

Guesses and Official Matches for Hard Justice 2007:

(official) In a “winner takes all” match, TNA World/IWGP Heavyweight champion vs. World X Division/World Tag Team champion Samoa Joe

(Guess) Team 3D (Ray & Devon) vs Rick & Scott Steiner vs. Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip & BG James w/Roxxie Laveaux) vs. Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide & Hotstuff Hernandez) or an 8 man match of some kind

(Guess) “Wildcat” Chris Harris vs. Dustin Rhodes

(Guess) Abyss vs. “Instant Classic” Christian Cage

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XFC Seminars w/ 2 Cold Scorpio, Joey Matthews; PWU Power Surge TV

XFC Seminars w/ 2 Cold Scorpio, Joey Matthews; PWU Power Surge TV




Joey Matthews will be on-hand Saturday, July 28 at 3 pm at the New Alhambra Arena before “Iron & Steel” with a wrestling seminar for the XTREME low cost of $25. To RSVP your spot, e-mail jk@prowrestlingunplugged.com.

Too Cold Scorpio returns for his “Step Two Seminar” on Saturday, August 18 at 3 pm at the New Alhambra Arena before PWU’s August event. This rare opportunity is just $25! To RSVP, e-mail jk@prowrestlingunplugged.com.


SATURDAY, JULY 28 – 7:30 pm


See the action up close. Buy your tickets now online at ProWrestlingUnplugged.com


Catch the latest PWU Power Surge TV and see what 2 Cold Scorpio, Devon Moore, and Detox have to say minutes after their battle at the Crazy 8…and what’s in store on July 28 for “Iron & Steel”.


Experience the New Edge online at ProWrestlingUnppugged.com for Power Surge TV and “Iron & Steel” news and event tickets for all your PWU action.

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WSU 7/14 Double Taping Results

Quick WSU 7/14 Results
In front of 70+ in Lake Hiawatha NJ

The WSU womens division returned for their third & fourth shows last night, at the ECPW school in Lake Hiawatha, NJ. The company is going through several changes, as former WSU Promoter, Jac Sabboth, backed out on the show at the last minute, announcing that he's leaving the wrestling business. However, due to a generous donation and with the support of the loyal women wrestling fans, the shows took place with only 5 days to promote them.

Due to the situation surrounding the show, the two tapings were free of charge for fans, as WSU wanted to give back to the fans for sticking with WSU during this transition period. Donations were accepted, and all monies taken in are going back into the company, as the WSU womens division will continue to run events. The DVD's will be released on DOIVideo.com and can be purchased together for only $20.

Here are the results of the two tapings:

Taping 1:

In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Amy Lee d. Alere Little Feather

In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Alicia d. Taylor Nicole w/Della'Morte

In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Luna Vachon d. Alicia in an impromptu match, as Luna wanted revenge from the last WSU girls show where Alicia beat Luna cleanly.

In a Qualifying Match in the WSU Womens Title Tournament
Nikki Roxx d. Alexa Thatcher, in the best technical match of the tournament

In a Missy's Manor Interview segment, Liz Savage had some cross words for the First Lady of Wrestling, Missy Hyatt. Liz brought up Missy's past and said that it was time for has-beens like Missy to leave the business and let new stars shine. Liz then shoved Missy, only to get BITCHSLAPPED by the Walking Riot, Missy Hyatt. Liz tried to cut a promo after being slapped, only to receive "YOU GOT BITCHSLAPPED" chants by the near-capacity audience. Eventually a challenge was made where both ladies will manage on opposite sides, in a tag team match at the next show.

The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville) d. The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha)
During the match, Miss Deville didn't seem too thrilled with Kayla being the more popular of the two. The Soul Sisters, despite the loss, are becoming one of WSU's hottest acts.

For the WSU Womens Championship
To Crown The First Ever Champion
Alicia d. Nikki Roxx, Luna Vachon & Amy Lee in a No-DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match

After a 40 minute break, where merchandise was sold and the girls posed for pictures with all the fans, WSU returned for their fourth ever girls show. Here are the results of that taping:

For the WSU Womens Title
(c) Alicia d. Rick Cataldo w/Vinny G from VTG Enterprises
Before the match, Rick Cataldo and Vinny G threatened to sue WSU if Rick wasn't put on the show. Vinny G, the attorney of Rick Cataldo said that WSU would be charged with discriminating against homosexuals. Rick Cataldo said he wanted to break the female barrier in WSU, and become the Jackie Robinson of WSU, as the first man to compete on the all-womens event.

