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Monday, November 06, 2006

Live Raiders Blogging

11:11 in the first half
Raiders - 0
Seattle - 13

How many times will Andrew Walter be sacked this drive?

Chris Carr awaits the kickoff and returns it to the Oakland 28.

Oakland's 4th drive of the game starts. They've given up 1 more sack than they've had possessions.

  1. 1st and 10 Oak 28: Randal Williams catches Walter's pass up to the 42.
  2. 1st and 10 Oak 42: Fargas hit for a loss by Rocky Bernard.
  3. 2nd and 12 Oak 40: Walter's pass deep for Jerry Porter is incomplete.

    Timeout called by Oakland:
  4. 3rd and 12 Oak 40: Randy Moss catches the pass but only gains 11.
  5. 4th down: Lechler to punt, Burleson to return and it goes into the endzone for a touchback.

Nothing drive once again but Walter wasn't sacked. Sometimes we take it when we can get it.


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