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Thursday, November 30, 2006

TNA iMPACT 11/30/06

I'll have Live as it happens coverage of the show. Hit refresh for the latest updates.

The show opens with a recap of the happenings from last week. Featured storylines are LAX and AMW as well as Abyss/Christian/Sting and Joe and Angle.

The New Girl is with LAX in the back. Konnan says things about Petey Williams and Kurt Angle their supposed opponents for tonight.

The iMPACT opening airs.

David Penzer introdcues Christian Cage as Mike Tenay announces Abyss/Christian/Sting for the title at Turning Point. Christian wants to make a formal introduction to the only man he trusts in the wrestling business. I guess he did a good impression of Sting last week, either that or made an impression on him, pick your poison. Christian is complaining about being put in the triple threat match at Turning Point. He's Undefeated and the biggest star in TNA. He says that at Turning Point it could be a single threat match, now that'd be different.
Christian now speaks to Abyss. Apparently Abyss and Tomko know each other and lets hope its not in the biblical sense. I bet this is forgotten eventually. Abyss' music plays and Christian just keeps talking as Mitchell and Abyss argue.
Now here come's Sting's music and if tradition holds then Sting should be soon to follow. Sting repells from the rfters and Don West calls him a dummy. That wasn't nice. Oh turns out it was a decoy as Sting sneaks in from the other side and attacks Christian and Tomko.
Sting wants to talk to Abyss man-to-man, face-to-face tonight and he tells Abyss to come alone. He may have also used the phrase, meet me at the treehouse during recess and check yes or no if that's ok.

A video with VKM airs, 10 thumbs up...or not. They want someone to sign something or they'll do something, but that's all I caught due to not caring.

With that we head to our first...

Commercial Break!!!
A Clerks II DVD commercian, and 1 about something to do with Constipation airs. Russo and his toilet humor.

Apparently, LAX decided to leave AMW's James Storm in a bad way during the commercial break.

Match 1: Top Contender to the X-division Title, Chris Sabin Vs. Jay Lethal Vs. Sonjay Dutt
Christopher Daniels is at the booth. After listening to Daniels talk about the men in this match, it is obvious he is better doing this as a heel. The 6 people in the crowd making noise must've been left over from the Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale.

Chris Sabin scores the fall after like 2 minutes. Seriously, this was a short match. They couldn't have had a short 1 on 1 match it had to be a 3 way for no good reason.

Winner: Chris Sabin
Daniels and Sabin are arguing after the match and now Jerry Lynn is out to say things. We don't hear these things of course its just between the 3 o them and the 20 people watching this show.

Now Chris Harris who went looking for LAX, found them and got a beatdown.

A revealing interview with AJ Styles is up later as well as Angle/Williams Vs. LAX for the tag titles. Cause you know, Williams and Angle have been winning lots of matches in the tag ranks lately.

Also we get more from VKM after the...

Commercial Break!!!
Back-to-back episodes of Unleashed follows this show. Old fights will draw a better rating than Russo's booking, but that means nothing. No, it doesn't mean anything at all, just ask Russo.

Turning Point Commercial Airs.

We're back with more VKM. This is the lamest video in the history of planet earth.

Robert Roode's CEO is asking people about Eric Young.

Jeremy Borash is plugging TNA's junk. Victory Road and Hard Justice now available at ShopTNA.com (great just what I need) action figures in stores and Turning point coming up.

Mike Tenay tries to get inside the pants of AJ Styles. He may have actually said mind but this is supposedly revealing so its not yet clear.

They need to change the name of this company to TNT. Total Nonstop Talking. AJ Styles had a hard live, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. This interview is now longer than the first match. Now Rhino is lecturing AJ about things.

LAX Vs. Joe, I mean Petey Williams...don't know why I typed Joe, and Kurt Angle. Sting will also talk with Abyss because this show has been short on interviews this week.

Now we move to a...

Commercial Break!!!
Commercial airs for Inside the UFC.

We now see Shelley/Starr/Nash/all the rest of the X-division. Nash is disappointed that none of the X-guys tested positive for Steriods. They're abiding by the TNA drug policy.

Match 2: Alex Shelley/Austin Starr Vs. Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings
I have no idea what they're doing in the ring because its not talking. I hear tell that this is called wrestling but I can neither confirm nor deny that.

Alex Shelley grabs the tights and gets the pin. Starr is telling the ref about Shelley's cheating and now the decision has been reversed.

This is so stupid. Why would Austin Starr cost himself the match? If this were real and you earned more for winning than losing why would he do this? It makes no sense.

Ms. Brooks is backstage and challenges Eric young to something I won't want to have to watch.

Commercial Break!!!
A commercial for the TNA Music CD airs.

Back with more VKM because I haven't committed suicide yet.

Sting calls out Abyss because its been a few seconds since anyone has talked. Now why Abyss' gets full ring introduction from David Penzer is beyond me.
Sting preaches to Abyss, calls him Chris and Jim Mitchell interupts. He says that Sting and Abyss are basically the same. Sting is telling Abyss to make his own decisions. I hope they have an idea for Mitchell when Abyss turns face.

Tomko and Christian attack Sting, more stuff happens and we go to break.

Wait, first the nameless faceless new girl appears and interviews Petey Williams. Even before Petey can say a word LAX knocks him out. I wonder what Kurt Angle will do without his tag team partner? I mean it will be hard for him getting used to a new partner when he and Williams had worked so well together. Oh well, I'm sure he's resourceful.

Commercial Break!!!

LAX is already in the ring, and here comes Angle. Angle is going it alone, or so it would seem. I bet it doesn't last that way for long. Yup, sure enough, Samoa Joe hits the ring.

Match ends with an Anklelock and A Kakina Clutch on LAX. However, because Joe wasn't a participant in the match it was ruled a no contest. This was so stupid, why is it a no contest but Joe was able to be tagged in without being DQed?

Winner: No Contest

Thoughts: Thumbs down for this show. Too much talking, not enough wrestling, too much stupidity. Fell flat to me.

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TNA “iMPACT!" 11/30/2006 Live Coverage

Hello everyone and welcome to one of two live coverages of "iMPACT!"
We start out with a video package of what happened last week. Now to the backstage with LAX hyping their tag match for later tonight.

Christian Cage and (Tyson) Tomko are in the ring to start out the show. He formally introduces Tomko then goes on to talk about Turning Point. He talks about Abyss who comes out but Mitchell keeps him at the top of the ramp. Sting fakes out Cage then tells Abyss he wants to talk to him alone. First video of VKM in Stanford and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial with LAX taking out James Storm in the back.

Our first match for the night is a Triple Threat match for the #1 contendership for the X-Division Title. Couple near falls then Lethal hitting a move on both Dutt and Sabin. Dutt tries for a springboard move but Lethal hits him with a full nelson suplex. Sabin throws Lethal out of the ring and steals the pin. Damn, that was short.

Backstage now with LAX taking out Chris Harris and we go to commercial.

Back from the commercial with another VKM video. I can't believe they're using a traffic cone for a mega phone.

Ms. Brooks asking fans where Eric Young is and we go to JB plugging TNA Merchandise and Turning Point.

Now we're off to an interview Tenay did with Styles. Apparently Tenay knows nothing about anything. Rhino interrupts the interview and tries to talk some sense into Styles and we go to commercial. (Christy Hemme is hot, btw)

Back from commercial with a Drug Test for some X-Division wrestlers.

Next match is Hoyt/Truth vs. Shelley/Starr. Truth and Hoyt take the early advantage. Truth does a suicide dive. Starr and Shelley with some miscommunication but Shelley gets the pin by pulling Hoyt's tights. Starr shows the ref what happened and Starr/Shelley get DQed.

Backstage with Miss Brooks Challenging Eric Young to a bikini match. I want to see the first person in a bikini but not the second. Promo video of some new wrestler as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial with a commercial for a TNA entrance theme disc. Another VKM video. If they're the last line of defense I feel sorry for the human race.

Sting is now in the ring not only with his bat but a steel chair as well. Abyss now in the ring. Sting saying Abyss is a bona fide champion is a little hard to believe. Abyss now sits down in the chair. Sting calling Abyss by his real name and Mitchell appears on the screen. Sting tells Abyss to make his own choices who is then blindsided by Tomko and Cage. Sting comes back down for the save and extends his hand to Abyss but Mitchell stops him.

Backstage now with LAX attacking Petey as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial with LAX already in the ring as we start the main event. I'm so hyped for this match I'm yawning. Hernandez takes a belly to belly suplex then tags in Homicide. Homicide working on Angle's knee. Tag to Hernandez and Joe comes down to be his partner. Tag to Joe who goes nuts on LAX. Homicide tries for his finisher but Joe gets him in the Clutch and Angle gets Hernandez in the Ankle lock but the title's don't change hands since Joe wasn't officially in the match. Talk about a BS finish.

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TNA should just give it up~!

My suggestion is that TNA should take the advice suggested in this column and just stop!

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Even More Evidence PS3 is Screwed

It's officially turned into "Let's Shit On PS3" day and i am so happy because of it. This time it is Namco saying that game companies will need to sell 500,000 copies of a game just to simply make a profit. Also there is more hilarity at Sony's expense later in the article with analysts saying game developers may be "hesitant to start making games for a console that is so expensive to develop for if it is having shipment issues".

Well done PS3, you have officially become the TNA of games consoles.

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Japan Flips PS3 The Bird

Here is a very quick recap of the article : Nintendo Wii = good times ahead. Sony PS3 = fucked! Seriously after all the pomp and pageantry of the PS3 launch, they still get their ass handed to them by Nintendo. Will they ever learn?

I will be getting my Wii next Thursday night at Midnight(god bless Gamestation) after jumping from Sony after seeing that the PS3 was going to be the disaster it is slowly turning into and i cannot wait. The only problem i have is...what games do i get?

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WWE Issues Statement Regarding Indonesian Death

Here we go again someone else trying to blame the media for something their child has seen on TV and then imitated. My view on this is the same view i have about people trying to blame video games for anything remotely violent: you have no case! During an episode of WWE Smackdown i see at least three "Don't Try This At Home" messages and i assume the same applies everywhere else in the world. The same is true with video games, they give R/18 certificates to them for a reason. They are not suitable for people under the age of 18 due to their content but still parents purchase them for their 13/14 year old children. Then when they attempt to imitate something they have seen on the TV/game and they injure or in this case kill themselves, they automatically blame the particular TV show/game they have been viewing.

