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Thursday, August 31, 2006

So much for that...

The earliest I can have it x-rayed is tomorrow, so I guess I still sit today.



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Another foot update.

I've decided to have it x-rayed just so I have something to tell McDonalds and so I have something to do today.

On another note, I really could use some cheering up.


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ECW on Sci-Fi Renewed until 2007

ECW on Sci-fi has been renewed until the end of 2007.

It has been a good week for WWE with this and a favorable earnings report.

Although I personally think there are some not good signs in that earnings report. It won't keep them from making money or anything but if I were the E I might be a little worried that the old footage is far more interesting to people than the current product. But hey, at least they are taking advantage of that interest so you've got to give them credit.

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OCC Morning Update

How's my foot doing this morning?

More importantly, how am I doing this morning?

I can't decide if my foot is better or worse. I think the pain is about the same but it is a little harder to walk this morning.

My mom brought me a brace and another ice packk and I think she took great pleasure in trying to rap my foot but all I remember is the pain. She'll stop by after she gets back from taking the Nursing Home Residents to the Fair

As for me? I'm just miserable. I can't really do much of anything, it seems that nothing went right for me yesterday. The pain is constant but bareable I'm just unhappy sitting here with my foot elevated and pretty much only able to do things that are within arms reach.

But its more than just the foot, other things I was hoping to accomplish yesterday didn't happen and that's just piling on to my inactivity.


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OCC Update

On the most important foot in the country.

Given that the citizenry of the OC stands at 1, you must post to the blog before you earn citizenship, think of it as our citizenship test if you would, but anyway with there only being 1 citizen right now its not exactly a large field of feet applying for the title of most important.

My right foot hurts ergo it wins.

My mom stopped by after work and on her way home with an ice pack or 2. I've got my foot elevated, there isn't really any swelling but there is a big bulge on the top of my foot.

I can walk but would rather not if you sense what the OCC is saying.

I think I will be able to sleep through the night. This is a positive as when I broke my heel back in 2000 on my left foot, sleeping was not an option until after the doctor's visit due to pain.

My sister will stop by tomorrow and see if my foot requires amputation, although if it does, I promise to not pull a Kerry Von Erich as I will tell the world.

In other OCC news the SD State Fair starts tom...well, later today actually.

What this means for your OCC is kettle corn and lots of it. You can contribute to the kettle corn fund by clicking on those google ads.

I don't know due to injury if I will be able to walk and buy my kettle corn on my own or if I will have to obtain it through several third parties. Yes, I said several, one has to stock up on the goodness.

Kettle Corn & A&W root beer is the greatest combination of things I have ever had.

Oh where was I? Oh yeah, the foot, well as I said I definitely heard a crack when I slipped on the stairs. I left church under my own power and even walked into Coborns to get some comfort supplies, IE, Tropical Starburst, Chocolate Chip Cookies & A&W root beer. I had a nice conversation with the checkout girl about...Kettle Corn, cause she knows it rowks too.

Came home putted around for awhile, called home to see if my mom was home, think I scared my sister half to death by saying when she asked why I wanted to talk to mom: "Uh, no reason, I just want to see if she can take me to the Dr. tomorrow." I don't know if I'll go or not depends how I feel in the morning.

What this means is 3 things.
  1. I'll be blogging more than I thought the next day or so.
  2. I'll definitely live blog the Raiders game tomorrow assuming I can make it over to the radio to turn it on.
  3. I pray this isn't the case, but this may delay my start at work depending on if I go to the Dr. and what is said about it. That would suck and result in me doing much more begging for people to click ads, so why not do it preemptively?

I'm rambling: found another good astronomy related website: NinePlanets.org which will be added to the sidebar.

I will update the condition of my foot as it becomes available. I'm like the RNN or Randy News Network but the difference is, more people have heard of Randy Orton, but more people like me.


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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Link

Well, in my relentlous pursuit of knowledge, I found a new site that will be added to the sidebar.

After the Pluto thing last week, otherwise known as the last post I made before taking cover, I was looking around for what people have been saying about it.

I was led to this site:
The Bad Astronomy Blog now I have always claimed Space and Space Exploration as interests and hobbies of mine and that's a good link.

I also watched a show on ABC tonight that may as well have been called 7 ways we're all doomed. It was one of those how could life as we know it end? type shows. Humorous but I don't take it seriously, although South Dakota was central to one scenario. Yay us~!

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OCC quicky update:

I think I broke my foot.

I slipped on the stairs at church tonight and heard a crack in my foot. The top of it hurts and has this odd bulge.

I can still walk on it, but the foot doesn't feel the best.


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The Final act?

The above linked article is to the Inside Bay Area Raiders blog and today Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune looks at 5 veteran Raiders on the verge of being cut.

I also take a look at the list.

Adam Treu - Center - Treu is the one who to me is most likely to be cut. The reason being that when Jake Grove got hurt the coaching staff turned to Corey Hulsey a guard who has never started at Center for his replacement and not Treu who is the team's longest-tenured player and has started at the position.
Treu has been saved in the past by his long-snapping ability but that is not the case this year. Chris Morris - a late round draftpick - is a center and long-snapper who could take over that chor if Treu is let go.
I'd put the odds of Treu's exit at better than 70%.

Marques Tuiasosopo - Quarterback - Tui is a Jon Gruden draftpick. He doesn't fit the system as well as he would a West-Coast system and I think they brought Jeff George in for a reason, which is that Tui's days are numbered. He would be better off seeking to be a success elsewhere.
I wouldn't be shocked if he left and for Tui it might be the best thing to happen to him. He's just not the right QB for the Raiders system and that's not going to change.
I'd put his odds at being cut at 65%.

Bobby Hamilton - Defensive End - I'd hate to see Hamilton go. He's a good character guy in the locker room, he's a good run defender which you need in the AFC West and he's a proven success. Kevin Huntly and Brian McNeill are both question marks and I think that you can almost be too young on defense and that's why Hamilton should stay.
Having said that, I don't know what the Raiders will do here. Hamilton has played a lot of third team which can't be good for him.
I'd put the odds of him being cut at 55%.

Danny Clark - Linebacker - I think it would be a mistake to cut Danny Clark. He can play special teams, he is a quality Linebacker and if we suffer an injury at that spot there could be trouble. He's also a team leader and you can't have too many of those around.
I think that his chances of being cut are high but not too high. I think that he should stay and be an insurance policy although Kirk Morrison is doing a great job in Clark's former starting spot at Middle Linebacker.
I put the odds of him being cut at 45%.

Zack Crockett - Fullback - Crockett is one of the best short-yardage backs in the NFL the Raiders are not strong at the running back spot to begin with and if Lamont Jordan were to get hurt only Crockett is the type that could run with power. He's also a popular player and a team leader on offense. He's 33 years old which is getting up there for a back but he's not being expected to carry the load. I believe that he hasn't played a lot this preseason because coach Shell already knows what he can do and is saving him for when it matters.
I put the odds of his being cut at 35% or less.

My predictions:
Tuiasosopo, Treu and Hamilton are cut.
Crockett stays and Clark is the big question mark.

I lean towards Danny staying but that is partly wishful thinking.

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Posting Milestone

No, not me silly this one is for Art

Art has crossed the thousand post barrier. We are at post 187 right now, and we'll probably pass 1,000 much sooner than Art did.

The difference?

Art's stuff is always good which we will not claim about our own work.

So Stop Over and congratulate Art on is milestone.

People may wonder why Ric Gillespie Art Shimko and Karl Stern
get a world of plugs from me.

Its because they are all good people, they all have encouraged me in many many ways, they all have lots of fun stuff to say and they all read this I'm certain.

Which reminds me Euan my tag team partner in commedy on the R&SEKS show is right there on that list. It was actually Euan who left the first comment on this blog.

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Everyone's hurt but me...and Chuck~!

Via: The Man with no Plan

tThat's quite the assortment of injuries, but certainly not as horrific as you might think were you to read news from the anti-MMA crowd.

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Music Man

Interesting Press Democrat article.

The subject is Raiders senior executive John Herrera and his astounding music collection.

Interesting read.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This year's Carr?

There are 5 undrafted free agents left on the Raiders

It is hard to make an NFL roster as an undrafted rookie and none are guaranteed to survive the cut to 53 on Saturday.

I agree with the Raiders blog in that TE John Madsen and FS Alvin Nnabuife are the 2 most likely candidates.

Nnabuife has just been making plays in practice and in games, and Madsen is an interesting project trying to convert from Receiver to Tight End.

Will Buchanon was on the fast track to qualifying for this list but his stock seems to have slipped the last couple of games.

Jabari Levey and Ricky Brown are both long-shots at this point.

So far, when I did my pre-training camp prediction of the 53 man roster, none of my projected 53 has been cut. I expect I won't get them all right but we'll see what surprises may come.

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Tattoo Contest

Oh, I bet he gets a few takers.

Raiders defensive back Jarrod Cooper is sponsoring a $1,000 contest to see who has the best Raiders related Tattoo. Entries are due by Oct. 26 and must be a photograph of the artwork sent to Raiders headquarters, address found at the above provided link.

Let me just answer the burning question I'm sure some of you have right now. I do not have any artwork and thus will not enter the contest. If I ever do gain some artwork it will almost assuredly be Raiders related but the chances of that are very remote.

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No Holds Barred with your Old Country Caretaker.

Just what do I have in mind?

This entry is a place where you the reader are encouraged to ask questions. No Holds Barred and I promise to be as honest as possible when answering your question.

You can ask me anything you'd like, this is your first chance to get to know your Old Country Caretaker.

Just leave a comment or if you'd prefer to ask questions anonymously then Email me me. I'll post any q&A's I get here in the blog.

Ask as much as you'd like.

