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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pro Wrestling: TNA shoots angle at autograph signing

At the Americas Most Wanted autograph signing earlier today there was some kind of altercation between AMW and the Latin American Xchange. This plays into their feud which will result in a tag title match at Genesis and probably more.

Pwinsider.com has all the gory...er...boring...er...gory details.

for more TNA info of a spoiler type nature:

Earlier today in his audio hotline Mike Johnson of PwInsider.com reported the following bits of info of a spoiler nature.

  • Raven's flock will be reformed with members including: Matt Bentley, Frankie Kazarian, Johnny Devine and So-Cal Val.
  • Christopher Daniels is expected to end up as the X-division champion by the end of the tapings tonight.
  • AJ Styles is scheduled to face Christian Cage at Genesis.
  • The blowoff to the Rhino/Christian feud will be on the 11/16 show.

Once again full and complete credit for this information goes to Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com


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