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Monday, April 30, 2007

WWE RAW 4/30/07 Live Coverage

Hello and welcome once again to live coverage of RAW. I am sure Vince will have a big celebration after winning the ECW Title.

We start backstage with WWE Champ John Cena and ECW World Champ Vince McMahon. Vince calls himself the King of Extreme then HBK comes in and says that Cena was lucky and wants one more shot. Vince says they can go 1-on-1 non title tonight and if HBK wins the Title will be on the line next week.

Our first match of the night is Edge vs. Orton. Orton takes advantage early on. Orton has been punishing Edge and he pushes Edge from the apron into the security wall as we go to commercial. Back with Edge ramming Orton's shoulder into the ringpost then pushing Orton off the apron so he lands right on top of the announce table. Edge rolls him back in and gets 2. Orton fights back and they fight on the top turnbuckle with Edge getting the upper hand but Orton dropkicks him in mid air. Inverted backbreaker from Orton gets him 2 the hits a powerslam for another nearfall. Edge manages to roll him up to get a nearfall. Edge takes the pad off the turnbuckle but the ref catches him which sets up a series of nearfalls. Edge and Orton both put their feet on the ropes for a pin but the ref catches both. RKO reversed into an Impaler gets Edge 2. Orton jumps over Edge which makes him Spear the ringpost. Het tries for the RKO but Edge pushes him away. Orton stops before he hits the exposed turnbuckle but turns around and gets a Spear which gets Edge the win.


Todd Grisham is interviewing IC Champion Santino Morella. Not much there.

Video of RVD from Backlash last night. He isn't happy with Vince winning the ECW title (like anyone is).

Backstage with Vince and Shane. They talk about RVD.

Maria interviews Edge. Edge calls her a bimbo and says he's angry that HBK has gotten another title shot.


Cade and Murdoch are doing commentary for Jeff Hardy's match against Johnny Nitro. Nitro in control so far getting several nearfalls. Jeff fighting back with a Superplex and Swanton to get the win. Cade and Murdoch stand up and applaud him. They come into the ring supposedly to shake his hand but Jeff walks out not taking his eyes off of them.

I was stupid to think that videos for Austin's film would end last week. I forgot about the "Now Playing" videos.


Video of the ECW World Title match.

Shane has now come out to the ring and announces Umaga. RVD comes to the ring as we go to commercial. Back from commercial with RVD getting some offense in. RVD goes up top but Umaga throws him into the security railing. RVD has a sleeper hold on Umaga but he fights out of it by ramming him into the turnbuckle then throwing him outside. RVD has it back on outside but Umaga rams him into the steps. Umaga tries for the butt bump but RVD moves out of the way. RVD hitting several good kicks and a top rope kick knocks him off his feet then gets a Rolling Thunder for 2. RVD hits the frog splash but Umaga grabs his throat as he comes down, hauls him up then gives him the Samoan Spike for the win.


Backstage with Carlito and Flair. Carlito has a tag match set up for them against World's Greatest Tag Team. Flair says this will be Carlito's last chance.

HBK has been introduced for his match but we cut backstage to HBK knocked out.


Backstage with Coach accusing Cena of attacking HBK. Cena grabs him and throws him against the wall then walks off. Vince tells Coach to go find out who did it because HBK is still wrestling tonight.

Flair/Carlito vs. World's Greatest Tag Team is up now. Flair and Carlito lighting up Haas but Hass manages to tag Shelton in. Frequent tags for Haas and Shelton who are working over Carlito. Carlito fights back and tags in Flair. Flair is working over Shelton but Carlito attacks Flair from behind. Carlito starts to walk up the ramp but Flair attacks him from behind. They fight for a bit then Carlito walks off.

Backstage with Coach. We find that Edge is also knocked out so Coach asks for Randy Orton.


They cut JR and King off for another video about Austin's film.

Mr. Kennedy has just come out to the ring. He gives us an OJ Simpson joke then says he had nothing to do with taking out Edge and HBK. He teases going for a title tonight then says how Edge cashed his in was cowardly. He then announces that he is going to cash his in at WM24. Interesting to see Kennedy on RAW but it was kinda pointless I think.

Backstage with Orton now knocked out.


Backstage with Vince and Coach. Vince says he knows who did it and tells Coach to have Cena go out to the ring.

Melina and Victoria are now out to take on Mickie James and Candice Michelle. Candice actually has some wrestling attire on as her and Victoria start out. Victoria attacks Mickie on the outside then gets tagged in. Candice gets the rollup on Melina for the win.


More of The Originals saying that they hate Vince as the ECW World Champ.

Cena comes straight down to the ring. He says he doesn't care who it is and calls them out. The man behind the attacks turns out to be The Great Khali. Cena almost had Khali FUed but he gets the double handed chokeslam then puts one foot on holding up the WWE Title as the show ends.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira to make debut at UFC 73?

This has been rumored as possible for awhile and seems to be gathering steam

It will be interesting to see who he'll face.

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Stephan Bonnar to face Mike Nickles at Fight Night 10?

looks to be that way

Bonnar is finishing up a 9-month suspension for taking things he shouldn't have at a time he shouldn't have.

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CARE/Other vuz, vuz, vuz Jabroni Preview: WWE 'Backlash 2007'

You can check out our picks, and submit your own by Clicking here

You're in for some long matches if you do watch the show with only 6 matches.

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The Condemned found guilty of being a bomb

$4 million for #9 at the box office

Some very foolish people in the land of the World Wide Web thought this movie could be #1. These people are idiots, it never had a chance to be #1 and had you asked me before it opened I would've told you that much.

This is going to fade fast with Spider-Man 3 opening next week and that's the start of a big time summer race.

Not sure what the budget was for this one, so I don't know what it will have to do to break even. Rule of thumb is that you must at least double your production budget to break even, more depending on advertising.

Its only hope I'm guessing is strong sales on DVD and such.

I've got 3 words for future WWE films...straight to video.

It gets worse, a breakdown of all 3 films.

The Marine
Theater Count Opening Weekend: 2,545 Theaters
Opening Weekend Box Office: $7,138,744

See No Evil
Theater Count Opening Weekend: 1,257 Theaters
Opening Weekend Box Office: $4.3 million

The Condemned
Theater Count Opening Weekend: 2,310 Theaters
Opening Weekend Box Office: $4,000,000 (Estimated)


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tito Ortiz speaks on current MMA scene.

A link and there is no truth to the rumor he quit half way through the interview and then blamed it on Dana White.

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Ring of Honor Results for 4/27

Right here

Yeah, taking a quick break from the draft to link to those for you. Don't say I don't care, unless you mean it.

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Minotauro talks Napao, Seminars

Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira gives comments about the next Minotauro fights and Gabriel Gonzaga. If you want to read them click here

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Couture maps strategy for Gonzaga fight

Randy Couture has commented on what it will take to defeat Gabriel Gonzaga.

Yeah, Randy will have a plan for this fight be sure of that.

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Backlash Predictions reminder

For those unaware, and I seriously don't blame you, there is in fact a WWE Pay Per View this weekend.

So, as a result this is my prompting/reminder that you can submit your picks for the roundtable at this link

You've got until bell time, but I'm not prompting you any further than this, save for a possible email to the regulars.

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Chuck Liddell talks about the Revenge Factor

see for yourself

You know, I may look foolish for saying this in May but what's the fun of writing about this if you don't take risks? I think that for the first time since the second Couture fight Liddell is actually motivated. Yes, I am saying I don't really think he worried too much about Jeremy Horn in their rematch even though Horn beat him. Yes, I'm also saying that in bout 3 with Randy he knew he had Couture's number. I'm also saying that Babalu was not a concern to him. The relaxed way Chuck came to theoctagon at UFC 66 said all I needed about how worried he was about Tito Ortiz.

This one may be different. I think if he is motivated, Rampage may just as well decide not to show up. It will be safer that way. As I said, I could be wrong, Liddell could really not care and still own him anyway. He could be motivated as hell and lose, but I don't think a Liddell that actually cares is going to lose to Jackson at UFC 71.

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Who's the Greatest?

That is the question posed by Thomas Gerbasi in This piece at UFC.com

The overall conclusion he reaches does not come as a shock to me. Looking at it overall, the division that jumps out to me more than the rest is Middleweight. Rich Franklin is the most successful middleweight champion ever with 2 defenses, thanks to Travis Lutter being a fatass Anderson Silva doesn't even have one yet. Silva could put his name along side those of Couture, Liddell and Hughes but then again he could lose to Nathan Marquardt and we could start this whole thing over again and neither would really surprise me.

Yes, I said it would be a light posting day for me, but I love you people.

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Rashad Evans Responds to Tito Ortiz calling him a Nappy Headed Hoe

You can hear it by clicking here

I don't think I've ever agreed with another person more than I do with Rashad here. First of all, Tito's insult was hardly creative, so when he comes to talking Smack he's not currently bringing the A-game.

Secondly, I think if Tito's heart were really in this fight he might've come up with a better taunt. Given this, I'm thinking that when July 7 comes around I will be picking Rashad.

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Memphis Wrestling Report featuring Hulk Hogan

This may be but is not guaranteed to be my only post of the day.

But, given that it could be aren't you glad its about Hulk Hogan?

Actually, given this, I think I'll try to make a Rashad Evans post, since he was in the news yesterday.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Ratings for 04/26 iMPACT and Ultimate Fighter

When it comes to being pretty these are not. Expect an audio rant from Euan on the TUF rating.

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Don Frye is THE MAN~!!! As if you didn't know already...

(Euan, sorry for stealing your heat... - Art)

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Ep.4 Review

Here we go again with the best show on TV at the moment and this week's insanity brought to you by the Old Country Times.