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OCC News Update

So what's new in the corner today.

I'm officially employed again. Boy what an ordeal that was. All it served to do is remind me how despite my thoughts of going back to school I am clearly in no shape to do this.

I had to take a test as part of my interview. The test was simple enough it was answer yes or no to the following scenarios.

It reminded me of every bad test I ever had in college. I never used to get test anxiety. I was an honor student my first year of college. Then for some reason the test anxiety came and I haven't been able to shake it off for years.

Remind me to tell you some time about my college life as not everyone that is reading this will have heard that.

A simple test, I passed but boy did it up the blood pressure a bit.

Otherwise, everything else was great.

Then I went and picked up the Complete Weird Al Show on DVD. All 13 glorious semi-educational episodes. I immediately went straight for the Weird Al commentary tracks.

Well, I'm thinking of rapping it up for the evening. I will make one more post to this blog at least before I go to bed however. I'd put it here but I want people to see it.

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cut made to 75

This is just for the Raiders I'll surf around and see if anyone big was cut today.

Kicker - Tim Duncan
WR - Rick Gatewood
QB - Kent Smith
TE - Derrick Miller
WR - Burl Toller
DB - Dennis Davis
were cut.

Placed on Injured Reserve ending their season with the Raiders.
DT - Michael Quarshie
RB - Joe Hall
LB - Timi Wusu
RB - DeJuan Green
This means that if they reach an injury settlement with the team they can sign and play for another team otherwise their seasons are over. Via: The Oakland Tribune

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Unsolved Mystery of 53

The Huron Daily Plainsman has been doing a series the past few days which has been more than fascinating. Its Huron's own unsolved mystery.

Links to the stories are behind the cut:

Unsolved Mystery of 53
Business Deal Gone Bad?
Jury Rules Suicide
Many Questions Remain in Waibel Case

Its a crazy story that's for sure. 53 years have passed and I don't think this one will ever be solved.

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Tornado Fallout

Tornadoes are crazy things. They can leave 1 house untouched and obliterate the 1 next to it.

My dad said things at our house were fine but our neighbors weren't so lucky.

Via: Huron Plainsman

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Let This be True

You have no idea how badly I want this to be true.
London: Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is being tormented in jail by being forced to watch himself in the South Park animation series.

He is portrayed in the movie version of the cult cartoon as the Devil’s gay lover.

South Park, the cartoon series was banned in Iraq on its launch in 1999 for showing Saddam as a homosexual. The film featured him trying to take over the
world with Satan.

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone revealed on Monday that Saddam was made to watch the movie 'repeatedly' by the US Marines guarding him.

"I have it on pretty good information from the Marines on detail in Iraq that they showed him the movie. That's really adding insult to injury. I bet thatmade him really happy," The Sun quoted Matt as saying while speaking at Edinburgh TV Festival.

Read the Rest

Oh you have no idea how much I'd pay to watch the South Park movie with Saddam Hussein.

10 thumbs up.

Via: Animated News

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Curious Move Signing George

I still can't believe it.

Talk is the Raiders may keep 4 QB's, I guess we'll know this weekend.

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Toronto Sun article looks at UFC pay scale.

Via: The Guy I plug

Check it out I think we're going to start seeing more of these articles especially as UFC's success goes up.

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The Streak continues

Ric over at CC continues his streak of actually working.

I'd like to think my constant plugging has something to do with it and even if it doesn't, I'm going to take credit for it.

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Extras for "That's My Bush" Announced

The link is to: TVShowsOnDVD.com

I love this show. This is the perfect parity of conventional sitcoms disguised as a show to make fun of the President. But if you really watch it, you'll see that it actually parities sitcoms more than politics and that's evident anytime the neighbor enters the room.

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Free Bryan & Vinny Show~!

Oh yes, the above link is to this week's free Bryan and Vinny show curtisy: F4WOnline.com



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Monday, August 28, 2006

OCC News Update

Some quick hits before I schlep off to bed.

  1. Happy Birthday Scott you've only got about an hour left.
  2. Tuesday is my job interview thing-a-ma-jig. Its not much but it is work and I can't afford to be picky.
  3. Still waiting for Wade and Crazy Rambler to contribute. Maybe if I keep bugging them.
  4. Speaking of keep bugging, remember to click those ads~!
  5. Want to remember the friends of the corner as always:
    1. DragonKingWrestling.com
    2. Canvas Chronicle.com
    3. Wandering Euan and his EuTube Extravaganza
    4. The Schlock N' Hyperbole Wrestling After party
    all of whom are large reasons why I even do this in the first place. Art's help with technical advice and his work on the banner has gone a long way towards making the OCC what it is today. Ric has probably been my biggest cheerleader since I first emailed the Ric & Steve...er...Karl Show and he stands pretty damn close to the top of the list of people I'd like to meet before my time on this earth comes to a close.
  6. This is not to say that there aren't other supporters out there, and I do thank all of you.
  7. Want to wish Duane a good trip to the Dr. tomorrow.
  8. Saw my dad at Wal-Mart all is well out at the house though they did not have power on Thursday night.
  9. That's it I'm off to bed.

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More on upcoming Sony films

The above linked article is actually the same one as we linked in the previous post, but I've got a different subject in mind.


It was a broiling hot steaming August day in Miami, so to escape to a luxurious hotel on South Beach was quite a treat for a number of animation pros. It
was at this location that Sony Animation made public its theatrical film plans through 2008.

Formed in 2002, Sony Animation's latest effort was Monster House, which is still in making money at the box office. It brought in slightly over $3 million
as of last weekend, making it #10 on USA Today's Box Office Summary. It has grossed $63 million domestically since release. While this is a bit behind
much bigger box office draws as Cars, Over The Hedge and Ice Age 2, the execs at Sony apparently are pleased with the results so far. After all, Warners
The Ant Bully released a week later, has already dropped out of the top ten.

Anyway, Sony's plans for the next year plus call for three new feature films until the end of next year. All are CGI, and all with some interesting talent
attached to them. They are:

* Open Season - Opening This September.

Directed by Roger Allers (Lion King), Jill Culton (Monsters Inc.) and Anthony Stacchi (formerly with ILM), the film is about a domesticated grizzly bear
who attempts to go back to the wild. Comic Martin Lawrence voices Boog, the bear. Also in the voice cast are Ashton Kutcher and Debra Messing. Based on
a story by comic strip artist Steve Moore (In The Bleachers), who also is an executive producer.

* Surf?s Up! - Summer 2007

Tells the story of competitive penguin surfing, and one young bird's quest to become the new big kahuna. The film is directed by Ash Brannon (Toy Story
2 co-director) and Chris Buck (Tarzan), and features the voice work of Jeff Bridges, James Woods and Mario Cantone among others.

* Hotel Transylvania - 2008

Marks the theatrical debut of longtime TV director/creator Dave Feiss (Ren & Stimpy, Cow & Chicken), where he's joined by Stacchi. The film proposes that
the classic movie monsters of the past have gone into hiding from humanity in a properly dilapidated old hotel. Their security becomes threatened when
the hotel's owner passes away and the heir comes to stake his claim. No voice cast has been announced.

Have I mentioned lately that I am very much interested in Hotel Transylvania? It sounds different enough that I think it could be a fun film. It would also be a nice departure from all of the talking animal films.

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Oh God

Stop this ride, I want to get off.

The above linked article features news on the newest incarnation of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.

The key part...

Instead the premise is it Shaggy has an incredibly rich Uncle Albert. Said relation disappears, and names the unkempt meddling kid as his sole heir. So,
to paraphrase the now Bill Gates-rich young Mr. Shaggleford, 'Zoinks! We're like gaziillionaires Scoob!'"

But all can't be well for our heroes after all. It seems Uncle Albert had a particularly nasty adversary, your classic evil genius out to take over the
world named Dr. Phibes. It also appears the late Dr. Shaggleford was an inventive fool in his own right, and his clueless young heir is now in possession
of some very interesting nanotech. These busy little microrobots somehow get mixed in with our fave mutt's Scooby snacks, and before you know it the massive
mastiff develops some very interesting side effects. So our heroes have a new mission, armed with a massive new state-of-the-future Mystery Machine, a
loyal robot servant named Robi, and (I repeat) occasional appearances from Fred, Velma and Daphne, to stop the insidious villain named after a pair of
Vincent Price movies and save the world.

"Funny you mentioned that," Radomski acknowledges on the Price reference. "Dr. Phibes exterior lair is deco influenced and in the 13th episode we introduce
a Feline friend of Dr. Phibes. Ray DeLaurentis would need to confirm but I believe your assumption is correct. Dr. Phibes is Colonel Klink plus Dr. Evil
divided by Strangelove."

We here in the Corner are big fans of Scooby-Doo. But there is a point at even which we want to get off the ride. I think it may have come even before this series, but this doesn't help

Give me classic Scooby anyday and once Scrappy comes aboard that's when I want off.

Via: Animated News

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Dreams come true

We hear in the OCC have a soft spot for stories like the one linked above. I'd tell you all about it, but its just best that you read for yourself.

Big thumbs up here though.

Via: Animated News


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Raiders cut 6

They'll need to cut a few more tomorrow to get down to the 75 man roster limit before the final cut to 53 this weekend.

No big shockers in this round of cuts, a 5th string QB, camp bodies at Kicker and Punter, a reserve defensive Back that I don't think ever got into a game and an offensive lineman and a tight end.

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ECW Main Event

Paul Heyman Vs. Sabu in an Extreme rules match.

I predict run-ins.

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Kick me in the balls

Still pissed.

OAKLAND _ A few months ago, Raiders personnel executive Mike Lombardi confirmed Jeff George had called and asked for a tryout.

George got more than that Monday. He got a contract.