For the WSU Womens Title
(c) Alicia d. Nikki Roxx in a near 20 minute back & forth match

The Soul Sisters (Latasha & Jana) w/Missy Hyatt d. Della'Morte & Taylor Nicole w/Liz Savage
During the match, Missy Hyatt one-upped Liz Savage and spanked her for the whole crowd.

Alexa Thatcher d. Alere Little Feather, as ALF still seemed to be feeling the effects of her match with Amy Lee

In the Main Event
Amy Lee & Luna Vachon d. The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville) w/Liz Savage
This is a match that has to be seen to be believed. This match turned into a shoot fight towards the end as Luna went nuts after being kicked in the neck. Luna & Amy used tons of weapons in this match, bringing their opponents to tears. Sparks & Deville took the beating of a wrestling lifetime while Liz Savage went 0-2 tonight against the legendary women of wrestling.
After the match, Amy Lee & Luna Vachon proclaimed themselves as the unofficial WSU Tag Team Champions and asked for real competition, putting out an open challenge.

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AL GETZ presents MELISSA COATES in action





























SHOW #72









NWA Wildside presents Metal Mayhem! Take a trip down memory lane as NWA Wildside brings you some of their most historic and brutal cage matches from their yearly Freedom Fight mega-events! Featuring...

War Games 2001: AJ Styles, Onyx, Air Paris & Mystery Partner vs. Jason Cross, John Phoenix, Adam Jacobs, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

Steel Cage Gauntlet for Wildside Heavyweight Title 2002: Adam Jacobs vs. AJ Styles vs. Rick Michaels vs. Rainman vs. David Young vs. Iceberg vs. Scottie Wrenn

War Games 2003: Jeremy V, Jimmy Rave, Onyx, & Hotstuff Hernandez vs. Rainman, Jason Cross, Iceberg, & Justice managed Jeff G Bailey

War Games for the Wildside Tag-Team Titles 2004: Murder 1, Slim J Gabriel, & Altar Boy Luke vs. Todd Sexton, Masada, Rainman, & Azrael managed Jeff G Bailey and a special APPEARANCE by DUSTY RHODES

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours 40 minutes, Format: Windows Media, Screen Size: 480x360


Only $15 for a 30 day pass.....................

www.thesuperstation.net is now offering NWA ANARCHY SEASON'S BEATINGS as a PPV event for only $15 for a 30 day pass

The PPV option now has a 720x480 screen size



SATURDAY 12-30-06


















NWA Anarchy by Ca$hFlowX

Episode 71

July 9, 2007

WRESTLING: (n.) \’res-ling\ A sport of contest in which two individuals face off in unarmed combat.

ANARCHY: (n.) \an-ar-key\ (1) A state of lawlessness due to absence of authority. (2) A complete lack of order.

What happens when you mix the two together? NWA-Anarchy!

- On last week’s edition of NWA Anarchy TV, Abomination saved Jeff G Bailey’s hapless carcass from being murdered by the Rejects.

- Greg Hunter reflects upon Jeremy Vain upsetting Chad Parham to capture the TV Title. This week, we have a tag team mega rumble to declare the new #1 contender to NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions the Awesome Attraction.

- Chad Parham is like Simon Diamond, he has a problem. His problem is that pesky little Ace Rockwell. Rockwell has cost Chad opportunities, money, and self-esteem. Chad personally knows Rockwell is not attendance and commands him to head out. Instead, NWA Representative Bill Behrens heads out to confront Rockwell. He infuriates Parham by telling him Rockwell is not in the building. Behrens asks Parham to stop embarrassing himself and to leave the building. Parham takes personal exception and clubs Behrens despite one young female letting out a blood curdling scream. Parham sets up for the piledriver, but Patrick Bentley seizes the moment by making the save. Parham sets up for the piledriver, but Bentley makes the save.

1. Chad Parham vs. Patrick Bentley

THE MATCH: It certainly appears Bentley has taken up Slim J on his offer by challenging the Alpha Male himself, “the Excellence of Arrogance” Chad Parham. Bentley delights the female species by dominating Parham early on, including a press slam. Parham retreats to the arena floor and drops Bentley hip first on the ring apron. I’m sure Bentley was singing, “Oh my achy breaky hip” after that bump. Parham toys around with Bentley and flexes his muscles for the next several minutes. Parham sets up in the corner, but Bentley catches him with an offensive flurry including a clothesline. Bentley pays the price by missing a senton. Parham lands one of his own for a two count. Bentley escapes a piledriver and hits Full Articulation, but Parham grabs the bottom rope to break the referee’s count. Parham demonstrates his ability at birth control and uses a handful of tights to gain the victory.

