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Monday, January 29, 2007

Care/Other Vuz, Vuz, Vuz Jabronis Predictions Recap: WWE Royal Rumble 2007

It is time to look at the results of 2007’s Royal Rumble and assess where everyone stands.

Match 1: The Hardy Boys Def. MNM
Casey: MNM
Art: MNM
Ric: The Hardy Boys
Euan: MNM
Scott: MNM
Wade: The Hardy Boys
Marcus: MNM
As you can see it was a 5-2 split on this one. Clearly 5 of us ended up being fools with the result. Put wins in the column for Wade and Ric.

Match 2: Bobby Lashley Def. Test
Casey: Bobby Lashley
Art: Bobby Lashley
Ric: Bobby Lashley
Euan: Bobby Lashley
Scott: Bobby Lashley
Wade: Bobby Lashley
Marcus: Bobby Lashley
The Unanimous pick for this match was Lashley. As I mentioned though, my initial pick was Test and I was wondering if this would bite me in the ass. Changing my pick did not other wise I would’ve finished in soul possession of last place again.

Match 3: Batista Def. Mr. Kennedy
Casey: Batista
Art: Batista
Ric: Batista
Euan: Batista
Scott: Batista
Wade: Batista
Marcus: Batista
Unanimous choice here as well and again everyone is correct.

Match 4: John Cena Def. Umaga
Casey: Cena
Art: Cena
Ric: Cena
Euan: Cena
Scott: Cena
Wade: Cena
Marcus: Cena
Also Unanimous and also a win for everyone. Lets move on.

Match 5: Shawn Michaels wins Royal Rumble match
Casey: Shawn Michaels
Art: Shawn Michaels
Ric: The Great Khali
Euan: Shawn Michaels
Scott: Undertaker
Wade: Undertaker
Marcus: Shawn Michaels
We had quite the split here. The Rumble came down to Shawn Michaels and Undertaker, sorry Ric. So Scott and Wade against myself, Marcus, Euan and Art. Well, once again the minority was victorious with the Undertaker victory.

So here is how it broke down. With only a 5 match show and so many picks being unanimous everyone was going to be bunched together.

Tying for last at 3-2 were: Casey, Art, Euan and Marcus
Tying for Second at 4-1 were: Scott and Ric
Winning the Royal Rumble Event: Wade with a perfect 5-0 record.

The WWE Standings…2 events total
Wade: 1 Event, 5 wins, 0 losses for 100%
Scott: 1 Event, 4 wins, 1 loss for 80%
Marcus: 1 event, 3 wins, 2 losses for 60%
Casey: 2 events, 7 wins, 5 losses for 58.3%
Ric: 2 Events, 6 wins, 6 losses for 50%
Art: 2 Events, 4 Wins, 7 Losses for 36.3%
Euan: 2 Events, 3 wins, 8 losses for 27.2%

Overall Standings…4 Events total
Wade: 3 Events, 14 wins, 7 losses for 66.6%
Ric: 4 Events, 17 wins, 11 losses for 60.7%
Scott: 3 Events, 12 wins, 9 losses for 57.1%
Marcus: 3 Events, 12 wins, 9 losses for 57.1%
Casey: 4 Events, 13 wins, 15 losses for 46.4%
Art: 4 Events, 11 wins, 16 losses for 40.7%
Euan: 4 events, 10 wins, 17 losses for 37.0%

As you can see, Wade would seem to have the hot hand having the best percentage of the bunch as of now. Ric has finished in either first or second place in all 4 predictions contests. Had Wade participated in New Year’s Revolution the rest of the field might be in big trouble. Myself, Art and Euan are all floundering below .500 for the year which means if you follow our picks expect bad things to happen.
Next up we have 3 events in 2 weeks. We have UFC 67 on February 3, and we have EliteXC and TNA Against All Odds on the 10th and 11th respectively. Can Ric duplicate his success from UFC Fight Night Live 8? Can Wade’s beginners luck stay with him for beyond 1 show? Tune in to the CARE/Other Vuz, Vuz, Vuz Jabronis roundtable preview to find out.

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