We begin as usual with the recap of last week's fight and more love from Dana White is shown as he thinks this was the best fight he has ever seen in the the entire 5 seasons of TUF. I kinda agree with this view. BJ says he has a change to turn things around for his team, not bloody likely at the moment BJ. We cut to team Pulver celebrating Diaz's win in the locker room but one thing is missing from the scene: the UFC Ghetto Championship belt.

We get our first Team Pulver training session of the show and immediately our attention is drawn to Wayne as Jens explains that Wayne is a world away from the rest of his team in every level. We are shown footage of Wayne training and he looks beat up as the rest of the guys are working like crazy, he looks to be just doing enough to get by. Shortly after this, we are shown Wayne doing an exercise with a weight ball and Jens keeps having to correct his technique and slowly he gets less and less patient with him until after telling him five times how to do the technique correctly, Jens turns into Corey and bitches Wayne out. Good stuff.

Next up are Team Penn to train and before we see anything else we go to a shot of Gabe talking to BJ. He is asking BJ to let him fight Wayne since "somebody has too", BJ laughs and asks Gabe if he is looking for an easy fight and Gabe gets on the defensive. BJ tells him not to underestimate anyone. Gabe = pussy!

Back in the house, we learn that Rob saw this conversation going on in the training center and confronts Gabe about it asking him why he went straight to BJ and didn't consult the other team members first. Once again, Gabe does his "somebody has to do it" speech and pisses everyone else off. Well done Gabe you fat fuck.

At the next Team Pulver training session, Cole also points out Wayne to be the weak link and not willing to train as hard as the others. It's at this point we learn that Wayne has hurt his foot so he is trying to take care of it so it doesn't affect his chances of getting put into the octagon. Jens tells him that if it's effecting him this much, he needs to take the next step and then explains he is not being a dick but he will not let him fuck up his chances. Wayne tells Jens that he is babying his foot to help his chances to fight and Jens says that he is doing such a good job, he is not even considering putting him in the octagon.

After the session is over, Manny calls Jens over to talk about Brandon and his issues with weight. Jens accuses Brandon of ducking the harder practices to cut weight and Manny explains that Brandon hasn't seen 160lbs, Jens says he hasn't seen him under 168lbs. Jens tells Corey to be ready and he replies "I'm always ready baby" and that if Brandon cannot get within 5lbs of 155lbs, he is not fighting.

We head back to the house to see Brandon doing everything he can to cut the weight by riding the air bike like a mad man and spending hours in the sauna to prove to himself and Jens that e can make weight. We discover that Marlon's nickname is Mr. Indestructible, why you ask...it's because he has been in over 200 street fights. Gabe says he is the biggest exaggerator of all time which i think is true and all he is doing is describing scenes out of a Steven Segal movie. We had Marlon's stories of him defeating 10 men at once, crazy almost circus like music and Gabe's facial reactions and this was awesome. Finally after hearing enough, Gabe stands up and calls shenanigans on Marlon which gets 100* for the funniest comment ever said in the house this season. Marlon says in an interview that no matter how outlandish or wonderful the stories are, they are true. BULLSHIT!


Jens informs us that Dana was not able to be there today(Booooooooooooooo!). Team Pulver is still in control so Jens makes his pick which is....Brandon who has cut a HUGE amount of weight so gets the thumbs up from Jens and Brandon chooses Andy from Team Penn and the fight is made. In case you didn't notice from his looks, Andy throws a comment about fortune cookies and being careful what you wish for. Well that's progress set back about 20 years there. Andy says to BJ and the guys that no matter what happens, he wouldn't want to be anywhere else but there.

During a Team Penn training session, BJ asks Gabe if he has ever cornered Andy before as they have both been friends for years and explains that Andy's only problem is that he can fight recklessly sometimes. BJ tells Andy who is a black belt in ju-jitsu that if he takes Brandon to the ground, the fight is his. Andy then does a Marlon telling us about the mist of the fight and tales of dragons and such. Progress is current 3000 years behind now. He is fighting for the Asian-Americans in the US.


Brandon weighs in first wearing nothing but a thong which does not meet Manny's approval shown by his laughter towards him. He weighs in at 155.5lbs and Jens is shocked but increadibly proud of his guy. Andy weighs in at 155lbs and again sets progress back about another 100 years by posing with nunchucks.

Back in the house, Brandon is making Travis Lutter proud by stuffing his face as a reward for making weight and i approve of this.

The next day, Team Pulver arrive at the training center to find the janitor sweeping the mats. However this is no ordinary janitor, it's Superma...Matt Hughes and the guys wonder why he is there sweeping the mats. Jens walks in and him and Matt start talking as they are great friends. So Hughes takes the guys through a rigorous training session and takes the opportunity to take a shot at BJ Penn by saying his team haven't done much today with BJ as a coach. Hughes takes Brandon aside and teaches him some takedown defence as he knows this is Andy's strength.

A moment of clarity is displayed by both fighters as they remember their family back home with Brandon having a small toy to remind him of his kid and Andy has a picture of his family and talks about his grandfather who had recently passed away and how he was his first trainer. Andy then said he was fighting for his teacher and would win the “All Valley Karate Tournament”.

Fight day arrives and both guys make their final preparations before heading to the training center for the fight.


Andy Wang - 29, 5'6", 63" reach, 8-6 MMA record
Brandon Melendez - 23, 5'10", 72" reach, 11-5 MMA record.

"Big" John McCarthy and his new goatee is our referee and Dana~! is back to oversee the fight.

Round One

Early on both fighters are pressing the action, trying to get in each other's heads. Brandon finally gets bored of this and starts unloading on Andy landing a sweet right that puts Andy on the mat for a couple of seconds but he gets back up again. Andy, ignoring the screams of BJ to not stand up continues to do so and gets pummelled for his troubles with Brandon landing bomb after bomb with Andy getting the odd punch or kick in. Big John calls a time out with about a minute to go as Andy loses his mouthpiece and once they restart, normal service resumes with Brandon continuing to bring it to Andy who has no answers. Round one comes to a close with Brandon easily the winner of the round.

During the break, BJ makes Andy promise that he will get back with the original plan that was to take Brandon to the ground and control him.

Round Two

The second round begins with Brandon partially landing a SUPERMAN PUNCH~! and then continuing to lay into Andy giving him a small cut above his left eye. BJ must have lungs of steel as he is almost as loud as Lenne Hardt during PMS as he shouts at Andy to take Brandon down and eventually this gets through as Andy does manage a takedown but does nothing with it and Brandon easily gets back on his feet. Brandon continues on with the beatdown landing a shot a little too close to the belt line for Team Penn's liking but the fight carries on and with about 90 seconds left Brandon begins to gas and Andy's best chance in the fight appears. As you may have guessed by now, Andy does nothing with this and continues to be a punching bag until the round ends.

Corey says "good fight guys" and i agree, this was a fun fight with Superman punches and Andy ignoring his coaches advice much to the dismay of BJ. John calls them into the center of the octagon and announces the winner by unanimous decision Brandon Melendez. Andy admits that he got rocked by that opening punch and Dana points out the fact that Andy basically disregarded his corner's advice throughout the fight and he is not down with that. Andy admits he was stubborn and everyone shouts at the TV "YES, YES YOU WERE!" Brandon basically says he was happy with the fight and happy to be going on.

Then we cut to the octagon and Andy crying like a little girl saying he has let himself and his team down. All i can say is maybe listen to your coach next time dummy. He is then led back to the locker room with a towel over his head and BJ imitates Andy crying 5*. Finally, Andy has this to say "When people see Andy Wang, they will see a warrior". I on the other hand see a fucking idiot who doesn't listen FUCK OFF!

Next week is Corey vs. Gabe! WOOHOO!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Officer Suspended After Accusations Of Shoplifting WWE Action Figures (WCAU-TV Philadelphia)

Credit: NBC10.com

Officer Suspended After Accusations Of Shoplifting WWE Action Figures

PHILADELPHIA -- A Philadelphia police officer has been suspended and will be fired after accusations that he stole action figures from a pharmacy, NBC 10 reported.
Officer Shawn Goodstone, 32, is accused of stealing while in uniform from a Rite Aid pharmacy in West Kensington last month.
Store officials said they have surveillance video of him opening two packages containing WWE action figures valued at $7.99 each, placing the toys in his pockets and walking out.

The district attorney's office is considering criminal charges.

-- I'm curious of which figures this dude stole... Art

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Matches announced for 05/03 episode of TNA iMPACT

These will be taped Monday.

*Jackie Moore Vs. Gail Kim in a streetfight.
*Team 3D defends the NWA Tag titles against Samoa Joe and Rhino.

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Gabriel Gonzaga goes home to Hero's welcome

You can read all about his return home by clicking here

Some good stuff.

Michael Coughlin looks at where Gonzaga ranks among the heavyweights Here

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Roan Carneiro Vs. Jon Fitch at Fight Night 10?

According to this UFCJunkie.com story the fight is going to happen.

It would join Spencer Fisher Vs. Sam Stout as fights announced for the show.

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Undercard for Hogan Vs. White in Memphis announced

here is the lineup. Yeah sounds like fun.

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Dale Gagner responds to WWE Lawsuit

Figured I already reprinted PwInsider.com on this once, why not go for a double?

The response to the lawsuit mentioned in 2 posts further down this page is behind the cut.

PWInsider.com emailed AWA owner Dale R. Gagner for comment on World Wrestling Entertainment filing a lawsuit against him this week alleging trademark infringement
on the American Wrestling Association name and trademarks, among other issues.

