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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Carlito not happy about being left off of WrestleMania and current WWE position

You can read his interview in the Edmonton Sun by clicking here

I agree with him in that I'd also prefer he turn heel.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

ECW and TNA Ratings

ECW did a 1.7 on Tuesday.

TNA did a 1.0 last night.

Both numbers are roughly where they've been.

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Elijah Burke wins WWE Video Game Challenge

You can hear the victory speech here

I'm sorry but I think I should get fantasy points for this.

Seriously, I should.

Also, Euan and I recorded a new podcast that should go up eventually. This was probably our most disgusting show yet, until the next one. Fans of TNA, Chocolate or bendy straws may want to avoid.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

TNA iMPACT 03/29/07 Recap

I don't want to be here.

Listen to the old country Wrestlemania preview podcast, you won't regret it until the end. Refresh your browser for the latest stuff.

This is TNA, We are filing a lawsuit against Alan Lee for Defamation of character against everyone on earth.

A recap of the show from last week. Is this show over yet?

We go to Sting and James Mitchell and they are talking about things. Apparently, Abyss didn't shoot his dad, Abyss' mother shot him and Abyss wiped off the gun and took the fall. What the blue fucking fuck this has to do with Lockdown I don't know.

Tonight we get a preview of the Lockdown Xscape match, lucky us.

We don't waste time.

Match 1: Xscape match, Alex Shelley Vs. Petey Williams Vs. Sonjay Dutt Vs. Sharkboy Vs. Austin Starr Vs. Jerry Lynn

Eliminations occur when you are pinned or submit, until it gets down to the last 2 and then it is escape the cage. Cause you know, we can't have a simple match on these shows.

Alex Shelley was eliminated by Sharkboy. No, I'm not making that up so stop asking.

Mike Tenay just let out a scream after a toss in to the cage that sounded like he just heard the Old Country Wrestlemania Preview show.

Sonjay Dutt was the next eliminated.

A brainbuster from Starr eliminates Sharkboy.

Canadian Destroyer takes out Starr. So Lynn and Williams battle to escape the cage. If your wondering why I'm not saying much between eliminations it is because there is nothing to say.

Winner: Jerry Lynn, don't ask me how I'm really not paying that close attention.

After the match, Christopher Daniels attacks Lynn from behind with a ballbat. Daniels has new music.

Latisha welcomes Tomko back, I knew I didn't like her. Thankfully before he can say anything Christian interupts, but eventually Tomko does speak. Something about wanting a title shot or something.

Commercial Break!!! Thank God.

We're back as Team Cage comes out. Christian is still called the NWA champion, for those of you interested. It is not that I'm telling you that because I'm interested but because nothing else has been so far.

Christian on the stick. He makes Scott Steiner's joining his team official. Steiner needs no introduction but he's getting one. Christian says Steiner is the biggest baddest Booty-Daddy he's ever met. Steiner wants the title shot he deserves for losing to Kurt Angle at the last PPV.

The 4th member is out next and it is Abyss with Jim Mitchell.

AJ wants to know who the last man is, and the fans chant we want Sting. I want 9:00 PM Central time to come.

Tomko is out and talking as the fifth man and no good can come from this. He also wants a title shot, he asks for it tonight and that pops the crowd. Fuck Orlando, they should lose Wrestlemania for that shit.

Christian says he's a man of his word and will give Tomko a shot.

Just when I think this can't get anymore like a 20 minute Raw promo out comes Kurt Angle to talk his future in MMA.

Jim Cornette is out and he says this is a wrestling program, not a debate or soap-opera and his head doesn't explode, that wins him an award.

The gist of this was that tonight it is a member of Team Cage Vs. A Member of team Angle, the winner gets Tyson Tomko's services at Lockdown. I'd rather be the loser.

Commercial Break!!!
Fuck this shit, seriously.
We just got the TNA version of the worst opening 20 minute Raw promo ever, only it was in the middle of the show and felt like 20 years.

Good news though, We've cracked the top 10 podcasts in sports and recreation

We see a LAX/Team 3D promo. Even hearing from Konnan does nothing for me tonight, that aught to tell you how little I want to be here.

We're backstage with JB and Team Angle. Angle will wrestle tonight. I'm glad we're hearing from these guys, we didn't hear enough of them in the last segment.

Then we go to the best part of this show tonight...

Commercial Break!!!

Eric Young is out and I can take no more. I'm ending this recap here. You want to know what happens, you watch the damn show. You want to know my thoughts on this show, tune in to the next Casey and Euan Audio Assault and you'll hear a rant.

I feel like I'm wasting valuable keystrokes tonight.

My thoughts: Move on, and listen to the CARE/Jabroni Wrestlemania Preview show

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Full Pride Purchase Press Conference Transcript

Settle in because it is a long one


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Wrestlemania 23 CARE Preview Podcast Now Available!

This has to be one of the most insane podcasts we have ever recorded! Full description and link to download here

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Depression era Wrestling Star passes Away

Abe Coleman, believed to be the world's oldest pro wrestler passed away on Wednesday in a Queens Nursing Home He was 101.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Floyd Mayweather talks shit about MMA, Liddell

By Art Shimko

Jesus H. Christ, raggin' on MMA lately is the In Thing~! as the kids like to say, take Floyd Mayweather for instance from an article on The Sweet Science:

“UFC ain’t shit,” he said. “It ain’t but a fad. Anyone can put a tattoo on their head and get in a street fight.” He singled out UFC poster boy Chuck Liddell for an extra overhand right. “We should put Liddell against a good heavyweight, under Mayweather Promotions, and if Chuck wins, then I’ll give him a million dollars out of my own pocket.” PBF then shoe-shined all MMA fighters. “These are guys who couldn’t make it in boxing,” he said. “So they do (MMA). Boxing is the best sport in the world and it’s here to stay.”

Someone been watching old wrestling tapes for promos?? Another jack-off talking tough, and I'm not denying Mayweather's a tough fighter but c'mon, he sounds like a total hack here. Stick to shit-talking De La Hoya you fuckin' tomato can...

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Mixed Martial Arts News and Notes

Lets take a look around the world wide web and see what we come up with.

First, we have the Salaries for WEC 26.

In a story that I guess I don't really have to talk about, but will anyway, Tito flaps his gums regarding why he didn't box Dana White. If what he claims is true, which I don't think it is, why did he not do anything before the scheduled weigh-in and eventual pissing off of the NSAC?

There are videos from the Pride announcement here

Earlier this week, Melvin Guillard accused Joe Stevenson of using HGH. Now we have a response from Stevenson

Speaking of Joe Stevenson, Stevenson, reborn at 155 Pounds, looks for 3 in a row - UFC.com

PwInsiderXtra.com has reported that Zuffa has filed suit against Showtime and EliteXC claiming unauthorized use of copyrighted material and UFC's name for their own benefit.

GracieMag.com publishes a note that Royce Gracie does not have an opponent for Dynamite USA the site initially reported that he would be facing former NFL star Johnny Morton.

You can see the card for K-1 Hawaii here

You can see the Pride 34 card here

Diego Sanchez thinks that Heath Herring is Overpaid I think Jake O'Brien is underpaid.

Yet another story about the Pride-UFC deal. East Meets West in Landmark MMA Deal

The Baltimore Sun also Weighs in

Now A link to a whole bunch more stories that pretty much all say the same thing as the rest I bet.

Revenge is on Liddell's Mind I guess that proves it is more important than the IFL title.

I'm tired so while I know there is more, I'll get to it later.

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TNA Notes and News

Yeah, you know you love it.

First you can meet Lance Hoyt and Latisha, See part of a lockdown match on House and ask Bill Banks some questions.

Oh, you bet there is more.

TNA announces its DVD line through July
Against All Odds seems to be missing from the release list, not that you or I care.

DVD releases already out also get a Plug

Team 3D are up to no good.

For your reading pleasure or pain, depending on your outlook Sting interview

Last and probably least, official preview for iMPACT have I mentioned how I'm looking forward to recapping this? I haven't, good didn't want to make that mistake.

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Some douchebag golf writer gives his thoughts on the UFC/Pride merger

By Art Shimko

-- William K. Wolfrum: UFC, Pride merger brings hyperbole normally reserved for Tiger Woods

Read further below his moronic comments and my response:

Amongst the wisdom this idiot graces upon us is this little gem: "This is really going to change the face of (mixed martial arts fighting)," Fertitta said. "Literally creating a sport that could be as big around the world as soccer. I liken it somewhat to when the NFC and AFC came together to create the NFL."

While I understand he'd like to compare this merger to the AFL-NFL union, I'd like to compare my genitalia to the Empire State Building. But, that doesn't necessarily make it so.

He ends with this statement: Besides, Tiger Woods could kick all their asses anyway.

My reponse on his blog? you don't understand why this story is so huge because you write about Golf. Frankly I don't understand the big deal about Tiger Woods. And your understanding of mixed martial arts is like me saying golf is nothing more than someone trying to get a ball in a hole. Yes, it's an intriguing sport I'm sure.
So why would you write a story about MMA then? It's a big story in the news but it looks like you just want an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and write this sport off. Do us all a favor and stick to the Tiger Woods love, leave the MMA writing to people who understand and love the sport.

Editor's Note: Casey here, I don't usually do this but I wanted to post my comment on this as well but didn't think it warrented a new post, so I'm just going to add it to what Art said above.

My comment to his blog.

Typical MMA basher, completely you miss the point, so allow me to explain it to you.

If you were going to attack the Fertitta quote as being full of hyperbole you would've done better to attack the part where he said that this could make
MMA as popular as soccer.

Comparing the AFL/NFL merger to the joining of UFC and Pride is not a reach at all. The latter will ultimately have the same impact on competition as did
the former. Think about it, what successful pro football leagues have sprung up since the AFL and NFL merger and offered the new NFL any real competition?

The level of talent under the UFC/Pride umbrella will make it just as difficult for any other company to seriously compete. Some will try just as many have
tried against the NFL, but if anyone makes a name for himself in a competing group they will probably be signed by the Fertittas at the earliest opportunity
with the promise of more money and the ability to be a bigger star by competing against the top competition in the world. Sound at all familiar in any

Surely, as someone who makes a living in a world that often requires the use of quotes for a story you should know that usually there is what a person says
and what they really mean in a given statement. You figured out what he said but missed the point on what he really meant.

Oh, and last thing, you've obviously seen few if any MMA bouts based on your description of what happens.

