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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paulo Filho to WEC?

According to an article at Tatame it is close to happening and Filho could make his debut in July.

Filho is 14-0 in MMA and WWW.UFCJunkie.com writer Performify ads a bit more to the resume.

In building his impressive 14-0 professional MMA record, Filho has notable wins over the tough Amar Suloev at PRIDE Bushido 6 and over Murilo “Ninja” Rua at PRIDE Bushido 10 as well as past wins over Yuki Kondo in the Japanese MMA organization DEEP and Ikuhisa “the Punk” Minowa in Pancrase.

Filho would be an immediate contender for the WEC middleweight title.

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Oh for the love of all that is good and pure and holy in the world

yes, even more changes for Saturday

I joked in the comments of a prior post with Art that I wasn't doing live coverage of this due to the fact changing names of fighters between rounds would be difficult. I thought I was joking, now I'm not so sure.

Fortunately, I only need to add a match to my predictions and not rewrite what was already written.

You can see the CARE/Jabroni picks for this show which as of this writing are mine and Art's by Clicking here you can also submit your own picks. You'll note that we gave this event the serious attention it deserves.

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MMA Newsbits for 05/31

Thomas Gerbasi invites us to Meet the Featherweights

Part 2 of IFL Seattle is previewed here the preview doesn't mention that if you buy a ticket, you get 10 free shares of IFL stock valued at $0.96 each.

More behind the cut:

Renzo Gracie's New York Pitbulls have signed Marcio Pe De Pano Cruz No word if he also got stock options in his contract.

MMAWeekly points out that the WEC undercard features Brock Larson and John Alessio
I'd have never known that if not for this mention and that includes when I made my picks yesterday.

You can see all the CARE/Jabroni picks for this event which as of now are mine and Art's by clicking here

Sam Caplan has an update on Gabe Ruediger which comes via TheFightNetwork

Caplan also says that Mike Swick is definitely dropping to Welterweight

Caplan's CBS Sportsline column looks at the Light Heavyweight division in the UFC.

He also rants about Dynamite USA Hey, its an easy target.

Couture gives back

I'm sure there is more to be had but I'm going to end for now.

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5/30 GCW 3rd Anniversary Show featuring War Games

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

Great Championship Wrestling celebrated their 3rd anniversary drawing a crowd of 225 to the Gr8 Sk8 Plex. It was the best gate the company has done since relocating to Phenix City, Alabama. The now traditional War Games main event saw Bo Oates’ Hierarchy triumph over Quentin Michaels Incorporated. As a result, Oates was named the new commissioner of GCW.

On May 28, 2005, GCW as at their zenith. Their 1st anniversary show, headlined by a Dusty Rhodes/Tully Blanchard cage match along with the War Games match, drew a crowd of over 600. Then known as Georgia Championship Wrestling, the company was based across the river in Columbus at what was arguably the finest venue for independent wrestling anywhere in the Southeast. During the summer of 2005, they routinely drew over 300 to their weekly Saturday night shows.

Since then, the GCW saga has been stranger-than-fiction, starting in the aftermath of the 1st anniversary show when former GCW ring announcer Dan Masters was arrested for trespassing as he sat in Dusty Rhodes’ truck. Despite his success as booker, Bo Oates, son of original GCW owner Jerry Oates, was gone before the summer was out. Bo made no secret of the issues he had with his father. Jerry took over the book, but his tenure was neither financially or artistically successful. Owners Bill and Diane Hewes turned to their top babyface, Erik Watts, to handle the creative end. In October 2005, it came to light that someone other than the owners of GCW held rights to use the Georgia Championship Wrestling name. The promotion announced the name change coupled with plans to run shows outside the state of Georgia. GCW drew some good houses under Watts, but he was fired in April 2006 as the second anniversary show approached. An embittered Watts then did an interview portraying Jerry as an incompetent, undermining lowlife, and the Hewes as neophytes lacking clue one about the wrestling business. In September 2006, the Hewes announced that they were leaving Columbus. At the same time, Jerry disappeared from GCW, the Hewes were officially announced as the owners, and Quentin Michaels, formerly of Deep South Wrestling, emerged as the new booker.

Phenix City hasn’t exactly welcomed GCW with open arms. The promotion unknowingly walked into some nasty city politics. Problems meeting code to the city’s satisfaction forced the promotion to use the national guard armory on temporary basis. Then, there was the ridiculous deal where they tried to run a show in the parking lot, only to have the city shut them down for not providing an evacuation plan (for an outdoor show!) in advance. With the move to Phenix City, the weekly shows were shifted to Wednesdays. Crowds of late were said to be averaging less than 100.
As a wrestling building, the Great Skate Center is a mixed bag. The six-sided ring is cool. The sound system and entrance area are fine, but the lighting is a ghastly greenhouse fluorescent, and the ceiling is only 10 feet above the ring, too low for full scale aerial moves. It’s certainly a come down from their former state-of-the-art facility, but the building in Columbus was leased, and there was concern that the rug would be pulled out from under them, because the owner was facing charges of tax evasion. The Hewes would like to make some modifications to make the Skate Center a better venue for wrestling, but getting the city to approve them is another matter altogether.

All things considered, it was a reasonably good show in the ring. There were no great matches, but only one that sucked, and you had titles changing hands, midgets, women, and War Games featuring the top 10 guys in the promotion. GCW’s talent is as good as any indie in Georgia. It’s become something of a haven for for ex-members of the Deep South Wrestling roster. High Impact, Tracy Taylor, Johnny Swinger, Danny Gimondo, and Kevin Matthews have all appeared here after being released by WWE. Holdovers David Young and Chris Stevens are a kick ass tag team.

(1) The NOW (Vik Dalishus & Hale Collins) beat High Impact (Micah Taylor & Tony Santarelli) to win the GCW Tag Team Titles in 13:40.. Santarelli has packed on some pounds since I last saw him in Deep South Wrestling. Collins’ act is strictly comedy. He was getting heat for his resemblance to Screech from “Saved by the Bell.” His energy reminded me of Steve Corino. Collins has no body, but he has the frame for a good physique with the proper dedication and nutritional supplements. Delishus trained at OVW. Not a great athlete by any stretch, but he knows how to work. High Impact’s early offense provided the best wrestling on the show. And so it should be. At the 8 minute mark, Dalishus delivered a chop block to Santarelli’s knee to start the heat. Santarelli propelled Delishus over the top to set up the hot tag. Taylor hung both members of the NOW in the tree of woe and dished out punishment. Taylor then bounced the head of Delishus off of Collins’ crotch, and NOW ended up in the dreaded 69 position. Delishus was toast after a High Impact combo. That’s when Caleb Konley interfered. Referee Scrappy McGowan appeared to see Konley in the ring. He never would have let something like that go in Deep South. Delishus pinned Taylor with a reverse roll up. The heels started beating on Impact, but Scotty Beach made the save.

Taylor said NOW stole the belt and demanded a rematch on the spot. Quentin Michaels came out. Michaels guaranteed that the new champions were unafraid of High Impact and made a counter offer. Michaels would sacrifice his spot in the War Games to the NOW, if Bo Oates would give his spot up to High Impact.

Diane Hewes got on the mic. There are no two ways about it, GCW is her baby. Oates was at her side. Michaels had Oates arrested and handcuffed at last week’s show for coming out of the crowd. Oates’ legal status wasn’t mentioned. I guess he’s out on bond. Hewes said their insurance wouldn’t allow non-wrestlers in the War Games anyway, and accepted Michaels’ offer with an added stipulation: if the Hierarchy won, then Oates would be the new GCW commissioner and if Michaels Inc. won, then Michaels would get the spot.

(2) Jonathan Davis beat Amen Rios and Randall Johnson to win the cruiserweight triple threat match (7:52). Davis is way over with the GCW fans. Being Mexican was enough to get him heat, but Rios is a good heel. Johnson has put some much needed meat on his bones. Match was mostly Davis and Rios. It was fast paced and spotty in more ways than one. They were small enough to pull off some top rope moves. Davis, by far the most spectacular of the bunch, got to shine early. Johnson and Rios gave Davis a double suplex and pulled each other off the pin. Davis crashed and burned on a 450. Rios powerbombed the both of them, but could pin either. Rios destroyed Davis with Quiet Storm’s Cradle Storm Driver, but Johnson pulled the ref out. Rios gave Johnson a cradle suplex. Davis got a pop with a top rope variation of the 619. Davis won it with a flying huracanrana. Not a crisp finisher, but the crowd popped for it. A fan pretended to read Rios’ mind “Yo quiero a win. Que pasa?”

(3) Deathrow pinned John Bogie in a Last Man Standing Match after a Pepsi can to the skull (10:30). Chick Donovan was scheduled to be in Deathrow’s corner, but as seen on the big screen prior to the match, Deathrow left Donovan laying in a pool of blood in the dressing room. These guys have been feuding since the days when the promotion was located on the other side of the Chattahoochee. It was bad brawling galore, and the crowd was checked out for most of the match. The worst part is that they were staying down for long counts on fairly basic moves. Deathrow took a bump from the apron through a ringside table and just barely beat the ten count. They were brawling at ringside when Deathrow delivered the killing blow. The can was gimmicked, but it was an impressive looking shot that got a big pop.

Deathrow’s male nurse, or whatever the hell he’s supposed to be, hit the ring to inject him with a sedative, but the forensic phenom dropped him on his head.

Michaels accompanied Melissa Coates to the ring for her scheduled match against Tracy Taylor. Taylor wasn’t there, so Michaels ordered the ref to award the GCW Women’s Title to Coates via forfeit. Michaels said Taylor was running scared. Coates said there wasn’t anybody tough enough to take her on. The crowd greeted the sight of Daffney with a strong pop.

