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Monday, January 08, 2007

Afternoon Notes

WWE makes change to this year's PPV schedule
No, its not what you're thinking, most of them will still suck and be no where near worth the $40 price tag.

HHH requires surgery out 4-6 months
See, if he were a McMahon by blood he'd only be out maybe 4 to 6 seconds tops.

Dark Result from New Year's Revolution

Smackdown/ECW results
Even more Smackdown/ECW results

IFL coaches to teach free self-defense classes
Good thing its not IFL ownership teaching how to make your company profitable classes.

WWE makes some management moves, hires 1 promotes another
Yes, Gerald Brisco is being promoted from left ass-cheak to right ass-cheak.

This has been your afternoon news update.

Edit: All links are fixed.

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