Gagner's complete, unedited response to PWInsider.com reads as follows:

Thank you for the e-mail. Our office wasn't served with the lawsuit until just an hour or so ago. Obviously, it would be pre-mature for me to offer any
official comment or legal strategy upon the advise of my attorney, since we haven't had time to review the case in detail. I can say however that AWA Wrestling
Entertainment, Inc. registered the AWA name and use in 1996. We've promoted the brand for over 10 years. WWE is attempting to re-create history through
the legal system, a tactic we all know too well. Their first attempt is to discredit me and my contributions to this business. The injunction they claim
that was filed against me by Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club, Inc. in 1990 wasn't recognized after Verne's company went bankrupt in 1991. Their claim
against my name is laughable. I've never claimed a relationship to Verne Gagne other than that which is true. I worked for him in the late 1980's and am
indeed a distant relative. Research of our family lineage proves that.

Clearly, Vince McMahan and WWE want to monopolize the professional wrestling business. They also want to ensure their performers, under exclusive contract,
are considered "independent contractors" by deceiving the IRS. I've been in the business for over 20 years and finally will have a public platform to expose
Vince McMahon. He's about to spend a lot of money to reveal some skeletons in his closet. My course of action isn't directed out of spite. It's simply
to protect my name and reputation along with the AWA, a brand I have passionately re-built, along with a team of incredible promoters, since 1996.

Dale R. Gagne

Once again, credit PwInsider.com and Mike Johnson.

You know, take it from me. That Vince McMahan can be a real ass. I hope Vince McMahon shows up soon to teach McMahan how to do things right!

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MyNetwork TV fall plans, IFL plays role in end to Telenovela programs?

This Article looks at the changing programming on MyNetwork TV and how the IFL on Monday didn't help the Telenovela programming on Tuesday because of how different the audiences are.

MNT is getting rid of Telenovelas all together and given that the network started out with nothing but telenovelas last fall...it marks a pretty serious shift in programming.

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Match listing for the Best of the Ladder Match DVD

Yay WWE.

Taken from Dave Meltzer and WrestlingObserver.com

--We've got the match listing for the upcoming "Ladder Match" 2 disc DVD WWE is putting out. In the biggest news, they only have one minute of clips of
the match which really put ladder matches on the map, the Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon match from Wrestlemania X. They also only have short clips of
the Wrestlemania 16 ladder match. Interviews were done with Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Edge, Gregory Helms, Chris Benoit, Kane (totally in character), Shelton
Benjamin, Ric Flair, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. Unbelievable first match:
Jake Roberts vs. Big Daddy Ritter from Stampede Wrestling in 1979 for the North American title. Yes, it's Jake vs. JYD
Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels 1992
Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon 1995 SummerSlam match
HHH vs. Rock 1998 SummerSlam match
New Brood vs. Edge & Christian 1999 No Mercy
Edge & Christian vs. Dudleys vs. Hardys 2000 Summer Slam TLC match
Shannon Moore & Shane Helms vs. Jamie Noble & Evan Karagis vs. Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang 12/17/00 dying days of WCW
Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho 2001 Royal Rumble
Hardys vs. Dudleys vs. Edge & Christian Wrestlemania 17
Jericho & Benoit vs. Hardys vs. Dudleys vs. Edge & Christian (Smackdown match where Benoit injured his neck and was out for a year)
Edge vs. Christian 2001 No Mercy
RVD vs. Eddie Guerrero Raw 2002
Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy Raw 2002
Kane & Hurricane vs. RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Bubba & Spike Dudley vs Jericho & Christian Raw 2002
Jericho vs. Christian Unforgiven 2004
Jericho vs. Benoit vs. Benjamin vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Kane in first ever Money in the Bank match
Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero for custody of Dominick with debut of Vickie Guerrero as a character 2005 SummerSlam
Matt Hardy vs. Edge loser leaves town from Raw 2005
Ric Flair vs. Edge TLC match 2006 Raw
John Cena vs. Edge TLC match 2006 Unforgiven
Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro 2006 Raw
London & Kendrick vs. Regal & Taylor vs. MNM vs. Hardys Armageddon 2006

I'll say it again, yay WWE!

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New WWE Development Territory Revealed!

I have EXCLUSIVE video taken straight from the latest WWE Development Territory ITW but it's so EXCLUSIVE, you will have to click the cut to view it.

Video taken from the ITW Royal Rumble. I have learned that the promotion is being run by a Rince Vusso and he is quoted in saying that "It's the new DSW!". Take from that what you will.


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More on AWA Lawsuit

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has reported on the lawsuit mentioned in my last post. If you want to read their article, click here

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World Wrestling Entertainment Files Lawsuit against Dale Gagner's AWA

The following story is completely credited to Mike Johnson and PwInsider.com

It is behind the cut.

World Wrestling Entertainment filed a trademark infringement lawsuit on 4/25 in the United States District Court of Minnesota against Dale R. Gagner for
using thetrademarks and copyrights of the American Wrestling Association (AWA), which WWE acquired from Verne Gagne in 2003 along with Gagne's AWA video

The 17 page complaint by WWE alleges, among other charges, that Gagner's "AWA Wrestling Entertainment" misrepresents itself as the successor to Verne Gagne's
promotion, which shut down operations in 1990.

The complaint singles out Gagner, listed as the owner of "AWA Wrestling Entertainment" as a "serial offender", noting that in April 1990, The Minneapolis
Boxing & Wrestling Club (which then owned the AWA trademarks) filed a similar claim against Gagner. The courts ruled against Gagner in June 1990, enjoining
he and his company from creating any claims that represented him as part of the original AWA promotion. WWE also alleges that Gagner has gone as far as
to change the spelling of his name professionally to "Gagne" in an attempt to play off Verne Gagne's name when there is no relation between the two.

WWE's complaint delves into the history of both WWE and the original American Wrestling Association, noting that Verne Gagne promoted the AWA until 1990,
when he shut down the company. WWE noted that they acquired the library, copyright, and trademarks in January 2003 when they purchased them from Gagne,
who was later inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. WWE's subsidiary "WWE Libraries, Inc" is now the exclusive owner of the AWA and has the exclusive rights
to use its letters, name, and properties.

WWE noted that they have spent time and effort into reviving the AWA brand, most notably with their recent AWA DVD, while Gagner's company is "cybersquatting"
with their websites

Gagner's website features images of Verne Gagne, The Vachons, Nick Bockwinkel, The Crusher, and The Bruiser, and the tag line "Since 1959, the Major League
of Professional Wrestling." The company's title lineage dates back to Pat O'Connor and Verne Gagne in the 1950s as well. The website features a number
of upcoming dates from independent promotions around the country, which are using the AWA letters and logo, having paid an "entrance fee" to join the promotion.

WWE also alleges that despite not having rights to the AWA name and trademark, Gagner is, "selling merchandise, including hats and t-shirts, featuring the
AWA marks; promoting wrestling activities, performances, and events using the AWA marks; presenting information relating to the historical AWA wrestling
promotion; and displaying images on its website of wrestlers formerly associated with the AWA promotion." WWE alleges that Gagner's "clear intent" is to
"misrepresent that the Defendants are the successors to and/or affiliated with the AWA wrestling promotion. At no time have Defendants, individually or
collectively, been affiliated with WWE or the AWA wrestling promotion."

WWE claims that by Gagner's use of the AWA trademark and letters, the company has been "irreparably harmed." noting the company "has lost its exclusive
right and ability to control and/or determine the manner, appearance, timing, location, content and image of the AWA Marks, in which WWE has invested considerable
resources to acquire, develop, and promote" while noting that Gagner's company has "unlawfully and unjustly" been able to benefit from properties that
World Wrestling Entertainment legally owns.

WWE is seeking a permanent injunction against Gagner to prevent him and his company from using the AWA trademarks and initials in the future, an injunction
preventing him from doing so in a similar manner in the future, an injunction shutting down Gagner's websites followed by the domains being transferred
to WWE's ownership, financial damages and World Wrestling Entertainment's legal costs.

There is expected to be some local media coverage of the lawsuit in the State of Minnesota in the next 24 hours.

I don't think the WWE will have too much trouble in this one.

Once again, full and complete credit to Mike Johnson and PwInsider.com

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It just gets hotter and hotter.

According to this story you can pencil in Fight Night 10 for June 9 2007.

This officially makes June vorse than Hulk Hogan in terms of the amount of shows.

The schedule is behind the cut

  1. K-1/Elite XC: June 2
  2. W.E.C. on Versus: June 3
  3. ECW One Night Stand: June 3
  4. Fight Night 10: June 9
  5. UFC 72: June 16
  6. TNA Slammiversary: June 17
  7. Strikeforce/Elite XC: June 22
  8. The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale: June 23
  9. WWE Vengeance: June 24

You'll forgive me if I've forgotten something. It helps that a number of these events I won't have to pay for. It is worse if you count Saturday Night's Main Event which airs on June 2.

This was April's Schedule if you've already forgotten.

  1. WWE WrestleMania: April 1
  2. Fight Night Live 9: April 5
  3. UFC 69: April 7
  4. Pride 34: April 8
  5. Bodog Fight 'Clash of the Nations': April 14
  6. TNA Lockdown: April 15
  7. UFC 70: April 21
  8. WWE backlash: April 29.

Only 2 of those events aired on free TV in the states. Five of them including SNME will air for free in the US in June. Oh, and there's still time for something else to be added I'm sure.

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Rumored location for UFC 74

UFCJunkie.com reports on a rumor that UFC 74 could take place in Albuquerque, NM.

I wonder if they'll drug test if it were to be held there?

It is just a rumor at this point though.

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Cade and Murdoch SHOOT~! on "Armchair Critics"

I didn't know Cade and Murdoch were comedians. Link here.

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Herman, Smith to do battle at UFC 72

Middleweights Scott Smith and Ed Herman were announced to do battle in a UFC 72 preliminary bout.