WINNER: Chad Parham.

COMMENTS: Stepping into the ring with Bentley should help Bentley’s character. Parham is awesome as a heel and doing what it takes to just get by, especially when he looks lazy in the ring. Now, if only had Behrens taken that piledriver, everyone’s day would have been made. Just kidding.


2. NWA Anarchy TV Title: Jeremy Vain (ch.) vs. Billy Buck

PREMATCH: The four time NWA Anarchy TV Champion Jeremy Vain proclaims himself the best and has the right to pick the number one contender.

THE MATCH: Vain demonstrates why he is the more experienced wrestler with a Greco Roman mule kick. Johnson commends Vain for giving alms to the underprivileged such as Buck. I’m sure Wild Billy would appreciate his sentiments. After commercial, Vain easily wins with the VKO followed by the VDT ‘06.

POSTMATCH: Mr. Vain wants everyone to understand that there is a 10 minute time limit and that nobody can within that time limit. This prompts Todd Sexton to stroll out from the locker room and guarantees he can make Vain tap out in one minute. Vain says fine, if you can make me tap in one minute, you get the title shot. Sexton launches an attack and slaps on the Sexton Stretch. Vain taps in record time and retreats back to the locker room like the yellow bellied coward he is. Sexton disrespects Vain with several taunts. I’m sure Taz would be proud of Sexton for not only making a claim, but living up to it.

WINNER: Vain retains.

COMMENTS: This was a good match that got Vain over and his finishing. The postmatch was slightly reminiscent of Taz bragging to Shane Douglas he could make him tap out in three minutes. If you remember, Taz snatches up Shane’s title. The postmatch was fine, but I’d like to see where they go from here before commenting.


- Mr. Representation Al Getz is disgusted that a mega rumble is being held to determine a number one contender. Instead of participating, Getz reminds when he demands a title shot, Justice Served will receive it.


STIPULATION: Winner receives title shot at Awesome Attraction.

THE MATCH: (1) Derek Driver & Steven Walters and (2) (Sex & Money) Andrew Pendleton III & Caleb Conley start the match out. Nice axe-kick by Conley. Teams enter at two minute intervals. (3) Anger Inc. (Don Matthews & Adam Roberts). Pendleton offers a handshake, but Matthews displays his Anger Inc. by tossing him. SEX & MONEY ELIMINATED. (4) Brandon Phoenix & Brody Ray Chase. Roberts easily disposes of Walters. DRIVER & WALTER ELIMINATED. (5) Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson). Matthews charges in to save his partner, but he finds himself flying over the top rope to the floor. ANGER INC ELIMINATED. UAS tosses Phoenix to the floor for good measure. PHOENIX & CHASE ELIMINATED. (6) Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins. Al Getz heads out to ringside as UAS dominates their much smaller opponents. Getz pulls down the top rope to eliminate Jackson. UAS ELIMINATED. Jackson confronts Getz at the entrance ramp, but Mikki Free douses his eyes with bleach. Nemesis & Jerry Palmer head over to check on Jackson. (7) Fields & Shatter. (8) Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews). Shatter hoists Hawkins in the air, but before he can launch him, Fields is eliminated. FIELDS & SHATTER ELIMINATED. Shatter is pissed, double clotheslines the Brunettes and sends Delay to Hades with a huge powerbomb. Shatter grabs the microphone, shoots on Truitt and disbands the tag team. Shatter heads back to the locker room with bodies lying limp in the ring. The Brunettes arise first and attempt to finish off Delay, but he collapses every time. Hawkins sneaks in and catches the Brunettes by surprise to give his team the victory.

COMMENTS: This was more storyline than substance. It advanced several storylines while setting up singles action for Truitt & Shatter.

- OVERALL: This is what a wrestling TV show: decent wrestling and advancing storylines. If only other promotions could learn that keeping booking simple will typically bring in the fans.

- DOWNLOAD: http://www.thesuperstation.net/nwaanarchy.html.


NWA World Title Tourney shirt & Joey Ryan/Karl Anderson T-shirts


The month of August will see NWA Championship Wrestling from Virginia and Cole Promotions & Media, join forces and move forward under the banner of NWA World Wide Wrestling to present THE GREAT VIRGINIA BASH on August 4th @ the Ground Xero Arena & Wrestling School, 2305 Hungary Road, Richmond! This event will be taped for TV and Internet broadcast featuring Pharaoh defending the Virginia Heavyweight Title against the returning Damien Wayne! Scotty Blaze will defend the North American Tag Team Straps in a Handicap match against Chris Dramin and Mike Vaughn and the LaZaRuS/Grail war continues with their 3rd in the best of 7 matches. Also appearing will be Mike Booth, Masked Superstar II, Sean Denny and his brother Markie D, Vulstag, and more! Tickets are only $10

Join us for this inaugural television taping! You will be able to watch us in select Virginia markets(to be announced) and at NWAWorldWideWrestling.com every week starting in August 07!

