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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Remembering Run-away Brain

Take a gander over at JHM for this look back.


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Replacement named for UFC 65 Card

Wilson Gouveia is out with a rib injury and is being replaced by Drew McFedries. The full card as it stands is also provided at that very link.

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Billboard's This Day In Music October 31

By Art Shimko


2005 - Skitch Henderson, the Grammy-winning conductor who lent his musical expertise to Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby before founding the New York Pops and becoming the first "Tonight Show" bandleader, dies. He is 87.

2005 - John "Beatz" Holohan, drummer for Victory Records outfit Bayside, dies after an auto accident in Cheyenne, WY. He is 31. Several other members of the band and crew were also hospitalized after their tour van hits a patch of ice on the highway and flips over.

2001 - Having fully recovered from the flu that forced her to restructure the North American tour in support of her third Jive album, "Britney," Britney Spears' tour kicks off in Washington, D.C.

2000 - Travis is named the best act in the world at the Q Awards 2000, presented in London. Badly Drawn Boy wins for best new act; Coldplay's "Parachutes" is named best album. The awards are voted on by readers of Q Magazine and via a telephone system opereated by the event's sponsor.

1999 - Bryan White sings the National Anthem at the Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville prior to the match-up between the Tennessee Titans and the St. Louis Rams. Following the game, White gives his second annual Howl-O-Ween concert at the north end of the coliseum.

1998 - Kiss kicks off its Psycho-Circus tour with a Halloween extravaganza in Los Angeles that dazzles thousands of fans, many of whom arrive in costumes. Appropriately enough, the Smashing Pumpkins opens the show.

1997 - A concert by Goth stalwarts the Cure is cybercast from New York's Irving Plaza. The concert is streamed at Rocktropolis' Web site, http://www.rocktropolis.com.

1997 - Extensive counterfeiting haunts Jane's Addiction's Halloween night reunion concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. Hundreds of fans - many holding valid tickets - are turned away from the show. More than 200 counterfeit tickets are confiscated. Refunds are given to compensate valid ticket holders who are turned away.

1995 - Alice in Chains release a special vinyl edition of their album, "Alice in Chains."

1993 - Rapper Tupac Shakur is arrested and charged with shooting two off-duty police officers in Atlanta. Police said the 22-year-old rapper got into an argument with the two police officers from suburban Atlanta. They said one of the officers pulled a gun and Shakur then fired at the officers.

1992 - "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men logs its 12th week at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, setting a new record. The previous longest-running hit of the rock era was Elvis Presley's two-sided "Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog," which topped the chart for 11 weeks in 1956. "End of the Road" holds the top spot for one more week, setting the new record at 13 weeks. The group is displaced three months later by Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." In 1995, Boyz II Men ties Houston's 14-week record with "I'll Make Love to You."

1991 - Producer Joseph Papp dies of cancer at age 70. He created New York's Shakespeare in the Park festivals and was co-creator of "A Chorus Line," the longest-running musical in Broadway history.

1985 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "Part-Time Lover," Stevie Wonder. The song hits No. 1 22 years and three months after Wonder's first No. 1, the longest span to date.

1970 - Michelle Phillips marries actor Dennis Hopper. The marriage lasts eight days.

1966 - King Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) of the Beastie Boys is born in Brooklyn, New York.

1954 - No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit: "This Ole House," Rosemary Clooney.

1952 - Bernard Edwards of Chic is born in Greenville, N.C.


Check out SNH's daily updates for the latest pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and music news and commentary, we've got live PPV and TV coverage on WWE, TNA, UFC, Pride, IFL, etc., concert reviews, CD and DVD reviews, "Funk's Corner" by Dory Funk Jr., "The Half Guarded Truth" by Michael Coughlin, "As I See It" by Bob Magee, radio recaps of The Dr. Keith~! Show, Ultimate Fighter episode recaps by Erin Bucknell of MMACalifornia.net, press releases plus so much more! Thank you as always for your support.

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TNA Knockout drawing interest from playboy?

So says TNA's official website. Its So-Cal Val for those wondering that are afraid to visit TNAWrestling.com for fear of what it might do to your brain.

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Best of the X-division 2 pack on sale at Wal-mart as of today

I of course have both of these already, just got Vol. 2 today and lets just say I could've put together a better lineup of matches. I may review this for the OCC though to justify the purchase.

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iMPACT Preview

The Fight for the Right tournament continues. Best news ever~!

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TNAWrestling.com's exclusive interview with Vince Russo

I haven't read this yet, but I wanted to link to it.

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TNA's 50 greatest moments coming 11/21

Yeah, I'll be buying this and reviewing it for the OCC~! I'd make a joke here but I'm saving them all for the review.

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Another match added to Cyber Sunday

Ric doesn't understand why this couldn't have been done last night and I don't understand why it couldn't have been done before we had to set fantasy rosters.

His last line reminded me though that I have to write a preview column for this show.

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Ticket sales not going well for IFL's return to Portland

Thanks to Ric Gillespie and Canvas Chronicle.com

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Fox Sports En Español And Ultimate Fighting Championship® Break New Ground In Spanish-Language Television

Cool deal

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Final Smackdown Ratings for last Friday's show

I laughed out loud at Ric's post.

Also: This is the 1100th post to the OCC, celebrate good times come on!

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ECW Spoilers for 11/07/2006

Next week's show was taped last night.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Vikings defense humbled! by Patriots

You know I can't look at the word "humbled" anymore without thinking of the Iron Sheik. It is for that reason and that reason only that the headline made me laugh and I decided to post it.

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Ric Gillespie's Raw Recap

I don't like the Vikings so I watched a lot more of Raw than usual during football season. Next week the opposite will be true with the Raiders on MNF.

Anyway, after what I saw and Ric's recap I had a few thoughts:

  1. I don't know how Ric can call this a good show when there was no tournament of death to confuse the audience.

  2. Ric dissed me for having Hardy on my roster but even though he got me just 3 points tonight, I have to think he's retaining his title this Sunday, so who'll be laughing then.

  3. Loved the Umaga pick for my team this week.

  4. Looking at some of the rosters in our league, you'd think people forgot the PPV this week.

  5. Speaking of that, I don't understand the people who picked Helmes. Sure, he'll earn 20 points or so on SD but for $500,000 more you could've had Umaga who will earn probably 2 or 3 times that many.

  6. I liked Cena's promo though I'm having a hard time explaining why.

  7. HHH attacking Edge before the match and saying "I guess he wasn't ready" was so great. I also liked that Edge had a chance for revenge.

What I saw I liked a lot.

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Another bout added to UFC 66 Ortiz-Liddell II

Forrest Griffin Vs. Kieth Jardine in a battle of TUF alumni.

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Silly Old Bear: Remembering the Development of the first Winnie the Pooh Featurette

Animation veteran Floyd Norman over at Jim Hill Media has a look back at what sounds like quite the development nightmare.

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Connoisseurs of the Absurd

The New York Times has a profile of the men behind one of yours truly's favorite shows Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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Latest news on Tito Ortiz Vs. Dana White and their sparring match

It ain't happening until after the Ortiz/Liddell fight at UFC 66 if it happens at all.

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Raw Preview

Ric's got all the known info on what you can expect tonight.

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More trouble for Nastula

Seems he tested positive for quite the number of stimulants.

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ECW Elimination Chamber Match Announced

For the ECW "December To Dismember" PPV in December. Why this was announced at a house show and not tomorrow night on Sci-Fi is beyond me. Also, does this mean there will be weapons inside the chamber itself? Big Show attempting to climb the chain links has comedy written all over it though so maybe weapons are not needed.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wrestler arrested on domestic violence law

It was Apolo. Perhaps he thought it would help him get back in to LAX or he was looking to be the next member of Cryme Tyme?

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24 file for free agency on Sunday

The biggest names are:

Jason Schmidt, Giants
Alfonso Soriano, Nationals
Kerry Wood, Cubs

they join:
Barry Bonds, Giants
Nomar Garciapara, Dodgers
Frank Thomas, Athletics

who were among the players to file yesterday.

Soriano will be the cream of the free agent crop. I'd love to see Schmidt in an Atlanta uniform but it ain't happening.

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World Series Ratings reach record low numbers for second consecutive year

Yet they still supposedly had an impact on ECW and SpikeTV's thursday night block of programming.

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Bush injures ankle on late game reception

You know the question of Mario Williams over Reggie Bush may not be settled yet.

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NFL 10/29 Finals Roundup

Here's how the day went.

See who I picked here

Baltimore 5/2 - 35
New Orleans 5/2 - 22
I Picked: New Orleans (incorrect)
OCC: A costly loss to the Ravens at home because of a Falcons win and an injury to the ankle of Reggie Bush.

Seattle 4/3 - 28
Kansas City 4/3 - 35
I picked: Kansas City (correct)
OCC: Fun fact, I originally picked Seattle and changed my mind at the last minute, actually while putting up my picks post. I did this with other games with not so much of the success.

Arizona 1/7 - 14
Green Bay 3/4 - 31
I picked: Green Bay (correct)
OCC: When doing my season preview, I said Green Bay was the worst team in the league. By Green Bay I meant Arizona of course.

Atlanta 5/2 - 29
Cincinnati 4/3 - 27
I Picked: Cincinnati (incorrect)
OCC: A close game and the Falcons are now in a tie for first place with the Saints.

San Francisco 2/5 - 10
Chicago 7/0 - 41
I Picked: Chicago (correct)
OCC: This game was over by halftime.

Houston 2/5 - 22
Tennessee 2/5 - 28
I Picked: Houston (incorrect)
OCC: I wish I had changed my mind on this one.

Jacksonville 4/3 - 13
Philadelphia 4/4 - 6
I picked: Philadelphia (incorrect)
OCC: Originally I had Jacksonville and then while writing my preview changed my mind. This did not work out nearly so well for me.

Tampa Bay 2/5 - 3
New York Giants 5/2 - 17
I Picked: New York Giants (correct)
OCC: This had to be 1 boring ass game.

St. Louis 4/3 - 24
San Diego 5/2 - 38
I Picked: San Diego (correct)
OCC: St. Louis did not have the success of the baseball team.

Pittsburgh 2/5 - 13
Oakland 2/5 - 20
I Picked: Pittsburgh (incorrect)
OCC: Pittsburgh-13 Oakland Raiders Defense-14.

Indianapolis 7/0 - 34
Denver 5/2 - 31
I Picked: Indianapolis (Correct)
OCC: A battle of 2 teams destined to choke in January.

New York Jets 4/4 - 13
Cleveland 2/5 - 20
I Picked: New York Jets (incorrect)
OCC: I'm not sure that this was really a surprise.

Dallas 4/3 - 35
Carolina 4/4 - 14
I Picked: Carolina (Incorrect)
OCC: Dallas confuses me, they really do.

This Week: 6/7 (hey, its a step up from last week)

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Weekend Box Office 10/27/2006-10/29/2006

Saw 3 was #1 by far.
Open Season took 5th
The Marine was #13 with $1.9 million

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ECW main event change

Elimination Chamber is added to December's show.

I agree with Ric's 4 reasons for this being added. I also wonder if there isn't a 5th reason which is that WWE has 3 PPVs in 5 weeks and they're hoping that this doesn't get lost in the shuffel and adding Elimination Chamber is a good way to try and ensure that it doesn't.

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UFC adds another fight to 8th Fight Night Live

Count me in.

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OCC News Update: Posting today

Here's the deal with posting, especially as it relates to today.

First, the conclusion of "A Day in the Life" will probably have to wait until later this week. I haven't had time to work on it.

If there are any NFL posts today there will just be 1 running down the scores of all the games. No live blog of today's game with the Steelers.

I've got friends in town and so will be busy most of the day/evening.


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Barry Bonds files for free agency, eager to test market

If yours truly had to make a prediction I would predict that Bonds ends up in an American League uniform perhaps with the Angels or Athletics where he can be the DH and not have to endure the strain of playing out in left field every day.

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Astros career victories leader Joe Niekro dead at 61

He is 1/2 of the Niekro brothers with Phil who hold the record for most combined victories by brothers in Major League History.

Best wishes to his family friends and fans.

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Veteran forward Brian Grant retires at 34 due to knee trouble

I won't remember Grant so much for his play on the court as his rather enormous contract that was a plague on the salary caps of all teams who had it.

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Lakers exercise options on Vujacic and Bynum

This is for the 2007-08 season. Working ahead is all.