George, 38, was signed by the Raiders, a spokesman said. A nine-year veteran, George has not thrown a pass in an NFL regular-season game since 2001,
when he played for the Washington Redskins.

For the past four seasons, George has spent parts of seasons with the Seattle Seahawks (2002-03) and Chicago Bears (2004-05). He never played in a
game with either team, and in fact never suited up for the Bears.

An Oakland Raiders starter in 1997-98, George, completed 290 of 521 passes for 3,997 yards, 29 touchdowns and only nine interceptions.

The following season, George suffered a serious groin injury and was in and out of the lineup. At the behest of coach Jon Gruden, the Raiders opted
to default on a bonus payment for George and instead signed free agent Rich Gannon.

A Raiders spokesman said George would be made available after practice.

Where George fits in _ or if he fits in _ is a mystery.

Backup quarterback Andrew Walter, who missed the Lions game with a sore shoulder, said during Monday’s open locker room the injury was not serious
and he expected to play against Seattle.

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NFL News Bits

From PFT

*The Eagles trade LB Mark Simoneau and a 4th Round pick to the Saints for WR Donte Stallworth.

I think this is a trade for the Eagles. They need help at WR, but Stallworth has done nothing in his career to show that he is that help. I guess they don't really give up much with the hope that Stallworth flurishes in a new city, but that's why I just call it a trade.

*The Titans sign Kerry Collins trying to trade Billy Volek?

Collins gets a 1-year deal for 1.2 million. Vince Young ain't seeing the field this year unless something bad happens. Sorry, we're still struggling with the news in the last post.

Volek is a decent enough QB, if he's released or traded either way he'll find a new home.

Still Jeff George to Oakland is worse than Hulk Hogan~!

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Worse than Hulk Hogan~!

I'm going to rant. Oh, I'm going to rant so hard that you'll think that the Iron Sheik's best friend is B. Brian Blare by comparison.

The Raiders have signed veteran free agent quarterback Jeff George.

The Oakland Raiders have signed veteran free agent quarterback Jeff George, the team announced today. George, who entered the NFL as a first round draft
pick by the Indianapolis Colts in 1990, played for the Raiders from 1997-98. He threw for 3,917 yards and 29 touchdown passes in 1997.

The 6'4", 215-pounder out of Illinois played for the Colts from 1990-93, and the Atlanta Falcons from 1994-96, before joining the Silver and Black. After
leaving Oakland, George played in 12 games with 10 starts in 1999 with the Minnesota Vikings, spent 2000-01 with the Washington Redskins, and 2002-2003
with the Seattle Seahawks. He was with the Chicago Bears the past two seasons.

George has completed 2,298 of 3,967 pass attempts for 27,602 yards, 154 touchdowns and 113 interceptions during his professional career.
Article Via:

What the hell is this? Jeff George? Why in the name of all that is good in pure bring back Boy George? He's got a $64,000,000 arm and a 3 cent brain.

Jeff George is a class-A-A-hole. Did we not learn from the last time he was here?

He is worse than Nikolai, Hulk Hogan and Brian Blair. I'm not sure what the NFL equivalent is of an old country humbling but whatever it is, Jeffy boy needs it.

This dude just sucks. He sucks so bad I don't even want him third string. I guess this was done because Andrew Walter may be hurt worse than we've been told, I guess this is also a possible replacement should the team cut the Tuiasosopo project off, but why Jeff George?

Was the coarpse of Red Grange unavailable?

If this guy is on the 53 man opening day roster I will boo him like he's John Cena well, anywhere Cena goes.

Jeff blood sucker George has got to be my least favorite QB ever and that includes well everyone to ever play QB at any level of football. Furthermore it includes anyone that can spell QB. Anyone that knows that the english alphabet contains the letters Q and B.

Stupid, stupid, stupid~!

Worse than Hulk Hogan~!

If I can trick Sheik into thinking that Jeff George is B. Brian Blair then it might be worth something.


Still Worse than Nikolai and Hulk Hogan~!

Worse than Michael Jordan also!

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learning from the past mistakes

The above article from JHM for once isn't a piece reminding us that Cars has disappointed at the box office.

It deals with something that I wish certain Wrestling Promotions would do and learn from the past so as to not repeat those mistakes.

The collumn deals with a recent lunch that Bob Iger (Disney's new CEO) had with some veterans of WDI. It also talks about how he has positioned Enchanted as the holiday release from the studio for 2007.

What's so special about that? Enchanted is a story that spoofs famous Disney fairietales such as Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. It also features traditional or 2D animation.

2D animation is something that former CEO Michael Eisner said was a thing of the past and something that Disney got out of the business of doing under Eisner's watch. It looks as though it is being revived under Iger with the help of Chief Creative Officer John Lassetter and the folks at Pixar and that's a good thing from this animation fan's point of view.

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Where you can see Candice without having to see her wrestle

The above via: Rantin' Ricky G

You know what this show has in common with Raw? Probably won't watch it either.

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TNA News: Fanfest, X-Division DVD and I rant a bit

News on the Bound for Glory Fanfest, an underwhelming X-division DVD all found behind the cut.

Information On The October Bound For Glory Fanfest


August 28th, 2006 17:13


Don’t miss a once in a lifetime chance to go one-on-one with the stars of TNA Wrestling.

The biggest names in professional wrestling will come face to face with fans at the 3rd Annual “Bound For Glory Fan InterAction” on Saturday, October 21,
at the Shenandoah Country Club in West Bloomfield, Michigan from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

On the eve of TNA’s biggest pay-per-view event of the year, “Bound For Glory,” more than 30 stars will gather to sign autographs, take pictures, and get
up close and personal in exclusive Q&A sessions taking place throughout the afternoon.

Got a question or comment for your favorite TNA star? This is the chance to be heard.

InterAction will feature appearances by Rhino, Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Team 3D, Samoa Joe, Petey Williams, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Abyss,
America’s Most Wanted, The TNA Knockouts, Raven, The Naturals, Shane Douglas, LAX, The James Gang, Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin, Senshi, Coach Scott D’Amore,
Don West, Mike Tenay, Showtime Eric Young, The Paparazzi, James Mitchell, Ron “The Truth” Killings, Bobby Roode, Sonjay Dutt, Brother Runt, Jay Lethal
and more, plus a few surprises.

Stay tuned to TNA, as more names will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets are $40 at www.tnawarestling.com or $50 at the door (if available). Tickets go on sale Friday, September 1. All tickets ordered in the first 48
hours will receive a $5 discount!

Doors will open at 10 a.m. for ticket pickup and merchandise sales. The autograph signings will begin at 11 a.m. and end at 3 p.m.

Don’t miss the biggest wrestling weekend of the year, Bound For Glory Fan InterAction on Saturday and the Bound for Glory Pay-Per-View live, Sunday night
at the Compuware Arena. Tickets for the Pay-Per-View are available at all Ticketmaster locations and at www.ticketmaster.com and the Compuware Arena Box

*Talent subject to change without notice

OCC Comment: I could’ve been there if not for 1 lying moron. Just saying is all.


Coming October 31 is TNA’s “Best Of The X Division: Volume 2” DVD. This is a preview of the TNA Home Video release!

The no-limits stars of TNA’s X Division continue to revolutionize the sport of professional wrestling. With moves never before witnessed inside a ring,
these daredevils are among the most exciting athletes in all of sports. On this DVD, you’ll witness the best of X Division stars such as Samoa Joe, AJ
Styles, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams and many more in some of the most action-packed bouts in TNA Wrestling history.

“The end of 2006 will feature perhaps the best lineup of new TNA DVDs that any wrestling fan could ask for,” said Bill Banks, who produces TNA’s home videos.
“With ‘Sting: Return Of An Icon’, ‘The Best Of The X Division, Volume 2’ and ‘TNA’s 50 Greatest Moments’ all hitting stores in October and November, we’re
certainly closing out the year with some tremendous releases”.

The following is a tentative lineup of all the matches featured on the upcoming four-hour DVD release:

  1. A look back at the near year-long war between Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels for the X Division Championship, including exclusive commentary
    from each and match highlights from their epic battles!

  2. Impact: Three-Way Match - Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Alex Shelley

  3. Impact: Three-Way Match - Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Bentley vs. Austin Aries

  4. Impact: Four-Way Match – Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley

  5. Destination X: International X Showcase - Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams vs. Puma

  6. Impact: AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal

  7. Lockdown: Xscape Match - Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Puma vs. Chase Stevens vs. Shark Boy vs. Elix Skipper

  8. Impact: World X Cup Match - Team USA (Sonjay Dutt & Alex Shelley) vs. Team Japan (Goto & Tanaka)

  9. Impact: Four Way Match - Senshi vs. Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley vs. Shark Boy

  10. Slammiversary: Contender’s Match - Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley vs. Senshi vs. Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy

  11. Impact: X Championship Match - Samoa Joe vs. Senshi vs. Sonjay Dutt

  12. Hard Justice: Senshi vs. Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal

  13. Impact: Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt vs. The Paparazzi and Petey Williams

All this and much more on the upcoming “The Best of the X Division: Volume 2” DVD!

The following are the release dates for upcoming TNA Home Videos:

  1. TNA Knockouts – On Sale Now!
  2. Slammiversary – September 19
  3. Sting: Return Of An Icon – October 10
  4. Best of the X Division, Vol. 2 – October 31
  5. TNA’s 50 Greatest Moments – November 21

OCC Rant: I’m just going to come right out and say it. I could’ve made a better DVD. The match listing is both underwhelming and illustrates just what is wrong with tNA’s booking of this division. Take a look at the listing again, notice anything weird? Ok, how about of all the matches on that list there is only 1 singles match, 1 tag match and a 6 man tag. Now, look at how many 3-way, 4-way and even upto 6-way matches are on this DVD. If I were in charge of TNA and god only knows I should be, I would cease the multiman matches for the immediate future. I’ll probably pick this up because I have all but 2 of the DVDs that they put out, but this is hardly the best lineup I’ve seen.

