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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The birthday aftermath

No, I didn't get anything good.

However, the day was quiet which is actually probably the best thing I could have gotten.

You see I've had some moments...

First thanks to Art
for their birthday wishes.

With friends like you 3 it just proves that...I need more friends. No, No, No, joking just joking.

I went out to supper with my mom and oldest brother and his daughter last night and it was altogether fine. I've mentioned some bad birthday moments earlier so I may as well tell some of the stories.

First in the world of wrestling I have gotten a lot of crap foisted on me on my birthday.

  1. The first episode of WCW Thunder was on 1/8/1998. We all know what Thunder would become.
  2. I believe that Chris Masters was also born on 1/8 so that's strike 2.
  3. Last night we got the Donald Vs. Rosey so that's most definitely added to the crap-tacular list.

Side note: Its too bad that Karl Stern is in retirement because I would've loved a this day in wrestling history on my birthday. Also, it is too bad that I am the master archivist of Old Country historical results because I don't think its too cool for me to write an Old Country Corner talking about great events in the Old Country that occurred the day I was born. But now Euan should know what's coming on his birthday.

So for non-wrestling crap that has happened on my birthday. Nothing tops the birthday of 04.

  1. I spent the day away from my family and most of my friends (first time that happened in my life)
  2. This was also the day I had to pay my school tuition and fees and purchase cable for the semester at Northern and lets just say that always sucked.
  3. The girl I was dating at the time dumped me.

Yes, I was dumped on my birthday.
That's pretty much the story of that, I mean there's a little more to the getting dumped thing like the fact that she somehow managed to dump me twice in a week and a half without us getting back together between the 2 breakups.
But really, you don't need to know that because it doesn't change the fact that I was once dumped on my birthday. Thumbs up for me. Is it any wonder to you people now why I'm so freaking awesome?

I could tell other birthday stories like the time I nearly forgot my own birthday but I'm not in the mood and its not my birthday anymore so I don't have to I can save that for next year.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Now do you understand why I said a quiet day was a blessing in disguise?



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