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Jackson says that Bryant will play in opener for Lakers

When would Kobe play has been the big question of the exhibition season for the Lakers and now we have an answer at least from the coach.

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Hall of fame coach Red Auerbach dead at 89

He made the Boston Celtics dynasty of the 50's and 60's along with Bill Russell.

Best wishes to his family friends and fans.

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Odd situation may prevent Ivan Menjivar from fighting for IFL on Nov. 2

Odd is Ric's wording and it is most definitely appropriate.

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Smackdown fast nationals

So much for the World Series being the cause of all wrestling's problems.

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TUF 4 finale card taking shape

We've got 1 finals bout set and the other will be decided this week. We also have a few other matches scheduled for the show.

OCC will have live coverage that night.

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Mary Poppins set malfunction

This is the first and may be the last OCC post ever relating to broadway but when it involves set malfunctions it can get our attention.

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NFL: End of a distraction?

It is reported that Jerry Porter could be active for today's game and even start.

I'm very curious to see Porter on the field. I don't know if it will make any difference in the win/loss column but whatever.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ric Gillespie's Heat recap

I bet you a billion dollars it wasn't nearly as confusing of a show as iMPACT.

I win!

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WWE Eliminates ECW House Shows

Now instead of their own shows, they'll add ECW matches to Raw and Smackdown shows.

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UFC 66 has a tagline

I wonder what it could be? How about Liddell Vs. Ortiz II?

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Friday, October 27, 2006

NFL picks week 8

The less said about last week the better.

Last Week: 4/9
Overall: 61/39

Sunday: October 29, 2006 (early games)
Seattle 4/2 at Kansas City 3/3, winner: Kansas City
OCC: A pair of former AFC West rivals hook up at Arrowhead. I don't really trust either QB or either team for that matter. When in doubt pick the team that's at home.

San Francisco 2/4 at Chicago 6/0, winner: Chicago
OCC: Perhaps the most interesting thing about this game for me is that Pat Summerall will be calling it for Fox. Almost makes me wish I were watching it. As for the game itself, another week another Bears win over a bad team to trick people in to believing that this isn't the same team that got shreaded by Carolina in the playoffs last season.

Baltimore 4/2 at New Orleans 5/1, winner: New Orleans
OCC: 2 factors at work here. I don't want to pick against the Saints at home, I learned my lesson. I don't want to pick Kyle Boler on the road.

Houston 2/4 at Tennessee 1/5, winner: Houston
OCC: I'm not so much a fan of this game but its not the worst on the schedule this week. I think Tennessee plays teams tough and can rise to the challenge of a good opponent. That's also why I have a hard time picking them here, because I don't think Houston is a challenge they'll care to rise up to meet.

Arizona 1/6 at Green Bay 2/4, winner: Green Bay
OCC: Worst game of the week right here. I'm not picking the Cardinals on the road with a rookie QB and Dennis Green on the sidelines.

Tampa Bay 2/4 at New York Giants 4/2, winner: New York Giants
OCC: New York pounded Dallas but the Buccaneers have won 2 in a row. I don't expect to be talking about a 3 game streak next weekend however.

Atlanta 4/2 at Cincinnati 4/2, winner: Cincinnati
OCC: Atlanta is a real mess even if they are 4 and 2.

Jacksonville 3/3 at Philadelphia 4/3, winner: Philadelphia
OCC: Nothing in this game would surprise me at this point.

Sunday: October 29, 2006 (late games)
St. Louis 4/2 at San Diego 4/2, winner: San Diego
OCC: I don't expect that the football team will be as successful as the baseball team.

Pittsburgh 2/4 at Oakland 1/5, winner: Pittsburgh
OCC: Oakland can win this game with Charlie Batch prominently involved. Something tells me though that the Steelers defense will t-off on Andrew Walter.

Indianapolis 6/0 at Denver 5/1, winner: Indianapolis
OCC: Game of the week right here. Its not January so I predict a Colts victory.

New York Jets 4/3 at Cleveland 1/5, winner: New York Jets
OCC: The Jets may be the worst 10/6 team in NFL history when its all said and done.

Sunday: October 29, 2006 (night game)
Dallas 3/3 at Carolina 4/2, winner: Carolina
OCC: The meltdown continues.

Monday: October 30, 2006 (Monday Night Football)
New England 5/1 at Minnesota 4/2, winner: New England
OCC: I still don't trust the Vikings.

Open Dates:
  1. Buffalo 2/5
  2. Detroit 1/6
  3. Miami 1/6
  4. Washington 2/5

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Deepsouth Wrestling TV report

Larry Goodman does the honors.

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UFC 66 gets new fight

Oh, this could be fun. Carmello Marrero will take this fight on short notice and after his fight with Cheick Kongo, I can wait to see him fight again.

Is it wrong for me to want to pencil this one in as worst fight 2 months before it takes place?

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St. Louis has won the world series

For the first time since 1982.

Couldn't happen to a lesser deserving group of fans, that's for sure.

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Now we get to the good stuff

Just in time for Halloween we've got all you need to know on Zombie Sex!

No, I'm not making this up.

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Browns battling staff problem

I only post this to suggest that perhaps they spent some time at the Ultimate Fighter house?

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Adventures in Babysitting Idaho Style

That's one dedicated Babysitter. I just love the fact that she had a valid Bear hunting tag, that makes the whole story so awesome.

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Interviews with stars of Flushed Away

Coming Soon speaks with Hugh Jackman and Andy Serkis.

On another note, it looks like I will be attending this movie so feel free to place your bets on what I will leave behind this time.

Via: Animated News

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Meet the Robinsons - poster, pics

Coming Soon has all the good stuff.

Via: Animated News

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Great Pumpkin still special at 40

Its the 40th Anniversary of "its the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", and the Chicago Sun Times has a look.

Via: Animated News

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World Series Ratings hit another low

These ratings are nothing to brag about if you ask me. Of course, nobody is really bragging so I guess I made a pretty obvious point.

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Ratings for last night

Some say you can blame the world series for the low number.

This suggests to me that if there was no world series the numbers would've been better. I say bull.

But soon the series will be over and we can blame college football, Thursday NFL, the NBA, and sooner than you think the NCAA basketball tournament for the low ratings.

It couldn't be that the shows are just not interesting, or in the case of 1 of them in particular so damn complicated that people would rather stop watching than apply the advanced mathmatics necessary to understand the rules.

Now I have been a person that suggests that MNF has an impact on Raw ratings, but here I'm saying that you can't blame these ratings on the world series. The difference is that the ratings for MNF are getting stronger by the week or so it would seem and that the World Series numbers still aren't that great and overall these shows are still doing pretty close to what they were doing before the series started.

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More on Fight Night 8

Including rebroadcasts of the show.

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Tracy Smothers Court Case Update

If you're not sure what Court Case look Here

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WWE DVD releases for 2007

This is an impressive lineup and the WWE can rest assured that even if live business continues to go south, they'll be able to make money off of their library from now until the end of time.

That's a huge advantage they have unlike a certain other group that shall remain over-complicated and outmatched until they hire me that is.

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Another Angle!

Best to the happy couple.

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Ric recaps Smackdown

He's real happy about his fantasy production and he should be.

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Another fight added to 8th edition of UFC Fight Night

Like Ric, I'm digging on this lineup.

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OCC Special Project: A Day in the Life Part 1

It is my 1,000th post and my most ambitious one yet. I am really curious to see how well this is received and if you enjoy it as much as I do then I hope it is one of the things that really gets the OCC noticed. If you like it please do what you can to help make this the most viewed thing that has ever appeared on this blog.

So if you enjoy this, please do the following:

  1. Plug it anywhere you can that is appropriate from message boards to websites what have you.
  2. Please, leave me a comment either in the section or via email telling me what you thought good or bad.
  3. Click an ad, show support for the work.
  4. Let me know if this type of feature is something you'd like to see more of.

So, without further delay, I give you:

A Day in the Life Part 1 of 2. (Note: Hopefully, part 2 will be finished by the end of the weekend)

Our story begins on a gloomy Monday afternoon in the city of Nashville Tennessee. The figure in our story has requested that details about who he or she may or may not be remain unknown. Our hero does not want his or her employers to know that the story we are about to tell came from them. This is why nothing even remotely descriptive about our hero will be mentioned in this story not even something as minor as an eye color will be disclosed for fear of his or her safety.

The reason for the secrecy may be hard for you to understand. I as the author knowing where we are headed sympathize with the plight of our hero. You see our hero is coming forth to reveal the inner-workings of a famous company. This revelation is potentially an explosive one for the company involved and our hero is at a great risk both personally and professionally for this story getting out.
Yet even though the hero of our tale sees the great risk involved they feel that the story must be told. So the compromise was to not reveal any descriptive terms about the person or people who gave us this account with the hopes that the employers would be too stupid to figure it out by the description of the events themselves.
Now you may wonder, how is it that you can expect a company to be this stupid? It is at this point that I should tell you that our story today involves a day in the life at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

What we have is a first hand account of our subject’s first day in the employ of TNA. Included are actual transcripts of conversations held in the Nashville offices and our subjects own narration thereof.

It was an exciting day for me. I had only been in Nashville about a week and did not know anyone yet that I would consider a friend. Yet the prospect of loneliness fleeted from me that Monday because I was starting my new job at TNA Wrestling. I had been a life-long wrestling fan and while TNA was a distant #2 to the WWE I nonetheless relished the opportunity to work there. In truth, I had always been a fan of the underdog so I would doubtlessly have enjoyed a WWE job far less than the one that I had been given in TNA. At least this was what I recall thinking as I drove from my not yet completely unpacked apartment to the Nashville office.
I was so excited for the day that I could hardly eat, so I chose not to and headed in for my first day. I wasn’t yet clear on my job description with the company but figured that wouldn’t last long as I had a meeting with the head of the company herself Dixie Carter scheduled for 2:00 that afternoon. I must say now looking back that while I thought it odd that I didn’t know what I would be doing, looking back this is hardly a surprise.

I remember walking up to the door that would lead in to the building. With all the excitement of a child on Christmas, I pulled the door towards me to enter and…nothing. The door did not give. I tried again and it resisted me harder than the most vicious of girls in High School. So I decided much as I did in High School to use a different strategy. I pushed on the door thinking that even though it appeared to be a door that was to be pulled open based on the location of the door handle, that it might have been an oddly designed door. Alas, again much like with the girl in High School my new strategy was unsuccessful. The door would not open.
Then a young woman showed up. I would find that this woman’s name was Jennifer and the following conversation took place.

Jen: Hello, may I help you?
I: Yes, I uh, well this is my first day so I’m kind of embarrassed to say this but I can’t seem to get the door open.
Jen: Well, did you stick your tongue out and count to 10 while holding the door with your right hand and your tongue with the left?
I: Uh…excuse me?
Jen: Surely, you got the manual?
I: Um, right the manual…well I…
Jen: You don’t have to pretend; I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they didn’t give you one.
I: So tell me about this manual.
Jen: It tells you how everything works around here. This being TNA we have a lot of procedures that must be followed to ensure security and that our big developments don’t make it on to the Internet.
I: Yes, I was impressed by how well the company kept the Kurt Angle Sign…
Jen: La la la la la I can’t hear you!
I: What are you doing?
Jen: We’re not supposed to talk about the, you know what outside the building.
I: Bt, he’s on iMPACT, every week now, I’d think the secret is out.
Jen: Secret, what secret, I that is, you are talking crazy. Now quickly, lets go inside.

So Jen stuck her tongue out, stuck her right hand on the door held her tongue in her left and counted to 10 at which point the door swung open quicker than the legs of the easiest of the cheerleading squad. I headed toward the elevator as Jen headed down the hall. I called to her:

I: Is there any trick to the elevator?
Jen: Um, maybe you should just take the stairs it’s easier.
I: So there’s no trick to the staircase.
Jen: No, it’s just that it’s an easier 1 to remember than the elevator. When you walk up the stairs, you must skip every third stair while listing off all of the state capitals in alphabetical order. Then you must fill out a request form when you reach your floor so that you can stop on the stairs. May I offer you 2 words of advice?
I: Of course.
Jen: Well, just remembered that the capital of South Dakota is pronounced Pierre not Peer.
I: Ok, simple enough.
Jen: Yeah, well I can’t tell you how many tragic events could’ve been avoided if only people had remembered that.
I: Looking confused, Um and the other bit of advice?
Jen: Its nothing really but I hope you know your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommates Grandmother’s middle name on his dad’s mom’s side. It’s on the form.
I: Uh, isn’t that just a little…uh, stupid?
Jen [shifting her long blond hair off to one side exposing her well-tanned face], yeah its definitely your first day.