On another note, nice that TNA has released 2 best of the X-division DVDs so far with this one being third and we’ve got 2 volume 1’s. Now if TNA is going for the 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 formula then that’s cool. (Note, not sure that’s a real math formula or not, my math is horrible.

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Vince on Angle

WWE.com has comments from Vince McMahon on the release of Kurt Angle.

I have some thoughts: Something doesn't sit right with me on this one. If I had to guess, I'd say the fact that he was released and not simply sent to rehab like the company has done for others in the past, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury recently. If they'll do it for those guys they'd have done it for Angle.

This makes me believe that they offered this coarse of action and he refused. I can only think of this as a logical reason, Angle is too valuable to simply be let go even if there is an understanding that he'll eventually be back. The only way it makes sense is if the company viewed him as a potato that was close to being too hot and as a result of that let him go and came up with a public story to allow him to save some face.

Plus, coming up with the story that they have is better for the company. It is not good for them if say people start to shine a spotlight on what it really takes to be a WWE superstar. So, they come off looking fine because they give him a chance to get healthy and he comes off looking good because he's taking time away to deal with some addictions.

But I don't buy the public story for a second and I don't think you should either. Something is rotten in Denmark. I hope this release does benefit Angle and that he does get better and returns to the ring some day. I just don't think that this was a mutually agreed upon decision and that there is work being done for people on both sides to save face.

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Collins to Titans?

Via: PFT

We in the OCC have a fondness for Kerry Collins from his Raiders

I have never had as much fun booing someone as I did Kerry Collins. It was like John Cena was in town every Raider homegame last season.

Collins has a big arm but moves slower than Yokozuna after an all-you-can-eat buffet raps up.

I hope he signs with Tennessee and hope he plays there long enough for a return to Oakland.

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Full Text of this week's OCC.

Behind the cut is this week's OCC as heard on the Ric & Steve...er...Karl Show

Let me also say that while the new intro music is much appreciated, the official opinion of the Old Country Corner is that country music is not cool. If we were to pick a song we'd probably pick a Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. which is also the song used by Matt Hughes.

That also reminds me that I aught to write up a mock history for the Old Country. Hmmm, perhaps that will be next week's corner subject?

Hey Karl:

I promised that not every email I sent you would be a gratuitous plug for my blog: oldcountrycorner.blogspot.com, and here’s me keeping my word.

A couple of weeks ago you and Ric did a profile on the Lord Humongous character. Well, this got the Old Country Caretaker thinking which is both never a
good thing and very rare, so we went back into the Old Country Archives and searched through singles of documents to find a character that had a similar
career path.

It should come as no surprise to you, that we found one.

So, I give you the history of the famous gimmick of Wimpus Maximus Minimum.

The character originally debuted in Ultimate Pro Youth Ohio University Reality Sports, known as UP YOURS Wrestling for short. He was ¼ of a wrestling stable
that was only known as that team we couldn’t think up a name for. He was a member of the group along with “flat on his back” Jay and a wrestler designed
to be a futuristic robot known as J.O.B.B.E.R. I said he was ¼ of the team but we’ve only got 3 wrestlers. This is because the promoter advertised 4 men
but was so cheap that he only hired 3. The other member was nicknamed the invisible man and still works today, commonly appearing disguised as an empty
seat at an ECW house show.

None of that is important to the story, just filling time. Did I mention that Wimpus Maximus Minimum was a masked wrestler? I didn’t, well he was and that
would be part of his exit from UP YOURS Wrestling.

You see, those in charge of UP YOURS Wrestling weren’t very smart. How dumb were they, even WCW didn’t hire them because of gross incompetence. Anyway one
night, a match was scheduled to take place between Minimum and another masked wrestler I.M. Uglay. However, the match would not take place as advertised
due to the fact that the promoters forgot that the same man played both characters. Even though the match never officially took place that didn’t stop
Kade Weller of the Pro Wrestling Star from giving the match six torches.

The character would bounce around to other territories in the United States including: “Fantastic American Grappling” out of San Francisco, the Future Unsanctioned
Central King’s Wrestling Promotion In Seattle Washington, and Big Intense Titanic Championship Hurting out of Little Rock Arkansas.

The character was never more than enhancement talent and I use the word talent loosely. His finisher was known as “All in a Day’s Work” and he did manage
to hit his finish in every match, unfortunately the move always resulted in his shoulders being pinned to the mat and the 3 count was a mere formality.

As time passed, the character finally was called overseas. It made its debut in the famous Japanese Company (Promotion Universal Spirit Success Yahoo~!)
Wrestling called “PUSSY Wrestling” for short. The rules in “PUSSY Wrestling” were a little different as losing was rewarded more than winning, losing matches
is how you earned titles and being beaten up every week earned you the support of the company’s fan base known as the “Pussy Patrol”.

So the biggest day of Wimpus Maximus Minimum’s career finally arrived. He was fighting for the title of “Top Pussy” after having lost 3,245 matches in a
row and becoming the company’s most over star. He would compete in a mask Vs. Hair match against the Native American Superstar Dances with Baldness. I
don’t have to tell you that the outcome was severely telegraphed in this match.

In the end Wimpus Maximus Minimum was victorious in defeat, losing the match and winning the title of “Top Pussy.”

He was unmasked for losing and proceeded to cut the following spirited promo.

“My big dream has been realized. I am now considered the world’s largest pussy. This means that I have accomplished all that I can in the ring. So now,
I must return to America to work on my new dream. I am going to start a website, so you can check me out on the web for I am Ric Gillespie of Canvas Chronicle.com!

So there you have it the career of a man that will be known from this point forward as “top PUSSY” and the man who will always finish behind me in WWE Fantasy,
Ric Gillespie. Karl, I’m surprised that Ric never told you about his infamous wrestling career, but now that you know I don’t think you’re all that surprised.

Thanks to you both, and to Ric, when you brag about finishing first for a week of WWE Fantasy you might want to check and see that you didn’t actually finish
third. Then again claiming to win when you didn’t is one of the traits that make you “top PUSSY”

Take Care guys, thanks for the time, and thanks to Ric for being such a good sport and a PUSSY to boot.

This has been, Casey’s Old Country Corner.

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Pride ads bouts for September & November

Via: Wimpus Maximus-Minimum

For the full explanation of that check out the Ric & Steve...er...Karl Show or wait for the next post.

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Raw Preview

Announced for Raw, *UPDATED*

*Melina explains why she turned on Mick Foley.

OCC Comment: The writers made me do it, those damn writers, damn them, damn them all to hell.

*Randy Orton Vs. Jeff Hardy for the number 1 contendership to the Intercontinental title.

OCC Comment: Orton, this is your career, this is your career after Hulk Hogan...any questions?

*Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle - "Back to School Girl" Paddle on a Pole Match.

OCC Comment: Hmmm, well...yeah~!

*The McMahon's respond to the latest DX pranks.

OCC Comment: They tell the teacher and DX has to stand by the wall at recess.

*The next chapter in the Cena Vs. Edge feud.

OCC Comment: This is the chapter where the elves show up and they fight over the ring at the wizzard school to please Darth Vader.

Via: PWInsider by way of: WWE.com

Remember Raw airs on Sci-fi tonight for those of you that care.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend Box Office 8/25-8/27/2006

Quick notes.

Invinsible was #1 at the box office this weekend.

Snakes on a Plane fell 57% and took 9th. I expected a bigger fall actually.

Pirates 2 is now the 6th highest grossing film of all time.

Cars passed $240 million and is still an underperformer and if you don't believe me just read JHM every monday.

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Macho Article

Now here's something you don't see every day.

A positive article about Randy 'Macho Man' Savage.

I think that the relationship Savage has with these kids is pretty cool. I also think that Savage is a lot like most in wrestling and thinks he's worth more than he is, of course many would just call him insane.

Either way its a nice read and in general I'm a Macho Man fan so I like seeing this.

Not so sure I'm going to like seeing him on Surreal Life but whatever.

Via: CC

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OCC Site updates, Contributors, new look, more.

Its time once again for the OCC site update.

  • *A new Banner. Art created the new banner and he did an awesome job so thanks to Art and visit his blog to show him your thanks.
  • *Moved the RSS links. The RSS links are now in the sidebar, and that should improve the look considerably.
  • *Contributors Wade & Crazy Rambler have accepted their invites to write for the blog. Hopefully, you will hear from them soon. I've still got 1 invitation out, but if you want to contribute: E-mail me
  • *I'm still considering new features to add, I think that both Art & Ric enjoyed doing the UFC Preview and I think we might team up on more Wrestling and MMA events.


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UFC 62 Review

Watchers tonight were:
and making his UFC debut Wade

My thoughts behind the cut:

I expected a bigger crowd, we spent $50 on food and had lots of it left over when we were done. Oh, you want to know what I thought of the show?

Well, for me the day in fighting started out by catching the Parysian Vs. Sanchez fight from Fight Night Live a couple of weeks ago. That was one awesome fight and maybe fight of the year although you can definitely make an argument.

Wade didn't have to work Sunday making his participation happen. I was glad to have him so there was more than a group of 2.

The show was pretty good. It was a zillion times better than UFC 61 in July.

I thought that the best fight was Bonner/Griffin and I didn't have a problem with everyone scoring it 30-27. You could make an argument for Bonner in the second round I suppose, but really you can make an argument for Forrest also and that's why its a judgement call. I guess people were booing because they didn't think it should've been 30-27 but really the booing made no sense to me.

