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Monday, January 29, 2007

This Day in Sheiky History: 01/29

Lets see what the Sheiky himself was up to on this date.

On this date Sheiky found some success in a very important event. It was on this date in 1343 that Sheiky would win a contest about which little is known.

Sheiky won his first Ever Royill Humbill Rumbill.
We don't know much about the event. We know that the entry fee was $2, there's that number again and that Sheiky entered the Humbill Rumbill from the 4th spot out of 69.

The rest of how the event works may have to be left up to your imagination. Apparently, the event was outlawed in 1478 for "rampant human rights violations", whatever that means.

You can probably guess though how 1 was eliminated from the Royill Humbill Rumbill.

Sheiky's comment on this: "I win many Royill Humbill Rumbill, nobody make the Sheiky Humbill. It vas pleasure for me, no any other rumbill sell out Sheiky stadium accept this von. One day, Sheiky say they bring humbill rumbill back and Sheiky enter number von and let Jabroney Brian Blair enter last at #69 and I'm still gonna suplex heem put heem in tha camel clutch and make heem humbill. Then Sheiky hear reille National Anthem and everything else is great."

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Blogger Ric Gillespie said...

As a wrestling historian (well, not really, but I've played one on podcasts), I can add a little to the story. Sheiky had a good friend, apparently bigger and stronger than he, Nickholei. It seems Nickholei was originally going to enter the Royill Humbill Rumbill, and everyone says he would've won, but he didn't want to give the wheelchair man the two-dollar entry fee. Sheiky continues to hold a grudge, because he wanted to prove to everyone that Nickholei could've never withstood the power of Sheiky. True story.

1/29/2007 8:56 AM  
Blogger Old Country Caretaker said...

Thanks for that note...now you can call yourself a contributor. If you haven't, you may want to append that note to the version of this that appears on your website.

1/29/2007 9:19 AM  

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