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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pro Wrestling: Survivor Series matches to be announced on WWE.com

Yes, the company that has 3 different TV shows is going to announce matches for their next Pay Per View on their website 1 a day until Monday.

I have a theory as to why this is happening:

The WWE and especially Vince McMahon tries to be number 1 at everything. They want the biggest ratings, the best buyrates and to basically be the top company in every sports entertainment related field.

So TNA comes along and brings Vince Russo back and then books the most nonsensical tournament in Earth's history and firmly establish themselves as the dumbest wrestling company on Earth.

The WWE can not handle the fact that they are not number 1 in this category as well so they are trying to compete. Granted, this move is not the biggest shot they could take in order to secure the title, as TNA is well ahead at this point but it is a sign that they are serious about competing.

Sure, it boosts website traffic but now I don't need to watch the shows at all to find out what matches will be at Survivor Series just visit WWE.com once a day. It'd be 1 thing if it were a last-minute match or something, that's fine but this is the whole card.

I regret to informt the WWE though that they still have miles and miles to go to reach the stupidity displayed in the reverse battle royal alone and that's only 1 stupid thing TNA has done. Vince McMahon, you my friend are in a real war this time and I'm not sure you can win it.


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