Well, one of my 2 dark spots on the night was Diaz defeating Neer. Don't get me wrong I love Nick Diaz, but I think he's more Nick Diaz when he loses if that makes any sense at all. It was a decent fight. In fact nothing was what I would call horrible, so its hard for me to give a worst fight.

Hermes Franca Vs. Jamie Varner was a good way to start the show. I am a huge fan of the 155 Lb division. I didn't quite understand why time out was called giving Varner a chance to recover, its a good thing Franca won anyway. I might have felt robbed had it happened to me and I eventually lost.

Random note, my apartment still smells of BBQ sauce and no we didn't get Jim Ross' BBQ sauce, though maybe someday.

Kongo Vs. Wellisch was another decent fight. I'm saying that a lot about these fights I suppose, but other than saying good I don't know what else to say about a lot of these. Kongo could be a force in the heavyweight division which to me is not one of the strongest that UFC has to offer. Sylvia, Arlovsky, Monson, Kongo...I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head that is already in UFC that I'd like to see fight for the heavyweight title.

The main event: Liddell Vs. Sobral didn't go exactly as I expected it would, on another note neither did Bonner/Griffin as I predicted it wouldn't go the distance, shows how little I know. Liddell and Sobral ended sooner than I thought it would which given that Bonner/Griffin lasted longer means it all evens out.
I thought this was a good 90 seconds of action anyway. I thought that I would much rather watch this main event than that from UFC 61. Chuck Liddell is a machine. I'd love to see if he can beat Wanderlei Silva but the fact of the matter is that the Silva fight is up in the air. I highly doubt that Tito can beat Chuck. Liddell is just a machine, I thought the fight would last longer but in no way am I surprised that it ended so quickly.

Definitely a thumbs up show. The 2 dark fights that aired were a blur to me as I got really tired after the main event. I know I got the Shafer fight wrong and the Gouveia fight right.

I also know that Ric got the pick crown from last night with a 6-1 record (of fights aired) whereas Art and I were 5-2 (in fights aired) my math subject to error.

Hopefully, Wade will blog about the experience of his first UFC show. Wade for those that haven't noticed the contributors list has signed on as a contributer to the blog.

I'll rap this up for now but will be back with more later.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

UFC 62 - Trio Preview.

Ric 'Call me Dic Lesbian' Gillespie
Art 'the name' Shimko
and I:
Old Country Caretaker

Present UFC 62 Preview and Predictions table.

Who'd we pick? How many Gay jokes did I make about Ric? all will be revealed if you:

First up we have the man who's idea this was, and who as a result wrote less than the others, with a professional record of 10 knockouts and 22 tapouts, in his 0-32 record career: Ric "not Sheiky" Gillespie~!!! crowd geers ***

OCC Comment: Hey Ric, next time you should get Sheiky's picks.

Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Events Center plays host to tonight's pay-per-view. For the general public and the diehard fans, it's really a two-match show (but
that's nothing new with all of the added shows in 2006).
Everyone's made weight and there's little else to do but step into the Octagon. We'll, of course, be providing complete results of the show, but because
I'll be busy for the rest of the evening, they may not be posted until tomorrow.
Ricky D's analysis
When I originally came up with our three-way, I didn't realize how much writing this was going to contain, so in the hopes of making things a little easier
on the eyes and your attention spans, I've shortened up my end by a considerable margin:
Yushin Okami vs. Alan Belcher - Okami
Rob MacDonald vs. Eric Schafer - MacDonald
Cory Walmsley vs. David Heath - Walmsley, who is a sometime-pro-wrestler, as opposed to Heath, who isn't a wrestler, he's just shares the same name.
Wes Combs vs. Wilson Gouveia - Gouveia
Hermes Franca vs. Jamie Varner - Franca
Cheick Kongo vs. Christian Wellisch - "Awesome Kong"o. No special reason, I just wanted to use that nickname.
Nick Diaz vs. Josh Neer - Nothing against Neer, who's an awesome fighter, but I've got to go with Diaz.
Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar - Has anyone had a more difficult fight to live up to?! I am really torn on this one, both on how good it will be and
the winner. I think it'll be an impressive fight, but nothing like the first, with Griffin taking the decision.
Chuck Liddell vs. Renato Sobral - Sobral's good, damn good, and probably holds the edge on the ground and in submissions. Liddell, though, is nearly impossible
to take down, even harder to keep there, and (if the last fight is any indication) looks to have a huge edge on their feet. I'm sorry, Sobe, but I'm looking
for Liddell to finish you (TKO or KO) in the third or fourth round.

There you have it from the man who's finish is to run around in circles until either he or his opponent gets dizzy.

Next up we've got Art Shimko who has never competed in a fight due to the fact he's busy adding words to the title of his blog

Art says...
UFC 62 preview
by Art Shimko

Tonight is UFC 62 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas
featuring two main events: Chuck Liddell vs Renato "Babalu" Sobral for
the UFC Light Heavyweight Title and the long-awaited rematch between
Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin, one that took a year-and-a-half to
book for some reason but nonetheless I am excited to see this and
Liddell/Sobral as I feel both will be pure battles.

As cliché as this will sound I am going for Liddell as the winner of his
fight tonight against Babalu which is not to say that Babalu's a hack as
I expect this fight to go the distance or at least close to it, plus
he's won his last 10 fights after losing to Liddell at UFC 40, there's a
chance of him winning and as you know anything can happen in a real
fight. Babalu seemed very confident on this week's "All Access" special
on Spike and confidence is half the battle, the other is making sure he
doesn't slip on the mat and eat a vicious punch or kick by Liddell.

In one of the most highly anticipated rematches in UFC, Bonnar and
Griffin will deliver in their quest to each get a win but most
importantly scrap it out in the octagon like two pit bulls who've been
locked up in a cage with a slab of raw meat dangling on the outside thus
elevating their hunger to a dangerous level. Griffin is coming off a
loss to Tito Ortiz in a bout that many thought he should've got the
winning decision and since that battle with Bonnar last April has had
victories at UFC 53 and 55. Bonnar has been fighting mostly on Ultimate
Fight Night shows and won three fights after Griffin with his last win
against Keith Jardine feeling a bit suspect to some people. Bonnar lost
his last fight against Rashad Evans and didn't look so good, it was as
if he just wasn't into it, that or he didn't have a game plan against
Evans. Anyway, this fight is quite the hyped little deal and whether it
lives up to the hype or not you can rest assured that these two will try
their damnedest to have a hell of a fight. My prediction is that Bonnar
will avenge his loss against Griffin tonight.

The rest of the fighters I am not familiar with so I will go by fight
records which may not the most reliable method to go by but it's all I
have as a source so these predictions will be short and sweet.

- Josh Neer Vs. Nick Diaz: winner - Neer

- Cheick Kongo Vs. Christian Wellisch: winner - Kongo

- Hermes Franca Vs. Jamie Varner: winner - Franca

- Wes Combs Vs. Wilson Gouveia: winner - Combs

- Cory Walmsley Vs. David Heath: winner - Walmsley

- Rob MacDonald Vs. Eric Schafer: winner - Schafer

- Yushin Okami Vs. Alan Belcher: winner - Okami

So we'll see how my predictions pan out but one thing's for sure and
that I'm looking forward to this PPV more than any recent WWE or TNA
PPV, it should be an exciting one, particularly the main events and I
hope that the early fights are decent as well.

There you have it from Art, and check out his blog and thank him for the sweet OCC banner that you haven't seen yet. Trust me its good. So thank him early and often.

Now for the lame event of the evening. Weighing in at "Yeah, like I'm gonna tell you that" fighting in the blood red trunks with blood red face, its That guy that rights here

I say...

UFC 62 Preview:

Well, its time for UFC 62. I’m going to admit that compared to my prognosticating companions I am uninformed when it comes to fighters, fighting styles and just plain fighting. I also don’t know as much about being a pussy as Ric does but I still feel that qualifies me to call him one. So, I used several non-scientific methods to predict the outcome of these bouts. Enjoy!

Dark Matches:
Yushin Okami “bless you”
Alan Belcher “Yes, I know and it got old quickly”
Magic Eight ball says: “Hey, what the!? How’d you like it if I woke you up by shaking you without warning? You need to learn some respect, ever heard of a telephone call? An alarm clock, I don’t work on your time pal! Just for that, I’m not going to answer this question and you had it coming.”
Prediction: The guy who sneezes over the guy who belches.

Cory “warm” Walmsley
David Heath “Bar”
Magic Eight ball says: All this shaking is making me dizzy.
Prediction: Corey Walmsley (I don’t trust anyone that shares a name with Gangrel)

Wes “Sherlock” Combs
Wilson “Wilson Wilson” Gouveia
Magic eight ball says: “Why do people always ask me questions? What do I look like a magic eight ball?”
Prediction: Gouveia (I liked him on Home Improvement)

Eric Schafer “back”
Rob McDonald “E, I, E, I, O”
The magic eight ball says: “Ric is gay”. Hey, I didn’t know that was a possible answer.
Prediction: Rob McDonald (he needs this one for the farm!)

