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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Conference Championship Predictions

If I'm as good at these as I was with TNA last week, go the other way.

New Orleans
Is there anyone outside of Bears fans that are rooting against the Saints? I'm personally cheering for the Saints not because of all New Orleans has been through but because I hate the Bears. I don't really think Chicago is that good of a team. I think they benefited from playing a weak schedule and that any remotely tough opponent is going to beat them.
The Bears do have the home feild advantage which is also connected to the weather advantage. The Saints play in a dome and are thus not as experienced in the elements. You know what though? I bet it doesn't matter. I think outside of New England the Saints may be the toughest Bears opponent this year. I don't trust Rex Grossman to have 2 good games in a row.
The Pick: Saints 31, Bears 20.

New England
Speaking of teams I hate we have this game. I am no fan of either team so that makes me more qualified to pick this game. This is what I know, whether I like him or not Tom Brady is clutch when it counts. Sure, often he gets help from referees to ensure that New England wins games they have no business winning (see: tuck rule) but he keeps New England in position to benefit from referees calls and when the officials aren't helping them to wins, they usually win anyway.
Then you have the Colts. The first thing to note about the Colts is that eventually Peyton Manning chokes. He choked every year in college, and he has choked every year in the playoffs. Sometimes he chokes in round 1 and sometimes he waits until the conference championship.
This year is different. The Colts owned New England earlier this season and Indianapolis has the home field advantage. I am not cheering for either team as really between Stalin and Hitler who really deserves cheers? Ok, so its not quite that bad but I do feel dirty cheering for either of these 2. However, a game needs a winner.
Tom Brady is always clutch and Peyton Manning always chokes. Until now, I think New England has pulled of an amazing season considering their wide receivers suck. I think they've benefited from great coaching, being written off to some extent and from playing the game as a team. However, I think the Colts will expose them as being a team that has worked due in part to smoke and mirrors and lets just say that all the secrets in the magic show will be revealed.
The Pick: Colts 21, Patriots 17

So having said that and remembering that I did horribly with TNA picks last week, happy Super Bowl XX rematch New England and Chicago.

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