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Smackdown Spoilers

If you want to know what happens before it happens, Click Here

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More on the sale of Pride from its Present and Future Leaders

I'm just going to copy and past this post directly from Canvas Chronicle.com give Ric credit, and if he doesn't like it he can phu-cough!!

I realize I haven't given this truly groundbreaking story the coverage and attention it deserves, so I'm hoping (in my own lazy little way) these quotes
from Tuesday's press conference help to put many of the lingering questions to rest:

Executive Director - Nobuhiko Takada

"I first met Nobuyuki Sakakibara in June 1996. Shortly afterwards, we formed PRIDE together, and up to now, we've created 10 miraculous years. Over that
decade, Mr. Sakakibara has given his life and his reputation to foster PRIDE to where it is now. PRIDE has evolved to this stage thanks to the care and
love that he, his staff, the fighters, and the fans have nurtured it with throughout the years.

All this time, I've referred to Mr. Sakakibara as 'Representative,' but from now on, I think I'll call him 'Barachan,' just like in the old days. Barachan,
thank you so much for everything that you've done over the past ten years, for all your efforts and your passion. Barachan has invested his entire life
into PRIDE, and as he leaves the house he helped build, we echo the same sentiment: Nobuyuki Sakakibara, please come back someday.

We have a tremendous responsibility to make sure that the MMA institution we've built remains intact for eternity. Subsequently, the existing relationship
and mutual values of Barachan and Lorenzo Fertitta appears to be something of a gift from the MMA gods. Because now, Barachan bequeaths the spirit of PRIDE
to Lorenzo Fertitta, who shares in the love for this sport and the fighters who compete in it. In spite of its success over the past ten years, PRIDE was
on the verge of destruction by the actions of uncaring people whose only concern was money.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, PRIDE is not being absorbed or acquired by the UFC. Lorenzo Fertitta is now in possession of two different teams,
neither of which is superior to the other. This will be a new era of friendly and positive competition between these two teams. This is something we've
been building up to for a long time, and I am a confident that 10 or 20 years down the road, PRIDE/UFC's rivals will in fact be other sports, as well as
the Olympic games.

In closing, I also want to emphasize that PRIDE will continue to be the stage for the best fights between the greatest fighters in the world. Maintaining
this high standard is a responsibility that we will continue to strive for under the leadership of Lorenzo Fertitta and with the support of our fans. Rest
assured that we remain steadfast in dedicating all our efforts, our heart and soul, to bringing you the best of the best. PRIDE cannot exist without its
fans, and as such, we hope that you will give us your continued support."

Pride Worldwide Owner - Lorenzo Fertitta

"I'm very happy tonight to announce the combination of the two biggest and two most important MMA organizations in the world. I've been a fan of Pride for
many years, and I have enormous respect for what Mr. Sakakibara and the rest of the Dream Stage team has been able to accomplish over the last 10 years.

It was about 7 years ago that I was sitting in my home in Las Vegas and I had the opportunity to buy a show on PPV. It was a new show for me, and it was
called PRIDE. And for me, that was the beginning of the love affair with this brand. I sat there and watched an epic battle between Kazushi Sakuraba and
Royce Gracie that lasted for an hour and a half. And I saw the production and the quality of the show and I was completely blown away.

And a short time later, I was invited to come out to a live event, and I had the pleasure of going to the Saitama Super Arena to see Wanderlei Silva beat
Kazushi Sakuraba in another great epic battle. After seeing the event live and seeing the incredible level of the production and the quality of the fighters
and the athleticism, I was hooked on PRIDE forever."

Dream Stage Entertainment President & CEO - Nobuyuki Sakakibara

"Thank you very much for attending today's press conference, despite the fact that this was announced on short notice and on a weekday. I'm very happy to
see so many fans and media people. Thank you very much.

I must warn you that I don't have a speech written. I tried to write one, but I just couldn't find the right words. I've written out how I want to start
this speech, and I'll read these words, but after a few sentences, I may simply speak from my heart.

On October 11th 1997 at the Tokyo Dome, Rickson Gracie fought Nobuhiko Takada. That event gave birth to PRIDE FC, and this year we commemorate the 10-year
anniversary. Our success is due in no small part to the support of fighters, fans, and other pertinent people. For that, I'd like to thank you from the
bottom of my heart. Without your help, we would not have made it this far. Thank you very much.

Over the past 10 years, we made history, presenting 60 PRIDE events and more than 600 fights. We sought out the best and strongest in the world, echoing
a theme that harkens as far back as Pankration matches during the Greek Olympics. This decade was a big success, but now we face a moment in time that
will separate our past from our present.

This past year was a very difficult one for PRIDE, Dream Stage, its fans, and myself. There were numerous times when I wanted to give up and run from my
position as the head of PRIDE and Dream Stage. But then I would remember the faces of the fighters and their matches. I remembered the support. I remembered
how the staff, the fans, and the people around me pushed and encouraged me. And I remembered that I wanted to ensure that the PRIDE that I love would continue.

I want to make sure that the PRIDE ring, where miracles happen, will be here in the future. That is my goal here today.

As the representative of Dream Stage Entertainment, there were two things I wanted to accomplish in 2006: to return to broadcast television and rebuild
our credibility in Japan. Our credibility was hurt due to being removed from broadcast television, and while I realized that we could easily resolve our
problem if I resigned and left Dream Stage, such a drastic solution would not resolve the second, larger problem.

In 2006, MMA saw the birth of several new organizations, such as BodogFight, and also the sudden success of the UFC. Competing against these companies was
going to take a lot of power, including financial stability.

I represent a small company, with only 200 million yen as capital. Comparatively, we were a rowboat going up against major ships and bigger boats, and we
were about to enter very rough water. I realized that in order to assure PRIDE's continued success, I needed to find a solution to save our rowboat. Subsequently,
I started to look for a faster boat with a stronger engine. One that could deliver us that much quicker. There were many different people who were interested
in PRIDE, but I determined that there was one person worthy of being introduced to you today.

With that, I present Mr. Lorenzo Fertitta as the new owner of PRIDE.

Mr. Fertitta is the co-owner of Station Casinos, and also the co-owner of the UFC, which has been PRIDE's biggest competitor. He also was the commissioner
of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which obviously is an important role in the world of MMA.

I first met Lorenzo when he assumed the position of UFC owner in 2001 and since then, we have been each other's toughest rivals. In some ways, however,
we also have been fighting with the same goals, to nurture the growth of MMA as a sport. Lorenzo has a vision about the future of MMA and we've talked
about it numerous times for hours at length. As such, in many respects, I also see Lorenzo as a comrade-in-arms.

Since last summer, Lorenzo and I have been talking about the future of MMA. Lorenzo has a large heart, and I know that he doesn't want our sport to be damaged,
especially in light of how far it's come. Even though he owns the UFC, Lorenzo loves and respects PRIDE. He told me 'OK, I'll give you a new ship to replace
that rowboat. I'll give you an aircraft carrier.'

Lorenzo believes that PRIDE should maintain its luster, and he will make sure that PRIDE is here to stay. I trust and believe in Lorenzo. PRIDE is like
my baby, and I've decided to give the future of my baby to him.

But please don't misunderstand the situation. This is not a speech about the UFC purchasing PRIDE. The UFC will forever stay as a competitor to PRIDE, because
the UFC is operated by Zuffa Entertainment and Mr. Dana White. And the position that Lorenzo is assuming is similar to that of a commissioner of MMA. He
will create a new enterprise to represent PRIDE and I will transfer all of PRIDE's rights to the new company. As of PRIDE 34, to be held on April 8th,
I will resign from my post as the President and CEO of PRIDE. I relinquish the future of PRIDE to Lorenzo, and I trust that he will keep PRIDE and the
UFC as two separate major brands.

The UFC/PRIDE rivalry in the past has been the equivalent of a street fight. However, we can now fight in the future officially as a new major brand. And
just think about what is now possible: UFC fighters in the PRIDE Lightweight Grand Prix, a rematch of Mirko Cro Cop and Fedor Emilianenko, and of course
the dream match that fight fans have been talking about for years, Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva. I promise that fight fans' dreams will come true.

And to the fighters, not only can you be a PRIDE champion, but also a UFC champion as well, because now there really will be fights between PRIDE and UFC
fighters. The sky is the limit.

Being just barely more than a decade old, MMA has a considerably short history. However, it has clearly captured the hearts of people throughout the world,
and I think its safe to say that PRIDE had a lot to do with building this sport's foundation. But now, I entrust the staff of PRIDE and the future of MMA
to Lorenzo Fertitta.

I'm quite emotional right now, and I have so much more to say. PRIDE is not just my child; it's my baby girl, and I would ask Lorenzo to take very good
care of my baby, so she can continue to grow. As of PRIDE 34, Dream Stage will relinquish all involvement with PRIDE, and I will take my leave as the representative

I regret not being able to realize PRIDE's return to broadcast TV during my tenure as the President and CEO of PRIDE, but I would like to erase all the
negativity and bad publicity with my resignation. With my departure, there will be no obstacles, and PRIDE will have its luster again, shining bright and
clean. Lorenzo is an excellent man with a lot of talent. Lorenzo, please make sure that you get our broadcasting rights back. It would make my staff very
happy to see the Fuji TV staff running around the Saitama Super Arena, shooting a PRIDE fight again. Also, I'd like to wish great success for the Dream
Stage staff, who will resign from DSE and become employees of the new company.

But fear not, for PRIDE is here to stay, and PRIDE still is made in Japan. The spirit of PRIDE still lives in Japan, and in the hearts of fans worldwide.
This is the beginning of something bigger than we've ever known, and it is all thanks to the love and support that the fans have shown PRIDE and its fighters.
Please take a good care of PRIDE, and thank you very much for your help over the past decade."

Ric Gillespie's Canvas Chronicle

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Navarre signs exclusive DVD Distribution deal with Zuffa, LLC

The full press release is behind the cut, but for those curious, this is the same company that distributes TNA's DVD line.

Navarre to Distribute The Ultimate Fighter(R) TV Reality Series on DVD

MINNEAPOLIS, March 27 -- Navarre Corporation (Nasdaq: NAVR) a publisher and distributor of physical and digital home entertainment and multimedia products,
today announced an exclusive DVD distribution agreement with Zuffa, LLC, creators of the Ultimate Fighting Championship(R) and The Ultimate Fighter(R).

Under the terms of the agreement, Navarre has licensed the exclusive United States DVD distribution rights to the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization's
Spike TV reality television series "The Ultimate Fighter." The Ultimate Fighter series is now heading into its fifth season and regularly receives ratings
higher than the many NBA, NHL, NASCAR in the coveted 18 to 34 year old male demographic.