There was a case recently in the UK regarding the Rockstar North release "Manhunt" where the victims parent's immediately blamed the game for influencing their son's killer. The killer in question was 17 years old while the game has an 18 certificate. Of course being the UK, when one little thing happens suddenly every mother jumps on the bandwagon and they were protests for the game to be banned. I will not say the game is not violent, i own the game and yes there is a lot of violence in the game but that's why it has an 18 in the first place.

ELSPA released the following statement shortly after the allegations:

"We sympathise enormously with the family and parents of Stefan Pakeerah.

"However, we reject any suggestion or association between the tragic events and the sale of the video game Manhunt.

"The game in question is classified 18 by the British Board of Film Classification and therefore should not be in the possession of a juvenile.

"Simply being in someone's possession does not and should not lead to the conclusion that a game is responsible for these tragic events."

I cannot agree with their statement more, just owning the game should not allow someone to automatically point the finger at the company who made the game. I am myself studying a degree in Games Software Development at Glasgow Caledonian University so as you may have noticed when something like this occurs, i get more frustrated with society in general finding the easy way out by passing the blame to someone completely innocent because they cannot be bothered actually thinking about it. Unless i missed something while playing through Manhunt, they are no messages in the game telling you to go out and imitate the actions you perform in the game.

I am glad that WWE responded with the statement i have linked to in the heading and particularly this line:

"the chief of the Detective Bureau charged with investigating the highly suspicious nature of the child's death specifically stated in the media that the accusations of the family could not be taken at face value and that there is no reason to believe the death of this child had anything to do with watching wrestling."

Thank you.

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Open Season DVD details

It drops in stores on 1/30/07 and DVDActive has all the info.

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New Release Date for Kung-fu Panda

Its moving from 5/23/08 to 06/06/08.

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Justin Shapiro recaps ECW

and does a ***** job of doing so.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don West's Deal of the Day at ShopTNA.com

Wow, they have had some pretty insane deals this week, monday's is 1 I wish I had known about.

Well, i wish I had known about it for the sake of others as I have Unbreakable but 4.99 was a great price.

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TNA won't just give it up~!

No, this is not a double post.

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TNA won't Just give it up~!

Why, why do they do this? Its so stupid.

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The Weirdest Place on Earth

Speculation on IBA's Raiders Blog about who the informer is inside the Raiders organization as speculated about by Art Shell.

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Art Shell lashes out at unnamed critic in Raiders camp

I guess the meltdown has started.

Apparently, I route against the Raiders because
I route against Tom Walsh so says Art Shell. I route against Tom Walsh because he is not good for the Raiders not because I have any hate for Walsh. He may be a decent human being for all I know but his time as an offensive coordinator in the NFL is over.

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Jim Ross answers email

He was too nice about the VKM angle. He simply hated it and I don't think that goes far enough.

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Between the Ropes tonight with guest Din Thomas

You can check out the show website and get all the details Here

You can listen on BetweenTheRopes.com or in Orlando on 740 AM the Team.

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11/28/2006 ECW Rating

1.5 with a 2 share not good before the PPV.

ECW has also announced Hardcore Holly Vs. Sandman for the show.

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A letter regarding Konnan's interviews and a double standard toward racism in our society

The unidentified author makes some pretty good points in so far as they can generate a discussion.

I myself have felt that:

There is definitely an element of racism involved in the LAX angle. You have a group saying that the white man is holding them back, and they're going to do whatever is necessary to get what they feel they deserve.
You also have fans who in some cases are frustrated by what they see as Latinizing America. You have a segment of the population annoyed by the fact that there is an imigration problem and that when people come they don't always do enough to assimilate to the United States I.E. learn English. This isn't just a debate that is had in the confines of a wrestling show this is a debate that has been on our entire country's mind for awhile and will only grow in the years to come if nothing is done.
The reason I like the LAX angle is because it is current. It plays off the news of today not the news of the past. There is a hint of truth in the promos that go both ways from the standpoint that the Cornette promo and the Konnan promo reflect the views of a portion of the sides that each man represents.
I would never say that LAX is cool because they don't take orders from a white boy. You could argue perhaps that LAX is as racist as any angle to come before it, but that is not something that I would agree with.
The LAX angle is the symbol of a current culture war being fought in this country. What culture war was Saba Simba a symbol of back in 1990? What about the original plan for Harlem Heat which was to see them as basically slaves to the Southern Plantation owner Robert Parker? Maybe that would've been current in 1852 but not 1992. There are countless other examples and whether it is right or wrong is not really for myself as a single individual to proclaim but in my opinion what we see with LAX is less gratuitous than some of the other angles I've mentioned. At least LAX is formed around a modern problem in today's America, but is it still a stereotypical angle in many ways? Sure it is but this is professional wrestling. We had a mexican with a tequilla bottle on a pole match in WCW in 1999 and even Eddie Guerrero's character was largely stereotypical. How many Oriental wrestlers have either been cast as Martial Artists or Sumo stars? We can't even keep track of the amount of Samoan or African American Savages in wrestling history.
So I would argue that the portrail of LAX is probably not in the best of taste but it is likely in no poorer taste than anything else we've seen over the years.

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11/27/06 Raw Rating

3.8 with a 6 share.

Via: PwInsider

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A Christmas Carol - 1970's Scrooge an overdone musical

Part VII of the JHM series and yeah when Scrooge takes a trip to hell I'd say that's going a bit beyond the necessary.

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VKM accept Hardy Boys' open challenge for Sunday

Now I understand, VKM's brilliant strategy for their war against DX and WWE is to work matches for them that suck.

I can't decide if this is really stupid or if I think its cute in a look at how cute this is in the lamest possible of ways kind of thing. Kind of like if you were to tell someone its cute how big of a loser you are.

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Yankees win negotiating rights with Japanese pitcher Kei Igawa

I love the fact that their winning bid was $26,000,194. The last 3 digits represent his strikeout total this last season.

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Vikings' Williamson catches a punch

Many Viking fans are under the impression that this is the first thing he has caught all season.

The best part of this is that this happened at a charity concert.

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What Mixed-Martial Arts can teach about Entrepreneurship

Pretty interesting read:

Via: F4WOnline.com


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Latest Lance Storm Commentary - Christian

Yes, Lance tells a few stories about Captain Charisma that aught to make him feel just awesome.


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IFL goes public

They need money, that should be clear to anyone.

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3 bouts added to undercard of UFC 66

I'm sure I haven't posted this yet, but here it is a mere week late.

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A 5 Game audition

Post over at the Raiders blog on IBA looking at the hire of John Shoop and what it means.

It means Walsh is out!

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Lagging Bengals insist they're better than Ravens

Prove it on the field

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Indonesia Commission wants U.S. Wrestling Show ended

I mentioned this a couple of days ago but now we have a brand new article from Reuters on the subject.

I'd joke about how some U.S. fans feel the same way about Smackdown but lately (even though I'm still not watching) its been probably the best wrestling show on TV although with RAW, ECW and IMPACT that's not a hard achievement.

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TNA Year-End Awards Categories and Nominees

Voting begins Friday and if anyone votes for The Naturals, i will have Sheiky sent to your house to HUMBLE you!

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12/01/06 Smackdown spoilers

I hope to find a more thorough set of spoilers later as it seems that more than this should've happened.

Although its nice to see that:

MNM's promise to team up for 1-night only has resulted in them wrestling at least 2 matches.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bouts scheduled for Armageddon

According to PwInsider.com the Armageddon PPV will feature these 2 matches among others:

  • Undertaker Vs. Ken Kennedy in a last ride match

  • Kane vs. MVP in an inferno match

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News on the upcoming "Paparazzi Championship Series"

Cause I know you all care.

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11/30/06 iMPACT Preview

Are you excited? You must've been reading about a different show. Let me see if the link is broken...ou

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Michael Vick fined $10,000 for gesture

The NFL also suggested that he give another $10,000 to charity. I'm hopeful he can find a herpies related charity to fund.

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WWE announces the obvious

Ashley Massaro will be the next diva to be the Playboy Covergirl in April 2007 just in time for Wrestlemania. This will be her second appearance in the magazine.

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WWE Diva hospitalized

Best wishes to Michelle McCool for a speedy recovery.

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Happy Feet tops box office again 11/24/2006 - 11/26/2006

Another good weekend, this one appears to be a hit.

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A Christmas Carol, Silence is Golden

The one that started it all. Part I of what I have learned from reading part I last is the first in a 40 part series.

This chronicles the 1910 silent version of the story which clocks in at 10 and a half minutes or almost as long as the DX elimination match from Survivor Series.

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A Christmas Carol 1935, they talk

In Part II of the series, you get a look at the first version of a Christmas Carol done in the era of talkies.

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A Christmas Carol 1938

Nice contrast between what MGM wanted and what they got. Plus, the name Reginald Owen is pretty cool.

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A Christmas Carol 1951 style

After reading Part IV of the A Christmas Carol series, about the Alistair Sim portrail of Scrooge, I need to see this film, bad.

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A Christmas Carol, Done very very wrong

The Mr. Magoo piece of this series was actually part VI of the series and here is part V.

I will end up posting all parts of this series from Jim Hill Media because A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite writings ever.

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A Christmas Carol, the Mr. Magoo way

Thiss is part of a series going on over at Jim Hill Media and now that I've read it I'm off to look at the rest of the series.

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Michael Richards gets his ass kicked

TMZ.com writes about the skit from last night's Raw.

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All Hail King Booker's ... Website

Now can you dig that? Sucka!

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Lita writes about her last day in WWE

There's a joke to be made from parts of this entry but I'm at a loss to make it.

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11/23/06 iMPACT Rating

They did a 0.9 which on that night and for the second week in a new timeslot, has to be considered a success especially considering they went head-to-head with a Broncos/Chiefs game although it was only on NFL-N which is not available in a lot of the country.

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Official statement about offensive coordinator change

Yes, I realize this is the second post on this subject in a row, but the news is so good it had to be mentioned more than once.

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Walsh out, Shoop in as Raiders offensive coordinator

God exists

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TV Land compiles the 100 greatest catchphrases in TV history

Its American TV history of course, but its an interesting list.

Looking at it:

The quote from the Brady Bunch is curious to me because the 1 I will always remember is "Marsha Marsha Marsha"

and they have a few quotes from SNL but not "Live from New York its Saturday Night"

and one of my personal favorites is "You are looking Live" uttered for years by Brent Musberger.

Its a fun list and like any list there is a discussion to be had for what was missing and the like.


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Latest Reason to Hate TNA

According to this week's wrestling observer newsletter, a fine publication,

When Sting heard about the finish to his match with Abyss he offered to put Abyss over clean by pinfall and the booking committee told him no.

