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Saturday, January 27, 2007

This Day in Sheiky History: 01/27

We don't have to go too far back in Sheiky history for an important event.

First a little background...

Not everyone knows this but Sheiky is an avid player of video games. This has been the case since he first played WWF Attitude on the Sega Dreamcast. Someone showed him how to create wrestlers on that game and his life was filled with great joy when he would constantly pit his created Sheiky against his created Brian Blair. Needless to say, things always ended in the same way for Mr. Blair and it was never particularly good for him.

Anyway, being the Real Legend and if you don't believe him, just ask, Sheiky was one of the first to hop online, and play against others over the internet.

The game was Sega's NFL 2K2 and the date was Jan. 27, 2003.

Sheiky liked to toy with his opponents most of the time before he would break their back in the 4th quarter. Sheiky was in his own words "purposely losing" late and was down by 3 points with 2 minutes left in the game. Sheiky marched the length of the field and with 30 seconds left he managed to get inside his opponents 10 yardline.

Sheiky selected his play, snapped the ball and right as it seemed he would run the ball in for the winning score his opponent purposely disconnected the game and the afternoon was over. Sheiky was disappointed, and said this about the man who dropped off before the killing blow could be scored.

"Gamer, I want to let you know, that you break my heart. You insult all my video game playing brothers. I navaire raspact you again Gamer and you vas lucky ponk, that I not right in your living room. If I ever see you in the Canada or New Jersey, cameraman zoom it, I am going to suplex you, then I put you in the camel clutch, then I fuck your ass and make you humbil."

So it was on this date that someone named Gamer, broke Sheiky's heart.

Tune in tomorrow for This Day in Sheiky History.

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Blogger Ric Gillespie said...

The phrase or letters are overused, but I swear, this keeps happening when I visit this site!

1/27/2007 1:16 PM  
Blogger Ric Gillespie said...

PS: That would be "LOL."

1/27/2007 1:16 PM  

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