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Monday, January 15, 2007

WWE RAW 1/15/2007 Live Coverage

I am here again to do live coverage of RAW. Let's see if I can stay on there without changing the channel.

Show opens with John Cena. Coach is already in the ring with a table and chairs set up. He calls Cena the WWE Champ but says it might be the last time he says that since Umaga is facing him again at the Royal Rumble. Weren't ex champs allowed a rematch and not the other way around? Guess since they don't have many contenders for the title they have to go with whatever they can. After very careful consideration, Coach has decided that Armando gets to name the match and he picks a Last Man Standing match. Armando gives us the rules like we and asks if they thinks he's crazy enough to sign itdidn't know already and signs the contract. Cena signs the contract the jumps Umaga, takes him outside and rams the steps into him. Cena takes Armando into the ring and FUs him through the table.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial with Melina (super hot outfit) and Johnny Nitro taking on Maria and Jeff Hardy. Hardy and Nitro start out with Nitro taking the advantage and Melina primal screaming. Twist of Fate blocked and Maria and Melina come in. Nice bulldog by Maria gets 2. Nitro trips Maria and Melina gets a camel clutch in but breaks it. Maria counters and Nitro tags in and tries to attack Maria but Hardy gets in and lays into him. Whisper in the Wind connects but Melina distracts him from doing the Swanton. Nitro tris for a superplex but Hardy fights him off and gets the Swanton for the win. Looks like they're putting a few more Divas in the ring since that division has thinned out by 2.

Backstage with Coach and McMahon. McMahon tries to call Trump but is told he's at dinner.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial with Rated RKO coming out and stopping on the ramp. We get the start of the DX Music then a flatline. Orton talks about their handicap match later tonight. Orton says he needs to check something backstage and Edge continues. He talks for a bit then also goes to the back. Now they've drug out a beaten up Jim Duggan it for 2.and give him a con-chairto.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial with Ric Flair (WHOOO!!!) vs. Kenny. Flair takes the advantage with chops. Basement dropkick from Kenny then a suplex for 2. Kenny gets the Figure Four on Flair but Flair gets to the ropes. More punches and chops from Flair. Flair going up top and he actually hits for 2. Flair puts a foot on the middle rope and gets the pin.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial with Shawn coming to the arena. Grisham informs him about what happened to Duggan. Flair stops Shawn and says he's gonna be there for him.

Back to Coach and Vince. Vince reads the letter from Trump to him.

Trailer for Blades of Glory and a video for WM23.

Vince is now in the ring and runs clips of the Rosie/Donald "match". Glad I didn't have to see the whole thing. He runs the finish in slow motion and keeps jawing. Vince is now doing a skit about the Miss USA incident. The person playing Miss USA is Torrie and she isn't too happy about it. Torrie pulls some lines out of her dress and Vince is about to do something stupid but Carlito comes out (thank god). He tells Vince he isn't cool and says the Rosie/Donald skit sucked and says what he's doing to Torrie brutal. Carlito says he wants to fight and Vince brings out The Great Khali. May dog have mercy on Khali's soul. Vince says "Now that was cool" and leaves the ring.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial with Mickie James vs. (surprise, surprise) Victoria. Victoria starts out but Mickie turns it around. Another reversal by Victoria and throws her around the ring by her hair. Mickie gets a roll up for 2. Series of clotheslines by Mickieand a headscissors gets her 2. Tilt a whirl side slam by Victoria gets 2. Crappy spin kick by Mickie gets her the win.

Hyping of Royal Rumble and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial with Chris Masters in the ring. He says he's gonna win the Rumble. Yeah, right! He'll win when monkey's fly out of my...ear. He has a piece of paper signed by Vince that says the Masterlock wasn't broken. Ron Simmons (DAMN) comes out to accept the Masterlock Challenge. Simmons shoves Masters to convince Masters to put it on him. Masters does the usual dilly dally then applies it. Super Crazy comes in and attacks Masters to help Simmons break the Masterlock. I love it that Simmons is back, he is always good for comedy.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial with Flair shown layed out in the back.

We now have JTG vs. Shelton Benjamin. Shelton in control and rams JTG into the turnbuckle. JTG gets a few moves in but Shelton gives him a good kick. JTG's trips up Shelton and JTG gets the win.

Backstage with Shawn saying he is going down in a blaze of glory.

Commercial break.

Back with Triple H getting surgery on his other quad. Says he wants another title run when he comes back.

We're now onto the main event. Edge and Orton do a good impersanation of the DX intro. Security is now taking DX signs by order of Vince McMahon.

Commercial break.

Back from commercial with Shawn coming down to the ring. He runs to the ring does some early cleaning houe. Chops Edge on the outside then rolls him back in and gives him another chop. Tag to Orton who misses a dropkick and gets pounded on. Reversal by Orton and Edge pulls the top rope down then clotheslines him. Tag to Edge who punches Shawn in the corner. Orton gets some shots in himself then Edge goes back at it which makes him bleed. Orton with an inverted backbreaker for 2. Exchange of punches and chops and a clothesline by Shawn. Tag to Edge who spears Orton when Shawn moves. Another punch, chop exchange with Shawn coming out on top. Bodyslam and top rope elbow but Shawn can't make the pin. SCM attemptbut Orton comes in and distracts him and allows Edge to get the spear. Edge goes outside for 2 chairs and the ref calls off the match. Edge tries for a con-chairto but Shawn kicks the chair into him and drop toe holds Orton onto the other. Shawn low blows both and gets a sledgehammer. Edge and Orton get layed out with the sledgehammer then tries for his own con-chairto on Orton and hits it as we end the show.

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