Of course, certain websites like the tro wrestling porch (name changed to protect the inicent) are speculating that it may have been Sting not wanting to job that led to the finish...although in fairness they didn't report it as a fact.

However, the point is Sting reportedly offered to lose clean and the booking committee said no.

Have I mentioned my love for Vince Russo lately? I haven't? Well, now you know why.

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11/28 Bryan and Vinny Show

Its free so give it a listen.

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Raiders still steamed over non-fumble call

As well they should be.

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Non-Raw happenings from Pittsburgh

Aside from the results in this report, PwInsider.com reported that there were lots of we want Angle chants throughout the building. I don't know because I didn't watch.

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11/28/06 ECW Main Event

Big Show Vs. Bobby Lashley

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Injury at Raw Tonight

Candice Michelle has a broken nose thanks to a kick from Victoria and may need surgery.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock to Divorce

LOS ANGELES - Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock each filed divorce papers Monday seeking to end their marriage of less than four months. Anderson's representative would not comment on the reason or any particulars of the divorce. Anderson and Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, each cited "irreconcilable differences" in their divorce filings in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

"Yes, it's true," Anderson wrote in a brief statement on her Web site. "Unfortunately impossible."

A message left with Ritchie's attorney wasn't immediately returned.

The relationship between Anderson, 39, and Ritchie, 35, has been a turbulent one since they became engaged in 2002. They broke up the following year, but later reunited and held several wedding ceremonies over the summer.

They were wed in late July near St. Tropez, France, and again at a courthouse in Beverly Hills on Aug. 3. They also tied the knot in an Aug. 17 ceremony in Nashville, Tenn.

The pair filed separate divorce petitions, about an hour apart, early Monday. Anderson reported their separation date as Nov. 21; Ritchie said it was Nov. 26.

First word of the split was reported by "The Insider" syndicated news magazine.

Anderson's spokeswoman, Tracy Nguyen, confirmed earlier this month that the actress had suffered a miscarriage.

The actress has two sons, Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 8, from her marriage to rocker Tommy Lee. Ritchie, a Michigan native who owns a condo in Nashville, has a 13-year-old son, Bob Jr.

Anderson appears in "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan." She has been filming "Blonde and Blonder." Ritchie released his latest CD, "Live Trucker," in February.

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WWE RAW 11/27/06 Live Coverage

Hi everybody! OldCountryGiveandTaker here once again for some more live coverage. I'll make sure and cover everything that happens tonight. As always, don't forget to refresh your page regularly for the latest updates.

Nice to see WWE has finally changed the opening video and song for RAW. That really shows how long its been since I've watched RAW. I was getting tired of that other song and the video was cooler. The Hardy Boyz are facing Rated RKO for the Tag Titles tonight and Ric Flair is now in the ring. He's sent word to SS that he wants this to end tonight and says he has partners. SS come out now and stand at the top of the ramp and do one of their stupid cheers saying Flair should retire. They're now in the ring with Flair and before they can do anything DX come out! HHH now has the mic and says he's sick of fighting the SS. Match has officially started with DX in control. HBK in first, does a couple moves then tags in HHH. Big time clothesline in the corner to Mikey and then tags in Flair who chops then back body drops Mikey and HBK back in with a chop of his own. Tag back to Flair who gets a dropkick from Mikey. DX and Flair clear the ring then all strut as we go to commercial. Back from commercial with Johnny and HBK in the ring. SS have HBK in their corner and Mikey is back in with 2 near falls. Double team move on HBK gets 2 for for Kenny. HBK tries to fight out but doesn't happen. Bodyslam on HBK and big time double team move misses and HHH comes in and is cleaning house. Big time AA Spinebuster and tags to Flair. SCM, Pedigree then Triple Figure Four gets them the win. Flair then does the DX chop.

Little video package for the Hardy Boyz as they plug the Tag Title match again then a Survivor Series review video as they go to another commercial.

Back from commercial and HHH grabbed the sledgehammer and chased SS backstage where we see DX stuffing SS into a box going to OVW by OPS in the next 3 or 4 weeks with no insurance and HBK signs as Mr. McMahon. They now plug December to Dismember and go backstage to Johnny Nitro and Melina. Mercury comes into the locker room and accepts the challenge.

We're now onto an All-Diva's Battle Royal for the #1 Contendership. Mickie comes to ringside to do commentary. Melina and Candice come to the ring and we go to commercial. Back from commercial with all the Diva's in the ring. Could hardly recognize Victoria. Victoria and Melina double team Torrie then Victoria turns on Melina then sends her out. Torrie and Maria are now out as Candice tries to eliminate Victoria but Victoria kicks her in the head then eliminates her. Victoria throws Candice back in the ring and does the Widows Peak while looking at Mickie. Another Hardy video where they debuted against Kaientai and commercial.

Back from commercial with a WWE Rewind from RAW 3 weeks ago where Duggan and Eugene lose to SS. We're now on to Eugene against Jim Duggan. Eugene tries to apologize by shaking hands but slaps Duggan. Duggan takes control. Duggan getting ready for his football tackle but Eugene moves out of the way on to the outside and rammed Duggan into the post then goes back in, DDTs him and gets the win. Eugene now has a mic and tells people not to laugh at him and keeps saying "I am special!"

Backstage with DX, Dusty and AA. DX is planning a big party for Flair as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial with This Week in Wrestling History with the `99 "wedding" of Test and Stephanie McMahon.

We're now onto The Cutting Edge. Edge congratulates DX for beating SS. He now talks about the Tag Title match and dedicates it to Lita. The special guest is reluctant to show up. Edge was about to cancel the show but Orton comes out and asks Edge to confirm his guest behind the curtain who turns out to be a bloody Ric Flair. Rated RKO now run down DX and challenge them to come out. Edge grabs a couple chair, hands one to Orton who puts it under Flair's head and does a 1 man conchairto. Orton grabs the chair and does one himself and they go to commercial.

Back from commercial with the Slam of the week which is from 3 weeks ago with Masters and Lawler.

We now have Jerry Lawler against Chris Masters. Masters gets a Bodyslam and tries for an elbow but Lawler moves. Bearhug on Lawler who breaks it by biting Masters' nose then gets a dropkick and gets 3 fists drops. Masters back in control with a backbreaker. Masters hits a nice suplex then goes up top for a missed fist drop. Masters rakes Lawler's eyes then goes for the Masterlock then Carlito comes out. Masters breaks it himself and goes after Carlito which allows Lawler to get the roll up pin. Video package for See No Evil and we go to commercial.

Back from Commercial with another Hardy classic from No Mercy `99.

Umaga and Estrada come to the ring. They show a clip of Umaga using the monitor from last night. Estrada says that Umaga wants a shot at the WWE Championship. Cena comes out and heads to the ring to stare down Umaga. Cena accepts the challenge then takes off his hat and shirt. Estrada tells Umaga to leave the ring and they go to commercial.

Back from commercial with Lawler and JR with a video making fun of Michael Richards. Cryme Tyme show up in the video and give a big boot to the "comedian". They then do a Jerry Seinfeld impression, pick the man's pocket and leave.

Edge in the back with Jeff Hardy. Edge calls Matt an over-rated piece of crap. Orton and Matt show up then Edge and Orton leave as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial with a video hyping the K-Fed vs. Cena match.

It's now time for Rated RKO vs. The Hardys for the World Tag Team Championship. Jeff and Orton start out with Jeff in control. Tag to Matt who throws Orton into the buckle and tags Jeff in. Orton gets control and tags in Edge. Edge with a few moves then tags Orton in. Stomps then a double knee and tags in Edge who gets a nearfall. Jeff tries to fight back but Edge throws him down by his hair and tags Orton. Orton with more stomps and a tag to Edge. Double team move countered to a double DDT from Jeff who tags Matt. Bulldog on Orton and clothesline to Edge at the same time then double team suplex. Edge pushes Jeff off the top and Matt misses a moonsault on Orton who tags Edge. Edge looks ready to do a spear as we head to commercial. Back from commercial with Orton and Matt in the ring. Tag to Edge who keeps Matt from tagging. Flapjack gets Edge a nearfall. Edge and Matt trading blows with Edge getting the advantage who tags Orton. Tag to Edge who takes Matt to the top rope. Matt reverses and gets a moonsault for 2. Tag to Orton who stops Matt from tagging. Matt and Orton trading blows with Matt getting the advantage and a tag to Jeff. Whisper in the Wind gets 2. Side Effect then a double Side Effect gets 2. Edge breaks up a count and Jeff misses a high risk move. Orton goes for a RKO but gets a Twist of Fate and Swanton but Edge uses the belt for a DQ. Edge hits an Impaler on Jeff and Orton RKOs Matt into a Tag belt to end the show.

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Who will wrestle the Hardy Boys at December to Dismember?

Click unless you don't want it to be spoiled.

Matt and Jeff will face the reuniting MNM.

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The Old Country Corner returns

No, not the blog it never left. The Old Country Corner was my segment on the Ric and Steve...er...Karl Show that took a look at some historical "facts" that were for some reason not reported or lost in history. Well, due to the fact that there has been a lot of talk lately with the release of Eric Bischoff's book, a subsequent series in the Observer correcting the book, as well as documentary productions on the AWA, ECW and WCCW I thought we would take a look at another promotion long forgotten in the anals of history.

Titanic Houston Intergender Spearing, Superstars Universal Crotch Kicking Society

I did a lot of "research" for this post that involved heavy drinking and lots of medicine, either that or thinking of funny jokes for 5 minutes and then righting them down, its up to you.

Not much is known about how THIS SUCKS got its name but it was believed that owner of the company Vineric Gagnusso wanted letters that would make a statement. A few trips through the thesaurous later and the company had its name.

The company ran in the Easter-Southern part of the country of Mexinada during the 1950's B.S.

A lot of top stars passed through the promotion during its peak years. Ron the Crippled Swenson, Calm Clammy Bugler, the Content Soviet Uri anAhole, the famous midget wrestler Shelves So High and of course Iranian Superstar Plutonium Deak. None of these men actually ever wrestled for the company, they just passed through the territory as they traveled from 1 territory that paid in real money to another.

THIS SUCKS did several unique things that other companies would try later but not screw up nearly as badly. For example at 1 memorably forgetable TV taping, the company would change the Softcore Outterselestial championship from Strong Thomas Dan to the famous Japanese Wrestler Hitman Hart, Bounced Check. The only trouble was that all the fans were confused by the switching of a belt that wouldn't be created for another 3 months.

Other features of the promotion were 1 on 1 tag team matches and the ultimate battle of wills the survived her series, where well lets just say it was like a last man standing match that featured wrestlers against Ugly women and that if they tried this in a company today the TV ratings people would have to come up with a new ratings category.

