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Saturday, September 30, 2006

What I've Learned - Homer Simpson

A pretty funny article.

Thanks to: Duane

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Friday, September 29, 2006

RC Stevens 22 - Huron 0 - 29 losses in a row

Yes, the Huron High School Tigers fell in defeat again this time to a West River Opponent.

That wasn't the most interesting score I saw though, 1 caught my eye.

Viberg 84
Marty Indian 34

That's a lot of points. Some high school basketball games aren't even that high scoring.

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NFL picks week 4

Its time for me to once again brilliantly pick this weeks games in the NFL

Last Week 9/5
Overall: 28/18

Sunday: October 1, 2006 (early games)
Arizona 1/2 at Atlanta 2/1, winner: Atlanta
OCC: New Orleans may have been a nightmare place for Atlanta to play, but Arizona is a dream opponent.

Dallas 1/1 at Tennessee 0/3, winner: Dallas
OCC: In this game it doesn't matter if T.O. plays or doesn't the Cowboys will win anyway.

Indianapolis 3/0 at New York Jets 2/1, winner: Indianapolis
OCC: Last time the Colts went to New York they were pasted 41-0. This ain't last time.

Miami 1/2 at Houston 0/3, winner: Miami
OCC: Nothing cures the below .500 blues better than a game against Houston.

Minnesota 2/1 at Buffalo 1/2, winner: Minnesota
OCC: Neither outcome would surprise me. I can't figure out either team.

New Orleans 3/0 at Carolina 1/2, winner: Carolina
OCC: A Saints victory and they're for real and the Panthers are in real trouble.

San Diego 2/0 at Baltimore 3/0, winner: San Diego
OCC: Game of the week right here. Neither team has been tested against a good opponent, but the Ravens offense has looked bad against some lesser teams.

San Francisco 1/2 at Kansas City 0/2, winner: Kansas City
OCC: The game is in arrowhead and that's a tough place for a young team like the 49ers to play.

Sunday: October 1, 2006 (late games)
Detroit 0/3 at St. Louis - 2/1, winner: St. Louis
OCC: Mike Marts returns to the stadium where he spent so many games roaming the home sideline as offensive coordinator of the Lions. He'll leave the same way he left as Rams head coach last year, as a loser.

Cleveland 0/3 at Oakland 0/2, winner: Cleveland
OCC: I'm not picking that ancient offense even against the Browns.

Jacksonville 2/1 at Washington 1/2, winner: Jacksonville
OCC: Last week the Jaguars stumbled against the Colts and Washington looked strong against Houston. Don't expect a repeat.

New England 2/1 at Cincinnati 3/0, winner: Cincinnati
OCC: If San Diego and Baltimore isn't the game of the day this very well could be. I expect a changing of the guard so to speak this weekend.

Sunday: October 1, 2006 (Night Game)
Seattle 3/0 at Chicago 3/0, winner: Seattle
OCC: Chicago finally faces a team outside their division. A first look at a decent opponent? How will they do?

Monday: October 2, 2006 (Monday Night Football)

Green Bay 1/2 at Philadelphia 2/1, winner: Philadelphia
OCC: Green Bay looked good against Detroit. Philadelphia is not Detroit.

Open Dates:

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This proves wrestling isn't the only industry that works numbers

Interesting article on IBA's Raiders Blog about how the Raiders like to play with numbers.

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Braves beat Rocket end Astros 9 game win streak

Well, if they can't make the playoffs themselves they can at least play spoiler.

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A fishy Column

Jim Hill answers questions relating to the Little Mermaid which sees a Platnum DVD release this Tuesday.

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My favorite weekly feature

I love the Pro Football Talk power rankings.

I laughed hardest at Cleveland and Oakland

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Raiders Newsbits

A couple of news bits from the IBA's Raiders Blog

Raiders declare Sunday's game a sellout
A Matter of Tempo
Talking about how slow the Raiders are at getting the play in to the huddle with more thoughts from Jerry McDonald on Tim Brown.

For all the Raiders news from the local papers: Click Here

For all the NFL news you want: Click Here

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Mets down Braves 7-4, snap losing streak

Nice to see that the Atlanta Braves are back to their losing ways.

Actually, they've been out of the playoffs for awhile now but I make this post because they have lost and will finish the season below .500.

I still don't know what the hell happened.

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Another wrestler released from WWE

Yeah, this was expected. Now he'll be Justin the Unemployment line.

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Recap: Ultimate Fighter 4

Here is Ric's recap and you know this was almost as good as my look at iMPACT, if I do say so myself...and I do.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

OCC Live iMPACT Blogging - 09/28/2006

We're back for tonight's iMPACT.

This is TNA...the new something of something.

They start off by showing the Kurt Angle video from the PPV. Well, that's a good way to catch the attention of any UFC fans that couldn't find the remote.

Usual iMPACT opening:

Tonight on the show, an exclusive BFG press conference. Oh Dear, TNA never does these right.
    A lot of Pyro for this iMPACT taping.
      Jeff Jarrett Vs. Lance Hoyt
    • Samoa Joe Vs. Raven
    • Team 3D in action.
    • Sabin/Lethal/Dutt Vs. Senshi/Paparazzi

    Kurt Angle's name has now been mention six hundred times on this show.

    Lance Hoyt Vs. Jeff Jarrett
    Jarrett just couldn't wait for this match to start. He means business because Joe has his belt and he can't live without his precious.

    Lance Hoyt sounds like the name of an accountant or something not a 6'9 wrestler. I suggest a new name Gahndi the Giant.
    Lance Hoyt got 0 offense, Jarret is holding people back! Hoyt wins, but it is Jarrett's music that plays.

    Jarrett has the microphone. The crowd mixing on this show is weird. Its like there's some boos and then there are other guys that seem to be exchanging recipes.
    Jarrett is giving Cornette a chance to do the right thing. Close the company?
    Jarrett talks but the fans prove that they are smart by correctly pointing out that this is an Angle. Seriously, they chanted Angle, Angle, Angle.

    Jim Cornette press conference. He announces Monsters Ball III: Raven/Runt/Abyss/Samoa Joe. You know, I read the spoilers, so thanks to TNA for announcing the match before we see the angles that I guess are supposed to set it up!

    How this company hasn't made $10 billion this year, I'll never know.

    Commercial Break!
    I heard "Big Time!" again and it just reminded me how glad I am that WWE doesn't use that song for every PPV. 1 was enough and as Yogi Bear used to say: "Enough is too much!"

    Austin Starr video airs. He says at BFG, TNA gets Starr struck. You see its funny because his last name is Starr and a star is a big name or...hey, a match.

    Samoa Joe Vs. Raven
    Ok seeing as how Tenay and West are talking about Monsters Ball, it was supposed to be revealed that way. Now the question is why? Did Cornette just pull names out of a hat and say, "Ok, you, you, you and you, monsters ball fuckers! And the winner has to kill Vince Russo for me and take the fall when all of the focus comes toward me." He may not have actually said that, the monsters ball thing is probably just something I made up.
    The fans are either chanting "Joe" or "choke" or maybe its a dueling chant of "Joe, choke"
    Hey, Samoa Joe won, of course Brother Runt helped. Joe can't win without a midget. TNA is stealing Fit Finlay's gimmick!

    Runt slaps Joe and is one inch closer to death. Runt should never again have an offensive flurry against Joe.

    Here comes The Monster James Mitchell and Father Abyss. That doesn't look quite right to me but that's why I have editors. So if you actually see that written as the Monster James Mitchell and Father Abyss it must be right.

    Samoa Joe, not knowing how things work in TNA says that if Jarrett wants the title he can come get it. He's been in the company for over a year now, you'd think he'd know what Jarrett will and will not do and who will or will not be bringing him his belt?

    Commercial break!
    A couple of thoughts. TNA seems to have dropped the Slick Johnson/Earl Hebner storyline. I say thank you and to show how appreciative I am, no negative comments toward TNA in the next 3....words. This is the end of TNA's first year on SpikeTV. Where has the time gone? I would ask for it back but I'd probably just waste it watching shows like ECW and iMPACT again or God forbid Smackdown.
    Chuck Liddell is going to be on Ultimate Fighter next week. I don't know who that Liddell guy is but if he's going to be on TUF he might be good.

    TNA aired a couple of commercials. Apparently, the Sting DVD is the most anticipated DVD in TNA history. Not by me friend and I am a Sting fan. I'm all about the cooking with Gail Kim DVD that will be released on my birthday of 1/8. Now don't feel bad if you can't find this DVD in stores. There's only 1 being made and its mine.

    Oh, when I was thinking of Gail Kim naked again a video of Rhino and Christian aired. This in no way stopped my train of thought on Gail.

    I am however thankful for Rhino's explanation that in a street fight, anything goes. Lets hope so because last week I learned a falls count anywhere match can end in a DQ.

    Team 3D Vs. the Miracle Jobber Connection.
    The MJC has a slightly worse chance in this match than team USSR had in the movie Miracle against Team USA.
    Crowd chants "Welcome Back" I love these people, anyone that is a fan of Welcome Back Kotter is cool with me.
    Now they chant "We want tables" Jesus these guys haven't even been back for 2 minutes and you're already begging them for stuff?

    Tenay and West talk Curtly about an Angle.
    West says that the roof came off the place when the announcement was made, good thing Universal has insurance.

    Team 3D won, as you can probably tell.

    Brother Ray: We're back. No shit, I just saw you wrestle.
    Crowd chants for Mr. Kotter again.
    Ray tells us who they are in case we forgot. While I did try to forget it didn't quite happen.

    They want the NWA world tag team titles. Well, he could go the Samoa Joe route and tell Styles and Daniels to bring them the belts.

    He wants the belts when they earn the shot. Well, since wrestling is a fixed sport very few things are ever truly earned, so they'll be waiting away until death do they part.

    Now he's talking about their revolution. If I were Konnan and LAX I'd kick their asses. There's only room for 1 revolution in TNA. Or at least I hope that's all their is room for in TNA.

    Though with all of the revolutions taking place in TNA, I've got their next slogan.

    "TNA, everyone here is revolting!" Now that's what I call truth in advertising.

    Apparently, Martin Luther King Jr. will be at Bound for Glory. Either that or Sting. If you want to know which one it will be you'll have to order the show. Sure, you think MLK Jr. is dead but that's not something that would stand in a true athlete's way. Hell, death never seemed to bother the Undertaker before.

    Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell say things. Luger said something that involved words, but I wasn't able to figure it out. It may have been because he was incoherent and nobody could figure it out. It may have been because I was pondering extras for that Gail Kim DVD. Here's a hint, it was the first one though I would make no apologies were it the second one.
    Buff said words too but he's Buff and unless the words are "Paper or Plastic" "do you want a full tank?" or "can I super size this for you?" I could not care any less about what he has to say. Don't believe me? Come by and watch me not care on my webcam its free to join but I do require a credit card number to verify that it is you.

    Commercial Break!

    Damn, Luger and Buff are back. I was hoping this was a bad dream caused by food that would eventually poison me to death. This is much worse than that.
    Ok, which 1 is supposed to be Lenny and which is Squiggy? I think Buff is Squiggy.

    Jeremy Borash is with some guy. Jeff something, I think he's trying to be important.

    Eric Young shows up. Jarrett charges Eric Young with the task of getting his belt back.

    Young doesn't think he can do it. Other stuff happened as well but that's not my fault.

    Paparazzi and Senshi Vs. Larry, Moe and Curly's less talented trio of younger siblings.
    Bound for Glory is the biggest PPV in TNA history. I write this down in case you didn't hear it any of the 458763432765412798678656235647823698164973678563254 times they said it on this show. I'm better to you people than you deserve.

    Why is Senshi teaming with the Paparazzi? If I were running TNA, I would not do this random tagging business. I'm just saying is all.

    Fans chant "No More Jackass" but I'm sorry Jeff Jarrett will be back.

    Fans chant for Senshi, good thing he's the babyface.

    Don West was doing a damn fine impersonation of Christian Cage. Either that or Christian came out for a reason that was not explained. It is more likely the latter.

    Cage badmouths Rhino on commentary, and Rhino who managed to watch this show while it was happening heard him and came out. Security was all like, "dude, no way" and Rhino was all like "Ah, you guys are so like totally lame" and Christian was all like "As if!" and the referee was all like "Oh, my gawd, like ewww, gross!" and David Penzer was all like: "shah, like you ever had a chance with that guy, he's most definitely out of your league" and Don West was all like: "This is so like the most childish conversation I've ever seen" and Tenay was all like: "I remember reading about the promos for the Gotch/Hackenschmidt match and they were exactly like this in every way but 1. The only difference were all the words were different and because sound systems were much poorer back then nobody heard them".

    Commercial Break!
    TNA has a big PPV or something. I'm not sure what its called or when it is. They need to do a better job of reminding us of this stuff. They mention Kurt and his Angles.

    We're back and Rhino and Christian are brawling as there is also stuff happening in the ring. Its like now that the X-division is dead TNA keeps thinking of new reasons to dig it up and rebury it in a much shallower grave. TNA has no respect for dead divisions.

    Hey, the fight on the outside has ended so now they're talking about the match in the ring. How dare these 6 try to have a scheduled match in the middle of an unscheduled brawl between 2 much bigger stars? You 6 need to know your place on the card! Why what would Iron Sheik say if he saw this? I don't know but it would probably involve being in Miami working for ATN and fucking Brian Blair's ass.

    The crowd boos as though they were all thinking of the quality of No Surrender.

    Sabin pins Devine. Nice way to build heat for a match between Sabin and Senshi. Why, Chris Sabin just pinned the Paparazzi's designated pin boy, what chance does the X champion have? Actually, I may have errored. It may have been Lethal who got the pin but then if TNA doesn't care to the point they schedule other angles during this match then I don't care who pinned Devine.

    I've got something to ponder about Senshi. when Senshi loses the title will he be the X-X champion? Now if he were still in triple X he'd be XXX X-X champion and that I guess would make him the greatest X-star ever. If not that, then a messed up algebra problem.

    Cornette announces LAX Vs. Styles and Daniels in TNA's signature match, 6 sides of steel. I thought Ultimate X was the signature match? Or was it King of the Mountain?

    Commercial break!
    Shamrock...Ortiz, the final battle. However, this is not going to be at Bound for Glory just on some TV channel, so to me it feels somehow less important than say Senshi Vs. Chris Sabin.

    Taco Bell~! Commercials for TV shows that get better ratings than this one. A commercial for a movie called the Marine. I think that John Cena guy should get in to wrestling. Maybe he should call TNA if this acting thing doesn't work out?

    Some yodeling, its that slimjim commercial!

    Jim Cornette out in front of the crowd to continue the press conference.
    Cornette calls Buff and Lex wrestling legends. He and I both just threw up in our mouths a little bit.
    This press conference is better than their last one for Cage/Jarrett back in February, although it wouldn't take much and in this case it didn't take much.

    Sting/Jarrett is the biggest match in company history. So when Angle/Samoa Joe happens and they call that the biggest match in history, you can be assured they are lying.

    Cornette announces Angle as ringside enforcer at bound for Glory. Also he believes that's when Jarrett will lose the title. Yeah, but then when will he get it back?

    Jeff Jarrett comes out for his third appearance of the night. If this were WWE fantasy he'd have earned 9 points plus 5 for a match -4 for a DQ loss and plus a bunch for weapons. I can't understand why WWE doesn't add him to the roster?

    Jarrett asks Cornette if he's the boss? Who's the Boss? That was a lame TV show. Jarrett claimed that Cornette wasn't able to father him some youngin's and Cornette comments on Jarrett's erection. Yeah, Russo's back.

    Jarrett attacks Luger and Buff. Samoa Joe comes to the ring and TNA decides now would be a good time to play the exit music.

      My thoughts on the show: On the whole this wasn't a bad episode of iMPACT. No real good wrestling but they are doing a good job of focusing on the top matches for the PPV. The hour seemed to fly by which is most certainly not how I felt watching this show last week.

      Upon further review, stupid to have Joe winning with help. Stupid to continue to treat a nice percentage of your roster like goofs, stupid to bring back Team 3D unannounced. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

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      Simpsons Season 9 DVD news

      According to my friends over at TSoD the ninth season of the Simpsons is due to hit store shelves on 12/19 just in time for Christmas.

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      Superman Returns DVD release date

      Here's the DVD info and release date for the new Superman movie.  This'll be a good chance for the people who weren't able to see it in theatres (like me).

      IGN: Superman Returns To DVD

      Blogged with Flock

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      New Scrooged DVD

      I found an article on IGN about a special edition release of one of my favorite Christmas movies. Click the link below to read all about it!

      IGN: New Scrooged Set Due

      Blogged with Flock

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      A blogging break

      I'm probably not going to post again to the blog today until iMPACT which I will probably do live. I did a lot of blogging last weekend and it has tired me out, so rather than continue posting with little effort, I'm just going to take the majority of the day and not post at all.

      Hopefully, some of the other contributors will take this opportunity to showcase some of their work when it won't immediately be buried by 5 posts from me.

      I'll post one early newsbit with a couple of OCC comments but that's probably it until iMPACT unless something important happens that needs attention. Even iMPACT is not a definite at this point.

      For the news:

      5 month episode of WWE Raw offensive to some in South Africa its nice to know that the WWE is offending people internationally now. My only question is what took the people of South Africa so long? Sure the TV is 5 months behind but they're years behind in being disgusted by something done in the WWE.

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      Fan Cam Footage: The iMPACT Zone reacts to Kurt Angle announcement

      I've heard the audio from this and it was pretty loud.

      At least they had something to cheer for after what was an incredibly horrible Pay Per View with a few acceptions.

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      First Look: Sting Video Series, plus TNA DVDs to Wal-Mart

      Well, if you want to sell DVDs, having them in Wal-mart is a good place to start. The trouble is that they've been selling DVDs for years now.

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      Too Little Too Late: Braves pound Mets 13-1

      I still like to see this, but I would've liked to have seen this about 20 more times out of the Braves this season.

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      Lamont Jordan calls out Raiders offense

      Unfortunately, I don't think he did enough because:

      He didn't call out that idiot Tom Walsh and that system that is older than Walsh himself.

      It won't get better until he's gone, and if that also means that Art Shell has to go as well then so be it. Walsh needs to not be coaching in this league.

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      No Blackout?

      I don't know how this could possibly have happened.

      but the game is close to being sold out and that means it will be seen on local TV in the Bay Area. Those unlucky souls.

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      Wednesday, September 27, 2006

      No Mercy Card Update

      2 bouts added - stipulation as well
      I thought Mysterio/Chavo was supposed to be in a steel cage but perhaps with the announcement of next week's Raw match they decided to go a different way, but then I don't know either way.

      Ric speculates on MVP's mystery opponent and makes a joke about Matt Hardy making weight.

      My thoughts on that comment: Hopefully, WWE.com will cover the weigh-in the day before the show so I know for sure if Hardy is allowed to fight for the cruiserweight title. That could mean the difference between me not buying the show and me...not buying the show!

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      Saints Vs. Falcons does new record for ESPN ratings

      As I predicted last week the Saints return to New Orleans did a big number. 11.8 rating and over 10 million homes.

      In other ratings news:
      Raw did a 3.4 on Monday and
      ECW did a 1.8 last night.

      While you can't blame the raw drop entirely on the NFL game, it didn't do the WWE any favors either.

      Of course if monday's raw is an indication:

      I'd expect another drop next week after a bad Raw, but then the WWE has booked Edge/Cena in a high profile match to attract ratings.

      I can also say quite confidently that the NFL number will be down next week when Green Bay plays Philadelphia.

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      WWE Releases Kid Kash

      Ric has the info

      Also, Ric predicted this correctly

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      Cowboys WR Terrell Owens attempted Suicide

      I have said a lot of rather harsh things about Owens in this space.

      However, this is never funny and I hope he gets the help that he needs whatever that may be.

      I have not been a fan of his attitude on the field in the past but that doesn't change the fact he is a human being and I don't wish for any outcome close to what he had attempted.

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      A very special voicemail.

      So, I just called Crazy Rambler and left a very great voicemail message indeed.

      Well, actually I didn't leave it it was left by 1:

      Razor Ramon Hard Gay. Yeah, he did me a favor. Well actually it may not have been him. It may have been a very close substitute Lazor Lamon Hahhhhd Gaeeee.

      The point of this is only to announce when the Old Country Podcast gets started, hopefully middle of October, I'll be featuring some impressions from time to time and HG may just be one of them.

      I know you're excited.

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      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Vol. 6 information

      My friends over at TVShowsOnDVD.com have all the information on this release from Lionsgate on Dec. 5.

      I'm a big fan of this show:

      and if I get my hands on the first 5 volumes again I'd like to add this to my collection as well. These all come at pretty reasonable prices I think so they're worth a pickup if you are nestalgic for an 80's cartoon.

