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Sunday, January 07, 2007

CARE New Year's Revolution Predictions Recap

New Year’s Revolution is in the books and lets examine where everyone stands after the first predictions of 2007 have been registered.

Check out the CARE Roundtable Preview of this show

The Current Standings

Casey: 4 wins, 3 losses for a percentage of 57.14
Ric: 2 wins, 5 losses for a percentage of 28.57
Art: 1 win, 5 losses, for a percentage of 16.66
Euan: 0 wins, 6 losses for a percentage of 0

I asked Euan for comment about his start to 2007 and he told me “Fuck you”.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy Def. Johnny Nitro
It was a good start for Ric as he picked Hardy to win and the rest of us looked like fools.
Ric: 1/0, rest of us, 0/1

Match 2: Cryme Tyme win tag team Turmoil defeating Kade/Murdoch/Highlanders/WGTT
This is the first match where an explanation is needed. Ric and I both correctly predicted Cryme Tyme would be victorious on the night, so we both get a credit for the win. Euan and Art made no pick either way so this match is not factored in to their standings. This is why the total matches picked are 7 for Ric and I and 6 for Art and Euan. This means that wins and losses are not as important as percentages over the coarse of the year.
Ric: 2/0, Casey: 1/1, Euan and Art: 0/1

Match 3: Kenny Dykstra Def. Ric Flair
This was the second time tonight, that 1 of us got the pick right and the other three got it wrong. Earlier it was Ric with Hardy in the cage and now it is myself with Dykstra over Flair. This wouldn’t be the last time this happened on the night.
Casey: 2/1, Ric: 2/1, Euan and Art: 0/2

Match 4: Mickie James Def. Victoria
This was the final time of the evening that the person in the minority got the pin correctly as again yours truly picked Mickie James to win while all of the others went with Victoria. I guess luck was on the side of the minority tonight.
Casey: 3/1, Ric: 2/2, Euan and Art: 0/3

Match 5: No Contest between DX and Rated RKO
I had to rule this 1 a loss for everyone. Originally I put this in the no-ruling category, but given what I rule about Ric’s prediction in the main event…the only fair ruling for this match is a loss since nobody here predicted that the bout would end in a no contest.
Casey: 3/2, Ric: 2/3, Euan and Art: 0/4

Match 6: Chris Masters Def. Carlito
All of us picked Carlito, and there’s not much to say other than all 4 of us were wrong.
Casey: 3/3, Ric: 2/4, Euan and Art: 0/5

Match 7: John Cena Def. Umaga
Lets start out with the simple part. Myself and Art both correctly predicted a Cena win tonight so we both get a win. Euan incorrectly picked Umaga so Euan got a loss. Ric predicted a no contest of some sort as in a double DQ or a double count-out. Given the precedent set in the DX match as Ric’s prediction was incorrect, he is also given a loss. Note: Had Ric predicted a Umaga DQ loss, his prediction would’ve been considered correct.
Casey: 4/3, Ric: 2/5, Art: 1/5, Euan: 0/6

As always if you are one of the participants and wish to appeal, you can make your case to me.

A note on how a win or a loss is scored. I don’t look at the prediction of how the finish takes place. If Art says Cena wins by DQ and Cena wins with an STFU Art’s prediction of a Cena victory counts.
I do it this way for the fact that if we ruled that the only way to get the point would be to guess the finish than none of us on this show would have gotten any points at all we would’ve lost every match.

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Blogger Ric Gillespie said...

I ran the gamut, Euan. I cried. I.. Nah, I just laughed my ass off! Hope your sleep rocks as much as your review.

1/07/2007 11:56 PM  

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