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Monday, January 22, 2007

2006, The Year in Sheikies

A reprint of the column so that it may be saved for future historians to laugh at.

Welcome everyone to the first annual Sheiky awards. These awards are named for the greatest man all-time all our lives, the Iron Sheik. Each award is a
direct Sheiky quote honoring the man. These awards had to be named for the Sheik because in an odd way you probably wouldn’t see a lot of what we do if
it wasn’t for Sheiky. It is doubtful that something else would’ve inspired me to email Ric and Karl the way the Iron Sheik’s rant did. There would probably
be no CARE Previews without the Sheiky and more than likely no Old Country Corner so that’s why the man needs to be honored.

Casey: A quick note of explanation on the Sheikies. We all based our picks off of the things that we watched. This may result in some head scratching picks
in the opinions of the readers and other panelists. The fact is that we’re all over the map, some of us watched more WWE than anyone else, others saw more
TNA and still others saw more RoH and other Indies than anyone else on the pannel. Our choices tend to be a good indicater of what we watched and didn’t
watch this year. As an example most of what I saw this year was TNA and UFC so my ballot tends towards those 2 groups for better or worse. I don’t have
a comprehensive list of who watched what and how much but do keep in mind everyone pretty much based everything on what they watched. In general I don’t
like the idea of giving an award to something I haven’t seen, I’d just feel dirty and lord knows some of these categories do a good enough job of that

Performer Awards:

Some of these are specific to wrestling, some are specific to MMA but each deals with the performers themselves and their success or lack their of in the
prior year.

The Raille Olympic Champiung - (Wrestler of the year)

Casey: Keeping in mind that my wrestling viewing in 2006 was limited to mainly TNA and the WWE it is from that group which I must pick. I think the clear
choice by far for this award is Edge. He really upped his game in 2007 and was involved in the WWE’s top feud. So congratulations to Edge, you earned your
Sheiky my friend.

Art: Bryan Danielson (ROH). Yeah he was the world champ for an indy promotion but he made that ROH title very valuable and beat guys like James Gibson,
Nigel McGuinness, Samoa Joe, Roderick Strong, Lance Storm, Chris Hero, Colt Cabana and even with a bad shoulder wrestled 45min.-1hr. matches throughout
the year. His promos on the mic progressed from previous years and all in all was, to me, a complete package for a perfect wrestler in 2006.

Euan: Samoa Joe. Joe is a great, great man, he is one of the hardest hitting wrestlers in the US at the moment and i love him. From his work in ROH to TNA,
he is consistently one of the hardest working guys and can take a beating as well as dishing one out. Also, how many 280lb men do you know that can dive
over the top rope and perform top rope moves without killing himself. Simply put...Joe is going to kill you!

Wade: Samoa Joe. He was on fire for the majority of 2006. The first 2 matches he had with Angle were great.

Scott: Samoa Joe

Marcus: Edge wins the award because my opinion of Edge changed more dramatically over the coarse of the year. I started out very anti-Edge and now he is
one of my favorites to watch. He proved a lot this year.

Ric: Edge, as far as I'm concerned, was, is and always will be the fucking man!

Worse than Hulk Hogan - (worst wrestler of the year)

Casey: I much prefer this category and others like it to the best. Something about talking about crappy wrestling just makes me smile. I’m going to give
my award to Test. He’s a useless wrestler on a useless brand and he brings nothing to the table at all. Sorry to all you Test fans, but the 3 of you just
need to come to terms with the fact that he sucks and this Sheiky is his and it is well deserved.

Art: Test. I was going to pick Mike Knox but he's a young wrestler who needs a lot of work and charisma, Test has wrestled for years and is still a piece
of shit in the ring.

Euan: MVP. What a waste of space! From his annoying hype promos to his shitty little inflatable banner he gets for his entrance, i hate this man.

Wade: Mike Knox. This guy went nowhere faster than anybody last year. I did like what happened to him at Survivor Series.

Scott: The Great Khali

Marcus: The award goes to Test. Nobody has worked harder to deserve the title of the worst than that man.

Ric: To paraphrase (my pick) The Great Khali: "Glgdkjhkhfj!"