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      Tuesday, September 26, 2006

      Iron Sheik meets Cornholio

      Time is running out on Great Cornholio day. Fear not this event will return next year assuming we remember.

      Anyway, I was thinking about my contribution for this fine day and have decided to go back to my routes. For those that know or don't, this all got started with some emails to the Ric & Steve...er...Karl show at DragonKingWrestling.com many of these emails were parities of historical events or parities of something I heard on the show itself.

      So, I bring you as I have imagined it, what a conversation between the Great Cornholio and the Old Country Posterchild the Iron Sheik might look like.

      C: I am the Great Cornholio, I need TP for my bunghole.
      S: I sorry but Sheik is Olympic champiun, WWF WWE Hall-of-fame and this is not great feeling I had all time all my life.

      C: In my land there is but one bunghole.
      S: I come from Iran the oldest country in the earth and wrestling is greatest sport in the wurld.

      C: Are you threatening me?
      S: Listen here, you are nothing but a ponk. I could break your back, and then fuck your ass make you humble.

      C: Trick or Treat Sonovabitch!
      S: You was lucky ponk that the gold medal that I do for God and Jesus and Mr. McMahon make me a Professiounal and I don't humble you Old Country Way. Suplex you, put you in the camel clutch, break your back and then fuck your ass.

      C: I will fight for the allmighty bungholio. The bunghole will speak now.
      S: You are worse than Hulk Jordan...eh...Jackson and Michael Hogan. Hacksaw is not around to save you and I raspact Kurt Angle, but Iron Sheik was Olympic champiun before Kurt Angle.

      C: Would you like to see my bunghole? Get me some TP for me bunghole?
      S: I never raspact a gay, I never raspact a fag. You and that no good jabroney faggot Hulk Hogan should live together, get married together like Michael Jacksong and that other babby. and I never raspact you again.

      C: I have a portfolio in my holio.
      S: I give you 2 dollars, but all I have is hundred dollar bill. Nikolai say no, I not give him $2 and so Nikolai is worse than Hulk Hogan~!

      C: In my land I do not need a hall-pass.
      S: No any sport sell out in your land, like in Madisung Square Gardong in Pontiak Michigone.

      C: You must respect the great and mighty bungholio. I have no bunghole!
      S: I break your back and then fuck your ass.
      C: Mm'mmm'mm'mmm'mmm'mmm'mm'mmmm'mmm ok!!

      *Steve Austin breaks in:

      A: If you liked that transcription, give me an hell...no, son give me an add click before I open a giant can of whoopass on ya like I did these 2 sunzabitches.

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      Tim Brown: Raiders offense was out-dated years ago.

      The link will take you to comments former all-pro Raiders receiver Tim Brown made about the current struggles of Oakland's offense. This is something that Brown is quite familiar with having played under this offense from 1989-1994 with Walsh as offensive coordinator.

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      A couple of newsbits

      Ric recaps ECW and enjoys the show. Ric, I wish I had known you when the Monday Night Wars DVD was released.

      Also Major MMA star taken to hospital after collapsing

      Its been a slow day for the most part, but still with a little over an hour left, happy Great Cornholio day!

      Also, I am happy to announce that Euan has been charged with setting up the festivities for Razor Ramon Hard Gay day.

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      TGS 2006: Square-Enix Theatre Report

      Square-Enix reveals their newest games
      by Andrew Alfonso

      September 22, 2006 - Thanks to lady luck and a lovely lady at Square-Enix [eds note… Andrew, stop being such a nampa-master], we just made it in time to check out the first showing of the Square-Enix movie theatre at the Tokyo Game Show. Square-Enix is known for its theatre performances, where a limited number of spectators are treated to trailers of upcoming titles from the company in an enclosed setting. Not all of the games being shown by Square Enix at TGS made it into the theatre, but the presentation did give us a glance at new footage of some of the company's most anticipated games.

      Here's a game-by-game look at what was shown in the theatre.

      A mobile game about a boy named Mono, who goes around defeating monsters and apparently bringing back color to the world in which he lives. Battle is done via turn-based combat. Since it's a mobile game, the graphics were pretty simple, but the gameplay looked fun. Tetsuya Nomura has a hand in Monotone's development (is that the sound of a million fan boys suddenly devoting their entire existence to a single game?).

      (Suburashii Kono Seikai) It's a Wonderful World
      This is Tetsuya Nomura's recently announced DS game, and it looked amazing. The graphics are done in the same style as Musashi Samurai Legend and Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis. The outlines on the characters are very dark, giving the game a comic book fool.

      Combat is done with both the touch screen and the controller, depending on which character you're using. If you're using the female character, combat is performed by pressing the buttons that are displayed on the screen, while the male attacks when you tap the touch screen.

      The game features dozens of characters on the screen at once, and is set in a fictional version of Shibuya, a popular place in Tokyo where young adults hang out. We even spotted a take on Harlem, a nightclub that coincidentally is located next to IGN Japan Correspondent Anoop's house.

      Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

      The trailer shown on the screen was fitted to resemble the PSP's resolution. It started off with background story, including details on how Zack and Aerith met for the first time. Oddly enough, Aerith wasn't wearing her traditional pink outfit from the previous game. Rather, she was sporting a casual white and blue motif. Zack's superior was also introduced, although his name wasn't given. Of course, Cloud (wearing a SOLDIER helmet) and Sephiroth also made cameos in the trailer.

      Combat looked weird, but interesting. It seemed that everything is handled in real-time, as Zack and his enemies were running around attacking each other, but at the top of the screen was a roulette that stopped during key times in battle. Perhaps it allows you to get power-ups? We're not sure. Summon fights were also a big part of the trailer. There was footage of Zack fighting off Bahamut and Ifrit, with the former being all CG and the latter going from CG and transitioning to real-time combat.

      Overall Crisis Core looked really good, although maybe just a little less impressive than what Kingdom Hearts II pulled off on the PS2.

      Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete

      This is the Blu-Ray version of the movie, and as the title suggests, it's going to be somewhat of a director's cut. Not only will the resolution be much higher than the DVD version, but Square Enix will be adding scenes and making changes to existing scenes. One new scene shown during the presentation was Sephiroth impaling Cloud and hoisting him over his head while his Masamune was still embedded inside of him, much like in Final Fantasy 7 for the PSOne.

      No word on a solid release date yet but the trailer did indicate a Japanese release sometime in 2007.

      Final Fantasy XIII

      The core game in the compilation was shown first, followed by Agito and Versus.

      The trailer for FFXIII was essentially a remixed version of the E3 trailer, with added scenes to show off more gameplay. The trailer started off in a speeding train much like the E3 trailer, but quickly shifted to other locations, such as a populated city. The trailer also showed how the heroine is able to move with such accuracy and speed; she uses a special device that allows her to literally levitate when she's not moving, and it also lets her move faster than normal. This might make sense in battles; the game still uses menu-driven combat, and it's possible that while making decisions on what to do, the game will go into slow motion a la The Matrix while it waits for your commands. The trailer ended in the same fashion as the E3 original, with our heroine squaring off against a giant monster. Overall it was a cool trailer, but there wasn't a lot of footage that suggested how the game is going to be played.

      The mobile game Agito seems to be a card-based game, judging from the trailer that we saw. The trailer started off by scanning a ruined landscape, and then quickly focusing on one solitary island. The scene shifted towards a building that looked like a school, with dozens of students converging on the building. The students suddenly disappeared, leaving one blond-haired boy in the building. By cutting his finger and then dipping it into a small console, the whole building came alive, and then the boy took out his deck of cards to examine them. Unfortunately for him, the building around him collapsed, leaving him unconscious with his cards fluttering away. His cellphone rang as the trailer faded to black.

      Finally, the Versus trailer started with a view of a modern looking city during the evening. Shifting to a view inside one of the buildings with a man sitting on a throne, the trailer went on to explain how one isolated city housing the last crystal, protected by its king, stands alone, resisting the 'heretic order' of the outside world. Then, the man on the throne stands and leaves the building, as the battle for the last crystal begins. Outside the building, the man is met by several dozens of armed soldiers who notice his appearance. As he walks down the stairs, the soldiers start firing on him, but it's futile. Apparently, the power of the 'king' is too much for them, as he seems nearly invulnerable to their attacks. Soon, the force surrounding the man materializes into several swords. The 'king' grabs one as the trailer ends. From the looks of things, Versus is going to be very action-based, but it'll be more about ancient technology (swords, crystals) going up against modern tech (guns). This seems to be the recurring theme in all of the FFXIII games.

      Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

      The last trailer from Square-Enix's was Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, which is a remixed version of Kingdom Hearts II (a.k.a the US version) as well as a title called Kingdom Hearts: Re:chain of Memories. As the title suggests, this is a remake of the GBA game of a similar name, but it's been completely redone in 3D. Not only that, but the game will include areas that weren't found in Chain of Memories before. Using an engine based on Kingdom Hearts II, the same card-based combat still applies, but it also includes the button-based combat found in Kingdom Hearts II. Interestingly enough, all of the cutscenes shown during the trailer featured only short appearances from the Disney characters.

      We'll have more information as it becomes available. Look for a It's a Wonderful World hands-on soon!

      IGN: TGS 2006: Square-Enix Theatre Report

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      My contribution to Great Cornholio Day!

      I was looking around to see what I could do for today and I found a page that has pics of people doing their impression of the Great Cornholio!

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      Open Season Articles roundup

      Over at Animated News and in the title of this post you will find links to several articles about the Upcoming Sony Animated Pictures release Open Season (in theaters on Friday)

      I'd have linked them all myself but with Animated News doing the work and me being lazy today I just thought I'd take the easy route.

      Still wishing you all happy Great Cornholio day.

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      Daniel Puder to TNA?

      According to Ric Gillespie add TNA to the list of companies interested in reprising the imfamous Kurt Angle/Daniel Puder Smackdown confrontation.

      I'm not sure:
      How much buzz can they generate for something that happened 2 years ago and something they have no footage of? Although really, doing a couple of sitdown interviews and such could help but the question is can TNA do that right? I think we all know the answer to that one.

      Ric calls TNA the frontrunner and I guess we'll see what time tells us, but Puder has been backstage at some iMPACT tapings in the past.

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      PS3 Specs and Pricing

      Here's the link for anyone that's interested in what the PS3 has under the hood as well as the price.

      SonyStyle.com | Playstation® 3 - Specs

      It looks like Sony has followed suit with Microsoft in offering 2 systems at a different price. They've stepped it up by having both of their systems with a hard drive.