The Main Card:
Jamie “Varnerlei Silva?” Varner
Hermes “don’t call him Herpes, you learn after the third or forth time” Franca
Ah, light weights. If they were any lighter, they’d just be weights.
We’re going to once again consult the eight ball that served us so well during the dark matches.
“Oh magic eight ball, will it be Jamie?” (shakes ball) … “Ask again later”.
“Oh Magic eight ball, will Varner be victorious?” (Shakes ball) … “Ask again later”
“Oh Magic eight ball will Hermes be the winner?” (shakes ball) … “Ask again later”.
“Oh Magic eight ball, tell me does Franca win the fight? (shakes ball) … “Ask again later”.
I regret to inform you that the magic eight ball mysteriously jumped really hard up against the wall, almost as though the hand of God came down and flung it that direction. Hmm, well it’s an unsolvable mystery so we’ll close the case right now.
I think that I will have to predict the fight myself. I think that to figure out who will win this fight, the task will be much simpler once the fight has reached its conclusion.
Prediction 1: Nobody laughs at that line.
Prediction 2: Hermes Franca (I just like the name better)

Christian Wellisch “e hot?”
Cheick “Conga Conga” Kongo
We’re still using the magic eight ball. It might not be working so well after I tossed (Uh, I mean it mysteriously was hurled, but clearly not by me) in to the wall after the incident with the last fight but we’ll give it a shot.
“Oh Magic eight ball, will Kongo be victorious?”
*shakes ball: “abwrivuftfygjhfvbzcgripfuiyreriwueyrois”
I think the eight ball has spoken.
Prediction: I believe the eight ball has made it abundantly clear weren’t you reading? (we'll take Congo)

Forrest “call me Gump just one more time and…hey, calling me Peter isn’t any funnier” Griffin
Stephan “Its not enough to be a Psycho, I’ve got to be an American Psycho” Bonner
First thought, gees these nicknames are long, hopefully Bruce Buffer can shorten them or this show will be dominated by ring introductions.
Here’s the deal, I don’t expect that this fight will be as exciting as the first. Those are high standards to live up to and even if they can do it, it is far more likely that if expectations are that high that they won’t be met and disappointment will reign.
I do think this fight will be very good. There is just something about these 2, they go together. Kind of like: Ice Cream and a Giant inferno, Ranch dressing and motor oil, you know, things that you just can’t imagine ever not being linked together.
Oh yeah, the fight. Well, Griffin barely lost to Tito Ortiz his last time out but Bonner hasn’t looked like anything special in his last couple of fights. I think Stephan is just bound to lose again.
Prediction: Griffin (and I don’t think it goes the distance)

Nick “The Replacement” Diaz
Josh Neer (…far, Neer…far, Neer…far, Neer…far)
Here is what I know about this fight, from research I have done. (that might be the funniest joke I’ve made all day) Diaz has lost the last 3 fights I’ve seen him in, and Neer has lost the last fight I’ve seen him in. I’m certain they both can’t keep those streaks going.
Josh Neer is supposedly called the dentist because after being knocked out by him some fighters needed dental work. Well, in that case if the name is supposed to be inspired from real life, my nickname for Gillespie is “doormat”.
So, here is my super-duper megascientific, so awesomely scientific analysis that we have to put the word mega in front of it as a warning of its power. Uh, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah, the thing where they fight. Ok, here goes, I am going to predict Josh Neer wins because I love Nick Diaz but would love him a little less if he started winning these fights.
Prediction: If you couldn’t figure it out from the above paragraph, I’m not repeating it for you.

Renato “Babalu, Babalu, Babalu, Babaluya, Praise ye the Lord~!” Sobral
Chuck “If I give him a stupid nickname he’ll probably kill me and I’d much rather he kill Ric” Liddell
You know my initial thought on this fight is that Liddell is pretty good. Now just hear me out, I think he’s so good, that should they ever decide to have a champion in the Light Heavyweight Division it should totally be him.
“Babaluya” has won like his last 10 fights in a row or something and 10 is a good round number. I remember being entertained by his last fight, at least I think it was him, he also fights under the name Diego Sanchez right?
For my most awesome analysis, Sobral can win this fight. He also can lose this fight. The key in predicting the eventual outcome will be trying to decide which one of those things will actually happen. I tried using the magic eight ball again but it just shouted a string of profanities back at me, I think its broken.
An upset wouldn’t shock me but I’m not going to pick it. It’s just too bad that we’re probably not going to see Wanderlei Silva “fuck chuck” at a later date after all.
Prediction: Liddell, (if he were champion, he’d retain, UFC really needs to hurry and create a title for this division)

Best fight: Griffin/Bonner, I expect the crowd to be most into this one.

Closing comment: The show looks good on paper, but that’s probably due to the smiley face I drew next to each fighter’s name. It looks like a 2 fight show with Nick Diaz providing entertainment simply by being Nick Diaz.

and there you have it. I'll try and figure out how we all did after the show. Everyone enjoy your beverage of choice, meal of choice and anything else of choice.

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10/10 Fight Night Card

Via: Gic Rillespie

UFC preview still coming.

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Kennedy-1 Vs. MySpace-0

Thanks to Ric Gillespie for pointing me to the above.

Oh and Ric I'd say its like he knows you.

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UFC 62 Preview coming.

I have sent my picks to Ric

and when I get picks back from them we will all 3 post the same triangle preview on our respective sites.

See, its a triangle because...there are 3 of us and a triangle has, oh never mind, you wouldn't understand~!

I think the Preview I just sent is easily my best work of the last hour.

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Brooks gives us reasons to believe

The above linked article is a column in the S.F. Chronicle

I liked it but...

The writer is mistaken about 1 thing. The Raiders don't control the scheduling of preseason games, the league does.

Teams used to be in control of this process until a few years ago which was why you always saw certain teams play other teams every preseason. Oakland and Dallas for example.

So saying that the Raiders purposely scheduled sucky teams to play in the preseason gives them too much credit. Besides, how then would you account for the NFC champions being the last team on the schedule?

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Third Quarter

Detroit - 3
Oakland - 21

Nothing of note happened accept a Detroit field goal.

Raiders played it safe with mostly running plays.

Tuiasosopo looks ok.

Randal Williams was hurt on the last play of the third quarter.

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Live Raiders Blogging

Third quarter, Raiders first drive, Marcus Tuiasosopo in at QB.

1st and 10: 5 yard gain.

2nd and 5: Justin Fargas carries for 4 yards.

3rd and 1: Justin Fargas carries for a Raiders first down.

OCC Comment: Fargas 7 carries 34 yards.

1st and 10: Fargas carries again for 2 yards.

2nd and 8: Tuiasosopo's pass incomplete to Randal Williams.

3rd and 8: Tuiasosopo sacked back at the 15 yardline by Sean Cody.

4th down: Glenn Pakulak to punt.

Due to the fact that scrubs are in, live blogging will end.

When the regular season starts, we'll last the whole game.

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Live Raiders Blogging

Third quarter:

Tim Duncan kicks off for Oakland, kick taken to the Oakland 32.

1st and 10: Kevin Jones for now gain.

2nd and 10: Kevin Jones gains 3 yards.

3rd down and 7: Kitna's pass is caught by Corey Bradford at the Detroit 43, gain of 8.

1st and 10 at Det. 43: Brian Calhoon carries.

2nd down: Kitna passes to Corey Bradford.

3rd and 4: Kitna's pass to Marcus Pollard incomplete.

4th down: Nick Harris punt downed inside the 10 yardline.

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Halftime thoughts

Detroit - 0
Oakland - 21

The good:
  • The passing game is on fire. Brooks looks good, Moss has 2 touchdowns and several receivers and tight ends had receptions.
  • Third down conversions, the Raiders were 4 for 5 on third down conversions.
  • The defense has played well with 2 turnovers, an interception and fumble.
  • Few penalties, 1 boneheaded penalty on offense and a 15 yard facemask on defense have been it for the Raiders and neither really hurt.
  • Aaron Brooks' mobility. He has used his mobility to escape more than a few sacks and create big plays.
  • Pressure: 2 defensive sacks 1 by Derrick Burgess and 1 by Terdel Sands but lots of pressure on other plays.

The bad:
  • its preseason.
  • They're playing Detroit which is kind of like not playing a real team.

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Live Raiders Blogging

2 minute warning

3rd down and 9 for Detroit at the 50 yardline.

Detroit - 0
Oakland - 21

3rd and 9: Kitna's pass complete to Mike Furry. First and 10.

1st down: Kitna's pass incomplete to Eddie Drummend. (Defensive penalty 12 men on the field, stupid penalty on Oakland)

1st and 5: Kitna carries, fumbles the football, recovered by Oakland. Recovered by Derrick Gibson.

First and 10 Oakland:

OCC Comment: Oakland has 11 turnovers in the preseason.

1st and 10: Oakland takes a knee to end the first half.

Halftime score:
Detroit - 0
Oakland - 21.

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Live Raiders Blogging

Detroit - 0
Oakland - 21.
Casey - 3 breadsticks, 4 pieces of pizza and 1 Mt. dew consumed.

Janikowski's kick is returned by Eddie Drummend.

Detroit will begin 1st and 10 inside their own 20 yardline.

1st and 10 at Det. 18: Kitna's pass incomplete to Marcus Pollard.

2nd down: Kitna's pass incomplete to Roy Williams, Fabian Washington on coverage.

3rd and 10: John Kitna runs for 8 yards. (personal foul facemask on 52 Kirk Morrison 15 yard penalty.)

1st and 10 at Det. 43: John Kitna sackd by Terdel Sands.

Detroit calls timeout, second charged timeout.

7:34 to play in the 2nd quarter.

2nd down and 21: John Kitna's pass complete to Kevin Jones.

3rd and 9: Kitna fumbles, recovered by Mike Furry.

4th down: Nick Harris to punt: downed by Detroit inside the 10 yardline. Downed by Corey Bradford after a 44 yard punt.

Occ Comment: The Raiders have gained 274 yards of total offense. Detroit has done nothing, the Morrison penalty was debatable, so not necessarily stupid.

1st and 10 Oakland inside the 10: Justin Fargas carries for a minimal gain.

2nd down 10 at the Oak. 8: Brooks pass incomplete to Randal Williams.

3rd down and 10: Justin Fargas carries for 5 yards.

4th down and 5 at Oak. 13: Shane Lechler to punt: Eddie Drummend fields a 46 yard punt, tackled by Jarrod Cooper.