(4) Melissa Coates (with Quentin Michaels) beat Daffney to win the GCW Women’s Title in 6:10. This match was laid out better than anything on the show. Just enough content to avoid overstaying their welcome. Daffney got off to quick start with a backslide. But Coates countered Daffney’s flying headscissors with a sitout facebuster. The crowd was getting on Coates pretty good here, with calls of “she’s the man” and “twisted sister.” Coates used a hair mare and a sitout fist drop for near falls. Daffney came back with a reverse DDT and it was both women down for a seven count. Crowd was chanting “Scream Queen” as Daffney made the comeback. Daffney climbed on the middle rope to deliver the 10 punches, but Coates cut her off with a sitout powerbomb for the three count. Coates posted Daffney after the match and did a swank posing routine with the belt.

(5) Puppet beat Little Kato in 10:35. The crowd was up for this. They had a pretty entertaining match until things fell apart a bit towards the finish. Kato is a flexible little bastard. He was able to rest his foot onto the top rope to stretch out his hamstrings. Kato bailed out after taking a sit down splash. A fan told him to grow up. Inside the ring, Kato hit a rolling neck snap for two. Puppet answered with a bulldog and a Vader bomb for near falls. Kato landed a spinning hook kick that sent Puppet to the outside. Kato started going for pins and got frustrated with referee Randy Ray’s slow counts. Kato made his point by imitating Ray and picking his nose between slaps of the mat. Kato landed an axe kick and applied a leg submission, but Puppet made the ropes. Puppet initiated a sunset flip from the apron. It turned out ugly. They did a spot with Kato running the ropes that really sucked. Puppet got the pin with a fireman’s carry drop.

(6) The Hierarchy (Chris Stevens & David Young & Scotty Beach & Micah Taylor & Tony Santarelli with Bo Oates) beat Michaels Incorporated (Johnny Swinger & Cru Jones & Caleb Konley & Vic Dalishus & Hale Collins with Quentin Michaels Esq.) in the War Games via submission when Beach forced Swinger to submit (23:34). If there was a coin toss to establish that the heels would have the man advantage, I missed it. I expected Young and Stevens to be over, but the pop for Beach was a surprise. The heat was strong. It was fairly tame for a War Games, and paled in comparison to any of the NWA Wildside versions. The low ceiling eliminated any possibility of a spectacular dive off the top of the cage, or any dramatic fighting up on top. The basic story was the heels capitalizing on the man advantage, and the faces assuming control when the odds were even. Beyond that, it was pretty much a blur of guys pouding on each other. Young and Konley started. Then it was Collins, Taylor, Jones, Santarelli, Delishus, Beach and Swinger. Stevens batted clean up. And clean up he did. Young and Beach bled after head shots into the cage. Impact hung Konley upside down facing the cage, so Oates could do a number on him. Everybody got a chance to hit their finisher. Swinger got a chain from Michaels, but Beach got it and choked Swinger with it until he tapped.

Oates said the Hierarchy had taken GCW back, just like he said they would when he made shocking return six week ago. His first act as commissioner was to make Swinger defend the GCW Heavyweight Title inside the cage against Beach. The match was announced for 6/2, when GCW moves their shows back to Saturday nights.

NOTES: Along with Beach vs. Swinger, the first Saturday night show on 6/2 has the start of tournament to crown a GCW Cruiserweight Champion…I had been wondering why a wrestler as good as Chris Stevens doesn’t get more bookings. The answer is that Stevens has his hands full with ownership of two Gold’s Gyms and being the father of four children, so it takes fairly serious money to get him out on the road…Konley starts with NWA Anarchy this week…Logan Chase, who had been managing the NOW, posted on his Myspace that he was going to be taking some time off from pro wrestling…Superstars of Southern Wrestling has a show scheduled for Lawrenceburg, TN on Friday, June 15 at the new national guard armory featuring Buff Bagwell, “Nightmare’ Ken Wayne and his son, Eric, Bill Dundee, Gypsy Joe, Chrisjen Hayme, Tojo Yamamoto Jr., “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock, and Beau James.

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TNA iMPACT: 05/31/2007

Welcome to the "weekly" recap of TNA iMPACT on SpikeTV. I'm glad to be back, and you can thank Art Shimko for this as with his full time posting on the OC Times, I'm not too frustrated to do these reports when the show starts. How frustrated I am when its over is another matter entirely.

Tonight we can expect a KOTM qualifier, Rhino Vs. Homicide 1-on-1 and Chris Sabin defending the X-division title against Kaz of Serotonin. Doesn't that not sound like fun? Refresh your browser for the latest.

One more thing, I'm still looking for a name for this here report. Also, speaking of names that may or may not play in to a give-away that we'll be announcing...shortly I guess.

This is TNA...Duh!

A recap of Joe and Angle earning births in the King of the Mountain match or as I call it, TNA's monument to complication.

The iMPACT opening airs and there's not a swerve to be seen.

Don West and Mike Tenay open the show talking about how its Jarrett and Styles tonight.

We go to the ring with Cornette. He says that Jeff Jarrett is not here to compete against Styles tonight in the KOTM match. Jarrett's name does get polite applause.

Cornette says now he's got a tough decision to make concerning tonight's match. On cue, Christian Cage walks out to the ring and of course he has things to say. He wants to know what's wrong with this picture? He says if Styles forfeited then Cornette would be having a party. Christian suggests that Cornette raise Styles' hand in victory right now.
He also says that the way Cornette conducts business is a complete joke. He says that Cornette wanted to make it 5 on 1 at Sacrifice, Cornette, Sting, Angle and 2 refs. He wants to know who he'll face in the KOTM qualifier. Christian says this is his show, I wouldn't be claiming that if I were him.
Cornette says some things and decides to make Styles wrestle for his spot in KOTM. He says Styles will wrestle Tomko tonight. Christian still wants to know who he'll be wrestling. Cornette won't tell Christian who he'll be facing but he does tell him it is someone Christian considers a punk and beneath him.

Backstage with Borash. He pimps TNA mobile in exactly the same fashion that Mean Gene used to pimp the WCW hotline. He then asks Daniels what's up with the Sting stuff. Daniels says he went to Sting for enlightenment but the strength of his convictions has worried Sting. He's set to wrestle Rhino next, but if you read my opener of this recap you know that's not going to happen.

Commercial Break!!!
I feel at this point it is worth mentioning that it is raining out.

Something happened backstage involving Cornette but I'm to disinterested to care.

Match 1: Rhino Vs. Christopher Daniels

Yeah, Sting jumps Daniels as he's making his way to the ring and the fight is on. I guess this is payback from last week, but I didn't watch anything other than the great Team 3D-Steiners segment. Sting is kind enough to take the beating to the ring for a bit before he clothesline's him out and does more pounding on the floor. Crowd is hot for this stuff at least.

Sting continues the beatdown and takes it outside of the iMPACT zone. Someone might want to call Bill Banks and mention that these segments are all being recorded by a mysterious camera crew and then aired on cable TV. He might not be aware of that.

Rhino back in the ring. Rhino says he came here for a fight and issues an extreme challenge to anyone in the back. I'm not sure how that's extreme but whatever.

The LAX music hits and they head down to the ring to answer the challenge in the affirmative.

Konnan says TNA has a conspiracy against LAX. Konnan tells Rhino that he got in to a beef with LAX and now he's in a beef with LAX. Not his best work. He then points out Hector Guerrero and says he sold out or something. He's washed up like money that's laundered. What the hell? Hector decides to head to the ring and it is time for another commercial.

Commercial Break!!!
Better than the first segment but that's not hard. I don't know what it is but I usually enjoy the promo work of both Christian and Konnan but don't feel either had strong interviews tonight. Christian was more serious tonight and while its probably better that way, I enjoy humorous Christian more. Konnan's just seemed to lack a real punch.

Hey, how can Slammiversary be the hottest PPV of the summer if it is June 17? Summer doesn't start until June 21.

Match 1: Rhino Vs. Homicide

No, Hector is not teaming with Rhino to face LAX like Tenay was teasing before the break. Tenay is breaking out the Konnan and Guerrero family history lesson.

Fans duel chant for Rhino and Homicide as Tenay says Konnan calling Hector a sellout is sick. I say its unoriginal and uncreative.

We've got some LAX interference going on down on the floor but it backfires in the ring as Rhino hits a gore, gore, gore vote for Al Gore for the pin.

Winner: Rhino
Rhino pays the price for winning as LAX is in for the beatdown and Hector comes in to even things up. LAX overwhelms him the way they did with Rhino and Chris Harris for a reason I still don't get is in to make the save.

Note, I'm not suggesting above that you should actually vote for Al Gore. I'm not saying that you shouldn't vote for him either...what I'm saying is a mystery to everyone, including me.

JB with Samoa Joe. Before Joe can say anything Angle interrupts. He says he never liked Joe and Angle tells him that he will cripple him before KOTM. Joe says he had better pray that he doesn't get to Angle first. Ooooo, tension!

Commercial Break!!!
The highlight of this is a commercial for Knocked Up which looks funny.

A commercial airs for TNA live events, and the road to Slammiversary only has 2 stops on it. One is in Puerto Rico and the other is in Alabama.

We're back and AJ is spazzing out on Christian. Christian explains that Styles and Tomko are like brothers to him and sometimes brothers fight. This man should teach a class or something. Then Tomko ruins all the good vibes simply by speaking and telling AJ it will be short sweet and painless tonight. Well, it probably won't be painless for me, but I do pray for short.

Match 2: Chris Sabin Vs. Kaz

I guess this is non-title. Well, its not like Kaz has won enough matches to earn a title shot. Actually, its not like he's won any matches at all.

The fans seem to be behind Serotonin and Raven which surprises me, I thought they were heels. I guess the answer is "Yeah, like it matters".

This match is actually not half bad. Kaz put Sabin up top but Sabin blocks his attempted whatever by biting his nose. Hesitation dropkick by Sabin after he had crotched Kaz on the top rope and then the cradle shock ends things.

Winner: Chris Sabin

B.G. James is mad at Basham, Damaja and trick who I guess is Christy. He says he's pissed off and they're in for a fight. He showed more fire than Konnan did earlier but I actually cared less because its B.G. James.

Commercial Break!!!
You know what I just realized? I haven't watched a WWE Pay Per View since last year's One Night Stand.