I made Nikolai the Tag Team Champiung – (Tag Team of the year)

Casey: Keeping in mind again my exposure to TNA and WWE and not much else again I draw from those ranks. It is hard for me to give it to teams like London
and Kendrick because its not like they had lots of other teams to play off of this year. I could go with MNM but they were broken up for about half of
the year. The right answer for me is the Latin American Xchange. One Hernandez was brought in as Homicide’s tag team partner, the group dynamic really
took off and they became the hottest thing in a not-so-hot company. How often is a tag team arguably the hottest thing in a promotion these days? So, LAX
may be held down by the White Man’s government but even that government can’t take away their Sheiky.

Art: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli. Solid tag teamwork, had some of the best matches in CZW and were instrumental in the CZW/ROH feud in their respective
roles, they also held the tag titles in CZW, ROH and Chikara in 2006, holding all three at once for a good portion of the year.

Euan: Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Tag team wrestling appears to be a dying art in the major promotions in 2007 but the team of London and Kendrick shone
a light which told everyone that tag team wrestling is still here. Their constant innovation and excellent skills make them a prime example of what tag
team wrestling should be.

Wade: First of all,I have one question: What is a tag team? It seems that the concept of tag teams is slipping away, especially in WWE. They have broken
up and temporarily reunited so many good tag teams that it's crazy. This award goes to AMW. They had the best showing before they were broken up.

Scott: The Latin American Xchange

Marcus: I have to go with MNM. They were the perfect combination of a good team and a hot woman.

Ric: Paul London & Brian Kendrick fucking ruled!

I’m a shootere man! - (MMA fighter of the year)

Casey: I’ve thought about this long and hard. If Matt Hughes had beaten GSP in November he’d slam dunk this award home. I realize that GSP had a good year
by beating both Hughes and BJ Penn but he’s not the answer for me either. The winner of this award is Chuck Liddell. He had 3 successful title defenses
this year, against Randy Couture, Renato Sobral and Tito Ortiz. Those aren’t exactly pushovers but he was victorious over them all. So that’s why Chuck
Liddell earns that Sheiky.

Art: Chuck Liddell. Can this guy be stopped?

Euan: In my opinion there is only one man who could possibly win this award and he is.."The Iceman" Chuck Liddell. He is the main reason i started watching
UFC and MMA in general this past year and his recent humbling of that jabroni Tito Ortiz shows that he deserves this award more than anyone else in MMA.

Wade: I didn't watch much MMA last year, but from what I did watch this award goes to Chuck Liddell. He's very good.

Scott: The Iceman, Chuck Liddell

Marcus: Georges St. Pierre, he did what many thought he couldn’t do and defeated Matt Hughes.

Ric: Chuck Liddell. Can there be any other choice?

Break his Back and then fuck his ass make him humble – (Best ass kicker)

Casey: You may as well call this award the Fedor. If Anderson Silva had done more than nearly reconstruct the face of Rich Franklin and obliderate Chris
Leben he would probably have won as it is he is my runner-up. I don’t want Fedor to lose this Sheiky to anyone else out of pure fear.

Art: Fedor Emelianenko. A pure fighting machine... he may just stop Chuck...

Euan: Anderson Silva. He killed a man with his knees. That's a winner in my book.

Wade: Again, Chuck Liddell. He took out Tito Ortiz, a man who can talk a pretty big game but has a hard time backing it up sometimes.

Scott: The Iceman, Chuck Liddell

Marcus: I’m going to go against the grain and give it to someone in wrestling. I’m going to give it to Umaga. A lot of squash matches will definitely make
you look like a bad ass.

Ric: Gotta be Diego Sanchez, for the ease in which he shut up that asshole Joe Riggs.

No any other sport sell out Madisong Square Garden - (box office draw of the year either wrestling or MMA)

Casey: This award will go to Matt Hughes. I’m not sure what his Pay Per View match against St. Pierre did in terms of buys but even without that, he got
600,000 with Royce Gracie and reportedly 700,000 with B.J. Penn for a show nobody expected that great of a buy rate out of. Other than Liddell, Hughes
has emerged as the biggest star in UFC and it will be interesting to see what kind of draw he remains after his loss to GSP and if GSP’s drawing power
increases. Matt Hughes draws the Sheiky for me in this category.