Occ Comment: First Raider 3 and out of the night.

1st and 10 Detroit: play for no gain.

2nd and 10: Kevin Jones carries for 9 yards.

3rd and 1: Kevin Jones carries for a Detroit first down.

1st and 10: Kitna's pass complete to Kevin Jones, (offensive facemask 15 yard penalty).

1st down and 19: Kitna's pass incomplete to Roy Williams.

2nd and 19: Kitna's pass complete to Corey Bradford for 10 yards.

OCC Comment: Detroit is hurt more by penalties in this game more than Oakland, now that's a switch.

3rd and 9: 2 minute warning.

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Live Raiders blogging

Detroit - 0
Oakland - 14

Second quarter:

Janikowski's kickoff downed for a touchback.

OCC Comment: I'm having fun doing the live blogging, I will probably do this more often. It doesn't hurt that the Raiders are winning.

1st and 10 Detroit at their 20: Kevin Jones carries to the Detroit 33 Gain of 13 yards.

1st and 10 Det. 33: Kevin Jones carries to Det 36.

2nd and 7: John Kitna's pass incomplete, pass intended for Roy Williams. Burgess applied pressure.

3rd down and 7: Kitna's pass incomplete, Kirk Morrison deflection.

4th down and 7: Doug Gabriel fields the punt and fumbles. Gabriel recovers.

Oakland first down at their own 25.

4th Raider possession.

1st and 10 at Oak 25: Aaron Brooks pass complete to Courtney Anderson up to the Detroit 44 yardline. Gain of 31.

1st and 10 at Det. 44: Lamont Jordan carries for 2 yards to Det. 42.

Occ Comment: Encouraging stat Brooks 7-12 159 yards 2 TD's.

2nd and 8: Aaron Brooks rushes for no yards.

3rd and 8: Brooks pass complete to Jerry Porter for a Raider first down.

1st and 10 Raiders: Brooks pass complete to Doug Gabriel for a first down to the Detroit 13 yardline.

Occ Comment: Encouraging stat #2, Raiders 4 of 5 on third down conversions

1st and 10 at Det. 13: Lamont Jordan carries for 13 yards, Touchdown...Raiders~!

Occ Comment: The offense is humming in this game, absolutely fabulous. Hopefully this means they're finding their stride and not that Detroit is just that bad.

Cebastian Janikowski's extra point is good.

Detroit - 0.
Oakland - 21.

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Live Raiders blogging

Third Raiders drive continued.

Third and 7: Aaron Brooks pass complete to Randy Moss for 14 yards to Det. 15.

1st and 10: Aaron Brooks pass complete to Randy Moss (Robert Gallery flagged for holding)

1st and 20 at Det. 25: Aaron Brooks pass incomplete to Zack Crockett.

2nd down 20 at Det. 25: Aaron Brooks pass complete to Randy Moss in the endzone 25 yard...touchdown Raiders~!

Cebastian Janikowski for the P.A.T: Successful.

Detroit - 0
Oakland - 14.

OCC Comment: Good to see Brooks and Randy Moss developing a chemestry.

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Live Raiders Blogging

Detroit - 0
Oakland - 7

Raiders second drive begins First and 10 at their own 20 yardline.

First and 10: Aaron Brooks pass incomplete to Randy Moss.

Second Down and 10: Lamont Jordan carries for 10 yards. Lips off the field.

First and 10 at the 30: Handoff from Brooks to Zack Crockett for a 2 yard gain.

Second down and 8: Justin Fargas on the carry, pick up of 14 yards.

OCC comment: The Raiders having success running draws up the middle.

First and 10 Oakland at the 45: Fargas runs to the right for a minimal gain.

Second Down and 9: Aaron Brooks pass incomplete to Courtney Anderson.

OCC Comment: MMM, breadsticks.

Third down and 9: Porter makes an appearance. Aaron Brooks sacked by Sean Cody. (Offensive holding penalty declined)

4th down and long: Lechler to punt, the punt is 54 yards. 1 yard return.

Detroit's second drive:

First and 10: Kevin Jones on the run for a short gain.

Second and long: John Kitna's pass incomplete to Roy Willaims, ruled out of bounds.

Third down and 9: John Kitna's pass complete to Corey Bradford for a 19 yard gain.

OCC Comment: Inexcusable for the defense not to get the stop on third and long.

First and 10: Kitna pass to Corey Bradford is complete.

First and 10 Det. 45: Kevin Jones carries for 11 yards to the Raiders 43.

First and 10: Corey Sleschenger carries to the Oakaland 36 yardline.

Second down and 4: Kevin Jones for a gain of 1.

OCC Comment: Third slice of pizza now started, as we are in commercial timeout. First Mt. Dew taken from the refrigerator

Third down and 3: John Kitna carries for 4 yards for a Detroit first down.

1st and 10 at the Raider 32: John Kitna pass incomplete to Mike Furry. (Detroit is challenging the ruling on the field) (the play stands as incomplete, Detroit charged a timeout)

2nd and 10: Kevin Jones carries )offensive holding penalty accepted)

2nd and 20 at the Raider 42 yardline: Kitna's pas intercepted by Kirk Morrison.

Raiders take over.

First and 10 at the Oak 41: Aaron Brooks pass complete to Lamont Jordan, a gain of 15 to the Detroit 44.

1st and 10 at Det 44: Aaron Brooks pass complete to Randal Williams to the Detroit 40 yardline.

2nd and 6: Lamont Jordan on the carry for minimal to no gain.

3rd down: (ronald Curry reenters the game) Aaron Brooks pass complete to Ronald Curry for a first down.

1st and 10 ad Det. 32: Aaron Brooks pass incomplete to Doug Gabriel.

2nd and 10 Det. 32: Lamont Jordan carries to the Detroit 29 yardline.

Third and 7 at the Detroit 29 as the first quarter ends.

OCC Comment: A quick strike to Randy Moss has been the highlight. Good to see Burgess get a sack and Ronald Curry catch a pass. Thankfully Jordan wasn't seriously hurt.

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Live Raiders Blogging

First Detroit drive is upcoming.

First slice of pizza about to be consumed.

Quick note, the Huron Tigers defense looks good but they're still losing, same ol' Tigers.

Janikowski's kick is bad, taken by Detroit to up near the 40 yard line.

MMM, pizza.

First and 10 for Detroit at their 39 yard line. First play, Kevin Jones runs for 8 yards up to the 47.

Second down, Kevin Jones runs for a short gain. Stopped by Thomas Howard.

Third and short: 18 yard pass from John Kitna to Mike Furry.

First and 10 at Oak 35: John Kitna back to pass, sacked by Derrick Burgess at the Oakland 46 yardline.

Second and long: John Kitna pass incomplete to Mike Furry. Tyrone Pool on the coverage.

Third down and 20: John Kitna pass incomplete to Roy Williams. Nnamdi Asomugha on the coverage.

Detroit to punt after a big Burgess sack.

4th down: Punt travels into the endzone, touchback, Oakland will begin first and 10 at the 20 yardline.

OCC Comment: Good defensive drive with a bigtime sack after a bad kickoff.

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Live Raiders Blogging

The facts:

Detroit Lions
Oakland Raiders

Raiders win the toss.

Chris Carr returns the kickoff and gets good field position. Return of 32 yards.

The pizza has arrived, Pepperoni and Pineapple from Pizza hut for those curious.

First play is Lamont Jordan for a gain of a yard.

Second play: Aaron Brooks incomplete pass to Doug Gabriel. Gabriel with the drop. Third and 9.

Ronald Curry making his first appearance in the game.

Third play: Aaron Brooks finds Randy Moss wide open....Touchdown Raiders~!

63 yard TD pass, Aaron Brooks to Randy Moss.

Janikowski's P.A.T. is good.

3 plays, 64 yards in 1 minute for the drive.

Lions - 0.
Raiders - 7.

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No Mercy Spoiler.

Via: PWInsider

If you don't want to know, then don't

According to promotional videos sent to cable and satellite affiliates, the plan for the 10/8 WWE Smackdown No Mercy PPV main event is WWE World champion King Booker vs. Batista in a Summerslam rematch. The PPV will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina with tickets going on sale tomorrow.

This is not really that big of news, its the only possible main event for this show.

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Free Figure 4 Daily

The guest is Lance Storm, who is one of the best.

They get the news of Angle's firing during the show.

Over an hour with Lance Storm

Curtisy: F4WOnline.com

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This is big news.

I'm not surprised it went down this way, I'm really not.

I'll explain more later, after my head clears, I just had a nap.

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Ric's TNA recap

How ironic that a number of my posts are simply links to Ric's work?

Ok, seriously, I'm not just going to plug his Impact recap, I have some thoughts.
PS: I see no need to delve deeper into my opinion on TNA, since it's always been the same. Yes, TNA may often present better matches than WWE (although
that definitely wasn't the case on this show), but I couldn't care any less about most of what TNA features, nor does it sell to the masses, because every
other aspect of the product is amateurish in nature.

Now it may or may not come as a shock to Ric to learn that we actually agree completely on this point even though most of our talk on TNA on AIM might look to others as an argument.

My contentions regarding TNA have always been 2-fold:
  1. TNA on average has better matches than the WWE and on average their PPVs are more value for your PPV dollar.
  2. TNA generally has less offensive angles than the WWE, that don't make me want to wear a paper bag over my face every time I watch wrestling.

Now, point 1 is definitely easily debatable, you can make an argument either way. Point 2 I suppose is also debatable but it to me is a lot harder one.

But, here are the problems.