We're back with Black Machismo and Kevin Nash. Sonjay Dutt says he'll reintroduce himself next week and he hopes Nash and Jay are there. I also hope Machismo is there.

Match 3: KOTM Qualifier - AJ Styles Vs. Tomko

It is now 8:49 PM CT and thank God this show doesn't have an over-run.

Tenay says Christian doesn't want Tomko to win this match. I think I don't want to watch Tomko wrestle. Actually, in my case replace think with know.

Tenay says next week's KOTM will pit 2 former world champions against one another. For those of you who haven't heard, its Chris Harris and James Storm. If you're bothered by my giving away spoilers, dude its just iMPACT.

Commercial Break!!
A commercial for the Ultimate Fighter airs, and I love Jens Pulver, that is all.

I'm not even going to pretend that I care about the rest of this. AJ gets the win over Tomko to qualify for KOTM.

Winner: AJ Styles

My Thoughts: This show was not horrible, it was not good, it was just there and that's probably worst of all. If this episode is an example of people being happy with the tapings, then I'm doomed because it is clear standards have just been flushed down the toilet and in order to see rock bottom they strain their neck looking up.

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Chuck Liddell admits to partying before UFC 71, makes no excuses for loss

In a Los Angeles Times article Chuck Liddell, love him or not, proves to be the anti-Tito Ortiz as he makes no excuses for his loss at UFC 71.

First, Liddell confirms that he was out partying the week of the event.

"It's nothing that I've never done before; it was just like any other fight," Liddell said. "I just go and hang out. I don't drink. I just kill time, hang
out with friends at whatever club they're at. I've been doing that as long as I've fought in Vegas."

Don't tell that to anyone at ESPN cause people like Jay Mariotti of the Chicago Sun Times would have you think an investigation need be launched.

More behind the cut:

On the loss, Liddell had the following to say:

Liddell dismissed the importance of his clubbing, insisting he's a nocturnal person who sleeps late, usually trains at night until about 9, then visits
with friends. He said he did the same things before beating Tito Ortiz twice in Las Vegas.

"If you lose, people are looking for a reason other than the fact I just got beat," Liddell said. "I obviously made a mistake [in the octagon]. I did something
I've been told for years not to do: throw a body shot to the outside like that. It seemed like [the opening] was there."

If the partying was a mistake, it was because it served as motivation for the Jackson camp.

Juanito Ibarra, Jackson's trainer and manager, said he was told early last week by members of Jackson's entourage that they had seen Liddell partying at
clubs such as the Hard Rock Hotel's Body English and The Mirage's Jet.

Ibarra seized on it as a motivational tool, arguing against Jackson's initial response of, "That's Chuck's business."

Said Ibarra: "That shows disrespect and I told Rampage that, 'He doesn't respect you, son,' I know I'm old school but if that was my kid out there I'd be
[upset.] If he thinks he's so good, that he can take me so lightly to think he can stay up so late … that's disrespect."

So, I guess you could argue that it did cost Liddell depending on how much stock you put in to needing motivating factors for a fight. Thing is, you'll never hear it from Liddell.

Somehow I don't think you'd hear the same things from Tito "The Huntington Beach Excuse Boy" Ortiz.

I pick on Tito because its easy.

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5/29 ECW Rating

The show did a 1.42

Credit: F4WOnline.com

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Gabe Ruediger considering legal action against CSAC

Ric Gillespie posted the following earlier today.

After hearing about the decision to nix him from Saturday's K-1 show, Gabe Rudiger is said to be considering taking legal recourse against the California
State Athletic Commission, for its refusal to let him fight.

As previously mentioned, Rudiger was denied a license to fight, with the CSAC citing issues with Rudiger's mental health. While this wasn't directly expressed, it was believed said
issues stemmed from Rudiger's appearances on 'The Ultimate Fighter' (and specifically Rudiger's reaction to his being unable to make weight).

If you're unaware, Gabe was released from his UFC contract and K-1 was hoping to use him as a replacement for Javier Vazquez on Dynamite USA.

You can read Ric's comments on things here

for my tired jokes, check behind the cut.

I think Gabe probably has a case. If as I've heard his physical was conducted at a Burger King on a day where they offered to upsize your order at no cost then he was probably distracted the whole time. I'm not knocking him for this either as even I, your humble author would crack in that situation.

Then again, maybe it is jokes like that which cause his mental instability. If this is the case...I'm sorry you were dumb enough to go on TV and promote yourself and end up making a fool out of yourself and subject to jokes at your expense and can't handle the consequences of the promotion you saught for yourself. Once again, I'm sorry, my bad.

I do hope this is much-a-do about nothing or if it is something serious that he gets the help he needs but some self-accountability is required.

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Dennis Rodman to appear at K-1 press conference tomorrow

Details are here

Well, he's no Frank Wycheck but then again, who is?

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UFC 73 'Stacked' card officially announced

UFC.com had the news earlier today.

The event is set for July 7 in Sacramento, CA.

The card is behind the cut:

UFC 73 'Stacked'

  1. Lightweight Bout: Frankie Edgar Vs. Mark Bocek
  2. Lightweight Bout: Jorge Gurgel Vs. Diego Saraiva
  3. Light Heavyweight Bout: Stephan Bonnar Vs. Mike Nickels
  4. Welterweight Bout: Drew Fickett Vs. Chris Lytle
  5. Lightweight Bout: Kenny Florian Vs. Alvin Robinson
  6. Heavyweight Bout: Heath Herring Vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  7. Light Heavyweight Bout: Tito Ortiz Vs. Rashad Evans
  8. Lightweight Title Bout: Hermes Franca Vs. Sean Sherk
  9. Middleweight Title Bout: Nathan Marquardt Vs. Anderson Silva

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Clueless writer writes clueless article

Slate's Troy Patterson examines how USA became the #1 network on cable

Now anyone who reads this blog will know the answer. It is because of the presence of WWE and specifically Raw

Here is the extent to which the WWE is mentioned in the article.

And then we have the third and biggest of the cable networks trying, not quite paradoxically, to carve out a mass-market niche. The USA Network is the top-rated basic-cable channel in primetime and supposedly NBC Universal's most lucrative asset. It's kind of, like, hot. It's reclaimed WWE from Spike, and its numbers are up with young men.

The article praises shows that you and I don't likely watch some of which I've not even heard of and misses the point. Take WWE off of USA and that #1 rating goes away. Take off whatever the fuck else is on that channel, leave WWE and you've still got a strong contender for the top spot if not still outright number 1.

If you've got the number 1 rated show on cable that doesn't include the phrase "Monday Night Football", then you're off to a pretty good start. All I know is USA dropped from #1 when WWE was gone and now that its back, so is the top ranking.

Sometimes, the simplest answer is the most obvious. However, most of the time it doesn't make for the best story.

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Need mid-west ammy's for this saturday! 6/2!!!!

Courtesy of Dan Severn:

We need to fill some last minute replacements for this saturday 6/2 We are in need of two 155 pound amateurs 205 pound amateur, 185 pound amateur and a 135 pound amateur. Please email us a.s.a.p. if you have anyone or know anyone who may be interested. The show is in northern Indiana so if you are from the mid-west we will guarantee you a spot on the next card if you get on this card!!!

Email or call us at:

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FSPW News & Notes Regarding 6/9 event

From the offices of Damien Christopher International and Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling:

Free up Saturday June 9th because you have plans with Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling. We aren’t leaving the Hall, just expanding out into other parts of town. Like Sarasota’s Gallery Billiards on Northgate Blvd. The show is called Maivia-Hampton III.

At RumbleMania IV VA Hampton suffered a severe injury to his knee. Two weeks DCI & FSPW received a call from Mr. Hampton demanding one more shot at the “Better Than Florida” champion “the Best Ever” Sonny Maivia. After talking to his physician we were ready to deny Mr. Hampton’s request. However after listening to Mr. Hampton and hearing tons of legal threats from Mr. Maivia’s camp, Damien Christopher has decided to give the fans the match one more time!! This week ending June 3rd we received news from both camps that the combatants are going through intense training sessions for what could be their final in-ring encounter.

The other half of the main event is the current FSPW Heavyweight champion Jason Sensation putting his title on the line against Ray Beez. The match was originally scheduled to see Sensation take on Mark Zout. However Fed Up North lawyer John Q says Zout is booked elsewhere on orders from the F.U.N. Being a “neighbor” of Damien Christopher, he feels a soft spot in his heart for Beez. After a great effort against FSPW star George Rodriguez, Mr. Christopher feels Beez is ready for a shot at the “Big Gold Belt.” So he will get it on June 9th. That match will happen despite the protest of the two most recent and former FSPW Heavyweight champions Deathrow Jethro and Barney Rumble. Representatives for both gentlemen; actually Rumble’s lawyer and the Angola Prison warden, sent notification that both men want to have in-person conversations with Mr. Christopher before the June 9th event. Mr. Christopher feels both men are honorable and will listen to their queries.

Another issue that came before Damien Christopher desk this week is from the current FSPW Tag Team champions VinnDetta and “Irish Destroyer” Heater, who sent a venom-filled email demanding to know who Damien will choose to face them on June 9th. They want to know who to prepare for; is it an existing team in FSPW or is DC using his multi-million dollar sized wallet to bring “out of towners?” Looks like we will all have to wait until June 9th to find out who the identity of the mystery team.

Those three matches join some other great contests set up by DC and the FSPW offices. So see you June 9th. If you have any questions log onto the FSPW website link below or contact Damien directly at Damien_Christopher1974@yahoo.com

Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling presents:

Maivia/Hampton III

Saturday June 9, 2007

Special 5pm belltime

Gallery Billiards

1925 Northgate Blvd.

(located in the Northgate Plaza)

Sarasota, Florida

(941) 355-5630


Tickets for all ages are $8

Rematch Ordered by FSPW Owner Damien Christopher after Maivia’s actions at RumbleMania IV!!

