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Thursday, January 25, 2007

UFC Fight Night Live 8 Round-by-round coverage

You should know the drill by now, refresh your browser for the latest and we'll be getting the festivities started shortly.

Predictions after the Dark Matches:
Ric: 5-0
Wade: 4-1
Scott: 4-1
Casey: 3-2
Art: 3-2
Euan: 3-2
Marcus: 2-3

Mike Goldberg, not to be confused with Bill and Joe Rogan host the show.

They run down the card for the show, recapping the altercation between Evans and Salmon and then talk about the debut of Heath Herring.

Commercial Break!!!

Fight 1:
Spencer "The King" Fisher
Hermes Franca
3 rounds in the Lightweight (155 LB division)

We learn that Scott is incapable of doing simple math.

Bruce Buffer kicks the show off.

Referee: Jorge Alanzo

Round 1: Rogan says this could headline a pay per view. Well, not if it was a WWE pay per view that's for sure.

Franca had Fisher on the ground early but Fisher was able to get back to his feet to get out of trouble.

Hermes scores another take down as Wade and i make Futurama jokes.

Apparently, Spencer Fisher grew up in Mayburry. Ok, maybe not really Mayburry but his town in N.C. only had 1 stoplight.

Franca finishes the round with a flury.

Scoring: Clearly Franca's round. Give it to him 10-9.

A commercial airs for the Marine, next!

Round 2: Franca is in the top position. Fisher gets in to half guard which is a better spot than where he was before.

Pros Vs. Joes II promo, expect another or 2 or 10 before the show is over.
Rampage will be on Inside the UFC.

Spencer Fisher was rocked, and Franca is the victor after a flurry.

Winner: Hermes Franca - 4:03 R2
Ric clinches first in this predictions contest.

Hulk Hogan is in the house and referred to as an international superstar, but they don't say for what.

Hermes Franca gets down on his knees ala GSP. Of course unlike GSP, Hermes utters the "F" word which has to be muted. He wants a title shot.

They show Evans in his locker room.

UFC 67 Commercial now airs.

Fight 2:
"Irish" Jake O'Brien
"The Texas Crazy Horse" Heath Herring
3 rounds in the Heavyweight Division.

Referee: Big John McCarthy

Round 1: Round 1 starts on the feet but O'Brien gets the top position. The highlight is Scott Wade and I suggesting ways for O'Brien to piss Herring off.

O'Brien has actually controlled the first half + of the first round.

Round ends with a few boos.

Scoring: I'm giving the round to O'Brien because he controlled it for the most part. 10-9

Round 2: Jake O'Brien is starting out the second round just like he ended the first. He's got Herring in trouble during the early portion. Herring has done nothing really to avoid being taken down.

O'brien has bloodied Heath Herring and is as Rogan says: "Mounting him at will." In dating terms, in this fight Herring has been a whore so far.

Rogan goes on quite the rant to end the round with more of a flurry than either fighter.

Scoring: No question, round 2 is just like round 1. Its O'Brien's round 10-9 but really it could be 10-8.

Herring is tired and in trouble.

Round 3: O'Brien has continued to dominate and scores with even more takedowns. Herring is an ass fuck away from having been humbled in the Old Country Way.

Herring is telling McCarthy that O'Brien is not keeping busy. Herring is begging for the stand-up but he's not getting it thus far.

Herring nails a big right for his first real action of the fight. O'brien reverses things and this fight is pretty well over.

Rogan says this is the worst he's ever seen Herring. The crowd is booing fantastically, I'm hoping they're booing Herring's performance because you can't boo O'Brien. Bullshit chant as they go to break.

Scoring: 10-9 O'Brien. So I've got it 30-27 for Jake O'Brien.

Official Decision: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 for "Irish" Jake O'Brien
I want to know for the judge who gave it 29-28, what round did Herring supposedly win?

Joe Rogan is interviewing Randy Couture about Pros Vs. Joes and now he's trying to start trouble between Couture and Jose Cansecko.
Now he's asking him about the Sylvia fight. Randy says he will be the Champion again, lets hope so.

Now we're going to the Dark Fight.

Fight 3:
Chris "The Exorsist" Price
Ed "Short Fuse" Herman
3 rounds in the Middleweight (185 LB division)

Referee: Jorge Alanzo

Round 1: Price was looking for the Kamura but Herman had none of it. Herman escapes Price's guard.

A minute or so later, Price taps out to Herman's armbar.

Winner: Ed Herman - 2:53, R1

Fight 4:
Sean Salmon
Rashad Evans
3 rounds in the Light Heavyweight (205 LB division)

Referee: Troy Wong

Round 1: Mike Goldberg's relentlous kissing up to Randy Couture makes me want to have Couture punch him out.

Salmon did score a takedown in the round and it was a fun round. I'm fading fast and am ready for sleep.

Scoring: 10-9 round for the new comer, Sean Salmon

Round 2: Rashad gets Salmon in trouble early, and then he just knocks Salmon the fuck out. Devistating. No question about it. It was a big-time head kick.

Winner: Rashad Evans

Ric wins the UFC Predictions contest for tonight.

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