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Sunday, January 14, 2007

CARE TNA Final Resolution 2007 Predictions recap

Welcome to week 2 of our year-long prediction battle. We had 3 new players join the game so lets see how things stand out after TNA Final Resolution.

Preshow Match: Lance Hoyt Def. Chase Stevens
Everyone got this right, no big shock.

Match 1: Rhino Def. AJ Styles – Last Man Standing
In the first bout of the night we had a 4 to 3 split. AJ Styles was the pick of myself, Ric and Scott. Art, Euan, Wade and Marcus all picked Rhino. This 1 went to the majority.

Match 2: NWA X-division title: Chris Sabin Def. Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn
This was not an uncommon occurrence tonight either. Marcus picked Sabin and everyone else picked either Lynn or Daniels.

Match 3: PCS Finals: Alex Shelley Def. Austin Starr
Once again, it was a case of 1 person getting It right and that was Marcus. The rest of us picked Starr while Marcus predicted a Shelley victory.

Match 4: James Storm Def. Petey Williams
In this match myself, Art and Euan picked Williams and the rest picked Storm.

Match 5: NWA World Tag Team Titles: The Latin American Xchange Def. Team 3D
In this match we had Ric and Wade boldly predicting victory for Team 3D. In a related story, in this match we had Ric and Wade boldly being wrong. But hey, I know the feeling.

Match 6: 30:00 Iron man match: Kurt Angle-3 Def. Samoa Joe-2
In this match we had 1 man that predicted Kurt Angle even though his gut said it would be a draw. It’s a good thing Ric doesn’t listen to his gut or else he’d be really fat and he’d not have the honor of being the only 1 to get this right.

Match 7: NWA World Heavyweight Title: Christian Cage Def. Sting and Abyss
Again the pattern was set. Once again Ric Gillespie was the only man to correctly predict a Christian Cage Championship victory.

So according to the old scores on the board…
TNA Standings:
Marcus: 6 wins, 2 losses for 75%
Ric: 4 wins, 4 losses for 50%
Art: 3 wins, 5 losses for 37.5%
Euan: 3 wins, 5 losses for 37.5%
Scott: 3 wins, 5 losses for
Wade: 3 wins, 5 losses for
Casey: 2 wins, 6 losses for 25%

As is the custom with the person that finished n last. When I asked myself to comment on my performance tonight I flipped myself off and kicked me in the nuts.

It seems that the less you were familiar with TNA’s product the better you ended up doing. If not that then the more familiar you were with TNA’s product the worse you predicted tonight.

In the Overall Standings:
Marcus: 1 event, 6 wins with 2 losses for 75%
Casey: 2 Events, 6 wins with 9 losses for 40%
Ric: 2 events, 6 wins with 9 losses for 40%
Art: 2 Events, 4 wins with 10 losses for 28.5%
Euan: 2 Events, 3 wins with 10 losses for 23.1%
Scott: 1 event, 3 wins with 5 losses for 37.5%
Wade: 1 event, 3 wins with 5 losses for 37.5%

You’ve got close races at both the top and bottom of the standings. The new comers made a good showing for themselves during this TNA show, but for the original members known as CARE the tide may shift. The next event to be predicted is Ultimate Fight Night Live and the CARE team are more acquainted with MMA as a rule and these fighters in general than their counterparts. But, you never know who will get lucky and come out on top. So check in to the roundtable preview for Fight Night Live January 25 to see how things break down.

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