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Thursday, November 02, 2006

OCC Television Coverage: TNA iMPACT for 11/02/2006

I've had a pretty rotten day and am in no mood for TNA's stupidity. But I trudge on for you the Reader.

.Gniltserw lanoisseforp fo ecaf wen eht ,ANT si sihT I typed it backward to match the booking.

Lets get this hour over with.

Caught the last bit of Ultimate Fighter. Of course I'll have coverage of the 11/11 finals right here.

While I've got a second before the show starts, I do have something positive to say about ShopTNA.com I ordered the Destination X 2006 and Sacrifice 2006 DVDs last night and they have already shipped. I don't like the fact I can't have stuff shipped via airmail but with this being TNA I expected like a 6 year wait or something. Perhaps they'll still have time to send me the wrong stuff, or send it in stages or something but so far so good.

  • Recap of last week's stupidity. 2 weeks in a row I've heard these rules, and 2 weeks in a row they're stupid, so its not just me. They explain the rules and then cut to Abyss winning and trust me that was for the best.

    1. Chris Sabin Vs. AJ Styles
    2. Ron Killings Vs. Lance Hoyt
    3. Robert Roode Vs. Christopher Daniels

  • Chris Sabin is backstage saying words. I don't know if they are important ones and I don't care. AJ Styles interrupts and calls this crap, he must've seen the finished show already. Some kind of brawl breaks out or something, Sabin says he'll put the X-title on the line tonight in their match. I don't see this working out too well for him.

  • Impact's usual opening plays after that. That little segment redefined the phrase Cold Open.

  • Christian Vs. Rhino in a match to prepare for their match in 2 weeks. Don't worry it doesn't make sense to me either.

      AJ Styles Vs. Chris Sabin - Fight for the Right Tournament, and X-division title match.

    Tenay calls Sabin a cocky kid with a chip on his shoulder. Welcome to your heel turn. I'd like to note that if I had a chip on my shoulder, I'd eat it.

    Don West just told us that the match tonight decides if they get the means of escape or weapons in the cage on 11/16. I'll give you a billion dollars if you explain this to me right now.

    Styles wins with a roll up.

    Winner: AJ Styles - New X-division champion and advancing in the fight for the right tournament.

    The match was fine for what it was and was passable enough that I'd like to see a rematch on PPV that was given real time.

    Commercial Break!!!
    Ultimate Fighter Final commercial, lets hope the Finale is not as boring as the actual season.

    My brother is here and this may be his first look at TNA, well if that's right and I think that it is, only thing I can say is its a good thing it wasn't last week's show.

  • Sting talks about BFG as Darth Vader interjects. Jarrett is discussed because he's turning face. Sting calls the world title cancer and not Jarrett himself. I now know what Vader is saying.

  • Borash is with Ron Killings and Lance Hoyt, this should be fun and by fun I mean agony.
    Hoyt says this is his chance to be champion for the first time. Outlook, not likely.

  • Eric Young is looking for Jarrett and instructs Borash to keep that fact between him, and the rest of the movement. Well given the ratings for this show lately, that shouldn't be a problem.

    Commercial Break!!!
    Talk moves to football

    A genesis commercial airs

    1. Lance Hoyt Vs. Ron Killings - Tournament of death (it sounds cooler than the name they picked)

    Killings comes out and I bet he wants to know "What's up?".

    Tenay ponders whether the long-running Hoyt/Killings pairing is history after tonight. Of course by long-running I mean less than 2 months.

    Killings won with an Axe-kick I think, I was kind of busy talking about my day.

    Winner: Ron Killings - Advancing in the Fight for the Right Tournament.

  • The James Gang come out for an interview. B.G. skips the lame 1998 intro and says that TNA dropped the ball with 3LK. God how I dread reviewing that DVD.
    Now he's reached the present day. He says we've seen the last of the James Gang, oh how I wish that were really true.
    Kip James mic is cut unfortunately we heard him speak a little first. Now they cut his head set. He was going to tell TNA and Spike to "Suck it" but they went to commercial.
    Well, if anyone were trying to tell you that Vince Russo really wasn't back in TNA the evidence is overwhelming now.

    Commercial Break!!!
    You know after explaining to my brother who is on the TNA roster I came up with a new slogan for this company.

    This is TNA, where wrestler's careers go to die.

    Somehow, I doubt that is my introduction to the Genesis PPV.

    An exchange between me and my brother while I'm telling him who's on the TNA roster.