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Ratings for Ultimate Fighter 5 continue to decline.

You can read the in depth breakdown here

What's wrong with you people? This show is awesome, you need to watch. Seriously, this trend needs to change right now. Your first chance to fix this is tonight.

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UFC 69 and 70 fighters get a pass, no drug testing at either event.

Steve Sievert of the Houston Chronicle has all of the details here UFC can make all the excuses they want, drug testing should've been done.

If they want that tied to regulation they should do it even when it isn't tied to regulation.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ratings news and other notes

News from today's Observer News Update

ECW did a 1.4 rating last night.

Ultimate Fighter did a 1.2 on Thursday.

Ask Don will be featured on IFL Battleground starting this monday. *****!

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Hulk Hogan to lend his voice to Star Wars Tribute

"Robot Chicken: Star Wars," will premier June 17 on Adult Swim, and among those who have offered their voices to the special is Hulk Hogan. You can read all about it here

Hogan has been on the show before in a sketch titled "Hulk Hogan's Heros".

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Tully Blanchard on Between the Ropes Tonight

Live and in studio. For more information or to listen to the show, click here

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Raw Rating and Steve Austin Interview

Monday's Raw did a 3.7

Steve Austin was on Howard Stern this morning and a recap is here

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TNA Slammiversary hits Nashville



Nashville , Tenn. , (April 25, 2007) – Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling is coming home to where it all started after changing the world of professional
wrestling forever. TNA Wrestling announced today that “Slammiversary 2007” will be held live at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville on June 17, airing
exclusively on pay-per-view.

TNA will celebrate its five-year anniversary by returning to Nashville for the first time since 2004. TNA began broadcasting its weekly Pay-Per-Views in
2002 from the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, affectionately named the “Asylum” by TNA fans. In 2004, TNA moved production for its weekly cable television
show, “iMPACT!” and monthly Pay-Per-Views to Universal Studios Orlando.

The TNA brand has grown to a worldwide entity in five years, but the fans of Nashville and Middle Tennessee helped make us what we are today. We’re thrilled
to celebrate this milestone with such an exciting event in front of our hometown fans,” TNA President Dixie Carter said.

TNA officials have also confirmed that the June weekend in Nashville will include an all-access chance to meet the stars of TNA at “TNA Fan Interaction,"
which puts the stars of TNA up close and personal with the fans for a once in a lifetime meet-and-greet opportunity.

Tickets for “Slammiversary” will go on sale Saturday, May 19, at the Municipal Auditorium Box Office (
417 4th Ave N , Nashville , TN 37201 ), all Ticketmaster outlets, online at Ticketmaster.com or by calling (615) 255-9600. Several TNA stars will be in
Nashville for the on-sale event. Full details will be available at

TNA Wrestling delivers a distinct brand of high-risk, athletic entertainment. TNA’s roster includes the biggest names in wrestling today, such as Kurt Angle,
Sting, Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino and Team 3D, as well as hot young talent such as AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin.
TNA features the innovative six-sided ring and the high-flying “X Division,” as well as concept matches such as “Ultimate X,” “King of the Mountain,” and
“Six Sides of Steel.”

TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville , Tenn. For more information, visit

TNA Thursday Night iMPACT!R21; airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Spike TV. Spike TV is available in 90 million homes and is a division of Viacom International

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MMAWeekly Rankings Updated

Check them out here


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More details made available for Friday Memphis show.

Given where this interview took place, a grain of salt might not be enough.

Credit: Jagger Kaye and PwInsider.com

Click behind the cut for all the "good stuff"

Corey Macklin called into Bubba The Love Sponge Show to promote this Friday's wrestling event with Hulk Hogan and to thank him and Sirius (who they are
trying to get to broadcast it live or on tape delay Saturday). Here are bullet points from the appearance ...

- 9 matches scheduled with Lance Russell, Jimmy Hart & Corey doing commentary.

- They discussed ticket sales are doing well and that Vince must be affected by how popular Hogan is on his own and Corey discussed what an amazing concert
Brooke put on recently in Orlando.

- Bubba brought up that Vince was "shady" in how he handled his event in Memphis and how he approached Corey.

- They discussed bringing this legends show around to other areas and how he would love Bubba to travel around with them as well and that it would be headlined
by Hogan.

- They discussed a lot of older names like Buff Bagwell, Barbarian, Brutus, Koko, and Greg Valentine that are filling out the card

- Bubba mentioned he is tagging with Brutus Beefcake against The Assassins.

- Corey broke news that Slick signed on to be there and asked Bubba if he would like him to be in his corner and Bubba said he'd rather have Jimmy Hart.

- Bubba said he is promoting Wednesday morning at 8am on Howard Stern's show and that he wanted Corey to call in Friday morning and that Jimmy Hart is calling
in Thursday

- The first 5,000 fans through the door get a free $20 Sam's Casino Slot Play Card.

- There will be multiple crews videotaping.

- Bubba is doing the meet and greet with Hogan & Paul Wight at 6pm for the Platinum Ticket Holders which is already sold out.

- Bubba ended by saying Hogan said there are already 5,200 tickets sold.

- Bubba promised a video will be on BubbaRaw.com of his match and he mentioned again he did this at a loss of about $1,500 because he is flying his family
in and getting a nice room, etc

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Boxing's Ultimate Rival Throws Down Gauntlet

Another Boxing Vs. MMA Article feel the excitement.

Note, for the week at hand, I will not be posting the big huge MMA Updates but posts 1 at a time. This will allow me more time to focus on other hobbies which are important now.

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Etim and Taylor impress at UFC 70

Michael Bisping wasn't the only Brit to impress at UFC 70. read about Terry Etim and Paul "Don't call me Euan" Taylor.

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UFC returns to the Pearl at the Palms for Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale

Jens “Lil’ Evil” Pulver vs. BJ “The Prodigy” Penn
Saturday, June 23 Live on Spike TV

Tickets Go On Sale Thursday, April 26 at 12pm PT

Las Vegas, Nev. – April 24, 2007 – When former UFC® Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver defeated the seemingly invincible BJ Penn in 2002, he shocked the world
and proved that when it comes to the Octagon™, nothing is impossible. Since then, Penn has plotted his revenge and waited seemingly in vain for the opportunity
to avenge his first and most bitter defeat. But on Saturday, June 23rd, these two 155-pound pioneers - who matched wits for six weeks as coaches on The
Ultimate Fighter® Season 5 - square off in a rematch five years in the making and finally get the chance to settle their score with their fists when they
battle in the main event on The Ultimate Fighting Championship® organization and Spike TV’s The Ultimate Fighter 5 Season finale live from The Pearl at
The Palms in Las Vegas.

“Jens Pulver and BJ Penn were the first two lightweights to ever headline a UFC event, and they basically launched and legitimized this division,” said
UFC President Dana White. “BJ has been dying for this rematch, and he claims that Pulver has been ducking him all this time, and Pulver’s side of it is,
‘I beat you, deal with it, and I will fight you again when I feel like it.’ The athletes in this sport always have so much respect for each other, but
these two don’t at all – that always makes for an interesting fight.”

Tickets for The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale are $150.00, $250.00 and $350.00, plus any additional box office or service fees, and go on sale Thursday, April
26 at 12:00 pm. Please visit any Ticketmaster location, call 702-474-4000 or visit
to purchase tickets.

The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale will also telecast live to millions of viewers on Spike TV starting at 9:00pm ET/PT.

UFC® Fight Club™ members have the opportunity now to purchase tickets to this event via the website
A special Internet ticket pre-sale will be available to UFC newsletter subscribers Wednesday, April 25 at 10am PT. To access this presale, users must register
for the UFC newsletter through

The Ultimate Fighter 5 live finale features an anticipated matchup between Penn and Pulver, the two coaches of Spike TV’s hit reality series.

Jens “Lil’ Evil” Pulver was the first lightweight champion in UFC history, and was undefeated in the UFC from 1999 to 2002, scoring victories over David
Velasquez, Joao Roque, John Lewis, Caol Uno, and Dennis Hallman. Yet his greatest victory occurred in his first fight with BJ Penn at UFC 35 in January
of 2002, where he became the first man ever to defeat “The Prodigy,” Pulver would leave the UFC after the fight due to a contract dispute, but after returning
to the Octagon late in 2006 and following a stint as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter, he will now try to make it two in a row over his bitter rival.

BJ Penn was nicknamed "The Prodigy" due to his meteoric rise as a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and then through the mixed martial arts ranks. A fearless
fighter who has competed against heavyweights as well as
lightweights and welterweights, this Hawaiian battler may be best remembered for scoring one of the biggest upsets in mixed martial arts history when he
rose 15 pounds in weight to take on and defeat Matt Hughes in his first-ever welterweight bout in 2004 . But despite his success, the night of January
11, 2002 still haunts him, and the only way to erase that memory is to defeat Pulver on June 23rd.

All bouts are live and subject to change.

For more information about The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale or current UFC fight news, visit
or uk.ufc.com.

About The Ultimate Fighting Championship:
The Ultimate Fighting Championship® brand is the world’s leading professional mixed martial arts organization and offers the premier series of MMA sports
events. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., the UFC® organization produces approximately twelve to fourteen live pay-per-view
events annually that are distributed through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its U.S. distribution, UFC fight programs are distributed throughout
the world including broadcast on WOWOW, Inc. in Japan, on MAIN EVENT in Australia, Globosat in Brazil and Bravo in the United Kingdom. For more information,
or current UFC fight news, visit

Ultimate Fighting Championship®, Ultimate Fighting®, UFC®, The Ultimate Fighter®, Submission®, As Real As It Gets®, Zuffa™, The Octagon™ and the eight-sided
competition mat and cage design are registered trademarks, trademarks, trade dress or service marks owned exclusively by Zuffa, LLC in the United States
and other jurisdictions. All other marks referenced herein may be the property of Zuffa, LLC or other respective owners.