  1. Outstanding matches don't sell to a national audience, and even if they did, you don't get outstanding matches on Impact, those are found typically on PPV, which people aren't buying because you're not convincing them to buy even if you say we've got awesome matches at the top of your lungs for a month, that doesn't work. For me, some of the better in-ring work in WCW was in those last 3 months, because Sin, Superbrawl and Greed all had some pretty good wrestling on them, but nobody knows because nobody ordered.
  2. TNA angles may be less offensive, but what they lack in offensiveness they more than make up for in cheesiness. Most of their angles are recycled from the past and that's the nature of wrestling, but for crying out loud they're recycling the recent past which people don't look back on all that fondly. If you're going to steal, steal something good.
  3. Production, production, Production. It all looks so low-rent as compared to WWE. Looks are everything and something that looks low-rent will be treated as low-rent. Here's something for TNA to keep in mind. In the great Beta Vs. VCR wars, Beta had a far superior product. VCRs still won out. Why? Because the people behind the VCR new marketing and they marketed their product as superior and so were treated that way even while being technically inferior in terms of quality. (that's the over simplified version but that's the gist of what went down) I'm not suggesting TNA is far Superior to WWE by any means, but even if they were, the presentation is far inferior to WWE and that is always why they'll lag behind.
  4. WWE is to wrestling what Coke is to softdrinks. In the south if you want a softdrink you ask for a Coke even if you want a Pepsi. When WCW was beating the WWE like a red-headed stepchild, the name most commonly associated with Wrestling was that of the then WWF now WWE. That's a lot to overcome and that's why the only way WWE is out competed is if they completely self-distruct on themselves.

Only other thing I have to say is that LAX rules, and you know it.

On another note, the example of Beta is why I am not committing to either HD-DVD or Blue Ray. Blue Ray is technically superior, but Blue Ray is also backed by Sony, who were backers of Beta when it lost a race it probably should've won.

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Porter should pack his bags

Interesting column in the Contra Costa Times it basically says what I've been saying this whole time about the Raiders and their handling of the Jerry Porter situation. I breakdown the column behind the cut.

The Oakland Raiders have had one heck of an August so far. They come into tonight's game against Detroit 3-0 in the preseason. There have been no major
injuries. And phase one of the Jerry Porter Project has gone perfectly.

Since the man himself has participated in just a handful of plays this summer, a reintroduction may be in order. Porter is the Raiders' longest-tenured
wide receiver, dating back to the days of Chuckie faces and winning records.

He also is the rightful heir to the storied succession of Raiders who have straddled the line that indicates where a player becomes more trouble than he
is worth. During his time with the team, Porter has popped off when common sense called for introspection. He has identified "m" and "e" as his two favorite
letters in "team." While productive, his walk has fallen short of his talk.

In short, he is the embodiment of the way things have gone in Oakland the past few years.

OCC Comment: Porter was always a me-first kind of guy. He clashed with Jon Gruden, he thought he should be a first-round draft pick and so his rookie season he dawned the number 1. He’s always thought more of his talent than he’s produced with it. He’s had some good games but never been the kind of player he advertises himself as.

Further we read:

Whereas new/old Raiders coach Art Shell is the embodiment of the way things once were in Oakland, when being a Raider was about more than posing and jumping
offside (occasionally at the same time). Shell's mission statement is no easy task: Introduce discipline to the undisciplined, apply urgency to the unmotivated,
and coax enough will and want-to out of these players to see if they are underachievers (as has been suggested), or simply unusable parts.

Thus, it was inevitable Shell and Porter would eventually find themselves nose-to-nose. It didn't take long -- their first meeting last spring ended with
the player being ordered from the coach's office.

OCC Comment: I remember reading about this when it happened and being very interested. I’ve read about what went down in that meeting since then and it seems to me as though Coach Shell put his foot down right in Jerry Porter’s backside.

Still further:

Now it could have been that Shell had just finished watching the film from last season's game at Kansas City. Or that Porter walked into the meeting wearing
a Franco Harris Fan Club T-shirt. A more likely scenario is that both men understood who they were, what they stood for, and the sheer unworkability of
their arranged professional marriage.

It's like that in football. And in business. And in the military. And on the middle-school playground. A new alpha male shows up, bent on changing the culture.
He identifies the one guy who represents his biggest obstacle to that end. And he commences making an example of the poor fellow.

As we mentioned, mission accomplished. True, Shell's hair-trigger temper in that first meeting smells of premeditation. Yes, the calf injury Porter has
claimed throughout camp smacks of, "Back atcha." The more important aspect to this dynamic is that Shell has sent a message to the rest of the team:

It could happen to you, too.

Why has he done this? One, because it needed to be done. And two, because he can. Shell (a) is a former Raider, (b) is a Hall of Famer, and (c) was introduced
at his Hall of Fame induction by team owner Al Davis. Bill Callahan and Norv Turner, who were routed by the inmates while Davis sat by more or less passively,
would have killed for that kind of cache.

Shell has it, and he is putting it to work. For one thing, Raiders who make mental mistakes in practice now find themselves running laps afterward. Does
this mean the team now can shred the "Dumbest Team in America" letterhead that Callahan left behind? Not necessarily. But at least Shell is trying a new
and proactive strategy.

OCC Comment: Well, I say good. The culture around the team needs to change. It has been a disaster since Gruden left and something had to change even if it is a return to old school.

It just can't end with phase one, is all. To make this thing truly resonate, the Raiders need to send Porter packing.

But phase two will be tricky. For starters, it would be a good idea to get him on the field to showcase him, starting tonight. That means Porter has to
be ceded back some control in this situation. He has to pronounce himself fit for duty (the calf can be such a tricky muscle). Then Shell has to run some
offense his way.

Here's the biggie -- Davis is going to have drop his demand that Porter return the $4 million bonus he received when he signed his most recent contract.
Current estimates project that happening the day Davis introduces the team's new mauve-on-green-on-polka dot jerseys.

It has been reported that the Raiders already have received trade offers from teams interested in Porter -- all of which they have declined. So it could
be they not only will have to write off the $4 million as Porter's lovely parting gift but lower their asking price as well.

That's not immediately gratifying, but it's the way to go. They have an intriguing stable of potential replacements in Doug Gabriel, Alvis Whitted and (should
he ever healthy up) Ronald Curry. Plus, keeping Porter around as a dead player walking invites the kind of polarizing Marcus Allen situation that sullied
Shell's first go-round as coach of the team.

Better to let him go somewhere else to see what kind of greatness awaits him. The Raiders already know how that one turns out.

OCC: Well, here’s the thing, they have to trade him. You don’t just release this guy and let him go for nothing. If you can get a second or third round pick in return go for it. I don’t think he’s worth the 1 that the team has been asking for, and to trade him for a 1 would in a way validate his claims that he was underused the whole time. They’ll be fine with Whitted, Morant, Gabriel and Curry along with Randy Moss. They’d be better with Porter, but the trouble is that you shouldn’t keep a guy around that doesn’t want to be there simply out of spite, it doesn’t work.

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Want a free radio?

This is for people that already subscribe to Sirius Satellite Radio or I guess in theory know someone who they could share subscriptions with.

Email details behind the cut:

As a valued customer, you already love the sports, news, entertainment and 100% commercial-free music. With your FREE SIRIUS radio, there's even more to
share. That's more Howard, more music and more NFL, NBA and NHL® action.

Plus share great channels like Fox News Talk, Cosmo Radio, Blue Collar Comedy and, coming in January 2007, NASCAR®. Don't forget Radio Disney for the kids.
Now you can keep one in the car or the house—and keep everyone happy.

Remember, your free SIRIUS Starmate radio requires the purchase of a home kit or boombox and a second 6-month subscription at just $6.99 a month.

The entertainment is unlimited.
This offer however, is not.
Log on to your subscriber account before September 25, 2006 to get your FREE SIRIUS radio while supplies last.

This offer is for subscribers only, so be sure to log on with your username and password.

* Offer open only to existing SIRIUS subscribers, whose accounts are in good standing, from August 21, 2006 through September 25, 2006. Free Starmate or
Sportster radio requires purchase of a home kit, executive dock or boombox. A pre-paid subscription of at least six months, paid by credit card (which
may be combined with SIRIUS prepaid card), must be activated for each radio no later than September 25, 2006. If free radio(s) is not activated by September
25, 2006, SIRIUS reserves the right to bill subscriber for the minimum subscription requirements associated with this promotion with the credit card on
file within the subscriber's programming account. Subscription will initiate immediately. If a credit card is not on file within subscriber's programming
account, SIRIUS will charge customer for full price of hardware with the credit card information on file within the SIRIUS online store. Limit two radios
per customer. SIRIUS reserves the right to bill costs of minimum subscription or costs of hardware five days after shipment confirmation email. Shipping
and handling charges will apply to all radio purchases. Promotion valid only for United States subscribers. Canadian subscribers are not eligible. After
completion of the initial subscription period, service will renew automatically for additional periods of the same length on SIRIUS' standard Terms & Conditions.
If subscriber does not keep both the original subscription and multi-subscription active and his/her account in good standing for six months, subscriber
will automatically be billed for the full retail cost of the free radio, plus shipping, handling and tax. Service cannot be assigned or transferred. SIRIUS
makes no warranties with respect to SIRIUS-compatible hardware. Subscription to service is sold separately from hardware and is supplied in accordance
with SIRIUS' standard Terms & Conditions. Service may not be available in all areas. Cannot be combined with any other gift or rebate offer. Cannot be
sold or transferred. SIRIUS reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time. All fees and programming are subject to change. While supplies
last. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. © 2006 SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. "SIRIUS" and the SIRIUS dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS
Satellite Radio Inc. "NFL" and the NFL Shield design are registered trademarks of the National Football League. "NBA" and the NBA silhouette logo are registered
trademarks of NBA Properties, Inc. NASCAR® is a registered trademark of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. All other trademarks,
service marks and logos are the property of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.


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