So I headed up the stair case as Jen started to turn cartwheels down the hall, I decided that for now I’d just let that one go. I managed to navigate the staircase with no problems; you’d be amazed at what I could remember. Actually, in truth I just wrote a name down on the form figuring that nobody in this company would check to see if it was right or not, and on that matter I was correct.

I headed down a long hallway, which was full of executive offices. I was looking for Terry Taylor who was head of talent relations and the person I needed to see first. I found the office with his name on the door and knocked. The door swung open and I was face-to-face with a young woman whom I knew to be Gail Kim.

I: [surprised] Hi, I’m looking for Terry Taylor, and this is his office what are you doing here?
Gail: Listen here, I don’t like people coming in to my office and telling me that its someone else’s’ you got that?
I: But the name on the door says Terry Taylor.
Gail: Yes, it does which means that this is my office.
I: But, why…
Gail: Look if you want to find Terry Taylor you need to go to the office marked Woman’s bathroom.
I: But, why…
Gail: [sighing] Look for security reasons nobody’s office has his or her own name on the door. It helps keep things straight around here. I mean think of the ease of access people would have if they went to Terry Taylor’s office and actually found Terry Taylor? It could be a logistical nightmare.
I: So, his office is the 1 marked Woman’s bathroom?
Gail: It’s all in the manual.
I: Well, um I haven’t gotten the manual yet; it’s my first day.
Gail: [with a shocked expression on her face] I’m amaze that you made it this far ok.
I: So tell me what happens if I screw up one of these security procedures?
Gail: Don’t ask, its better for all if you don’t know.
I: Ok then, well out of curiosity, Terry Taylor is in the office marked Woman’s bathroom, so where is the real ladies room?
Gail: [slapping me hard across the face] I’m not telling you that! Get out of here pervert.
I: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…
Gail: Get out, and remember the sequence of knocks to get Terry to open his door.
I: Sequence of knocks?
Gail: [sigh} you have to knock to the tune of Stairway to Heaven or he won’t open his door.
I: Why don’t you have a secret knock?
Gail: I do, you must’ve just guessed it by chance.

I proceeded down the hall, saw Scott D’Amoore come out of an office marked Janitor’s closet and finally found Terry Taylor’s office clearly marked “Woman’s bathroom”.

I knocked on the door to the tune of stairway to Heaven and it wasn’t long before I was standing face to face with my new boss.

Terry: I’m glad to see that you made it.
I: It was hard; people kept saying that I needed a manual.
Terry: You didn’t get the manual?
I: No, what’s so important about the manual?
Terry: It tells you the proper procedure for everything we do here at the TNA offices.
I: Well, I didn’t get the manual.
Terry: Well, it’s a good thing I just happen to have an extra copy.

He walked across the room and rolled a large cart filled with books towards me.

I: So which one of those is the manual?
Terry: All of them of course?
I: All of them! There has to be 50 books on that thing.
Terry: Well actually, its 55 but nice guess.
I: And how am I supposed to memorize all of this?
Terry: Well, we don’t expect you to memorize it all…in your first hour of employ but by hour 2 you’ll have it all down, at least for your sake, I hope you do.
I: What is that supposed to mean?
Terry: Nothing, just don’t worry about it.

I was perplexed by the thought that nobody wanted to tell me what the penalty was for not following the manual. Alas, I had no time to ponder that question, as Terry was getting ready to give me the tour of headquarters.
We went throughout the building and I decided that to avoid confusing I would just mimic everything that Terry did until I had a chance to memorize the manual.
I realize that it would be entirely too time consuming to continue to give you such a vivid description as I have so far relating to all of the procedures for conducting business in the TNA offices. I will save you the trouble of reading the elaborated sequence of maneuvers and impressions of famous people required to simply use the restroom as some things are just better left up to the imagination.
However, there are 3 things that I feel need to be expounded upon further. The first of these was my introduction into the TNA writing room where I was told iMPACT episodes are written.

Terry and I entered the room hopping on 1 foot while speaking German in a soft voice and saw something that caught me by surprise. It was unlike any writing room I had ever seen. On 1 wall there was a giant board with things written on it while there was only 1 small desk in the entire room where 1 person sat with a small book. In another corner stood a figure holding an object that I would request more information about. As I realize you are no doubt confused by what I just said and more curious for an explanation I shall not delay in delivering it.

Terry Taylor walked me over to a man who had his back to the wall. He appeared to be holding on to some darts in his right hand. Then without looking he flung a dart back over his shoulder and it stuck in the wall. Terry introduced me to this man who I was not surprised to learn was Jeremy Borash.
He shook my hand firmly and welcomed me to the company. Then he tossed a dart over his other shoulder and it stuck in the wall. I asked him what he was doing and he explained that the wall had a list of stipulations on it and that he was using the darts to determine the stipulations for an upcoming Pay Per View Match between Shark Boy and Abyss.
“I see,” was my immediate reaction. “What do you have so far?” Borash turned towards the wall and called to the person sitting at the small desk. “Ok, here is the stipulation for the Shark Boy Vs. Abyss match at Turning Point. It will be a barbed wire Ultimate X 2 out of 3 falls match and will take place as the finals of a 23 man world-cup of soccer style tournament.”
I immediately scrambled for a pen and paper to write this down as the man who had been sitting at the desk had done. I had begun to consider how a 2 out of 3 falls Ultimate X match might look when I observed that the man had gone back to his desk. I curiously asked Terry Taylor about that man.
“Oh, that’s Vince Russo.” Came the response. “Come here and I will introduce you.” I followed Terry over and shook hands with Russo. It was at that point that I got a look at the book he was writing in.
“Are you taking a break from writing this week’s show?” I asked him immediately. “Actually, I’m working on Samoa Joe’s promo that he will cut on Kurt Angle,” Russo said. “But, you are writing in a book of madlibs,” I asked trying to make sense of it all. “Of course, I’m writing it in this book. I mean they all ready have most of it written for me, I’ve just got to come up with a few nouns a couple of adverbs and adjectives and it just fills in the rest. It saves much more time than simply writing everything out word by word.” After giving me that explanation I was no less confused but Russo was back to work.
Finally, we headed towards the man with the strange object. Terry introduced the man as Dutch Mantel. Noticing that my eyes drifted towards the object Dutch proclaimed: “I see you noticed the 102 sided dice.” I nodded and asked: “Yes, but why 102 sides, why does it still only have numbers 1-6 on it and what is it for?” Dutch looked at Taylor and whispered: “its his first day, right?” which brought a nod from my companion.
The reason it has the numbers 1-6 on it is was told was because those numbers would determine how many wrestlers would be in the upcoming x-division rankings match on Impact. The reason it had 102 sides instead of 6 was supposed to be in book 26 of the procedure manual, page 986 paragraph 3 line 8 word 5 letter 2. I decided to take their word for it as I was ready for a drink and my meting with Dixie was a scant hour away.
I cartwheeled out of the room and walked on my hands towards a coke machine that I had passed by on my way in to the writer’s room. I eagerly looked forward to drinking the nice can of Coke I expected to get from the machine, as I was famished. I inserted my $0.50 and pushed the button. Nothing happened. Then it occurred to me that I should remember where I was and I went to book 17 of the manual. Sure enough, I found the proper procedure for purchasing a coke from the pop machine.
So I re-inserted the 2 quarters tales side down into the machine, stood on my left foot, closed my right eye while licking my index finger on my right hand and pushed the button. Success, I thought only to pull the can out of the machine and find a Diet Mountain Dew to my dismay.
I cursed out loud which caught the attention of a passer-by. The man approached and I knew him as Shane Douglas. He came up to me and asked what the trouble was. I told him that I followed the correct procedure for purchasing a coke and I got a Diet Mountain Dew instead.
“Well, I know what the problem is,” he explained. “You used the right procedure but on the wrong day.” “I don’t understand,” was my immediate response. “You used the right procedure for buying a Coke on Thursday,” Douglas said and today is Monday. “Plus, you are in front of the wrong machine, you need to go to the Pepsi machine.” I was bewildered at this point: “The coke is in the Pepsi machine?” I asked out of frustration. “Of course, where else would it be?” came the reply. If we put the Coke in the Coke machine that might give people the wrong idea was the closest thing I got to an explanation for this occurrence.
After all that and 3-more attempts I finally hit upon the right combination to purchase my soda on that particular day. I managed to finish it off right before entering the room to meet with Dixie Carter.

To Be Continued!!!

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Cardinals 1 win away from first World Series title since 1982

I am 1 post away from #1,000 as this is my 999th post. So the next post you see from me will be

A Day in the Life

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Giants to name Bochy new manager.

I was wrong, I thought San Diego wouldn't let him go.

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Its coming...

In order to find out what it is, and when it will get here you'll have to click the link below but you won't want to miss it.

I am going to try to make it my 1,000th post to the OCC. You will see this post and this is post #997 so I have potentially 2 more posts before it is revealed.

So what is it that I am talking about?

This may be my best work yet. This will be something that when you see it I want it promoted as hard as you've promoted anything I've ever written if you think it is worthy.

It could be a preview of future projects, or it could be something that sets the bar so high that I am never able to surpass it. It could be a new beginning or the high point of everything I ever write. Either way, you will remember it.

It is...

A day in the life.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ric's ultimate fighter recap

He was also lucky? enough to watch this show as well. If you'll excuse me I've got a death to witness. My own that is, TNA has killed me.

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Ric watched iMPACT too...

I think his recap was just as funny as my own.

But Ric, how dare you:

Say that you can't wait for this company to die. What the hell will I have if this company dies? I mean TNA is not going to ever make any money but at the rate their going I'll be able to make money off of them in no time. I mean, I can see it now, as iMPACT gets wackier because the ratings go down further, I start my own subscription site, the highlight of which will be the TNA review section.
Seriously, how dare you wish that my potential future cash cow be killed? You just want me to be poor for ever.
Well, I suppose if that isn't in the cards I could always sell my idea for a time machine made out of bubble rap for millions of dollars. Now to find a money mark stupid enough to buy such a worthless idea as a bubble rap time machine. Na, impossible noc ompany could be so stupid as to waste millions of dollars on something as hopless as that.

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TNA iMPACT 10/26/2006

Its time for the iMPACT recap that is more exciting than everything else on the planet in its entire history combined in to 1 ball, or cone of excitement if you will. This could be the biggest iMPACT recap in the history of the Old Country Corner and I'm not just saying that, its true this could be the biggest 1 since last week and the biggest 1 until next week.

Some show with fighting is just ending, but who cares about that simple stuff like 2 guys fighting to win something? We need complicated stip matches to make real money!

This is Total Nonstop Action the more modern symbol of grappling that people get paid to participate in.

  • We kick the show off with a recap of Bound for Glory. Highlights and I use that term in the ironic sense of Monsters Ball and the 8-mile streetfight air, as well as the X-title match (AKA the good match on the show) and of course the Angle/Samoa Joe confrontation. Now its LAX promo time and highlights of that cage match with the crazy ass psychology. Of course we look at Sting and Jarrett. We get no highlights and again I use the term in the ironic sense of the Gauntlet thing or the 4-way tag. You have no idea how fine I am with this development.

  • Now we get the usual iMPACT opening. Jeremy Borash isn't backstage waiting for anyone...yet.

  • Tenay and West call BFG unforgettable. Its true, I'm trying and it hasn't worked yet.

  • Tenay just announced Angle/Joe for Genesis. Seriously, he said it with all the excitement of "The sun, rises in the east."

  • They talk about a tournament to find Sting a challenger at Genesis. I love tournaments, they're simple, straight forward and if you get a bracket they're easy to follow. They're not needlessly over-complicated and as I said are easy for people to follow. Thank goodness that TNA is finding a challenger in a simple straight forward way. Something that might hook viewers who appreciate its simple effectiveness.

  • Sting is headed to the ring. Tenay calls this an incredible reaction, incredibly quiet perhaps.

  • Christian comes out even before Sting can speak. I've got problem 0 with this.

  • Christian says Sting has been stealing his Thunder. Why would Sting need to steal Christian's vast WCW Thunder tape collection? You'd think Sting would have his own.

