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Thursday, November 02, 2006

NFL Picks Week 9

Its time once again for the weekly NFL picks.

Last Week: 7/7
Overall: 68/46

Sunday: November 5, 2006 (early games)
Kansas City 4/3 at St. Louis 4/3, winner: Kansas City
OCC: Its the battle of the Show Me State and they both have the same record but the Rams are in a better position in a weaker division.

Miami 1/6 at Chicago 7/0, winner: Chicago
OCC: Bears = Good, Dolphins = another loss.

New Orleans 5/2 at Tampa Bay 2/5, winner: New Orleans
OCC: A rematch from Week 5 and I see about the same outcome with a Saints victory this time on the road.

Tennessee 2/5 at Jacksonville 4/3, winner: Jacksonville
OCC: Jacksonville is perhaps the hardest team to figure out in all of football. Whether they win or lose depends on what team will show up, here is hoping its the good Jacksonville team and not the 1 that got spanked by Houston a few weeks back.

Atlanta 5/2 at Detroit 1/6, winner: Atlanta
OCC: Michael Vick has looked like a great QB the past few weeks. Detroit hasn't had anyone look like a great QB since Bobby Lane.

Cincinnati 4/3 at Baltimore 5/2, winner: Cincinnati
OCC: Probably the most telling game on the schedule with both teams trying to take claim of the top spot of the AFC North. I think Cincinnati needs this game more and in a game that has 2 good defenses it will come down to who has the better offense which is why I pick Cincinnati in a low-scoring game.

Dallas 4/3 at Washington 2/5, winner: Dallas
OCC: I don't really care. Dallas should win this game but they are like the NFC's version of Jacksonville.

Green Bay 3/4 at Buffalo 2/5, winner: Buffalo
OCC: The Packers could climb to .500 this weekend with a win. I like the Bills though as they are playing at home and I still don't think too much of Green Bay even if they have beaten Miami and Arizona back to back.

Houston 2/5 at New York Giants 5/2, winner: New York Giants
OCC: Giants will be victorious. I shouldn't have even picked Houston to win last week.

Sunday: November 5, 2006 (Late Games)
Minnesota 4/3 at San Francisco 2/5, winner: Minnesota
OCC: A 49ers victory wouldn't shock me at all.

Cleveland 2/5 at San Diego 5/2, winner: San Diego
OCC: A Browns victory would be a complete surprise in this one.

Denver 5/2 at Pittsburgh 2/5, winner: Denver
OCC: The slide of the defending champs just continues to get worse. I'm not picking a shaky QB against a pretty good looking Denver defense.

Sunday: November 5, 2006 (Sunday Night Football)
Indianapolis 7/0 at New England 6/1, winner: New England
OCC: So this is it the biggest game of the year, this week. This one may live up to the billing though as it features 2 of the games best QB's in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, it features 2 of the league's best teams in the Colts and Patriots and 2 of the league's best coaches. This game could determine home-field advantage in the AFC playoffs. I like the Patriots if for no other reason than they own the Colts.
As for whether this game wil l hurt the Cyber Sunday buyrate, I think that the people that would pick the game over the PPV weren't watching Raw anyway and that the 125,000 people that order this show in the U.S. aren't the type of people that care if its New England and Indianapolis or Arizona and Detroit on Sunday Night Football.

Monday: November 6, 2006 (Monday Night Football)
Oakland 2/5 at Seattle 4/3, winner: Seattle
OCC: Oakland can win this game. Seattle is missing perhaps their 2 best offensive players in QB Matt Hasslebeck and RB Sean Alexander. The Raiders have a pretty strong defense that will make it a long night for the Seahawk offense I'm sure.
However, I'm picking the Seahawks to win for the following reasons:
  1. It is a road game for the Raiders and while they have won 2 in a row those games were at home against sub-par teams.
  2. Its a loud stadium and the Raiders struggled in Denver which isn't nearly as loud.
  3. The Raiders offense is horrid on a good day and the Seahawks are still a pretty good defense. It will be a close game but I think the Seahawks have enough in the end.

Open Dates:
  1. Arizona 1/7
  2. Carolina 4/4
  3. New York Jets 4/4
  4. Philadelphia 4/4


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