Art: Matt Hughes

Euan: Tito vs. Chuck 2. I know the number hasn't come out yet but come on, this is going to be the biggest PPV buyrate in history surely.

Wade: No pick made.

Scott: Wrestlemania XXII

Marcus: WrestleMania 22. I know its not an individual and I know that technically UFC 66 and likely a few other shows did better on PPV and at the gate,
but I’m giving the Sheiky to this show if for no other reason than that it was the first wrestlemania I was able to attend.

Ric: See 'MMA Fighter of the Year.'

Great feeling I had all-time all my life - (Match of the year)

Casey: Blood Generation Vs. Do Fixer from the Ring of Honor Triple Shot weekend back in March/April. This was a tremendous match and the only Ring of Honor
bout I managed to see by the Sheiky deadline. I just love how the match just kept building and building and how the spots progressively got more insane.
Toss in the crowd chanting “Please don’t stop” which is a first for me hearing that and this immediately became my favorite match of 2006 and wins the

Art: CZW vs ROH Cage Of Death - Death Before Dishonor IV. I wasn't sure how ROH was going to book this type of match and the results were rewarding. In
a CZW Cage of Death match it's mostly plunder, bloody with tons of weapons. the ROH COD match had that also but it was very well paced, and both ROH and
CZW wrestlers were given equal offense and things just seemed to make sense. Oh and the live crowd was hot as hell that night.

Euan: Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin. This match was BRUTAL. Mr. Silva performed cosmetic surgery on Rich Franklin’s face. His nose was at least a half
inch across his face thanks to Silva's knees and kicks. I enjoy a technical match just as much as the next guy but this match was hard hitting and did
not stop until one man was humbled. This was the great feeling all-time i had all my life of 2006.

Wade: Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle 1. This match had excellent buildup and it delivered.

Scott: Blood Generation Vs. Do Fixer

Marcus: I’m going to give this to a great old-school match that was stiff as all hell. I’m going to give this to Chris Benoit Vs. Fit Finlay from Judgment

Ric: If this isn't specific to pro wrestling, Anderson Silva vs. Chris Leben is my pick. I swear, only Casey's 'TNA Impact' recaps provided me with more

Worse than Michael Jordan eh, Jacksong – (worst match of the year wrestling/MMA)

Casey: I’m going to give this to a match that was bogged down by horrid booking even though there were Tim Sylvia fights that were much more boring. The
worst match I saw this year even worse than the reverse battle royal was Petey Williams Vs. Jay Lethal from No Surrender. This was the match where Lethal
and the rest of the Jackass crew slipped a laxative in to Williams’ drink and he spent the rest of the match trying to hold it in. This match filled me
with great rage and easily takes the Sheiky.

Art: Test vs Bob Holly (ECW)

Euan: Tim Sylvia vs. Jeff Monson. COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT! This was the first time i wanted to kill myself due to watching something on TV. This was
the most boring fucking fight in all mankind, watching paint dry would have been a better use of my time than watching this 5 round borefest. It was so
bad that John McCarthy at one point pulled both fighters into the centre of the octagon and reminded them they were in a fight and asked them to fight.
A reasonable request but did they listen. No. So this match was indeed Worse than Michael Jordan eh, Jacksong.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Diva Pillowfight – Wrestlemania XXII

Marcus: Jeff Monson Vs. Tim Sylvia, a fight so boring I do my best to try and forget it.

Ric: I don't know why, but nothing at all stands out to me.

Brian Blair you are another faggot son of a bitch - (feud of the year)

Casey: Ok, I’m at a weird point right now. I would probably give this award to Edge Vs. John Cena but I can’t because while I’ve heard their matches were
good I haven’t really seen any of them this year unless they happened to be on television. So for the feud I saw from start to finish, I am going with
LAX Vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. Each team won its own gimmick match, the fans live were always into it and I think that the right team went
over in the end. So of all the feuds I was most familiar with in 2006 this wins the Sheiky.

Art: CZW vs ROH. That feud did a lot for both companies giving each one some of their best matches this year. And it was a simple yet very effective booking...
hey Russo, take a lesson from their book.