Here are the results from NWA Mid-Atlantic affiliate
NWA Carolinas from July 7 at the Elkin, NC National
Guard Armory, courtesy of NWA Carolinas.

Results for July 7,2007 National Guard Armory

1. The NWA Carolinas Tag Team Championship Match
Tommy Steel & Wendell Smooth defeated Damon & Joe
Storm the Storm Brothers

2. YWA TV Title Match
Bobby Houston defeated #1 George South (c)

3. Handicap Baby Diaper & Bottle Match
Ms. Precious & Dominatrix defeated Cry Baby Chris Mjr.
by Lucky Johnson

4. NWA Carolinas Light Heavyweight Match
The Scorpion defeated Tone-up

5. The YWA US Heavyweight Top Contender Match
Jimmy Jack Funk defeated Chris Guerrero

6. Special Challenge Tag Team Match
Johnny Lightening & Matt Houston The New Age Freebirds
defeated Dustin Daniels & Nightstalker

7. The YWA Heavyweight Title Match
Mr. USA defeated Frank Savage

8. Chance Dollar III & His 2 Sun Worshipers defeated
Double Trouble, The Hangman, & Billy Blackjack.


July 7 results from the Hertford County High School,
Ahoskie, NC

Brokeback Express def Sean Cruise and Stan Braddock

Ian Hunter def Cletus T Bass

Delicious Danny Darling def Valek

Rex Sterling w/Kameo def Brandon Day

Styxx def Tito Rains

KC McKnight def Kamikazi Kid w/Neil Sharkey

Main Event
Sean Denny w/ brother Marky D def Horrorshow w/Pastor
Ray Rouse and Shy in a Deathmatch to retain the
NWA-SPW Heavyweight title








More Names, Matches Announced for Next Month's NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest!

Fanfest weekend just got a lot better, folks.

I'm happy to announce names of three new featured guests for this year's NWA Wrestling Legends Fanfest, Friday through Sunday, August 10-12, at the Hilton University Place hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"The Million Dollar Man" TED DIBIASE will make his first-ever fanfest appearance, signing autographs and posing for photos with fans, as well as being the focus of our Friday night, VIP-only Question and Answer session, hosted by former NWA and WCW television host, Chris Cruise.

"The Natural" DUSTIN RHODES will also be making his first-ever appearance at fanfest, signing autographs and posing for photos with fans -- both as himself and in full costume and makeup as "Goldust!"

On Saturday evening, August 11, Rhodes will also be squaring off against Tully Blanchard in a matchup that is likely to be the final bout in the long illustrious career of the original Horseman. Manager James J. Dillon and "The Perfect 10" Baby Doll will be accompanying Blanchard to the ring in this final encounter.

Former ladies' world champion PENNY BANNER will also be on hand for the weekend's festivities. The longtime wife of legend Johnny Weaver, Banner is the first-announced inductee into our Hall of Heroes, with "Baby Doll" Nickla Roberts (the daughter of Banner's former tag team partner Lorraine Johnson,) presenting the honors at our Hall of Heroes dinner banquet and awards ceremony on Friday evening, August 10.

Banner, Dibiase and Rhodes join a group of more than two dozen featured guests at this year's fanfest weekend in Charlotte. Advance tickets are on sale now at http://www.NWALegends.com .


Bob Caudle, Bill Apter, and members of the Crockett family will also be on hand and participating in the weekend's activities.


Two huge nights of live wrestling matches will be showcased at this year's fanfest weekend. In addition to the Blanchard-Rhodes matchup, Saturday night's card will include a TNA three-way pitting CHRISTIAN CAGE vs. A.J. STYLES vs. SAMOA JOE, and TNA divas CHRISTY HEMME and TRACI BROOKS will go at each other, with special referee the equally hot TALIA MADISON!

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the heart of one of wrestling greatest territories!

For more details and pricing info, please visit http://www.NWALegends.com

NWA Carolinas Pro Wrestling
Upcoming Shows All take place at
National Guard Armory
1775 N.Bridge St.