About The Pearl:
The Pearl is Las Vegas’ premier concert theater boasting accommodations for up to 2,500 ticket holders. Featuring a stage just four feet from the floor
and the farthest seating area being a mere 120 feet from the stage, The Pearl offers the utmost in intimate viewing of your favorite acts. Private and
semi-private skyboxes are located on each side of the venue offering private bars, lounges and restrooms. The Pearl is a marvel of modern technology using
only top quality sound and video equipment throughout. Hard wired to The Studio at The Palms, The Pearl allows artists to create a cost-effective live
album with efficiency and without additional venue set-up. For more information, please visit

About Spike TV:
Spike TV is available in 91.6 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of VIACOM (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world's
leading creators of programming and content across all media platforms.

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Cage Rage 21 will air on Ion Television this Saturday

The DRM can't keep a good show down I suppose. You can see the details of the time and such here

I don't need to watch this because Borrents rule!

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Smackdown Spoilers for 4/27

Euan posted the preview earlier but here are the spoilers.

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WWE House Show Results 4/24, Paris

Read them here

This raises the question, if 2 title changes happen on the same show and the net affect is 0 did either of them really happen?

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OC Times Exclusive: All 20 fighters at UFC 70 fail drug tests.

Manchester UK - The Ultimate Fighting Championship recently held a card at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester that wowed the crowd with an exciting finish to the main event of Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga. It also wowed all of the sports analysts when it was announced that all 20 men fighting on the card tested positive for Marijuana.

"It is not hard to see why this happened", said a person who requested only to be known as A. Shimko as he was busy preparing defense letters for UFC fighter Melvin Guillard's upcoming appearance in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission for testing positive for Cocaine. "Just look at when the show was held, so close to 4-20 UFC was just asking for it."

When reached for comment regarding the fact that this was the first show in history where everyone failed the drug test, UFC President Dana White offered the following quote. "I don't usually test all the guys fighting on a show. But, we tested 6 of them and all the results came back positive for Marijuana. So, I decided to test 4 more and the same fucking thing happened. So I was like fuck shit fucking fuck shit fucker fuck fuck and tested the rest. Un fucking real, they all tested positive. I fuck shouldn't fuck have fuck tested fuck all fuck those fuck fucking fuck guys fuck fuck you fucking know? Fuck shit, damn hell ass fuck shit fuck fuck...Rochelle Leah fuck fuck fuck!"

A spectator who watched the show at his home offered these unusual comments. "I can't believe that Machida and Heath didn't test positive for something much stronger, I mean they looked like they were fighting on another plain with their boring fuck fest. I don't personally see why they are making a big deal of this failure I mean...excuse me, a case of mustard has arrived at my door and I must take care of it."

It is expected that all the fights will be ruled a no contest and Ric Gillespie will be called a ponk little gay.

***The above story, while probably true is likely also a parity that I made up***

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Smackdown Preview 04/27/07

Read all about it right here.

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Video Preview of TNA Impact 26th April 2007

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ECW 4/24/07 Live Coverage

It's time to let the bodies hit the floor! I don't know why they say that since bodies always hit the floor in wrestling.

Backstage with the New Breed. He apologizes for what happened in Burke's match last week.

Umaga and Lashley start us out. They cut backstage for a moment to show Vince watching. Estrada distracting Lashley early on allowing Umaga to take him outside, throw him into the ringsteps then bounces his head off the apron. Samoan Drop and Umaga pounds on Lashley on the mat. Umaga goes to the middle rope for a headbutt but Lashley rolls out of the way. Exchange of punches with Lashley unloading on Umaga. Umaga tries for the spike but Lashley ducks, clotheslines him and Estrada attacks Lashley for the DQ. Vince comes out to restrain Umaga while Lashley destroys Estrada.


Another video for Austin's film. I am happy to say that this will be the last time I see anything about this movie since I don't watch Smackdown.

Backstage again with New Breed. Burke says that they may have made a mistake but the the other 3 say they haven't.


Snitsky is now out to take on Balls Mahoney. Nice knowing you Balls. Snitsky with his usual squash.

Another backstage segment with the New Breed.


Main Event time. Originals do their usual crowd entrance and New Breed enter as we go to commercial. Dreamer starts for the Originals, Burke grabs a mic and tells Punk to sit this out. Dreamer taking it to Burke who tags in Sabu who hits a few moves then tags in Sandman. Burke rolls out of the way of a high risk move from Sandman which allows Burke to roll him up and hold the pants for the elimination. Stryker and RVD in the ring now. Cor Von distracts RVD which allows Stryker to go up top with RVD but RVD eliminates him and Cor Von comes in right away. Sabu tagged in. Burke attacks Sabu behind the ref's back and Cor Von takes advantage then tags in Burke. Cor Von back in and they're working over Sabu who manages to fight back and get 2. Cor Von pounced Sabu so hard that his neck got "caught up" in the ropes. I don't know if caught up is the right phrase but it did look bad for Sabu's neck. New Breed are working over Dreamer now. Cor Von crotches Dreamer on the barricade outside and gets DQed. Thorn brings Dreamer back in and gets 2. Dreamer hits a DDT on Thorn to eliminate him but Burke attacks him from behind and eliminates him. Burke rams RVDs shoulder in the post a couple times then gets caught with his feet on the ropes while trying to pin RVD. RVD fights back then spin kicks Burke from the apron to the outside. Punk kicks Burke from behind which allows RVD to throw him in and get the Frog Splash for the win. Punk comes in the ring after, picks up Burke and delivers his finisher. He says I'm sorry after that then leaves the ring to end the show.

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Dustin Hazelett to fight at UFC 72 'Victory'

according to UFCJunkie.com

Rich Franklin Vs. Martin Kampmann is set to headline.

For more info on Hazelett, Click here

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Ted Dibiase interview

Read it here

Everybody's Got a price!!

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Condemned Director speaks

Scott 'Don't call me butt' Wiper speaks to coming soon.net about the Condemned which opens on Friday.

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WWE Star angers the British

Dave Batista just makes friends, and earns fans where ever he goes.

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TNA Today 04/24/07

Christy Hemme is on the show...i will say no more.

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ECW spoilers for this evening 04/24

Credit: WWW.WrestleMag.com and PwInsider.com

Spoilers behind the cut.

- The set is the usual UK deal with a phone box, London bus etc.

- The Hardy Boyz beat Chavo Guerrero & Gregory Helms in a pre-TV dark match.

- ECW got started with CM Punk backstage with the New Breed. Punk gave one of those phony heel apologies and said to put it behind them as they’ve got the
8-man elimination match coming up tonight.

- Bobby Lashley beat Umaga via DQ in their WrestleMania 23 rematch. After the match, Lashley beat down Armando and Vince.

- Elijah Burke cut a promo saying tonight was the biggest night of the New Breed’s life.

- A video for The Condemned aired.

- Snitsky beat Balls Mahoney in a short match.

- CM Punk returned for another New Breed match ahead of tonight’s ECW main event.

- A video aired to plug the Dusty Rhodes DVD, which has been out for a year or so.

- The ECW Originals (RVD, Sabu, Sandman, Dreamer) took on The New Breed. Punk was made by Burke to sit at ringside to keep it 4 on 4 as The New Breed team
is Burke, Striker, Cor Von and Thorn. They eventually get down to Burke vs RVD. Punk laid out Burke with a kick, leading to Van Dam hitting him with the
frogsplash and getting the win.

Post-match, Punk hit Burke with the Go To Sleep to end the ECW taping.

I'm not going to say they completely fucked this up because it will depend on the follow-up next week, but this part of the angle came too soon.

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UFC 70 Rating

The show Saturday did a 1.8

Lower than the 2.5 that I predicted on the phone with Marcus this saturday. Still, UFC isn't hurt by this at all.

The fact is, that all of those people saw Gabriel Gonzaga become a star. His beating Cro Cop was bigger because it was on free TV than it would've been had it been on PPV.

According to this 3.5 million people saw the Cro Cop fight which is a strong number given the time of night.

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UFC News and Notes

David Heath has apologized for his boring fight at UFC 70.

The UFC announces Josh Burkman Vs. Karo Parisyan for UFC 71. I thank them for this because it isn't as though you could've clicked on the UFC 71 card and seen this listed already for well over a week...wait!

Tito Ortiz uses a now familiar term to describe Rashad Evans.

Upsets par for the coarse in UFC from the L.A. Times, registration may be required.

However, I simply must point something out:

MMA has always been more unpredictable than boxing, because more skills are needed and fighters learn to exploit the weakest facet of their opponent's game.

"You can't [book fights] like you do in boxing. You can't build a guy up to 39-0 with 39 knockouts. Anything can happen," White said.

However, the sport became more unpredictable in the last year as the stakes became greater. Fighting used to be a side activity for most fighters, with
only the top-of-the-line guys being able to train full time. That gave those fighters an advantage against up-and-coming fighters who needed to train on
the side while working full-time jobs.

In the last year, UFC's popularity exploded and fighters started being able to make much more money. With larger contracts, more fighters can devote themselves
full time to the sport. They can bring in better training partners and develop more carefully considered game plans.

That sounds familiar

More later.

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Ep.3 Review

I'm back again for Episode 3 of the wackiest show on TV~!

This week we begin with a quick recap of the last two weeks craziness and it reminded me how lucky i am getting to review this show every week while others like Casey get TNA Impact. We get the usual replay of last weeks preliminary fight between Manny and Noah and once again it showed that Noah got HUMBLED by Manny. Also, what a pretty kimura that was!