But, the day that the company would do its best business would also be the day that it went out of Business. THIS SUCKS crammed 100,000 people in to the 1,000 seat El Hijo Del Arena and those people were all paid to see the final match in the feud between Larry Scam Scam Jordy and The Drunken Scotsman Deuan MacTaylor.

Unfortunately, this would be the 1 time that a wrestling promotion would live up to a stipulation and the consequences would be tragic. For at the 15 minute mark of the match as advertised for the Exploding Arena match, the building did explode killing all in attendance and everyone that had anything to do with the promotion. Come to think of it the promotion may have gotten its name from the man sent by the local Shariff to investigate the tragety. Headlock Folms was first on the scene and said: Hey, This sucks.

So now you know a little bit about the history of the little promotion that couldn't.

The Old Country Corner will be back when more historical "facts" have been unearthed.


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More on that moron call

Oh, I've got way more than this believe me I haven't even looked at the local Bay Area newspapers and PFT is supposed to have something up later as well.

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50th Post!

"Dommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmo, Hardu Gei FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~!"
Razor Ramon Hard Gay - Thrusting All Over The World.

P.S I'm really happy to have made it to 50 posts and i hope you have enjoyed them as much i have done writing them.


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Another Charger arrested

Look out Cincinnati Bengals as you have some competition for team with the worst character as another member of the San Diego Chargers has been arrested.

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Wandering Euan's EuTube Extravaganza for 11/27/06~!

Welcome to a very special edition of the Extravaganza. In light of the recent news regarding "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's health, i have scoured the land that is EuTube and have found the following videos in what i am going to call the "Get Well Soon Piper Super Extravaganza~!"

Firstly, here is an example of how Piper's promos are considered to be some of the best ever. I had never seen this clip before, it's from Vancouver Wrestling and it shows The Hot Rod smashing a beer bottle over his head and then cutting a promo while bleeding. Now why can't all promos be like this?

Next up is another promo only this time he is not bleeding but instead pours a cup of what i think may be Coke or something like that over his head. Oh and one more thing, the man he is cutting the promo on is no other than the equally legendary Iron Sheik~! What is that stuff?

Finally, here is the Iron Sheik's response to that promo and the match itself where an innocent crutch is broken over the back of the Sheik. I wonder if that is where he got his idea for B.Brian Blair from? The promo is comedy gold and if you do not laugh at this, just kill yourself now.

All i have left to say is my best wishes are with Roddy Piper and i wish him a speedy recovery.

More EuTube whackyness right here on the OCC next week.

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Cowboys release kicker Mike Vanderjagt

For the time being, the new kicker is Martina Gramatica. Sure, they say its Martin but NFL fans understand that its really Martina.

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More on Piper Story

Thanks to Euan for posting that news item below.

The link I just posted is to the link on Piper's offical website.

My thoughts are thus:

I hope he beats this. Yes, you could say that I would say that for pretty much anyone I heard that had tis cancer or any disease for that matter.

However, this is a little bit different because Roddy Piper has impacted me so much. I am a huge fan of his promo work, and I have wanted and have in the past used my own vocal talents in a large part because of guys like Piper who were good talkers that I admired.

Piper has been insane at times lately when handed the mic, but Piper is and always will be one of the greats.

We at OCC wish him nothing but the best.

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Roddy Piper Diagnosed With Lymphoma

This is sad news, i saw Piper during the Survivor Series tour in Glasgow and he and Ric Flair were awesome. I just hope they have caught it on time.

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Nomadic Review, Survivor Series 2006

Due to a flury of posts, it is possible for you not to see this but I beg you all to take a look at the Nomadic review of Survivor Series.


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Ripken, McGwire, Gwynn headline Hall of Fame Ballot

Jose Canseco is also on the ballot for the first time.

Of the names mentioned, Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken Jr. are virtual locks for being inducted on the first try.

McGwire may or may not ever be elected and Jose Canseco has no chance.

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Brewers, Diamondbacks swing 6 player deal

The highlight is pitcher Doug Davis going from Milwaukee to Arizona and former Braves catcher Johnny Estrada going from Arizona to Milwaukee.

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Orioles sign RHP Danys Baez to 3-year $19 million contract

The Orioles are trying to improve the bullpen with the Baez signing and the signing of Jamie Walker to a $11 million 3-year contract last week.

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Follow the Lita

Take a look at Lita's last day in the company. Oh and blame WWE.com for the title of this article, not me.

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Crime-Fighting Celebs begin Muncie Adventure

This is an article on the show that Trish Stratus is filming. You know getting pulled over by the cops is hardly ever cool, but if it were Trish that pulled you over that might be the 1 time it was fine.

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Article on Hulk Hogan's energy drink

For those of you that can't get enough of the Hulkster, now you can drink him I guess.


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Figure 4 Flashback - Bryan and Vinny Show for Survivor Series 2005

Give it a listen and enjoy.


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Brief notes

Some quick newsbits:

  • Announced for Raw:
    1. Edge and Randy Orton Vs. The Hardy Boys for the tag titles
    2. A battle royal to find a #1 contender to the woman's title
    3. Ric Flair reacts to his beatdown at the hands of the spirit squad.

  • The Hardy Boys issued an open challenge for the December to Dismember PPV this sunday.

  • TNA hasn't gone out of business yet.


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Patriots place LB Junior Seau on Injured Reserve

Seau has had a long and distinguished career but this may be the end of the line after 17 seasons. Especially if you consider that he briefly retired in August before being convinced to come back by the Patriots.

Seau always used to terrorize the Raiders (but who didn't I guess?) but I always have liked and respected his play.

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NFL: NFL Europe season to begin April 14

Feel the excitement. If it feels really exciting then you're probably suffering a stroke and should go to a hospital.

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NFL: Plummer out, Cutler in for Broncos as starting QB

It will be interesting to see just how much rope Jay Cutler is given to hang himself with because Denver is still in the thick of things playoffs wise. So if Cutler struggles how quick before he gets the hook?

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NFL: Saints Vs. Cowboys moved to Sunday Night 12/10 as part of Flex Scheduling

Man, this goes to show how much ESPN really got screwed in the Monday Night football deal. They paid 1.1 billion this year for the rights to MNF and they don't get flex scheduling while NBC paid much less for the Sunday package and ended up with flex scheduling ensuring more important games.

Has to hurt up at ESPN these days which is just fine with me. The fact that this continues for the next 6 or so years this same exact way now that should really sting.

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Nomadic Review: WWE Survivor Series 2006

WWE Survivor Series 2006
Wachovia Center, Philadelphia

Here we are, after my lack of a Cyber Sunday review i give to you my version of WWE Survivor Series 2006. Enjoy!

Traditional Survivor Series Match
Team Greatness(aka the Legends) vs. The Spirit Squad.

Seems odd to me that a Survivor Series match is on first but ok then. Ron Simmons comes out to his old APA music which made me happy. What made me happier was Mr. Simmons owning the Spirit Squad in the early stages of the match but that was cut short after being counted out and therefore eliminated.

Sgt. Slaughter turned into the Iron Sheik briefly by beginning the Iron Sheik 4 Steps to Happiness by suplexing all of the Spirit Squad. He did not go any further which was just as well, i know this was in Philly but i don't think even they wanted to see any ass fumbling. Shortly after this, he is eliminated leaving Flair and Rhodes to take on the Spirit Squad alone. Rhodes did some wacky stuff and then went the way of Ron Simmons which left Ric Flair to evolve into the "World's Greatest Wrestler" by eliminating the entire Spirit Squad to win the match.

Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero for the US Title

The only thing of note was a noticed a CZW t-shirt in the crowd which made me happy. So i am going to leave this recap to my friend The Iron Sheik.

"Thank you Mr. Maloney. That punk Shavo doesn't raspect anyvone let alone Mr. Benoit. Benoit is a great feeling all time i had all my life. Benoit suplexed Shavo, put him in the Camel Clutch for da vin!" Well to clear up some things, Benoit did indeed defeat Chavo but not with the camel clutch instead opting for his Crossface.

A very cool ECW December To Dismember commercial aired. I'm looking forward to this PPV for the comedy that will be the EXTREME elimination chamber but shouldn't they really have more than one match announced by now?

We come back to Todd Grisham interviewing Edge and Lita. During this Cryme Tyme snuck into Lita's locker room with a box, without either of the three of them noticing. Once Edge was finished with Todd, Cryme Tyme emerge with their bounty and the following happened.

Todd: "What are you doing?"
Cryme Tyme: "Ssshhhh...you ain't seen nothing."


Lita vs. Mickie James for the Women's Championship

This match confirmed that Mickie James is one of the hottest women on Raw along with Maria. The match begun with Mickie slapping the fuck out of Lita but the crowd really made this match. They begun with a "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" chant which was awesome but they proceeded to get more vulgar and that gets a thumbs up from me. Decent match with Mickie James winning the championship with the DDT. After the match, Lita gets on the microphone and flipped out on the crowd. Then Cryme Tyme appeared with the box from earlier on and told the crowd since that was just Lita's final match they were going to have a HO! sale. They also stipulated cash only and then the sale began.

JBL attempted to purchase Lita's underwear which he demanded a smell of before he parted with his money. OK, number one: JBL will now have no less than 10892832948473874 STDs and two: did we really need to see that? This was then topped by the auctioning of Lita's dildo which caused Lita to panic and attempt to save it by buying it herself. The final and best of the items on sale was....Lita's box which produced the quote of the night "Lita's Box - It's Cheap, it's wide and you can put your head in it!" That's an image i did not need to have. So goodbye Lita but i now wonder what the guys are going to do for entertainment now she is gone.

Traditional Survivor Series Match

Team DX vs. Team Rated RKO

Why is this not the main event? Anyway, seeing CM Punk on a WWE PPV brought great joy to me. Jim Ross really helped out the ECW cause with the following wonders. Firstly(there you go Ric), he called the ECW PPV "December To Remember" followed up by "For those of us that watch ECW" when explaining the CM Punk/Mike Knox storyline. Way to go JR! Another item of note was the death of Mike Knox's career thanks to DX. He was first eliminated via Sweet Chin Music and then Triple H asked the following question "Who was that?" HBK then proceeded to explain that he was Mike Knox from ECW and Triple H still appeared confused. Thanks Mr. Knox....you suck!

