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Monday, November 06, 2006

Live Raiders Blogging

Second Quarter, 10-0.

  1. Maurice Morris carries for 29 yards on the play.

    I should mention that Morris averaged 2.9 yards a carry coming into this game, I bet that goes up.

  2. 1st and 10: Max Strong carries to the Oakland 10.
  3. 2nd and 7: Wallace tosses incomplete and there is a very late flag. (Unsportsman like conduct on Seattle)

    Second spelling correction of the night, its Schweigart. It is one thing to spell the name of an opponent wrong, another thing entirely to get the name of a Raider wrong.

  4. 3rd and 22 becomes 3rd and 27 after a false start.
  5. 3rd and 27: Max Strong gains 3 yards.
  6. 4th and 24: Josh Brown to kick a 45 yard field goal into the wind. Flag down for Unsportsman like conduct on Terdel Sands for an automatic first down.
  7. 1st and 10: Stevens drops a touchdown pass.
  8. 2nd and 10: Morris carries to the Raider 10.
  9. 3rd and 13: Wallace finds a receiver for a gain of 1.
  10. 4th down at the Oak 9: Josh Brown to kick, its good.

What a weird drive that was.


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