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Sunday, July 08, 2007

IWA Deep South “Risking It All” 7/7/07 Results

From: CZWFans.com:

IWA Deep South Report jacked from someone on another board

IWA Deep South returned to the beautiful state of Alabama for a 7-7-07 show titled “Risking It All.” The place was the National Guard Armory in Sylacauga.

The overarching storyline was further escalation in the Mid-South/Deep South war. Ian Rotten’s amazing promo was gasoline on the fire.

In the ring, the quality was there. There wasn’t one bad match on the show. As expected, Quackenbush/Rave was excellent. Daffney and Knuckles had a really good match. Younger vs. Freakshow was just plain nuts. Overall, I rated it a shade below their last two shows. Some of that was the crowd (roughly 85).

Deep South crowds usually have great energy, but with a few notable exceptions, that wasn’t the case last night. The ceiling of the place was coated with acoustic tiles to deaden the sound, which was they last thing this show needed. The building in Pell City was a lot nicer, but they lost it. Rumor has it that a certain veteran with stroke is out to eliminate hardcore wrestling in the state of Alabama.

(1) Chrisjen Hayme defeated Salvatore Rinauro and Patrick Bentley and Jarrett Tyler in a four way elimination match in a total time of 16:51. Hayme’s entrance was the only one that got much response. Rinauro tagged Hayme before the lock up. Hayme and Tyler went at breakneck pace until Hayme pinned Tyler with an elevated dragon suplex at 2:27. Rinauro tagged Bentley and did play-by-play commentary, until Bentley and Hayme wised up and brought him in the hardway. Bentley nailed Rinauro with a series of big moves. The fireman’s carry flipped into a backbreaker was sweet. But Rinauro caught Bentley with an O’Connor Roll using the ropes at 9:16. Rinauro soon gained the advantage on Hayme. He channeled a little Rick Rude here. Rinauro ate a dropkick to set up Hayme’s comeback. Hayme got a thee count with a reverse huracanrana, but Rinauro’s feet were clearly on the ropes. Referee Jimbo Fisher caught his mistake and called for the restart. Rinauro hit a floatover stunner and his turnbuckle-assisted Pele, but couldn’t but Hayme away. Hayme hit a muso to score the pinfall. Decent match. Dead crowd, which was pretty much the story all night.

(2) Chuck Taylor beat Kory Chavis in 10:02. The crowd gave Chavis a warm welcome. Taylor’s quirky smart ass humor was in full effect. He slapped Chavis across the face and paid dearly for it, as Chavis punished him with a series of power moves. Taylor took over when Chavis missed a running high kick. He ordered the parents of a crying infant to make that baby shut up. Taylor hit a belly to belly suplex and was all full of himself. Chavis pasted Taylor with an enzuigiri up side the head to start the comeback. His high kick connected for a near fall. Taylor scored with a missile dropkick and hit a cutthroat neckbreaker for a near fall. Taylor called for the Awful Waffle, but Chavis blocked it and hit the Spinesplitta for a false finish. The finish saw Taylor shove referee James Dewberry into the ropes to crotch Chavis on top. Taylor brought Chavis off the turnbuckle with a sick Splash Mountain style piledriver. The crowd gave Chavis a “please come back” chant.

(3) Mickie Knuckles beat Daffney via submission in 9:55. Daffney was coming off an awesome performance against Mike Jackson Friday night on the Wrestle Birmingham show. She did about the most stellar jobs of selling a knee injury I’ve ever witnessed. And she was great at it again here. Surprisingly, Daffey got a stronger entrance pop than Knuckles. Daffney did the test of strength deal where she kept switching hands. Then she pinched Knuckles. Daffney reversed a cravate into an inverted facelock. Knuckles popped her in the jaw and said, “I can’t bend like that.” Daffney’s bad knee went out. Knuckles went after the knee with a vengeance, contorting it with leglocks. The “Scream Queen” was screaming. Knuckles was showing her cold-blooded killer side, and the sympathy factor was clearly with Daffney. Knuckles strapped Daffney to the tree of woe. But Daffney grabbed Knuckles by the head and flipped over her for a sitout reverse DDT. They got into a wicked chop exchange. Daffney’s chest was covered with red welts after the match. Daffney spiked Knuckles with a crossed-ankles spinning headscissors. Knuckles got right back on the injured knee. She applied a full nelson leglock combo and Daffney tapped. As grueling as the match was, there were no hard feeling afterwards. Good round of applause for both.