FSPW Florida champion “the Best Ever” Sonny Maivia vs. VA Hampton

FSPW Heavyweight champion Jason Sensation vs. Ray Beez

FSPW Tag Team champions VinnDetta & Heater vs. A Team of Damien Christopher’s choosing

CIA (Son of Sicily & Stone Cates) vs. Latin Cartel (Tito and Tony)

“Fire Breathing Monster” Torcher vs. Fed Up North member James Morrison (w/John Q)

BoneZ the Cutthroat vs. Suicide

George Rodriguez vs. Twizted Vengeance

All matches are subject to change without notice from Damien Christopher and the offices of FSPW.


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Former Tennessee Titan Tight End to step in to ring at TNA Wrestling's 'Slammiversary'

An angle that took place at today's Slammiversary Press Conference in Nashville (I can't even imagine such an event) saw James Storm spit beer in the face of the former 2-time all-pro tight end of the Tennessee Titans. Wycheck came back and cracked Jeff Jarrett's guitar over the head of Storm. This will mean nothing on a national basis but supposedly Wycheck is still a pretty prominent local celebrity.

Credit: Dave Meltzer

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ACW News: 6/12 Talent Announcement

American Combat Wrestling’s show schedule has changed! Starting June 12th we will be running weekly shows once again. Every Tuesday ACW will be at Bourbon Street 4331 US 19N in New Port Richey just south of SR 54. Show Starts @ 9 PM. Doors open at 7:30 PM. 25 cent drafts and other drink specials. Go to acwflorida.com for more information. For June 12th Pain in Full, the new ACW championship committee has signed--

ACW Heavyweight champion Ralph Mosca, The New Movement
(Austin Amadeus, “Raging Bull” Eddie Taurus, and “The G.O.A.T” David Mercury) , 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor “the Natural” Kenny King, Scott Commodity, ACW Tag Team champions Josh Masters and Sedrick Strong (w/Fetish) , Ray Beez, Cousin Dale (w/Momma), ACW Cruiserweight champion Jason Moore, Jerrelle Clark, 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Sideshow, 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup competitor Nooie Lee, Dany Only, Nick Fame, Shan Hill, “Modern Revolution” Steve Madison (w/Big Bubba Madison) and Aaron Epic.

ACW’s media relations department has made several queries to the new championship committee to reveal the matches for PAIN IN FULL. However they have refused the request, making the entire talent roster and the fans that plan on attending wait until June 12th to find out who will face who.

So be there when ACW returns to action Tuesday June 12th. Remember ACW is back online, so log onto www.acwflorida.com for information on our events at Bourbon Street Night Club. You can watch previous ACW shows on www.combat-tv.com. Like live music, then check out www.clubbourbonstreet.com for info on upcoming concerts.

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UFC 71 Medical suspensions


-- Complete info behind the cut:

San Luis Obuspo, CA
* Suspend Liddell until 07/12/07
No contact until 06/26/07

Seattle, WA
* Salaverry must have orthopedic Dr clearance on right houlder or no contest until 11/23/07; minimum suspension no contest until 06/26/07, no contact until 06/17/07

Van Nuys, CA
* Parisyan must have left thumb x-rayed & cleared by orthopedic Dr or no contest until 11/23/07

Albuquerque, NM
* Suspend Jardine until 07/26/07
No contact until 07/12/07

Portland, OR
* Suspend Leben until 06/26/07
No contact until 06/17/07 – right eyebrow laceration

Surrey, BC, Canada
* Suspend Starnes until 06/26/07
No contact until 06/17/07 – left cheek laceration

Sacramento, CA
* Irvin must have orthopedic Dr clearance on right knee or no contest until 11/23/07

Douglasville, PA
* Suspend Marrero until 07/12/07
No contact until 06/26/07

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Dr. Keith Recap - Disco Machine...

Dr. Keith Lipinski Show RecapPro Wrestling Guerrilla's Disco Machine
Recaps by Brian Cooper of BigVanVader.com

*** *** ***

To listen go to F4WOnline.com or DrKeithShow.com. This is a MEMBERS ONLY~! show

*** *** ***

Disco Machine Recap

Dr. Keith introduces Disco Machine comparing him with Disco Inferno although Disco doesn't mind the comparisons with Glen Gilbertti. The last time he saw him he was wearing shorts. Keith hopes that they were at least jean shorts. Dr. Keith asks about the recent Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament and the TNA wrestlers being pulled. Disco says it was a mutual decision as the PWG need the DVD sales to survive. Keith suggests speaking with their parents and coming up with a custody arrangement although he wishes to book the talent back on his show first.

Disco Machine puts over CIMA. The good Doctor is amazed that even the Briscoes turned up on time. Disco mentions their problems with airports, alcohol, missed flights and knocked out teeth but they still put on a great performance when they appear. Keith brings up the name PAC. Disco says he is 'not human' and is 'like a video game' hoping that he won't 'die on our shows' , Disco also likens PAC to the first time he saw The Great Muta. Disco also puts over Roderick Strong as a great talent.

Onto Ring Of Honor and does Disco perceive any problems in the future between the two promotions? 'Only scheduling wise I think.' Disco says that there are plenty of exciting plans for the future of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla but currently a secret. After a brief discussion on the blow (or fine sand) under Top Gn Talwar's nose, Keith asks about Super Dragon. Disco talks about Dragon recruiting for the army via intimidation, stating that it was Dragon who intimidating him into becoming a pro-wrestler. Disco talks about Super Dragons amazing ball room and tap dancing skills.

Keith asks about the possibility of a PWG television show or anime? Disco would like to see either a PWG hunky or honky calendar. Disco talks about the growth of PWG in their four years of existence and they are happy with 4-500 people turning up at their shows. Keith asks about any future overseas tours? Tentative plans are being made for 2008. Disco credits the DVD sales for enabling last years tours to be a moderate success. Disco apologises for the lack of recent PWG DVD releases but says there will be a glut of upcoming releases. Keith is happy that the next releases will see more bonus features before talking about his EXPERIENCE IN THE EROTIC ARTS.

The Battle of Los Angeles 2007 is the next topic on the agenda. Disco says the expected dates are 31 August - 2 September. Keith says that Ronin has been tearing through opponents LIKE BARLOW THROUGH A CHUNKY ~ YAY! The two talk about JOEY RYAN'S HAIR next and the de-masking of Ronin due to Joey's underhanded tricks. Keith says he wins his matches SEXILY. The two discuss El Generico's World Heavyweight Title reign and the identity of Scorpio Sky. Keith demands a future PWG show entitled WILLY NILLY. Disco lists the Anniversary show in July, the Battle of Los Angeles in August/September and a planned ALL-Star weekend will be the highlights of the remainder of 2007.

Disco Machine then confirms that he has retired from pro-wrestling and doesn't foresee a return and is content working behind the scenes at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He wants to be remembered as the fans seeing the best of him. Disco talks about when he was DDT'd face first of the top rope that changed his perspective. He is HUMBLED that the fans are sad that he's leaving. Keith fondly remembers the time he first saw Disco Machine's disco ball break. 'I will never be in a wrestling ring what I wanna be' but is content with his career and will still be active as the Commissioner of Disco.

Keith asks where the fans can send money to El Hijo Del Disco Machine. Disco adds 'or his psychiatrist bills', he says his son is even crazier than he is and is another Necro Butcher in the making. He's better
looking though as he's from 'good stock'. Final words, Disco IMPLORES the fans to empty their pockets and purchase Pro Wrestling Guerilla DVD's. Check out ProWrestlingGuerrilla.com for information on their ROGER DORN NIGHT~! on June 10 at the Burbank Armory (BRYAN DANIELSON~! Vs. EL GENERICO~!~!~! for the PWG World Title, Richards vs. Steen, Super Dragon vs. Human Tornado, Roderick Strong & Pac vs. Havana Pitbulls and more ) and Disco's MySpace! Great Interview…

*** *** ***
This weekend: Marlon Sims of the Ultimate Fighter

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Cleveland All Pro Wrestling News: Final Card for this Sunday!

Cleveland All Pro Wrestling News: May 31, 2007


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling returns to the famed Turner’s Hall, located at 7325 Guthrie Ave. in Cleveland, on Sunday afternoon June 3 with “A Hot Summer Night“. Doors open at 2 p.m. for our belltime of 3 p.m. This WILL be a taping for CAPW TV on Sports Time Ohio, so bring your signs, banners, and enthusiasm, and be prepared to have your image available in nearly 3 million homes in the state of Ohio, and nationwide on select systems. Tickets are available in advance at any of our ticket outlets, and also at the door the afternoon of the event. Get ready for three solid hours of the best professional wrestling in the area: Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling.

Just added to the card this week:

CAPW Tag Titles: Faith in Nothing vs. Robbie Starr (w/ Lexi Lane) & Christian Vaughn
Tag team champions Christian Faith & Vincent Nothing attempt to continue to build their legacy and reputation fresh off of an impressive victory against The Michigan Invasion last month. Their opponents this month don’t have the most experience as a tag team together, but have proven themselves worthy competition: Christian Vaughn along with his partner Robbie Starr, accompanied as always by the lovely Lexi Lane. While Starr & Lane have become quite the prolific couple in CAPW in recent months, it will take more than that to save Starr & Vaughn from the smash-mouth aggressive style that has catapulted Faith In Nothing to the top of the tag ranks for so long. With CAPW’s biggest show ever just weeks away, all four will be looking for major momentum.

Grudge Match: Da Munchies & JT Lightning vs. Mega Sexy
Last month, everyone in attendance at Turner’s Hall witnessed one of the most physical showings of brutality in recent memory, as JT Lightning, Too Cool Abdul, and Dick Trimmins, the mythical World Six-Man Tag Champions, delivered a brutal assault on “Megastar” Marion Fontaine both during and after the match, leaving Fontaine’s chest a sickening combination of red and purple. This Sunday, Fontaine rejoins his “Mega Sexy” tag partners “Simply Sexy” Shawn Blaze and “Pony Boy” TJ Dynamite to battle the enraged veterans one more time. Will the alleged six-man champions beat some more respect into Mega Sexy or will the upstarts pull off a surprise upset over the “champs”?

