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Sunday, January 07, 2007

CARE's Preview of New Year's Revolution

From the lovely Ric at Canvas Chronicle

As i mention in the article, i will have a Nomadic review of the PPV up on the OCC around 5-6am GMT.

Editor's Note: Click Continue reading to read the roundtable.

Editor's Note 2: Now that the show is over See how we did


Its time for the WWE’s first Pay Per View of 2007. It looks like a solid lineup on paper with one glaring acception but we’ll get to that when we get to
it. Also this will be the first PPV where our predictions will be tracked so won’t that be fun? Oh and of course by fun I mean a real horror.

*Carlito Vs. Chris Masters

You know I must not watch Raw that much anymore. I mean I keep missing the show during those weeks when people beg to see this match. I hate Carlito and
think he’s a lame babyface. Turn him heel and you’ve got my attention. As for Chris Masters well, did I mention my birthday is the day after this show?
As for who wins, well it seems like the WWE might actually kinda have plans for Carlito although why escapes me at the moment.

Winner: Carlito

*Ric Flair Vs. Kenny Dykstra

Oh, won’t this be fun? No, it won’t. I’m sorry but it is sad that this is what Ric Flair’s life has become. He is merely around to put over guys like Dykstra.
This is not a knock at the kid he may be real great some day but when you compare the kind of deal Foley has to the kind of deal Flair has it makes you
wonder if Vince didn’t screw Flair, Flair screwed Flair?

A winner is in order I suppose and I'm going to go ahead and say that Dykstra beats the Legend but not Olympic Champung for a second time.

Winner: Kenny Dykstra

*Women's Championship: Victoria Vs. Mickey James

This could actually be some fun. I can’t help but think back to the awesome Mickey James/Trish Stratus storyline that was unfolding at this time last year.
I’m of 2 minds about this, they could either have Victoria win the title and keep beating Mickey down until mania before Mickey gets revenge in the blowoff
of the feud, or they could have Mickey win and Victoria chace until mania. They could also go with option C which is neither 1 of the above. As we’re keeping
track of these things now so there’s no backing out, well…

Winner: Mickey James

*Steel Cage Match for the Intercontinental Title: Johnny Nitro Vs. Jeff Hardy

Nitro has been on a hotstreak lately and then you have Melina who is just plain hot. Jeff Hardy doesn’t really need the IC built but then I don’t figure
that anyone really needs the IC title. I expect this to be a highlight of the show, but this is not going to be the end of the feud even if the cage stipulation
is supposed to make you believe that it shall be. Call me crazy, but I like…

Winner: Johnny Nitro

*Cryme Tyme Vs. World's Greatest Tag Team

I don’t care but it looks like they’re building toward this match for the show. If it takes place then I like Cryme Tyme to win to enrage the WGTT and much
“wacky funny comedy” will follow.

Winner: Cryme Tyme

*Rated R-KO Vs. Degeneration X

Well, I’m not going to predict something as stupid as a VKM run-in. DX may be severely handicapped by virtue of the fact they are but a mere breakfast cereal
or something like breakfast cereal. I’m not really sure what the point of that was, and I’m not sure if I’m talking about the point of their promo or my
last sentence. Anyway, with the Rumble being later this month and my having no idea what they’ll do with these guys at Mania just yet I expect that Rated
R-KO will win to keep the feud going. I realize that they’ve gotten the better of DX lately but that was to make up for all the crap early on at least
I hope so.

Winner: Rated R-Ko

*WWE Championship: Umaga Vs. John Cena

I was in to this program. I liked the rule they weren’t allowed to touch until 2007 that was a response to a brawl they had last month. It was essentially
everything Angle/Joe should’ve been but wasn’t. Then, they fucked it all up. I figured that one of the primary reasons for the no touching stip was so
we could have the epic nose-to-nose staredown to see if either guy would cave to the temptation to hit his opponent before the deadline was up. We didn’t
get that, but we did get them wrestling against each other in 2 matches and having a wild brawl on that 3-hour show way back when last year. I liked where
they started and have gradually lost interest since then. This had so much more potential. But its not like this is their 4th meeting in 2 days like it
is for Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.

If I were in charge and if you own WWE stock be thankful I’m not but if I were Umaga would go over and stretcher Cena out. Umaga wins the title obliterates
Cena who is off TV until the Rumble. He’s the last Raw entry in the rumble, wins the thing and gets his match with Umaga at mania and you build off the
fact he got humbled last time out. That’s roughly what I would do with maybe some slight modifications after serious thought on the subject. However, this
is not me so…

Winner: John Cena

I think they’re showing this free in the UK so I’m sure Euan will have a report somehow. Probably after his reports on Turnning Point, Genesis and Hustlemania…and
his thoughts on anything else he’s seen. So basically look for Euan to possibly have something by 2009 or so. I’d better go beaue even though I’m only
teasing him, that might not be enough to keep Euan from sending Senshi over to kick me in the face, or sending Bruce Buffer over to drink all my alcohol
(luckily I don’t drink) or have Sheiky come over to do well Sheiky like things. So if you see this show, enjoy it and remember to watch out for the Sheikies
coming in just a couple of weeks.


WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Umaga: a simple yet effectively booked feud that involved some intense pull-aparts and fan anticipation to see these two fuck each other up
in the ring. I don't see this getting a ton of time, although it can't be short with it being a title match and a match lots of people are into on PPV.
Cena wins but Umaga won't be an easy FU victory.