(4) Ricochet beat Iceberg in 7:31. It was the ultimate David and Goliath scenario, and these were two guys that could make it entertaining. Iceberg bullied and no sold and then systematically and sadistically destroyed Ricochet. Iceberg was having a good old time. He hit a classic gourdbuster and pulled Ricochet up at the count of two. Iceberg planted Ricochet on the turnbuckles. Out of nowhere, Ricochet leapfrogged Iceberg for a flying reverse DDT. Ricochet went right back up for the 450 to get the pin. Iceberg was a sore loser. He decked ref Jimbo Fisher and pancaked Ricochet with a Ground Zero splash.

(5) Cabana Man Dan beat Insane Lane in a respect match (9:11). Lane is over. He’s a lot like Necro Butcher. Lane looks horrible and he’s not very athletic, but he has a deceiving amount of skill and an unflinching willingness to take psychotic quantities of punishment. CMD was stretching him early. Lane reversed with a body scissors pinning combination. Lane hit a spinning one-armed side slam and continued to toss CMD around. Dan lured Lane over near the ropes and tied his knee in knots. Dan did the flip flop chops to Lane’s chest – 25 with each flip flop. Lane hit a capture suplex to spark the comeback. He used an airplane spin and miraculously showed no ill effects to his knee. Lane dropped Dan on his head with a pumphandle maneuver but no pin. Lane planted Dan on the top turnbuckle to set up his finisher. Dan countered by launching a Shiranui from the middle rope. Lane kicked out just after the three count.

Dan refused to shake Lane’s hand and slapped him. He slapped Dewberry as well. Hayme came out and Dan shoved him aside. He’s become a complete arrogant asshole of late. Lane said Dan was developing a bully complex.

Ian Rotten cut an enraged, venomous promo to open the second half. He railed against internet posts stating that the injury he suffered when Freakshow drove a railroad spike into his eye was fake. Rotten targeted a guy in the first row as known as Wheelchair Matt as one of the culprits, calling him “a retarded wheelchair asshole.” Rotten said his surgery cost 9K and the recovery time cost him two months of being able to earn a living. Rotten said the fans didn’t know about that because they were on welfare. He totally reamed out the fans of Deep South. His comeback were so quick and devastating to where none of the fans wanted to mess with him. A fan pointed out that Rotten was wearing an Alabama hat. Rotten said Bear Bryant was his hero, but Bryant was rolling in his grave. He wiped his ass with the hat. He addressed a dried up prune of a woman in the first row. “I hope you have your first orgasm in 40 years and drop dead.” Rotten said he was hardcore royalty. He promised to deliver Freakshow’s head on a silver platter on 9/1 in Pelham. It ended with Rotten daring a fan to try him, and the refs had to coming running out to intervene.

(6) Mitch Ryder pinned Brad Armstrong after hitting him with the Tennessee chain in 12:15. A total throwback to old school southern style. Ryder did mic work disrespecting the fans and his opponent. He must have the raspiest voice on the planet. Armstong’s reply was short and sweet. “The talking’s over. Don’t sing it. Bring it.” Quick pin attempts by Armstong to start. Ryder took a TO. Armstong did his classic babyface flurry and Ryder bailed again. Ryder heeled. The crowd got behind Brad. Ryder grounded Armstrong and used the ropes for extra leverage. Armstrong came back with some great looking punches. He hit a flying bodypress and Ryder rolled through for a two count. Armstrong used a flying crucifix for a near fall. Ref bump. Ryder pulled out the chain. Pow! It knocked the spit out of Armstrong’s mouth. 1-2-3.