We cut to a shot of BJ walking around the training center and he is pissed off at the current state of things. So far Team Pulver has won both the preliminary fights and therefore has control over who fights who. Burger King's newest representative Gabe got himself weighed and...HE IS STILL 20LBS OVERWEIGHT! How is this possible when you have been training with one of the top fighters in UFC? But Gabe has a solution...a colonic. He pitches the idea to BJ and he says that he needs to talk to Dana White about this. So he did and Dana being the awesome person he is said he will hook him up with a colonic. My only question at this point was: will Dana be performing the colonic in his bathroom with a piece of garden hose?

Team Pulver present Manny with the UFC Ghetto Championship belt and it was at this point i noticed that everyone on Team Pulver has such great team chemistry and i cannot see this changing any time soon. Nate is beginning to get stir crazy as he wants to fight really bad, i really don't want to hate you Nate.

We head back to the training center for a Team Penn training session and BJ rants on Gabe's lack of...well anything really. It was at this point Tony DeSouza needed to speak and begins to question Gabe's determination and hunger to win the UFC contract. Tony says that he is more concerned with getting a tube shoved up his ass than training. It's the FUCK GABE SHOW~!

Team Pulver has their training session next and this was basically when the show became the greatest thing i have ever seen. Corey explains that now he has two personalities: Good Corey and Bad Corey. At this point, we cut to a shot of Gabe going on a cuss fest throwing out many many words and getting in the face of his team mates shouting obscenities at them in a wacky manner. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Corey then HUMBLES a training bag on the ground by throwing down hammerfists and elbows and then trains with a bar weight. We cut to a shot of all the guys training and Corey is shown hitting the mat shouting "I FEEL GREAT~!" Also he wants to kill Gabe. COREY NUMBER VON!

Dana White then explains to us that guest coaches are back this season and will be coming in from time to time to help out at training sessions. Team Pulver got the first guest coach of the season and it was....Jeremy Horn! Nate and some of the others guys were showed singing the praises of Mr. Horn...except Corey. The reason for this was that at home, Corey does not have cable and therefore does not know who the fighters are. Immediately Jeremy expresses great excitement over Corey and asks him what gym he is in, Corey responds with "I dunno, i'm not in a gym". Jeremy asks where Corey lives. Corey replies with Colorado Springs and Jeremy smiles and says "I'm in Salt Lake!" Me thinks that you will be seeing a certain Corey in Jeremy's gym in the very near future.

After this, Corey says that no one can defeat him and sings a song: "This is my home, this is my zone, nobody comes in my home or my zone" ROTFLOL.

And now the most cringe worthy segment of the season so far. Gabe goes to Healing Waters for his colonic and meets with his shit slurpee....technician. Dennis Dodd was not involved in this show, it was a woman. At one point, she says that she is looking for a "mudslide" and says that if she sees one she knows that Gabe has a healthy colon. Lovely. So after this, Gabe returns to the training center and everybody is pissed that he missed the morning's training to have a tube shoved up his ass.

Back at the house, high jinks are afoot with two of Team Pulver decide to run around the house and garden either naked or wearing a very small thong. GAY!


No tricks this week as the fight is annouced as Nate vs. Rob. For whatever reason, they aired a "highlight" reel of Nick Diaz, seriously i'm willing to give Nate a chance so don't fuck it up. Rob obviously enjoyed the tag fest last week in the house and begins to tag 209 on everything he can as that is the area code where he comes from. Some members of Team Penn make a ghetto basketball ring out of a laundry basket and tank tap. Yay!


Rob and Nate both weigh in at 156lbs. A weight that Gabe can only dream of. Dana proclaims that he is looking forward to this fight as i'm i. We then get clips of both Nate and Rob talking trash.

"And now IT'S TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FOR OUR UFC MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING!" Bruce why are you here? "I have to pay for the astroglide somehow." Wow, thanks for that Bruce.

Tale of the tape

Rob Emerson: 25, 5'8", 71" Reach, 8-6 MMA record
Nate Diaz: 21, 6', 73" Reach, 5-2 MMA record

Herb Dean is our referee and we are off with round one~!

Round one was basically the Nate Diaz show. He is nothing like his brother, THANK THE ALLMIGHTY! He knows how to punch and kick without looking like a fucking retard. Rob does get some offence but for me, Nate got this round by landing more shots. Nothing much happens in round two until the last 15 seconds when Nate got Rob on the ground and sinched in a tight near naked choke and Rob had no choice but to tap.

Winner - Nate Diaz R2 4.45 via submission (Rear Naked Choke)

That makes the Penn vs. Pulver score.

BJ Penn 0 - Jens Pulver 3

We get a shot of Rob's face and it is fucked up really bad.

Once again, everybody needs to see this show and if you missed the first two: GO BACK AND WATCH THEM!

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Coaches announced for Season 6 of the Ultimate Fighter

Full Press release behind the cut.

The Ultimate Fighter®, has launched the UFC® careers of some of mixed martial arts’ brightest young stars. But for season six, not only will the series
find the sport’s top young welterweight fighter, it will also settle a score between a charismatic new champion and a legend looking to wear the crown
once again, as UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra and former champion Matt Hughes coach 16 fighters hoping to be crowned the ‘Ultimate Fighter’.

Production on The Ultimate Fighter 6 begins this spring and continues in Las Vegas for about the next 6 weeks. The Ultimate Fighter 6 premieres this fall.
The series is hosted by Dana White, UFC President.

“We’re raising the stakes for season six of The Ultimate Fighter,” said White. “Matt Serra, UFC Welterweight Champion, and Matt Hughes, the former welterweight
champion, do not like each other at all. It should be a wild ride.”

“In the tradition of great conflicts on The Ultimate Fighter, we’re excited about having these two veterans of the series, squaring off in a battle of wits
before they take each other on in the Octagon,” said Brian Diamond, Co-Executive Producer and Senior Vice President, Sports & Specials, Spike TV. “Expect

During the thirty-eight day competition, the 16 men will endure a grueling regimen of jiu-jitsu, judo, Muay Thai, karate, boxing and wrestling. The intense
competition between the fighters will continue after they leave the gym -- at the Ultimate Fighter House. These warriors will be forced to live with each
other, knowing that any day they could be forced to fight each other in the UFC Octagon(TM).

Opponents from each team will be selected to square off in battle, officially weighed in and then, in front of their teammates, coaches, and the sanctioning
Nevada Athletic Commission, the two combatants face off in two five-minute rounds. If a draw verdict is rendered, a third ‘sudden victory’ round will determine
who wins the fight and continues on in the competition.

In the series finale, the two finalists will fight in a LIVE television broadcast with a location to be determined. In the end, one welterweight will be
crowned the new Ultimate Fighter. As a special bonus for fight fans, The Ultimate Fighter 6’s two coaches, Serra and Hughes, will square off for the UFC
Welterweight Championship in a pay-per-view bout on a date and site to be determined.

Matt Serra and Matt Hughes have come from opposite ends of the mixed martial arts spectrum, but in 2007, they meet at the top of the welterweight division,
and with more than a little heat between them.

Long Island, New York’s Matt ‘The Terror’ Serra, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt known for his ground game, nonetheless shocked the mixed martial arts
world at UFC 69 on April 7 with a stirring first round TKO of a man many thought was unbeatable, Georges St-Pierre. It was the pinnacle of an over seven
year career that saw Serra face a Who’s Who of the sport, including BJ Penn, Din Thomas, Karo Parisyan, and Chris Lytle. It wasn’t until his stint on The
Ultimate Fighter’s fourth season though, that Serra earned his title shot with a win over Chris Lytle in the series finale. Now he expects to guard his
title jealously from all comers, but first, he will impart the wisdom he has given to his students - such as Luke Cummo and Pete Sell – for years on season
six of The Ultimate Fighter.

“It’s no secret that Matt Hughes and I don’t like each other, and getting the chance to beat him as a coach before I beat him in the Octagon is a great
opportunity and one I’m really looking forward to,”
said Serra. “On season six of The Ultimate Fighter, I will show the bully how it’s done as I coach the future of the welterweight division.”

Ask any mixed martial arts fans about Hillsboro, Illinois’ Matt Hughes, and the words most likely to follow are ‘greatest welterweight ever.’ A two-time
champion with seven combined defenses to his name, Hughes’ ground and pound attack has led him to wins over St-Pierre, Penn, Lytle, Royce Gracie, and Frank
Trigg. He has also translated his success into the coaching realm, as three of his four team members during season two of The Ultimate Fighter (Joe Stevenson,
Brad Imes, Luke Cummo) made it to the series finale, with the third semi-finalist, Rashad Evans, also benefiting from Hughes’ experience as a coach.

“I’m honored to be called back to coach season six of The Ultimate Fighter, and I look forward to coaching against Matt Serra before we fight for real later
this year,” said Hughes. “Working with these up and coming fighters gives me even more motivation to succeed and win back my title, and the fighters who
work with me will know from my track record in the show that I’ve produced winners in the past, and I will do so again.”

Craig Piligian of Pilgrim Films and Television, Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta, Dana White of Zuffa, LLC, and Kevin Kay of Spike TV are the show's
executive producers. Brian J. Diamond is Senior Vice President, Sports & Specials, Spike TV and Co-Executive Producer.

Spike TV is available in 91.6 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. A unit of VIACOM (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), MTV Networks is one of the world's leading
creators of programming and content across all media platforms.