  • Christian complains that he hasn't gotten his rematch from losing the title yet. Tenay says he has to earn it, yeah those automatic rematch clauses are always earned.

  • Christian complains about being in an 18 man tournament to earn his shot. Well, typically a tournament has 16 participants but I think they could make 18 work. The bracket will look a little different but hey, at least its not a 32 man tournament.

  • Christian says Sting has the stroke (no, that's Jarrett's finish) to name his opponent at Genesis so why not give the people what they want Sting Vs. Christian? TNA isn't about giving people what they want.

  • Sting says that Christian can have a title shot but it won't be at Genesis it will be when Sting says so. Hmmm, its like money in the bank in reverse. Champion names the time and place, and the angle draws no money.

  • Sting beats up Christian.

  • Jeremy Borash backstage and says that Angle will speak in front of the iMPACT zone crowd for the first time. Samoa Joe is not an Angle fan, but I can't think of why that is.

    As we go to Commercial, Christy hypes the Angle interview and Fight for the Right. Hey, I like that the tournament has an easy to remember name, so that people can tell all their friends about it. Its simplistic enough that you know what's going on but still vague enough that you wonder: "What are they fighting for the right to do?" So, we've got a tournament which is easy for people to understand and it has a good name, I'm a little iffy on 18 men but its still doable. So far, so good. Nice and simple, yes sir, not complicated at all.

    Commercial Break!!!
    I switch the channel to Fox just in time to see some Series or something get tied up by the team from St. Louis. Hey, it ties in because this is the finals of a simplistic tournament that's easy to follow, just like we're getting on iMPACT tonight. This is truly the work of the Lord.

  • Back on iMPACT. Shane Douglas calls it his privilege and honor to introduce the #1 contenders to the tag titles, the Naturals. I'd call it an embarrassment and a choir but that's just me.

  • In order to show how big of a threat the Naturals are to the belts, Tenay and West talk about what LAX did to Gail Kim last week and don't even mention the Naturals once.

    1. The Naturals Vs. Latin American Xchange for the NWA tag team titles.

    Americas Most Wanted jump LAX as they head out to the ring to squash the Natural....err...wrestle the Naturals in a match that could go to either team. Finally, TNA's crack security squad and that's crack in the sarcastic sense for those that are confused take AMW away as the bell rings.

  • To show what a threat the Naturals are to LAX in this match Tenay and West talk about Angle Vs. Joe at Genesis and hype a Jeff Jarrett interview for later. They must think that a Naturals victory is such a sure thing that they don't even need to talk about it.

  • Homicide hits the Gringo Killa and now Hernandez hits the border toss. The 3-count is academic.

    Winner: NWA World Tag Team Champions - LAX

  • So to recap, AMW attacks LAX and LAX beats the #1 contenders the Naturals roughly 3 minutes later. No wonder Shane Douglas is pissed, his team fucking sucks!

    Douglas is yelling at the Naturals and slaps Chase Stevens who is tired of being whipped tonight and so they fight back. Now the fans who loved Douglas when this whole thing started are chanting "Kick his Ass", and apparently a bloody Shane Douglas is happy they attacked him.

  • Alex Shelley is with Kevin Nash. Apparently, Johnny Devine is out of the Paparazzi due to being uppity or something and here is Austin Starr. Devine wasn't a good fit anyway but this was another whatever.

    Commercial Break!!!
    Seriously, the Naturals were the biggest jobbers in the company in that last segment. Even David Young was like "Dude, it sucks to be them." Let me recap this for you 1 more time.

    The #1 contenders for the tag titles, stand in the ring as the champions get beaten down and then lose to said team in less than 3 minutes. This while the announcers mention the presence of the #1 contenders exactly 1 time in the whole segment before the match has concluded. No wonder they'll never get over.

  • LAX video plays and its actually a commercial for Genesis.

    We're back.

    1. 18 wrestlers are in place for stage 1 of the Fight for the Right tournament. I hope that stage 1 is a fancy name for bracket.

  • Oh Jesus, these rules.
    1. Stage 1, a battle royal, where you need to get into the ring.
    2. Once 7 people make it into the ring, they are the participants in stage 2 which is a battle royal.
    3. Once you are eliminated, you face the next man eliminated in a singles match while the winner of the battle royal gets a bye.
    4. the final 2 men will meet in a singles match with the winner earning a title shot.

    Seriously, those are the rules. I know I make jokes but holy shit these are the real rules. People at home better have pen and paper right now. To make matters worse, they didn't introduce any of the 18 wrestlers. We have no idea why any of these men were picked for the tournament or anything.

    Robert Roode was first to make it into the ring and Chris Sabin was second. A couple more people make it in, I think it was AJ and Daniels. Next to make it into the match was Abyss followed by Lance Hoyt.

    Christian was about to make it in when Rhino who I swear to god Don West said: "Didn't want to be in this." took him out. Ron Killings was last to qualify.

    1. Robert Roode
    2. Chris Sabin
    3. AJ Styles
    4. Christopher Daniels
    5. Abyss
    6. Lance Hoyt
    7. Ron Killings

    Commercial Break!!
    I have never seen anything more over-complicated than this tournament. A reverse battle royal, that leads to a battle royal that sets up singles matches that take the form of a bracket for a tournament to find Sting an opponent.

    I'm serious, this just really happened. I swear to God in heaven I am not joking, that is actually what TNA did. I don't have a problem with a battle royal setting up tournament pairings as at least that's a way of explaining why wrestler A is wrestling wrestler B in round 1 but that's not what we got. We didn't even get a nice number like 20, we got 18. This battle royal was so important that Rhino "didn't want to be in it" to prepare for his match with Christian on Nov. 16.

    I have never seen anything as stupid as this. Oh Jesus, this just got more complicated, apparently the Bye isn't just for the first round its a bye all the way to the fricken final round.

    1. Ron Killings 7th seed.
    2. Chris Sabin 6th seed.
      Announcers plug the move to prime time as this wacky ass tournament continues. At least this time the announcers are calling Robert Roode by his name instead of Bobby Roode.
    3. Christopher Daniels 5th seed.
    4. Robert Roode 4th seed.
    5. AJ Styles 3rd seed

    and before we can find out that Lance Hoyt is tossed out by Abyss, Uh, I mean who wins, we go to a

    Commercial Break!!!
    I can't believe what I'm watching. You couldn't complicate a tournament more than they have complicated this one. Seriously, why not toss in Penguins? Nobody can follow this thing anyway, so why not add more rules? I'd like to think that TNA has a big hat and without the hat this is not nearly as funny. They toss random stipulations and random numbers into a hat and draw them out as needed. So, we should be thankful when they were trying to decide the number of stages for this tournament, that 3 came out and not 10. God help me if they had drawn 10. Participants 18, OK. I wish I had been there when reverse battle royal was drawn randomly as the first stip and battle royal the second.

    Do you realize what we saw, to qualify you had to make it into the ring and then to be eliminated you had to be kicked out of the ring. I am completely serious. This is really what happened.

    After this rant we saw a couple of DVD commercials for Sting and Best of the X-division 2.

    Wait a minute, this battle royal is now a singles match. Apparently, when you get down to the final 2 it turns into a singles match with the winner getting a bye. You know they probably explained this, but I was lost in the legal red-tape that was the rest of this tournament. Although this development does sadden me because here I thought you couldn't complicate a tournament any further.

    So for those lost the singles match for a bye to the finals is between Abyss and Lance Hoyt.

    The first segment of this wacky tournament thing seems a hundred segments ago. Abyss wins the match, I guess that means that he's uh, something.

    The announcers are so confused they just throw to a Jarrett interview.

  • Borash with Jarrett as some sappy music plays. This was taped after BFG I suppose. Jarrett saw a new Sting when he walked down the isle. Jarrett is crying, I watched the match and felt like doing the same.

    Borash who apparently had not heard about the super-ultra-ultimate-funtastic-awesome not complicated at all tournament asked Jarrett if he wanted a rematch at Genesis. Jarrett says he's going home. See Jarrett knew what was coming and wanted to be far far away from the tournament of death. Jesus, that tournament. Jarrett's crying and talking about things that are meant to turn him face and I'm sitting here thinking that the NFL needs to scrap its playoffs format and determine super bowl participants by following the TNA game plan.

    I have no idea what Jarrett said, I heard the phrase "be careful what you wish for". You know, its true, only last week I was like TNA should do a tournament to find an opponent for the champion at Genesis. I wished upon a star and to Austin Starr for the record (though maybe that was the problem? for this and I got what I wished for in fantastic ways I couldn't possibly imagine.

  • Tenay and West after Jarrett's interview are as sad as if their dog had died.

    Commercial Break!!!
    Oh, while I'm here I probably should do what TNA hasn't done and tell you what the other 3 first round matches are in the tournament that can't possibly end.

    1. Ron Killings Vs. Lance Hoyt
    2. AJ Styles Vs. Chris Sabin
    3. Robert Roode Vs. Christopher Daniels

    I feel it only fair to tell you that had I not read the spoilers I would not know this. Although I wish I hadn't read the spoilers, I wonder how I would've reacted to this tournament not knowing the rules going in?

  • Angle recap from BFG, he says he was going to be the special enforcer for the greatest main event in history. Well, I don't know about that but he was the enforcer for Sting and Jeff Jarrett.

  • David Penzer called Angle the only Gold Medalist in professional wrestling history.
    He'll get something from the Iron Sheik for that and if I had to guess I'd say:

    1. Suplex
    2. Camel Clutch
    3. Broken back
    4. Ass fucking
    5. Old Country Humbling

  • A lot of people asked why Angle left the other place to go to TNA. I didn't ask, I know. Angle says he quit, reality says something else but what does reality know?

  • Angle wants to wrestle in front of the best audience in the world. I hope he achieves his dream some day. He also chants the call letters of the promotion.

  • He says no other company has the talent that TNA has. Well, some of them are TNA exclusive I guess.

  • Samoa Joe made Angle want to quit and come to TNA. I'm not sure how he accomplished this. Crowd chants "Joe's gonna kill you" at Angle. Angle says he's terrified of Samoa Joe, but that he feeds on this. Joe I'm sure wants to make sure that Angle has enough to eat.

  • Angle says Joe is undefeated, well unless you could all those times he lost in 3-ways or tag matches.

  • Joe hits the ring and the bell rings but I'm not sure why since its not a match. Crowd chants let them fight as the security tries to separate them. Security hates TNA fans!!! The dressing rooms have emptied to keep them apart because you know there were people that hadn't been on this show yet but God only knows who they are since I have no idea who was in that tournament earlier. I can't even say for sure it was only 18. It could've been 50 and I'd not know.

The show goes off the air.

My thoughts: I'd tell you that you have to see this show to believe it but I'd be lying. I saw this show and I still don't believe it. I deserve a PH.D for trying to make sense of that tournament.
This company just doesn't get it. They need to remember a saying that would help them greatly. "Keep it Simple, Stupid". I realize that the problem is that its only 4 words but if you can find a 50,000 page book where the whole point is "Keep it Simple, Stupid" but we have a bunch of rabbit trails and other things that have nothing to do with it in there then maybe TNA will figure it out. How the hell is something like that monstrosity going to make anyone want to watch this show? Memo to TNA, if you need a flow chart, a spread sheet and a calculator to figure out what's happening in a segment that's not wrestling its math. I hate math!
Just picture if even for a second that you are explaining this tournament to someone that isn't a wrestling fan. I think just for fun, I should call Jessica and explain this to her. I know she won't understand it because I don't understand it and I follow this bullshit. God help them when they have to edit a highlight video to show at Genesis to try and explain how the eventual winner of this thing, assuming that there is a winner and an end actually got this shot.
Seriously, I could rant on that thing all day. I will never forget this tournament as long as I live. Good look to Midway working that stipulation match into the video game. We couldn't just have 16 or 8 guys have a standard tournament, no we needed rules that not 1 single fucking person can follow. I say why not go all the way and decide that the person who loses each match moves on to the next round and the winner of the tournament is the guy that loses all of his matches. It couldn't possibly confuse things more than they already were.
As for the rest of the show, the Naturals are jobbers, I have no idea what Jeff Jarrett said because his interview had the misfortune of following the tournament of doom and Angle and Joe had a segment that was over-shadowed by that thing in the middle of the show. If we made this in to a movie, it would be called "Monster Tournament" although if TNA were in charge of the title it would have a lot more words in it but it would mean "Monster Tournament". Ok, I'm done with this show for now.