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      Playstation 3 game prices

      Everyone Stop Panicking, Sony Style Prices PS3 Games at $59.99

      Rumors on the internets that PS3 games were going to be $75 to $84 seem to be a little premature. All the games on Sony Style, Sony’s official store, are priced at $59.99. Activision says their games are going to be $59.99, and other third parties may be even lower.

      So relax, PlayStation 3 games should be around the same price as Xbox 360 games. It’s possible that Blu-ray prices will keep PS3 discs a bit higher than Xbox 360 DVD discs, but those costs are negligible.

      Product Page [Sony Style]

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      That's a lot of Wiis

      "One. Million. Wiis"
      Ron Bertram, Nintendo of Canada's vice-president and general manager, told Canada.com that they're expecting to ship a cool million Wii consoles to North America. So maybe holiday shoppers won't have to endure the nightmare of the 360's limited launch.

      "We're looking at a million (units) for North America at launch," said Bertram. "When Sony came out (with their PS3 announcement), they said 300,000.

      "If we get what we're supposed to get, this will be our most plentiful launch in the 15 years I've been at Nintendo. All signs are actually extremely positive."

      Extremely positive like a fox.

      G4 - The Feed

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      "I am Cornholio, i need TP for my bunghole. I want all your Crappachino!"

      In celebration of Great Cornholio day, i offer up these videos from EuTube to showcase the legend that is The Great Cornholio.

      Firstly(that should keep Ric happy) here is the first appearance of The Great Cornholio in the episode strangly enough called "The Great Cornholio"

      Next, here is the episode "Buttniks" where the boys stumble into a coffee house on open mic night and The Great Cornholio is unleashed after the repeated consumption of Crappachino.

      Finally, in the episode "Vaya Con Cornholio" Beavis is mistaken by an immigration officer of being mexican after turning into The Great Cornholio thanks to drinking the entire stock of Burger World's soda.


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      Second OCC National Holiday Declared

      Yes, I don't want to take away from Great Cornholio day as it deserves to be celebrated by all involved, though yours truly doesn't know what I will do to completely celebrate aside from maybe eating a couple dozen snickers and drinking a six pack of root beer.

      However, as the Old Country grows and thrives we need cool stuff like National Holidays and Constitutions and stuff and yes, I will write an OCC constitution eventually.

      However, I have just used my power as the Old Country's ruler (I've got more than just the corner people) and it is amazing how quickly you can make things a reality when your the only one to make the rules (there is my free advertisement for dictatorships) but the Old Country now has its second National Holiday.

      This one isn't for awhile yet though:

      The Holiday is to be celebrated every December 18. It is in honor of This Man

      So on that date every year, it will be officially hard gay day in the OCC.

      I'm just sorry it took me so long.

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      NFL 9/25 Monday Night Footbal - final roundup

      Quick recap of the game on this: Great Cornholio day.

      Atlanta 2/1 - 3
      New Orleans 3/0 - 23
      I picked: New Orleans (correct)

      Some suggest probably mostly tongue in cheak that the fix was in tonight.

      Well, if it was, the Falcons sure don't mind getting clobbered:

      The Saints are 3/0 but I still don't know what to make of them. They've got a brutal schedule coming up with games against Carolina, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Philadelphia in the coming weeks. We'll have a better idea of where this team stands about week 8. Sure, I realize that's true for a lot of teams accept the Raiders who already suck and the Bears who already play sucky teams, and thus we've made a pretty obvious statement.

      Overall: 9/5

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      He rants~!

      Its the Sheik, he lives and he rants.

      Seriously, give it a listen. The usual topics are covered.

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      Monday, September 25, 2006

      Raw Recap

      Ric has one for you

      It sounds like Eric Bischoff had the best thing on the show (I'm not surprised) and while I didn't see the whole thing, nonoe of the stuff I saw prompted me to keep watching.

      Please remember that today is Great Cornholio day in the Old Country. Please celebrate accordingly.

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      Official OCC Proclamation

      You know I realize that as the ruler of the Old Country I can do whatever I feel like.

      With great power comes great responsibility.

      With great responsibility comes a great likelyhood that I will goof off.

      So from this point forward let it be known that Tuesday September 26, 2006 is to be:

      Great Cornholio day.

      Perhaps some of the other OCC citizens will chyme in with some great cornholio wackiness. Maybe Euan can dig something up on Eutube?

      So join us in celebration of the first national holiday in the history of the Old Country Corner.

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      Robert Gallery ready to go

      So says Jerry McDonald

      He also gets into whether the Raiders are the worst team in the NFL

      I'm going to steal one of my favorite lines from The Simpsons

      Short answer yes with an if, long answer no with a but.

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      NFL 9/25 Monday Night Football - halftime roundup

      Atlanta 2/0 - 3
      New Orleans 2/0 - 20
      I picked: New Orleans

      The Saints got off to a good start in front of an emotional crowd. After the Falcons did nothing on their first drive, the Saints blocked the punt and returned it for a touchdown.

      I'm not surprised at all how this game has gone as I picked the Saints to win.

      The pregame ceremonies were quite moving and well done.

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      TNA iMPACT spoilers for next 2 weeks of television

      Full credit goes to PWInsider.com

      Spoilers and comments behind the cut:

      Impact 9/28

      *Lance Hoyt defeated Jeff Jarrett, DQ. Jarrett attacked Hoyt from behind and was whipping him on the way to the ring. They fought in the crowd. Jarrett
      hung Hoyt from the ring by the strap and the referee called for the bell. Jarrett then attacked the referee and grabbed the mic. He pointed out the fans
      that took part in the Fans' Revenge match and told them he held them all responsible for what happened. He said that he wanted his NWA title back or Samoa
      Joe would be left laying in a pool of his own blood.

      *Samoa Joe (with the NWA title) defeated Raven, choking him after Brother Runt interfered, hitting a neckbreaker with a chain while the referee was checking
      on Joe. Joe then grabbed Raven and choked him out. Brother Runt got into Joe's face and slapped him. Joe and Runt began brawling. Raven got involved. Abyss
      hits the ring and attacks Joe. Raven went after Abyss, but Runt attacked him. Jim Cornette came out and followed Joe up the ramp. Joe walked off with the
      NWA title belt.

      *Team 3D returned, defeating Vaughn Doring & another wrestler. They didn't announce who 3D's opponents were. After the match, Brother Ray took the mic and
      said they left to refocus on getting the NWA Tag Team championships. He said that TNA management asked them when they wanted their title match, but 3D
      wants to earn their title match. He said they are going to do it the old way, fighting their way to the top.

      *Chris Sabin & Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal defeated TNA X-Division champion Senshi & The Paparazzi. The crowd was chanting, "No more Jackass" as the babyfaces
      came to the ring. Christian Cage was at the announcing table. During the match, Rhino came out but was held back by security. Rhino finally broke through
      and attacked Cage. There were more Jackass shenanigans. Sabin pinned Devine. The crowd chanted "No More Jackass" again after the match.

      *Jim Cornette came out for some official announcements inside the ring. They had a podium set up with several chairs in the ring. Cornette said they had
      two legends in the building, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell. No really, he said legends. Cornette said that they had been with Sting for his training for the
      Bound for Glory PPV match against Jeff Jarrett. He discussed the match and promised that would be the night Jarrett loses the belt. Cornette brought up
      the latest addition to the TNA roster, Kurt Angle. He said that at the BFG PPV, Angle would be a ringside enforcer during the NWA title match. Jeff Jarrett
      came to the ring and said that he wanted his championship belt back. Cornette relayed to Jarrett that Samoa Joe said if Jeff wants his belt back, he'll
      have to come get it from Joe. Jarrett asked if Cornette was really the boss or just another incompetent figurehead in TNA. Jarrett brawled with Luger and
      Bagwell. Samoa Joe hit the ring. Joe and Jarrett brawled but in the end Joe held onto the NWA title belt.

      Impact 10/5

      *Team 3D defeated Frankie Kazarian and Matt Bentley. Shane Douglas and the Naturals were at the announcing table. During the match, America's Most Wanted
      and Gail Kim came out watching from one entranceway while The James Gang watched from another. Brother Ray grabbed the mic after the match and said they
      were working their way up the ladder. He pointed out that they didn't have opponents for Bound for Glory, so they issued an open challenge and promised
      they would become the NWA Tag Team champions. As 3D left, Ray got into Douglas' face at the announcing table and they have words.

      *Abyss and Jim Mitchell came to the ring for a promo. Mitchell told Samoa Joe that Jim Cornette made a deal with the devil to get the NWA title belt back.
      He warns Joe that he can come to the ring and deliver the belt or Abyss will come and get it. Joe comes to the ring with the belt, lays the belt down in
      the ring, then slaps Abyss. They brawl. Abyss chokeslams Joe on the belt. Jarrett comes out to retrieve the belt, but gets into a faceoff with Abyss. Abyss
      and Joe both punch Jarrett. In the end, Joe hits Jarrett and takes the belt back. Joe powerslams Abyss and leaves.

      *LAX defeated Jeff Watson and Tyler Black with a double pin on both. After the match, Konnan says they are going to get the NWA Tag Team titles. He says
      they were sabotaged by being put in the Ultimate X match and announced it would be a Six Sides of Steel rematch at Bound for Glory.

      *In a Loser Gets Fired from TNA match, Shark Boy pinned Eric Young. Larry Zbyszko came out and Young took his toupee. Zbyszko punched Young and Shark Boy
      rolled him up the pin. Young and the crowd were disappointed. The crowd chanted "Bring back Eric" as he left.

      *Christian Cage & Jeff Jarrett defeated Ron Killings & Christopher Daniels. LAX attacked Daniels. While Cage was on the top, preparing for a frog splash,
      Jarrett pinned Daniels. Jarrett took the mic and said the game is over and he wants Joe to give him his belt back. Joe came out and they brawled. Joe was
      knocked out of the ring. Jarrett grabbed the belt and held it over his head. Christian grabbed Jarrett and hit the Unprettier. Cage held up the belt. Rhino
      hit the ring and gored Cage. Joe grabbed the belt and left. Cage and Rhino fought to the back.


      *A-1 pinned Lance Hoyt.

      *Sonjay Dutt pinned Petey Williams.

      Notes: Jeremy Borash announced that Kurt Angle would make his official TNA debut by appearing at the next taping...There was a Bound for Glory "press conference"
      filmed before they opened the doors for the fans....Dory Funk Jr. was in attendance...Vince Russo watched the taping from the crowd.

