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Sunday, January 28, 2007

This Day in Sheiky History: 01/28

It is time once again for This Day in Sheiky History. On this date in Sheiky's history, he won his first Olympic Gold Medal.

The year was 1848. The event was the 100 yard dash.

Sheiky lined up at the starting line and as the gun was fired he took off down the track and blew all of his competition away winning in a then Olympic record time.

Sheiky would tell you that he humbilled his opponents on the track that day and that "they play Oldest Country in the Vold National Anthem."

The real story is a little bit more sorted. For those that know you're Olympic history, you know that the Modern Olympics did not start until 1896 in Athens Greece. This would be 48 years after Sheiky supposedly won his Gold medal in the backyard of the man who lived next door. You would also note that track and field are summer events and January is a winter month. This casts a pretty large doubt on the legitimacy of these Olympic games.

Well, at least he won going away even if the event wasn't really the Olympics.

Unfortunately, there is a reason for that as well.

It seems as though nobody else showed up for the race as all other people in the world boycotted. Sheiky would say that: "They var afraid of reille Olympic Legend, and they know I'm 2 time double U Double U E champiung. I navaire raspact them again but Sheiky still got Olympic Gold Medal. I even cook BBQ on George Forman gimmick and they no pay the $2 to get in just like that cheap skinny bastard, the Nikolai."

Now you know how the Sheik won his first Olympic Gold Medal, it wouldn't be his last and it happened on this date in Sheiky History 1848.

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