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Penguins on Pirade - Director discusses Happy Feet

You know, I think I'm going to have to check this movie out in the theater. The trailer actually looked funny when I saw it in front of Open Season.

Film Journal discusses the film with its director George Miller.

Via: Animated News

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Over the Hedge does huge business in first week of release

$65 million in sales for first place and $6.9 million in rentals for 4th on that chart.

The Little Mermaid is in 4th place on the sales chart.

This is for the week ending 10/22.

Via: Animated News

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Early word on Frog Princess

The plot is described as "Fantastic" by someone who would know. I'm happy that its Traditional Animation. God bless 2D!

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Fantastic Mr. Fox taking shape at Fox

They're working on adapting this to film. The premise looks interesting but its way too early to say for sure.

Via: Animated News

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Brooke Hogan TV appearance tonight

On the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson.

Yeah, I'll be watching, just as soon as I'm done watching everything else in the world.

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Nellie's new Warriors already showing signs of life

That's great accept for the fact that its the preseason and they have to do it in the regular season for it to matter.

I will be watching Golden State closely this year because while I am a Lakers fan I have a soft-spot for the Warriors for reasons I don't want to explain right now.

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Back to Normal Disfunction

The post also includes news on the winner of the Jarrod Cooper tatoo contest.

Also they ask the question I've been wondering about for years. Why don't the Raiders still use Zack Crockett in the short-yardage role he is so good at?

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Jones: Going to Romo disappointing because it means subpar season

This may be true, but Jerry Jones is absolutely stupid for saying it. I guess this will be the Cowboys excuse if they don't make the playoffs. Nice going and oh I bet Bill Parcells just loved hearing this.

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Cowboys coach claims family found dead rat in McDonalds salad

and the article spends more time talking about said coaches argument from earlier in the season with Terrell Owens.

He's suing for $1.7 million. Now even if there were some medical reprocussions as a result of this, was it really $1.7 million worth?

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Twins' lefty Liriano's ailing elbow to be re-examined

The Twins can use him next season he was fantastic until the injury.

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Don Mattingly is named Yankees bench coach


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Padres' manager Bruce Bochy interviews for same post with Giants

Bochy is a good manager. I can't see the Padres letting him go.

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Yankees pick up Gary Sheffield's option

He'll be back in New York next season and he isn't happy about it.

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Kintaro Oki passes away at 77

Oki was a major star in Japan and his home country of Korea.

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2 fighters fail drug tests

They were both losers on last Saturday's Pride show. A lot of good it did them.

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This will turn business around...

Kurt Angle will be a regular on Bubba the Love Sponge every Thursday.

This is now the reason I have Sirius radio. Forget all the NFL games, commercial free music, I can hear Kurt Angle every week.

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Lance Storm is a great, great man

He takes a look at the TNA booking and its hard not to agree with his viewpoint.

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WWE Releases 2 Road Agents

White Lightning and the Million Dollar Man.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Andrew Bynum named starting center for Los Angeles Lakers

He's only 19 years old. I haven't heard any preseason games or anything to know how well he's doing so I guess I'll reserve comment until a few games have been played in the regular season.

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Game 5 of the World Series Postponed by Rain

They'll play game 4 tomorrow and game 5 on Friday.

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OCC Movie Review: Monster House

So I wrote this once, but it was lost in the great beyond of blogger's issues.

Anyway, last night myself and the Usualgang of idiots watched the movie Monster House. So, I again will try and give my thoughts.

Monster House was a film I really wanted to see in the movie theater. It was the first of a string of CG features to come out in a 3-week span of time followed by Ant Bully and Barnyard. As a result of things that I don't quite remember I never made it to the film. After watching the DVD...

I wish that I had.

The plot of Monster House is simple enough. 2 young boys D.J. (Mitchel Musso( and Chowder (Sam Lerner) find something suspicious about Mr. Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi) and his need to keep children off of his long. D.J. tries to retrieve a basketball from the yard, has an encounter with Nebbercracker who ends up having a heart attack and is taken off in an ambulance.
While Nebbercracker is gone and D.J. believes he killed him, the House seems to have an attitude and a life all its own. It starts when D.J. gets a call from the house, only the house is empty.
The adults in D.J.'s life don't seem to be very interested in his story. His parents are out of town, his Goth babysitter who wants to be known only as Z (Maggie Gyllenhaal) is pre-occupied with her boyfriend Bones (Jason Lee) who enjoys making a sport of D.J.'s claims. However, after Bones disappears at the House, D.J. recruits Chowder to help him get to the bottom of things.
Enter Jenny (Spencer Locke) who is a young girl that the boys rescue as she attempts to sell candy at the house and the trio are off on an adventure of their lives. Throw in some difficulties with 2 wise-cracking police officers (Kevin James and Nick Cannon) and their subsequent disappearances and its a struggle for the 3 to get anyone to take them seriously.
The 3 set out to solve the mystery of the House, the disappearances and Mr. Nebbercracker. After an encounter with a video game playing master named Skull (Jon Heter) who instructs them that in order to destroy the house they have to destroy its heart. Unfortunately for our 3 would-be heros, that requires venturing inside.
As the movie progresses we learn the secret of the house, of why Nebbercracker attempts to keep children off of the lawn and with some help from an unlikely source, things are brought to a typical happy ever-after ending.

I thought that the story was quite strong. It had some nice twists and turns and was engaging enough. It wasn't overly complicated as at the end of the movie we know all the reasons for why everything happened to make it make sense. The voice cast was particularly strong as all of the children played their roles perfectly and in edition to the names listed above we have appearances by Fred Willard (D.J.'s dad) Catherine O'Hara (D.J.'s mom) and Kathleen Turner.

The dialog was natural and had its moments of laugh out loud commedy. I think that my favorite line from the film is one that probably didn't draw that many laughs. After one of his attempts to destroy the house, D.J. exclaims "That's not fair!" I like this line because it sums up the kid mentality so well. It shows that even in a life-or-death situation kids go with what they know and it was the perfect reaction.
The Antagonist, in the form of the house is a formitable opponent. It's not too big of a spoiler to reveal that this like most other films does not end with the villan victorious. The fun though is getting to that point.

I haven't checked out the rest of the DVD yet but the movie was really well done. I give major credit to the sound designers as they did a good job with making the House sound creepy and old throughout the film. This is a CG picture but it is rated PG and may cause younger viewers and the stupid to have nightmares.

I think that this is probably one of the better films that I have seen all year. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. The brisque 90 minute run-time is perfect and I can honestly say this film sucked me in. When it started I was tired and disinterested and wanted to sleep. When it was over I was awake and highly engaged.

I'd say that for CG features that came out in 2006 I would rank them like this:
  1. Cars
  2. Monster House
  3. Over the Hedge
  4. Hoodwinked
  5. Ice Age 2
  6. Open Season

If you want a score, I'll give this film a 8.5 out of 10.

Note: My scale is really a 9 point scale as I have never awarded a film a perfect 10.

So if you've got some time to kill there are worse ways you could do it than by watching this film. It fits the Halloween spirit and hopefully it finds a greater audience on DVD than it did in its theatrical release.

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Stern wants NBA players to leave the guns at home

I swear I didn't change 1 single word about that headline, not one.

That may be the funniest thing I have ever felt bad for laughing about. No, I don't feel bad now that I think about it.

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Ratings for World Series reach record lows

You know, when executives attribute the lower ratings to small market participation they shouldn't wonder why all of the major pro sports are accused by conspiracy theorists of favoring large market cities. I'm just saying is all.

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SNH ECW recap

I realized that I linked to Ric's recap but not Art's. So, consider that situation rectified as Art also has an ECW recap up and he says I'm a brave soul...

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Fraggle Rock movie in the works

This is awesome news. How did I not know about this before today? Animated News posted this on Friday, thus proving that I need to check every day for news.

A Fraggle Rock movie may be the best news I've heard since I took a look at the iMPACT spoilers.

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Sandy West, former Runaways drummer passes away

By Art Shimko

photo: Rocket City Records, Barry Levine/Associated Press

-- SNH is sad to report the passing of Sandy West, drummer of the influential all-female 70's rock group The Runaways which also featured both Joan Jett and Lita Ford. West, 47, died Saturday night from lung cancer after being diagnosed a year ago according to her manager Mara Fox.

West was born in Long Beach, California in 1959 and grew up in Huntington Beach spending her time surfing and skiiing which eventually became low priorities when she receieved her first drum kit from her grandfather. In 1975 West was 16 and co-founded The Runaways with guitarist Joan Jett, guitarist Lita Ford and vocalist Cherie Currie along with a revolving doors of bassists (Jackie Fox, '76-'77; Vicki Blue '77-'78; Laurie McAllister '78-'79) completed the line-up. The band went on to headline shows with groups like Cheap Trick and Tom Petty opening for them and scored hits with the tracks "Cherry Bomb" and "Born to be Bad."

Following The Runaways' 1979 breakup West continued her music career as a multi-intrumentalist and released a solo album. West had just finished her memoirs before her death and wanted to get the book published. Left behind are West's mother, stepfather, six sisters and also her former bandmates who released statements to the press: "We shared the dream of girls playing rock 'n' roll. Sandy was an exuberant and powerful drummer," [Joan] Jett said in a statement. "I am overcome from the loss of my friend. I always told her we changed the world."

Cherie Currie: "Sandy West was by far, the greatest female drummer in the history of rock and roll. No one could compete or even come close to her, but the most important was her heart. Sandy West loved her fans, her friends and family almost to a fault. She would do absolutely anything for the people she loved. It will never be the same for me again to step on a stage, because Sandy West was the best and I will miss her forever." A private service for family on Saturday while funeral arrangements are still pending, our condolences go to West's family and friends.


Check out SNH's daily updates for the latest pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and music news and commentary, we've got live PPV and TV coverage on WWE, TNA, UFC, Pride, IFL, etc., concert reviews, CD and DVD reviews, "Funk's Corner" by Dory Funk Jr., "The Half Guarded Truth" by Michael Coughlin, "As I See It" by Bob Magee, radio recaps of The Dr. Keith~! Show, Ultimate Fighter episode recaps by Erin Bucknell of MMACalifornia.net, press releases plus so much more! Thank you as always for your support.

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NFL: Reunion won't take place until Thursday

That's the IBA's Raiders Blog's follow-up story on the Porter Saga. I agree with this piece, nothing matters unless and until he takes the field.

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Jerry Porter returns from suspension

Alert readers will note that Porter was suspended for 4 games - 2 games ago.

This was the settlement that was reached upon appeal.

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Team Rosters Announced For IFL WTC Semifinals In Portland, Oregon, Nov. 2

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Nickelodeon and Dreamworks create spinoff series

The Penguins from Madagascar and the characters from the 2008 movie Kung-fu Panda are the characters that will be featured in the 2 series.

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David Taylor Injured At Smackdown Tapings

Sucks to be him.

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Smackdown spoilers for 10/27/2006

I'm not nearly as excited for this as I am for iMPACT.

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The latest on Weird Al

He's riding quite the wave of success. I say good for him.

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Buy 42 All Time Classics now!

If you own a Nintendo DS you must buy this game! Check out the videos and review to see for yourself but trust me it's awesome.

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24 Season 6 Trailer~!


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"Spam King" HUMBLED by Microsoft

Bill Gates has his pocket money for this week.

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UFC 66 To Be 4 Hours

Dana White obviously watched PRIDE FC The Real Deal on Saturday night. Maybe they will show the preliminary fights live or add more fights to the PPV.

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GM's predict MVP season for LeBron, title for San Antonio

These are both very safe predictions in my eyes. The Spurs are a safe pick every year even if they don't win the whole thing they are always in contention. King James as MVP? Why not?

Also in no surprise they said that Kobe Bryant is the guy you want taking that last shot to win the game in the final seconds. Of course he is, how that's not unanimous I'll not understand.

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League approves sale of Seattle Super Sonics to Oklahoma based investment group

They can talk all they want about trying to keep the team in Seattle, but lets be realistic. Anything short of a new arena is going to lead to the team heading to Oklahoma City assuming the New Orleans Hornets don't make that their perminent home first which at this point I'm not sure where the odds are on that happening.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cardinals win game 3 take 2-1 series lead over Tigers

Only saw a little of the game.

