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Sunday, November 05, 2006

NFL 11/5 Early Games - finals roundup

Yeah I know the late games are almost over but I was busy when the early games went final.

Cincinnati 4/4 - 20
Baltimore 6/2 - 26
I Picked: Cincinnati (Incorrect)
OCC: The Ravens are firmly in control of the AFC North. Just Like I predicted!

Dallas 4/4 - 19
Washington 3/5 - 22
I Picked: Dallas (incorrect)
OCC: This game had quite the finish as Washington blocked the Dallas field goal but because of a penalty on the Cowboys they got an un-timed down which gave them a chance to kick a game winner of their own and it was good.

Tennessee 2/6 - 7
Jacksonville 5/3 - 37
I Picked: Jacksonville (correct)
OCC: As I said at halftime, it looks like the good Jaguar team showed up.

Green Bay 3/5 - 10
Buffalo 3/5 - 24
I Picked: Buffalo (correct)
OCC: Buffalo got the win over another bad team. They deserve a cookie. A stale cookie, but hey a cookie is a cookie. Gee, now I want a cookie.

Kansas City 5/3 - 31
St. Louis 4/4 - 17
I Picked: Kansas City (correct)
OCC: Let the record show that the Rams are 0/2 since the St. Louis Cardinals won the world series.

Miami 2/6 - 31
Chicago 7/1 - 13
I Picked: Chicago (Incorrect)
OCC: I always thought it'd be a little while longer before the Bears proved they were over-rated.

New Orleans 6/2 - 31
Tampa Bay 2/6 - 14
I Picked: New Orleans (correct)
OCC: The Saints get a break with the Falcon loss as they rebound from their own loss to Baltimore last week.

Houston 2/6 - 10
New York Giants 6/2 - 14
I Picked: New York Giants (correct)
OCC: It might have been closer than Giants fans would've liked but they did win the game.

Atlanta 5/3 - 14
Detroit 2/6 - 30
I Picked: Atlanta (incorrect)
OCC: Detroit didn't screw it up in the second half, they put the clamps on. Nobody is more surprised by this than Detroit fans I'm sure.

In the early games I went 5/4. A couple of weeks ago I didn't win 5 games.

Coming later this week an NFL midseason report.


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