CAPW Television Title: CK3 vs. Jake Crist
Conrad Kennedy III pulled off the ultimate con last month when he screwed Jason Bane out of the Television Title, thanks in large part to Heavyweight Champion Tracy Smothers. With Bane making his intentions very well known of seeking vengeance on Smothers in the very near future, it leaves CK3 seemingly off the hook for the time being as he begins his Television Title reign. His opposition for his first title defense is one-half of the wildly successful Irish Airborne tag team, Jake Crist. Jake has proven himself as part of one of the pre-eminent tag teams in wrestling today, but will he be as strong of a Television Title contender as he was for tag team gold? And how successful with CK3’s first title defense be?

“M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross vs. The Aftermath vs. Jason Gory
Fresh off of a huge victory in a six-way match that qualified him for Florida’s Jeff Peterson Cup, M-Dogg 20 is back and once again faced with the challenge of multiple high-flying death-defying athletes in the same match. One opposition, The Aftermath, who had the biggest match of his career in that six-way encounter, and is looking to have even greater success this Sunday. The other opposition, Jason Gory, a Hells Canyon, Idaho native who’s been making major strides throughout Pennsylvania, quickly earning a reputation as one of the most talented Jr. Heavyweights in the area today. All three men collide in what is sure to be the most energetic fast-paced encounters of the evening.

Plus: The Bouncer goes one-on-one with Luis Diamante in a special bonus match!

In addition to the following matches already publicly announced:

CAPW Heavyweight Title: Tracy Smothers vs. The Blue Meanie
It’s a feud that has been ongoing for ten years and counting, and shows no signs of letting up. The Smothers/Meanie bad blood began back in the original ECW, with Smothers representing the Full Blooded Italians (FBI) and Meanie representing the Blue World Order (bWo). After a series of unforgettable wrestling contests, as well as dance-offs, nothing was settled. The rivalry was re-ignited two years ago after a falling out between the two stemming from the aftermath of the controversial first WWE ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view. They’ve battled each other all over the US and into Europe, but never have they met for a major singles title, but June 3 in Cleveland the stakes are raised as Meanie attempts to dance his way to CAPW gold, and Smothers attempts to capture any momentum he can leading into a potential ominous encounter with Bane.

CAPW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: Super Hentai vs. Shiima Xion
Super Hentai solidified his CAPW singles career at our last live event when he defeated Zach Gowen to capture his first singles gold in Cleveland, adding this accomplishment to an extensive list of other titles he’s captured around the world. However, Hentai finds himself the central focus of an extremely competitive division. The first of many deserving challengers is “The Future of Fashion” Shiima Xion, who certainly goes back a long way with Hentai. Not only were Hentai & Shiima a short-lived tag team combination here in CAPW before choosing to pursue careers in the singles ranks, but Hentai also was instrumental in Shiima Xion’s training to become a professional wrestler some years back. It’s a case of teacher vs. student on June 3 as Xion attempts to surpass his former mentor and become Jr. Heavyweight champion.

Jason Bane vs. CJ O’Doyle
The 6’8 300+ pound former Television Champion Bane knows he may be a mere 2 months away from the most important match of his career. On August 5, Bane will step foot inside a career-shortening 15-foot-high steel cage and challenge Tracy Smothers for the CAPW Heavyweight Title should Smothers escape June 3 with title in tact. June 3 will be CAPW’s and Bane’s final stop on the road to August 5’s “Night of Legends” extravaganza and Bane is looking for every bit of momentum attainable, as is Smothers. Bane has plenty of motivation, having been screwed out of the Heavyweight Title countless times, and also losing his Television Title to Conrad Kennedy III thanks in large part to Smothers. CJ O’Doyle is a major player in the eastern Pennsylvania wrestling scene, but with the focus and rage building inside Bane, he’ll have his work cut out for him. Will Smothers and Bane be able to stay out of the other’s way or will tempers explode again just as they did last time they were in the same building one month ago?

Johnny Gargano vs. Metal Master
The 19-year-old prodigy Gargano is coming off a career-high win against TNA Star Alex Shelley a few weeks ago. While Shelley has been overheard requesting a rematch, rumor has it Gargano has vehemently denied the request, claiming he’s already proven he’s “better than Shelley”. Gargano, however, has signed on to meet The Metal Master, a mysterious enigma that has reportedly been surfacing in numerous locations throughout North American and Japan. While we can’t decipher much of the Master’s past, based on reports, it seems he is also a master on the mat and will prove to be more than enough competition for the upstart Gargano. Can Gargano continue his streak of success?

Jessica Havok vs. Neveah
We recently told you of the open challenge set forth by Jessica Havok, the newfound personal bodyguard of one JT Lightning, among JT’s other frequest associates. Havok has without a doubt proven herself in just a short span of time to be the most dominant female athlete to ever step into a CAPW ring, competing against multiple opponents in one night, regardless of the size, experience level, or even gender. Havok’s open challenge has been answered by a woman known as Neveah, a tough individual who has made her name throughout the Ohio area in recent times. She could score the win of her career on June 3rd or she may become the latest in a growing list of Jessica Havok’s victims.

B.E.T. vs. The Clash
Tyrone Evans and Josh Emanuel have formed a very formidable and intimidating duo to add to the already stacked CAPW Tag Team Division, calling themselves B.E.T. While we’re still unsure what exactly that stands for, their track record in the ring is something that cannot be mistaken. However, B.E.T. did not count on seeing a couple of old rivals come onto the CAPW scene shortly afterward: The team of Brian Bender & Ernie Ballz, collectively known as The Clash, followed B.E.T. into CAPW and were quick to make a challenge. These teams have met several times throughout Ohio in the past, but on June 3 their feud gets taken to the next level as it will be on display in CAPW for the very first time.


Traditionally, CAPW provides its biggest and best live event of the calendar year during the summer as Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling celebrates its anniversary in style. This year, however, CAPW takes it one step farther. The announcement was made official this past Sunday that on Sunday, August 5, Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling makes its debut in the Plain Dealer Pavilion, located on 2014 Sycamore Street to celebrate our anniversary with “A Night of Legends”. It’ll be the largest, most star-studded happening in Cleveland All-Pro history! Come join the record-breaking crowd that will be on hand to witness all the biggest, best, and brightest stars from wrestling’s past, present, and future.

Following a wild altercation at our last live event, the evening’s main event has already been penciled in. Should Tracy Smothers escape our June 3rd live event still CAPW Heavyweight Champion, he will finally step into the ring one-on-one against the 6’8 300+ pound unstoppable Jason Bane. Smothers has been ducking Bane’s challenge and screwing him at every opportunity, culminating at our last event when Smothers was directly responsible for Bane losing his Television Title to Conrad Kennedy III, shattering Bane’s hopes of unifying CAPW’s two top singles titles for the second time. Now, Bane will face Smothers one-on-one, and there will be nowhere for Tracy to hide, no shortcut for him to take… because the match takes place inside a 15 foot high STEEL CAGE!

Much much more will be revealed about CAPW’s Plain Dealer Pavilion debut set for August 5th. Check back right here NEXT WEEK as we reveal the first of MANY hot news updates and details regarding this extravaganza!


Every week, CAPW will deliver one solid hour of cutting-edge, intense, athletic wrestling action to STO viewers featuring a cavalcade of wrestling stars. See the best of national and international stars, past and present, as well as the brightest home-grown stars in the state of Ohio! The program will be hosted by play-by-play commentator Joe Dombrowski and color analyst Jamie Scott, who will bring you all the hot matches, backstage interviews, exclusive footage, and so much more each and every week on Sports Time Ohio! Here is the upcoming schedule for CAPW programming on Sports Time Ohio:

Saturday, June 2: 11:00 PM & 2:00 AM
Sunday, June 3: 10:00 PM & 2:00 AM
Monday, June 4: 3:30 AM

Sports Time Ohio is available to nearly 3 million homes throughout the state of Ohio and into surrounding states, and is also available nationwide on select satellite dish packages. Check local listings and channel packages for availability. For more information log on to www.sportstimeohio.com. For more information on Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling TV, be sure to read Michael Cash’s “Ca$h’s Corner” column exclusively at www.capw.net.


Direct T.V : Add the "Sports Pack" to your satellite service and get Sports Time Ohio.

Dish Network: Add the "Multi-Sports Pack" to your satellite service and get Sports Time Ohio

These packages only cost $6-$12 a month to add! Contact your satellite provider for more information.


SportsTime Ohio: Affiliates and Channel Numbers
Cable / Satellite Provider System / Area # HD #
Armstrong Andover / Kinsman 47 177
Armstrong Ashland Area 68 177
Armstrong Boardman Area 68 177
Armstrong Meadville, PA 47 177
Armstrong Medina 55 177
Armstrong Orrville 56 177
Arthur Telephone Company NW Ohio 107
Ayersville Telephone Company Ayersville 36
Bryan Municipal Cable Bryan 96
BTC Multimedia Bascom 76
Buckeye CableSystem Erie County 57 653
Buckeye CableSystem Toledo 32 653
CableSuite 541 Conneaut 81
Clear Picture, Inc. Wooster 10
Cox Communications Parma 58 758
DirecTV Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown 657
Dish Network All Areas of the Cleveland Indians TV Territory 431
Doyelstown Cable TV Doylestown 16
East Cleveland Cable East Cleveland 27
FJ Communications Fort Jennings 56
Glandrof Telephone Compnay Glandorf 107
GLW Broadband Wellington 37
Insight Communications Columbus Area 29 525
Kalida Telephone Kalida 56
Massillon Cable TV Massillon 11
NKTELCO New Knoxville Area 60
Oberlin Cable Co-op Oberlin 71
Olmsted Cable Olmsted 25
Orwell Communications Orwell 44
OTEC Communication Ottoville 56
Q1 Cable Columbus Grove / Leipsic 67
RTEC Communications Ridgeville Corners 91
Sat Star Communications Terrace at Northridge 69
Suddenlink Communications Nelson / Newton Falls 40
Time Warner Cable Akron / Canton / Mansfield / Youngstown 76 523
Time Warner Cable Greater Columbus Area 34 752
Time Warner Cable Northwest Ohio 25 757
Time Warner Cable Western PA 23 523
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Ashtabula Area 30 798
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Bryan 15
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Cambridge 53
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Canaan 53
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Chillicothe / Jackson / Portsmouth / Waverly 73
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Defiance 37
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Erie, PA 21 702
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Greater Cleveland Area 17 798
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Logan 50
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Lorain County 23 798
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Macedonia 97 798
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Marion 69
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) New Philadelphia 69
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Newark 53
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Port Clinton 17 798
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Sharon, PA 71
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Van Wert 74
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Washington Courthouse 70
Time Warner Cable (formerly Adelphia) Waterville 37
Time Warner Cable (formerly Comcast) Elyria / Mentor 73 251
TSC Communications Wapakoneta 12
Vaughnsville Telephone Company Vaughnsville 158
W.A.T.C.H. TV Company Lima Area 104
Wadsworth Cable TV Wadsworth 77
WOW! Internet & Cable Cleveland Area 72 221
WOW! Internet & Cable Columbus Area 57 221


Do you have a website devoted to professional wrestling? Would you like to receive weekly Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling news updates? To be added to our exclusive press corps mailing list, please e-mail iwcmc_dombrowski@yahoo.com


Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has joined the ever-growing community of MySpace.com, with an official page dedicated to all the news, personalities, and happenings of Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling. For more information, visit www.myspace.com/capw to befriend the hottest promotion in the state of Ohio today!