Throughout the match, there were loud CM Punk chants all around the arena which was great. CM Punk then eliminated Johnny Nitro using the Anaconda Vice which got a huge pop. Jeff Hardy then showed HBK how to throw yourself over the top rope into the un-waiting hands of Edge and Randy Orton good times. Gregory Helms left shortly after thanks to a Swanton Bomb by Jeff. Hmm...that's now 5-2 to the good guys, i smell a humbling. Edge walked straight into Shawn Michael's boot and got himself eliminated leaving Randy Orton all by himself(a familiar feeling i'm sure). He then decided to confirm himself as "The World's Biggest Pussy" by attempting to run away from Team DX. Yeah, way to act like a man. Once he is dragged back to the ring, Orton tastes both Sweet Chin Music and the Pedigree and is eliminated giving Team DX the whitewash victory.

Undertaker vs. "The World's Shittiest Fucking Crappiest Superstar of the Decade" Mr. Kennedy.

Just before the match, the camera cut backstage and they showed Kennedy getting ready for the match and MVP appears. My first thought was "Why the hell is MVP here?". After a minute, i remembered that he was in the final Survivor Series match of the evening and then i was sad.

So the match itself begins with the Undertaker beating the hell out of Kennedy and finally Kennedy is thrown over the ropes to the outside and he is beginning to bleed from the nose so MVP runs out with a towel to mop up as they had agreed during their pre-match date to watch each others back. MVP helps Kennedy to his feet and acts like he is taking him away from the tall, scary looking man in the ring...only to throw him back into the ring. WHAT THE FUCK???!!!! I thought they were friends a minute ago and now MVP turns on Kennedy, my brain hurts.

If this was not stupid enough, the finish of this match managed to top that. MVP ran into the ring with a chair with the intention of hitting Kennedy but misses and catches the Undertaker's head with the top of the chair and busts him open. MVP bails in this NO DQ AND NO DISQUALIFICATION match to avoid the referee and the match ends then Undertaker stands up and the ref notices the blood.


The only saving grace of this was after Kennedy got a couple of shots at the downed Undertaker, he grabbed him by the throat, pushing him over and then picked up a chair and decided to KNOCK HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF! 6 THOUSAND STARS! Thank you Mr. Taker.

Traditional Survivor Series Match

Team Cena vs. Team Show

This was the "Let's Shit On John Cena Party" which was awesome! They hated Cena with a passion, every time he was in the ring they booed. Anyway, in other notes Test is HUGE. He is even bigger than Vincent Kennedy McMahon if that is possible. A sign in the crowd caught my attention just before the bell which said "Umaga Ate My Turkey". Well, i do not think that Umaga got any turkey as he decided that the monitors on the Raw announce table would look much nicer attached to everybody else's head. This of course was a DQ and Armando had the enviable job of taking Umaga back to the locker room, hopefully there was a Happy Meal on stand by to stop him from killing everyone.

Now here is how not to book a traditional Survivor Series match: RVD eliminates MVP with the 5 Star Frog Splash, 2 seconds later Test introduces his boot to RVD's face and pins him then proceeds to get eliminated by Sabu about 30 seconds later. OK, my head was sore after the First Blood match and now this.

Thankfully, about 5 minutes passes before the next lucky person is eliminated in the form of Sabu thanks to Big Show who is now as mobile as a scooter with a flat battery. Kane gets in the ring and the crowd go nuts...they want to see Kane and Show go at it. They lock up and then no other than the Little Bastard runs into the ring, stops in-between both men, looks up at the tall men and runs away in fear. "A great feeling all time i had all my life".

Big Show eliminates Kane with the chokeslam which leaves Cena and Lashley against Big Show and Finlay. Now here is where things get weird again: Finlay is in the ring and the Little Bastard once again comes into the ring so Finlay decides to use him as a weapon. I can only assume that this was a DQ because after he threw him into Cena's hands, he did not play a further role in this match but nothing was announced. If i missed it sorry but it was not made clear to me. The match ends with Cena FUing Show for the victory.

"And now from the beautiful Mandalay Events Centre"...NO WE ARE NOT BRUCE! Do you not pay attention to anything except Rochelle...which is not a bad thing but she is mine so get the arena right.

Main event time.
King Booker vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship

Teddy Long came down to the ring before the match and announced that if King Booker got himself counted out or DQ'd he would lose the championship. So what happens....Batista uses the title belt to knock Booker out and win the championship. STUPID! JBL flipping out at the end did bring something to this match but it was horrible.

There we are, i hope you enjoyed reading this. Please leave me any comments you have about the article and i will see you next week for December For Dismember.

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Its Official UK version of Whose Line is it Anyway? coming to DVD

I posted on this last week but my friends over at TSoD have more information.

Seasons 1 and 2 will hit shelves on 2/27 with an MSRP of $49.95.

This makes me happy.

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NFL: My thoughts on the Raiders game

For those that really know me, this will surprise you to hear me say.

I'm speechless.

I have no idea what to say about today's game. I have the words in my head but they just won't come out of my fingers.

I try not to believe in the whole NFL has a conspiracy against the Raiders thing because in my heart I don't want to think that this is true. However, it really gets hard for me with bad call after bad call.

My advice would be to go to PFT and read their rumor mill post titled:


it will be a good recap of what happened. I just don't know how to formulate how I feel right now. In week 1 when the team lost to San Diego I was so mad that I went to bed angry. Now I'm so mad I'm actually calm and at peace and this is much much worse. I've been beaten down so much I can't even express rage when I'm angry.

This time though, its the league that did it not the team itself. More if I can ever get this jumble in my head out on a keyboard.

I could do this easier if I had the podcast.

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NFL: Vick flips off fans after Falcon loss

There's a few NFL officials that deserve the same treatment from Raiders' fans but I'll get to that in a different post.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Survivor Series Live Thoughts

By Art Shimko
The Schlock N' Hyperbole Wrestling Bonanza After-Party

-- Just got back from the Survivor Series PPV at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, overall it was a fun show.

-- DARK MATCH: Carlito defeated Charlie Haas... before the match Lillian Garcia came out and greeted the crowd, my did she look friggin' hot. Good little 5 minute match (not sure actual time but wasn't long at all), Carlito was over HUGE, frankly I was shocked. I think he won with the back cracker.

-- The first SS match featuring the Legends against The Spirit Squad seemed to go pretty quick and I was wondering where Flair's teammates were when he got beat down by the Squad. The legends were over.

-- I wish the Chavo/Benoit match got more time, not a lot of heat for this one but Benoit was in it so I had no problem with the match. Crowd seemed to pick up when Benoit bumped Vicki off the apron and got Chavo in the crossface, I'm glad Benoit won even though I picked Chavo.

-- Edge and Lita did an interview with Todd Grisham with Lita bitching about the fans giving her shit the last year or so, Edge made a dig at Donovan McNabb of the Eagles who is out for the rest of the season, meanwhile those crazy kids Cryme Tyme snuck into Lita's dressing room and stole a box of her stuff, this got lots of chuckles in the crowd.

-- Womens Title match was up next, it was okay. I was into the nearfalls at the end but Mickie needs some polishing in my opinion and Lita, well she did what she could in her last match. After the title change Lita was flipping out on the crowd who during the match chanted such things like "HOOOOOOOO~!" and "she's a crack whore!" Cryme Tyme came out and began offering Lita's belongings to the crowd, they specified cash and not credit cards or checks. They sold her bra for a dollar which really pissed off Lita, she thought her shit was worth more than that. Other items sold were a box of Monistat, panties which JBL sniffed and offered a hundred dollar bill but never got the panties, also a vibrator was offered to the crowd, this whole segment got the crowd roaring with laughter, wacky stuff right there.

-- I was surprised the Team DX vs Team Rated RKO match was up next, Team DX got tons of pops, it was nice to see CM Punk getting lots of love from the Philly crowd, some in the audience (including myself) remember seeing him wrestle for Ring Of Honor shows here so it was somewhat of a nice homecoming for him. Not a total squash but Team DX did win five falls, crowd was very much into this match, lots of fun.

-- The first blood match was shorter than I thought and even with that goof MVP involved the fluke finish kind of made sense but I wish this could've been built up better. Both entrances were entertaining, and the crowd loved Kennedy getting tombstoned.

-- Team Cena/Team Show was another short match, the eliminations weren't exciting and I wish this match was in the middle. Oh yeah, the crowd FUCKING HATED Cena, tons of bad heat from the crowd especially when he hoisted Show for the F.U. The women and children loved him though. Crowd really got into Kane and Show facing off.

-- Booker/Batista came next, my friend was surprised this was the main event. I wasn't into this match too much, frankly I was cheering for Book even though I had a feeling Batista was going to win the title. Batista's offense looked weak at times, didn't get what was going on there... it was funny to see some people leaving the show as this match was beginning. Crowd popped with the title change, we left right away to avoid the foot traffic leaving the arena.

Check out SNH's daily updates for the latest pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and music news and commentary, we've got live PPV and TV coverage on WWE, TNA, UFC, Pride, IFL, etc., concert reviews, CD and DVD reviews, "Funk's Corner" by Dory Funk Jr., "The Half Guarded Truth" by Michael Coughlin, "As I See It" by Bob Magee, radio recaps of The Dr. Keith~! Show, Ultimate Fighter episode recaps by Erin Bucknell of MMACalifornia.net, press releases plus so much more! Thank you as always for your support.

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OCC Aftermath: WWE Survivor Series 2006

First off, I'd like to say my first live coverage was a total success. I wasn't quite sure if I could pull it off but after the first match I had my groove. I am now addicted to doing live coverage since I was able to keep up with most of the matches.

I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed a WWE PPV. There were some disappointing finishes but it was a fairly decent show overall. I especially liked what Cryme Tyme did with some of Lita's stuff. I give the show 2 thumbs up!

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WWE Survivor Series 2006 Live Coverage

Hello and welcome to the OCC's live coverage of Survivor Series `06. I have decided to do the coverage this time. I have paid attention (and got instructions) from Casey on doing this so I'm confident I will do a good job. Stay tuned for updates throughout the night. Don't forget to refresh your browser to get the latest info.

The usual introduction of the announce teams. I wonder when the Spanish announce table will get broke tonight?

