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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Announcing: combat-hooligans.com

You may have noticed my lack of posting lately. It is because I've been working on a new project. The project is not yet complete, but it is to the point where I am ready to announce it.

www.combat-hooligans.com the site is a mess and is still under construction but feel free to take a peak at what a mess looks like.

So, the question now becomes why did we do this?

You'll have to click the cut for that answer and a few more.

The reason for the change is quite simple. It is for the purposes of branding ourselves as something. The Old Country Times or Old Country Corner was sort of my project and Euan and Art came aboard. So it was sort of built in my image although really it didn't have an image of its own. Add to that the fact that at a glance it is so vague that you don't really know what it is all about.

Sure, I came up with the name Combat Hooligans but unless they're lying to me, both Art and Euan have given it their approval.

It is a chance for a new start, a fresh start and a redefining of ourselves.

What can you expect on Combat-hooligans.com?

One thing you can expect is more interactivity including an on-site bulleton board which doesn't need registration, as well as the ability to vote in polls. You are also going to get some new featured columns and generally you're going to get more of our take on things, not just the news itself.

We intend to offer more audio content on Combat-Hooligans.com and will work on that as time passes. I should note, that this also includes interviews with names in the wrestling and MMA industry which as of now we've not offered.

So what becomes of the Old Country Times?

When the new site is ready to launch I am going to point this site towards it. You'll be able to see this blog as an archive but it will not be updated, all of the updates will be on the main Combat-Hooligans.com page.

So when will this change go into effect?

It all depends on when Euan Art and I think that the site is cleaned up and ready to go. My personal target deadline is 08/13 which would mark the 1-year anniversary of my personal blogging life, and I can't think of a better time to launch a new venture.

So take your sneak peak at www.Combat-Hooligans.com vote in the poll that is up and let us know what you think.

Anymore feedback can be left in the comments section of this post or Email me directly

More information about site content/official launch will be available in the near future.

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