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Sunday, January 14, 2007

NWA-TNA Final Resolution 2007 Live Coverage

Hi everybody! After a lengthy disappearance from the OCC I have returned to do live coverage of Final Resolution. I would also like you to know that I am on vacation this week so expect to see a lot more of me whether you like it or not!

Click here for Casey's coverage

We start the show with the Last Man Standing match.
Rhino takes control to start. Nice slingshot to the outside on Styles. AJ hits a dropkick then rams Rhino's head into the turnbuckle. Springboard crossbody block and Styles gets the first pin. Rhino makes it back up but Styles goes back after him. Rhino with a reverse powerbomb on Styles into the turnbuckle. Great flip dive by Styles on Rhino. Awesome spinebuster by Rhino gets him a pin. Both men back up now and Rhino gets back in control. Rhino tries for a superplex but Styles blocks it and gets a sunset flip for 2. Rhino with a nearfall. Rhino! Get the tables! Styles comes out and crotches Rhino onto a sideways table followed by a flying forearm for 2. Styles went to the well one time too often and gets a powerbomb from Rhino for 2. Styles gets a Pele but doesn't capitalize which allows Rhino to hit the Gore. Another Gores that flips Styles onto his stomach and gets a pin. Rhino now outside setting up a table. Styles was going to get up but sits back down and Rhino wins. WTF? Rhino brings Styles back out and piledrives him on the entrance area. Rhino now brings a table up to Styles and tries for a Gore through the table but Styles moves and he crashes through it.

Next match is the triple threat for the X-Division Championship. Lynn and Daniels double team Sabin to start. Daniels with a roll up for 2. Sabin back in and they run the ropes. Double move on Lynn and Sabin and Sabin gets clotheslined out. Figure Four headscissors by Daniels on Lynn. Daniels tries to come back in but gets knocked back out. Excellent reverse DDT from Lynn on Sabin that gets 2. Daniels back in with a submission on Lynn which is broken up by Sabin. Lynn is now the one being kept outside. Nearfall for Sabin. Mule kick by Sabin then ties Daniels to the Tree of Woe and hits the awesome hesitation Dropkick. Lynn now back in and does a double dropkick from the top. Triple move from the top. Daniels with the BME but broken up by Lynn. Lynn tries for a powerbomb but Sabin rakes his eyes. Sitout powerbomb by Lynn is broken up by Daniels. Lynn with a pin on Daniels but broken up by Sabin. Cradle piledriver on Daniels but Sabin rolls Lynn up and holds the tights for the win.

Finals of PCS is up next. Judges are Samolian Joe, Big Fat Oily Guy (MY EYES!!!) and Bob Backlund. Could've done without BFOG. Series of reversals by both men with Starr taking advantage. Good clothesline by Shelly. Wish they'd stop showing BFOG. Shelly to the outside and Starr hits a springboard crossbody on Shelly. Suicide Dive by Shelly right in front of they judges. Nearfall for Shelly. Awesome kick by Shelly gets 2. Excellent springboard DDT by Shelly gets 2 and it's down to 1 minute. Camel Clutch by Starr and Shelly doesn't submit as the match ends. Samolian Joe goes for Starr, BFOG goes for Shelly and Backlund goes through all of the categories and goes for a draw. Nash calls for a 5-minute overtime and Shelly wins. Starr is going nuts and puts down Nash and the other wrestlers in the PCS. He makes fun of Senshi then slaps him. He goes outside and slaps Backlund who puts him in the Crossface Chicken Wing.

Storm vs. Petey Williams is next. Williams gets the advantage early. Petey tries for a sling shot move but Storm moves. Eye of the Storm gets a near fall. Powerbomb reversal by Williams gets 2. Great DDT by Storm gets 2. Knees to the chin by Williams gets 2. Series of finishing reversals and Storm gets the win with a roll up and holding the middle rope.

VKM are now out. They "declare victory" against WWE. Billy Gun just stands there and looks stupid while Roaddogg blabbers on about the little publicity TNA got while Raw was in St. Louis. Now Roaddog is claiming he's fighting the great fight against WWE for the fans and not for his jealous ass who's mad that he couldn't be part the DX Reunion. TNA would like to remind everyone that "they're not gonna take it." Christy Hemme comes out, loooking really good I might add, and cuts an emotional but somewhat strange promo about Chyna's contribution to DX and how the women of TNA want to wrestle to rather than just standing around for eye candy. Christy just bitch slapped Billy Gun.

Team 3D vs. LAX is up now. D-Von and Hernandez start out. D-Von lays into Hernandez then tags in Bubba. Bubba wants Homicide in the ring. Homicide gets thrown around like a rag doll, gets a 2 count and tags D-Von. Double team move by LAX gets 2. I'm not doing much play by play due to actually watching the match. Bubba has bled the hard way. Double clothesline by D-Von. The ropes sound like they're rather squeaky. Somebody must not have used WD-40 when they set up the ring. Tag to Bubba and they do "What's up!" and give a 3-D to Homicide. Spike is now out in the Santa suit, drunk and causes a DQ.

Joe/Angle 3 is up now. Series of European Uppercuts on Joe. Great kick by Joe to the side of Angle's head. Belly to Belly release by Angle. Backdrop suplex gets Angle 1. 2 nearfalls in a row and off to a submission. Good suplex by Joe. Suicide Dive on Angle that didn't connect all the way. Overhead release suplex gets 2. Joe tries for the Muscle Buster but Angle rolls through then Joe rolls through and gets a submission to make it 1-0. Olympic Slam attempt but Joe reverses and does a flying knee. Angle cinches in the Ankle lock for the submission to tie it up. Angle now working on the ankle. Joe tries for a suplex but Angle reverses and does the Ankle lock for another submission. Angle throws Joe into the corner but Joe clotheslines him and takes control. Another attempt at the muscle buster but Angle reverses and gets an Olympic Slam for 2. Joe rolls through an ankle lock and hits the Muscle Buster to tie it up. Angle tries another Ankle lock reversed but Angle gets a roll up for 3-2. Joe hits the Muscle Buster but Angle gets his foot on the ropes. Joe now has the Ankle lock cinched in and Angle tapped just as the bell rang.

Abyss vs. Sting vs. Cage is up next. Tomko is going to be locked in a cage at ringside so there's a chance he's going to interfere. There has been a lot of action going on in the match but I've been looking at something else online. Abyss gets the shock treatment and gets 2. Chokeslam gets Abyss another near fall. Black Hole Slam on Cage but the ref is outside because Tomko is choking Sting. Deathdrop on Abyss gets him eliminated. Abyss was going to chokeslam Sting after the elimination but doesn't. Near fall by Cage. Sting "Stings" up and does the backdrop instead of the boot. Cage moves out of the way of the Stinger Splash but gets a superplex instead. Mitchell has come back down. Deathlock on Cage as Mitchell knocks out the guy who holds the key and lets Tomko who helps Cage get a nearfall. Cage tries to hit Sting with the belt but he ducks and gives Cage gets the Unprettier for a near fall. Abyss hits Sting with his chain and Cage does the 5-star frog splash to become the new NWA Champ.

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