Tickets for any and all CAPW live events are available at the following outlets. Tickets are always available at Turner's Hall the afternoon of the show as well.

Joe De's Pizza
3329 Fulton Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio
(216) 661-1990

West Side Metals Corp.
6400 Stock Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

Pit Stop Donuts,
4411 Clark Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling has been the premiere brand of professional wrestling in the state of Ohio throughout it's over-thirteen year existence. CAPW utilizes a blend of the most talented and exciting local and national attractions today for a unique fan experience, featuring names such as Tracy Smothers, M-Dogg 20, Faith in Nothing, Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition, Irish Airborne, JT Lightning, Zach Gowen, Jason Bane, and many more. Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling can be seen weekly on Sports Time Ohio in nearly 3 million homes. For more information please visit www.CAPW.net.

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The ineffectiveness of ESPN's coverage of UFC 71

One of the benefits of Art and I combining our efforts completely instead of the way we had done so partially in the past is that each devoting less time to posting news because of the work of others allows us to work on other things. One of the things for me that I will be spending my time doing is writing more opinion pieces and this is the first step in that direction.

On the audio show referenced in our last post, Ric Gillespie talked about how ESPN doesn't make trends it follows trends and how the fact ESPN is covering UFC isn't as big a deal as many would make it out to be. It was a great discussion and led us off on to a few others. However, we never addressed the thing that I wanted to address on the show, so I'm going to do it now.

I found the quality of ESPN's coverage of the UFC and UFC 71 to be utterly horrible.

Click the cut to read more...sorry Ric!

Earlier today I was talking to OC Times periodic contributor Marcus Erickson and said that I wasn't happy with how ESPN handled UFC 71. At first he seemed surprised that I would say such a thing even though they spent so much time covering it. Sure, ESPN spent time covering the show, but was the time they spent time well spent?

My problem with ESPN's coverage is that they have too many people weighing in on a product that they're not familiar with. Now, I'm not saying that some of these sports writers who watched UFC for the first time shouldn't be allowed to comment on it. However, they didn't have enough people who were already familiar with the product to counteract ignorant opinion.

On Around the Horn Friday afternoon you had 2 sports writers looking at which was the bigger event of the weekend, UFC 71 or the Indy 500. One of them said it was the UFC while the other said it as the 500 and described the UFC as something to satisfy the blood lust. The writer then went on to explain what you could see in the UFC and specifically mentioned eye gouging and hinted at a few other things. The problem is that the other writer did nothing to point out that those things aren't legal in the UFC either because he didn't know it or couldn't be bothered.

On that same show Tuesday afternoon, the same writer that called it blood lust on Friday suggested that an investigation be launched in to Chuck Liddell because he was out partying the week leading up to the fight. Nobody bothered to point out, likely because they wouldn't have known, that this is hardly uncommon behavior for Liddell and it would've been a bigger news item if he hadn't done that. They then talked about the main event with one writer commenting on it and then admitting she actually didn't even watch and a couple more saying that because it was over in 2 minutes that it hurt the UFC.

Now, you can hold that opinion if you wish and I know several people who supposedly know what they're talking about that feel that very way. However, nobody was there to argue that people used to pay top dollar with the hopes of seeing Mike Tyson knock someone out in the first round. Nobody was there to point out that a UFC show typically provides a solid under-card of action, I don't think the under-card of UFC 71 was even mentioned once in the discussion. I've said this already, because the finish was decisive and clearly the right call it doesn't hurt the UFC in any way. If it had been a questionable ref stoppage then you've got a stronger case.

The thing is that this kind of coverage was all over the ESPN family of networks. The best segment on UFC 71 was the Lou DiBella Vs. Joe Rogan debate that led off Friday evening's SportsCenter. It was the best segment because you had someone in Rogan who actually knew what he was talking about. I'm not saying ESPN has to immediately get its coverage of UFC right from the start. However, that network knew for awhile that it was going to start covering the UFC and that was the best that they could come up with?

Now, in the future I expect that this may change a bit at least I hope so. ESPN has an agreement with Sherdog but I know for sure that won't last. ESPN will want to have its in-house reporters breaking news and writing for its site and being on its programs. This is so that they can have complete editorial control over everything said and printed and it can fit the ESPN format. Theoretically, if ESPN is still covering the UFC in a few years by then they'll probably have talked some fighters out of the Octagon and in to the studio. They'll really devote time to the product if someday they end up with the right to televise it. Notice how when they got the Arena Football League package you started to see many more tie-ins with that particular league? That's no coincidence.

If you were someone who had no idea what the UFC was going in to ESPN's coverage of this event, I shutter to think what your opinion of it would be if you only saw the coverage and didn't actually order the fight. Fact is that they gave it about as much CARE as they would if it were the WWE. ESPN as Ric said is a network that rides trends not create them, however it is also a network that can influence public opinion. When they let talking heads with no experience with the product weigh in without dealing with someone who has been around the product for longer it skews things too far in a negative direction. Perhaps that's what ESPN wants to happen. Maybe they're hoping the negative press will help UFC fade in to oblivion so they don't have to cover it anymore, I don't know you'd have to ask them.

Granted, I didn't see everything that they did and in general didn't have a problem with the naration of highlights of the event itself. I thought Brian Kenny as the moderator of the Rogan and DiBella debate was very well prepared and well informed. I'm not saying this was the worst coverage of a sporting event in the history of the world but I am saying its not a clear cut thumbs up and in fact, I'd give it a thumbs down.

Let me say for full disclosure that I don't watch ESPN very much anymore. I watch their NFL draft coverage every year, I watch certain football or baseball games if I enjoy the teams involved, but rarely ever watch shows like Around the Horn, Pardon the Interruption or SportsCenter. Fact is I'm not really a fan of the way they cover a lot of sports anymore. I used to watch ESPN so much you'd think it was the only channel my TV could pick up but that's no longer the case. I get my football news from other sources and that's true to a lesser degree for Baseball, Basketball and hockey.

I'm hoping ESPN will actually find people who know what they're talking about to counterbalance the uninformed analysts on these shows. However, I think you're kidding yourself if you think that ESPN's coverage did UFC any good other than the fact it was novel to see UFC covered on ESPN. The fact is that as Ric said ESPN covering UFC ultimately doesn't mean as much as people are leading you to believe, but the fact they're covering it at all was more effective than the actual coverage itself.
You might find it hard to believe this but I feel its true. Chuck Liddell being on ESPN last week did more for ESPN than it ever will have done for Liddell himself. Liddell was already UFC's biggest star and that loss on Saturday didn't change that in fact, it may have helped cement him as its biggest star. ESPN was looking to capitalize more on the cool factor of Liddell than Liddell will benefit from being on ESPN. Where's the proof that he was on ESPN made him any more popular than he already was? Please, show it to me if you can. I won't expect anything because you can't prove it. The only people who tuned in to ESPN to see Liddell were people that were either those who already watch the network or those who tuned in specifically to see Liddell because they like him and then once he was done they flipped channels.

Helping UFC is not why ESPN is covering the organization. Think about it, the fight night specials, the Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale and UFC Pay Per View events are still competitors with ESPN. Why would ESPN work hard to hype a show like the TUF 5 Finale when they've got a program going head-to-head with Pulver Vs. Penn? Why would ESPN do a lot of features on UFC 75 this fall when they're trying to push a Saturday night college football game which goes head-to-head with the PPV but airs on their own network? They may produce those feature stories but not to help UFC gain viewers but to get UFC viewers to watch ESPN programming. Its really that simple, so don't look at ESPN's coverage as the network doing UFC any sort of favor.

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CARE Audio Show for 05/30

Myself, Art Ric and Euan (that's CARE for the slow among you) recorded an audio show for an hour and 40 minutes today. We don't specifically preview any of the zillion shows this weekend, instead we look at some of the top issues in the wrestling and MMA world. We also talk about some of the site changes going on at our respective sites. It may not be the funniest show we've ever done, but it is probably the best all around.

When the show is uploaded, you'll know about it.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Raw Rating for 5/28


When I first read this I was like what the hell happened? Then I remembered, oh yeah, holiday...nothing to see here. Its not a disaster that we need to examine online for the next 3 weeks, ok?

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More on this K-1 Nightmare show on Saturday

here are the latest changes

One that disappoints me is Antonio Silva being out and Tim Persey being in, not that I've got anything against Big Perm.

Now there seems to be trouble with the Johnny Morton fight and a few other replacements have been made. TNA on crack couldn't be more disorganized than this show.

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IWA Mid-South presents King of the Death Matches - 6/22 & 6/23

From: IWA Mid-South

Tickets for this year's King of the Death Match tournament are already on sale.