Marvin Gleicher, Senior Vice President - Content and Marketing, commented on the agreement, "Navarre is thrilled to sign a long-term agreement with Ultimate
Fighting Productions, the leader in the mix martial arts category. With this agreement Navarre has positioned itself as a premier publisher and distributor
in this growing and wildly popular form of entertainment. We look forward to working with Ultimate Fighting Productions and our retail partners to further
grow the mix martial arts entertainment category in the future."

"Navarre is the perfect partner to distribute our The Ultimate Fighter series television events on DVD given their understanding of the mixed martial arts
category and strong relationships with North America's leading retailers," stated Dana White, UFC President. "Our goal is to ensure our fan base has every
opportunity to experience the most exciting live sporting event in the world!"

About Navarre Corporation

Navarre Corporation (Nasdaq: NAVR) is a publisher and distributor of physical and digital home entertainment and multimedia products, including PC software,
CD audio, DVD video, video games and accessories. Since its founding in 1983, the Company has established distribution relationships with customers across
a wide spectrum of retail channels which includes mass merchants, discount, wholesale club, office and music superstores, military and e-tailers nationwide.
The Company currently provides its products to over 19,000 retail and distribution center locations throughout the United States and Canada. Navarre has
expanded its business to include the licensing and publishing of home entertainment and multimedia content, primarily through the acquisitions of Encore,
BCI, and FUNimation. For more information, please visit the Company's web site at http://www.navarre.com.

About the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Zuffa, LLC

The Ultimate Fighting Championship(R) brand is the world's leading professional mixed martial arts organization and offers the premier series of MMA sports
events. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., the UFC(R) organization produces approximately twelve to fourteen live
pay-per-view events annually that are distributed through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its U.S. distribution, UFC(R) fight programs are
distributed throughout the world including broadcast on WOWOW, Inc. in Japan, on MAIN EVENT in Australia, Globosat in Brazil and Bravo in the United Kingdom.
For more information, or current UFC(R) fight news, visit http://www.ufc.com.

Ultimate Fighting Championship(R), Ultimate Fighting(R), UFC(R), The Ultimate Fighter(R), Submission(R), As Real As It Gets(R), Zuffa(TM), The Octagon(TM)
and the eight-sided competition mat and cage design are registered trademarks, trademarks, trade dress or service marks owned exclusively by Zuffa, LLC
in the United States and other jurisdictions. All other marks referenced herein may be the property of Zuffa, LLC or other respective owners.

CONTACT: Haug Scharnowski, Vice President Corporate Relations of Navarre Corporation, +1-763-535-8333, hscharnowski@navarre.com

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Some INDY-RIFIC~! Rasslin' notes...

By Art Shimko

-- Indy wrestling news and notes below...

-- Mike Quackenbush makes his Ring Of Honor debut on 4/27 in St. Paul (Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma & Hallowicked vs. Pelle Primeau & Mitch Franklin) and 4/28 in Chicago (Quackenbush vs. Delirious vs. Kevin Steen vs. Gran Akuma vs. Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked). All I have to say is It's about friggin' time~!

-- ROH wrestlers will be appearing on Detroit's FOX 2 morning show this Friday. Also Colt Cabana, Delirious, Nigel McGuinness, BJ Whitmer and many other ROH wrestlers will be at The Detroit Beer Company [1529 Broadway] on Saturday and you can have lunch with the boys for $16.95 or $25 for lunch and a ticket for the ROH show that night were you can be shuttled to after lunch. Reserve your spot in the luncheon by e-mailing detroitbeerco@yahoo.com.

-- Here's a scouting report on the Dragon Gate wrestlers appearing at the ROH shows this weekend. More info on Friday's show and Saturday's show.

-- Some usual wackiness from CZW Commish Maven T. Bentley:
It has come to my attention that many fans have been asking questions about the format of this show and that show. Yes, Best of the Best is being moved to July, and those who will not be in it are: Javi-Air, Ryan McBride, either member of Team AnDrew, and Eric Tuttle! The rest of our roster may still have an opportunity, but have no guarantee that they will be in the tournament. In fact, I may have another test for them in the near future...

I know fans have been waiting for new match-ups to be announced, but to be quite honest, I have had other issues on my mind! Combat Zone Wrestling owner John Zandig physically assaulted me at the last show, as did his parental lackey, "Lobo". Although, the attack itself could have Mr. Zandig behind bars for many years, I was not the one who pressed charges. I received a call from the PA State Athletic Commission, stating that those wonderful souls would support me if I wanted to take action against Mr. Zandig. Therefore, the following rule has been instated: Any time Mr. John Zandig enters a wrestling ring in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania without proper clearance, he will be fined the sum of one thousand (1000) U.S. dollars! Mr. Zandig, I know for a fact, that a certain minority-owned business relieved you of a good sum of money a few years ago. I would hate to see you lose what little you have left. You see Mr. Zandig, as always "Somebody has to pay!"--

Maven Bentley
"Somebody Has To Pay" and they can send checks to
PO Box 29741 Elkins Park, PA 19027

-- CZW Out With The Old - In With The New on 4/7 at the New Alhambra Arena, South Philly:
- CZW Heavyweight Championship: Justice Pain vs Drake Younger
- Loser Leaves Town: Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston
- Necro Butcher vs Mitch Ryder
- Iron Man Championship: DJ Hyde vs Toby Klein
- Jr. Heavyweight Championship: Jigsaw vs Vortekz

-- F1RST Wrestling Presents; "A New Era" on Sunday, April 22nd
In Minneapolis, MN at First Avenue!

Doors Open @ 6 p.m. - Bell Time @ 7 p.m.

Tickets are $8 and $5 w/ College ID - 18+, 21 to Drink : All Ages Welcome

* Stars from MTV's Wrestling Society X Collide! *
"The Anarchist" Arik Cannon -vs- D.I.F.H.'s Tyler Black

* Women's Action! *
"The Lovely" Lacey -vs- "The Radiant" Rain

* High Flying Cruiserweight Mayhem! *
Nate Bash -vs- "6% Body Fat" Rob James -vs- The Prophet -vs- "Kaos" Cody O'Neill

* International Man Of Mystery! *
Aaron Corbin -vs- A Mystery Opponent

Ryan Cruz -vs- "The Genuine Article" Chris Jordan

"Cowboy" Gator Magraw -vs- "The Future" Joey Envy

Also Scheduled to Appear...

Shane Hollister (Making his MN Wrestling Debut), "Playboy" Pete Huge,
Darin Corbin, Venom, and MUCH MORE!!!

Tickets Available Now!

Select "4/22/07 - F1RST Wrestling Presents: A New Era!" in the dropdown
menu to purchase your tickets now, via PayPal.

For more info, check out http://www.myspace.com/f1rstwrestling


on Saturday, April 7th- 7:30 pm Belltime
at the

The stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return to action on Saturday, April 7th at Renzie Park’s Jacob Woll Pavilion in McKeesport, PA at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $12 for ringside, and $10 general admission. Kids age 12 and under are only $6.

-- Mexican wrestler takes on eco-enemies

-- Lucha libre takes Elgin by storm

-- Pro wrestlers help raise $$ for charity

-- Scary Sherri gets what she wants

-- New mocumentary keeps Kayfabe

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ECW 3/27/07 Live Coverage

Hi everybody! I am back once again covering ECW. This certainly doesn't look like a good show, but then again it never does.

Let the bodies hit the floor? More like let the ratings hit the floor.

We start out with RVD against Elijah Burke. RVD starts out fast but Burke stops an attempt at a bridge and takes control. RVD thrown to the ropes but he telegraphs and regains control. Burke now stradled on the ropes and RVD hits a top rope kick. RVD now airborne and hits Burke head on.


Burke now in control and avoids a Rolling Thunder. Burke with a couple suplexes gets 2. Burke with a submission hold but RVD gets to the ropes. Nice elbow from Burke who now mocks RVD and gets a couple nearfalls. Burke has been showing some great agility. Burke comes off the top but gets kicked in mid air. RVD hits the Frog Splash for the win and the New Breed are out for a post match beat down but get stopped by the Originals.


Extreme Expose followed by Edge, Hardys and Punk in the locker room. Edge suggests that they act as a cohesive unit tonight.

Balls Mahoney is taking on Snitsky. Snitsky immediately takes it to the outside by ramming Balls' back into the ring post. Bak in the ring now and Snitsky is focusing on the head of Mahoney. Who did Balls Mahoney piss off for Snitsky to squash him?

Video of the Lashley/McMahon match from RAW. Point/Counterpoint segment with Lashley and McMahon up next.


Backstage with Kennedy, Orton, Finlay and Booker. They aren't as cohesive.

Vince is at WWE Headquarters while Lashley is backstage. Vince runs down Lashley then talks about the WM match. Lashley starts by calling Vince a bastard then an SOB and that's all he says.


Main event time. Short entrances for all 8 men.


Matt and Kennedy are in the ring with Matt in control who tags in Jeff for a little doubleteaming that gets a nearfall. Kennedy dodges a move then tags in Orton. Whisper in the Wind gets Jeff 2. More doubleteaming from the Hardy's gets another nearfall. Punk now in, gets a snap suplex on Orton but Kennedy breaks up the pin. Finlay now tagged in who lays right into Punk and gets 2. Booker now tagged in who did more showboating than moves and tags Finlay back in. Orton tagged in who keeps Punk from tagging out then tags Booker. Punk fights back and tags in Edge who was acting like he was going for a Spear but tags Punk back in and it all breaks down. Finlay hits Punk with his little cane (can't spell it and won't try) which allows Booker to hit the Scissors kick for the win. Hardy's come back in and use the ladder on the 4 heels. Cut to Finlay for a sec and the side of his eye is cut. Show ends with Hardys looking at each other on the ladder.

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IFL and Raw Ratings

3.9 and 0.8 bet you can't tell which is which.

Both shows are up last week, Raw is somewhat of a disappointment considering it is the week before the biggest show of the year.

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WWE drops a lot of money for TV angle.

I knew I should've gone to that Raw.

Useless Fact: Remember when WWE started the Donald Trup vs. Vince McMahon angle by Trump dropping money for the crowd on Monday Night Raw? Well, according
to WWE Magazine, they dropped $2,572,800 on the crowd that night in $100, $50, and $20 bills. Holy Russo era WCW, Batman! If that's true, that's about
half of what ECW owed when parent company HHG filed for bankruptcy.