      Joe and Abyss at Bound for Glory?

      This looks like one of those iMPACTs with about 100 things happening at once, just look at all the running in and such. Proof that Russo's back?

      Christian and Rhino in a rematch? Team 3D Vs. The Naturals?

      Kurt Angle will be in the house at the next set of tapings, sounds fun.

      Jim Cornette must want to wash his own mouth out with soap after calling Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger but especially Buff legends.

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      U.S. Marshals service issues press release about arrest of former WWE star.

      I hear the Cincinnati Bengals are interested in signing him.

      September 25, 2006

      U.S. Marshals Task Force Arrests Professional Wrestler for Civil Contempt

      Pensacola, FL - The United States Marshals North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force arrested Solafa Fatu Jr., aka “Rakishi”, at 12 noon today after a vehicle
      stop on Highway 98 near the Naval Hospital. The 41 year old, 6 foot 2 inch, 400 pound wrestler was taken into custody without any resistance. A Federal
      District Judge for the Northern District of Florida issued a warrant for his arrest on September 1st of this year, after Fatu failed to appear at a show
      cause hearing, carrying a charge of civil contempt. Originally, the U.S. Marshals Office in Pensacola repeatedly attempted to locate Fatu to serve him
      with a civil subpoena but was unable to find him. The Task Force’s investigation eventually led them to discover he was in Italy during that period and
      touring with a newly formed Italian wrestling organization, the NU-WRESTLING Evolution (NWE). The investigation revealed that it appeared as though Fatu
      returned several weeks ago. Once the Task Force learned that, they started searching for him again locally.

      “Despite his size and the persona that goes with his profession, he (Fatu) was a gentleman,” said Marshals spokesman Dominic Guadagnoli.

      Fatu, who has appeared under numerous other names throughout his career, first came to fame in the 1980’s when he wrestled in the WWF as a part of the Samoan
      Swat Team. He has wrestled with all of the top names in the sport some such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Triple H to name a few. Fatu
      claims to be related to other famous wrestles such as The Rock, The Tonga Kid, Jimmy Snuka and Okazuna.

      Fatu was remanded to Escambia County Jail until his hearing in federal court.

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      Official TNA iMPACT Preview

      Here's the preview put out for TNA for this week's "Biggest iMPACT ever"

      Impact Preview

      September 25th, 2006 20:08

      Samoa Joe refuses to relinquish possession of the NWA World Heavyweight Title!

      This Thursday night is perhaps the biggest broadcast in the history of “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV! TNA Wrestling is headed down the road to the October 22 “Bound
      For Glory” extravaganza – and to say there’s a lot unfolding would be a huge understatement! The wrestling world will truly feel the aftermath of “No Surrender”
      and the signing of Kurt Angle this Thursday night!

      This Thursday night, TNA Management Director Jim Cornette will hold a special press conference, featuring some special guests! According to TNA management,
      Cornette will speak out on several headlines, including Kurt Angle joining TNA, the move to primetime on November 16 for “iMPACT!”, new matches announced
      for Bound For Glory and much more.

      Also, in what could potentially be a combustible situation, TNAwrestling.com has learned that amidst the excitement following the Fan’s Revenge Match at
      “No Surrender”, Samoa Joe took the NWA World Heavyweight Title – and has refused to return it!

      According to sources, Jeff Jarrett is livid that “The Samoan Submission Machine” was allowed to leave the arena with his championship…and even angrier TNA
      officials haven’t gotten it back for him! Why did Joe take the gold? What steps will Jarrett take to get it back? Could this lead to an even more violent
      showdown between Jarrett and Joe? Tune in and find out!

      Speaking of the “Samoan Submission Machine”, Samoa Joe will be in action this Thursday night on SpikeTV in a big match against former NWA World Heavyweight
      Champion Raven! This is the first clash between Joe and Raven in TNA Wrestling, and what a great match to kick off the road to “Bound For Glory” on TNA
      “iMPACT!”. The question is: Will Joe arrive with the NWA World Heavyweight Title and will Jarrett come out to reclaim it?

      X Champion Senshi & The Paparazzi vs. Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal
      The high-flying, no-limits stars of TNA Wrestling’s X Division will be in action this Thursday night on the huge “iMPACT!” broadcast! X Division champion
      Senshi will team with Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine (The Paparazzi) to face off against the alliance of Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal!

      All this and so much more this Thursday night on “iMPACT!” on SpikeTV at 11pm, including new matches announced for the “Bound For Glory” epic event on October
      22! Plus, all of your favorite TNA stars will be in attendance, including new NWA World Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels, Christian Cage,
      Abyss, Rhino, America’s Most Wanted, The Naturals, the TNA Knockout babes and many more!

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      Another Bound for Glory Spoiler

      As before, if you don't want to know then don't:

      It was announced at the iMPACT tapings that AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels would defend the NWA World Tag Team titles at Bound for Glory against LAX in a 6 sides of steel match.

      I would like to note that while I didn't predict the winner correctly, I did predict this correctly

      Via: PWInsider.com

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      ECW matches announced, Raw Family Reunion special news.

      Ric has the details of next week's anniversary of the company's first year back on the USA Network.

      Tomorrow on ECW TV:

      • Big Show Vs. Sandman for the ECW title.
      • Rob Van Dam Vs. Hardcore Holly in an Extreme rules match.

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      Raw Preview, BFG spoiler

      Here is a link to Ric's Raw Preview and I suggest that whether you see the show or not, you should read his recap. I will not be watching Raw outside of the first 10 minutes as I will be witnessing the Saints return to New Orleans.

      Now at this point if you do not wish to know a Bound for Glory spoiler, stop reading, but if you do:

      At tonight's tapings it was announced that Kurt Angle would be the ringside enforcer for the Jeff Jarrett Vs. Sting match on the 10/22 Pay Per View.

      Via: PWInsider.com

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      More Wrestling and MMA newsbits

      All of these are from Canvas Chronicle

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      Kurt Angle: I was not happy in WWE

      The following statement from Dixie Carter and Kurt Angle is up at TNA Wrestling.com


      “First, let me say to our talent and our staff, congratulations on our move to primetime. Each of you have worked so hard for this and deserve all the great
      things that will come with the move. To our fans, none of us would be here without you. Your belief in our product has made all of this possible, and from
      all of us, thank you. This is just the beginning.

      I hope the hype of our announcements last night lived up to or exceeded your expectations. In this industry, it is very hard to keep anything quiet. We
      are thrilled to have Kurt Angle join our team. Just like with all of our wrestlers, Kurt’s family and health will always come first. I’m sure you will
      be hearing from him in the coming weeks.

      I asked Kurt’s agent to provide me with a quote for our announcement release. Most times a publicist, manager or agent will prepare a statement for the
      talent. But after a long film shoot in Nashville last week that ended at midnight, Kurt sat down and hand wrote his heartfelt comments on a hotel note
      pad. Instead of just pulling a small part from that to use in the press release, I thought his fans would love to share in his full emotions from that

      “Being with TNA feels like I have finally found my home. I had fun in WWE at certain times, but I was never really happy. Now being a part of TNA, I know
      I have a purpose. I feel like I am part of history, part of a company that is not only on the rise – not only going to be the number-one watched wrestling
      show in the world within a short period of time – but TNA gives me an opportunity to spread my wings. This company has no limits to where it can go. The
      sky is the limit and the main reason is because they brought the “real” back into wrestling and that is a perfect fit for the greatest wrestler in USA
      Olympic history. I have room to grow here and to help TNA grow. Working for these caring and very giving employers of TNA makes me feel like I have a purpose
      and that the sky is the limit. I don’t feel trapped or held back like I did the first six years in my tenure with the other company. They held me back.
      Now, our wonderful audience will see the real Kurt Angle doing what I love to do – real wrestling – and that’s what puts a smile on my face each time I
      come to work. I even smile when I think about it. TNA will be the most watched television show on cable television. It’s only a matter of time. Now, I
      get the opportunity and privilege of being a part of it. Thank you TNA for saving my career, my life and my desire to do what I love. I will be here in
      some capacity for the rest of my life. That’s real…that’s damn real.” – Kurt Angle

      Sorry I am still not quite comfortable with the line from Angle about this saving his life. Maybe a reduced schedule and not having to do so much traveling will be just what the Dr. ordered but then again, maybe not.

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      Pro Wrestling Newsbits

      Tidbits that I picked up on some of the audio shows I have listened to today and some of the stories I have read.

        • Wade Keller reported in his PW Torch VIP audio update that Sting was one of the people that knew about Kurt Angle coming to TNA. According to Keller, Sting was introduced to Angle when they filmed Angle in Nashville.

        • Also according to Keller, Samoa Joe will headline a Pay Per View against Angle by February at the latest.

        • According to ICP on today's Howard Stern Show, they are headed to Orlando to do something for TNA.

        • PWInsider.com reports that Scott Steiner and TNA are working out money issues and that is why he hasn't been on the shows lately.

        • Dave Meltzer reported today that Kurt Angle's deal with TNA is not exclusive and that there is still talk of him doing MMA in 2007.
          OCC: I think he would be insane to try and do both. But, I already think he's insane.

        • Also according to PWInsider.com Team 3D will be returning to TV tonight as well and will possibly return to feud with Abyss and Runt.

        • Keller again on his audo hotline reported that Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal came up with both the Laxative and blow-up doll concepts. He reported that No Surrender was not booked by Vince Russo at all but by the outgoing regime. He also said that Senshi was not happy about the blow-up doll thing.
          OCC: Senshi is a smart smart man if he was unhappy because as the crowd said: "This is Stupid"

        • PWInsider.com also reported that Eric Bischoff was backstage at Raw. Apparently, WWE broke the story on their mobile alert system. Also there is a tease that something big will happen in the first 10 minutes of Raw tonight.

          Those are some brief newsbits, we'll have more as the day continues.

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      Braves lose to Rockies 9-8 eliminated from 2006 playoff contention.

      Not only that but 75-81 means that the Braves can not finish above .500.

      They had a 5-run first inning and squandered the lead away.

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      TNA Stars react to Kurt Angle Announcement.

      Yes, if you've ever wondered what David Young has to say, now is your chance to read it for yourself.

      I've got more on this coming later.

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      Weekend Box Office 09/22/2006 - 09/24/2006

      Jackass 2 made $28 million.

      Gridiron Gang took in 9.7 million finishing in third.

      Everyone's Hero took in $4.7 million for 5th place. Percentage wise it did not suffer a steep drop. With Open Season coming out next weekend, that's not likely to be the case again.