Armstrong said that was more than a closed fist. The crowd told him the truth of the matter. Armstrong said Ryder needed back up, but he had some back up of his own, and it was ba-ba-bad to the bone. Armstrong said he was going to get his daddy for a tag match on 9/1.

(7) Mike Quackenbush beat Jimmy Rave via submission with the Lightning Lock Beta to retain the IWA Deep South Title in 18:56. With Quackenbush egging him on, Rave did a lot more wrestling and a lot less stalling than his last time in Deep South. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Quack is an awesome babyface. They did a clever spot where Quack applied the first of many leglocks and Rave got the break by biting the bottom rope. Rave said he never smelled so much stink in one place and ordered the people to move back. They didn’t. Quack clotheslined Rave over the top, sat him down in the first row and chopped the hell out him. Quack asked Rave how it smelled. Quack said he didn’t like feeling disconnected from the crowd and asked them to slide their chairs closer. They did. Rave took over with a hotshot into the turnbuckle. Rave slammed Quack’s face into a chair and poured a Coke over his head. Rave did a side Russian legsweep into headscissors/armbar combo. Rave gnawed on Quack’s fingers when the ref wasn’t looking. Rave choked him with his wrist tape. Quack hit a dragon screw legwhip. Quack blocked two superplex attempts and hit a springboard back elbow. That got the Quack was on fire now. Rave went for a high knee and took a bump over the top. Quack gave Rave a wicked kneebreaker on the apron. Quack applied the figure four. Rave made the ropes. Rave scored close near falls with a spear and a knee to the face. Rave went to the top. Quack stunned him with a palm strike and hit a top rope huracanrana. Quack applied the inverted cloverleaf and Rave tapped.

( Freakshow beat Drake Younger in a hardcore falls-count-anywhere match (9:22). They wisely saved all the blood and guts for last. A variety of weapons were strewn around the ring. Younger called Sylacauga a piece of crap town and vowed to whip the hell out of the people’s hero for putting his mentor out of action. Younger slipped on a dive attempt as Show was circling the ring. Fortunately, he got enough hang time to make contact. Younger swung for the fences with the tack bat, and Show was bleeding from multiple puncture wounds within the first minute. Show gave Younger a fallaway slam onto a ladder that was propped against the ropes. The crowd chanted his name. Show used a studded crutch and Younger juiced. Show stomped a barbed wire chair onto Younger’s head. Younger was gushing from around the ear. Show gave Young a sidewalk slam on a barbed wire chair. Show laid Younger to waste with a brain cell killing chair shot. He set up a steel coffin of chairs with a ladder on top. But it was Younger that gave Show a huracanrana into the steel coffin, which got a well deserved “holy shit” chant. Show kicked out. Younger hit a Samoan drop onto the ladder and Show kicked out again. Younger puked a small puddle in the ring and carried on. For the finish, Younger took a top rope flip bump through a light tube and barbed wire table that was conveniently placed at ringside.

Rotten lead a contingent of Mid-South wrestlers including Knuckles, Ryder, Taylor and Ricochet into the ring to beat give Show the beatdown. That sparked a “Fuck Mid-South” chant. They also laid out Deep South owner Kevin Brannen. Rotten ended it by draping his IWA Mid-South t-shirt over Show’s body. The Mid-South guys left through a side door dragging Younger with them. Freakshow recuperated enough to address the fans. He said he started this war himself and he was finishing it at Pelham.

NOTES: Low Ki makes his IWA Deep South debut on 9/1 in Pelham…The 2007 Carnage Cup is set for 12/1 in Elkmont, Al...For their next Tuesday night show in Elkmont on 7/10, Full Throttle Wrestling is bringing in Traci Brooks, ODB, Seth Skyfire and Tracy Smothers...Rotten said he expected to receive clearance to wrestle on 7/20 and planned to do a match on 7/21…As always, the DVD of last night’s Deep South show will be available through Smart Mark Video with color commentary by Quackenbush and Rinauro among others.

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