# 1 NWA Heatwave __________ August 25 th. 2007
# 2 NWA Mat--Clash _________ September 8th. 2007
# 3 NWA Over The Top _______ October 6th. 2007
# 4 NWAs Steelcage Justice ___ November 24th. 2007
# 5 NWAs Clash of Champions _ December 8th. 2007


In addition to our regular Saturday wrestling
training, we have for the last twelve years held an
annual professional wrestling training summer camp.

These camps are always a great success with a good

This will be the 13th Annual Hammerlock wrestling
training summer camp, the camp will run over a one
week period In addition to the regular facilities
offered such as a wrestling ring, mats etc it will
also offer a permanently sited camera for recording
training so that trainees can watch their progress in
the TV/DVD/video area provided.

The venue for this year's summer camp is:

The Sports Hall,
The Centre Piece Building,

The dates are:

Monday the 6th until Saturday the 11th of August 2007

The main coach for the course will be Andre Baker who
is a fully qualified, registered and insured coach
with many years of varied wrestling and martial arts
experience; he is also fully qualified by the
N.A.B.B.A as a body building instructor. Andre will be
assisted by various experienced and prominent members
of the NWA-UK Hammerlock team such as the likes of
former NWA United Kingdom heavyweight champion
"Vigilante" Johnny Moss, Jon Ryan and Danny Garnell,
many more all of whom will be fully qualified,
registered and insured.

During the course we mainly cover Professional
wrestling although we can cover various other styles
of wrestling and Martial Arts if required, We will as
always be on the look out to develop potential new
talent from the trainee's in attendance at the camp,
we can also offer to anyone interested a ring
wrestling grading with an approved syllabus at the end
of the week.

We hold many live wrestling events and we are hoping
it may be possible to hold a live event at a venue
very close to the summer camp during the same period
as the camp takes place with the aim being to include
some of the new trainee's from the camp in an over the
top rope rumble event at a potential live event.

Starting trainee's on live events is something we have
been able to do on some of our camps in the past,
please bear in mind that some very good talent has
discovered on some of our previous summer camps, for
example Johnny Moss who is now making a great name for
himself both here and in America.

We hope as usual to have a surprise guest or two, at
previous years camps these guests have included Jake
"The Snake" Roberts, Sky TV's NFL presenter Nick
Halling & former Mr Universe Shaun Davis to name but a

Trainee's will be able to take part in gradings for
which certificates will be issued.

At the end of the week trainee's will put together
matches during training that they will perform along
with promotional interviews that will be recorded &
edited together and put on to DVD's for those that
want a copy.

On receiving a deposit of £50 or the payment in full
the trainee will be issued with a receipt and further
details including directions and times etc.

The total cost of the camp is £100 without
accommodation or £225 with accommodation

You can make an instant secure online payment now with
your credit or debit card through PayPal (you do not
need to have a PayPal account) by clicking
the link below:


Or you can send either cash in a registered envelope
or Cheques/Postal
orders made payable to:

NWA UK (Please do NOT make payable to Hammerlock)

Payment should be sent to:

NWA-UK Hammerlock Wrestling
P.O.Box 282
Kent TN23 7ZZ

Rules Concerning Under Sixteen's Attending Training

We must insist that any person under sixteen years of
age wishing to attend one of our camps must be at
least fourteen years of age, at the time of applying
to book a place for a camp they would need their
parent/guardian to provide us with written approval
for them to attend that particular camp, we would
provide them with a standard liability form which
would also need to be returned to us completed and
signed by their parent/guardian, if these documents
were not supplied the booking would be declined.

NWA UK Hammerlock Wrestling
Established Since 1993
E-Mail: nwauk@hammerlockwrestling.com
Official Website: www.hammerlockwrestling.com

NWA Pro-Alternative Wrestling Show ran at the AWS Shop in the
City Of Industry on Friday night 7-14. Claudio Castagnoli
defeated Ronin, Lil' Nate & Ryu Sakota in a 4-Way
Match in the main event. Also on the show, Aaron
Aguilera defeated Bo Cooper to advance in the AWS
Heavyweight Championship Tournament. For complete
results, click below.