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      How did Rock land his role in Gridiron Gang?

      Find out here

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      Interesting note on Ultimate X.

      Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reported in the elite hotline recap of No Surrender that:

      Before the creative change this week, LAX was scheduled to go over in Ultimate X.

      I don't know what that means as far as the direction for LAX, but given we're now talking about Vince Russo it might be more appropriate to say misdirection.

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      NFL 9/24 Late Game - finals roundup

      I didn't see any of these games, but I'll comment on certain things.

      Philadelphia 2/1 - 38
      San Francisco 1/2 - 24
      I picked: Philadelphia (correct)
      This game may have cost the 49ers dearly as Vernon Davis and Frank Gore were injured on the same play.

      New York Giants 1/2 - 30
      Seattle 3/0 - 42
      I picked: Seattle (correct)
      I've got to say that the Seahawks giving up that many points may be a sign of concern, but then again, they scored more so they still win.

      St. Louis 2/1 - 16
      Arizona 1/2 - 14
      I picked: Arizona (incorrect)
      I don't get either of these teams, I really don't.

      Baltimore 3/0 - 15
      Cleveland 0/3 - 14
      I picked: Baltimore (correct)
      This game was too close for Ravens comfort I'm sure. This does not boad well for Oakland as Cleveland played Baltimore much better than the Raiders did.

      Denver 2/1 - 17
      New England 2/1 - 7
      I picked: New England (incorrect)
      I know nothing about this game but the score as I was watching TNA.

      I was 8/5 on the afternoon. Certainly a big drop from last week but I did pretty good on TNA and UFC predictions.

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      New Lightweight bout added to UFC 64

      here's the scoop and as Ric said the Lightweight division is just going to be stacked. This is good news for me as I am a 155 LB mark. Note that means I am a mark for the 155 pounders, I haven't seen 155 LBS myself since the end of High School.

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      Sunday, September 24, 2006

      TNA Press Release: New time for iMPACT, new signing.

      I'll put the press release behind the cut, but I also have a bit of commentary on a quote that just scared me when I read it. See if you can guess which one?

      Signs Kurt Angle
      iMPACT! Moves To 9 PM on Spike TV Starting Thursday, November 16

      Nashville, TN, September 24, 2006 – Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling announced today that Olympic gold medalist and pro wrestling megastar Kurt Angle
      has signed exclusively with the company. It was also announced that TNA iMPACT! will move to 9:00 PM ET/PT Thursdays on Spike TV starting November 16.

      “This has been a huge week in our company’s history,” said Dixie Carter, president of TNA Entertainment, LLC. “The signing of Kurt Angle and the move of
      iMPACT! to 9 PM are both significant benchmarks in the growth of TNA. The history of pro wrestling is marked with events that change the landscape of the
      industry and I believe that this week will be viewed in that context.”

      Angle, a 2-time NCAA Division I champion and a 3-time NCAA Division I All-American, capped off his illustrious amateur career by winning a gold medal in
      freestyle wrestling at the 1996 Olympics, competing with two cracked vertebrae, two herniated disks and four pulled muscles.

      On November 14, 1999, Angle made his on-screen debut with the World Wrestling Federation. Since then, this 5-time WWE World Champion has held every major
      championship belt in WWF/E. He was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2003.

      “Kurt is considered the greatest wrestler in professional wrestling,” added Carter. “His in-ring ability is matched only by his leadership and attitude.
      We are thrilled Kurt is joining the TNA family and we look forward to a long, successful relationship.”

      “Being with TNA feels like I found my home,” Kurt Angle commented. “TNA will be the most watched show on cable TV – it’s just a matter of time. Thank you
      TNA for saving my career, my life and my desire to do what I love.”

      TNA also announced it will premiere in primetime on Spike TV starting Thursday, November 16, kicking-off with a two-hour extravaganza from 9:00 – 11:00
      PM, ET/PT to celebrate the move. The following Thursday, TNA can be seen in its regularly scheduled timeslot (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), with encores continuing
      to telecast on Saturdays (11:00 PM – Midnight, ET/PT).

      “We’ve been impressed by TNA’s growth and the acquisition of Kurt Angle today continues to show us that wrestling fans, as well as professional wrestlers,
      know that TNA is the place to be and now primetime on Spike TV is the place for them to be,” says Kevin Kay, General Manager of Spike TV.

      After twenty telecasts in the Thursday 11 PM ET/PT time slot, TNA iMPACT! is averaging a 1.0 HH rating, with a 1.1 in M18-49, a 1.3 in M18-34 and an average
      audience of 1.1 million viewers. Compared to YAGO in that timeslot, TNA is up +137% in HH, +211% in M18-49, +244% in M18-34 and +157% in average audience.
      Among ad-supported cable channels in the time period (11:00 PM – Midnight, ET/PT), Spike ranks #1 in M18-49, #1 in M25-34, and #2 in M18-34. (All ratings
      reflect Most Current viewing levels)

      The new wrestling alternative, TNA delivers a distinct brand of high-risk, athletic entertainment. TNA’s roster includes new, fresh talent like AJ Styles,
      Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Monty Brown and recognizable stars such as Sting, Christian Cage, Jeff Jarrett, Team 3D, and others. TNA features the innovative
      six-sided ring and the high-flying “X Division,” as well as concept matches such as “Ultimate X,” “King of the Mountain,” and “Six Sides of Steel.”

      TNA Entertainment, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Nashville, TN. The names of all Total Nonstop Action Wrestling televised programming,
      talent names, images, likenesses, slogans and all TNA Wrestling logos and trademarks are exclusive property of TNA Entertainment, LLC. All other trademarks
      are the property of their respective owners. For more information, visit www.tnawrestling.com.

      Spike TV is available in 90 million homes and is a division of MTV Networks. MTV Networks, a division of Viacom International Inc.

      Now the quote that jumped out at me.

      “Being with TNA feels like I found my home,” Kurt Angle commented. “TNA will be the most watched show on cable TV – it’s just a matter of time. Thank you
      TNA for saving my career, my life and my desire to do what I love.”

      I'm not talking about the part where he predicts TNA will be the most watched show on cable soon. Heavy painkiller use will do that to a person.

      But TNA saved his career and his...life? Because of the shape Kurt Angle is in I get real nervous when he talks about his life and this being something that saved it.

      If Angle legitimately though his life was over when he was let go from WWE that's one thing and I guess in that sense you could say TNA saved his life from his perspective. But otherwise that's 1 creepy looking quote in my view.

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      OCC Aftermath: TNA No Surrender 2006

      First let me say that all major websites report that the time is 9 PM for iMPACT starting 11/16 not as I believe I wrote in the live blog, 8 PM. I could've swore that's what I heard but I'll check the DVD later, but for me it actually is 8 PM as I am in the Central timezone.

      Now lets look at this PPV now that it is as Ric says "In the books":

      *Eric Young Vs. A-1. Well the crowd was at least in to Eric Young which made the match something I could tollerate taking place.

      *Jay Lethal Vs. Petey Williams. If you read my live blog which you really should've otherwise why are you reading this? Anyway, if you read it you already know how I feel about this match.
      This looked like it had Russo's finger prints all over it even if he had nothing to do with it. As I mentioned in my benchwarmers review I do not like fart jokes as a form of commedy. Williams and Lethal are capable of having a good match if you let them have a good match.
      Now let me be clear here, I agree with Ric that you can have the best wrestling matches in the world but that ain't enough on its own. However, I would take a good match with no story behind it on a PPV over a match that was bad because it was bogged down by a stupid story any day of the week. I felt this could've been so much more but was buried under the crushing weight of a silly angle. Sound like any booker you know?

      *Raven Vs. Abyss Vs. Runt. I hate these matches now. Between TNA doing 1 at the last PPV, a thumbtack match on iMPACT then a hangman's horror match a couple of weeks after that I'm sick of it. Add in that ECW does these matches too and its more than I want to see. If I had it my way, I wouldn't see another one of these in TNA for at least 6 months to a year. So expect one thursday.

      *Triple Chance battle royal.
      Lets see here:
      1. A bunch of teams nobody cares about.
      2. Telegraphing the ending by the fact that only 2 teams have a story ark.
      3. Over-complicate the rules for no good reason at all.
      4. Have everything be predictable in every way, not only did I guess the final outcome but I practically could've predicted the chain of command as far as tag eliminations went.

      Add all those up and you get a pretty boring match that the fans weren't into seeing.
      Later this week I am going to explain why it is that the Naturals symbolize every single thing wrong with TNA's story department in 1 small package. But not now because I still have typing fatigue.

      At this point I was hating this show.

      *Chris Sabin Vs. Senshi. If you read the live blog, you have my thoughts on this. It was a fun match until the duo of Lethis and Sonj-head came out. At least the fans let them know what they think of this stuff. First good match of the night in my view.

      *Rhino Vs. Christian. I thought overall this was a fine match but if I'm spending $30 I want more than fine matches. Christian winning was the right thing to do as it keeps him strong for an eventual Sting showdown.

      *Ultimate X, again to stroke his ego I'll say Ric called this one and the rest of us got it wrong. I really liked this match especially compared to some previous Ultimate X matches. The crowd was into the match, the feud was the best built up in TNA probably since the days of AMW vs. XXX and I hope they continue to do something with LAX.

      *Samoa Joe Vs. Jeff Jarrett, regular OCC readers already know how stupid I think this was to set up. Anyone that read our preview also knows how I felt. I still feel the same way as I did before but at least TNA didn't make it worse.
      I know one thing I thought they might do was have a ref bump and have Jarrett score a visual 3-count over Samoa Joe. That would have sent me in to a rant unseen by me since the first Raiders game of the season.

      Now for the major announcements: I knew something was up when Cornette made the first one. By the way I liked Cornette's delivery on this. It shows me that even though Cornette probably wants to kill Russo, that he's still a professional and doing his job. With Jim Cornette's past you did have to wonder how that would go.

      The time change. Well, I don't know how much this will mean at all. It kind of means more given the other half of the announcement than it would've on its own.

      Kurt Angle coming to TNA wrestling. We will be talking about the magnitude of this one for awhile. Ric hinted at a lot of the discussion points at least the things that should be discussed. Is this really good for Angle? Is Angle healthy? May we have to watch a Kurt Angle tribute show sometime in the future. I'll post the press release in a second but there was a quote that jumped out at me as being frightening from the get-go.

      Now, I'll play fantasy booker to show what I am thinking I'd do for the debut of Angle.

