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Monday, January 29, 2007

Royal Rumble Recap

Thanks to sir Ric

I've got a few thoughts...

*It seems that the MNM/Hardy Boys feud may continue afterall. This could be another feud wherein MNM loses every match.

*Looking at the result to the Bobby Lashley Vs. Test encounter, it is clear someone in WWE watched the Finish to Rhino Vs. AJ Styles from Final Resolution and thought it was worth stealing. I think said person should be fired, but at least it happened in the match on the show that the fewest number of people cared about. Also, clean pin on Tuesday wacky finish on the PPV again good thing it was the ECW match.

*Mark it down, Undertaker gets way more cheers at Wrestlemania than does Batista.

*This still leaves us a need for an opponent for John Cena. I think I'll want to check out Last Man Standing.

*Cole, Lawler and JBL did commentary for the Rumble. Shows you the pecking order of ECW and I guess Jim Ross in the eyes of someone.

*Most important thing to me about the Rumble, the fact that the man that drew #30 was the winner. This has never happened before.

I won't seak to the quality of the show not having watched it but I think I'll hit a tit borrent site to obtain a copy.

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