$70, $60, $50, & $40 for the 2 day passes

You can order your tickets by sending paypal payments to rottenwife@aol.com.

This year's King of the Death Match Tournament will be a 16 man tournament featuring the best that hardcore wrestling has to offer.

The KOTDM tournament will be held:

Friday and Saturday night - June 22 & 23, 2007
Capital Sports Cen
1915 Gladden Road
Plainfield, IN

1). Mickie Knuckles - 2006 QOTDM - The fans demanded it and now you have it...Mickie will be in the KOTDM again this year! This will be her second appearance in KOTDM as she had the very memorable battle against Ian Rotten in last year's KOTDM.

2). Deranged - The former IWA tag champion is returning to IWA and looking to win the tournament. Deranged has been in the 2004, 2005 & 2006 tournaments and his match vs. his partner Brain Damage in last years tournament is the stuff of legend now.

3). Insane Lane - Lane defeated Freak Show to earn a spot in this tournament and he is looking to prove that IWA Deep South is just as hardcore as the mothership but after the recent escalation in the war between IWA Mid-South & IWA Deep South who knows what to expect in this tournament. Lane is going to have to have eyes in the back of his head to navigate this field.

4). Necro Butcher - 2002 KOTDM champ- honestly, does anything need to be said about Necro in the KOTDM tournament?

5). Corporal Robinson - 2004 KOTDM champ - Corp is filling in for the injured Ian Rotten in this tournament taking over his spot. Corporal is hardly filler though as he seeks to join Ian as the only other 2 time winner of this tournament.

6). Drake Younger - IWA Mid-South Death Match champion, F.U.C.K. champion, CZW Ultraviolent Death Match Champion...I think those credentials speak for themselves as to Drake's involvement in the tournament. His barefoot thumbtack match vs. JC Bailey in last year's tournament is must see!

7). BRAIN DAMAGE - Former IWA tag champ is returning from retirement and plans to make a huge impact during his return to IWA. He made it to the finals last year and is ready to prove that he hasn't missed a beat during his time off and maybe the time to heal up will make him the favorite to win the whole thing this year.

8). Gypsy Joe - This legend in the Mid-South area will be making his IWA Mid-South debut at this event. Despite his age, Joe can take a beating like no one else and no one will want to get chopped by this hardcore icon during the tournament.

9). 2003 KOTDM champion - Mad Man Pondo - again just like Necro, you don't have to say much about Mad Man Pondo being in this tournament. He could very easily become a repeat champion in this event as well.

10). Danny Havoc - this will be his second appearance in IWA and in the KOTDM and he is looking to make a huge name for himself.

11). Freak Show - This spot belonged to Diehard Dustin and then Freak Show and Insane Lane held him hostage in the ring at spike point until he forfeited the spot to Freak Show. Freak Show has been on a roll since injuring Ian Rotten but as mentioned earlier with Insane Lane...he'll have to have eyes in the back of his head to get through this tournament.

12.) Tank - Tank turned his back on Drake Younger inside the barbed wire steel cage in Plainfield and joined forces with Lane & Freak Show on the IWA Deep South side of the war. This big man is going to be a force to be reckoned with in this tournament.

13.) Dysfunction - this could finally be Dysfunction's year to win the KOTDM. He has paid his dues and worked his way through this tournament having made the semifinals and last year making it to the finals. He only has one more step to take.

14.) From Fighting Ultimate Crazy Kings in Japan. He's their former Deathmatch Champion: FUKIMOTO

Yesterday on the IWA Mid-South message board, Mean Mitch Page announced that he was going to be #15 in the tournament. Mitch is the defending champion in this tournament and like Brain Damage, has had a lot of time off recently and should be well rested and in good health going into this tournament which could lead to the first ever back to back champion in KOTDM history.

This leaves one spot remaining for the tournament and we will announce that spot soon.

Again, 2 day passes are $70, $60, $50 and $40 for this tournament and you can get them by sending a paypal payment to rottenwife@aol.com and your tickets will be waiting for you at the door.

Good Day.

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Warner Home Video “Knocks Out” The Competition With The Release Of “IFL: Greatest Knockouts & Extreme Action,” On DVD September 18, 2007!

For the First Time Ever Experience all the Incredible Action of the International Fight League, the World’s Number One Professional Mixed Martial Arts League

This Action-packed DVD Highlights all of the Greatest Punches, Kicks, Submissions and Slams from the IFL’s Inaugural 2006 Season

BURBANK, Calif.--May 30, 2007--Finally a DVD that packs a punch! Warner Home Video (WHV) and the International Fight League (IFL), the world’s number one
professional Mixed Martial Arts league, are teaming up to give mixed martial arts fans an exclusive all-access pass to all the heart-stopping action from
the IFL’s first ever season. IFL: Greatest Knockouts & Extreme Action chronicles the IFL’s ground breaking 2006 season and showcases all the incredible
one-on-one bouts between all of your favorite IFL superstars and teams. From gut wrenching fists to jaw dropping kicks this DVD has it all! IFL: Greatest
Knockouts & Extreme Action is available from WHV for a $19.98 SRP and will hit stores on September 18, 2007. Order due date is August 14, 2007.

Mixed Martial Arts is rapidly taking the world by storm with the International Fight League quickly becoming the fastest growing and most exciting organization
in the sport today. In a sport where mental toughness plays just as an important a role as athleticism, a team is only as strong as its weakest link in
a battle of will, determination, and toughness. Now, watch as rivalries are born as IFL: Greatest Knockouts & Extreme Action DVD highlights all of the
pulse-pounding action between world champions like Matt Lindland, Renzo Gracie, and Pat Miletich, join forces with the sports newest stars like Chris Horodecki,
Ben Rothwell, Jay Hieron and others, as their teams battle it out in the ring for the right to be called IFL champion!

“WHV is ecstatic to be teaming up with the International Fight League with a DVD that will showcase some of the best mixed martial arts fighters in the
world,” said Don Polite, WHV Executive Director, Sports Marketing. “The IFL is an up-and-coming league well on its way to stardom and this DVD will truly
resonate with the mixed martial arts fan who enjoys one-on-one competition and non-stop action.”


In a sport where physical adversity is commonplace only one organization has dared to put these great individual athletes in a team format that strengthens
the bond that ties all of these warriors together. Join the IFL, the world’s number one professional Mixed Martial Arts league as it chronicles its groundbreaking
2006 season. Now you can relive all of the punches, kicks, KOs, slams and submissions, as you follow these indestructible competitors. Watch Matt Lindland,
Renzo Gracie, Pat Miletich, Carlos Newton, along with some of the sports newest stars as they showcase why the IFL is the fastest growing organization
in the fastest growing sport! Be a part of the excitement!

Information for Video Retailers

IFL: Greatest Knockouts & Extreme Action is available from WHV on September 19 for $19.98 SRP. The release will be supported by a national marketing and
advertising campaign targeting males ages 18 to 34. Order due date is August 14, 2007.

The Basics

IFL: Greatest Knockouts & Extreme Action
Street Date: 9/18/07
Single-Unit Order Due Date: 8/14/07
DVD SRP: $19.98
DVD Cat #: 115984
Running Time: XXX
Rating: None

The Credits

About Warner Home Video

With operations in 90 international territories Warner Home Video, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, commands the largest distribution infrastructure
in the global video marketplace. Warner Home Video's film library is the largest of any studio, offering top quality new and vintage titles from the repertoires
of Warner Bros. Pictures, Turner Entertainment, Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Home Video and New Line Home Entertainment.

About the IFL

Founded by Kurt Otto and Gareb Shamus, International Fight League™ (OTCBB: IFLI) is the world’s number one professional mixed martial arts sports league.
IFL has its headquarters in New York and offices in Las Vegas. For more information about IFL, please see: www.ifl.tv.

For more information on these and other titles distributed by Warner Home Video, visit www.whvdirect.com.

Artwork is downloadable at www.WHVDirect.com or by request.

Warner Home Video
Melissa Hufjay, 818-977-7310
Dan Klores Communications
Philip Crimaldi, 212-981-5139

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Back in the day...

Gorgeous George vs. Masked Marvel from the Seattle Aquatheater

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ROH Video Wire May 29, 2007

Also, a special bonus video featuring Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey~! Check it out behind the cut:

ROH Jimmy Jacobs And Lacey, Day 1

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MMA News and Notes for 05/30

Take a quick glance around the MMA world with me.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Interview

Much more behind the cut.

Marlon Sims Vs. Noah Thomas, the 2 men who brought such shame to Dana White and his house will open the TUF 5 Finale.

The IFL has averaged a 0.7 through the first 10 episodes. The ratings in men 18-34 are more than triple the MyNetwork TV average for that demo. The article compares this to the start of TUF on SpikeTV but neglects the fact that TUF benefited from something Battleground did not which is that it followed WWE Raw, the highest rated program on cable TV.

Kazushi Sakuraba has been cleared to fight on Saturday's Dynamite USA card. Great, 1 down like 15 more fighters to go!

Today's observer update had the following note on IFL stock.

--IFL stock collapsed today. At the moment of this writing, it was down from its $3.30 per share close yesterday to $1.28. There was a major sell-off of
1.6 million shares of stock as some institutional investors were not allowed to sell until today, and sensing a collapse, they wanted to at least recover
some money before the stock goes down farther. Another reason is the company is likely to issue new shares in an attempt of a second round of financing,
which would also dilute the value of the stock. This actually should have been a good time as MyNetwork TV announced yesterday the IFL keeping its Monday
and Saturday night at 8 p.m. time slot for the fall season. This was expected as in their upfront presentation weeks ago they had already told advertisers
IFL was staying.

TUF 5's Joe Lauzon is profiled by UFC.com

Get to know Tokyo Sabre's fighter Savant Young

Brock Larson Destiny Delayed, not Denied

Urijah Faber calm in the eye of the hurricane

Max Kellerman interviews Urijah Faber.

