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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Roundtable recap: UFC 73 'Stacked'

The results are:
  1. Ric: 8-0-1)
  2. Casey and Scott: 7-1-1
  3. Wade: 6-2-1
  4. Art: 5-3-1
  5. Euan and Dangerman: 4-4-1

We’ll look at each match. This was a unique roundtable as there were no unanimous selections.

Frank Edgar Def. Mark Bocek
The Picks: Euan (Bocek), Everyone Else (Edgar)
Everyone got off to a good start this evening as Edgar beat Bocek by TKO in 4:35 of round 1. Oh, did I say everyone? I meant everyone but Euan who started out quite the fool.

Chris Lytle Def. Jason Gilliam
The Picks: Danger (Gilliam), Everyone Else (Lytle)
Well, it is time to induct another fool in to the club. Euan inducted after fight one and Mark Danger after fight 2. Lytle put Gilliam away with a submission in 2:15 of round 1 with an Inverted Triangle choke.

Diego Saraiva Vs. Jorge Gurgel
The Picks: Euan (Saraiva), Everyone Else (Gurgel)
A 3-round decision for Gurgel puts Euan back in the fool category. Danger is 2-1, Euan 1-2 and Everyone else 3-0.

Mike Nickels Vs. Stephan Bonnar
The Picks: Scott and Danger (Nickels), Everyone Else (Bonnar)
The Nickels crew did not look good as he was submitted pretty quick in the first round by Bonnar. Ric, Wade, Art and Casey 4-0, Scott 3-1, Euan and the Dangerman 2-2.

Heath Herring Vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
The Picks: Art and Danger (Herring), Everyone Else (Nogueira)
Art and Danger went for a gamble and it nearly paid off in round 1 unfortunately Heath Herring forgot how to finish. Ric Wade and Casey are 5-0, Scott and Art are 4 and 1, Euan is 3-2 and Danger is 2-3.

Hermes Franca Vs. Sean Sherk
The Picks: Euan (Franca), Everyone Else (Sherk)
The trend of Euan picking against everyone else and being wrong continues as Sherk beats Franca by unanimous decision. Ric Wade and Casey are 6-0, Scott and Art are 5-1 and Danger and Euan are 3-3.

Rashad Evans Vs. Tito Ortiz
The Picks: Casey and Ric (Ortiz), Everyone Else (Evans)
It goes down as a draw which means everyone gets a no contest. Ric Wade and Casey 6-0-1 Scott and Art 5-1-1 Euan and Danger 3-3-1.

Nate Marquardt Vs. Anderson Silva
The Picks: Casey Art and Wade (Marquardt), Ric Euan Scott and Danger (Silva)
Wade Art and I were humbled. We’re talking, suplex, camel clutch, back broken ass fucked and no call in the morning typed humbled as Silva knocks Marquardt out in 4:50 of round 1.

Alvin Robinson Vs. Kenny Florian
The Picks: Casey Ric and Scott (Florian), Art Euan Wade and Danger (Robinson)
Florian redeemed me a bit but I still feel humbled. Ric 8-0-1, Scott and Casey 7-1-1 Wade 6-2-1, Art 5-3-1, Euan and Danger 4-4-1.

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Anonymous MarkDanger said...

Of all people Ric picked every winner. Thats scary.

7/08/2007 10:45 AM  

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