About The Ultimate Fighting Championship
The Ultimate Fighting Championship® brand is the world’s leading professional mixed martial arts organization and offers the premier series of MMA sports
events. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., the UFC® organization produces approximately twelve to fourteen live pay-per-view
events annually that are distributed through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its U.S. distribution, UFC fight programs are distributed throughout
the world including broadcast on WOWOW, Inc. in Japan, on MAIN EVENT in Australia, Globosat in Brazil and Bravo in the United Kingdom. For more information,
or current UFC fight news, visit www.ufc.com.

Ultimate Fighting Championship®, Ultimate Fighting®, UFC®, The Ultimate Fighter®, Submission®, As Real As It Gets®, Zuffa™, The Octagon™ and the eight-sided
competition mat and cage design are registered trademarks, trademarks, trade dress or service marks owned exclusively by Zuffa, LLC in the United States
and other jurisdictions. All other marks referenced herein may be the property of Zuffa, LLC or other respective owners.

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TNA iMPACT! Preview for 04/26/07

One match screams worst match of the year at me. Leave a comment to guess which one it is.

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Footage Of TNA Wrestling On FOX's "House"

The footage is from Lockdown 2006. If you don't watch House already, start now as it is one of the best medical dramas on TV.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Mick Foley Interview


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A Couple of MMA Notes

MMA Weekly looks at the return of Jake Shields

According to www.f4wonline.com Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will make his UFC debut at UFC 73 July 7 in Sacramento. No opponent has been named.

Tickets soon go on sale for the Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale.

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WWE RAW 4/23/07

Hi everybody! It's the final RAW before Backlash so we'll see how well they build the matches. You know the drill, refresh for the latest info.

Shane McMahon has come to the ring in his wrestling gear. Shane says that Lashley will definetly not be there tonight but as we saw last week we'll have to wait and see. Speaking of last week, Shane now introduces the video package of Santino and Umaga from last week. Lashley had some very good chair shots and Umaga did an equally good job selling them. Shane now announces that another "fan" will have a chance to face no other than himself. They pan out to the crowd and show a local celebrity as Shane talks to him. Shane now says he has his own "great" wrestler who goes by the name of Robbie Brookside. That name sounds familiar but I just can't place it. If anybody knows please leave a comment, I would greatly appreciate it. Shane is actually pulling off some good moves then just pummels him on the mat. Shane punches Robbie in the corner then rolls a trashcan in the ring. He's going for his across the ring dropkick and connects. I'm surprised he can still pull that off. Shane grabs a mic and says it's also a Handicap match with, of course, Umaga as his partner. Umaga and Shane pummel Robbie some more then Robbie gets the big butt bump, the big splash from the tope turnbuckle then Shane gets a mic again and says this actually a 3-on-1 match with, who else, Vince. Vince is dressing for where they were that night and he looks even more comical with that derby and gets the pin.

They now show a video package of the HBK/Cena match from WM23. I highly enjoyed the show and can't wait for the DVD.


Matt Hardy vs. Trevor Murdoch is now up. Murdoch with early control but Matt turns the tables quickly, gets a nearfall and Murdoch regains control and puts on a Sleeper hold which Matt fights out of but gets a knee. Murdoch misses a move and Matt takes back control and hits the Side Effect for 2. Excellent 2nd rope legdrop but Cade jumps up on the apron for the distraction which allows Murdoch to get the win.

They cut to the back to show Maria walking and Holy Crap! She looks smoking!

Another video for Austin's film and we go to commercial.

Melina vs. Maria is up. I was originally angry at the fact that the Women's Division is so small but then I remembered when Trish Stratus first showed up and actually worked her way up to where she ended. This match was so short that Melina got the win while I was typing that which was about the right amount of time.

Backstage with Carlito and Flair. Carlito basically blows off Flair.


Khali vs. Carlito is now up. Carlito tries everything he can think of but it hasn't made any effect. Carlito fumbles on the ropes which allows Khali to just throw him away when he tries a missle dropkick. Typical squash match for Khali. Flair has come out and Carlito jabbers about being a team which prompts Flair to leave the ring.


Backstage with Mick Foley! He does his usual cheap pop, talks about the WWE Championship match then Edge comes in. He tells Mick that it was a good match idea for Backlash then tells Mick he has a good book.

Yet another video for Austin's film takes us out to commercial.

Backstage now with HBK and Cena. Cena indicates that HBK still doesn't have the WWE Title which leads us into their match. The fans UK are a little more into Cena than the Italian fans were. HBK has the advantage early on. Cena has done some interesting moves to try and set up the STFU. Cena has definetly gotten in HBKs head tonight. HBK slaps him and Cena hits him back as we go to commercial. Back from commercial with Cena in control. Cena has had a headlock for a while and has gotten a few nearfalls from it. HBK has fought back and is lighting Cena up. Cena boots HBK as he comes into the turnbuckle to regain control as we head to another commercial. Back from commercial and HBK has taken back control. Cena catches HBK off the ropes and gets a nearfall. Nice Fisherman suplex gets him 2. Cena with a facebuster gets another nearfall. HBK hits a neckbreaker out of nowhere but can't cover him. They trade chops and punches with HBK coming out on top then hits a flying forearm. HBK lands the big elbow, fakes SCM then rolls him up for 2. Cena and HBK now outside where HBK pushes Cena into the ringsteps as we head to another commercial. I haven't this many commercials in a single match which isn't a bad thing. Back from commercial with both men back in the ring. HBK rams Cena's left shoulder in the ringpost. I have to say that this is the longest and quite possibly the best match they've had on RAW in a long time. HBK with a couple nearfalls and he now works on the left arm. I would say "This is awesome!" but that phrase has been used too much lately. Cena fights back, hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and then the FU for 2 as we go to yet another commercial. Back from commercial with Cena throwing HBK to the outside then going out himself and ramming HBK's back into the ringpost. Excellent suplex gets Cena 2. I've heard JR call this the Main Event which makes me wonder why they had the graphic for Orton taking on Edge earlier. A very good leg drop from the top rope gets him 2. HBK and Cena fighting on the top. HBK reverses and FU attempt and hits a top rope powerbomb! Cena tries for the STFU again but HBK has enough ring sense to push him off then bounces Cena onto the announce table from the apron. HBK with an attempted piledriver to Cena on the steps but he reverses it as we go to another commercial. Back from commercial with Cena and HBK fighting at the announce table. Cena rolls HBK back in and locks in the STFU but HBK manages to get to the ropes. HBK connects with SCM but can't cover him right away which allows Cena to get a hand on a nearby rope. Exchange in the corner with Cena getting control. He tries for an FU but HBK fights out then hits SCM for the win. HBK grabs the WWE Title and holds it up to end the show.

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 5 Ep.2 Review

A little late but hey i'm here with a double review of TUF5 so let's get straight into it.

We begin with a recap of the last fight which was basically the destruction of the "Monsta Lobsta" Allen. What a nice triangle choke that was. We cut into Cole's dressing room after the fight and he is so happy he is in tears and then the show becomes 100000000 stars. Team Pulver have created their own UFC championship belt which i have named the UFC Ghetto Championship, you have to see this belt it's awesome. Cole is presented with the belt and Team Pulver celebrate.

Back in the house, Allen reappears to everyones surprise and announces that he will be staying and training, everyone is ok with this. The next day everyone is waiting to get a massage and Travis Lutter's number one fan Gabe decides to take this opportunity to rip on Matt and says that he will crush him. What with is the question? Matt has enough and leaves the room and Gabe continues his rant to the others. Later in the kitchen, Matt confronts Gabe and tells him not to run his mouth and stop screwing up the team mentality. They both reach some kind of understanding and shake hands. Meanwhile, Corey is so concerned about this situation he is using a lint roller on his shirt. Corey~!

We return to the training center for the FIGHT ANNOUNCEMENT~! Since Pulver's fighter won the last fight, he gets to make the fight but Penn has other ideas and before the announcement he pulls Emerson away and gives him a script to fuck with Corey so that BJ gets the fight he wants (Emerson vs. Corey). So Dana rounds up both teams and as Pulver is about to announce the fight, Emerson begins to rain down F-bombs in the direction of Corey and he reacts just like Penn was wanting. Dana has already worked out what is going on and sits back and enjoys the chaos. Not wanting to feel left out, Manny from Team Pulver pipes in with "Hey Gabe, how's the weight?" ROTFLOL. Manny then choses Noah and the fight is made. Pulver got his own way despite BJ's best efforts. Dana simply leaves with this message "Have a good day you crazy motherfuckers!"

We go to a Team Penn training session and Noah makes the following vote of self confidence "I'm the underdog". You will go far kid. Meanwhile, BJ is performing verbal fellatio on Noah.

We head back to the house for one of the dumbest things i have ever seen. Some of the guys are out the back and notice some girls on horseback and invite them round to the house. Once there, one of the horses slips on the tarmac and falls due to it wearing horseshoes. How did the guys react? They laughed...FUCK YOU! Eventually, the rest of the guys in the house come out to the aid of the fallen horse and get it back on its feet so everything is ok. Off screen someone says the following as the horse leaves: "Give that horse some hay or a powerbar" I will admit, that wass funny.

BJ has learned of the Gabe/Matt situation and in the training center he talks to Matt about the problems and Gabe appears and is asked to sit down. He replies with a no saying "don't tell me what to do" What a dick. BJ calls a team meeting inside the octagon in an attempt to clear the air between them both. Matt then goes on a hell of a tirade at Gabe and nothing much is solved. BJ has had enough of this shit and tells the camera that he will bar both of them from training if they cost the rest of the guys any more time. Good call.

Team Pulver have their first training session and to put it simply Manny is a machine. He also reveals that he is the cousin of UFC fighter Karo Parisyan and they have been training partners for 15 years. Sucks to be you Noah.

It's time for the WEIGH INS~!