Euan: John Cena vs. Edge. By far and away, one of the best feuds WWE has given us in a long time. From the controversial beginnings at New Year's Revolution
where Edge cashed in the Money in the Bank clause and defeated Cena to the ladder match at Summerslam, this feud entertained me throughout the year and
made me want to see them fight on PPV every time.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: John Cena Vs. Edge

Marcus: I’m giving the edge so to speak to John Cena Vs. Edge. The feud produced god matches, it drew money, and it was long-running. You can’t ask much
more out of a feud than that.

Ric: If this isn't specific to pro wrestling, what on earth could've beaten the drama of the battles between Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz?

You ask me accellent, accelent question - (best backstage interviewer)

Casey: Jeremy Borash. His interaction with Eric Young and Christian Cage are always highlights for me. Nobody does this job better than he does, although
its not like we’ve got a long line of competitors for this one. Borash earns the Sheiky.

Art: Jeremy Borash. Of all the tools and bimbos doing backstage interviews for the fed, Borash comes out the most professional and... normal in my opinion.
The guy's not a dork (like Grisham) and seems like he's really into it. Plus he's a decent MC for the TNA house shows.

Euan: Jeremy Borash. He is such a geek but i love him.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Maria

Marcus: Maria, her character is good and she’s hot. 2 thumbs up.

Ric: This can't be a serious question. Next.

I wanna let you know – (goes to the wrestler or fighter who is the best interview)

Casey: Konnan wins this award. He bores me to death as a babyface but nobody undergoes such a dramatic change when they turn heel as he does. I could listen
to heel Konnan all day even though he might cut a promo on me for giving him a Sheiky.

Art: Edge's promos kept me entertained this year and helped change the tide with live reactions towards Cena. Very passionate promos.

Euan: Chuck Liddell. He doesn't showboat, he doesn't say anything stupid in his interviews. All he says basically is..."I am going to fuck you up good!"

Wade: LAX. Despite the fact that most of their promos were controversial, they were very well done.

Scott: James Mitchell

Marcus: Mick Foley had strong promos against both Ric Flair and Edge, not to mention the ones headed into his match at One Night Stand 2.

Ric: Forrest Griffin, for his ability to make everyone pay attention to (and like) him with not just his actions, but his words.

You Vas Lucky Punk - (most improved wrestler/fighter)

Casey: I’m going to give this award to Johnny Nitro and this was probably the award I thought about the least. He literally gets better in the ring every
time I see him. His promos still need some work but that’s true for a lot of people. I hope he enjoys this Sheiky and I’ll give him another if he can keep
Melina from screeching.

Art: Johnny Nitro. Never thought much of this dude and was more the Joey Mercury fan but this year Nitro has come a long way especially after passing the
test of being able to compete as singles wrestler and not rely on a tag partner.

Euan: Johnny Nitro

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Edge

Marcus: Umaga, just think back to where he was when he was in 3 Minute Warning.

Ric: Carlito definitely runs away with this one, as far as I'm concerned.

Suplex heem, put heem in the camel clutch - (move of the year)

Casey: Call me a mark for LAX because I really don’t give a fuck. No move brought me more joy to see this year than the Border Toss of Hernandez. Its pretty
basic, just fling a guy or in 1 unfortunate case a woman, across the ring. I even loved the 1 he gave James Storm into the wall. How this didn’t win TNA
move of the year I can’t understand. Hernandez walks away with another Sheiky.

Art: It's a wacky move but I'm going with that Canadian Destroyer.

Euan: Senshi by kicking anyone in the head.

Wade: Muscle Buster. That move is devastating. Add a chair and you got a "Holy S**t!" move.

Scott: The finish to the Scott Smith Vs. Pete Sell fight was the best thing I saw all year.

Marcus: I’m taking a different route again with this one. I’m not going with a regular finisher, but I’m going with the most impressive move I saw all year.
Edge’s spear of Mick Foley through the ropes and through the flaming table at Wrestlemania 22. It was awesome.

Ric: Can I just vote for Euan's answer? Not the move he's describing, but the description of such.