AWS Shop
City Of Industry, CA
Attendance: 110
Bo Cooper defeated Donnie Tsunami to advance in the
AWS Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Aaron Aguilera defeated Joey Ryan to advance in the
AWS Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Al Katrazz defeated Apollo Kahn to advance in the AWS
Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Pete Goodman defeated Scorpio Sky to advance in the
AWS Heavyweight Championship Tournament

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) defeated Los
Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre) to retain the AWS Tag
Team Championship

Johnny Paradise defeated Sara Del Ray

Aaron Aguilera defeated Bo Cooper to advance in the
AWS Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Al Katrazz defeated Pete Goodman to advance in the AWS
Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Claudio Castagnoli defeated Ronin, Lil' Nate & Ryu
Sakota in a 4-Way Match


July 13, 2007
Covina, CA

Vizzion defeated Hook Bomberry

Maximo pinned Sonny Samson

Luke Hawx pinned Espiritu Infernal

Markus Riot defeated Ryan Taylor in a 2 of 3 Falls
Match to win the EWF Cruiserweight Championship

"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce defeated "Technical
Perfection" Chad Parham to advance to the semi-finals
in the NWA World Championship Tournament

EWF Tag Team Champions TNT and Aggravated Assault
wrestled to a Double Disqualification

American Champion Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson defeated
Mikey Nicholls to retain his title

Bino Gambino & Joey Harder defeated Terex & Dan "The
Man" Kobrick when Bino pinned Kobrick

NWA Pro/ EPW Perth
July 14, 2007
Maylands, Australia
"Winter Warfare"

"Psychofett" Ferguson Block defeated EPW Tag team
champion F.N Carnage via pinfall. A hooded figure came
to the ring and attacked F.N Carnage, he revealed
himself to be "The Fallen Angel" Azazal.

Spike Steele defeated Jose' Del Santo via pinfall.

Spike Steele defeated EPW Tag Team Champion Chris J.
Lazareth via submission.
Note: Spike Steele put out an open challenge and Jose'
accepted. When he lost in a squash CJL came out aand
put up a good fight that included some good spots.

Bobby Marshall defeated Devlin Reeves via pinfall
(Interference by AZ Vegara).

The European Union (Lord Jonathan Wimbledon, Marcius
Pittsanopoulos and Michael Morleone) defeated The
Jurahnauts (Jamie Jurah, Dan "THe Beast" Moore and
Chase) via pinfall.

Jaes Street defeated Chris Vice via pinfall after help
from his new valet (nameless).

Mana defeated AZ Vegara via pinfall. (Squash Match,
Mana is made to seem like the new unstoppable force in
EPW, 300+ pound Maori dude)

Bobby Marshall won the EPW Rumble to become the new
number one contender for the EPW championship.


NWA PRO/High Risk Wrestling returns with its biggest
event of the year. We present...

Highway 2 Hell 2007 "DEAD END"
Featuring "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty!

Doors open @ 6:30 P.M. (6:00 P.M. for V.I.P ticket
holders for special meet and greet)

Bell time is @ 7:00 P.M.

Admission: $8.00 dollars adults, $6.00 dollars
children, $15.00 dollars V.I.P tickets

The following matches have been announced...

Singles Match
Marcus Riot vs. Lil Cholo

After putting on a stellar performance in spite of a
losing effort last month at "Over the Top," Marcus
Riot now faces a huge obstacle ahead of him. That
obstacle is a man who is only in his mid-twenties but
has been wrestling for about ten years. This
particular person happens to be responsible for Marcus
Riot becoming a professional wrestler as he trained
him a few years back in Anaheim. Lil Cholo has earned
a reputation for putting on amazing matches throughout
the state of California. In the last year, Marcus Riot
has done the exact same as he has dazzled crowds
everywhere with his unbelievable athleticism and hard
hits. This is the legendary story of older teacher vs.
younger student. Will Cholo continue to be the master
of lucha libre in Southern California or will Marcus
Riot prove that he is the new ruler of this domain?

Loser Leaves Town Match
"The High-Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews vs. Shawn

During the battle royal that took place last month,
Steven Andrews threw Shawn Bateman over the top rope
eliminating him from the match. Many people are
calling this the biggest fluke in HRW history. Shawn
Bateman must have felt the same way as he re-entered
himself illegally into the ring and disposed of Steven
Andrews. After doing so, he took his anger out on the
youngster all over the high school gym floor. Mr.
Massie stood by and watched the beat down with a
disgusted look in his eyes. Later on we found out that
Mr. Massie felt for the newbie Steven and awarded him
a one on one match against Bateman at Highway 2 Hell.
Not only will Steven Andrews get a shot at getting
revenge on Shawn Bateman, but he will now be able to
send Bateman home for good as the match has now been
labeled a "Loser Leaves Town Match." Mr. Massie feels
that it is Steven’s time to step up to the plate and
prove that he is worthy to call himself an HRW
superstar. Will Steven Andrews go big, or go home?

