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Friday, January 05, 2007

Week 1 NFL Playoff Predictions

I haven't posted picks for awhile but it is the playoffs.

Kansas City
I think that this will be a high scoring game but that favors the Colts for the Chiefs to win they have to keep the ball out of Manning's hands which means a lot of Larry Johnson.

This game does nothing for me. Its hard to tell what Dallas team will show up. The team that looked like a Super Bowl contender a few weeks ago or the 1 that lost badly to Philadelphia and then lost to Detroit at home. I think that the Cowboys can win this game and that they probably will but Seattle is a tough home team. I see bad things in round 2 however.

New England
New York Jets
This could be the closest game of the entire weekend. This game has been played twice this year with each winning on the road and they were both very close. This is the playoffs though and this is different. The Patriots are made for this kind of game and while it won't be easy given they have nobody at Receiver I expect them to take the rubber game.

New York Giants
I guess this means that Tom Coughlin is getting fired after Sunday. The Eagles are winning without Donovan McNabb and I am at a loss to explain how. I might be stupid for doing this and the Giants could win this game but for 1 week at least I'm staking my claim on Jeff Garcia.

Sitting pretty:
  1. San Diego
  2. Chicago Bears
  3. Baltimore Ravens
  4. New Orleans Saints

We'll see how I do.

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