    Me: Well, they've got the Dudley Boyz, Christian...
    Him: The Dudley Boyz? What do you think of that?
    Me: Well, they also have Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe is pretty awesome.
    Him: Who?
    Me: Samoa Joe

    1. Robert Roode Vs. Christopher Daniels - Fight for the Right Tournament

    Robert Roode's music doesn't fit his gimmick at all. TNA has a tendency to do that a lot.

    Tenay: First time ever TNA goes to prime time on 11/16. So I guess that 2 hour special last November didn't count. Actually it was a year ago tomorrow. I also suppose the Prime time iMPACT in December never happened either. Not to mention those FSN specials...although in the case of those events perhaps pretending they never happened is a great thing. But, the special from last November was awesome and 1 they shouldn't forget. Well, they can forget the part where they gave away the result of the Jarrett/Rhino main event before the match took place with a PPV commercial. However, should they forget that, I am here to remind you.

    Oh yeah, there is a match going on.

    Chief Executive Offender? I was unaware that companies needed these people. This may be my true calling, I imagine this being a job where I would walk up and down the hall and insult people. I hope TNA needs one of these.

    Robert Roode wins with the help of Ms. Brooks

    Winner: Robert Roode - advances in wonderful-terrific tournament.

    Styles comes out to tell the ref about the cheating but he does nothing. It seems that there is tension with Styles/Daniels. Well, if they feud again we'll have good matches but I'm kind of tired of the feud if that makes sense.

    Christy Hemme promises Joe/Angle training videos and this ungodly weapons thing between Rhino and Christian.

    At this point I tell you that next week on iMPACT you will see:

    1. AJ Styles Vs. Ron Killings Vs. Robert Roode - Fight for the Right Tournament.
    with the winner facing Abyss on 11/16 with the winner facing Sting 3-days later. Ordinarily, I'd have a problem with the title match not being known until 3 days before the PPV but realistically that isn't selling this show to anyone. Not that it ever did but this time its not because nobody cares about TNA, this time its because TNA has a match that people want to see and its not for any belt.

    Kurt Angle is the biggest name in wrestling, so says this commercial for the move to Prime Time. Kurt Angle's name only has 9 letters, that's not the biggest name.

    Best of the X-division DVD vol. 2 commercial. I have 3 volumes already, and love pointing it out.

    1. Christian Vs. Rhino in some kind of match

    Rhino jumps Christian as he's headed toward the ring. I guess the point of this match is that if you pull something off of the poll, you are allowed to use it in the barbed wire cage match. Only TNA could have thought of this. I don't mean that as a compliment.

  • Rhino captures the key, I have no idea what that means he'll be able to do with it, but I'm sure its my fault for not paying attention and not TNA's fault for not explaining it. Cause the rules to their matches are always so clearly defined that it'd take an idiot not to understand them.

    Commercial Break!!!
    I suppose now would be a good time to explain why I'm just in such a crappy mood today. Its actually not TNA's fault.
    Fact is that I essentially lost my job today. I say that because technically I am still employed but am not going to be on the schedule until May and possibly over Christmas break. Apparently, we have too many people that are working too many hours. So some of us that are at the bottom of the hour-chart are being taken off the schedule. You know cause its easier to do that than cut the hours of the lady that went home because she was scheduled to do buns 1 day and didn't want to. Its also easier to cut my hours even though my work is fine, than it is to do anything about the woman that had an issue with a co-worker a few days ago and went home in the middle of her shift. I guess my mistake was showing up on time, doing everything asked of me, never complaining and having a good attitude.
    I clearly understand this and by clearly understand I mean its the equivalent of the TNA tournament. So, not that it helps completely but if you could maybe click some ads each time you visit that'd be cool with me.
    I don't know what I'm going to do for work I've only had a few hours to ponder this, but in the short-term I'll have plenty of time to work on the OCC.

    Back from the break, I guess Rhino has gotten a straight jacket and Christian got a couple of chairs.

    Bentley and Kazarian do a run-in because no Russo match would be complete without one. I don't know why they ran in but I believe this particular match ended in a DQ. At least I think I heard a bell ring.

    Christian's in the straight jacket and Bentley and Kazarian got Gored!

    Winner: Uh, I have no idea but that's OK I don't think TNA does either.

  • The show ends with the Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe training videos. I like it when wrestling companies do these.

Final Thoughts: I don't know how to feel about this show. I mean I'm pretty sure it was a terrible show but the fact that the rest of my day over-shadowed it makes it hard for me to decide just how terrible. I recapped this show because people enjoy them at least that's what I've been told and I get enjoyment from doing things that other people enjoy or make them laugh.


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