A Profussiunal – (worker who was handed the biggest pile of B.S. by a booking committee and made it work)

Casey: I’m going to give this to Samoa Joe. TNA really tried to screw him over at points this year. Remember when Scott D’Amoore tried to push Rhino at
the expense of Joe? He was involved in more foolishly booked angles in TNA than anyone else but still ade the most of it and managed to stay over to a
large degree. Joe doesn’t have to kill me because he earned this one.

Art: I thought the Spirit Squad took a shit gimmick and turned into something better than it had any right to be

Euan: Finlay with the Little Bastard. When i first heard of this i thought "Thank you WWE, thank you for ruining a perfectly good worker on a shitty midget
gimmick." But someway, somehow Finlay has taken this and turned it into comedy gold. From the first time the Little Bastard appeared from under the ring
and Finlay kicked him back underneath the ring, i laughed and laughed so hard. Long live this team.

Wade: No Pick Made

Scott: Samoa Joe

Marcus: It could’ve been a disaster. When we all heard about it were quite nervous. When Fit Finlay got his midget it should not have been entertaining.
The greatness of Finlay made it work.

Ric: I'll go with the Finlay and Little Bastard answer.

Humbled the Old Country Way – (to the worker that was humbled in the old country way by the booking committee, basically who got screwed over the most)

Casey: Lets not even waste time. Rey Mysterio is the posterchild for this award. In future years this might even be the Mysterio award. He wins the title
after jobbing to everyone, then after becoming the champion, he jobs to everyone. He didn’t even get to pin the champion to win the belt.

Art: I'd go with Rey Mysterio who was given a shitty title run getting jobbed out by Mark Henry and Khali in non-title matches and coming off (in my opinion)
as some fluke champion whose only purpose was to get Eddie Guerrero pops from the crowd.

Euan: Eddie Guerrero's memory. FUCK...YOU...WWE.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Rey Mysterio

Marcus: I originally thought it might be Paul Heyman, then I realized that I had forgotten all about what happened to Rey Mysterio. Once I realized this,
the choice was obvious. Mysterio wins in a landslide.

Ric: Edge, for the length of his run with the WWE title.

Diva Awards:

Women from MMA or wrestling companies can win these awards.

I raspact your Buush - (diva of the year)

Casey: Trish Stratus, she went out on top and unlike Lita she managed to not be humiliated in the process. Think of this Sheiky as Trish’s lifetime achievement
award. Now I ask you, what would you rather have a stellar WWE career and lots of money or a Sheiky award? I know what I’d pick.

Art: Victoria. She is so fuckin' hot.

Euan: Mickie James. When she first broke out as Trish's crazy stalker fan i thought "Great, another shitty Diva with a wacky gimmick" But with Mickie this
was not the case...she can actually WRESTLE in a WRESTLING promotion which i guess is always handy but with Torrie Wilson still in a job i wonder. Of course,
Mickie James has had her fair share of botches but she is consistently one of the best divas in WWE at this moment so she wins this award with ease.

Wade: Trish Stratus. She was the WWE Women's Division.

Scott: Trish Stratus

Marcus: Mickie James, she survived the year.

Ric: Lita, for just totally rocking as a character and a human being.

I don't care you be the prettiest woman in the Earth - (most over-rated diva)

Casey: Traci Brooks has never done anything for me. But, I will do something for her and award her a Sheiky.

Art: Tracy Brooks. Big fake tits, long dark hair, a face that's just "too cute". I'm just not into her.

Euan: Melina. All she does is scream and scream and then botch moves. Did i mention she screamed a lot?

Wade: Ashley Massaro. What has she done since winning the Diva Search?

Scott: Lita

Marcus: Lillian Garcia

Ric: Melina, butt (pun intended) only her face.

Eh, vhat vas her name again? – (Most generic woman)

Casey: Lately nobody has screamed the phrase “Just hanging around” more than Jillian Hall and her portable plastics factory. She turned face and heel in
the coarse of the year and nobody bothered to notice accept me and that’s only because I notice useless things like this and TNA.

Art: Torrie Wilson

Euan: Candice Michelle. Need i say more?

Wade: Latisha (or whatever her name is). She's your typical hot backstage nterviewer.

Scott: Christy Hemme

Marcus: Kelly Kelly, such a dumb name to boot.

