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Sunday, November 05, 2006

NFL 11/05 Early Games - Halftime Roundup

We're pretty close to the half of the early games so lets look at the scores.

This week's picks

Cincinnati - 7
Baltimore - 20
(Third Quarter)
I Picked: Cincinnati
OCC: Early mistakes have hurt the Bengals bad in this game.

Green Bay - 0
Buffalo - 10
I Picked: Buffalo
OCC: On ESPN radio the only thing mentioned about this game that I have heard is the score. Tells you how high a priority this one turned out to be.

Houston - 3
New York Giants - 7
I Picked: New York Giants
OCC: I'm sure the game is as exciting as reading the score about the game.

Tennessee - 0
Jacksonville - 20
I Picked: Jacksonville
OCC: Looks like the good Jaguar team showed up.

Dallas - 12
Washington - 12
I Picked: Dallas
OCC: This game was 5-0 Washington early. That's not a score you see very often.

New Orleans - 17
Tampa Bay - 14
I Picked: New Orleans
OCC: The Saints were up big but the Buccaneers have battled back.

Miami - 14
Chicago - 10
I Picked: Chicago
OCC: There would be something poetic about the Bears losing to Miami. They were down 14-3 but a Harrington interception put Chicago back in this game. I know you're shocked.

Atlanta - 14
Detroit - 17
I Picked: Atlanta
OCC: When I saw Detroit was up by a healthy margin early, I didn't panic as I realized they still had plenty of time to screw it up.

Kansas City - 24
St. Louis - 10
I Picked: Kansas City
OCC: Even though the Chiefs have a 2 touchdown lead I'm not convinced that this game is over yet.


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