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World Class Warriors to Clash at L.A. Coliseum in Historic Mixed Martial Arts Event

World-Class Warriors to Clash at the L.A. Coliseum for Historic Mixed Martial Arts Extravaganza

Blockbuster Fight Series to Arrive on June 2nd in the U.S. for First Time on SHOWTIME(R) Pay-Per-View

LOS ANGELES , March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- FEG (Fighting Entertainment Group), ProElite and Showtime Networks today announced a deal to bring the immensely
popular "K-1 Dynamite" mixed martial arts (MMA) series to the United States for the first time. Dubbed "Softbank presents Dynamite!! USA in association
with ProElite," this SHOWTIME Pay-Per-View event will take place June 2 at the legendary Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which will host a mixed martial
arts fighting event for the first time in its 74-year history.

"Dynamite!! USA promises to be one of the most exciting MMA events in history, and FEG is extremely excited to bring our production to this legendary Los
Angeles venue," said Mr. Tanikawa , CEO of FEG. "Mixed martial arts has shown tremendous growth in recent years and events like this show that we are looking
to raise the bar in making it one of the more popular sports in the U.S."

Headliners on the fight card will come from a variety of backgrounds, including 7-foot-2 South Korean giant Hong Man Choi , aka "Techno Goliath," who will
face off against former NCAA and WWE wrestling champion Brock Lesnar. Also joining the fight card on June 2 will be mixed martial arts legend Royce Gracie
and Johnnie Morton , a former USC Trojaanwide receiver and NFL star.

Hong Man Choi , a K-1 Asia champion, will be making his first U.S. MMA appearance at the June 2 event, where he will take on newcomer Lesnar, a North Dakota
native who rose to WWE stardom in shows such as WWE Raw, SummerSlam and WrestleMania. Gracie, a 14-year MMA pioneer and UFC Hall of Famer, began his training
in the discipline of Jiu-Jitsu and has taken on many larger opponents during his career, including 6'8, 486 lb. Sumo Grand Champion, Akebono, who Gracie
defeated. Morton, a Los Angeles native and football star with University of Southern California and the NFL's Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs and San
Francisco 49ers during an illustrious career, will be making his MMA debut at "Softbank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElite."

The pay-per-view fight card, which begins at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT , will feature up to six fights, with co-main events. Prior to the pay-per-view, SHOWTIME
will televise three explosive bouts featuring EliteXC stars Jake Shields , Antonio Silva and Gina Carano , free to SHOWTIME subscribers from 9-10 p.m.
ET/6-7 p.m. PT. For pay-per-view pricing and ordering information, viewers should contact their local cable or satellite provider.

"Dynamite!! USA will offer one of the most diverse and exclusive fight cards to appear in an MMA ring, something we feel is important for our inaugural
event in the U.S.," said Mr. Tanikawa , CEO of FEG. "All the fighters bring different sets of skills to the ring, which makes for truly entertaining combat.
MMA fans stateside and around the world will be treated to a number of exhilarating matches and unique competitors that make these fights so exciting."

"Softbank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElite" will combine the disciplines of karate, kickboxing and kung fu, as well as masteries of
jiu-jitsu, judo and wrestling. The action takes place in a boxing-style ring, which provides easy accessibility for TV viewers and audiences. FEG matches
take place in a controlled environment, where competitors are required to adhere to a series of rules and regulations. Fighters are not allowed to use
elbows and attacks are not allowed to the head when one of the opponents is on the ground.

FEG holds events in more countries worldwide than any other MMA organization. The events, which draw in excess of 90,000 fans to packed arenas, have been
broadcast in more than 130 countries, including New Years Eve prime time broadcasts that average more than 40 million viewers worldwide. Fans can purchase
tickets for Dynamite!! USA at all Ticketmaster locations, as well as online at
and the Coliseum box office. Ticket prices will range depending on locations. Seats are available both on the field and in the stadium bowl.

"Softbank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElite" was brought to the United States from Japan with the financial help of Mr. Masayoshi Son
, CEO of Softbank Capital, who, according to Forbes Magazine, is the richest man in Japan . Softbank, a leading telecommunications and media corporation,
has been a key partner in the distribution of broadcasting and videogram rights throughout the world using Softbank's global network. As a result, the
fighting competitions offered by FEG, such as "K-1," are currently viewed by spectators in more than 130 countries throughout Asia, Europe and Africa .

"As business partners, Softbank will combine FEG's excellent fighting sports content and event production expertise with SOFTBANK's strengths to pursue
further global expansion," said Mr. Son . "We will fully support 'Dynamite!! USA' and offer blood-tingling sport scenes to audiences throughout the U.S."

"This fight card, with a star-studded field of international competitors is one of the most compelling pay-per-view offerings I have seen in a long time,"
said Ken Hershman , Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sports & Event Programming, Showtime Networks. "Showtime Networks has long been a leader
in the pay-per-view business and we are proud to produce and distribute this event, as well as offer the compelling lead-in bouts on SHOWTIME. I would
like to thank Softbank, FEG and ProElite for their tireless effort helping pull off this epic event."

Calling the action on both the SHOWTIME telecast and the Dynamite!! USA pay-per-view will be play-by-play announcer Mauro Ranallo . Iconic world wrestling
star Bill Goldberg and veteran NFL reporter Jay Glazer will serve as color analysts. The executive producer of US telecasts will be David Dinkins , Jr.
with eight-time Emmy Award winner John Faratzis directing

"The tremendous growth of the sport over the last few years clearly demonstrates a demand for MMA on television and its passionate fan base is a community
which ProElite is building," said Doug DeLuca, CEO of ProElite.

In the weeks prior to the live event, SHOWTIME(R) will air a six-part series entitled "Countdown to Dynamite!! U.S.A.," profiling fighters, detailing the
match ups and previewing the historic night of action. New episodes of Countdown will premiere every Monday at 8:30 p.m. ET /PT beginning April 30 , on
SHOWTIME(R), with replays airing throughout the week on the network's multiplex channels. For a complete schedule of airings, visit to

Promotions partner ProElite will execute a range of marketing efforts leading up to the June 2 event. Through its ProElite.com Internet community which
is an inclusive, social network for fans, fighters and MMA organizations there will be exclusive content and promotional opportunities tied to this event;

About FEG

Formed in 2003, FEG, Inc assumed the role of K-1 Corporation in production and management of K-1 events that at the time were enjoying 13 years of success.
In addition to K-1 Events, FEG, Inc's goal was to expand the company's presence into the world of Mixed Martial Arts as it saw the overwhelming demand
from the viewers and fans. In 2005 FEG, Inc started the production of the Hero's events in Japan . Under the current corporate structure, FEG, Inc is responsible
for the production and promotion, as well as all other aspects of business from fighter contracts to event marketing of both the K-1 and Hero's (Mixed
Martial Arts) events all over the world.

About Showtime Networks Inc.

Showtime Networks Inc. (SNI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBS Corporation, owns and operates the premium television networks SHOWTIME(R), THE MOVIE CHANNEL(TM)
DEMAND(TM). All SNI feeds provide enhanced sound using Dolby Digital 5.1. SNI is also an owner and manager of SUNDANCE CHANNEL, a venture of NBC Universal,
Robert Redford and SNI. SNI also manages Smithsonian Networks, a joint venture between SNI and the Smithsonian Institution. SNI markets and distributes
sports and entertainment events for exhibition to subscribers on a pay-per-view basis through SHOWTIME(R) PPV.

About Softbank

SOFTBANK is a comprehensive digital information company providing a wide range of communications, portal and content services. With approximately 26 million
subscriber lines, we offer a broad range of mobile, IP broadband Internet and fixed-line communications services through our extensive network infrastructure
in Japan . SOFTBANK also offers a variety of content services, including Yahoo! JAPAN , the leading Japanese language portal with over 110 million unique
monthly browsers, as well as broadband broadcasting, video-on- demand ("VOD") and online games.

About ProElite

ProElite Inc. delivers consumers the most exciting entertainment experience in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) with live arena-based entertainment
events, cable television programming on Showtime Networks and community-driven broadband entertainment via the Internet. ProElite delivers the MMA sport
the highest levels of honor, integrity, discipline and self- esteem all the while remaining inclusive for fighters, fans and schools. ProElite's Internet
business, ProElite.com, capitalizes on the growing popularity of the sport of mixed martial arts by building a community of martial arts enthusiasts around
the world. ProElite's live fight division EliteXC delivers spectacular live MMA fight events that showcase the world's top fighters. In addition to cable
television broadcasts and net-streamed events, ProElite expands the fan base for the sport's fighters by incorporating the phenomenon of Internet-based
social networks and communities to bring ProElite fighters and fans together in both the virtual and real worlds.

SOURCE Fighting Entertainment Group

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New Match Added to tonight's ECW program

Tonight, in a battle of Team Captains, Rob Van Dam will take on Elijah Burke. This is good news for my WWE Fantasy team.

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Bodogfight, the Brothers Emelianenko make Mixed Martial Arts History

Russian Heavyweights Will Fight at Home for First Time During April 14 PPV

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, March 27 -- It's difficult to imagine the two toughest brothers on the planet have never fought professionally on their home soil.
That situation will soon change. Fedor and Aleksander Emelianenko will make their BodogFight debuts when they headline the much-anticipated pay-per-view
spectacle on April 14 at the ICE Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The two heavyweights are already household names in Japan, but have waited a long time to show off their considerable mixed martial arts skills to their
own comrades and are thrilled to finally get the opportunity.

"I will try to do my best to show a fine fight for my Russian fans," says 30-year-old Fedor. The world's number-one ranked heavyweight is scheduled to take
on American Olympic silver-medalist Matt "the Law" Lindland in BodogFight: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Lindland, Clash of the Nations.

"Our fans wished we could have fights in Russia a long time ago, so I hope they will cheer loudly for us at the ICE Palace," he adds.

While the 230-pound Fedor (24-1) is anxious to put on a good show, he admits he doesn't know a whole lot about his 185-pound opponent. Lindland has a 20-4
record, but will be fighting for the first time as a heavyweight.

"I do know Matt is a good fighter who makes a strong attack when he stands. He will also be putting on weight for this fight, so I am preparing myself seriously
at an Olympic mountain training camp in Kislovodsk," Fedor says.

It was Fedor's commitment to training that helped usher his younger brother Aleksander into the sport of MMA. Instead of babysitting Aleks, who is five
years his junior, Fedor would take him along to Sambo practice. Learning to imitate his brother's moves, Aleks soon went on to train with the legendary
Vladimir Mihailovich Voronov. Eventually, he became a two-time Russian national Sambo champion, and a two-time world Sambo champion, and is now ranked
among the top 10 heavyweights in the world.