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Ric Gillespie's ECW recap

First post on the way to 2,000. I'd just like it to be known that this show can bite me, what with the greatness of the TNA iMPACT which is to come later this week.

TNA this week may be the great feeling I had all-time all my life.

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This is post #1,000

This is the 1,000th post at the Old Country Corner in just over 2 months.

I want to take a look to the future and a look at the past...

I'd like to thank:

  1. All of the people that post to the blog.
  2. All of the supporters of the blog, especially those that have been kind enough to leave comments.
  3. All of those that have encouraged me on things such as the iMPACT reviews.
  4. All of those that read this blog or check in on it daily.

What I hope for the future:
  1. A podcast, this is the top thiing on my wishlist and is coming closer to being a reality all the time even if I don't provide regular updates.
  2. More diversified content. OCC has a lot of subjects that get posted on quite frequently. I'd like to see the variety of those subjects increase and the frequency increase of non-sports related subjects.
  3. I still want my own domain.
  4. I'm kicking around the idea of doing an OCC Newslettor of some kind.


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Players and Owners reach deal on 5 year extention to Collective Bargoning Agreement

This is a big deal as labor peace in baseball is never a sure thing, but they got it done.


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Joe Girardi pulls his name out of Nationals Managerial search

The Nationals search will continue, but I'm not sure who they can get. If I seem distracted, well did you see those iMPACT spoilers?

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TNA iMPACT Spoilers for Oct. 26, Nov. 2

Oh...my God!!!

Credit: Alan Wojcik.com

I can't wait to recap these 2 shows:

Welcome to the live spoilers for the post Bound For Glory taping of TNA Impact for Spike TV. They will air the next two weeks before the November 6th tapings.
I am sure the new NWA World Heavyweight champion Sting will be in the venue as well as LAX, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Anytime Detroit was mentioned the
Orlando fans booed. David Penzer announced we would be seeing a tournament “fight for the right” face Sting at Genesis on November 19th. He also announced
a barbwire cage match will be held on November 6th between “War Machine” Rhino and “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage. Jeremy Borash came out to tell the
fans they were going to be filmed and recorded for the upcoming TNA videogame to be released by Midway Games. Not on the show: Elix Skipper, David Young,
Shark Boy, A1, Gail Kim, Jim Cornette and Jeff Jarrett.

Matches and interview segments for hour one:

The evening was opened by the new NWA World Heavyweight champion Sting standing in the ring. But before he could talk he was joined by Christian Cage. Cage
said Sting had been stealing his thunder for weeks so it was payback time. Cage was upset about the 18 person tournament he had to compete in to get a
shot at the title he never lost. Next Cage mocked Sting’s updated outfit and said he was scared and terrified that he wasn’t the biggest star in wrestling.
Cage told Sting to stop hiding behind the makeup. Sting replied Cage could have a shot at the title when Sting decided it would take place, then he decked
Cage with the trusty baseball bat.

Jeremy Borash was backstage talking about the PPV and tonight Kurt Angle would talk to the fans. Samoa Joe came over to the interview area. He said he already
knew Kurt but tonight they would get up close and personal.

(1) NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan) defeated the Naturals (Chase Stevens
and Andy Douglas w/ “Franchise” Shane Douglas)

Before the LAX hit the ring they were decked by America’s Most Wanted. The beating went on for a while before AMW tossed LAX into the Naturals which was
weird to see knowing their storied past. Stevens and Douglas jumped LAX but Douglas got dumped to the floor. The match was short and sweet as Homicide
hit Stevens with the Cop Killer as Hernandez destroyed Douglas with the Border Toss. After the match Shane Douglas got in his teams faces but they bloodied
his lip with smacks. On the canvas Douglas laughed at what occurred. They dapped fists after Shane Douglas got to his feet and it looked like their partnership
wasn’t over.

David Penzer broke down the tournament, three stages worth. 18 wrestlers would start on the floor and try to climb in the ring, sort of a reverse battle
royal. The first seven to get in over the top rope went on to stage two. Those seven would then compete in a battle royal. When five are tossed that is
the placement in the tournament and the final two compete in a singles match for a bye in the bracketing to happen later.

(2) Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) won the “Fight for the Right” match to receive a bye.

The 18 wrestlers around the ring were: Christian Cage, Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, Eric Young, Senshi, Frankie Kazarian, Raven, Lance Hoyt, AJ
Styles, Christopher Daniels, Brother Runt, Brother Devon, Kip James, Ron Killings, James Storm, Robert Roode and Abyss. Team 3D took themselves out as
they fought with the Naturals to the locker room. Rhino came out and stopped Cage from getting in the ring.

The seven that got in the ring were: Robert Roode, Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss, Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings. The order of elimination
from this stage was: Killings, Sabin, Daniels, Roode and Styles. In hour two we would see the following matches: Ron Killings vs. Lance Hoyt, Chris Sabin
vs. AJ Styles and Robert Roode vs. Christopher Daniels. The winners will face each other on the November 6th tapings three way style to face Abyss.

Lance Hoyt and Abyss survived to face each other in the single match which was won when Abyss survived a top rope dropkick into a chair Hoyt placed in front
of his face. Somehow Abyss blocked a move and hit the Black Hole Slam.

After the commercials we were joined by the “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle. Angle said lots of people asked over the past weeks why he left the other place.
Was he fired, was it a mutual release or did he quit. Angle said he quit because he wanted to wrestle for the best audience in wrestling. Angle said the
other reason he came to TNA was the roster backstage, he wanted to beat all of them. He said being the best in TNA meant you were the best in the world.
Angle said one person was the one who made him quit, Samoa Joe. Angle said he was ready for Joe despite the fear of facing him in the ring. Angle said
TNA told him lots of stuff about Samoa Joe but they didn’t tell them Joe was a bleeder. Joe hit the ring and was immediately tackled by TNA security. When
security couldn’t do the job the good guy locker room cleared into the ring.

Some TNAWrestling.com interviews were going to be shown to the crowd. On was Christy Hemme speaking to Chris Sabin who took Jerry Lynn to task when he was
interrupted by AJ Styles. Styles didn’t like Sabin badmouthing his fellow X Division pioneer. Sabin and Styles fought but Sabin said he would defend the
belt anytime.

Matches and interviews for hour two:

(1) “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles became World X Division champion when he defeated “the Future” Chris Sabin.

At the bell the war of words became physical. Styles took Sabin to the mat in a surfboard but Sabin countered into a backslide for two. Sabin locked in
a chinlock but when Styles tried to get to his feet he got dragged back down. Styles got up second time and hit some kicks followed by the slingshot forearm.
Sabin escaped the Styles Clash, hitting an enziguri followed by a tornado DDT for two. Sabin hit some forearms but Styles hit the Pele’ kick. Sabin countered
the inverted DDT and dropkicked Styles to a corner and went for the Cradle Shock but Styles countered out into a small package pin.

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke to the home crowd. Jeremy Borash spoke to Lance Hoyt and Ron Killings about their upcoming match. Eric Young said he was looking
for someone but the live crowd was to could to hear over.

(2) Ron “the Truth” Killings defeated Lance Hoyt.

This match was fast as hell. Killings was moving fast but ran right into Hoyt’s boot. Hoyt hit several power moves but couldn’t get the pin. Hoyt went for
another move but Killings hit several moves that resulted in the Scissor Kick to Hoyt’s head.

After the match they were joined in the ring by the James Gang. BG James took the mic to talk about some guys who recruited them to care for their business
back in the day. I think he was talking about HHH and Shawn Michaels. Next BG talked about the 3LK and said TNA dropped the ball on it. James said if they
couldn’t find him work he would find it somewhere else. BG said six months together with the James Gang and no gold to show for it. He said they were done
working for TNA. Kip took the mic said told TNA/Spike TV to, well he didn’t say it because his mic was cut off. Kip went to the table and took Don West’s
headset but he was cut off the air again. So Kip yelled out “Suck It!”

(3) Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) defeated “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels.

Roode backed Daniels to a corner and kicked him to the mat. Daniels got in a kick to the jaw but Roode decked him with a shot to the jaw. Roode took Daniels
down with a neckvise. Daniels fought to his feet and hit an STO. Daniels got on the attack with several moves in and out of the ring. Brooks tried to cut
off a top rope move by Daniels but somehow Daniels hit a bodyblock for two. Roode hit a full nelson slam for two. Roode went for a power move but got hit
with a DVD. Daniels hit the BME but Brooks called over Hebner. Daniels confronted her and when Roode came over he got kicked. Daniels went for the Angle’s
Wings but Brooks grabbed his leg. This allowed Roode to beat Daniels with the Last Rites. AJ Styles came out to tell Hebner about the interference but
the decision stood.

So as a result of theses matches we will see on November 6th: Ron Killings vs. Robert Roode vs. AJ Styles. The winner faces Abyss.

(4) In four corner pole match, “War Machine” Rhino wrestled “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage.

Two poles had chairs and wire cutters. On the other two were a straight jacket and the cage door key. The match ended when the items were taken down and
could be used on November 6th. Cage came out first but Rhino decked him from behind and the fight was on. Rhino took Cage in the ring ripped his pants
off, trying to choke life out of body. Rhino went for the hairs but Cage cut him off. Rhino got in a backdrop and tried to rip Cage’s mouth apart with
his hands. Cage kicked Rhino in the mouth but got hit with a clothesline. Cage went for the key but Rhino climbed up with him. Rhino tossed Cage to the
floor and grabbed the key. Rhino brought Cage back into the ring only to press slam him to the floor. Rhino got the straight jacket down as the fans chanted
“use it now.” Rhino was going to put it on Cage but the referees stopped him. Rhino pulled out a table and sent it in the ring with Cage. Rhino went for
the GORE but Cage hit a dropkick. Rhino missed a shoulder tackle and Cage got down the wire cutters. As Cage got down the chairs, Matt Bentley (with dyed
hair and face paint) came in and attacked Rhino for some unknown reason. Rhino got the straight jacket and locked up Cage. Frankie Kazarian and Bentley
came in and jumped Rhino. Cage got away but Kazarian got picked up by Rhino and was driven into the table.

Matches to be seen on Global Impact and Xplosion:

(1) Sonjay Dutt defeated Petey Williams when he countered out of the Canadian Destroyer, dropkicked Williams and hit a standing shooting star press.

(2) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/Shane Douglas) defeated Austin Starr and Alex Shelley when they hit Shelley with the top rope dropkick
into the power bomb.

Announced and guessed matches for the Genesis PPV:

***NWA World Heavyweight champion Sting vs. “the Fight For Your Right” winner TBD

***NWA World Tag Team champions NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan) vs. America’s
Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris w/Gail Kim)

***Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Thank you TNA, I promise to not say anything bad about you the rest of this post. You have given me a commedy gift that should make for quite the next couple of iMPACT reviews.

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Ladder match tonight

Big Show and RVD on ECW.

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Owners approve plan to play 2 games internationally per season starting in 2007

The plan would be that in a 16 year span each team would play in 2 of these games, once as a home team and once as a visitor.


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Animation and Film: Alan Menken making a resurgance?

Find out all about it at the link above.

Via: Jim Hill Media

For those that don't know Menken along with the late Howard Ashman was responsible for the music in the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and other films.

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IFL becomes first MMA organization to award rings to anual championship team members


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Pride at the Gate

It would be an understatement to call this show a success.

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Jarrett to make announcement concerning career on Thursday's iMPACT

Yeah, I know you're excited.

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News coming out of Bound for Glory


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Early iMPACT spoilers

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reports the following spoiler information for tonight's TNA tapings.

AJ Styles is expected to win the TNA X-Division championship tonight at the Impact taping in Orlando, Florida. That was the plan as of two hours ago. The tapings have just started.
Expected to be announced for the Genesis PPV in November is Sting defending the NWA championship vs. the winner of a tournament that will begin at tonight's taping, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Christian Cage vs. Rhino in TNA's first-ever Barbed Wire Steel Cage match, and NWA Tag Team champions LAX vs. America's Most Wanted.

My thoughts:

  • Another gimmick match, does this company ever learn? I know, ask a stupid question...
  • Styles as X-champion, I guess that'll turn Sabin heel. It had better or he's going to look like an even bigger goof.
  • I thought it'd be Sting Vs. Christian at Genesis? If I had to guess, looking at those not known to be involved in anything right now, Abyss would be the most likely challenger.
  • I hear that there will be an interview with Jarrett on the show as well.