Ric: I was going to go with Rebecca DiPietro, but I instead chose Jillian Hall, because of how many times I legitimately forgot her name and thought she
was "Jillian Hill," making her a perfect fit for this "honor."

Are You another Losbian? – (the 2 divas you’d most like to release a lesbian sex tape)

Casey: This right here is what makes the Sheiky awards better than any other year-end awards. I don’t see this kind of award on the Observer ballot. Its
only the Sheikies that bring you the good stuff. As for my answer, the first part is obvious for anyone that is misfortunate enough to regularly read my
writing. It is so obviously Gail Kim. Now her partner in this tape will be a little known diva…. Myself! Now, I know what you’re thinking: 1. I’m not a
diva. 2. I’m not a woman, and 3. I’m not a lesbian. This is where all of my acting training from high school comes in to practice. You know the 1 play
where I didn’t have any lines. I believe that I am up to the challenge of playing this part and even if I’m not well, if you’re going to fail at something…I
can think of nothing better than this.

Art: Michele McCool and Mickie James

Euan: Maria and Mickie James. I will not go into detail but if this ever happens, it will be the great feeling all-time i had all my life for sure. *dreams*

Wade: Christy Hemme and Candice Michelle. Those 2 are insanely hot and that tape would sell like crazy!

Scott: Gail Kim and Trish Stratus

Marcus: Gail Kim and Christy Hemme Ric: Not that I spend much time thinking about this (because I don't, so stop looking at me like that), but I'm picking
Melina and Ariel, because their fucking bodies alone make me want to humbill them both in the old-country way.

Promotional Awards:

The awards in this category can be handed out to either professional wrestling companies or to Mixed Martial Arts companies as they are non specific.

[Special non-Sheiky award, the Vladi] Dubble-dubble-E: (promotion of the year)

Casey: UFC, nobody else made bigger strides in 2006. WWE held steady, TNA fell screaming off of the tallest cliff it could have possibly found and Pride
is pretty much on deaths door. I can’t give it to Ring of Honor just because I’m not familiar enough with the product but of that which I have seen, it
is clearly UFC.

Art: ROH

Euan: The home of the one of the best matches of the year, Blood Generation vs. Do Fixer and of course the ROH/CZW feud.

Wade: no pick made.

Scott: UFC

Marcus: UFC had the best year out of anybody from a business and promotional standpoint.

Ric: If it ain't the UFC, then Valdimir Kozlov doesn't love Dubble-Dubble-E.

Nikolai, 1 day you gonna be gawng – (worst promotion of the year)

Casey: ECW, I can’t believe people were dumb enough to think they might see the old ECW again. I can see how some will give this to TNA but I just can’t
do it. Giving it to TNA would deprive ECW of the Sheiky that it so rightfully has earned.

Art: ECW

Euan: TNA. The reverse battle royal...thank you and good night.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: ECW

Marcus: ECW

Ric: For the first (and hopefully last) time in my life, I'll chant along: "TNA! TNA! TNA!"

Besides that everything was great - (best Pay Per View of the year)

Casey: I’m going with UFC 63. I really enjoyed the Under card of this show and the Matt Hughes Vs. B.J. Penn fight was awesome. Plus, you have Jens Pulver
losing to an unlikely candidate in Joe Lauzon.

Art: Pride Final Conflict Absolute 2006. Barnett/Nogueira, Mirko/Silva and Mirko/Barnett were great fights. That opening sequence with gentle music and
fight footage is still the best PPV opener I've seen this year.

Euan: ECW One Night Stand 2006. I watched this PPV live at a sports bar in Glasgow absolutely wasted on pitchers of Fosters Lager and this i think made
me enjoy this the most out of all the PPVs this year. Also the crowd at the show were 5 stars, especially when dealing with a certain John Cena.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Wrestlemania XXII

Marcus: WWE Unforgiven

Ric: I couldn't think of anything, but then Euan came to my rescue. I'm also going with 'ECW: One Night Stand,' but only because that show made Euan mention
getting drunk off of Foster's. Yay, son!