Noah starts to get on my nerves by acting like a complete fucktard at the weigh ins and actually weighs in with a sandwich in one hand at 155.5lbs. A weight Gabe can only dream of the fat fuck he is. Manny weighs in at 156lbs and declares his hate for Noah with this statement "You're a fatass motherfucker!" Dana White who is quickly becoming the king of the one liners says this about Manny "If he can't submit anyone, he will rip their fucking limbs off" Thumbs up for that idea, no one has tried that yet.

The next day, BJ has given his team the day off to recover. Let the insanity begin! Joe explains that the guys found a shield in the house and decided it would be fun to throw stuff at it while someone holds it. So out to the garden they go and find metal rods to throw but Joe insists on using a ball as a tester before throwing metal spikes at someone. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the ball missed the shield and went straight into the nut sack region of the lucky member holding the shield and that game was quickly ended.

Now bored Team Penn find something else to do...write on the walls. It starts off innocently enough with the guys writing messages of support to the troops in Iraq. This ends shortly there after with Emerson writing "Suck It, Team Pulver". Meanwhile Gabe is getting acquinted with the sauna while i think Emerson plays darts, he quickly becomes bored with hitting the wall beneath the board and begins to throw the darts into the wood of the sauna. TEAM PENN HAVE LOST IT!

Team Pulver return from training and the shit hits the fan. Team Pulver and in particular Nate Diaz don't see the funny side and quickly the cuss words start flying. Meanwhile Nate has taken his t-shirt off and is demanding to know who wrote "Suck It, Team Pulver" on the wall so he can kill them. Emerson owns up to the tagging but attempts to explain it was meant to be a bit of fun and the others did not have an influence on the message. While this is going on, Rob attempts to calm everyone down and Brandon bitches him out. He also then expresses an interest in killing Gabe. Good man. Not content with all this, Manny completely loses it and goes on a fuck laden tirade at everyone and anything. This was a man losing his mind and boy it was entertaining. Of all people to be the voice of reason, Corey takes Manny aside and calms him down telling him he is his bro and such. You think me going mental about stuff is funny, watch this episode and see how to go on a rant.


It's a contrast of mood in the house as Manny is very calm while Noah looks quite concerned. We head to the training center for the fight!

Tale of the tape

Noah Thomas: 25, 5’8”, 67.5” Reach, Record 10-4

Mannny Gamburyan: 25, 5’5”, 66” Reach, Record 8-2

Steve Mazzagatti is our referee for this 2x5 minute round fight.

This fight does not go long as from the off, Manny is a monster in the cage and begins to kill Noah early in round one with a sweet overhand right that puts Noah on his ass for a second. Once on the ground, Manny continues the humbling with hammerfists and punches eventually sinching a nice looking kimura which Noah immediately taps out to and the fight is over.

Winner - Manny via submission (kimura) 2.09 Round 1

Post fight Jens called Manny "a little pitbull" in the cage and he was correct. This was another humbling for the Team Penn representative and to make matters worse, this was Manny's first fight in 2 and a half years. Noah is nearly in tears in his dressing room as the show comes to a close.


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More on Gabriel Gonzaga

Zach Arnold over at FightOpinion.com has a look at Gabriel Gonzaga including a story about trials he went through leading up to his UFC debut back at UFC 56.

You can read the story Here and I find it hard not to route for this man.

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UFC Newsbits for 04/23

This is what you can see on TV from the UFC this week.

Spike TV has two Ultimate Knockouts specials tonight from 6-8 p.m., followed by a replay of UFC 70 head-to-head with
IFL and Raw running from 8-11:30 p.m. That means the tape of the Cro Cop knockout should go against the Raw main event.

Besides tonight, the UFC schedule for this week is Unleashed at 9 p.m. tomorrow followed by a replay of Ultimate Fighter at 10 p.m. The new episode of
Ultimate Fighter airs Thursday, followed by Unleashed with the Karo Parisyan vs. Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre vs. Frank Trigg matches. They are now
having every Friday night be tapes of old Ultimate Fight Nights from 10 p.m. to midnight with the Nathan Marquardt vs. Ivan Salaverry boring match as the
main event this week.

Also Cro Cop getting Knocked Out aired on Sportscenter yesterday. Odd they showed it the day after it happened, I watched Saturday night waiting to see if they'd show it and they did not.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

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Raw Preview, no spoilers

I almost envy Wade getting to recap this.

Taped for tonight on Raw:

- WWE Champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels (non-title).

- WWE Women's Champion Melina vs. Maria (non-title).

- Matt Hardy vs. Trevor Murdoch.

- The Great Khali vs. Carlito.

- Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, Umaga, Mick Foley, Ric Flair and Edge will also appear on the show.

BTW for the third week in a row, likely no IFL recap. I'm freaking tired and will probably be sleeping by then. I'm going to attempt to listen to the Braves game but am not expecting I'll be awake through it.

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Raw Spoilers for 4/23 episode

Credit: James Erskine and PwInsider.com

Don't continue reading if you don't want to know.

WWE is at Earl's Court.


Todd Grisham is doing his best to warm up a noisy and full arena. We have heard eleven and a half thousand fans (a sellout) in attendance.

Ric Flair does a promo, thanking us for our presence and says the WWE loves London.

Jeff Hardy defeats Kenny in a decent ten minute match with the Swanton bomb.

Mickie James defeats Victoria to not much reaction.

Next up is Chris Masters vs. Val Venis, who comes out to almost no reaction despite my best efforts. Masters wins in an OK bout. Venis asks for a rematch
right there and gets it, winning. Not sure how it will air on Heat.

Crime Tyme defeat Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin - much to my dismay. Crowd a little quiet after heat. Surely its time for Raw now!

In what seems like a dark match after a test start for the Raw opening, Johnny Nitro took on Eugene, who got a big reaction. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
have not come out to ringside yet.

Nitro beats Eugene. It's quite an ornery crowd . John Cena is probably going to be booed out the building!


Raw starts with a Shane McMahon promo. He runs over last week and Lashley and the Intercontinental belt. He then - because its St. George's Day - offers
a No DQ match to anyone in the audience. From the back comes Robbie Brookside from Liverpool . Shane wrestles for a bit and does the trash can Van Terminator.
Shane then announces it is a handicap match and his tag team partner is Umaga, who continues beating Robbie (Robbie is from FWA, by the way.) Umaga goes
off the top rope with the splash. Shane then announces it is not a two-on-one handicap match after all. It is a three-on-one, and Vince McMahon comes
out to get the pin.

Tomorrow night on ECW is Lashley vs. Umaga.

From the video package they just showed, I think the audience may be 50/50 for Cena and Michaels.

Matt Hardy - big pop - vs. Trevor Murdoch. "Let's Go Hardy" chant! Hardy loses to Trevor after his power bomb. He and Cade celebrate outside the ring.

They just promo'd Randy Orton vs. Edge. Surely that ain't going to happen.

Melina out next. Now Todd Grisham introduces Maria. Non-title match. Maria loses in no more than three minutes.

Carlito and Flair in a short promo. They are next.

The Great Khali comes out, they won't even show his entrance on television. He is up against Carlito. Some small cheers for Khali. Big pop for Carlito.
Carlito loses in a few minutes. No major offense from him. Rumors in the row in front of us about Carlito being fired. Flair comes out to offer help, but
Carlito refuses, Flair leaves a little down.

Mick Foley promo. He is in the back and does a cheap pop, then Edge interrupts the promo and thanks Mick for the kid's choice of main event at Backlash.
Edge talks about how he is looking forward to Cena-Michaels. Seems weird that he is here for just a backstage bit. Also, no mention of the fight previously
plugged on the Titantron - Edge vs. Randy Orton.

Michaels and Cena promo backstage. Cena points out the crowd respects Shawn and so does he. Shawn comes out for a the main event and gets a few boos. Cena
gets loads of boos.

Obviously, the Randy-Edge graphic was an error, but they have not explained why Randy isn't on the show.

Crowd fifty-fifty in boos, Cena, it has to be said, is being cheered more. Very slow paced match. Almost losing an "up for it" crowd. Back and forth, real
long match. HBK in control for a long spell and throws Cena into the ring post. Cena missed an FU, Michaels missed a superkick. Cena finally hit the FU,
but Michaels kicked out. Cena then threw Michaels to the floor to loud boos. HBK kicked out of a leg drop from the top rope. Match has gone past a half
hour now, and is getting better all the time. Shawn goes for piledriver on the outside steps, but it gets reversed. Michaels pins Cena after a missed
FU and a super kick.

No run ins. Better part of an hour and the row behind us says it was better than the Wrestlemania match. Possibly the TV match of the year. Michaels picks
up the belt, holds it up to Cena's face and holds it in the air (note, this was a non-title match). Crotch chops and that's it. Raw is over.

After cameras stop, HBK leaves to cheers and Cena leaves after some time and gets more boos and some clapping.

Sounds like a heck of a main event.

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WWE House Show Results from the past few days

4/21 results from Oberhausen, Germany

4/21 Vienna, Austria

4/22 Bremen, Germany

4/22 Cardiff, Wales


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Another WrestleMania rematch to take place on the 4/24 episode of ECW

An 8-man elimination tag match: The ECW Originals Vs. The New Breed

The 4 members of the New Breed that will wrestle that match are TBA. However, it doesn't take an idiot to see an angle coming.

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WrestleMania rematch week continues

As announced during the on-going Raw tapings, tomorrow night's ECW will be headlined by Bobby Lashley Vs. Umaga.

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New Match added to Backlash this Sunday

WWE has announced U.S. Champion Chris Benoit Vs. MVP for the Pay Per View.

CARE will be back with a preview of this show, later this week.

If you listened to our UFC show you should be excited.

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