We start out with Flair's team vs. The Spirit Squad. Jim Ross: "As usual, the sarge leads with his chin." I just got goosebumps from hearing the 4 Horseman theme as Arn Anderson came down to the ring. Couldn't help but do the sign either. Ron Simmons and Mikey begin the match. Mikey gets a headlock but is taken down by Simmons. Thumb to the eye by Mikey. Big time powerslam on Mikey and Simmons cleans the ring. Arn makes his presence felt early in the match. Ron Simmons and Mikey have been counted out and thus eliminated and the ref just ejected AA with the fans chanting "BS". There goes my prediction for the match. Slaughter in to do a few moves on a member of the SS. Tags in Dusty who's doing a few Bionic elbows. Tag now to Flair who is lighting Nicky up. Tag back to Sarge who gets the Cobra Clutch on Nicky. Johnny kicks Sarge in the head to break the clutch which allows Nicky to get the pin. Dusty in now and pins Nicky. SS working over Dusty who tries to fight out of their corner. More Bionic Elbows and Flip, Flop and Fly. Kenny gets his feet on the ropes and pins Dusty. Inverted Atomic Drop on Mikey then uses the ropes himself to get a pin. Inside Cradle on Kenny and now it's Johnny and Flair. Flair now going for the Figure Four leg lock and gets the win. SS now with the post-match beat down. As Ron Simmons would say "Damn".

Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero for the United States Championship is coming up next.
Benoit starts the match. Chopping Chavo in the corner then some knees. Chavo tries to fight back but Benoit keeps control. Chavo rams Benoit's head into the turnbuckle and a European Uppercut and Benoit again takes control. More chops in the corner and Chavo turns it around and beats Benoit down. Benoit trying for the Crossface early but Vickie helps by getting Chavo's foot on the rope. Benoit with a high angle side suplex and a 2 count. Benoit thrown shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Chavo now with his own side suplex and a 2 count. Chavo now in control. Samoan Drop by Benoit who answers back with a standing dropkick for 2. Strong European Uppercut by Chavo. Chavo trying for a clothesline but Benoit ducks and gets in 3 German suplexes. Benoit going up to the top for a headbutt but Vickie distracts him which allows Chavo to move. Chavo with a nice suplex then goes up to the top with a Frog Splash for 2. Chavo with too much trash talking and almost got into a Sharpshooter. Benoit now has the Crossface firmly locked in and gets the submission.

We're now backstage with an Edge/Lita interview. Cryme Tyme sneaks by with a few things from a locker room.

Mickie James vs. Lita for the WWE Women's Title is up now.
Little trash talking from Lita which gets her a slap in the face with Mickie starting out. Lita reverses an Irish Whip to gain control. Throws Mickie in the corner and punches her. Mickie tries for a top rope move but Lita catches her. Big knee to the face of Mickie. Russian leg sweep gets a 2 for Lita. "Crack-whore" chant with Lita getting another near fall. Lita now with a sleeper/body scissors combo but Mickie makes it to the ropes. Lita going up top now and misses. Mickie now going up top but Lita catches her again with a side suplex. Exchange of right hands with Mickie getting the advantage and getting a near fall. Great kick to Lita's jaw gets her another near fall. Mickie tries for another high risk move and gets planted. Lita up top with a perfect moonsault that gets 2 and 99 1nundreths. Series of near falls. Mickie with a great DDT and gets the pin. Lita tells Lillian to call her the greatest Women's champion and the fans boo. Cryme Tyme are now coming out with the stuff they stole out of Lita's locker room. They're gonna have a "Ho" sale with straight cash. They show the crowd some Monistat, which Lita denies and they get a buck for it. They go over to JBL who buys a pair of Lita's underwear. They found a dildo! Lita tries to buy it back but they sell it. They sell the box it was all in.

Team DX vs. Team RKO is up next.
The crowd is really pumped up for Team DX who do their usual shtick with CM Punk helping out. Mike Knox gets Superkicked right away and is eliminated. Good thing they took him out early. Nitro now in with Michaels. Shawn chops him a few times who then tags in Jeff Hardy. Hardy does a few more moves then tags in Matt. Matt gets a nearfall and Nitro tags in Helms who does a few moves then tags in Edge. Edge tags Helms back in who does a suplex then tags in Orton. Matt has already been busted open in the lip or something then tags in Nitro. Matt gets a Side Effect in and tags CM Punk. Punk works over Nitro and gets the Anaconda Vice who taps out. Edge is now in. Knocks gets a few punches in Edge on the corner but Orton gets him off. Orton now in with Punk then tags Helms. Nice move by Helms that takes Punk down and tags Orton in. Orton and Punk trade punches but Orton gets the advantage and gets the RKO in but Shawn breaks the count. Edge in and tries to spear Punk but he moves and tags in HHH. Now HHH and Helms. HHH tries for a Pedigree but Edge breaks it up. Tags in Matt who gets the Twist of Fate then the Swanton from Jeff which leads to Helms being eliminated. Edge and Orton are trying to leave but are brought back to the ring. Edge got creamed and pinned after Sweet Chin Music. Orton tries to run away again but to no avail. SCM and a Pedigree and Orton is done.

Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy First Blood match is up next.
Backstage with MVP and Kennedy with MVP assuring he'd help out in the match. Kennedy has taken the padding off 3 turnbuckles. Undertaker with his usual awesome entrance. Kennedy has Taker chase him around the ring a bit to try and get the advantage but it didn't work. Undertaker pounding Kennedy on the Spanish announce table. Bounces Kennedy's head off the steps then headbutts him a few times. Taker with a big boot then tries to whip him into the other steps but Kennedy reverses. Kennedy tries to come off the apron but Taker catches him and drives him into the ring post back first. Undertaker working on the ribs then superplexes Kennedy off the top rope. Kennedy with a low blow and takes control for a while but gets a big boot and his head rammed into the exposed turnbuckle. Kennedy with another low blow and Kennedy rolls out. Kennedy bleeding internally outside but MVP comes out and wipes up the blood. MVP looked like he was helping Kennedy out but throws him back into the ring. Kennedy in control but MVP comes in to hit him with it but hits Taker instead with busts him open. Ref finally sees it and calls for the bell. Kennedy with a post-match beat down. Kennedy now calling for his microphone to taunt Taker but Taker throttles him and starts to wallop on him. Undertaker with the chair and lands a great shot on Kennedy then a Tombstone.

Cena's Team vs. Big Show's Team is up next.
Umaga and Cena start with Cena getting the advantage. Finlay and RVD in now but Umaga comes in with a TV Monitor and clocks a lot people with it. Test and RVD now in. Test with a back breaker then tags Finlay. Finlay with a few moves then tags in MVP who gets a near fall. RVD with an inside cradle for 2. Test, Finlay and Show try to come but RVD takes them out. Test tries to ram RVD into the ring post outside but reverses it. Kane with a chokeslam and RVD with a Frogsplash gets MVP out. Test gets RVD out and Lashley spears from the outside. Sabu with a DDT on Test and gets eliminated. Show with a Chokeslam on Sabu who is eliminated. Show and Kane try a double choke slam but Finlay's little man brings Finlay his weapon and hits Kane with it allowing Show to chokeslam Kane for the elimination. Finlay and Show mow working over Cena who gets the open hand slap and a headbutt. Finlay with a shoulder block on Cena in the corner then tries to go up top but misses and tag Lashley who gets a near fall on Finlay. Finlay throws the little guy at Cena who FU's him and Lashley spears Finlay to eliminate him. Cena and Lashley Double Team DDT Show for a nearfall. Now a double team suplex on show. Five-Knuckle Shuffle on Show then an FU for the pin.

King Booker vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship is next.
Theodore Long is out and says that the title can change on a DQ or count-out. Batista is tired of waiting and meets Booker and starts it out. Batista trying to finish this early and gets a nearfall. Suplex and attempt at Batista Bomb but Booker rolls out. Batista with a backbreaker and another nearfall. 2 short clotheslines and another nearfall. Booker hangs Batista on the ropes and gets control. Nice kick by Booker and a near fall. Booker with punches and chops in the corner. Batista tries to fight back but gets a thumb to the eye and more chops in another corner. Batista with a reversal and a side slam for a nearfall. Jackhammer by Batista gets 2. Black hole slam type move and Batista gets 2. Sharmell grabs Batista's leg which allows Booker to regain the advantage. Booker with a foot on the rope gets 2. Booker with a rest hold trying to wear down Batista. Batista with a Belly to Belly suplex for 2. Batista rams Booker into the steps while Sharmell distracts the ref. Flying tackle by Batista for 2. Booker gets the Bookend for 2. Booker tries for the Axe kick but runs into the Batista Bomb but Booker gets his hand on the rope. Sharmell gives the title to Booker and misses Batista who takes the belt and hits him with it and gets the pin.

I will have my final thoughts on the PPV in a while. Thanks for reading!

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Pro Wrestling: RoH tag titles change hands

This happened last night and was not unexpected with Claudio Castagnoli headed to WWE's developmental system.

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NFL 11/26/06 Late Games - Finals Roundup

Lets look at them.

Oakland 2/9 - 14
San Diego 9/2 - 21
I Picked: San Diego (correct)
OCC: If you are an NFL fan expect to hear the name Vincent Jackson a lot this week.

New York Giants 6/5 - 21
Tenessee 4/7 - 24
I Picked: New York Giants (incorrect)
OCC: The Giants are the biggest goats of the week as they had a 21-0 lead in the 4th quarter and lost the game in regulation, they gave up 24 forth quarter points to Tennessee.

Chicago 9/2 - 13
New England 8/3 - 17
I Picked: New England (correct)
OCC: Game of the day and it was a close one.

Late Games: 2/1
This Week: 9/5
Overall: 104/70

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Pro Wrestling: Hardy Boys to appear at December to Dismember Press Conference

The reunion will last past tonight. Dave Meltzer expects an angle to set up their opponents either tonight or Tuesday.

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Youtube: Weird John Thune Video

For those that don't know Thune is the junior senator for South Dakota which is the official home of your old country caretaker. Weird is how I describe this.

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Youtube: Undertaker, Kane, MNM?

Hurry and see, before WWE has it taken down.

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G4-The Feed PS3cap

Click on the title of this post to read has transpired happened since the PS3 launched. I can't believe how many people lined up for this myself.

Editor's Note: OCC Post 1500~!

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NFL 11/26/06 Early Games - Finals Roundup

Got a late start so I don't really know how we got to where we did on some of these but I've got comments anyway.

Carolina 6/5 - 13
Washington 4/7 - 17
I Picked: Carolina (incorrect)
OCC: Carolina is just wasting opportunities.

Cincinnati 6/5 - 30
Cleveland 3/8 - 0
I Picked: Cincinnati (correct)
OCC: The Bengals all kinds of over the Browns today.

Pittsburgh 4/7 - 0
Baltimore 9/2 - 27
I Picked: Baltimore (correct)
OCC: The Ravens and Bengals shut out the Browns and Steelers, a nice pattern in the AFC North.