Fittingly, the 253-pound Aleksander (9-3) will precede his older brother and fellow Red Devil Sport Club member into the ring as he squares off against
340-pound American Eric "Big" Pele (10-2) in a super-hot heavyweight matchup that promises to melt the walls of the ICE Palace.

"We are thrilled to have the Emelianenko brothers fighting for BodogFight in Russia," Bodog Entertainment Founder Calvin Ayre says. "They are true superstars
of the sport and their participation in this one-of-a-kind event makes it an absolute must-see for all fans of MMA."

Don't miss the chance to watch these "Sons of Sambo" in action, as they attempt to add to their already impressive MMA legacy in their beloved Russia.

Presented by BodogFight and M-1, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Lindland, Clash of the Nations will be available via satellite in more than 44 million households
in the United States exclusively on the Dish Network and In Demand, and to more than 3 million households in Canada via Viewers Choice, Shaw and Bell ExpressVu.
Details available at http://www.BodogFight.com/ppv/.

About Bodog Entertainment

Bodog Entertainment offers a host of entertainment services, including: an international television production division, which produces reality television
series, such as BodogFight (BodogFight.com) and Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker (Bodog.TV); an international record label (BodogMusic.com); a million-dollar
band search competition (BodogBattleoftheBands.com); a publishing division (with an online magazine, BodogNation.com, and news service, BodogBeat.com);
and an events department renowned for producing parties that are stunning, chic and celebrity-filled. Bodog Entertainment Founder Calvin Ayre, who is recognized
as a world authority on branding in the digital entertainment industry, was featured on the cover of Forbes magazine's best-selling "Billionaires" issue
in March 2006. For more information, contact Media Relations at 1-866-892-3371, or pr@bodog.com. BODOG is a registered trademark of Bodog Entertainment

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More on WWE's release of Joey Mercury

I can't say that what you are about to read comes as a shock to me.

Lots of stories are apparently out there, but the reasoning behind WWE's decision to fire Joey Mercury is said to stem from Mercury failing last week's
drug tests, which would mark (at least) the second time in about a seven-month period he's done so.

Not sure of the specifics, but whatever the violation, it had to be a serious one, since MNM were not only supposed to face Ric Flair and Carlito on last
night's episode of RAW, those pairings were also supposed to meet at WrestleMania.

Credit: Ric Gillespie and CanvasChronicle.com

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It is Official: Fertitta purchases Pride

You can read all of the known details by Clicking here

This is probably going to be the biggest story of the year.

That is probably going to be the biggest understatement I've ever made.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mixed Martial Arts News and Notes for 03/26/2007

Firstly, we have the press release announcing Liddell Vs. Jackson for UFC 71

The L.A. Times takes a Look at the bout it also notes that Liddell was given and passed a drug test after his classic TV appearance a few weeks ago.

On April 24, UFC 62 - Liddell Vs. Sobral will be released on DVD. UFC 61 'Bitter Rivals' will be released on 03/27.

Steve Sievert has Notes on the future of Pride things should start coming down in a matter of hours.

Sievert also has this piece Sanchez wants to fight Hughes

MMAWeekly reports that K-1 could be on its way to purchasing the England based Cage Rage

MMAWeekly has Even more details on what is going on with Pride FC.

Want to watch something other than WrestleMania on 04/01? Well, SpikeTV's Ultimate Fighter 3 Marathon may be for you.

Mike Chiappetta of NBC Sports has a new Blog

I think that's enough for now.

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Ugo Networks, Inc. Partners with ProElite.com to deliver Mixed Martial Arts Content to Ugo.com

New Site Provides Exclusive Channel for ProElite.com's Growing Online Community

LOS ANGELES--March 26, 2007--ProElite, Inc. (Pink Sheets:PELE), a leader in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) arena and dedicated to producing world-class, professional
MMA events and MMA community tools, today announced that ProElite.com, the premier MMA community site and the online division of ProElite, Inc., will partner
with UGO Networks, Inc., a leading online entertainment network and Nielsen//NetRatings Top 10 entertainment portal, to provide MMA content to UGO.com's
11 million unique U.S. monthly visitors.

ProElite.com is building a comprehensive and inclusive online community for MMA fighters, fans and organizations, regardless of the MMA league, fighter
organization or fan loyalty. ProElite.com is able to capitalize on the growing popularity of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and build a community of enthusiasts
around the world through video and blogging tools, social networking and exclusive fight content from EliteXC and others. UGO Networks has built dedicated
channels that cater to the diversions 18-to-34-year-old males crave – games, movies, TV, DVDs, music, tech gadgets, extreme sports and celebrities. UGO
Networks will create custom content featuring both ProElite, Inc.’s live EliteXC events and the broader ProElite.com MMA community. (www.ugo.com/elitexc)

“ProElite.com is dedicated to elevating the sport of Mixed Martial Arts for professionals and enthusiasts. Partnering with UGO Networks gives us an additional
opportunity to reach a dedicated and diverse audience, and by marrying exclusive content with our passion for Mixed Martial Arts, we know this relationship
will expand and enrich both of our audiences,” said ProElite.com President Kelly Perdew.

UGO’s ProElite-driven MMA community features EliteXC Fight Impressions with some of the hottest professional MMA fighters, including Gina Carano, who recently
won her bout in a SHOWTIME-telecast fight, becoming the first female MMA fighter to be featured on a cable telecast. ProElite, Inc. recently telecast its
premiere EliteXC MMA fight titled “Destiny” on SHOWTIME featuring 10 fights with a title card fight of MMA legends Frank Shamrock and Renzo Gracie. The
under card fights of “Destiny” were all streamed live for the first time ever to worldwide audiences through ProElite.com.

“Our audience can’t get enough of Mixed Martial Arts, and our partnership with ProElite.com and EliteXC truly delivers the excitement of MMA through incredible
access to the fighters, streaming content of MMA matches, plus custom content that fans can’t get anywhere else,” said J Moses, CEO of UGO Networks. “The
expanded Mixed Martial Arts content on UGO increases the stickiness of our site, and gives advertisers another great way to deliver impactful branding
and marketing campaigns wrapped in hard-hitting and exciting content.”

ProElite, Inc. and its EliteXC and ProElite.com divisions are headquartered in Los Angeles and UGO Networks is headquartered in New York.

About ProElite, Inc. (www.proelite.com)

ProElite, Inc. is an entertainment and media company dedicated to producing world-class sporting events and empowering the participation of athletes and
enthusiasts. ProElite, Inc. fosters the growth of the core principles of competition - Pride, Spirit, Honor and Sportsmanship. ProElite, Inc. owns the
following brands and companies: EliteXCTM (Mixed Martial Arts live event production), ProElite.comTM (online community that provides content and tools
for martial arts enthusiasts), and LifeLoggerTM (top-rated Internet blogging site and mobile application developer).

About UGO Networks, Inc. (www.ugo.com)

UGO Networks, Inc. (pronounced "Yu-Ji-Oh") is one of the leading web media networks providing dynamic entertainment to the coveted 18-to-34-year-old male
audience. With contributors spanning the globe, UGO Networks (UGO.com) has assembled a cast of experts for every dimension of entertainment – games, movies,
TV, DVDs, animation, music, tech, sports, comics, and girls. Reaching nearly 1 in 10 males on the Web, with more than 10 million monthly unique U.S. visitors
and over 25 million worldwide, UGO.com is a dominant force in the male-oriented online entertainment category, consistently placing among the Nielsen//NetRatings'
Top 10 entertainment properties. UGO Networks, which was founded in 1997, is headquartered in New York City and privately held.

The Rose Group for ProElite, Inc.
David Glaubke, David@therosegrp.com
Laura Benetti, Laura@therosegrp.com
Weber Shandwick for UGO Networks, Inc.
Stephen Sumner, 212-445-8475

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Full TNA iMPACT Spoilers for 03/29, 04/05 and 04/12/2007

Credit: Alan Wojcik.com

All behind the cut if you don't want to be spoiled.

Welcome to three hours of LIVE SPOILERS from TNA Wrestling in Orlando, FL. By the end of this three show taping we should have a good idea of the Lockdown
PPV matches heading to St. Louis on April 15th. Josh Rich, Mike WG, FL Indy wrestler Kahagas, Sean Waltman and legendary Japanese referee and New Japan
official Tiger Hattori were in attendance. Despite being a three show taping things moved pretty well as Dave Penzer and Jeremy Borash kept things busy
with raffles and talking about the show. No backstage footage was shown so you have to tune in to find out what was filmed including some sort of sit down
between Father James Mitchell and Sting.

Hour one results:

During the entire first hour Bob Backlund worked out by Mike Tenay and Don West’s location doing stairs on a block placed in front of him. I think all of
us were tired for him as he did it during commercials and the cage teardown.

(1) In a preview of the Lockdown Xscape match, Jerry Lynn defeated Alex Shelley, Sonjay Dutt, the Austin Starr, Petey Williams and Shark Boy.

Why write about it, because there was too much going on. So here’s how the order of elimination went:

**Alex Shelley was eliminated by Shark Boy via pinfall.

**Sonjay Dutt eliminated by Jerry Lynn and the Cradle Piledriver.

** Shark Boy was eliminated by the Austin Starr and the Brainbuster.

** the Austin Starr was eliminated by Petey Williams and the Canadian Destroyer.

Lynn won the match by hitting the floor first but he got leveled by “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and a baseball bat.

NWA World Heavyweight champion “the Instant Classic” Christian Cage, “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner made their way to the
ring. They were booed as Cage officially made Steiner the third man for his Lethal Lockdown team. Steiner reminded Cage about the title shot he deserved.
He also brought out Abyss as the fourth member of Team Cage. Father James Mitchell was with Abyss but not Mom. Styles asked Cage who the fifth member of
the team was; Cage said it was going to be a surprise for later. Cage introduced Tomko as the final member of the Team but Tomko didn’t come to the ring
when his music played. Finally Tomko came out carrying a house mic. Cage went to hug Tomko but he was stopped in his tracks as Tomko said he didn’t play
second fiddle to anyone and wanted his promised title shot. Tomko said before he joins any team he wanted his title shot TONIGHT. Before Cage could finish
his next sentence Kurt Angle, Rhino and Samoa Joe came out to the rampway. Angle said to Tomko that Cage has been a lying asshole about his title shot.
Angle said he would promise a shot at Cage if he joined Team Angle. Tomko said he didn’t know who to trust and that brought Jim Cornette to the ringside
area. Cornette said there would be match to determine what team Tomko would be part of at Lockdown. Cage tried to talk his way out of it but Tomko said
Cornette had a deal.

