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Friday, July 06, 2007

MMA News and Notes for 07/06/2007

Lets go around the 'Net one last time before UFC 73 tomorrow.

I've tried something different, more sarcastic comments in the articles I linked...if you enjoy this or if you'd rather me just do these more serious, leave a comment or send me a note

Anderson Silva is a Neil Diamond Song

Nate Marquardt is called a WWE faction with a horrible song

This article about Nate Marquardt states the obvious which is that he's not the champion.

This article about Marquardt makes me think he's Destoned for the WWE cruiserweight division or TNA's X-division

Alvin Robinson wants to prove something but I can't remember what it is.

I think Ricardo Almeida is returning a big dog but I might have it flipped a bit.

Hermes Franca is a fan of Duane Johnson and Dusty Rhodes but again I may have missed the point.

Rashad Evans is all like check out my old school HHH theme

I know I missed the point of this article because I don't think Tito Ortiz is actually unable to walk or getting ready to give birth to a second child

Sam Caplan who writes for CBS Sportsline and FiveOuncesofPain.com previews UFC 73 here well, 5 out of 9 ain't bad I guess.

The world was just begging for another MMA show and showtime will provide and as a subscriber to Showtime I can guarantee recaps of this.

People keep throwing out names for Ultimate Fighter 6.

UFC Heavyweight Brandon Vera talks about going all Vince McMahon on his manager and other stuff.

B.J. Penn's camp says he's not fighting Diego Sanchez in August even though an anonimous source told Sherdog he was going to do exactly that. I'd like to note, that I never bought it and thus why you didn't see a link to the original story here.

Yahoo Sports breaks down Silva Vs. Marquardt and Sherk Vs. Franca

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is ready to beat Heath Herring's ass I mean compete in the UFC.

Tito Ortiz has visions or something and they seem to be different.

CBS Sportsline has a preview of UFC 73 here

They also have a deal where they ask Sean Sherk questions and he answers them that kind of thing could really catch on but it needs like a 3 symbol abreviation to stick.

Sherdog's preview of UFC 73 is here

MMA Weekly's is here

another look at Ortiz-Evans this time from Zach Arnold.

The Oregon State Boxing and Wrestling Commission is getting a name change

In his audio show, Eddie Goldman looks at what the Benoit family tragety means for MMA

In more audio Mauro Ranallo previews UFC 73

In even more audio, the first Karl Stern show is up at Karl Stern.com

Michael Coughlin of F4WOnline and Wrestlingobserver.com previews UFC 73

Pawel Nastula says Pride is coming back in September I say he's misinformed, and Dana White would say something similar with more curse words.

Pro Elite has a new Vice President Hopefully, he doesn't have any mob ties.

Serene Thio of Sympatico-MSN Previews UFC 73

An article on Dana White from AOL is here

I've got enough for now, but I'll have more later.

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