San Francisco 5/6 - 17
St. Louis 5/6 - 20
I Picked: San Francisco (incorrect)
OCC: A back breaking loss for San Francisco. A late touchdown late for the Rams wins the game, and San Francisco was this close to tying Seattle for first place in the division.

Houston 3/8 - 11
New York Jets 6/5 - 26
I Picked: New York Jets (correct)
OCC: Houston didn't play Jacksonville this week so of course they lost.

New Orleans 7/4 - 31
Atlanta 5/6 - 13
I Picked: New Orleans (correct)
OCC: Big win for the Saints especially with the Carolina loss they have a firm 1 game handle on first place in the NFC South.

Arizona 2/9 - 26
Minnesota 5/6 - 31
I Picked: Minnesota (correct)
OCC: The Vikings survive a close game and this means the Bears can't clinch the North with a win.

Jacksonville 6/5 - 24
Buffalo 5/6 - 27
I Picked: Jacksonville (incorrect)
OCC: Jacksonville and Buffalo are 2 teams I hate because they are so inconsistent, so no result surprised me.

Afternoon Record: 5/3
Week Record: 7/4
Overall: 102/69

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Television Coverage: Impact, where is it?

I'll tell you the truth, I didn't watch it on Thanksgiving for obvious reasons and forgot about the replay last night. Shows how important it is to me. Sorry there's no recap but you at least know why.

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Roundtable Preview: The OCC Contributors preview - Survivor Series 2006

We're back for another roundtable preview. We still have no Ric Gillespie, I guess Sex Reassignment surgery isn't a same-day opporation afterall. However, Wade (AKA: OldCountryGive&Taker) is joining us for the roundtable on what will hopefully be a regular basis.

Art: Tonight is the 19th annual Survivor Series here in Philadelphia, it'll be the second WWE PPV that I've attended, the first being Royal Rumble 2004. The undercard on that particular show was weak so I hope that not only will the SS matches deliver but also that the undercard matches are somewhat decent.

Casey: Its time to preview the thanksgiving night trad…oh, hasn’t been that for more than a decade now. I wish it were as had this aired Thanksgiving night or eve I may have ordered it but alas WWE shall once again get no money from me.

Euan: Here we go WWE Survivor Series 2006, the first PPV in a while i can truly say I am looking forward to watching. Seriously, i don't think i can bitch about anything this month....oh yeah Benoit/Chavo but what do you expect from the land of the damned that is Smackdown?

First Blood Match: Mr. Kennedy vs. Undertaker

Wade: They must be running out of opponents for Undertaker to face on Smackdown! If they have him in a First Blood match with Ken Kennedy. Undertaker is gonna win this and then they should think of moving him over to RAW.
Winner: Undertaker

Art: Not really into this feud, and conventional wisdom says that Kennedy will win this one and I
agree, Taker bleeding isn't as bad getting pinned and it will continue
this feud (OH NO~!). Also I love Taker's entrance so it'll be somewhat
worth it.
Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Casey: Euan asks why we have to put up with Kennedy. It’s a fair question, but lets forget why and look at how. This is a first blood match which means that Undertaker can lose without having to do a job. First blood is not a signature Taker match so there’s no risk of him losing in say a casket match or something (although he has lost those, let us all remember Royal Rumble 1994). So this feud must continue because the WWE hates its fans or something.
Winner: Ken Kennedy> McMah…err…what?

Euan: Why? Why do we need to see Mr. Kennedy have another shitty match with the Undertaker? I think Undertaker is awesome and he can do no wrong in my book
but Kennedy after a promising start plain sucks now. That said this will be a First Blood match so wrestling ability does not really count for much, provided
you can bust your opponent open with a weapon of sorts you will be fine. Undertaker to win and hopefully he will go that one step further and just kill
Mr. Kennedy.
Winner: Undertaker

WWE Women’s Championship: Lita vs. Mickie James

Wade: I just have 1 question: What the hell is happening to the Women's Division? Trish wins the belt in her last match and now this is going to be Lita's last match. This is a hard match to call, as surprising as that sounds. If Lita wins, where does that leave the Women's Title? If Mickie wins there will only be 1 women's wrestler to defend against that I know of. I'll go with Mickie to see where things go from here.
Winner: Mickie James

Art: Mickie James will win the
title from Lita tonight and I'm curious how the crowd will react to Lita at the end, will we give her a positive send-off or will Philadelphia bombard her with "crack-whore" chants? You'll have to wait and see.
Winner: Mickie James

Casey: Everyone knows the deal. This is Lita’s last match. I personally think that the WWE should make this a running joke. Have Lita go out exactly the same way that Trish did, then crown a new champion only to have said champion announce they are leaving soon. Repeat this process until all nameless, faceless, personalityless (is that even a word?) divas are gone. But don’t worry about me saying people should be fired in this time of good will toward men, Vince Russo is booking TNA so they’ll all end up there anyway.
Winner: Mickie James

Euan: This will be Lita's final match in WWE and i cannot blame her for wanting to get the fuck out of the Women's division before Candice Michelle wins the title and God flames the earth as punishment. However, i do not think she will be taking the Women's Championship away with her on Sunday ala Trish providing Mickie James is fit to wrestle after taking Lita's thighs to her jaw on Raw. I will say that Lita will be losing her title but who to is to be decided.
Winner: Mickie James

United States Championship: Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

Wade: They've decided to have Chavo feud with another wrestler who was close to the late, great Eddie Guerrero now. I haven't seen this feud but I hope it isn't
centered around Eddie. Benoit is gonna win this match despite interference from Vickie.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Art: If Benoit wasn't in this match I'd be scattering the drizzling shits on this one... Chavo's a decent wrestler but the whole Eddie/Vicki/Chavo estate/exploitation angle has just turned me off to watching Smackdown for close to a year now... this feud is starting up so I think Vicki will become some part of a screwjob (ON SURVIVOR SERIES?? NEVER~!!!) and Chavo ends up winning the title.
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Casey: Euan sums up my thoughts on this storyline pretty well. It would not surprise me to one day learn that the WWE forced Vickie Guerrero in to this angle by tying royalty payments off of Eddie’s merchandise to her participation in this storyline. Maybe she doesn’t want to do it, a check gets lost in the mail. Anyway, there is a match here and it is a match that I might care about if not buried by the crap that is this angle.
Winner: Chris Benoit

Euan: The continuation of the most tasteless storyline in history in my opinion. I think this may be one of the reasons i gave up watching Smackdown, i hate everything about this. Nothing before has turned me off a wrestling show before but this did it. I think it's the way they have not only used the death of one of the greatest wrestlers the world has seen to get someone over but then to act like he is still a character when he performed his posthumous heel turn on Chris Benoit a few weeks ago. I have nothing against Vicky Guerrero, she needed the money and this was going to be the only way to get it but Chavo could, in my opinion, have stopped this from ever happening in the first place and let it go. Benoit to retain and i apologise for the lack of whackyness in this prediction, i just wanted to air an opinion.
Winner: Chris Benoit

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista vs. King Booker

Wade: Booker has been pretty good as World Champion and it's a good idea to have Batista chase the title. Add in this match being in the same place where he had to relinquish it and you got the makings of a great match. King Booker is going to be dethroned as World Champion.
Winner: Batista

Art: Frankly I haven't been following this feud as I don't watch Smackdown on a regular basis, won't be great but should be a good match at the most and I think Batista's going to win this one... at least I got that impression from watching this week's SD.
Winner: Batista

Casey: All you need to know about this match is that they teased on Smackdown (I read the spoilers, me watch, as if) that this would be Batista’s last shot at the title. While I realize this is wrestling and stipulations mean nothing at all, this was to me a pretty big clue of what I already believed to be true.
Winner: All hail King Boo…Batista

Euan: I will admit right now that i do not watch Smackdown most weeks as simply nothing on the show interests me, not even the greatness of King Booker is enough reason to say "Hey, i wanna watch Friday Night Smackdown." I think this should be an entertaining match but not a long one considering there are three traditional Survivor Series matches later on in the show. Batista has returned to the old Batista we grew to love before his injury forced him to take time out and he returned as just another guy. Batista will finally recapture the World Heavyweight Championship and end the King's reign over Smackdown. What happens next?
Winner: Batista

Survivor Series Elimination Match: Ric Flair (captain), Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter & Ron Simmons w/Arn Anderson vs. Kenny (captain), Johnny, Nicky & Mikey w/Mitch

Wade: Ah, the Legends match. They must not have many Legends to work with if they dropped this down to 4 on 4. I like the partners they got for Flair and it'll be great to see Arn Anderson around the ring again. I don't know how they've been booking this feud but I don't even have to think twice about who I think is winning this match. I think the Legends will make a clean sweep.
Winners: Flair’s Team

Art: Yeah I'm going for another face team win but The Spirit Squad are living on borrowed time as its demise has slowly unfolded on TV the last few weeks. Hell, I might even pick up a "DAMN~!" t-shirt along the way... Flair's team go over for sure.
Winners: Flair’s Team

Casey: This is so obvious even Vince Russo could, well he wouldn’t get it right, he just would get it less wrong than his actual angles. Anyway, the Squad bumps for the legends who hit their signature spots, and this pushes the Squad closer to the breaking point if not completely over the cliff. I predict that the entire legend’s team survives.
Winners: Flair, Rhodes, Slaughter and Simmons

Euan: Let the fun begin in the first of our triple main event!!!!! This match will be comedy from beginning to end and with the edition of Ron Simmons replacing Roddy Piper on Raw, this match will be nothing short of a classic. All i want from this match is the following: Ric Flair saying "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" a number of times, Dusty Rhodes must dance as i laugh harder every time i see it, Sgt. Slaughter calling someone a maggot and Ron Simmons to say "DAMN!" after Team Greatness defeats the Spirit Squad.
Winners: Team Greatness

Survivor Series Elimination Match: John Cena (Captain), Kane, Lashley, Sabu & RVD vs. Big Show (Captain), Test, MVP, Finlay & Umaga

Wade; I've heard this was originally going to be a RAW team against a Smackdown! team against an ECW team. That would've been a cooler match but this set up is good too. I'm going with Cena's team with the order of elimination being: MVP, Lashley, Finlay, Test, Sabu, RVD, Umaga and Show.
Winners: Cena’s Team

Art: Another interesting match-up, Show's got Finlay on his team, the rest of them can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. The line-ups here are a bit weak in my opinion but you still have Cena, RVD, Lashely and Finlay in the mix... expect some clusterfucks to rear their ugly heads at times, I would have to hope that Team Cena wins this one.
Winners: Cena’s Team

Casey: I think that the booking for this is pretty simple. Its time to make Umaga a star. How do we make Umaga a star at the Survivor Series? Well…
Winner: and soul Survivor, Umaga