Mike Tenay and Don West talked to the home fans.

(2) “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/“the Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore) defeated “Showtime” Eric Young.

Young came out minus the Robert Roode Inc. clan for this encounter and faired well with dropkicks. That ended when Storm backed him to a corner and laid
in some punches. The assault continued as Storm used the ropes to blind Young and hit a running boot to the face from the floor onto the ring apron. Young
recovered with a discus clothesline and a belly to belly suplex for two. Young blocked the superkick and hit a back suplex but Moore stopped a top rope
move and sent Young falling into the ring and right into Storm’s superkick. As soon as the bell rang “Wildcat” Chris Harris and Gail Kim hit the ring fighting
their way to the locker room. Roode and Ms. Brooks came out and lambasted Young for the loss telling Young he had no real friends. Petey Williams proved
that wrong when he hit the ring to attack Roode.

Tenay and West talked to the home crowd once more before out main event.

(3) In a match to win Tomko’s services at Lockdown, Team Angle’s Kurt Angle defeated Team Cage’s Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell).

Tomko sat at ringside during this interesting matchup. Angle got a single leg takedown and went after the left knee of Abyss. Abyss tried to get away but
Angle clipped him only to be leveled by Abyss. Angle quickly recovered and got the Ankle Lock but Abyss got to the ropes as Christisn Cage came out to
give a pep talk. Angle chased Cage around the ring but forgot Abyss’ location and got a boot right in his face. Abyss slammed Angle’s face into both sets
of ringsteps before entering the ring once again where he hit a Davey Boy Smith style suplex. Angle escaped a neckvise and traded forearm shots with Abyss
before hitting a German suplex. Abyss escaped the Olympic Slam and went for Shock Treatment but Angle countered into an Ankle Lock but Abyss refused to
submit even as Earl Hebner had Angle shoved into him. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam as Rudy Charles slid in for a two count. Abyss wasted time before his
attempted chokeslam and it cost him the match as Angle won with a rolling pin. Tomko walked into the ring and decked Angle with the contract. Rhino came
out to fight along with AJ Styles and then Samoa Joe. Scott Steiner came from the side of the broadcast table. In the end Team Cage stood tall over the
three members of Team Angle.

Hour two results:

In the ring was stuff you would find out on a road construction site for an 8 Mile Street Fight.

(1) In an 8 Mile Street Fight, “War Machine” Rhino defeated Tomko.

This match began in the backstage area with tons of weapons lining the walls of the Impact Zone. They fought from one side of the building to the other
and into the fans who avoided the action as best they could. After the fight in the fans the action came back to ringside where Tomko slammed Rhino’s head
into the ringsteps. Rhino recovered and went under the ring for a garbage can, chairs, a table and a traffic cone. The fight finally entered the ring where
Tomko hit Rhino with a trash can lid and a large traffic barrel. Rhino returned fire with a chair shot to Tomko’s back and a traffic cone to the head.
Rhino grabbed a trash can but Tomko kicked into Rhino’s face. Tomko cleared the ring of the DOT items and went back to work on Rhino’s back with a trash
can. Rhino grabbed the table and set it up in a corner but Tomko fought even as Rhino got a waistlock and drove Tomko into the table. Abyss came out and
went to hit Rhino with a chair but missed and decked Tomko who got hit with a GORE!! After the bell Abyss got back in the ring but Kurt Angle came out
with Samoa Joe to beat down Abyss. Christian Cage, Scott Steiner and AJ Styles came out to once again have the 5 on 3 advantage. To sum things up “the
War Machine” won the battle but not the war.

During the break Rudy Charles handed off a book to speed read as the climbing continued.

(2) In a non-title match, Voodoo Kin Mafia (Kip and BG James w/Lance Hoyt) defeated NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187”
Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan & Machete) via DQ.

Before the VKM got to the ring Christy Hemme had words with them but was once again was carried off by Hoyt. The LAX fans chanted D-X rejects as Hernandez
beat down BG. Homicide tagged in and hit a top rope elbow for two. LAX kept making tags wearing out BG as Kip could only watch. BG finally got a boot into
Hernandez’s face and tagged out to Kip who took on the LAX by himself. VKM got rid of Homicide and went for the One and Only but other LAX members hit
the ring causing a DQ. Team 3D came out to even the sides and accepted the Lockdown electrified cage match. Ray said after Lockdown 3D would have the belts
and LAX would be back in Tijuana selling their mom’s for cab fare.

(3) In a submission match, the Austin Starr defeated Senshi.

This was interesting as Backlund stopped reading to watch the match and both men had to remember not to go for a pin. Things left the ring as Starr hit
a between the ropes dive into Senshi’s chest. The action came back as Starr went for the Chicken Wing but couldn’t get it locked; instead he hit his rolling
elbow drop. Starr locked in what looked like chinlock with a leglace. Starr escaped a Dragon Sleeper but his superplex was blocked but Senshi missed Warrior’s
Way. Starr locked in a half crab and while Senshi refused to submit Backlund left his steps and like Arnold Skaaland in December 1983, threw in the towel
for Senshi.

TNA management’s Jim Cornette called a full locker room town meeting in the Impact Zone. It seemed this was a clarification of the Lockdown PPV which is
listed at the completion of this report. Cornette actually accused Cage of pulling a Max Bialystock. He declared that whoever wins the pinfall in the Lethal
Lockdown match gets the shot at the NWA World Heavyweight title at Sacrifice on May 13th. As the meeting ended the lights went out and came up to find
Sting in the ring attacking Team Cage.

Hour three results:

Team Angle came out into the ring to talk. They were sporting Lockdown events shirts (probably available at www.tnawrestling.com ) Sting said he was sorry
he didn’t return Kurt Angle’s phone calls and he truly loved TNA Wrestling. Sting wanted Angle to reveal the final member but he refused. Samoa Joe said
he was losing faith in Angle about who the fifth person was. Angle said by the end of the hour we would all know who number five is (hopefully not Johnny
5 of Short Circuit fame.)

Between this and the opening match Borash brought out Kevin Nash who said he had a surprise, he was wearing a cup. He was actually out to introduce his
protйgй “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal.

(1) In a non-title match, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal (w/his hair out of the braids and was in full “Macho Man” regalia) defeated World X Division champion
“the Future” Chris Sabin.

Sabin was not impressed by the new look of Lethal. As Sabin laid in some offense Lethal fired back with a rope hot shot and a top rope double ax handle.
A second trip up top was stopped by Sabin with a dropkick to the chest for a two count. Sabin got Lethal on the mat and hit a Garvin Stomp like move with
a senton for two. Lethal escaped a chinlock but Sabin grabbed the hair and backed Lethal to a corner. Lethal fired back with right hand punches and a short
arm elbow before a clothesline for two. Not to be out done Sabin hit a tornado DDT for two. Sabin got in a move but Lethal hit a chain of moves before
hitting the top rope elbow and pinning Sabin.

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the full Lockdown card for the home crowd.

(2) Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks) and “Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore defeated Petey Williams and Gail Kim.

Kim didn’t wait for the bell as she attacked Moore on the ring apron while Roode and Williams fought on the floor. Roode got rid of Williams for a moment
and hit Kim with a back suplex. Williams returned to the ring to attack Roode with all he had as Kim rolled to the floor to recover. Referee Andrew Thomas
looked like he was trying to get Kim to head to the locker room but she charged the ring and Moore. Williams was going for the Canadian Destroyer when
James Storm hit the ring to distract Williams. It worked as Williams was rolled up for the pin by Roode. Chris Harris came out to attack Moore and Storm.
Eric young came out with a chair which sent Storm and Moore running for the hills. Just when it looked like Roode was next he grabbed the house mic and
ordered Young to put the chair down.

The NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan on crutches) came out to the ring dragging
Brother Runt who had his mouth taped up. By mistake Konnan used the WWE name for 3D as he said LAX was looking for them tonight. They decided to make an
example of Brother Runt for all the things the US government has done to Latin people. He decided to use a taser gun on Runt to show what the electrified
cage was going to do to a human body. But before that happened Team 3D came out and asked LAX to let Runt go. LAX decided to shoot first and ask questions
later, sending many volts into Runt’s body. The TNA medical trainer had to come out and remove the taser tips out of Runt’s body before moving him to the
back for what might be additional treatment.

(3) Team Angle’s Samoa Joe defeated Team Cage’s “Phenomenal” AJ Styles

By winning this Team Angle has the numbers advantage until the Lethal Lockdown cage is lowered on top. Styles new cockiness was on full display during this
match even as Joe attacked the legs of the former Triple Crown winner. Just when it looked like Styles was going to hit a dropkick Joe sidestepped and
Styles hit canvas. Styles went for a suplex but couldn’t get Joe up; instead Joe hit a face front suplex. Styles fought back and knocked Joe down with
a flying forearm to the jaw. Somehow Styles was able to slam Joe and hit a knee drop for two. Styles kept the offense going with shoulder blocks in a corner
as Joe fought out but Styles hit a dropkick to Joe’s left knee. Styles followed with a flying forearm into a corner but Joe fought back with punches and
elbows and his standing STO in a corner. Joe hit Styles with a series of forearm smashes and a powerslam for two. Styles avoided a corner move and hit
a floatover inverted DDT for two. Joe went for a second rope kick but Styles pulled Andrew Thomas in front and it knocked him down. Joe hit a running knee
to the corner but Styles escaped the Muscle Buster into a rollup but Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch. The other team members fought around ringside as
JEFF JARRETT came out and leveled Styles with a guitar shot heard around the Impact Zone. All the members of Team Angle shook Jarrett’s except for Joe
who took some time and Sting who took even longer to trust Jarrett after their storied history. Hell as truly frozen over as the Impact Zone fans cheered
Jarrett who has been public enemy number one with the fans since June of 2004 when Impact debuted on Fox Sports Net.

Matches filmed for syndicated TNA Xplosion:

(1) World X Division champion “the Future” Chris Sabin defeated Sonjay Dutt

(2) Lance Hoyt defeated Alex Shelley.

(3) Serotonin members Havok and Martyr (AKA “Hotshot” Johnny Devine, “Maverick” Matt Bentley w/Kaz AKA Frankie “the future Kazarian) defeated The Naturals
(Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas).