Triple Threat Match
Mike Maze vs. Ryan Mason vs. Hook Bomberry

Hook Bomberry made his long awaited debut to HRW after
being a Southern California regular for quite some
time. He has worked with many feds such as Revolution
Pro, Empire Wrestling Federation, Pro Wrestling
Guerrilla and Battle Ground Pro. Bomberry put his name
on the map years ago up north wrestling for a popular
group known as Pro Wrestling Iron. Unfortunately for
him, Mike Maze got the better of him in a back and
forth match that was extremely competitive. Now you
enter one of the rising stars in all of High Risk
Wrestling, Ryan Mason. If you're talking about HRW fan
favorites then you have to mention this particular
wrestler who is about to mark his second year as a
competitor in the desert's best wrestling fed. This
match will include three men, with three very
different styles. The first to score a pin fall or
submission will be the victor.

Street Fight for the HRW Hi-Desert Championship
Johnny Paradise(c) vs. T.J. Perkins

Of all the matches on this card, this one in
particular has the most at stake. Not only is Johnny
Paradise defending his HRW Hi-Desert Championship belt
but he is also putting his undefeated streak on the
line against a man who he just cannot seem to get out
of his hair. The international superstar T.J. Perkins
has taken it to Paradise unlike anybody else ever has.
These two have gone at it several times. Once
resulting in a 20 minute time limit expiration and
another time ending in a disqualification when a chair
was brought into the mix. Paradise and Perkins may
finally get the opportunity to end this feud once in
for all, as they have been booked against each other
in a no holds barred street fight! There will be no
time limit. There will be no disqualification. There
will be a winner! Will T.J. do the unthinkable and end
Paradise’s streak of excellence? Or will Johnny add
another win to his flawless record?

HRW Tag Team Championship Match
Killer Tsunami (CK and Ronnie Tsunami) vs. The Ballard
Brothers (Shane and Shannon Ballard)

After several months of vacancy, the HRW Tag Team
Championship belts will finally have rightful owners
once again! Mr. Massie announced that he would make a
match pitting two teams of his choosing to battle for
the currently vacant HRW Tag Team Championship belts.
The first choice was very obvious as one of the
companies top tag teams Killer Tsunami was chosen to
take part in the championship festivities. The second
choice for a team was quite different, however. Mr.
Massie mentioned that he would be choosing a team that
has never participated for HRW. He also said that this
particular team would be a couple of guys who have
traveled the world over and have been labeled the best
tag team in California on many accounts. The HRW fans
waited and finally found out that the second team to
battle it out at Highway 2 Hell would be the one and
only Ballard Brothers. Shane and Shannon Ballard have
been around. They've wrestled in Japan, Korea, and
Canada but saw their biggest success in the states
with Ultimate Pro Wrestling as they helped train and
contribute to the careers of many current WWE
superstars. Killer Tsunami has also had success of
their own - success that the Ballards have yet to
taste, as they are former HRW Tag Team Champions. The
Ballard Brothers might be the older team but they do
have the years of experience that Killer Tsunami
lacks. CK and Ronnie Tsunami might not have the years
of wisdom that the Ballards have but are HRW fan
favorites and will garner the much needed "home court
advantage." Will K.T. catch the biggest wave of
success they've caught to date or will the Ballards
earn yet another achievement to brag about?

Tag Team Open Challenge
Scorpio Sky and Sexy Sonny Samson vs. ????

Last month at "Over the Top" we saw the formation of a
new tag team here in HRW. Real life cousins Sonny
Samson and Scorpio Sky teamed up together to cheat and
defeat Marcus Riot. They later on stated that they
would be looking for two opponents to wrestle at HRW's
biggest show of the year. No tag team has yet to
accept this new team’s open challenge. Sexy Sonny
Samson turned a lot of heads last month as not only
did he align himself with one of Southern California’s
best, but he put on one of his best matches to date
with HRW Champion Slick Nick. Scorpio Sky has not done
to bad himself as he finds himself batting .500
holding a 1 and 1 record. You can only imagine what
these two men have in store for whoever has the
courage to accept their challenge at H2H.