WWE Tag team Championship Titles
DX vs. World Tag Team Champions Rated-RKO: I'd love to see RKO retain the titles, don't think DX need those titles and this would elevate RKO even further
as a heel team. I haven't followed WWE a lot lately so I may not know what the hell I'm talking about.

WWE Intercontinental Championship/Steel Cage Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro: This should yet be another fun match, as long as no one dies in this match expect death-defying highspots and other related
tomfoolery complete with Melina's banshee yelping throughout the match. Maybe Nitro gets the IC title.

WWE Women's Championship
Mickie James vs. Victoria: Hopefully there aren't many blown spots or injuries from a shoot punch, Victoria wrestling in a bikini top and jeans would be
tits... I'd like to see Victoria, amongst many others things, win the title.

Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra: It would be nice to see Flair school Kenny and pick up a win tonight.

Carlito vs. Chris Masters: Neither of these guys do anything for me, I'm guessing Carlito wins. Masters is a waste.


WWE title: John Cena vs. Umaga
For some reason, I don't see this feud (or Umaga's undefeated streak) coming to an end as of tonight, but I'm also pretty sure Umaga ain't ended up with
the belt. I see a screw-job ending, but am torn on what it'll be. I'll go with a double-count-out, double-disqualification, or no-contest.

World Tag Team titles: DX vs. Rated-RKO
Winners, and new champions: DX.

Intercontinental title/cage match: Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro
Hardy wins and retains his title, to be squashed another day.

Women’s title: Mickie James vs. Victoria
Victoria captures the belt.

Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra
Flair takes this one to avenge all of the other losses.

WWE title: Carlito vs. Chris Masters
Carlito will win, since he hasn't already done so, and that's the ultimate point of this feud.

Notes: Here's another prediction: If Cryme Tyme ends up wrestling on the show, they'll win... With it being roughly five-years since the last time WWE held
a pay-per-view in Kansas City, Missouri, it wouldn't surprise me to see Kemper Arena sell out... I'm presently under the weather, so I'll be missing the
pay-per-view. I'm just going under the assumption Casey, Art or Euan will provide some kind of recap. If not, sucks to be me. If I hear enough good things,
I'll catch a replay. If not, fuck it... Special thanx to Euan for helping me decipher whatever it was Casey tried to send.


Here we go, a new year and the first WWE PPV of 2007. Will this set a trend for the rest of the year? Will this be the defining PPV of the year? I don't
know but here we go with New Year's Revolution.

Carlito vs. Chris Masters

Why? This match sucked when we first saw it and now 7 million matches later, we get it again on PPV. They both should lose the match by default but i guess
i should pick a winner. Ummm...Carlito.

Winner - Carlito

Ric Flair vs. Kenny Dykstra

This has been a fun little feud that has been going for the past few weeks on Raw and now i assume this the blow off match. I can't see this going too long
as we have three main events tonight but i am going to say after all the beatings Flair has suffered, he is going to get his revenge tonight.

Winner - Ric Flair

Women's Championship Match

Mickie James vs. Victoria

FINALLY! A women's match i want to see. Victoria has re-discovered she can wrestle and has been killing everyone in her path and yes, i know punching a
water bag (Candice Michelle) doesn't count for much. I can see this being a fun match and will hopefully get a bit of time to showcase the only female
talent left in the WWE.

Winner - Victoria

Steel Cage Match for Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro

Here we go, this i have been waiting for since Joey Mercury decided that using his face as a shield was a good idea. I suspect this could be the beginnings
of a Hardy Boyz vs. MNM feud which will hopefully turn into another ladder match at Wrestlemania 23. I am expecting a Jeff Hardy spotfest special as they
have given him a cage to jump off from and perhaps even, hit Nitro once in a while. I expect this to get around 30 minutes or so and i have an idea of
the perfect finish. Picture this: Jeff Hardy has got halfway up the cage and NItro is not going to reach him in time and all of a sudden...Joey Mercury's
fucked up face appears on the screens and Hardy is scared and jumps off the cage and whimpers in the corner as Nitro strolls out the cage door. Vince Russo
has nothing on me! Of course, the chances of something like this happening on WWE is zero but hey, next week on Impact...

Winner - Johnny Nitro

World Tag Team Championship Match
Team Rated RKO vs. DX

Edge is great, i think everyone realizes that except the Cena fans but i will get to them later. DX has gone on far too long in my opinion, it should have
been just for a couple of months and then they should have broken up and life continued as normal. Instead now they inspired the Voodoo Kin Mafia and so
for that, Edge and Randy Orton have my full permission to defeat these "punk little gays".

Winners - Team Rated RKO


OK, first i had Bruce Buffer interrupting me during a WRESTLING preview and i have the crazy PRIDE announcer to deal with. Never mind, i'm sure Bruce will
be back shortly to collect her.

WWE Championship Match
John Cena vs. Umaga

Sorry Cena but your title reign will end tonight, only because i want to see the great Estrada cut a victory promo tomorrow night on Raw. I may get a beating
for this but i love Umaga! This whole feud in my opinion has been one of the best booked things on Raw in 2006 and i'm hoping that it will live up to my

Winner - Umaga

I will be doing a Nomadic review of the PPV later tonight on the Old Country Corner which will be up sometime between 5-6am GMT. (I couldn't be bothered
working out the US times so you can do that)

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