Matches announced for TNA Lockdown PPV:

***In a Lethal Lockdown match where whoever wins the pinfall faces the NWA World Heavyweight champion on 5/13, NWA World Heavyweight champion “the Instant
Classic” Christian Cage, “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles, “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) and Tomko vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe,
War Machine” Rhino, Sting and “King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett.

*** In an electrified cage match, NWA World Tag Team champions Latin American Xchange (“Notorious 187” Homicide and Hotstuff Hernandez w/Konnan & Machete)
vs. Team 3D (Ray and Devon)

***Senshi vs. the Austin Starr with Bob Backlund as the referee

***Jerry Lynn vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

***Gail Kim vs. “Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore

***In an Xscape match, World X Division champion “the Future” Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley vs shark Boy

***Petey Williams vs. Robert Roode (w/Ms. Brooks and “Showtime” Eric Young)

*** In a blindfold match, “Wildcat” Chris Harris (w/Gail Kim) vs. “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm (w/“the Pride of Tennessee” Jacqueline Moore)

There you have it.

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ECW Main Event for tomorrow

Edge and the Hardies and CM Punk Vs. Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, King Booker and Finlay

have fun Wade.

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Dark Results and Heat Spoilers for 03/26

Credit Walt Hoenisch and PwInsider.com

- Kofi Kingston defeated Trevor Murdock.

- Val Venis defeated Charlie Haas.

- Cryme Tyme defeated 2 local guys.

- Super Crazy defeated Shelton Benjamin.

Now Ric knows what he has to look forward to if he recaps Heat this week.

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Quick TNA spoilers

Credit Mike Johnson and PwInsider.com

Click the cut for the spoilers so far.

TNA is currently filming the next several episodes of Impact in Orlando, Florida. We'll have full spoiler details later tonight, but a few quick notes:

*Christian Cage's full team at Lockdown will be Cage & Scott Steiner & Abyss & Tomko & AJ Styles. Angle's team will be Angle & Sting & Rhino & Samoa Joe
& the returning Jeff Jarrett. Whoever scores the pinfall in the Lethal Lockdown bout will get the next NWA title shot. So what happens if Cage scores the

*Team 3D confirmed the Electrified Steel Cage match against LAX at Lockdown on 4/15.

*There was an angle where Konnan shocked Brother Runt with a tazer.

*Jay Lethal is now wearing full Randy Savage style regalia in the ring.

*Jeff Jarrett makes his official return during an AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe bout, shattering a guitar over Styles' head. The Impact Zone popped for Jarrett's

More Later

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WWE RAW 3/26/07 Live Coverage

Welcome to another edition of WWE RAW Live Coverage. I have recovered from the verbal smackdown and am ready to cover the last RAW before Wrestlemania.

Coach is in the ring to start out. He informs us that the the Lashley vs. McMahon match has been changed to a No DQ match then says anybody that intereferes will be fined and suspended. You'd think that would negate the No DQ stipulation. Austin is now in the ring and regails us with what he did over the weekend. All the packages he got over the weekend were from Trump. Coach interrupts him, tries to kiss his butt but Austin cuts him off. Austin "sweet talks" the delivery man and finds out that it actually came from McMahon. Coach comes clean and says he did it from the corporate headquarter. I smell a Stunner coming. Austin now informs us that what he says goes at Wrestlemania. Coach then tries to kiss Austin's butt again and he gets a Stunner for his trouble. He starts to leave the arena but gets stopped by Vince's limo. He tries to apologize to Austin and gets a bird. McMahon is taking his frustration out on his driver then fires him.


We have Melina, Victoria and Jillian Hall (?) taking on Torrie, Candice and Ashley. The Women's Championship match has now been announced as a "Lumberjill" match. Ashley and Melina start out but Melina quickly tage out to Victoria. How sad is it that there's only one actual Women's wrestler in this match? Candice just took another hard kick from Victoria. Jillian now in, misses a legdrop and Ashley is back in. Lousy headscissors on Jillian but a nice rana on Victoria. Jillian tries for a handsrping elbow but Ashley catches her and rolls her up for the win.

Battle of the Billionaire's video package now.


CM Punk is taking on Kenny Dykstra now. Dykstra is in control after a flurry of moves from Punk early on. Kenny tries for a suplex but Punk knees him in the head and hits a springboard clothesline. Bulldog gets Punk 2. Firemans Carry turned into a knee to the face gets Punk the win.

Edge appears on the Titantron from backstage and says there's going to be another Cutting Edge next.


Another clip from The Battle of the Billionaires package.

All 8 men in the MITB Ladder match are in the ring for The Cutting Edge. He's running down how many times he's won in Ladder matches and at Wrestlemania. Matt has been given the mic first and says he's been in many ladder matches too and runs down Lita. Booker is up next and says nobody has reigned as successfully as him. Finlay takes the mic and says he feels like he's out there with a bunch of old women. He calls Edge "Chisel Chin" then Orton takes the mic and reminds us that Edge has weaseled out of every match he's had for the past month. Kennedy takes the mic and agrees with Orton but Edge cuts him off then goes to Jeff Hardy and mocks him. Jeff says he's gonna steal the entire show and the only person left is CM Punk. Punk cuts Edge off and says his only addiction is running his mouth and it's all broken down. The only person kissing is, of course, Edge who watches from the top of the ramp. Punk and the Hardys now go after Edge.


Slam of the Week is the Cena/Benoit match.

Cena is backstage with Maria. He calls Wrestlemania a magical place and does a hilarious job running down the card. He then gets serious for a minute and talks about his match.

Another clip from The Battle of the Billionaires.


Another clip from The Battle of the Billionaires.

McMahon and Lashley are up now. I'm still confused about this being No DQ but if anybody interferes they get fined and suspended. McMahon gets on the mic and slips out of the ring as Cade and Murdoch come out and get taken out in no time. Masters has come out now and is again easily taken out. Nitro has now come out and gets plasterted. We get a preview of a WM match tonight as Umaga comes out. Vince low blows Lashley from behind which allows Umaga to get a Samoan Drop in to get Vince the win. Lashley gets that butt squash twice then the Samoan Spike and gets an unnoficial pin. Lashley gets another Samoan Spike as Vince looks on approvingly.


Vince is backstage talking about his match at WM and Eugene comes in with a blonde wig that looks like Trumps hair. He yanks it off then leaves in his limo.

Kennedy and Orton are taking on The Hardys. Matt and Orton start out but Jeff is tagged in and gets a nearfall. Orton takes control which allows he and Kennedy to double team. Tag to Kennedy who cuts Jeff off from Matt. Whisper in the Wind and Matt tagged back in who is cleaning house. Side Effect on both Kennedy and Orton gets him 2. Cheapshot by Kennedy, Hardy's doubleteam Orton but Kennedy stops them which allows Orton to hit and RKO on Matt for the win.


Good Ole JR is the final inductee in the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame!

Great Khali is taking on Ric Flair. Not even Flair's famous chops have any effect. Khali was about to chokeslam Falir on the ring steps but Carlito comes out for the save and gets chokeslammed. Kane is now out with hook. They brawl for a bit and Khali backs off.


We get another look at The Condemned.

King and JR run down the WM 23 card.

Backstage with HBK. He says that Cena is just like everybody he's ever faced.


More celebrities wanting Trump to get his head shaved.

Main event time. Undertaker jumpstarts the match with Cena who fights back for a bit and gets booed loudly. Cena and HBK try to doubleteam but Taker and Batista take them out, try to go at it but Cena breaks it up. HBK throws Taker into the steps a couple times then Cena comes out and rams his head into the steps. Nearfall for Cena and HBk is tagged in. Cena tagged back in wo is not well liked in Chicago. Taker goes for a Tombstone on Cena but Batista blind tags in. It's all broken down. Taker throws HBk at Batista then leaves the ring which allows Cena and HBK to double team. Michaels finally Superkicks Cena after they do a double Five-Knuckle Shuffle which allows Batista to get the win. It's 10:06pm Central time and there's still 1 segment left? Must be pretty short.


It was short. Just showing what just happened and they end the show.

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IFL Battleground 03/26/2007 Coverage

I'm still looking for a title for all of my recaps Email me any suggestions you have.

We've had 2 shows in a row that haven't lit my world on fire, lets see about week 3. Tonight they will be comparing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and the Miletich Fighting Systems approaches to fighting and we the audience can vote for the most effective, aren't we lucky?

Tonight's show also highlights the New York Pitbulls and their match against the Quad City Silverbacks

Plus, Robbie Lawler Vs. Eduardo Pamplona highlights the 9 bouts we are promised.

Lets get it started.

We start out with various people giving their thoughts on Renzo Gracie. Gracie talks about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu being passed down from the generations.

We are promised Gracie Vs. Miletich as well.

One of the IFL ring girls opens the show by exclaiming, "lets fight". She did so with the enthusiasm of someone returning from a funeral.

We go right to Illinois and our first bout.

Bout 1: Ben Uker (Silverbacks) Vs. Delson Heleno (Pitbulls)
Date: 09/23/2006
Referee: Yves Lavigne

This is a welterweight contest.

We get another rundown of the IFL's rules.

Round 1:

Important to note, at least for me that Bas Rutten is on commentary for this one.

Shortly after the 2-minute mark, Heleno swings and misses with a right hand.

Heleno hits a flying knee that knocks Uker down and finishes with ground and pound.

Winner: delson Heleno - 3:14 R1

We move to some footage of comments from members of the Pitbulls. The IFL championship is their goal, it is too bad they weren't informed that revenge is more important. I know revenge is more important because they said so on last weeks show.

We get comments from those involved in the Gracie-Miletich fight. They both expect a great fight. The idea of 2 coaches facing off in the IFL is great, or so we are told.

Apparently, this Tifany Fallin is a co-host of the show along with Bas. The words "Oh Joy", do not immediately leap to mind for one reason.

Commercial Break!!

The formula is predictable at this point. We feature a fighter, in this instance it is Delson Heleno and then you see him win. It is predictable, but it also works.

New York City is the new capital of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as told to us by the narator. Interesting that the Pitbulls can't actually have any home meets at this point.

Now we've got to go to the Pitbulls vs. the Seattle Tigersharks

This next series took place in Atlantic City on 04/29/2006.

Bout 2: Eric Owings (Pitbulls) Vs. Justin Jones (Tigersharks)
This is a lightweight bout.

Jimmy Lennon Jr. is the ring announcer, and he is light and day better than the other guy they use.