The Young Bucks (Matt "Mr. Instant Replay" Jackson and
Slick Nick Jackson) and "The Rocker" Marty Jannetty
vs. Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson, Joey Ryan and Diablo

The Young Bucks have had their hands full with Karl
Anderson, Joey Ryan and Diablo on separate occasions.
Diablo has had notable feuds with both Jackson
brothers in the past as well as Joey Ryan and Karl
Anderson. After Diablo won the "Over the Top" battle
royal, he made the challenge to the Young Bucks for a
six man tag team match at Highway 2 Hell. Obsessed
with defeating and destroying the Jackson brothers,
Diablo abandoned his group "Badd Company" (because
they were not worthy enough) and chose Joey Ryan and
Karl Anderson solely based on their impressive win
loss record against the Young Bucks at previous HRW
shows. It is not difficult to see why Diablo would
choose such partners as Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson as
they are being considered one of the top tag teams in
the world. Diablo then notified the Bucks that they
now had the opportunity to choose a partner of their
own. The HRW Champion Slick Nick quickly countered by
announcing that former WWE superstar "The Rocker"
Marty Jannetty would be the third member of their
team. Diablo, who hates to be out-done, noted that he
would have two young, in-shape, hip wrestlers by his
side and claimed that Marty was old and washed up. The
Young Bucks feel that Jannetty was a great pick and
will have the same fighting spirit he did when he
dominated tag team wrestling in the 80's and 90's.
After all, the Young Bucks have modeled their
wrestling off of Marty Jannetty which makes for good
chemistry in the ring. Will the impressive group of
Diablo, Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson reign supreme? Or
will this newly, updated three men version of the
"Rockers" get the win and then party until midnight?


9898 Maple Avenue
Hesperia, CA 92345

(SAVE A DOLLAR) Pre-sale tickets for normal admission
will be $7.00 dollars adults, $5.00 dollars children.

V.I.P tickets include 30 minute early entry into the
building, special meet and greet with all of the
wrestlers and a ringside seat.

For more information on pre-sale tickets or V.I.P
tickets please contact HIGHRISKWRESTLIN@AOL.COM

Payment can be received through check, money order and
paypal. Paypal account will be given to interested


NWA Pro/Rising Phoenix Wrestling
July 14, 2007
Grant Woods Boys & Girls Club, Mesa, AZ

Country Bear beat "The Latin Terra " Savio Gomez and
Dean Radford in a 3-Way-Dance

Mikey Nicholls and The Hawaiian Lion wrestled to a 20
minute draw

"Miracle" Mike James pinned Ryan Taylor

The Navajo Warrior defeated "The Limited Edition"
Tommy Drake by disqualification when the referee
reversed his decision after he found that Drake had
pinned Navajo only after hitting him with a chain

NWA Arizona Heavyweight champion "XXX" Lawrence Tyler
pinned Markus Roit

NWA World Tag Team Champions "The Real American
Heroes" (Joey Ryan & Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson)
defeated TNT ("Mr. 300%" Brandon Nitro & Johnny
Dynamite) thanks to interference from C. Edward Vander
Pyle, Lawrence Tyler & Mike James; following the
match, TNT challenged Tyler & James to a tag team
match at the next RPW show

Here are the results from Saturday night's NWA/ECCW show in front of 130 fans in Port Coquitlam, BC:

Kyle O'Reilly over Azeem the Dream

Disco Fury over Johnny Obsession

Sid Sylum over Volcano

Mikey DaSheezits over Harv Sihra

Cole Bishop over Gurv Sihra
- Bishop remains NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion

"Brilliant" BIlly Suede over La Sombra

El Phantasmo & Amazing Halo over Chilltown (Scotty Mac & DK Roc)
- ELP & Halo remain NWA/ECCW Tag Team Champions

Aaron Idol over "Bomber" Nelson Creed
- Idol Remains NWA/ECCW Champion

Saturday, July 21st - Vancouver, BC - featuring Davey Richards vs Scotty Mac
Friday, July 27th - Surrey, BC - featuring a Surrey Street Fight with El Phantasmo, Halo and Moondog Manson vs "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr, "Loverboy" Johnny Canuck and Disco Fury

Visit www.ECCW.com for more info.

Quick Results from NWA Upstate at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Henrietta, New York 7/13:

1. NWA Upstate Tag Team Champions Dunn & Marcos defeated The Jump Off

2. D To The Icky won the Upstate Invitational Battle Royal

3. Chip Stetson, Synndy, & Spazz defeated Rhythm & Booze & Sweet Lou (w/"Colonel" Johnny Kayfabe)

4. Pepper Parks defeated NWA Upstate No Limits Champion Cheech in a non-title match

5. "The Right Stuff" Brodie Lee defeated Colin Olsen

6. The Band of Brothers (The Kovacs and The McClouds) defeated Triple X, "The Exceptional Icon" Eric Everlast, & The Killer Steves

7. NWA Upstate World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen defeated Cloudy

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President, Show Business, Inc
PO Box 941787
Atlanta, GA 31141

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