      I'd have Kurt Angle come out and cut his promo. I'm here to kick ass, take ames and add to my legasy. I want to add the NWA title to my resume. Stuff like that.

      At the mention of the NWA championship I would have Samoa Joe's music hit and have him start out towards the ring. Get people thinking they're going to see a Joe Vs. Angle contribution right off of the bat. Then I'd have Jeff Jarrett and possibly AMW attack Joe from behind and beat him down so we never find out at least on that night what Joe was coming out for even though we all know. Now, Angle sees this happening and is distracted by the fight in the isle when Abyss comes in from the otherside and lays Angle out with a blackhole slam. Then in future weeks have James Mitchell cut promos about how Abyss has been here he has been waiting and Angle isn't going to be taking his spot.

      Let me know what you think of the early part of my fantasy booking idea. Do you like it, do you hate it, is it at least better than what Russo will do? What would you do differently?

      As for the other questions as difficult as it may be, we are going to have to wait and see. I understand if some people are reserved about this and a little nervous, I understand because I am one of you. What will this mean for TNA in the grand cheme? I have no idea, Angle does have a fanbase and if Spike actually blitzes the hell out of a promotion of this then they might get some people to take notice that are WWE fans that wonder what will become of Angle.

      Kurt Angle is not Christian. He is not Rhino. Yes, he was fired from WWE but I'm sure WWE would rather not have done it. Kurt Angle is not a mid-carder that was underutilized or at least believed to be by fans. This is Kurt Angle legitimate wrestling superstar. This isn't Sting, superstar of 10 years ago, Kurt Angle is a superstar today. This is the kind of guy that if he were NWA champion his first night in it wouldn't be nearly as bad as when they handed it to Christian (phenominally stupid absolutely but not as bad from a credibility standpoint). So this is a big deal, its a big deal because of those other concerns of Angle's but even without those concerns its a big deal.

      We'll have to see where this one goes but it is interesting to note that TNA went from being a company nobody was talking about to 1 that has generated a lot of discussion for both good and bad this past week.

      No Surrender the show started horribly in my view and got better peaking with Ultimate X and dropping only slightly for the main event and announcement. I can't recommend a replay because even though I thought Ultimate X was a great match, you need more than that in this day and age.

      UFC was obviously the better show this weekend.

      Now, I'm tired of typing. 2 days of live blogging a DVD and 2 PPVs is quite exhausting. Tomorrow might be a light posting day.

      I hope you enjoyed the coverage of UFC and TNA from this weekend.

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      TNA News: New Timeslot and Kurt Angle

      For those that didn't read my live coverage and shame on you, the major announcement was 2 fold.

      1. Thursday, Nov. 16 at 8:00 PM TNA iMPACT moves to primetime.
      2. Kurt Angle is on his way to TNA.

      I'll have my thoughts on this later in my thoughts on the PPV.

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      Match-by-Match Coverage: TNA No Surrender 2006

      We are live from my living room and Orlando Florida. The OCC will provide live coverage of the show tonight, so refresh your browser for the updates.

      We begin with the preshow.

      Borash and Hemme run down the card. They toss it to Tenay who reads that statement off of TNA's website from earlier this week. Funny enough however, we didn't hear half of it due to an audio glitch.

      Rhino Vs. Christian Cage video package. They were friends and stuff, but now they're not.

      We're back with West and Tenay hyping up the card and they throw it to the back again.

      Hemme and Borash are outside, they interview the guy that won the "I hate Jeff Jarrett" video contest.

      No Surrender promo, triple Main Event. There's a triple something alright.

      Wade and Scott would like the world to know that the woman they showed with Borash and Hemme was pretty hot.

      Preshow match
      Bobby Roode comes out to the ring, he's called the Hottest Free Agent in wrestling. If he says so.

      Don West claims that they don't know anything about the announcement. I'm thinking its not just the announcement.

      The fans are chanting lets go jobber. Roode's opponent got no introduction and still has not been named on commentary. If they can't bother to tell me who it is then I can't bother to care. Apparently, its Von Doring. Now that I know who it is, you'd be amazed how much more interested I am not in this match.

      I've got to call Dominos, sure the match isn't over yet but:

      Winner: Bobby Roode

      Hey, I was right. He won with a move called the Payoff but as I was not in the room I didn't see it.

      Recap of the Jackasses and Senshi feud.

      Wade wants to spank Christy.

      Here's Eric Young. Fans chant don't fire Eric as he is gathering troops for the movement.

      The Tag Team Battle Royal is now featured. 2 teams are being profiled, Americas Most Wanted and the Naturals. If this surprises you, you obviously didn't read our preview

      Wade just heard the rules for the battle royal. His head now has exploded. Funeral services will not be held because nobody cares.

      10 minutes away from the PPV. It better be more exciting than the Preshow but then that's not going to be that hard actually.

      Raven, Runt and Abyss highlight package. I'm glad to see this because I saw this feud develop and it still makes no sense to me at all. Its like Russo was already in charge.

      Borash is back stage with Abyss and James Mitchell, as the pizza is on the way.

      Scott's already yawning.

      Ok, I take a lot of shots at TNA and deservidly so. However, James Mitchell rules the world and if you disagree, congratulations on being wrong.

      Ultimate X package airs after Mitchell threatens bad intentions for Raven.

      Borash says this is the 11th Ultimate X match and they've all been off the chart. He must not have seen all 11 because the shitty 5 minute match wasn't good and nor was the one for Bound for Glory where the X kept falling off. Oh, and the most recent 1 was alright but didn't live up to the hype of Joe on the cables.

      Tenay and West hype the announcement. Good, the announcement wasn't hyped enough, it really needed more.

      Jarrett Vs. Joe video package airs.

      Its on to the show:

      This is bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

      If you think I'm transcribing the text used in this video package, then you need to read more of my stuff. You know there was a shot at the Iraq war and President Bush in the video package right after Konnan referenced the great American Lie there was footage of Bush declaring major combat opporations in Iraq were over.

      The package is cool but not as cool as the fact that the pizza is here.

      We are in the iMPACT Zone. We have pyro but not a lot. Ok, now they've let it go so I guess they've decided to play with fire again afterall. Oh, you knew it was coming.

      First match according to Wade: Eric Vs. A-Young. I believe that is wrong.

      Match 1: Eric Young Vs. a-1

      A match happening at the same time as this is myself Vs. Pepperoni and Pineapple pizza. I expect that I will be victorious.

      TNA has too damn much generic music, but for a-1 its ok because you don't get more generic than that.

      Fans chant lets go stake sauce or a-1 stake sauce. They do the dueling punches thing and it screams and yells out minor league.

      Fans chant "Fire a-1" how fickle are these people? I don't think these people should be chanting anything to do with fire after last month.

      Well, a-1 just scored a 2 off of a powerslam. I hate some of these chants, but at least they are chanting something. The live crowd is definitely in to Eric Young and I give all the credit for that to Young himself. He does his gimmick so well.

      Now the crowd chants Super-Eric but A-1 is having none of it.

      Mike Tenay calls this a great way to kick off No Surrender. Well, I'll say this much they could've done worse. Why 3 Live Krew and Team Canada could still be around wrestling for the five billionth time, and that'd be a lot worse.

      Eric Young scores a very near fall with a top-rope elbow drop. A-1 tries to cheat but the referee is momentarily paying attention.

      Winner: Eric Young

      More hype for the announcement. It will change the face of wrestling. So will TNA have to change their opening thing? Now you know where my priority lies.

      Tenay and West do the annoying thing that they do every month, and before you ask which 1, its where they run down the card of the PPV that I'm already watching. Its too late for me to go, gee I change my mind I'm not ordering it.

      Borash is backstage with Jim Cornette. Cornette promises a major announcement, thank god they're hyping this. Cornette is behind the announcement, so when it underwhelms the fans will blame him. A sign of Russo's handywork?

      Match 2: Jay Lethal Vs. Petey Williams

      Both have generic music. But again it fits because the X-division is generic.

      Backstage with Lethal/Dutt/Sabin and Jerry Lynn is pissed because they're playing games.

      Sabin says: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. He went from Jackass to Jerry Springer in 1 promo.

      Dueling chants a minute in. This company can't take these shows on the road quick enough for me.

      This match has a slow-pace to start which is actually fine with me. I don't need it to be high-spot tastic from the opening bell.

      It would appear that Petey Williams pulled a Dookie Davinport. Russo must be back we've got shit jokes on the first show. Who had match 2 in the pool?

      I can see Russo's mentality. We'll have jokes about number 2 in match number 2...ahahahahahahahahahahaha.

      Yes, there was a laxative involved.

      West and Tenay are pulling the time honored Heenan trick of complaining about the smell. Seriously, I already hate the Russo return. This may not even be his fault but if its not he didn't look at this and say no, that's stupid change it. If he didn't write it he approves.

      Williams goes for the Destroyer but can't hit it.

      Jay Lethal wins on a roll up.

      See Ric my logic is not only cute, but logical.

      I hated this if you couldn't tell.

      Borash is backstage with Rhino who buries the medical profession. Dr.'s advised him not to wrestle this match, I advise you not to ever watch the last match. Rhino didn't listen to his Dr. I suggest you not follow in his footsteps and instead listen to me on this one.

      Same video package they aired on the preshow for the 3-way match airs again. Note to TNA, I saw it once not but a half an hour ago, I don't need to see the same one again. Why not prepare more than 1 package if you want to show multiple ones?

      Match 3: Raven Vs. Abyss Vs. Brother Runt

      Tenay promises craziness. I promise jokes, lets see how it goes.

      Abyss out first. Runt is out second. Raven is out last.

      Scott says Brother Runt needs a Taxi Cab. Due to his ring gear's resemblance to Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver.

      We start with Garbage can lids.

      West says that we can't forget any of these guys. Wanna bet?

      Kendo sticks and garbage cans are involved now.

      Abyss tosses Runt up the entrance ramp off a press slam. Fortunately, Raven was there to break his fall. Break his fall, moe his grass, make him humble 'til he raspect Abyss.

      West says we've seen everything but the Kitchen sink in this match. Well aside that we haven't seen the TNA staple of staple guns and thumbtacks the point is that Rusoo logic suggests that we will in fact see the kitchen sink.

      Runt put the ring bell on Abyss' groine and then hits it with a Kendo Stick. It drew ooows and Ahhhhs from the crowd and the room.

      Raven found a helmet, he may be the smartest man in the match. This is not meant as a compliment or that Raven is in line for induction in to Mensa.

      Tenay: We're not going to have a count out we don't want to see something like that happen. But a DQ in a falls count anywhere match is just fucking fine!