He wouldn't give the wheelchair man $2 - (worst Pay Per View of the year)

Casey: You’d think that because I saw every TNA show of 2006 that one of them might win this award. You’d again be wrong. I didn’t see ECW December to Dismember
but had I decided that I had 2 hours 15 minutes to waste there is no doubt that I would have given this award to that show. However, the worst show I saw
all of 2006 was UFC 61. Boring fights from top to bottom, a questionable stoppage in 1 fight and oh yeah I saw it on 2 day tape delay because I wasn’t
smart enough to look at results first. Thumbs so far down!

Art: ECW December To Dismember. Didn't see it but reading the reviews was enough.

Euan: ECW December To Dismember. I have only managed to get through an hour of the PPV since i recorded and the idea of going back to watch the remaining
90 mins does not appeal to me. I hope Paul Heyman is ashamed.

Wade: ECW December to Dismember. I ever watched but I heard it was one of the worst PPVs.

Scott: Survivor Series 2006

Marcus: ECW December to Dismember

Ric: Throw a rock at any of TNA's pay-per-views. My friend literally fell asleep during one of them. I'd gladly tell you which one, but damned if they don't
all look alike to me.

I navaire raspact a gay, I navaire raspact a fag – (award for the best crowd chant)

Casey: So many great chants I saw this year. Most of them are from ECW because the fans turned on it so bad. However, I’ll give the nod to the TNA fans
for the “This is Stupid” chant that rang out during a Chris Sabin/Senshi match at No Surrender when a blow-up doll was prominently involved. Honorable
mentions go to “Change the channel” from ECW and the combination chant of “The roof the roof the roof is on fire/You can’t see us” from TNA Hard Justice.

Art: "This is awkward" during the Sexxxy Eddy/Hallowicked match at CZW's Cage of Death 8 show. Those two just didn't click in the ring and while it wasn't
completely awful it certainly was awkward.

Euan: This award does not go to a single chant, it goes to every single chant that was thrown at Lita at her final match. I have never laughed so hard in
my life at the crowd's hatred of this woman.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: The entire chants from Cena Vs. HHH from Wrestlemania XXII

Marcus: The dueling “Fuck you Cena, lets go Cena” chants from Wrestlemania 22. It was awesome to be apart of that live.

Ric: Don't know, don't care.

Kramer you Break My Heart - (worst promotional move of the year)

Casey: I was going to say tNA hiring back Vince Russo because it turned a relatively bland but non-offensive wrestling company in to a speedball on extra
caffeine but that was more stupefying than outrageously rage inducing. I’m going to give the award to the entire Eddie Guerrero storyline. I hate the whole
thing and all aspects of it. There is no redeeming quality here. At least TNA hiring Russo gave me more things to joke about. This isn’t funny, its not
a good angle, its not getting the right kind of heat and it is ruining the careers and making the lives of its participants harder. I want to shove this
particular Sheiky up Vince McMahon’s ass and see if they animate it for WWE.com.

Art: Turning Vicki Guerrero heel/making her Chavo's manager/the Eddie estate angle. It's been over a year and Eddie is STILL in the god damned angles. Please
don't justify this to me.

Euan: TNA hires Vince Russo...again!

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Putting Vince McMahon in a fued with DX.

Marcus: The Marine, no good could have come from this.

Ric: I'll go with the way TNA chose to cross-promote 'Jackass 2,' not only because I felt it sucked, but so did TNA's audience.

Thank You God, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Vince – (booker of the year)

Casey: Dana White and Joe Silva. They made so much money this year it hurts.

Art: Gabe Sapolsky (Ring Of Honor)

Euan: Gabe Sapolsky. The CZW/ROH feud, enough said.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Gabe Sapolsky – Ring of Honor

Marcus: Dana White and Joe Silva of the UFC, they know how to book a match people want to see than most wrestling promotions.

Ric: Dana White and Joe Silva.

Don’t Insult My intelligence – (worst booker of the year)

Casey: Vince Russo, and you don’t really even need to be told why. As I write my Sheiky awards I’ve only see those of Art and Marcus but I think Russo might
sweep this category.

Art: Vince Russo (TNA)

Euan: Vince Russo. Can you see a pattern?

