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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Roundup of news from the past couple of days

You know you want to click the cut, so do it.

Ratings info for last night's Smackdown
Down from last week.

A recap of said Smackdown
Sounds like Ric enjoyed the show.

Fight officially removed from next Fight Night Live
Its hard to fight with no opponent.

Programming reminder for the Road to Final Resolution and Kurt Angle on George Michael's Sports machine
There's a joke in here somewhere but I'll take the high road and not make it.

Gracie Fighting Championship cancels next week's event
I knew nothing of its existance.

TNA signs mobile content deal with New Motion
Just what the world needed more ways to acquire crap.

Guilty Plea in fraud case involving WWE
No, this has nothing to do with the launch of the new ECW brand.

Ric recaps WWE Heat
So he's the one.

Jeff Monson is engaged
I'm kind of surprised he'd bother seeing how marriage is a government institution and something he claims we can do without. However, never under estimate the power of a woman. His fiance may have been a tougher fight than his scheduled bout with Fedor.

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