      Tenay claims that Abyss is trying to tear the building apart. I can confirm its not nearly as entertaining as New Japan Vs. House.

      You can now add ladders to the equation as Abyss set one up with Raven on a table. Abyss climbs the ladder and the crowd is chanting holy shit.

      Fuckheads, he hasn't done anything but climb. You people are banned from ever speaking again. Oh, and nothing came of it.

      Runt fucked up a spot major league. He went for a double stomp on Abyss on a table but he miscalculated and barely caught him. Of course it didn't stop the morons from chanting holy shit again. If I killed all of these people would I be convicted or could I justify it.

      Just what the world needs 2 tables stacked up now.Raven took time to hang brother Runt.

      Me, who was hung?

      Scott: bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

      Wade: So far I have 2 words to describe this match. "You fucked up"

      Abyss with a blackhole slam pins Raven.

      Abyss wins, but it will elevate him in exactly no ways.

      Tenay: Raven did everything but win this match. No fuck.

      Borash backstage with Jarrett: Borash compliments the outfit Jarrett is wearing. Jarrett says someone has to sell merchandise around here, nobody else does.

      Sting is mentioned as the wrestler who will make the announcement. This means I don't think it will be him. Jarrett is more concerned with the who than the what.

      Match 4: Triple Chance battle royal:

      The rules:

        • 8 teams all wrestlers in the ring at once.

        • When you are eliminated, you wait at ringside.

        • When your partner is eliminated, you head to the back.

        • When the battle royal comes down to 2 wrestlers, their partners rejoin the match and make it standard tag.

        • Do not collect $200 for passing go, and no using the get out of jail free card.

        • If you are Razor Ramon HG then you rule.

      The teams by order of their introductions:

      1. Americas Most Wanted with Gail "My favorite naked chef" Kim

      2. The Naturals w/Shane Douglas

      3. The Paparazzi Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine

      4. Shark Boy and Norman Smiley

      5. Kazarian and Maverick Matt

      6. Lance Hoyt and Ron the Truth Killings (Tenay likes this team, he's just being kind)

      7. Diamonds in the Rough with Simon Diamond

      8. The James Gang

          Nothing drives up the workrate like a battle royal. AMW is reluctant to get in to the middle of the action.

          West is giving his battle royal strategy. Stay in the middle of the ring and do whatever you can to avoid being tossed over the top rope. Sounds like a winner to me.

          Wade is providing me Gail Kim play-by-play. I don't care what she does at ringside unless she starts doing it naked, and when Scott reads this, I did say "doing it naked".

          1. Norman Smiley is first eliminated.

          2. Elix Skipper is the second man out.

          3. Lance Hoyt eliminated by Kazarian and Bentley

          4. Johnny Devine out via the Truth

          5. Shark Boy is out (Norman and Sharky are the first team gone, what do you mean you're shocked?)

          6. Chase Stevens was tossed into the crowd by James Storm.

          7. Matt Bentley was eliminated.

          8. David Young is out (Diamonds are the second team gone)

          9. Ron Killings eliminated by Alex Shelley (Hoyt/Killings are out)

          10. B.G. James was also eliminated by Shelley.

          11. Kazarian eliminated (Bentley and Kazarian are gone)

          12. Shelley eliminated next (Paparazzi gone)

            Its down to Kip James, AMW and Andy Douglas.

          13. James Storm next eliminated.

            There's a fight on the ramp apparently

          14. Chris Harris was eliminated by the ref missed it.

          15. Kip James was eliminated by Harris (James Gang out)

            Americas Most Wanted and the Naturals in the tag match, yeah I know, nobody predicted that one

          Extended heat segment on Andy Douglas by AMW as they keep Stevens out of the ring. If you can't see the ending coming then you should just stop watching wrestling now.

        James Gang come to the aid of the Naturals preventing a death sentence.

        Winners: The Naturals with a roll-up by Stevens.

        That's pretty anticlimactic and it had no crowd heat. Of course the Orlando crowd has only seen this match 6 million times.

        The Naturals celebrate the win with Shane Douglas.

        Now we have the same Sabin/Senshi package from earlier. The X-division title is up next.

        Match 5: Senshi Vs. Chris Sabin

        I'm with Euan I hope Senshi wins by kicking Sabin in the face.

        West: Senshi can kick you from anywhere in the world it seems like. Wandering Senshi's fu-tube extravaganza? Na, its been done.

        Senshi blocks a suplex with a knee to the head, I approve. Senshi gets a 2 count off of a knife edge chop. Dueling chops now and like 2 people are saying "Whooow" there is 0 heat for this show in my opinion.

        This is probably match of the night so far, but that's not saying a whole lot. More dueling chops and kicks.

        Sabin was going for a suicide dive but Senshi counters with a kick to the head. He probably saw Euan's preview.

        Senshi draws a holy shit chant with a doublestomp to the back. It was in all fairness a light chant.

        Now we have dueling Senshi and Sabin chants. The crowd is waking up for the first time since probably the three way. I don't blame them though as that battle royal would've put me to sleep if not for the fact I'm live blogging.

        Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a springboard dropkick get to for Senshi.

        Sabin hits the hesitation dropkick after fighting off a superplex and scores a nearfall.

        Here come Sonjay and Lethal because a good match needs a run-in. The distraction works to give Sabin the advantage.

        Crowd chants "This is stupid!" I take back everything bad I said earlier. That was stupid and I hope TNA was listening. I bet they weren't.

        Senshi scores the pin using the ropes, he should've kicked him in the face again first.

        Nice long match with some stupidity at the end but easily the best of the show.

        Borash interviews Christian. Sting is mentioned again, this leads me to believe it is someone else. A nice strong promo from Christian. He claimed that Sting would try and take credit for No Surrender being a great show. If I were Sting I would not. He did actually talk about his match with Rhino in there as well.

        Rhino and Christian video package airs.

        Match 6: Rhino Vs. Christian Cage

        Tenay and West put over the against Dr.'s orders thing in regards to Rhino wrestling. This would be as a result of the beating Christian gave him on iMPACT recently. A light CLB chant for Christian early.

        Rhino goes for an early Gore, Gore, Gore from Rhino but Christian avoids. Christian went for the Unprettier even earlier but he to had no success.

        Rhino backdrops Christian out to the floor. Crowd firmly behind Rhino at this point.

        Don West's voice is coming over my TV louder than usual. This is not what I would consider a good thing.

        They have been fighting all over the iMPACTzone and Christian uses an implant DDT on the ramp.

        Tenay calls the ramp unforgiving, perhaps it needs therapy. Perhaps it and the magic hateball can go together?

        My dog is active, the crowd is doing the dueling chants again. I have given them a grace period because of the "this is stupid" chant in the last match but it won't last forever. Apparently, there is more interest in what I am writing than what is happening in the ring, at least in this room.

        Christian scores a nearfall with a missile dropkick. Christian connects with a frogsplash to score another near fall a few seconds later.

        Rhino would make a comeback and score a nearfall of his own with a belly-to-belly suplex. Cage goes for the unprettier but Rhino has none of it and connects on a spinebuster.

        He's setting up for the gore, but Christian hit him in the head.

        Christian hit the Unprettier but Rhino kicked out before the 3-count. Christian beefs with Andrew Thomas about the count.

        Ref bump!

        Christian has the 2 chairs looking for the Con-chair-to but Rhino got out.

        West: I can't bare to see this but I can't turn away. You my friend, are screwed.

        Rhino with a gore but there is no ref. Ref took the chair, Unprettier on the chair, and the pin is accademic.

        Winner: Christian Cage with an unprettier on a chair.

        It was a decent match but I don't pay $30 to see decent. Probably not as good as Senshi/Sabin but better than everything else on the show.

        Borash is in the back as a car pulls up. Eric Young thinks it is Sting but it is LAX. Konnan said that Daniels/AJ better hope for a fire like at the next TNA PPV. Konnan predicting the future.

        Back to the announcers. Ultimate X is up next. I had thought this was going to close the show.

        Match 7: LAX w/Konnan Vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels - NWA World Tag Team Titles - Ultimate X

        (I have gotten no adsense revenue today, please click a google add if you enjoy this coverage, hell do it if you don't think of it as a bribe to get me to go away)

        Styles and Daniels, well mostly Daniels cuts a promo on Konnan and LAX. Daniels says Konnan could be any minority and he'd still be an asshole.

        Ok, this is the match I was looking forward to the most by far. This can make or break the PPV for me.

        Here come LAX with the Spanish intro, 2 thumbs up for that.

        Tenay says that the offices have been flooded with emails after the beating from LAX on iMPACT. I say they need better spam blockers.

        We get UFC style intro which I am all fine with though the LAX one still should've been in spanish.

        I'll probably do less writing in this match than any other as I want to watch it.

        A ladder comes into play I thought that was illegal in this match? But hey if TNA can't be bothered to care, neither can I.

        Hernandez attempted to scale the cables but AJ brought him down.

        Aj Styles hits the Styles Clash on Homicide through a table but is nailed by Konnan with the slapjack.

        The crowd chants please don't die as Daniels jumps across the cables to grab the belts.

        Winners: AJ Styles and Chris Daniels (Ric was right, and that's a scary world to live in)

        This was the best match of the show to this point but I don't think it was blow-away get the replay awesome.

        Match : Fans revenge - Samoa Joe Vs. Jeff Jarrett

        Funny bit with Young and Jarret regarding finding Sting.

        Jarrett: Did you check the rafters?

        Young: Do you think he'd be up there? I laughed, so so me.

        The fact Jarrett is more worried about Sting than Joe doesn't make Joe look weak in the slightest. No, not at all.

        You know for as much as this crowd really doesn't like Jarrett and for as much as they like Joe I expected the crowd to be louder.

        Jarrett is strapping Joe. Joe is probably thinking, thanks a lot Cornette!

        Now the crowd is getting into it a little more. A light "fuck you Jarrett" chant as Joe is in trouble.

        Jarrett springs off the rope but to avoid the contact Joe just walks away. I love it when he does that.

        I'll give Jarrett credit these fans are strapping him hard. Jarrett went for the guitar but Joe had none of it. Jarrett strokes Joe on the guitar for a nearfall.

        Joe hits the musclebuster. 1...2...3!

        winner: Samoa Joe via Musclebuster.

        Major Announcement time:

        Jim Cornette is out with a mic.

        TNA goes primetime on Thursday Nov. 16 at 8:00 PM.

        But there is more:

        Its Kurt Angle! and he's coming to TNA!

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