Brian Stann faces Craig Zellner on versus

David Loiseau is off July 7's Steel Cage Promotions card but Wes Sims has been added and will face Chris Guillen in a rematch of their bout on Art of War 2, May 11 in Austin.

I'll probably be back with more later.

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One match added and another apparently scrapped for One Night Stand

Last night at the Smackdown tapings, a match was added for One Night Stand, Kane Vs. Mark Henry in a Lumberjack match.

It appears that a match that was rumored, and expected by me, to be apart of the show Chris Benoit Vs. MVP is off of the card...for now anyway.

The ONS card is as follows:

  1. Lumberjack Match: Mark Henry Vs. Kane
  2. Tables Match: CM Punk, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer Vs. Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von and Matt Striker
  3. Pudding Match: Melina Vs. Candice Michelle
  4. Ladder Match: The Hardys Vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team
  5. Stretcher Match: Rob Van Dam Vs. Randy Orton
  6. World Title Cage Match: Edge Vs. Batista
  7. ECW Title Street Fight: Vince McMahon Vs. Bobby Lashley
  8. WWE Championship 'Falls Count Anywhere' No submission match: John Cena Vs. Great Khali

The CARE/Jabroni Predictions thread is here feel free to add yours.

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Sun Announces Production of "Art of War" Video Game

Courtesy of: SUN Sports & Entertainment Inc.

SUN Makes Move Into Billion Dollar Video Game Market

DALLAS, TX -- May 30, 2007 -- SUN Sports & Entertainment Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SSPE) announced today that it has completed the formation of MMA Games LLC with partners Barking Lizards LLC (http://www.barkinglizards.com/) and Summit Advisory Partners (http://www.summitadvisorypartners.com/) to create the new "Art of War" Video Game.

According to Barking Lizard Technologies CEO Drew Fisher stated, "'Art of War' for the Xbox 360 is being developed as a cutting edge fighting game that focuses on and reinforces the Art of War fighting competition. The game will be built using the latest techniques to deliver a compelling and innovative game mechanic specially designed for this type of fighting. In addition, the game will use likenesses of the current and future stars of the ring in new and fantastical ways, extending their capabilities beyond that of mere mortals."

Fisher added, "The fighting game market is a rich and diverse market that is dominated by a few key players. To maximize the license, BLT will consider all the things that make the current and past round of games successful, and integrate the features the market is clamoring for into 'Art of War.'" The game is expected to have a retail sales price of $44.95 with distribution internationally.

The most successful fighting games have traditionally veered away from the "simulation" model and focused more on the "fun" side of the game. "Art of War," will focus on capturing the essence of the license while maintaining a play experience that is fun and challenging. Keeping the game light hearted yet action packed will help make "Art of War" stand out against competitive products. Additionally the game will be created with more "fantasy" style elements to it, giving the character larger than life abilities.

The "Art of War" Xbox 360 game will be developed for Wild Hare Entertainment by Barking Lizards Technologies. Developing initially for the Xbox 360 will help speed up the development cycle and allow for the development of a superior game. Between the 360 and the PS3, the 360 has considerably larger market share and is a better choice for a single sku effort.

Robert Feeback, former Vice President of the Coca Cola Company and Principle of Summit Advisory Partners (the financial partners) stated, "We have conducted extensive research into this space and feel highly confident that the 'Art of War' Xbox Game could be a winner."

SUN CEO CJ Comu stated, "This is a great time to be investing in developing the 'Art of War' brand and getting set to launch into the billion dollar Video Game Market. We are delighted to have a working relationship with such strong partners as Barking Lizard Technologies and Summit Advisory Partners. We believe this will lead us into building a large library of products and new ongoing revenue sources."

According to the Entertainment Software Association the following statistics and information regarding the Video Game Market were made public in the PDF report below.


Source: Entertainment Software Association.

"The U.S. computer and video game software sales grew four percent in 2004 to $7.3 billion -- more than doubling of industry software sales since 1996. Seventy-five percent of American heads of households play computer and video games. In 2004, more than 248 million computer and video games were sold, almost two games for every household in America. The average game buyer is 37 years old. In 2005, 95 percent of computer game buyers and 84 percent of console game buyers were over the age of 18."

About SUN:

SUN is a Professional Sports & Entertainment Marketing Company. SUN Production Group is a Certified Texas Combat Sports Promoter and produces World Class Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. The properties of SUN (www.sunorganization.com), Art of War (www.artofwarlive.com) and International Fighters Association (www.ifapro.com) are pending trademarks.

Safe Harbor Statement

This release includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 27E of the Securities Act of 1934. Statements contained in this release that are not historical facts may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain. Actual performance and results may differ materially from that projected or suggested herein due to certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, ability to obtain financing and regulatory and shareholder approvals for anticipated actions. Such statements are based on management's current expectations and are subject to certain factors, risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results, events and performance to differ materially from those referred to or implied by such statements. In addition, actual or future results may differ materially from those anticipated depending on a variety of factors, including continued maintenance of favorable license arrangements, success of market research identifying new product opportunities, successful introduction of new products, continued product innovation, sales and earnings growth, ability to attract and retain key personnel, and general economic conditions affecting consumer spending, Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date hereof. Sun Sports & Entertainment Inc. do not intend to update any of the forward-looking statements after the date of this release to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in its expectations, except as may be required by law.


CJ Comu
SUN Sports & Entertainment Inc.
Office: 972.392.1414

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IFL Battleground to anchor My Network TV's Fall Schedule

As expected, MyNetworkTV announced its fall lineup yesterday, and “IFL Battleground” will remain in its prominent Monday night (8 p.m. ET/PT; 7 p.m. CT/MT)
position, with re-airs on Saturday nights. The show has been the driving force in MyNet’s increase in the male demo from previous programming as the fledgling
Network enters its second year. The details and format for the new fall shows will be announced in the coming weeks.

“IFL Battleground” remains the only MMA program to be seen in prime time on broadcast TV. “We are looking forward to expanding the audience and continuing
to improve our content as we move into our first playoff series and then on to our World Grand Prix,” said IFL co-founder and comissioner Kurt Otto. “FSN
and MyNetwork have given us a great platform to showcase our new brand, our world champion coaches and our great athletes to a large audience, and we are
very excited about the future.”

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Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Reveals DVD Announcing Crew

Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup events, this one is will be recorded for a later DVD release. With that in mind the JPC offices would like to announce the two men who will be handling the announcing duties as well as one of the ring announcers.

Lenny Leonard is a nationally known announcer thanks to his outstanding work on Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro DVD’s. In addition to his DVD announcing, Lenny does ring announcing for Florida based events including FIP, PWW and the 2004 and 2005 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cups. He is a personal friend to the members of the JPC booking committee and they are honored to have him return this year after missing the 2006 event to due dual knee surgery.

Scott Hudson is a familiar name to fans of the defunct World Championship Wrestling where he called the action with Tony Schaivone from 1998 until March of 2001 when he called the last ever Monday Nitro broadcast. After the demise of WCW and a one time appearance of WWE TV during the WCW Invasion, Scott joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2002 as their locker room interviewer. Due to schedule restraints he left TNA in 2005 but has been active working with Vince Russo’s Ring of Glory. The JPC booking committee is grateful to Scott Hudson for donating his time to this year’s event.

Shannon Rose will be returning to JPC duty handling the night two ring announcing duties. Shannon Rose has been involved with the JPC since its inception as its ring announcer. Fans of the famous IPW-Hardcore and NWA-Florida know Shannon as do the readers of his Pro Wrestling Daily (www.prowrestlingdaily.com) site. Shannon Rose has worked in professional wrestling since he was 12 years old when he hosted a public access TV show for seven years. When he isn’t working in professional wrestling, Shannon is the executive producer of Mark Larsen’s Morning Magazine heard on News Talk 1040AM in Tampa and is involved with the promotions department of that station as well as WHBO/ESPN Sports Radio 1470AM.

Another tournament match will be announced tomorrow, Thursday May 31. So check out our MySpace pages http://groups.myspace.com/JPC2007 and
www.myspace.com/jeffpetersoncup or www.floridaindies.com for all things JPC related!

Friday July 13, 2007
Downtown Orlando Recreation Center
649 W. Livingston Street
Orlando, FL USA
Night 1 Main Event:
Rage in the Cage battle royal!!!!!!! 20+ person come as you are, bring your own weapons!

First round JPC matches announced:

YRR member Sal Rinauro vs. “Kool” Seth Delay vs. “Pure Dynamite” Billy Roc

Maryland Championship Wrestling champion Adam Flash vs. ACW’s Sideshow

FIP Florida Heritage champion Erick Stevens vs. FPWA’s Nooie Lee

Also participating in the 2007 JPC: Chris Hero, TJ Mack, Krazy K, “Unreal” Michael Elgin, Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance, Kenny King, Allison Danger, Trik Davis, Chi Chi Cruz and Matt Cross.

Saturday July 14, 2007
Jewish Community Center
9841 Scenic Drive
Port Richey, FL USA

Ticket information
Night 1
$10 General Admission, $5 Kids under 12, Add $5 for VIP entrance
Day of show, all tickets $2 more

Night 2
$10 General Admission, $5 Kids under 12, Add $5 for VIP entrance, Day of show, all tickets $2 more

2 Night VIP Ticket: $25

For more information:
call (727)512-0071

Participating in non-tournament matches in this huge 2-day event will be Francisco Ciatso, “The Marquee” Bruce Santee (w/ “Supermodel” Amy Love), Jerrelle Clark, Lex Lovett, “Iceman” Buck Quartermaine, Dagon Briggs (w/Se7en), the Heartbreak Express (“Superstar” Sean & “Fabulous” Phil Davis),Naphtali, Havoc plus the return of one of Florida’s most honored tag teams the former NWA World Tag Team Champions The New Heavenly Bodies, Chris Nelson and Vito DeNucci. Many more names will be added to this HUGE event in the coming weeks.

Want to buy previous tournaments? You can buy the 2003 event on www.highspots.com, the 2004 event on www.rfvideo.com , the 2005 event on www.rohwrestling.com in their store and the 2006 event on www.pwwf.com

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