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Raw Rating

Raw did a 3.6 with a 5 share last night according to PWInsider.com

May or may not have contributed to the drop from last week but MNF did something like a 12.8 with a 20 share.

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Roddy Piper interview


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Payroll and medical notes from last Saturday's Pride Event

Ric has all the details as he usually does.

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This is some quality research

Its one thing to say that he was a member of the Fabulous Freebirds when he most definitely was not, but World Wrestling Foundation? If such a promotion existed I know nothing about it.


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Non-Raw Results from Chicago

Some RoH flavor on Heat.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ric Gillespie's Raw Recap for 10/23

Didn't watch Raw, didn't watch MNF either. Didn't really watch anything.

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WWE hires Tully Blanchard for Producers role

If I say that I want to start a pool on how long this will last would you consider it in bad taste?

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WWE Raw Preview

Ric has all of the details, and not only that ut he and I have the same idea or should I say feelings on what is best for fantasy purposes.

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WWE Fantasy Manager Week 3

This is a reminder to those of you in the DKW.com fantasy league that rosters for week 3 of play have to be set by 7 PM ET or less than an hour from now. I'd be checking out the raw preview and remembering stuff from last week's Smackdown if I were you.

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Music: SNH music update for 10/22/2006

Art's got all the good stuff in one place

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Recap of Hogan family appearance on Howard Stern

Hulk Hogan's entire life is a work. I wonder if they'd ever do a season of Hogan Knows Best where the big tease is will Hulk die? It wouldn't surprise me either way.

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Gaming: Madden 07 Wii video

*Drool* Fuck every other console! This has to be the coolest looking football game i have ever seen.

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Movies: Microsoft To Fund Halo Movie

Well, it won't exactly dent Bill Gate's pocket now will it.

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NFL: Browns CB Gary Baxter blows out both knees

It happened in a game against Denver yesterday and is a pretty serious injury I would guess. You certainly don't hear about guys blowing out both knees every day.

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NFL: Dennis Green soon to be out in Arizona?

It seems that yesterday's loss to the Oakland Raiders may have been the final straw. PFT says that it could happen within the next 48 hours.

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Press Release: New Funking Conservatory World Champion

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Stuff that Irritates me: Another death wrongfully blamed on Pro Wrestling

I agree with Ric's thoughts on this matter.

I am sorry for their loss, but I mean come on.

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IFL signs with William Morris agency

IFL is something that I really need to go out of my way to check out at least once.

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Pro Wrestling: Kurt Angle to make appearances for UWF on upcoming events in Philadelphia and Hartford

Hardly a shock.

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More on Best Damn Sports Show Period

Looks like it is Pride week.

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SpikeTV to introduce new UFC magazine show

Just another thing to try and watch I suppose...

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8th Fight Night Special beginning to take shape

Diego Sanchez Vs. Joe Riggs, Chris Leven Vs. Jason MacDonald and now the announcement that Josh Koscheck will be fighting it appears that this TV show is being stacked.

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Ratings for Thursday

TNA has to be down right disappointed with that final quarter hour given that it was one of the better segments they've had in awhile and it got the number it did.

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NFL: Chargers DE Merriman suspended 4 games for steroids policy violation

Maybe now we know why Robert Gallery couldn't stop him?

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MLB: Tigers even series at a game apiece

A good night for Detroit.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

OCC Aftermath: TNA Wrestling - Bound for Glory 2006

I gave you the live blog of the show, now for my thoughts.

  • First, I hit a wall. I'm beat. I'm tired more than I have ever been in my life, just typing hurts. I am feeling like I have an upset stomach, I need sleep its been a long week.

  • Best Match: 6 Sides of Steel. We had a stretch of 3 good to great matches in a row with the X-title match, Rhino and Christian and then this match. This was just the best way possible to blow off of this feud. The feud had decisive winners and losers, LAX didn't win only to see AJ and Daniels get their heat back they won and beat them down. Yay, for non-parity booking. I thought it was a nice mix of old and new school in terms of the stuff they did in the match. Probably a ****1/4 match if you wanted me to pin something as subjective (almost typed suggestive) on it.
  • I might have rated it higher if not for the silliness involved. It was a cage match that started with traditional tag rules. Anytime a weapon was involved, West would talk about Earl Hebner not seeing it. Its a cage match what's he going to do, DQ them? Ok **** seriously I just decided to take off another 1/4* for that.

  • Worst match: This is hard but its not that we don't have some worthy options. I was underwhelmed by Monsters Ball as I expected more than I got. No where near as great as last year's BFG Monsters Ball that's for damn sure. I guess since it didn't meet my expectations in a sense it would be my worst match. However, this is because I expected little to nothing about the X-gauntlet, the 4-way tag and Young/Larry Z.

  • The different crowd made this show easier to watch than any TNA show in awhile. The Orlando fans have a tendancy to chant for the sake of chanting. They are a real clever crowd but they've also seen everything, it was nice to see say Petey Williams' tease of the destroyer get a big pop. You don't get that in Orlando.

  • Biggest highlight was the Joe and Angle segment. I don't know if it was better than the one on iMPACT or not, but it was the next logical step as it was another brief taste of what may happen when they wrestle and it was a bit more than we got the first time but still it wasn't completely filling. The only question is why did Angle and Joe seak one-another out in the first place? Its easily explainable but will TNA bother?

  • Jim Cornette's promo tonight was painful just because he lost his voice. Even with no voice though he was easier for me to understand than Jake the Snake Roberts.

  • I was wrong division. I don't have an issue with the way they booked Austin Starr tonight. He got to showcase himself and he won the battle royal in the end. I was afraid going in that if they debuted him in that environment, he would get lost in the shuffel or overwhelmed by the "silliness".

  • At least it was short. Eric Young Vs. Larry Z, nobody really believes Larry is gone especially since Young cheated to win.

  • I'd say that the show was a tale of 2 halves. The first half was not that good even though the crowd was hot for everything. One Angle appeared for the first time it got real good until the end of the cage match. The main event was ok but it had to follow the cage match and nothing they did was going to top anything in any of the prior 3 matches and so it naturally dropped from here. I did like the spot where Sting no-sold Jarrett's guitar to a freaking huge pop. I want them out of the iMPACT Zone a lot more in 2007 because a fresh crowd made up for a lack-luster first half of this show.

  • Biggest show of the year? No, not really, I give them credit for one thing though. Many times TNA PPV events seem to be self-containing where they lead wrap up everything nicely there's no hook for next week's iMPACT or the next PPV. This time in the form of Angle/Joe we got that and you want to see what the next chapter is between Angle and Joe. We'll see if that actually translates to anything but the thought was there.

  • Nothing completely offensive that made me cringe to watch it other than perhaps Jake's promo.

    I'd give this show probably a 7.5 out of 10, so good but not great. Of course, I see TNA as so far under the radar that they need to be doing 9/10's to get any kind of a buzz.

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OCC PPV Coverage: TNA Bound for Glory 2006

Remember to refresh the page for the latest updates.

We're hear for Live BFG coverage.

The preshow didn't start off good as there were audio problems, it was either too loud or too quiet and you couldn't understand the announcers at all.

Borash is with Samoa Joe who is looking for Kurt Angle. Borash asked for a word, Joe blew him off.

LAX and Styles/Daniels video airs, same one from last night.

Now West and tenay are at ringside running down the card.

Bobby Roode is out and he is now residing on Wallstreet. Yeah, that changes his character so much.

Roode is taking a good long time to tell us what we already know. How can the hottest free agent turn down such legendary managers? I don't know, and don't care. He has decided to be called Robert Roode now, is that Rick Roode's son? Ok, if he calls himself Robert Roode again I'll uh, bitch about it. He explains why Robert Roode doesn't need any of those legends one by one.
Hey, I'm not sure but I think he's now Robert Roode. Its hard to tell because he hasn't mentioned it enough yet. Holy crap this promo is taking forever.

bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Sweet Jesus, just get to the fucking point!!! He says that he and his new CEO will make a lot of money, well TNA sure won't be. Ms. Brooks and Tenay calls it quite a reaction, I call it quite the silent reaction. Here comes Lance Hoyt.

  1. Robert Roode Vs. Lance Hoyt

Tenay and West still are calling him Bobby, they must not have gotten the freakin point of him saying his new name 600 times.

Tenay and West talk about the difference between wrestling singles and tag matches because of Hoyt's recent teaming with Ron Killings. Yeah, there's a big difference between those 2 things when you've had a whopping 2 tag matches.

Well, the crowd is definitely hot or at least it sounds like they have more than in the iMPACT zone. You know, I think Hoyt is getting too much offense but that could just be me.

Hoyt goes up for a moonsault, distracted by Ms. Brooks misses a moonsault, a Northern Lariat and a payoff later, and Roode is victorious.

Winner: Robert Roode

Cornette tells Samoa Joe to play ball and give up waiting for Angle.

Back to the ring, Traci slaps Hoyt, and Killings saves him from a beatdown. Now Killings asks Detroit what's up, and they respond by asking him what's up. I guess nobody knows what's up.

Christy Hemme is backstage talking about Rhino/Christian. She's interupted by a little person who is here for the X-division open gauntlet battle thingy.

Rhino video package airs, actually its yet another package from last night.

Stupidity on this show, Tenay says you need to order this show because you don't want to miss it. Trouble is, I can't see the preshows without actually ordering the PPV and I know I'm not the only one.

Another stupid thing in the video package, Rhino says this match is for the factory worker that lost his job while Christian was sitting on his high horse. How is Christian supposed to keep factories open?

They run the card down again and now we get to the Main Event video package, which you also saw last night if you saw Road to Glory. I expect to see all these packages again before the respective matches tonight, I should have them memorized by the end of the evening.

West is at ringside talking about 6 sides of steel when we cut to Joe and Angle yelling at each other backstage, and Angle basically saying "If you want me, I'll be at the ring." Well, if people could see this for free it may have caused some of them to order the show, but I don't know how many people can see this without ordering the show first.

Fozzy video plays, I'm sure you know it by now.

PPV time~!

This is TNA the biggest hype job in the face of something that uh, I lost my train of whatever those are called.

We start with Darth Vader going back a hundred years to something that happened in Detroit. The video calls Sabin and Senshi arial daredevils. Somehow when I think of Senshi I think of him kicking people in the face, I wonder who's responsible for that Euan? Ok, he video package is pretty cool as they always seem to be.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon presents Bound For Glory.

Biggest PPV ever talk. Pyro goes off, lets hope there is no fire. Damn that's some loud pyro.

  1. Kevin Nash open invitational X-division Battle Royal for Bound for Glory.

Nash comes out first to cheers. Even the announcers are making fun of the name of this match.

Nash is doing commentary and he has a bowling trophy with him.

List of participants.
  1. Austin Starr (he'd better win this thing then)
    He hails from TV Land, har har.
  2. Sonjay Dutt.

    We start with 2 and then add a new competitor every minute and its over the top until the last 2 when its pinfall or submission. Well, at least this way it allows guys to be featured a little better than if it wer under typical battle royal rules with everyone involved at once. I will hold off cursing this company for Starr's involvement in the match due to that fact.

    After a quick minute:

  3. Maverick Matt Bentley is in.

    These minutes move quickly.

  4. Jay Lethal
    Nash is pretty funny on commentary, saying that if you want to see him come off the top rope, all you need to do is check the "best of tape".

  5. A-1, what the hell?
    The announcers say, its not about Weight Limits, its about No Limits. The Navada State Athletic Commission would disagree and rightfully so.

    Still nobody is eliminated, as the announcers talk about The build up for Austin Starr.

  6. Zach Gowen
    They talk about Gowen being the 1 legged man. Nash takes a shot at Johnny Ace saying "At least I got the right 1-legged wrestler."

    No way these are minute intervals, if they are I need these minutes while I'm working.

  7. Kazarian
    Sonjay Dutt is first eliminated.

  8. Sirelda?
    Oh dear, this could be fun. Oh, I see she was affected by a low-blow so apparently, she's a man!!! Bwahahahahaha, lol.

    Sirelda out followed by A-1.

  9. Shark Boy
    Nash says that Shark Boy is the odds on favorite to win. Then he calls Alex Shelley the biggest star in TNA. Crowd is definitely into Shark Boy.

  10. Alex Shelley
    You know it occurs to me that we have no idea how many people are in this match.

    Now the announcers are referencing the NSAC, they're clearly reading my work.

