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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some Site News

There's a lot of stuff that will be of interest to readers and even I suspect authors of this site which I am putting behind the cut.

Firstly, observant readers will note that the URL to this page is now archives.combat-hooligans.com which is where this page will reside perminently. When the new site is ready to go, this blog will not be updated but it will remain where it is as a reminder of where we've been. Plus, it will also be available should we want to retrieve old posts such as DVD or show reviews for C-H.com

Secondly, Combat-Hooligans.com is on MySpace.com and can be accessed here so check it out and add us as a friend. The page is kind of bland but that will change as time passes.

Third, my status on this particular site. You will not see a lot of posts from me on this blog for the time being. The reason for this is I am directing all creative energy to working on the new site. The fact is that this has sort of renewed my interest in all of this and I want to give it my all. So, if I post to the Times it will likely be to update progress on the new site.
However, I intend to do live coverage of the following shows and of course do all of the required roundtables until the site is ready.

  1. SHOWXC: July 27, 2007
  2. WEC 29: August 5, 2007
  3. TNA Wrestling's 'Hard Justice' 08/12/2007

I believe Euan, the torchured soul that he is will be covering the Great American Bash this Sunday.
As for the frequency of posts from other members of the team, I'll leave it up to them to decide where to focus their attention.

So, when is this all going to launch official? The short answer is it will launch when we're ready.
The fact is, that there's a lot of potential here and while we're all pretty much novices as creating sites, we do have some sources to help us out.
So, when we've got everything how everyone likes it or at least where we can live with it, all new content will be going over there.
Ideally, as I've said I'd like to have it ready by 08/13 but that's a date written in pencil. Once it is launched we will probably still tinker with the look and add features as time passes but I think we're all in agreement we wish to put best-foot-forward when we go live. If you looked at Combat-Hooligans.com a few days ago and look at it now, you'll note it is still in flux and looks quite different. The way it looks now will not be how it looks in a week and that will not be how it looks when it is ready to go.

When content starts going up over there, from me personally you'll get a lot more opinion in edition to the news. In fact, I will make one announcement concerning new content for combat-hooligans right now. The first post I make at Combat-Hooligans when it is ready to go, will be a complete review of the Pride FC 2000 Grand Prix DVD.

There are other things in store for the site that will really put us on the map especially when it comes to audio I believe, but I will not get in to that right now.

If you want to know where to get your news in my absense, I suggest:
as Ric says he's going back to work monday. Yeah, that could last until Tuesday but lets not get tied up in minor details.

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