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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fight Night Live 8 Predictions Recap

I'm going to be brief with this one as I'm pretty tired.

Well, Fight Night Live is in the books, so lets see how we did.

Match 1: Rich Clementi Def. Ross Pointon
In this fight, everyone but Euan and myself picked Clementi and everyone but Euan and myself was correct.

Match 2: Din Thomas Def. Clay Guida
Ric, Wade and myself picked Thomas to win and the rest picked Clay Guida and we were correct.

Match 3: Ed Herman Def. Chris Price
It was unanimous, we all picked Ed Herman to win, and he did so thumbs up for that.

Match 4: Josh Burkman Def. Chad Reiner
Art and Marcus picked Reiner to win and the rest of us had Burkman and were correct.

Match 5: Nate Marquardt Def. Dean Lister
Marcus and myself picked lister and we were humbled right along with young Dean.

Match 6: Hermes Franca Def. Spencer Fisher
Ric and Wade picked Franca and they were the only members of the party to get it right.

Match 7: Jake O’Brien Humbled Heath Herring
Unanimous pick going in was Heath Herring, and unanimous getting it wrong.

Match 8: Rashad Evans Def. Sean Salmon
This is the third fight that got a unanimous selection. The first 2 were split with us all getting Herman right and Herring wrong. The final fight was ended emphatically by Rashad giving us all the win.

UFC Standings…
Ric: 7-1 for 87.5%
Wade: 6-2 for 75%
Scott: 5-3 for 62.5%
Casey: 4-4 for 50%
Art: 4-4 for 50%
Euan: 4-4 for 50%
Marcus: 3-5 for 37.5%

In the Overall Standings, it looks like this…
Ric: 3 Events, 13 wins, 10 losses for 56.5%
Marcus: 2 events, 9 wins, 7 losses for 56.25%
Wade: 2 events, 9 wins, 7 losses for 56.25%
Scott: 2 events, 8 wins, 8 losses for 50%
Casey: 3 Events, 10 wins, 13 losses for 43.4%
Art: 3 events, 8 wins, 14 losses for 36.3%
Euan: 3 Events, 7 wins, 15 losses for 31.8%

Scott and Wade made strong showings for themselves predicting their first MMA event. Ric was a Heath Herring victory away from going undefeated on this show.
Next up is WWE’s Royal Rumble and between now and March 11, things should shake out quite a bit.

Upcoming Schedule:
Royal Rumble 01/28
UFC 67 02/03
EXC 1 02/10
Against All Odds 02/11
No Way Out 02/18
Pride 33 02/24
UFC 68 03/03
Destination X 03/11

So no breaks between now and then.

How will the Rumble predictions play out? Can Euan get his first successful WWE prediction of the year? How will the world manage to live as long as Ric Gillespie is in first place? You’ll have to tune in to that column to find out.

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