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Monday, November 06, 2006

Pro Wrestling: TNA iMPACT Spoilers for 11/9 and 11/16 shows

All credit for these goes to PWInsider.com


*America's Most Wanted took part in a pre-show autograph session. NWA Tag Team champions LAX confronted and attacked AMW, leaving them laying.

Impact for 11/9:
*"Fight for the Right" Tournament Semi-Final: TNA X-Division champion AJ Styles (with Christopher Daniels) defeated Ron Killings (with Lance Hoyt) and Robert
Roode (with Tracy Brooks). Styles rolled up Killings for the pin. During the match, Brooks interfered, so Hoyt dropped her into the first row of the
crowd. A "fan" was cheering during the match and his drink was "spilled all over Tracy." Brooks slapped the fan. Roode confronted the fan, which led
to the finish.

*Shane Douglas cuts a promo, saying when he has a problem with someone, he deals with them face to face. He calls out Team 3D's Brother Ray and says he's
put up with Ray for 10 years. He said that Ray has a condescending, disrespectful attitude. Ray says he's never disrespect Douglas or any of the guys
that came before him. Douglas said that the Naturals aren't living off the past like Team 3D. The Naturals attack Brother Ray and put him through a table.
On the video screen, they show Devon laid out in the back as well.

*Petey Williams wons a Three-Way over Austin Starr (with Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley) and Johnny Devine.

*NWA Tag Team champions LAX came out. Konnan says they got back at AMW for jumping them by getting them at an autograph signing earlier today. He promises
they will burn the American flag next week on Impact.

*"Fight for the Right" Tournament Final: Abyss won the "Fight for the Right" tournament, defeating AJ Styles. There was a referee bump, which brought out
Christian Cage. Cage claimed to be the rightful number one contender and laid both men out with chairshots. Cage left. The referee recovered both competitors
out on the mat with a 10 count. Other referees came to the ring, which led to re-start. Jim Mitchell tried to use the bag of thumbtacks, but Daniels
prevents him. Chris Sabin hit the ring and interfered. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam for the pin. Abyss will face Angle on the primetime debut and will
challenge Sting at Genesis. After the match, Jay Lethal, Jerry Lynn, and Sonjay Dutt all come to the ring to confront Sabin about interfering. Sabin blew
them off.

*They showed Sting lurking in the rafters, which was the end of the first show.

Impact for 11/16 Primetime Debut- 2 hour event:

*Eric Young came to the ring as they shot off pyro and confetti. Young goes to the announcing table and says he has a huge announcement. NWA Tag Team
champions LAX came out, which ran Young off. Konnan took the mic and said they were going to burn the American flag. AMW hit the ring and everyone brawls.
Gail Kim returns and hits a hurancanrana on Homicide. Hernandez grabs her for the Border Toss but AMW rescues her.

*Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal via chokeout. Joe refuses to release the choke. Sonjay Dutt hit the ring for the save but gets choked out as well. Chris
Sabin walks to the ring, but changes his mind about getting into the ring, instead walking away. Joe finally lets Dutt go, takes the mic and says he wants
Angle's blood.

*The Naturals won a Tables match, defeating Team 3D. During the match, Team 3D gave Shane Douglas a 3D through the table. The Naturals hit a double chokeslam
on Devon through a table for the win. After the match, The Naturals continued to beat down 3D. Security came out and were unable to stop them. The Naturals
beat 3D with chunks of the table. Devon was bleeding.

*Eric Young comes back out to make his huge announcement, but this time he's interrupted by Frankie Kazarian, Matt Bentley, and Johnny Devine, in goth attire.
Kazarian said that tonight is the genesis of a new movement in TNA. He says it's not about winning or losing, but how much they sacrifice. They are
interrupted by the Voodoo Kin Mafia (The returning James Gang), who come out with new music. Kazarian said, "It's not time yet" and they left. BG James
took the mic and says they are back for one reason, for "creative control." He said they have permission to do anything they please, and are "declaring
war" on "Michael Hickenbottom, Paul Levesque, and Vincent Kennedy McMahon." Kip James gets the mic and says that eight years ago, they were told they weren't
good enough to be in "the group" but they ended up saving it. They said "that entity" is now back, but is sinking worse then the Titanic. They called
them, "the two biggest pieces of sh**." BG says that by air, sea, or land, they are going to bring "the war to their front door."

*Christian Cage defeated Rhino in the barbed wire Six Sides of Steel cage match, which featured barbed wire over the top of the cage. Christian escaped
after Rhino gored him through the door, which flew off it's hinges. The barbed wire came into play during the match. The crowd was really into the match
live and the finish came off well.

*Christopher Daniels won the TNA X-Division championship from AJ Styles during a Three-Way Dance with Chris Sabin. Christian Cage returned with his head
bandaged and gets on the apron. Styles dropkicks him off the apron. Styles battle outside the ring while Daniels pins Sabin for the belt with a rollup
off a Cradleshock reversal. After the match, Styles and Daniels had words in the ring, but eventually shook hands..

*Kurt Angle defeated Abyss via submission with the Anklelock. Abyss tapped after surviving for about a minute. Before the match, Jim Mitchell brought
out a wheelbarrow full of thumbtacks and spread them out in front of the announcing table. After the match, Samoa Joe hit the ring as Angle was celebrating.
They brawl outside the ring, where Joe cracks Angle with a chair. Joe tossed Angle back in the ring. Abyss and Joe face off, then both double up on Angle.
The lights go out and Sting rappells down from the rafters to the announce table. He hits a crossbody onto Abyss, who takes a bump into the tacks on
the floor. Sting and Abyss brawl to the back, leaving Joe in the ring with Angle. Joe puts Angle in the Anklelock. He headbutts Angle, busting him
open. Joe chokes him out, then wiped Angle's blood upon himself.

*We never got to see what Eric Young's announcement was, by the way.


*Eric Young pinned Robert Roode. Roode had Young beaten after Tracy Brooks interfered. The referee re-stated the match, leading to a quick rollup.

*Ron Killings pinned Alex Shelley (with Austin Starr) after Starr accidentally tripped Shelley, believing it was Killings. Killings hit a stumbling Shelley
with an Axekick for the three count.


TNA wrestlers signed autographs after the show and TNA gave away merchandise including videogames to fans.

Nothing as rediculous as the Fight for the Right Tournament, at least until the Voodoo Kin came out and declared war on DX. Gee, never saw an angle like that before now have I?


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