Wade: Vince Russo

Scott: Vince McMahon

Marcus: Vince Russo

Ric: I'll go with Vince (and it doesn't matter if you place "McMahon" or "Russo" after it).

I didn't do it for God Jesus and Mr. McMahon - (biggest wasted opportunity of the year either wrestling or MMA)

Casey: TNA going through Joe and Angle like the world only had 3 months left to exist.

Art: Stephan Bonnar failing a steroid test after his fight with Forrest Griffin at UFC 62 and getting suspended until May

Euan: Putting CM Punk in ECW. Why? Why waste a talent like CM Punk on Matt Striker? Did WWE never see an ROH tape before signing him? Did they not see the
feud with Samoa Joe which produced two of the best matches i have ever seen in any promotion? I guess not. I can only hope something is done soon but with
Vince at the helm, i don't see it i'm afraid.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: ECW

Marcus: TNA racing through the Joe/Angle program.

Ric: Once again, I can't seem to recall anything in particular. Note: Next year, less Sheiky awards.

Special Categories:

Think of these as life-time achievement awards because it sounds better than Misc. awards. These can go to anyone from wrestlers/fighters to promotions
to office workers.

No good low-life/ponk little gay – (biggest asshole)

Casey: TNA, they announced to the entire roster that they would stop paying for transportation and lodging…7 days before Christmas. Up until that happened
Johnny Ace had a pretty god damn solid lock on this one but leave it to TNA to earn a Sheiky without really trying.

Art: Nick Gage (CZW)

Euan: Anybody that comes into my work in the following states: drunk, high or both and irritates me by being retarded and "funny".

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Vince McMahon

Marcus: John Cena, I hate him.

Ric: Tie: Chris Leben and Joe Riggs. These two actually made me forget how annoying Phil Baroni is.

Get the Fuck out of the Car you Old Douchbag – (Award given to someone or something you’d just like to see go away)

Casey: I wish Russo would go away but I know it wouldn’t do any good, Dixie Carter would just bring him back anyway.

Art: Vince Russo (once again)

Euan: This is one of the easiest categories to name a winnner. There is a certain individual that if i learned died tomorrow, i would dance in the streets
and that man is...VINCE RUSSO *fanfare* Only Russo could book the wonder that was the now infamous Reverse Battle Royal and the stupidity of three Samoa
Joe vs. Kurt Angle matches in consecutive PPVs. So my message to you Vince Russo is well, the name of the category says it all.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Vince McMahon being in charge of WWE.

Marcus: Reverse Battle Royals

Ric: Ohhhhh, this is sooooo easy. TNA. Close second goes to Mr. Kennedy.

Top Honor:

The Iron Sheik Award – (to the craziest person in wrestling/MMA)

Casey: I’m giving this to Kurt Angle. Although it is hard to argue with Art’s choice when you consider Vince did book God for a PPV match. However, I still
go with Angle because: “TNA will soon be the top rated program on cable.” “Not to blow smoke up my own ass, but if you took the top 10 matches in WWE history
I’m in all of them.” “One day I will be running TNA.” “I haven’t been on painkillers in 18 months.” “I quit painkillers cold turkey after my match with
John Cena at No Way Out 2005.” “I worked Vince McMahon so I could get my release because I wanted to go to TNA.” “I will fight Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell,
Randy Couture or Daniel Puter some time in 2007.”

Art: (throughout the year) I thought Kurt Angle at first but he displayed his mental deterioration later in the year so I'm going with Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Euan: The Great Khali. How do i describe how great this man is? Imagine the Iron Sheik only more incoherent. Here is an average promo from Khali. "fshufdhheurndjucvbasdufbufneq,
undertikar! Now o lest in pisssssssssssssssssssssssss" I laugh every time someone gives him the microphone. I demand The Iron Sheik vs. The Great Khali
in a debate. Imagine the quotes.

Wade: No Pick Made.

Scott: Kurt Angle

Marcus: Again I take a different road. The craziest person in the ring this year was Edge.

Ric: I don't think Kurt Angle is crazy (he's delusional), so I'm giving this to New Jack, both for his in-ring and out-of-the-ring exploits. So there you
have it, all of our award winners with the possible acception of Test, Vince Russo and ECW should be proud of their Sheikies.



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