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Thursday, November 02, 2006

OCC Results: Schedule for future reviews

Ok so it only ended up being other contributors + Ric Gillespie who I link so much he's an honorary citizen of the OCC as a result who voted in the poll. This is ok though as they are the most loyal audience.

So here is how it looks:

I scored it as follows:
  1. First place vote gets 3 points.
  2. Second Place Vote Gets 2 points.
  3. Third place Vote gets 1 point.

Now I realize that I should have followed the TNA rules and added about 600 other criteria but laziness is a virtue in some cases.

So this is how it works out:
    Best of Samoa Joe: 2 First Place Votes and 1 Second = 8 points
  1. Best of the 3 Live Krew: 2 first place votes = 6 points
  2. Sting: Return of an Icon 1 first place vote 1 second place vote and 1 third place vote = 6 points. (3LK wins by having 2 first place votes.
  3. Best of the Bloodiest Brawls: 2 second place votes and a third place vote 5 points
  4. Best of AJ Styles: 1 second place vote and 1 hird place vote = 3 points
  5. Lockdown 2006 1 third place vote = 1 point
  6. Best of the X-Division Vol. 2 1 third place vote = 1 point.

  1. I'd just like to say that I'm sure that Ric and Art both probably figured that I really hated 3LK and thus that would be 1 awesome review...



    ...They'd be right!

    So, Samoa Joe will be first I may even do it later on Thursday and we'll go through until we've litterally reviewed every TNA DVD in my collection. I figure I buy them, for god only knows what reason at this point I may as well use them to entertain others.

    I don't own a lot of WWE DVDs at this point but I did just pick up the Pillman DVD as I was a gigantanormoustastic mark of his back in the day. I may do this with other DVDs in my collection as well.

    So thanks to the fine fine gentlemen who voted.
  2. On another comment, the TNA DVD I have the most hatred for got 0 votes. So it will be done way in the future, but boy oh boy will there be a rant attached. Anybody have a guess as to what it is and why?
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