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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gathering of the Juggalos at Cave-In-Rocks, IL

Gathering of the Juggalos at Cave-In-Rocks, IL

Once again the time has come for ICP’s Gathering of the Juggalos. YEAH! This year the throw-down takes place at Cave-In-Rock, Illinois, from August 9th through the 12th. The 8th annual, 96-hour long, gigantic campground super bash features gang loads of entertainment. Over 100 music acts will perform, including multi-platinum groups such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mushroom Head, Powerman 5000, Twiztid, Insane Clown Posse, and many more.

Also, the Gathering features countless entertaining shows by comedians, magicians, skateboarders, DJ’s, and of course, several forms of in ring competition featuring as always, Juggalo Championship Wrestling. This year, they’ve got Women’s Exotic Wrestling, Foxy Boxing, and a 3-day, fat ass dose of JCW action. And thanks to ICP’s weekly Internet show entitled Slam TV, JCW’s bizarre characters and unique brand of wrestling action is now hotter than ever before.

The DVD release of Slam TV Episodes 1 through 9 featuring “West Side Wars” comes out nationwide on September 18th. It will be sold everywhere from Best Buy to Hot Topic. In fact, JCW’s DVDs will be the first wrestling DVDs ever sold at the entire Hot Topic chain.

Slam TV’s hardcore wrestling action, (hosted vulgarly and explicitly by ICP), has gained a very large following among Juggalos and other wrestling fans alike. The hot storylines and major feuds all come to a head at this years Gathering on Saturday night, August 11th, at midnight. The big event is billed as “Bloodymania!” Psychopathic Records, Inc. and JCW promise a huge production, with a lot of incredible talent and they vow to bring forth a show that will frizzle and singe your butt hairs.

Aside of the surprises JCW has in store for the show, here are the wrestlers already confirmed to compete live at Bloodymania!

JCW Champion Corporal Robinson … Holy Trent Acid … 2 Tuff Tony … Abdulla The Butcher … Pogo The Clown … Nosowa … Sabu … Southern Tracy Smothers … Bull Pain … Ultimo Dragon … The Great Muta … Brutis Beefcake … Greg “The Hammer” Valentine … Jimmy Jacobs … Justin Credible … 2 Cold Scorpio … Tito Santana … Jorge Santana … Devin Moore … Necro Butcher … Mad Man Pondo … Zach Gowen … The Human Tornado … Doug and Danny: The Bashums … Axl and Ian Rotten … Scott Damore … Samu and Fatu: The Head Shrinkers … Scott “Razor” Hall … Jake “The Snake” Roberts … ICP

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