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Friday, January 19, 2007

Early Friday Notes

Bout order for UFC 67
Though I think Ric meant that only the first 5 are guaranteed to air as this is a PPV and not the Ultimate Fight Night Live. Unless UFC is doing some cutting back on the live shows I don't know about.

Also I'm disappointed that the 2 lightweight fights are dark matches. If UFC is supposedly renewing its focus on that division it might be nice to see some fights make these broadcasts, but hey I'm just crazy that way.

Updated lineup and bout order for UFC68
Babalu is back.

ECW rating
A 1.5 which is where it has been so the increased Raw rating did not see an increase in the ECW rating. That was a theory once that the higher the raw rating the higher the ECW rating because the more people would be reminded that it was on. Yeah, not so much this week anyway.

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