Round 1: Jones is a kick boxer, Owings more comfortable on the mat according to one of the commentators. Would it kill the IFL for a freakig tale of the tape? Can't we find out the fighters strengths before we have to watch them fight? Just a radical idea I have.

Jones scores with a nice right that puts Owings down on the mat. Jones wanted Owings back on the feet, so to accomplish this, he just picked him up.

Owings goes in to the guard and looks for a guillotine but it is not there so they're back to standing. Owings blasts Jones with a punch that has him in trouble. Owings finishes him with a guillotine choke before the end of the first round.

Hey, we actually get a replay tonight.\

Winner: Eric Owings - R1 Submission
That was Owings professional debut.

We just get clips of the next fight.
Brad Blackburn evens things up for Seattle winning via decision over New York's Gustavo Machado.

The next bout of the Series is to be the Delson Heleno Vs. Dennis Hallman fight.

Commercial Break!!!

Nice touch just showing us clips of how the series was tied up. I'd still like some mention of individual strategies or for that matter, team strategies going in to these meets.

Frank Shamrock is tapped this week to remind us that these men are professionals. I wonder if Sheiky would agree?

Bout 3: Delson Heleno (Pitbulls) Vs. Dennis Hallman (Tigersharks)
Referee: Herb Dean

A Middleweight bout.

Round 1: Hallman has a 47-6 advantage over Heleno in terms of the number of fights. Hallman is a former state wrestling champion. Stuff that again they would be better telling us before the fight.

Delson on top looking to pass Hallman's guard. IFL is showing groundwork this week which is nice. The announcers reference something that took place the day before the fight that we the viewer don't get to see.

"The fact that it is tied at one a piece means their isn't the pressure their might be if one team was up 2-0 and the other facing elimination." That's actually a good point.

Heleno goes from Side Control to the North South with less than 1 minute to go in the round.

Hallman gets a reversal, but then Heleno lands a big upkick that hurts Hallman. Since Hallman was down, this is against IFL rules. Herb Dean has Disqualified Heleno.

Winner: Dennis Hallman - 3:59 R1 via DQ

The result of this contest was actually referenced in the first Heleno fight we saw on this show. I don't know why we couldn't have seen these in a proper order. In fact, ashowing us this fight first after featuring Heleno allows them to ponder whether or not Heleno can bounce back from the loss.

Commercial Break!!!
I know why Bas wanted to host this show. We've barely seen the hosts all night.

Out from the commercial, we get a recap of the prior 3 fights in the series. This is something I bitched about not being present last week when they just had to show back-to-back-to-back fights.

Bout 4: Matt Horwich (Tigersharks) Vs. Jamal Patterson (Pitbulls)
This is a light Heavyweight contest. Hey, before the fight starts we get a bit of a feature on Jamal Patterson, thumbs up for that. It was maybe less than a minute but hey.

Round 1: Patterson needs to win for New York to stay alive. He is looking for a guillotine choke early but is unable to hook it on Horwich.

Apparently, Horwich has quite the personality. At least they keep telling us that he does. Memo to IFL, show don't tell.

Patterson just kept going for that choke and finally he hooked it for the win.

Winner: Jamal Patterson - 2:57 R1 via Submission

The series is tied at 2 and we get highlights of the final fight. Devin Cole wins the meet for the Tigersharks 3-2 with his victory over New York's Carlos Cline via Unanimous Decision.

Coming up, the Pitbulls rebuild and the coaches step in the ring.

Commercial Break!!!

At least this week they are pausing between fights to give us a chance to recall what happened before worrying about what is currently happening.

We get the results of last week's question did Aaron Stark tap out? Over 500,000 votes cast, and it was close but 51% said that Stark did not tap out to Alex Schoenhauer. I think the American voting public got this one right.

Commercial Break!!
A Jason Lee movie will be showing this Friday, mark your calendar.

Another small feature on the Gracie family. We're going to Indiana for the Pitbulls Vs. the Silverbacks.

This series took place in Moline Illinois on 09/23/2006.

The New York new lightweight fighter (Marcio Feitosa) was making his IFL debut and he fought Bart Palaszewski and was humbled.

Bout 5: Marcello Azevedo (Pitbulls) Vs. Rory Markham (Silverbacks)
A welterweight contest.

Round 1: Azevedo is looking good early and has Markham trapped and has taken Markham out of his gameplan in the early part of round 1.

Azevedo has Markham on the mat.

Markhamis able to escape and a brief timeout is called by the referee. This works to Markham's advantage as he starts to land some big strikes.

Markham just continues to lay in the punishment until Yves Lavigne stops the fight.

Winner: Rory Markham - 3:58 R1

Bout 6: Fabio Leopoldo (Pitbulls) Vs. Ryan McGivern (Silverbacks)
Referee: Yves Lavigne
This is a middleweight contest.

Round 1: Leopoldo has got McGivern in trouble and is looking to tap him out but eventually McGivern is able to escape the guillotine.

McGivern ends up on top with less than a minute remaining in the round. McGivern passes in to side control very late in the round. The round ends with McGivern in control.

Round 2: McGivern is beating up Leopoldo and is looking for the clinch. The fight ends up back on the ground, and the referee yells out to them to keep working.

Leopoldo manages to get a kneebar on McGivern and just like that Ryan McGivern has lost his first bout in the IFL.

Winner: Fabio Leopoldo - Submission R2

We get highlights of the Light Heavyweight bout. It saw the Silverbacks Mike Ciesnolevicz go down to defeat to New York's Andre Gusmao.

It will all come down to Ben Rothwell Vs. Bryan Vetell which we'll see along with Gracie-Miletich after a...

Commercial Break!!!
Maybe its just me, but the fabric of space and time doesn't seem to be radically altered this week, perhaps I've not been paying that close attention but I don't believe we've seen actual edits in the fights themselves.

Bout 7: Bryan Vetell (Pittbulls Vs. Ben Rothwell (Silverbacks)
Referee: Todd Fredrickson
This is the heavyweight contest.

Round 1: Vetell is supposed to be very strong on the ground. Rothwell has the experience edge in the contest however.

After a whole lot of not much happening Rothwell scores with a big right and he knocks Vetell out.

Winner: Ben Rothwell - 3:17 R1 KO
The Silverbacks win the series 3-2.

We are told the last man to hold up the Gracie name is Renzo Gracie himself. Then we head to a...

Commercial Break!!!
If I've said this once I've said this a thousand times. Before we see a fight, comments from the fighters, the coaches and the analysts about the strategies heading in to the fights are a must for those that are not familiar with these fighters which would be most of the audience. If this means you don't end up showing 9 fights a show, so much the better.

We're back for a hype package for Gracie-Miletich and then go to another...

Commercial Break!!!

Bout 8: Renzo Gracie Vs. Pat Miletich
This is an IFL Superfight.
This is a middleweight contest.

Pat Miletich is quite obviously the hometown or local favorite as it were.

Miletich hadn't fought since 2002 when he lost to Matt Lindland when he took this fight.

Round 1: Gracie and Miletich start off round 1 feeling each other out. Gracie does throw a couple of low-kicks just to keep it interesting.

Miletich defends Gracie's takedown attempt.

Renzo looks for a guillotine from the top position but Miletich is not down with that for some reason.

Gracie just keeps working and working and finally he gets Miletich to tap out to his guillotine. He just stayed with it until he got the submission.

Winner: Renzo Gracie - 3:37 R1 via Choke Submission

Coming up next, a never before seen bout with 2 champions (Bas Rutten and Evander Holyfield) doing the commentary.

Commercial Break!!!

This next bout took place on 02/23/2007 from Atlanta.

Bout 9: Eduardo Pamplona Vs. Robbie Lawler
This is a middleweight contest.

Pamplona is making his first U.S. appearance in this fight.

Evander Holyfield sounds like a man who has been hit in the head a time or 1600.

Round 1: These men both like to strike. Pamplona tries to find the guillotine early after a takedown but Lawler is so far able to avoid.

Miletich is yelling instructions to Lawler.

The fight has returned to the feet now and they're certainly not landing any big bombs if that's what you're looking for.

We've got 20 seconds to go in the round and apparently, the superfights are scheduled for 5 rounds. (Nice to know that in advance)

The round ends and we go to a...

Commercial Break!!!
You know, this is the main event but we weren't given any reason to care about this fight throughout the show. Last week they did a better job of building up Horodecki Vs. Palaszewski than they've done for this fight this week.
Seriously, IFL is it really so much to ask for us to get to know or see highlights of these guys throughout the show building them up for the fight?

Round 2: We're back to the action in the second round.

Lawler scores with some nice punches early. Pamplona answers with a takedown to get the fight on the ground.

The announcer asks Holyfield if he would prefer long rounds but fewer of them and I can't even begin to transcribe his response. It went something like "Well, I think uh, I think uh, its better uh, the shorter uh that is for..."

Ric Gillespie will give you $1,000 if you can tell us what Holyfield actually said. The $1,000 may not be real money though.

Lawler lands a nice kick to end the second round which he was in control of and won.

Round 3: Some crowd booing to start off round 3. The announcers have been quiet for longer than I'm used to from announcers.

Lawler is all over Pamplona and well, that's all I wrote.

Winner: Robbie Lawler - 1:36 R3 via Ref Stoppage.

Now that we've seen Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Miletich fighting system, it is time for you to head to IFL.TV and vote.

Coming soon to IFL Battleground. Matt Lindland's Portland Wolfpack featured against the Toronto Dragons and Seattle Tigersharks and the Shamrock family rivalry.

Next week's appears to be a rerun of last week's show, which is fine since I was going to be busy with the NCAA Finals anyway, so I don't have to find anyone to recap it.

My Thoughts: Again, there are things I'd still like to see. This is a team sport so lets get more footage of the teams working together. Lets talk about a Team's strategy for bout placement and lets talk about each team members strategy for their upcoming fights. Let us hear from the fighters themselves more. Even if they can't cut promos a 30 second sound bite is not that difficult.
I don't know why they showed the Heleno fight first when the showed the rest of the series that it came from later. It would've worked just as well going in order with the Hallman fight coming first.
But, this week was better than last week with less of an emphasis on back-to-back-to-back fights and more of an effort to put over what just happened. I think when they get to just showing current season fights more than last year's it will hold more interest. Seems like the main story of which style is better was just a backdrop to show some fights that were strung together.
This show is a lot like iMPACT still in that it is hard to determine exactly what the point is of most of the stuff that we see. However, they are showing improvement every week but again they should've had this figured out from the start.

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