  11. D-ray 3,000
    Nash makes a reference to someone from the American Basketball Association who he thought D-ray 3,000 was.

    Matt Bentley is out.

  12. Johnny Devine

    Zach Gowen is eliminated.

    Crowd is clearly behind Alex Shelley at this point.

  13. Elix Skipper
    West references the Skipper cage walk.

    Nash says his knees are bad due to coming off the rop ropes.

  14. Short Sleeve Sampson is next.
    Shark Boy and D-ray are out.

    Nash talking about Shark Boy's elimination: "I knew he wouldn't last."

  15. Norman Smiley
    We get the double wiggle from Smiley and Sampson.

    Nash: "I think I watched that same thing in my hotel this morning.

    Short Sleeve is out.

  16. Petey Williams comes out to the Canadian Anthem to a big pop.

    Elix Skipper is out. Smiley is also out.

    Petey got a huge pop when he came out and he's teased the Destroyer and then he hit it on Lethal to another big pop.

    Petey Williams eliminated by Alex Shelley.

    Devine out by Austin Starr. Alex Shelley is out now as well.

    Its down to Starr and Lethal, so the curse is retracted as Starr is probably the winner.

    Its pinfall and submission time with these being the final 2. Dueling chants for Lethal and Starr.

    Austin Starr hits the Brainbuster and wins the trophy.

Well, if he had to debut in this match then he needed to win and he did so I retract my threats to curse the whole company more than it already is.

Nash is entering the ring with the trophy, Austin Starr has generic music, they couldn't find anything to fit with the character? Shelley isn't happy about Nash giving attention to Starr.

Recap of Thursday's impact. Tenay really does screetch like a girl some time.

Borash is backstage with Americas Most Wanted. They talk about what LAX did to Gail Kim. Yup, AMW is already face or so it would seem. They threaten bad things to LAX while saying no disrespect to the teams in their match.

  1. Team 3D, Vs. The Naturals, Vs. Americas Most Wanted Vs. The James Gang

Shane Douglas is out with the mic. He asks if Detroit is ready to get their asses franchised. Well, I for 1 would never be ready for that, unless it were maybe Gail asking me. I mean he's the only person in wrestling that could ask me that question and get a "yes".

Douglas introduces the Naturals. The James Gang come out second. Now its B.G.'s turn to kick it old school. B.G. going for the cheap pop with the Tigers reference. Americas Most Wanted is out next. Team 3D is last but not least.

You know it would seem you've got 4 babyface teams fighting in this match, lets see if the match plays out that way.

Team 3D says Detroit wanted the best and get it in the person of 3D. To that Kip James responds: "Suck it". Well, uh yeah it sounds familiar from somewhere.

Team 3D seems to be the early crowd favorite.

Yup, Tenay just said that this match would play into the tag team rankings, so much for the Naturals earning a title shot last month. Of course we get the now TNA standard tower of doom spot that draws a TNA chant from the crowd. We just got our second "suck it" of the match, nice way to make people forget about DX.

Crowd wants tables, and Team 3D just paid tribute to L.O.D. with the Doomsday Device on one of the Naturals (Chase Stevens) and the Wazzzup on Andy Douglas.

Miscommunication between the Naturals leads to Douglas getting the 3D and pinned.

Winners: Team 3D

Now Shane Douglas is mad and slapping Chase Stevens.

We cut backstage to Samoa Joe's locker room where Jeremy Borash is standing by.

Borash now with Jake Roberts, who is in the house for those that bet he wouldn't be. I have no idea what the hell Roberts is saying, holy crap this is incoherent beyond all measure.

Monsters Ball video package. Monsters Ball is the signature match of No Rules Warfare. Ok, if you say so.

  1. Samoa Joe Vs. Raven Vs. Abyss Vs. Brother Runt, Special Referee: Jake the Snake Roberts

Tenay claims that Roberts said to expect the unexpected, I don't think Tenay has any idea what Roberts really said.

Abyss out first, as Wade ponders whether Jake could take a bump. I'm just not sure. I do think he may just fall over for no good reason at all at some point in this match.

Brother Runt is second out.

Raven is third. Raven has a Hanible Lechter helmet from Silence of the Lambs on.

Samoa Joe is last out, I would've expected a bigger reaction. Its not bad but I thought he'd get a bigger pop.

Well, at least they're talking about the idea of Joe disrespecting the match by paying more attention to the title than the match. Crowd chanting Joe's gonna kill you.

Tenay talking about Roberts: "I don't think he's even going to try and control what they do in there." Well, it is a no rules match dumbass, what's he going to do? DQ somebody?

Ok, in a no rules match where falls count anywhere I'd assume, you can still break a pin with a foot on the rope.

Runt tossed in the crowd to body surf. Abyss sent outside by Raven and Joe flies of all 3 and he lands on his own feet.

Raven hits Joe with his helmet and Joe goes off the ramp through a table. Abyss and Runt are climbing up something and if you don't know what happened next then you haven't been watching enough wrestling. Funeral services for Runt will be held soon. Raven breaks up a pinfall.

Scott showed up so its now he Wade and I.

Roberts has 1 slow 3 count. I suspect he's just trying to remember the correct order of numbers.

Other than brief spirts this match has spent a pretty impressive amount of time in the ring.

Joe just gave Abyss a Lucha Foul!!! Raven just broke up Joe's pin after a snap slam on Abyss.

Thumbtacks are now out. Abyss takes out Raven and Roberts as raven was set to DDT Jake. Wade calls it half a bump.

Runt has not been seen in quite some time. Abyss went face first into the tacks Via Joe. Jake Roberts lays out Raven with a DDT.

Musclebuster on Raven by Joe.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Borash interviews Eric Young and Larry Z threatens to send Young to Larry Land!

  1. Eric Young Vs. Larry Z, loser gets fired as if anyone believes it.

Please let this be short.

Crowd chants don't fire Eric. Don't worry, they won't.

The crowd does the boo-yay for the exchange of punches. I'm distracted by the ordering of food.

Young hits Larry with a foreign object and gets the pin.

Winner: Eric Young - well now they have a build in reason when Larry returns.

Senshi Video package airs.

Jim Cornette is headed to the ring, I was just going to ask how they were going to kill some time.

Cornette is having trouble talking, which is just going to make this fun to listen to. He says I've seen a great show, I could've sworn I've watched this show. Its not bad but we're not calling it great.
Angle and Joe have problems but this isn't the time or the place to settle it. If Joe interferes in the title match, he will be removed from the Roster immediately.

Here comes Kurt Angle for his own words. Hopefully, he's not sick as well. Angle calls this the best crowd in wrestling...he's been in front of this crowd for 30 seconds.

Samoa Joe didn't like Angle's line of commentary so he comes out to the ring, we've got another brawl on our hands. Joe wants to fight and they break the security barrier and fight some more to a huge pop.

X-division video package airs.

  1. Senshi Vs. Chris Sabin

Samoa Joe has been ejected from the building. I'm sure he'll be back now.

Wade: Samoa Joe will either show up again or he won't. Way to go out on a limb there Wade!!!

I was getting plates and such ready for when the pizza gets here. Don't worry, I'll catch you up on all the major developments and important information I didn't write while I was doing that.

There, you're caught up.

This match is kind of like their last match in that its starting off slowly, can it build? I guess we'll see, but I definitely like the fact that they didn't just go to the flippy-dos early on. Stiff kicks and chops being laid in by both sides.

Duane has been here for awhile, talk turns to how well Sean Mooney and Alfred Hayze would call this match. I'm guessing not very.

Senshi does a cartwheel and is dropkicked by Sabin.

The pace is picking up. Sabin hits the cradle shock for a very very nearfall.

West: There is no way he got out of that. Well, he must've cause the match is continuing.

Senshi hits the Warrior's way but Sabin kicked out in another very closer nearfall.

Chris Sabin rolls Senshi up and gets the pin.

The Pizza is here.

Winner: Chris Sabin

Borash is backstage with Christian Cage. He draws real heat by comparing himself to the St. Louis Cardinals. This might not be the best time to tell Christian that the Cardinals were trailing in game 2 at last I heard.

  1. 8-mile Streetfight: Christian Cage Vs. Rhino

I guess I know what the difference is between this and Monsters Ball, and that is that this match has started outside. Would've been nice if they had mentioned this on iMPACT at any point. Some weapons shots to start and they end up on a Zamboni and Rhino drives it into the arena.

Discussion turns to the Black Scorpion angle and it is decided that back then WCW was cheesy. You think?

Rhino goes for the gore gore gore but gets a chair to the head for his trouble. The match is actually in the ring now. They take the fight to where the hockey glass is but nobody goes through it.

Tenay says Christian spitting on a street sign is an insult to everyone in the building, everyone in the city and everyone watching on PPV. Wow, that's quite the symbolic statement. Christian hooks Rhino in a straight jacket. After trying to beat him with a chair, Rhino uses his head to take Christian down and the ref frees him from the straight jacket. Nice ref to do that for him.

Rhino has Christian on the apron and piledrives him through a table. That gets a couple of replays and a "that was awesome" chant. Of course, we haven't heard that as much as we do in Orlando. Christian hits Rhino with about 8 chairshots and gets the pin.

Winner: Christian Cage

Borash with LAX: They say mean things about AJ and Daniels as well as AMW.

The cage is being constructed.

  1. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels Vs. LAX

West and Tenay talking about TNA's connection to the world series.

LAX doesn't get the spanish intro, from Urbina or anyone else unfortunately.

West says that Styles/Daniels have 19 titles in TNA between them. Too bad that's meaningless.

I'll write less and watch more.

A lot of fun stuff in this match. I'll write more about it in my aftermath column but short story it was the best match of the night.

Homicide with the Gringo Killa on Styles for the pin.

Winner: LAX

Now, LAX is doing an extended beatdown on the former champs. I'm waiting for AMW to hit the ring.

No AMW run-in LAX just decided to celebrate.

The same video package from earlier airs again for the main event.

    Sting Vs. Jeff Jarrett - Kurt Angle special ringside enforcer.

We get a tale of the tape ala UFC for this match and I'm totally fine with that.

Champion Jarrett is out first. We didn't get words from either man before the main event.

Sting is out and his new look is that of Pre-nWo Sting or pre-crow Sting.

Tenay: Sting's got the ball bat, maybe that's his tribute to the Tigers? Perhpas, he always has one.

Earl Hebnr isn't the ref, he reffed the LAX match.

We get the ring intros after the combatants enter which I am also a fan of.

I can't wait to see a live report of this to see if this was louder in the building than it has come across on television.

Tenay: This could be the last time we see Sting competing in a wrestling ring. I bet its not.

Jarrett out wrestles Sting early. They tell the story that Sting may be questioning his ability. Sting makes a comeback and we have an interaction between Jarrett and Angle but its not physical.

Some brawling outside the ring now, and I must admit that I was wrong about one thing in the preview, ok more than one but specifically I was wrong, Jarrett is still playing the ultra-cocky heel he has always been.

Angle has stopped Sting and Jarrett from using the chair at different points. Jarrett goes to hit Sting but gets Angle instead. The announcers are spending way too much time on whether it was an accident or not.

We've got the double countout spot going with both men down and we're up to 9. Kurt Angle just stopped the count with a move still dubbed the Olympic Slam. Angle is now acting ref.

Deathdrop on Jarrett but he is out before the 3. Jarrett hits the stroke but Sting got the shoulder up.

West is giving Angle credit, I guess for knowing how to count.

Tombstone on Jarrett scores another nearfall for Sting. Jarrett with a low-blow and then teases the middle-rope stroke but Sting fights out.

Jarrett going for the figure 4, which Tenay calls his pattented move. Yeah, he always wins with this move. Sting reverses and Jarrett kicks loose.

Jarrett hooks on an Ankle lock right in front of Angle. Sting rolls through and Jarrett goes to the floor. Sting selling the leg.

Sting went for the ballbat, Angle had none of it, Jarrett hit Sting with the guitar which Sting no-sold to a huge pop, Scorpion deathlock and Jarrett tapped out.

Hopefully, that's the end of the guitar in Jarrett matches but that might be a lot to hope for.

Winner: Sting

Now they're hinting at the Jarrett face-turn which is to come.

Sting celebrates as the show goes off the air, no Joe/Angle confrontation since earlier in the night, which is good because it didn't detract from the main event.

I'll have my show thoughts up later.

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