Euan: This will be fun but in the horrible wrestling department as we have Big Show who is about as mobile as a dead horse, MVP who is a gay Power Ranger and Test who just sucks. As much as I dislike John Cena, he has been very good over the past few months in his feud with Edge. I am looking forward to seeing Lashley and Finlay go at it as it's always fun to watch but Lashley in ECW should be interesting. But I am going to say Team Cena will take the victory.
Winners: Cena, Kane, Lashley, RVD and Sabu

Survivor Series Elimination Match: DX (co-captains) CM Punk, Matt & Jeff Hardy vs. Rated RKO (co-captains), Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox & Gregory Helms

Wade: I remember asking Casey about who Mike Knox is last week and I got the "You don't wanna know" reply. Take that and the (what I think is) far superior team of Team DX and I have to go with Team DX. The order of elimination I'll go with here is: Mike Knox, CM Punk, Gregory Helms, Matt Hardy, Johnny Nitro, Edge and Orton.
Winners: DX’s Team

Art: This is the SS match I'm looking most forward to, both teams (except for shitbag Knox) are filled with strong talent and I'm anticipating a fun match here and I'm calling for Team DX to win this one...
Winners: Team DX

Casey: This should probably be one damn fun little match. I also think this will be the longest match on the show. As for who goes over, well I look at these matches scientifically. One of these teams is captained by DX and the other team is not. What this means is that the team not captained by DX has as much chance of winning this match as TNA has of beating Raw in the ratings the night after Survivor Series.
Winners: Degeneration X (Survivors either HHH and Shawn or just HHH)

Euan: It is great to see CM Punk's name mentioned in the main event of one of the biggest PPVs of the year, i have followed Punk's career since his ROH days and it makes me so happy to see him doing this well in WWE as i had real fears they would fuck his character up completely and destroy his legacy. The return of the Hardy Boyz also brings a strange sense of joy to me as they were one of my favorite tag teams growing up and after Jeff Hardy nearly killing himself on Monday night it will be interesting to see how he fairs after three big matches in one week. I am really into the DX/Team RKO feud at the moment, it at least makes sense that Edge and Randy Orton both want rid of DX after weeks of humiliation at their hands. However i do not see Team RKO walking out
of Survivor Series winners so Team DX to win.
Winners: Team DX

Casey: I’m glad that Euan is glad he’ll be ordering this show because that makes me glad that he can recap it. In all seriousness it looks like a decent enough lineup but we just have too many shows in too short a space and due to the holidays I may have ordered my last wrestling/MMA show until 12/30. Ah, Who am I kidding? TNA Live coverage at OCC on 12/10 everybody.
Art will probably type up his thoughts for the SNH after he gets back from attending this event. The rest of us wish Art a good time at the show.

Euan: Overall apart from a single match, this should be one hell of a show that i am more than happy to pay £14.95 to watch.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Season 1 Review: Everybody Loves Raymond

Hello again. It is I, the Old Country Give and Taker. I have been missing for quite a while but now I have gotten my...stuff together and am back on the Corner with my new review. I have had reccomendations on watching this series and finally decided to start it up. I have definetly not regretted it!

This show is as hilarious as I have been told! I loved every joke and gag and the characters were spot on. The characters I like the most are Frank and Robert Barone. Peter Boyle has great timing and an excellent wit and Brad Garrett is just a natural. I'll give credit to the writers as well, because any show wouldn't be nearly as funny without talented writers.

My favorite episode from this season is the season finale titled "Why are We Here?" I love flashback episodes and this was expertly done. It reminded me of the flashback episodes from Friends in the way that they would tie into things that would happen in their future.

I can tell this series is highly entertaining and I can't wait to see the rest of it!

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NFL: Screwed

I was looking through my mail today and I got a postcard from my cable company saying that I will be unable to watch the games carried by NFL Network due to the NFL wanting an increased rights fee.

I can only say its a good thing I've got Sirius

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Movies: Daily Estimates for Thanksgiving

Its a couple of days late, but here you go.

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NFL: Bears can clinch division title in week 12

They need to beat New England, and get losses from both Green Bay and Minnesota who play at Seattle and at home against Arizona respectively.

They would join the 85 Bears, 97 49ers and 2004 Eagles as the only teams to clinch this early, during the 16 game schedule era, should they manage to do so.

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NBA: Lakers fall to Jazz 114-108

The Jazz have won 8 in a row and are 7-0 at home. I definitely didn't expect them to be this good.

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NFL: Just kick me in the balls, seriously

I don't know why I read these. I mean, I read them because they are well written and because the fact is that they are true, but every time I read a post over at IBA's Raiders Blog like this one I feel like I've just been kicked in the testicles.

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NFL: Could Kansas City be perminent home to Thanksgiving Night game?

I am of 2 minds about this.

1. I don't like it because I don't like the fact that Detroit gets to bore me with its unique brand of football every Thanksgiving and typically the Cowboys haven't been that much more entertaining in recent years so I barely tollerate the fact that those home games won't go away.

2. I kind of like the idea of this for the simple fact that it means the Raiders could play a Thanksgiving road game and that'd be just fine with me.

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Youtube: Sheiky joins the Darkside

He'd probably show Vader all the new lightsabre technics involved in humbling.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

OCC: In celebration of OldCountryTimes.net

Download this file, if you dare...and you'd better dare!

Euan gets all the credit and or blame for this which ever you choose to assign.

So check it out.'

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Gaming: The Old Country Corner Previews the TNA Video Game

Note: What you are about to read is not really true. However, if it ends up being true, you heard it hear first.

TNA iMPACT the Video Game
Available: Early 2007
Platforms: PS3, Nintendo WIII, Xbox360, Atari 2600
Players: 1-4

I got an early look at the new TNA Wrestling game to be released by Midway. Its amazing what kind of stuff you can see when you just make it up off the top of your head, but that's how things work some times.

I'll run down the types of things that you can expect to find in this game.

Roster: The Roster for this game is an impressive list of the whose who in TNA's brief history.

Included on the roster are: Richard and Rod Johnson, Cheaks, The Flying Elvises, Toby Keith, Chris Rock, Dennis Rodman, Scott Hall, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, D-Ray 3000, Buck Quartermaine, Phi Delta Slam, Trytan, Disco Inferno, and many many more. Surprisingly absent from the roster was Jeff Jarret, which goes to prove to you all that I'm just making this up. As if Jarrett could not be a part of something.

Gimmick Matches: In this game you will find some of the standard gimmick matches such as Last Man Standing, and Ironman as well as some staples to TNA. The Gauntlet for the Gold, Ultimate X, King of the Mountain and Hard 10 Tournament are all represented. I was happy to see that the Fight for the Right tournament in all its stages of greatness has also been included. But to me the best part are the bonus gimmick matches that we haven't seen anywhere else including on TNA television.

*The exploding Planet Deathmatch: After 15 minutes of action, the Planet of Earth explodes. The game notes that you had really better be serious about wanting the entire planet destroyed as once you start there is no turning back.

*Scaffold on A Pole, ladder on a scaffold, pole on the ladder match: Yes, it is just what it sounds like. In this match, you must climb a pole that leads to a scaffold, one you make it to the scaffold the next task is to climb a ladder and at the top of the ladder is a pole. If you make it to the top of the pole, you lose the match and Vince Russo shows up on the screen and shouts "Swerve!" over and over again.

*Decent Exposure match: This match is a reverse Bra and Panties match where the object is to put on as much clothing as possible.

Online Play: I was pleased to discover that you can play against others via an online network. So myself and Old Country Nomad decided to give it a shot. The game prompts you to initate online play by tossing your controller at the screen the same time your desired opponent does. So upon following these instructions, Euan and I saw Russo up on the screen yelling "Swerve" right before our TV's exploded and we got shards of glass impailed in our groines.

Control System: A key component in every wrestling game is its control system. How does this one rate? Well, in a word it sucks. First, you are only able to play this game if you have a grand total of 3 fingers on both hands combined. But all of the combinations require at least 4 buttons to be pushed at the same time. It really sucks to have to get in to your bathtub with an electric toaster just to perform finishing maneuvers but what's a few thousand volts of electricity between friends?

Other notes: I was a little unhappy to learn what happens when you finally win a title. It seems that this tells your game machine to set itself on fire and attack the nearest pet. This carries on for the duration of your championship reign. Fortunately, as this is TNA no title reign in the game lasts more than 3 seconds.
Also be aware of the fact that due to this being TNA, the gimmick match you select to play at the beginning of your game, will in all likelyhood experience a rules change by the end.

Final Thoughts: If I had the choice of playing this game again or being kicked in the balls while being humbled by Iron Sheik in the Old Country Way, I'd pick the latter. Expect this game to be released on 8-track cassette Feb. 29, 2007 and 3/4.

We hope you have enjoyed our glimpse at the TNA iMPACT video game.

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OCC Special Project: A Day in the Life Part II

Yes, I finally finished the story. Its a quicky ending, but what are you going to do?

Click Here to Read Part 1

I’ll spare you all the details of getting to her office. I am sure by now that you have figured it out, it wasn’t an easy procedure. I will only reveal that it involved climbing several poles, a box which contained: Car keys, a tampon, 3 pieces of candy corn, a fishing pole, 2 spools of thread and a goat.
The meeting started off with Dixie Carter explaining to me the TNA drug tsting policy. Here is an actual made up description of how this played out.

Her: Do you want some heroine, crystal meth, weed or LSD?
Me: Yeah, I'll take all that stuff, plus some perscription pain pills if you've got them.
Her: Congratulations, you passed the drug test.

I wish I could tell you more about the meeting ut for legal reasons I can not. I can tell you that TNA is planning another world X cup for 2007 featuring Teams from Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus as it was discovered to be an easier task than working with those Mexican promoters again.
About half way through the meeting we got a preview of the new TNA video game from Midway games. The game looked good graphically, but why before playing this gae, all people need to undergo a sex change never was explained to me. I’m not really digging the new breasts I’ll tell you that.
The day was over and I went through another rapid-fire series of complicated procedures to get back to my house. I realized upon walking in to my apartment just the kind of thing that I was in for as long as I remained employed with this company. I decided that suicide was the best option, so I reached in my drawer for my handgun, checked to make sure it was loaded which it was. So I stuck the barrel in my mouth closed my teeth around it tightly so that there was no room for error. I braced myself for what I was sure would be a quick death, and I pulled the trigger. When the toilet flushed, I realized to my horror that not only was I not dead but that TNA had begun the process of bringing my apartment and worldly possessions up to company code.

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